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VOL. III                                          SEPTEMBER, 1958                                 NO. 9



Two news stories, side by side upon the front page of today’s news-paper, illustrate better than any editorial could do, the utter hopeless-ness of attempting to justify our “foreign policy’ in the eyes of the other nations of the world.

The headlines of the first news item read as follows: “Dulles Hints Major Shift in Policy. Will Try to Reduce Quemoy Forces. Secretary of State Dulles today heralded a possible major shift in America’s China policy. He offered to try to trim Nationalist military strength in the offshore islands if the Communists quit shooting.”

This item sounds a hopeful note which seems to offer some possibility of compromise, but just take a look at the very next column “Ships and Planes to Bolster Outposts. Formosa, Wednesday-. America’s massive effort to pour necessary tonnage of ammunition and supplies into Quemoy for the survival of the 14 island outposts of freedom rolled into high gear today, with a great combined air-sea effort probably due within seven days.  Already in action are eight inch guns supplied to the Nationalists by the United States.”

Your editor realizes that there are many logical arguments which may be offered in support of either of these two courses of action. We merely wish to point out that these simultaneously announced policies are in direct opposition to each other, both in their basic premise and in their probable outcome.

We simply cannot continue indefinitely to blow hot and cold out of the same mouth, upon the same spot, at the same time, and still hope to retain any respect in the eyes of other nations. The prestige of our foreign policy has reached an all time low throughout the world. simply because it has become so glaringly obvious that we have none.

Our statesmen seem to feel that `the brink of war’ is the only spot from which we can safely discuss peace. The fact that both Red China and the Soviet Union appear to share this belief does not make the situation any the less dangerous.

Mao Tse-Tong has stated flatly that the Chinese Communists will never cease to fight until both the offshore islands, and Formosa itself have fallen into Communist hands. Our State Department has stated flatly that the United States will never permit this seizure to occur. There is no sign of possible compromise in the attitude of either side. Each talks vaguely of peace, and at the same time continues to rush the munitions of war to the focal point. It is almost impossible that any flame ignited here can be contained within any area smaller than the earth itself.

If earth’s population is to be spared the indescribable horrors of nuclear devastation it is clear that we must seek a source of wisdom greater than that possessed by any statesman in office today. We must seek the wisdom of those beings who have long met and solved these same problems for their own race.


(From Francis McCaffrey)

The time has come for men and women with substantial means to take a practical stand for universal peace and to act upon their convictions with the realism of bankers and the spiritual transcendency of the Golden Rule.

This brief statement introduces a plan for financing the practical aspects of the true kingdom of God on earth as it is in the heavens. The organization described herein is motivated by unselfish love and the determination to find the Truth that will set men free. This corporation is prepared to back up the search for truth with millions of dollars, if necessary.

We propose to finance people who believe they have found or invented true ideas or devices which must be publicized, developed or proved, in order to make their hopes become solid realities. We clearly recognize that some who claim they have found truth may prove to he thoroughly mistaken; but we submit that funds must be provided to test and try such claims also, inasmuch as this organization maintains an open-minded neutral attitude. We do not decide issues before evidence is presented, weighed carefully and evaluated honestly. We declare, moreover, that we shall eventually eliminate false claims by revealing true facts and figures based on our fair and thorough investigations.

We believe that adequate financial support must be provided to many who are working for peace, so that living needs will be met within reason, allowing freedom to devote strength and time to the search for truth. We are willing and able to finance any methods which may yield valuable information, whether these methods and devices are as yet acceptable to so-called orthodox systems, or not.

The members of this corporation forswear any profit motive whatsoever. The McCaffrey Research Corporation is a nonprofit California corporation. Funds administered by this organization shall be pro-vided freely and without usury, in the same spirit with which men and women are giving themselves with their whole hearts and souls and minds intent upon bringing real and lasting peace on earth.

The McCaffrey Research Corporation shall approach the investigation and development of various proposals in the dynamics of peace and not war. There shall be no lines drawn respecting race, creed or color, since the devices and methods employed by this corporation shall be of and for universal peace. We count ourselves custodians and stewards of substantial sums dedicated to support whatever shows promise of bringing to pass the objectives for which we have banded together.

We propose, therefore, to supply and distribute on the physical plane that which is essential for a decent standard of life for those who are working on the spiritual plane, so long as their motives and actions agree with our charitable aims.

We consider our money a sacred trust and we accept the great responsibility of administering the corporation funds as being sanctified and dedicated for high purposes. We pledge ourselves individually and as a corporation to administer these funds with wisdom and honesty for the service of mankind.

The McCaffrey Research Corporation is organized on a scale commensurate with the large work we have set ourselves to perform. We frankly declare that we expect to divert millions of idle funds into the stream of the proposed activities. We challenge other millions of dollars now devoted to the study of war devices to enter into this program for practical peace.

We intend to serve any and all groups or individuals who indicate a need for our support in working out practical plans for the peace and welfare of all men of earth. To that end, some of the groups this corporation may assist as their applications are received and approved are UFO organizations, health reform groups, spiritualistic experimenters, free speech and political reform groups, monetary and governmental reform groups, nonsectarian religious freedom groups, and other truth seeking bodies now struggling valiantly for their various and noble ideals. In short, the McCaffrey Research Corporation offers help to all men and women who are truly working for the common good of mankind.

For further information write McCaffrey Research Corporation,

Yucca Valley, California.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



Through the eyes of the Southern Chapter of Understanding, the Northern Convention was brilliantly presented, well attended, and a more charming locale could not have been found. The Pavilion of the County Fair Grounds at Pleasanton, California, with its lush green valleys rolling away from the long view, its well tended grounds, handsomely landscaped, formed a perfect setting among the trees for audition within the building, or outside on the lawn, where the overflow gathered in little groups to listen, through the ample loud-speakers.

Brave efforts of the leaders, teachers, contactees, and backers of this movement, showed to particular advantage in such harmonious surroundings. Much credit is due Della Larson, and the other Northern leaders who organized and managed the smooth running Convention. and whose thoughtfulness at arranging the good healthful foods and juices for lunch and supper, was a pleasant surprise to many.

Major Wayne Aho did an excellent job as M.C., keeping the program moving with interesting sidelights from himself. Among the outstanding new speakers was Otis Carr, from Baltimore, a dynamic and enthusiastic backer of Spacecraft, whose development through revelation and the New Sciences, of Free Energy and the Saucer principle, have 1

led to his preparation for a large enterprise, almost a city, for this purpose, at a place which they have called “Space,” Maryland. Other speakers were Dan Fry, Reinhold Schmidt, Dr. Whitworth, President of Great Western University; Calvin Girvin, Carl Anderson, Art Aho, Dana Howard, Frank Spiva and Hope Troxell. These were amplified by the heads of several northern groups, who told of their work.

Each day was a full program, with time out for the delightful cafeteria luncheon mentioned. Saturday night was concluded by the now famous and ever enjoyed Space movie: “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. . .and there was hardly room for the people to sit.

We commend all those who made this first Northern Convention such a success, spreading the word to approximately 1500 people., of the intelligent approaches of the Saucer Movement. Many, many new people who came out of curiosity, stayed to wonder, and with intense interest. We can only say, we doubt if the building used will be large enough, next year!

– submitted by Hope Troxell


From Prince George Cosmic Observer, June-July, 1958

Mysterious objects have been seen of late by members of the local Flying Saucer Club. On July 7th the Prince George Citizen carried headlines `MYSTERIOUS OBJECTS HOVER IN CITY SKIES,’ sub-headlined `VEIL OF SECRECY OVER SILVER DISK.’ Here is the story as it appeared word for word in the Citizen

“Reports are coming in from a wide area around Prince George of two mysterious objects being seen regularly in the skies above the city. A pulsating light moving slowly across the sky at approximately the same time each morning has been seen by three groups of witnesses and confirmed by the local Ground Observer Corps.

A veil of secrecy has apparently been drawn over sightings of the second object-a silver disc visible through a surveyors theodolite about noon each day.

Some 13 members of the local Flying Saucer Club reported the pulsating light moving steadily across the sky from west-south-west to east-north-east between 1 and 1 :30 a.m. every day.

Pat Patterson, president of the local club, reported that many club members had witnessed the phenomenon from the airport hill.

It was from the same hill that other accounts of the object were sent to the Ground Observer Corps.

It has been reported that the meteorological station at Smithers also sighted the object.

The object apparently arrives 15 minutes later each morning and is getting lower in the sky at every appearance.

The second object has been sighted for ten days and it is believed that an official report on it has been sent to Ottawa.

Mr. Patterson told the Citizen that an office official told him “to keep quiet about it,” but today bureau officials denied all knowledge of the second object

The pulsating light mentioned was seen by many Club members several nights in a row, always fifteen minutes later in the evening, and took five and one-half minutes to traverse from horizon to horizon. Following close behind it was a second, smaller pulsating light. Several Club members reported that. the object itself was cigar-shaped. Watchers who were looking for this particular object also saw a similar pulsating light which moved at about the same high speed across the sky but which came from the south-east and then veered to the north and which was seen at varying times in the evening. These sightings, however, were not published in the press.

The object seen at noon each day was sighted by Meteorological ob-servers at the Airport Weather Station, and Club members were promised a view of it through the theodolite. However, in the meantime the Citizen phoned them for a story, and when the members showed up for the viewing, the Observer on duty, who had been looking through the theodolite when they arrived ostentatiously locked up the theodolite, stated tersely, “I was just following a balloon,” and walked away.

The following day a story appeared in the Citizen to the effect that the first object seen was Sputnik 3 with its carrier rocket and that the second object was Venus. Now, since Palmer has reported in “Flying Saucers” that Sputnik 3 has been brought down intact by the Russians, the question arises, just what did we see? Also, if it was Venus, why did the Observer on duty refuse to allow Club members to view it through the theodolite?



Sept. 13, 14th, 1958

The First East Coast Interplanetary Space Convention, held on Swiftstream Farm, Lebanon, N.J., the home of Howard and Constance Menger, was a tremendous success. Flying saucer enthusiasts began to arrive mid morning of the 13th…. Campers set up their tents and picnickers trudged up the hill toward the huge white house set majestically on a round knoll overlooking the lower pastures, where the cars were parked. Both days, Saturday and Sunday were delightful Indian summer days, with bright blue skies and warm sunshine, and the nights were temperate. The sky at night in the country is beautiful and clear and the star studded overvaulting canopy was enjoyed by many who stayed all night and waited for the next day’s proceedings. There were scores of newspaper men, and radio and t.v. reporters wandering around with camera equipment, tape recorders, etc., interviewing the people and guests. Long John, Nebel of WOR’s all night off-beat program was there with his crew of panel guests and technicians to record the speeches and tape interviews. There were small concessions selling books, photographs, records, and various things. There was a lunch wagon available for those who did not bring sufficient food.

From 12:00 noon to 3:00 was lunch time and get acquainted time while music was played over the loud speaker. Around 3:00 p.m. Howard Menger opened the convention with a brief welcoming talk to the audience, followed by a short talk by Marla Baxter. Then a series of guest speakers were introduced and the speeches continued all day. Some of the guest speakers were: Richard W. Wetherhill, Management Consultant, author of many books, “The Dynamics of Human Relaxtions,” “How to Succeed With People,” etc. He has discovered a precise, scientific and dynamic way to self realization called “Humanetics,” which he outlines in his book “Tower of Babel.”

Major Wayne Aho, Ret., president of Washington Saucer lntelligence, gave an inspiring talk and introduced members of OTC Enterprises, including Otis T. Carr, inventor and designer of the earth’s first space ship, which he claims will leave for the Moon Dec. 7, 1959; also, Norman Colton, his engineer; Margaret Storm, author of “Return of the Dove”… Gray Barker, author of “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers,” who is publishing Howard Menger’s book “From Outer Space To You,” spoke and said that after reading the manuscript, he feels that this book will be the greatest saucer book yet published.

Dr. Alfred Smith, president of The Space Seekers Society of Philadelphia, said a few words. Andy “The Mystic Barber” Sinatra also spoke.

The talks continued all afternoon of both days. At six o’clock there was an intermission for dinner. Members of Long John’s show and guest speakers were invited into the Menger’s farmhouse to eat, while the people who had brought their own food sat under trees or on the lawn and partook of their dinner. Others found sustenance at the lunch wagon. There was music during the dinner hour.

While the screen was being set up for the slides and movies after dinner, a tape recording of a letter received by Marla Baxter was played for the audience. (It was a most unusual letter and in the next issue we should like to present this letter for the judgment of the readers.)

Howard Menger narrated his collection of slides of space craft and space people and moonscapes to a very interested audience. But the most spectacular event was his colored movies of an UFO over a parachute jump at Yucca Valley, and also the space craft and observation discs which were observed and photographed by Howard Menger on his most recent contact of Sept. 8th and 9th in the Blue Mountain area of Pennsylvania. These were actual movies of space craft and discs in color, motion and flight-a remarkable movie indeed!

There was a question and answer period after the films and Mr. Menger was avalanched by questions and surrounded by a crowd of eager, interested people, many- of whom actually held in their hands samples of processed fruit from another planet, and a rock sample taken from the Moon’s surface.

Many of the same guest speakers spoke on Sunday afternoon and the same general program prevailed, except with the excited report of several witnesses of a sighting early Sunday morning around 4:30 a.m.

The last guests left the Menger Farm between 2 and 3 a.m. Monday morning, and the weary but contented Mengers finally toppled into bed.

-Marla Baxter


Fra Prudentia

From American Vegetarian Digest

As certain as the rising sun, the good things of life are bestowed upon those whose thinking is on the Positive side-where abundance is naturally to be found.

Despite the generous promise of this truism, some folks reject its validity and consider it little more than an interesting presumption. A case in point is found in the expression of a reader who takes me to task, saying, “You seem to imply- that with Positive Thinking any-one, even a down and out failure, can think himself into success.”

I don’t think I imply this. Rather, I affirm it without reservation, and there is a world of proof to sustain the claim. I don’t know any other way to success than to first think constructively toward the goal. And that means to think Positively, over and above all obstacles, triumphantly to the top!

`What did it matter if Henry Ford failed seven times? He still never stopped thinking his way, to success-a striking example of Positive Thinking leading to almost unparalleled achievement.

Take Bernard Baruch. He didn’t get rich just sitting on a park bench. He spent a lifetime “thinking” his way into a fabulous lime-light of public esteem as. one of America’s most successful men.

History is filled with outstanding individuals who, despite humble beginnings, reared huge successes on a foundation of Positive Think-ing. Just why did opportunity smile upon these fortunate ones?

Let us examine briefly what takes place in such cases. Close observation shows that one who consistently- practices Positive Thinking finds his powers of perception sharply increased and ever widening. He takes in a broader field of vision. He makes more accurate appraisal of each day’s problems.

This leads to quicker and better solutions, with more beneficial results. In the midst of such enlarged advantages, he detects opportunities which negative thinkers pass by. Every good lead is enthusiastically• followed up and its possibilities exploited. From a wealth 9

of such experiences an effective, productive, profitable pattern eventually emerges-one that is as sound as “old wheat in the mill’.” After that, success is inevitable. This, in a capsule, shows why opportunity smiles upon Positive Thinkers.

Always remember this same law of abundance applies to you, as well as it did to John D. Rockefeller. He was no more a “favorite son” in the eyes of Providence than you are. Don’t miss this important point. The fact that he garnered more material possessions only proves how clearly he perceived his divine heritage.

The law of GOOD is an eternal operation and it is impartial in be-stowing its vast benefactions for the welfare of all. If you have not received your rightful share, I urge you to lay claim to your divine birthright, and act to condition your thinking for greater things.

This means, of course, clearing a lot of cobwebs out of the mind. Why hold on to them? What good are they to you? Old feuds, bitter memories, resentments, past failures, lost opportunities! They are as extinct as the dodo bird.

A new day has dawned and it is rich with golden promise and abundant benefactions for all who claim them. Somebody said that Heaven’s storehouse is filled with large packages of blessings marked “UNCALLED FOR.” Don’t you miss any awaiting YOU!

♦  ♦  ♦


Reader Mable Poole of Pasadena noted that the following excerpts from “THE EPIC OF AMERICA” by Truslow Adams are particularly suited to today’s times, although they were written in 1840.

. . . He spoke of “the muddling of morals, by having given business success the rank of a moral virtue.”

. . .”The educational system does not aim at training either mind or character, but only at instilling useful facts for making a living.”

. . .’Political philosophy has notably dealt with the rights of the citizen, and not with the duties.”

And in 1901 Theodore Roosevelt said: “The things that will destroy America, are prosperity at any price; peace at any price; safety-first instead of duty first; the love of soft living; and the get-rich-quick theory of life.”



by Bill Hamilton

From all over the world have come reports of Unidentified Flying Objects seen in the sky, and then more recently have come stories of landings and people emerging from these strange objects. 1, too, have witnessed quite a number of these UFO and saw that they were indeed under intelligent control by the simple test of seeing them respond to telepathic requests.

I would like to present here a few of my experiences and ideas for analysis. I am intending to form a correspondence group composed of any teen-alters who would like to form a research committee, and I would like any teen-alters interested to write to me c/o Understanding.

I am 15 years old, attend high school, and have been doing saucer research for over 2 years now. My interests are scientific, though I believe the purpose of these UFO is of utmost importance. Out of my own experiences here is what I have learned

An analysis of information given is this:

(1) The spacecraft sighted entering our atmosphere are physical, solid spacecraft that emanate from planets where conditions are similar to the earth’s. They come from all planets in our solar system as well as from other solar systems. This is possible, notwithstanding the denial of some, by a mutually prevalent condition on all planets in our system.

(2) The people operating these spacecraft are in all cases humanoid in appearance, most of them resembling us closely, especially those in our solar system.

(3) They are here on a very important mission due to data picked up on their scientific surveys. The purpose of this mission is not only to help us, but also to protect themselves. Our nuclear bomb tests have caused a condition of alert.

In this new age of science we are entering, we may very well send up spaceship,,, as we have already sent up satellites. If we were to take our destructive science into space, it just might disturb the peace-loving people residing there. This the space brothers don’t want. They will try to help us understand the results of our destructive ways if we want to understand. We could then build a wonderful constructive science and live in harmony with our brothers and sisters on other planets. For, indeed, wasn’t a house built to live in? So God constructed the planets to live on, to be the abode of man. These space brothers have made some of the mistakes we have in the past. Now they have abolished war and disease, but they have not attained perfection. The space brothers may be considered as a little older, a little wiser, and a little more experienced. Maybe we can learn from them if we would be a little more understanding of our fellow man. Where there are men, there is a little bit of happiness, and a little bit of sadness, some joy, some sorrow-these are life’s little things that make bigger things worth living for. Let’s live to learn so we can learn to live.

What is man going to find if he goes into space? Certainly not what the space people find in coming to earth.

There are people on this speck of dust we call a planet that would, for their own selfish reasons, stop us from uncovering such truths, for knowing it exists will make us resent the conditions here on our planet and a swift revolution from government to economy would take place. Look at yourselves and ask: What am I doing here on this speck of dust amongst trillions of others? Am I here to work, sleep, eat, and reap the tremendous reward of dying because of it all? Do I have to fight in wars, pay taxes to pay for the machinery killing me in such wars? Do I have to take sides with disputing governments, and fight their battles? Aren’t we here for any purpose at all? Can’t, we live in peace and love and work with each other and not against. each other?

These same questions I am sure some of our visiting space brothers have asked themselves a long time ago. They are searching as we are, but in united effort, not divided rambling. If we learn to live in harmony I’m sure we would play beautiful music, and not the music produced by two rock and roll bands trying to outdo each other. Basically, all men are the same everywhere in the universe, some ahead on the ladder of progress, some behind. Some slip and fall, but don’t blame them, help them, and again they will find the way up the ladder.

An example of how the space brothers work in harmony is the fact that they utilize and harmonize with natural laws evident in nature. Men of earth should see with perspicacity the folly of pitting against natural law in nature.

Let’s keep our feet on the ground and start working toward a. better world and do as our brothers of other planets have, and live to learn to learn to live.



Dear Mr. Fry

The enclosed message, dated September 18, 1956, came to me on that date and when Dr. Wherrit read Chapter 4 of MANY SHALL BE CALLED in the June issue of UNDERSTANDING, he suggested that 1 send it to you, feeling you would be interested in its content, since it came in the same year as Marc Norman’s message and is similar in content, though much more brief.

Both messages refer to unknown ills, strange moods, unusual difficulties, and that this is the time of preparation. Also, both say “Peace be with you.” Many such messages have come to me the past two years.

In the April 1958 issue of UNDERSTANDING, there is a letter from Kate Gillert, of Copenhagen, Denmark. If you feel free to do so, may I have her complete address? I should like to correspond with her, since my parents came from that country.


Mrs. Elevnora Wherrit

September 18, 1956

I would speak to you of that which is to come.

There are forces at work in the Universe of which no one is aware, other than those who are directing them. These forces are propulsions from out the Source, purifying and cleansing the Earth’s atmosphere and lifting the consciousness of mankind. During this period of cleansing. many Earth beings will be shattered, being unable to withstand the vibratory increase in their minds and bodies.

You, who have chosen to work with us in this cleansing process, will find yourselves beset by many unusual difficulties. Many of you will be uprooted from your, present security. Many- will experience ills not known heretofore, Some of you will be transplanted to other places of abode, having to leave that which is near and dear. All of this is but the preparatory stage of your advancement into the higher planes of thought.

Be you therefore mindful of the thoughts which come to your mind for therein lies your salvation. The thought is father of the deed. Work in harmony and peace shall attend you wherever you are. My peace I leave with you.

In love is it given.

One of The Brotherhood

(as spoken to Elevnora Wherrit)

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear “Space” Friends,

Mrs. Maier gave me a copy of your March 1958 Understanding, Vol. III, No. 3. If you have four copies left, please find enclosed a check for $1.50 to send them to me.

Bill Hamilton is very much admired by my husband and me, and I wish to hand these copies out to four friends. I want to keep my copy. Later on I will subscribe for the magazine.

We just think `The Boy’ Bill Hamilton is great and may God bless him in his wonderful work as well as everyone who is receptive to receive blessings. I could almost have wept when I read his article on page 11. I also have heard him speak several times. Friday night was the last time. If you do not have the above issue send me four of what you have, and thanks so much.

I am praying for you and all and even for those of the dark forces. I imagine they need it worse than persons who are so well on the path as `The Boy’ and many others.

We love you all for your beautiful work.

Mrs. Pauline Parrish

♦  ♦  ♦


We feel that the best capsule review of “The Night Has a Thousand Saucers” will be found in the Foreword of this new book by Calvin Girvin. It is given by H.L. (Gayne) Myers. “The Night Has a Thousand Saucers is quite different. True, it briefly relates some incidents that took place in the author’s life. It treats of an unique and beautiful relationship between space beings and an earth mortal. It uplifts and stimulates as the account unfolds. Perhaps you too, Gentle Reader. will experience an expansion of consciousness-a new concept of all life in its divinity.”



by Sam C. Ritchie

Do you know yourself? If so, how well do you know yourself? Sages and seers for thousands of years have cried out, “Man, know thyself.” Our Cosmic scripts, the Bible, if you dig deep enough, says, “Know thyself.”

Do you know that you are a multiple being? Do you know that your spiritual self does not want you to be a physical weakling? By this statement I mean that your spiritual or real self does not want the physical you to be weak enough to disobey the Natural Laws. We live under the laws of Nature, whether or not we are cognizant of the fact.

The Father has told us that we will have to bend His way as He will never bend our way, meaning, of course, the way of a weak physical body. Does your spiritual self have complete control of your physical body? If it does, you are a Master!!

Remember, Jesus the Master said that the things He did we should do also and even greater things, which means that you are evolving to become a master. Why not start telling the physical self what it can and cannot do now?

The good book says that the earth shall be given over to man. How many of us are aware that most of us are not yet men? No, we are just human. When we become men we will be one more step higher on the ladder of life. Only man will be allowed to live upon the earth in the next cycle (the New Age). We might ask, how will I know a man from a human?

If you should be fortunate enough to meet a man, he will not tell you that he is a man, but you can tell if he is by the way he lives. The Master said, “By their deeds you shall know them.” Likewise they shall know you.

If your spiritual self is strong enough to say to this physical you, “You are going to obey the commandments, never hurting anyone or anything; having an unselfish love for everybody and everything and saying to the Father within, “This physical me is your servant, not my will but your will be done from here on,” you will have taken the first step to becoming a man. The most difficult job is to see that this physical self obeys these commands from the Higher Self. As this physical self shows its strength by being positive, creative and constructive in all of its thoughts and actions, we will walk farther into the light of the Father within.

There is only one life force throughout all of space and time and you are a part of that life force. If you are positive, constructive and creative in your thoughts and actions, you are living a Godly life. If you are negative and destructive you are what the churches call Satan. You may hurt someone or gain in some material way through your negative thoughts but eventually you harm yourself, much, much more.

Some churches have been preaching that the earth will be destroyed at the end of this cycle, but it won’t be destroyed, it will be cleansed. Those of us who show by our thoughts and actions that we are not going to obey the laws of Nature (laws of God) will be taken out of our bodies before we hurt ourselves any more. The Master said two thousand years ago that this does not have to happen, but it will happen if we fail to listen to the truth.

You know, folks, we live on a beautiful planet, an abundance of everything for everybody. There is only one thing wrong. We, the people, insist on letting the negative forces lead us. The governments of the earth use negative force to rule the people. Of course this is what we deserve as long as this is all that we understand. That is why I repeat, “Place your positive spiritual self in command of your life and KNOW YOURSELF.

♦  ♦  ♦

New book received: “My Saturnian Lover” by Marla Baxter, published by Vantage Press, and priced at $2.50. Although this is written as fiction, it contains some very fine philosophy as given to the author by people from other planets as well as advanced scientific concepts, not usually found in the average `love story.’ Interesting reading and extremely well written.

This book may be purchased from. Understanding

Out soon “From Outer Space to Yon” by Howard Menger.



Dan and Elma Fry took their annual “vacation” trip during the last week in July and the first two weeks of August. It was a typical ‘vacation’ trip for the Frys, the schedule being as follows- After a hard day at the shop, and a busy evening of final preparations the couple left Los Angeles at midnight, July 25th, for Phoenix, Arizona, and their first scheduled stop. They arrived in time to clean up, get an hour and a half sleep and then lecture time. Dan spoke for the Phoenix Spacecraft Club until a little after 11 P.M., after which they immediately climbed back into the car and headed eastward.

About noon the next day, they paused for several hours of visiting, and the daily hour and a half of sleep, at the home of their good friends, Dave and Charlet Middleton in Tijeras, New Mexico. They then took off for Oklahoma City, where Dan was scheduled to lecture the following evening, after making a TV appearance.

Their itinerary then proceeded as follows: Kansas City, lecture, July 29th; Philadelphia, July 31st; Long John program on WOR from mid-night to 5:30 A.M. of August 2nd and a lecture the same evening.

The Fry’s two daughters, Joan and Julene, who had flown in from Los Angeles, joined their parents in New York and the family proceeded to Washington, D.C., where a talk was scheduled for the evening of August 5th.

The Frys went to Washington by way of Lebanon, New Jersey, where they were the guest.-, of the Howard Mengers, and stopped in Baltimore, Maryland, to visit with Otis T. Carr, who has scheduled what may well be the first manned spaceflight to the moon by earth’s present civilization. The flight is scheduled for December 7, 1959.

After the Washington lecture, Mrs. Fry, with the younger daughter, Julene, visited with friends and took in the sights of the Capital, while Dan and Joan proceeded by air to Miami, Florida, where Dan delivered a lecture in the Dade County Auditorium to a large and interested audience. The next stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico, as guests of the Edwards and where Dan completed an investigation for the engineering company with which he is associated.

They then flew back to New York to pick up the car, and the rest of the family, and to drive to New Hampshire for a lecture in the Town Hall of Peterborough. They left Peterborough immediately after the lecture in order to reach Detroit (a distance of about 1,000 miles) in time for a lecture the next evening. From Detroit they traveled to Davenport, Iowa, for a nice visit with Ann Keppy, where they also met Rev. Milton Nothdurft, of Maquoketa, Iowa. From there they traveled to White Sands, New Mexico, for a brief stop and then home again to El Monte, California-a wonderful and restful (?) trip requiring three weeks and including 7,260 miles of driving in Dan’s low flying Ranch Wagon, and 6,300 miles of flight at a somewhat higher altitude.

Twelve public talks, plus TV and radio appearances, and many more private discussions were given. Thousands of very wonderful people were met at these gatherings.

All in all, the `vacation’ was voted a great success and the Frys hope that they will recover sufficiently during the coming months so that they may enjoy an equally interesting vacation next year.

♦  ♦  ♦

Another chapter of “Many Shall Be Called” by Marc Norman will appear in the October issue of Understanding. These articles, at their completion, will be published in book form. Readers are welcome to write Mr. Norman concerning this series. Address c/o Understanding.

GOLDEN AGE BOOK CENTER, 10845 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles. Send for our new list of Metaphysical and Flying Saucer books, also rental library plan.


IF YOU CAN READ you can hypnotize. Try the word-for-word techniques of the Hypnotism Handbook. Only $4.50 from F.P.C.I., 3077 Wabash Ave., Los Angeles 63, Calif. Or send order to Understanding.



The September meeting of Vista Unit of Understanding was pre-ceded by election of officers, with the following results: President, Albert G. Rose; Vice President, R. A. Crichton; Treasurer, Mrs. A. G. Rose; Secretary, Norma Powell. An audience of about 40 persons listened attentively to an excellent talk by Dana Howard, who stressed the fact that the New Age is already- here, and we must adapt ourselves to a change not only in our conditions but in our thinking.

♦  ♦  ♦

The Pasadena Unit of Understanding, under Directorship of Hope Troxell, has just received its honored charter, presented by Vera Kloepfer, National Vice President, at the last public meeting, held at the Odd Fellows Hall in Pasadena on Thursday, September 25th. Carl Anderson, author of “Two Nights to Remember,” spoke to a large crowd. Importantly placed newspaper announcements have stirred the public interest, and Pasadena Unit No. 12 is looking forward to in-creased crowds for the fall series-Dr. Eugene Whitworth ; Otis Carr and Wayne Aho; Howard Menger and Dr. George Hunt Williamson.

On Thursday, October 16th, the Pasadena Unit of Understanding will have as their speaker, Orfeo Angelucci, who will take as his subject “Saucers and Satellites.”

♦  ♦  ♦

San Fernando Unit will present Robert Short, Editor of “Intergalaxy News” as their guest speaker for the month of October. He will discuss “The Ancient World and the UFO.”

♦  ♦  ♦

Gina Cerminara, author of “Many Mansions” and “The World Within” held her audience with a fascinating lecture on “Reincarnation” given for the El Monte Unit of Understanding. Their speaker for October 18th will be Dr. Eugene Whitworth, President of Great Western University, who will also be the guest speaker for Orange County Space Club, Unit No. 7 of Understanding, on October 17th.

Unit No. 3, of Oakland, Unit No. 2, of San Mateo, and Unit No. 9, Santa Cruz, will have the pleasure of hearing Reinhold Schmidt, author of “The Kearney Incident,” and Carl Anderson, author of “Two Nights to Remember,” in the month of October.

Mr. Frank Spiva, author of “America Know Thy Destiny” and “I Saw the End of Time” will be available for lectures in the Pacific coast cities during the month of November. His subject for these lectures will be “Cosmic Causes and Reasons for the Appearance of the Flying Saucers.” This lecture will be illustrated by a huge chart and is extremely interesting as well as highly educational. UFO Clubs wishing to have Mr. Spiva speak for them please write to Understanding, Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington St., El Monte, while there are still some dates open.

The Bulletin Board is happy to report that two more units have been chartered during the month of September. Unit No. 13, Josephine County, Oregon, was organized with Cleta Johnston elected as their first President. Mr. Durward Fait-field spoke to this group on the subject of “The Great Pyramid,” and Mrs. Fairfield, our National Treasurer, invited them to join us in Understanding and extended greetings and a welcome from all members. The Brooklyn, N. Y.. Spacecraft Club became the 14th chartered Unit of Understanding. with Marianne Best named as the President. A warm welcome to these two new members of the “Family of Understanding!”

Dr. George Hunt Williamson, who has just returned from an archeological expedition to Africa and Europe, and who has lectured in many cities on the Continent, will be lecturing for American audiences this fall and winter. He will be appearing on the West Coast during the months of December and January. For details of his engagements and dates still available for your club, write to Understanding. Rm. 35. 101 S. Lexington, El Monte.

Mr. Howard Menger has had to cancel his Fall lecture tour due to circumstances beyond his control but we hope to have him lecturing for us in cities across the country after January 1st, 1959.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….  $3.00

night has 1000 saucers, by calvin c. girvin (paper, $1.50)….. 3.00

ufo confidential, by g. h. williamson….. 3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell…. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor ……  1.50

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

Other tongues, other flesh, by williamson ………… 4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

life on other planets, by Eugene Drake …  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.