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VOL. III                                          AUGUST, 1958                                          NO. 8



And it came to pass that some of the seed fell upon stony ground, and forthwith it sprang up, and for a time it flourished, but when the sun and the parching wind smote that wheat, it withered because it had no depth of root.

This portion of the parable of the sower illustrates one of the greatest problems which is encountered by all those who would sow the seed of brotherhood and understanding. Today, even as in Biblical times, a large portion of the sower’s field is stony ground. Many people, hearing the words of the sower, recognize the truth of those words and the need for their propagation. They become fired with enthusiasm, and immediately set abort to carry this illumination to others. They find, to their dismay, that few of their neighbors appear to be interested. Many ignore. while others even ridicule. The light bearer begins to feel alone and unwanted.

All human beings have a strong psychological need to be accepted and respected. The proponent of truth finds that. he is rejected and scorned. He begins to feel that `the game is not worth the candle,’ and that the world is not ready for understanding. It seems to him that his efforts are not appreciated by even his friends. The hot sun and the parching wind smite him and he withers and falls.

Those with more depth of root realize in advance the situation which they must face. They go about their task, not for the comfort of acceptance and respect. or for the appreciation and acclaim of others. They find their reward in the deep inward peace and satisfaction of doing that which must be done.

Jesus of Nazareth met and surmounted the same obstacles. In all of his ministry he acquired only twelve full time helpers. Of these twelve, when the test came, one betrayed him and another denied him. He was executed as a traitor, and buried in a borrowed tomb. Yet today, two thousand years later, he is revered by hundreds of millions of people, as the greatest teacher the world has ever known.

If this editorial can be said to have a moral, we would say that the moral is this- There is no limit to the good which a man can do, if he doesn’t care who gets the credit.



KNOW THYSELF! – These words uttered so long ago and under-stood by few through the years, are revealing themselves anew today. Since man is the living symbol of the universe, then to know one’s self is to understand the nature of the universe. This is thought by some to be impossible even though the teachings of the Master (as well as other enlightened ones) pointed directly to that possibility when he stated, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” and “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”.

There is an ancient story which seems apropos. It is told that when God with His Angel was creating the earth and man„ the question arose as to where the truth should be placed. It was finally decided to hide it within man for it would be the last place that he would look for it. Time and experience have borne out the truth of that story but even in his search for the Pearl of Great Price, his ignorance or miss-seeing was but the veil that obscured the Light.. It is always found “within” and never available when the “eye” is opened.

Present conditions would indicate that mankind has reached the end of a great cycle of development and through maturity is standing on the precipice of the Great Unknown. While religion, philosophy and science have served on the journey through relative existence, in their present form they are no longer adequate to take one over the threshold into the CONSCIOUS LIVINGNESS.

Through awakened consciousness there is discovered that the “within” is actually a point of “g i v i n g and receiving” through which the “within-ness” of all finds union. One perceives in that “center” the Universal Principle to be the basis or foundation stone for all activity whether visibly or invisibly expressed. To the individual thus awakened, life becomes a LIVING-LOVE stream that flows through all points of existence. Once in that stream one serves all: all serve One.

In the past there appeared an occasional one who perceived this but he was usually scoffed at or even considered mad. Through ridicule and persecution he was often forced to live a lonely and secluded life. After these many centuries, there emerges a new way of life. From out of the ashes of yesterday a new understanding 2

is born. As a result, a strong and brave new people come forth to work, to live and to do the Will of God with no motive but to serve and with no expected reward except for the freedom to live and to be that which is inherent within all men.

Formerly, some had the vision of things to come and from time to time movements were formed. The endeavor was made to live the “ideal” life, but since it was based upon mental concepts, the time was “not yet” and they crumbled through lack of spiritual under-standing. True, they served as the forerunner to what is taking place today-the spontaneous coming together of those who feel the inner Call. Within a comparatively short time, groups-yes, thou-sands of them, have sprung up all over the world, whose members bear evidence to a new awakening taking place. This was borne out through information received at a recent Spacecraft Convention held at Pleasanton, California. It was learned that some 20,000 Spacecraft groups have been formed since 1952. Though they come from all walks of life, from every race and religion, they move without coercion from any source and have no formal leadership. It is the uniting of heaven and earth, the actual living of that which is Spirit.

“Know thyself” has been interpreted in many ways, but perhaps has been stated in no better way than this, “I am not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it”, and “Love is the fulfilling of the law.” Love is the cohesive essence that unites all in perfect relationship and gives “substance” to it. To one awakened, that “substance” is vital, tangible LIVING-NESS, eternally here and now.

Oh man, awake! Know thyself–and the truth shall make you free-TO LIVE and TO BE.

Isaphene McGuire

August 25, 1958

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The “Junior Skywatchers of Understanding” is spreading interest to many people, and any cooperation for our science club will be extremely appreciated. If interested in helping our youth group please write to: Bill Hamilton, 1112 Geranio Drive, Alhambra, California.


By Marc Norman



Greetings once again. This evening we speak of consciousness. Now knowledge actually comes from within, although you receive it from without. This may appear paradoxical, but it is not really so. Being born of spirit, you are basically spirit, therefore `son of God’. Mind you we do not speak of the Supreme intelligence, or creative conscious-ness, but a GOD. This we have covered in a previous message. But as an expression of the God-Head your internal nature is of spiritual essence comprising that mysterious thing called life, which combined with that other mystery termed soul, and related to an instrument termed mind reveals a triune entity termed man. It is these three factors of spirit which enable you to function on your present plane of consciousness according to individual development and release of mental life forces and soul powers attained in previous life experiences. Being immersed in `consciousness’, that is C o s m i c Consciousness, ancient religions and schools referred to this as the AKASHIC FIELD. This field is a section of the spiritual world composed of billions and billions of moving electrons in so-called space, but of very high frequency, therefore difficult for the average individual to penetrate, because you are operating in a lower and denser field, and whilst these two fields interpenetrate, it requires individual development in order to become sensitive to it. But through a marvelous system incorporated in the physical organism, which you refer to as the automonus or automatic nervous system you are able to react to outer cosmic stimuli without being conscious of so doing. Being immersed in this field of mind or cosmic consciousness you receive mental impulses, which are interpreted as inspiration, hunches, psychic impressions and the like. Then such thoughts as are produced by self, according to their nature are projected into space or this same cosmic consciousness and become part of the Universal Mind. This is the eternal record of each individual’s thoughts since inception. “As a man thinketh—?

A thought produced by genuine anxiety- is precipitated into space. The flow of electrons is immediately directed to the individual thought of, and if the recipient is at all sensitive, he or she will immediately respond and either `hear’ or `see’ the thought-regardless of space. Such are termed premonitions. Persons recognizing this power are said to have psychic gifts or developments. Such can become dangerous if not utilized properly, for one can `tune in’ on negative forces which react on the sensitive organisms of the human machine and eventually produce insanity in its many forms.

But for those who have developed the finer sensitivities, the ability to `tune in’ on the Akashic Record becomes possible, and it is then said that one is, `en rapport’ with the God-Head, Universal consciousness, Akasha, or whatever term may appeal to your reason.

This also explains how it is that the process of telepathy or telethought may operate in cosmos. All things are related, inter-related, and nothing happens by chance. We realize that to some of you this is not new. But we felt that confirmation from another source may help you to better understand the workings of nature. This is the period of preparation, not only for you present at this contact group, but all others experiencing similar contacts regardless of what section of your sphere they may be situated. It is necessary that you be conditioned to receive a deeper aspect of esoteric truth that you might be recognized and by your sincerity prove yourselves worthy of initiation into the higher realms of creative consciousness. In short we would that thou be like unto ourselves, to quote the word of the Master St. Paul, for what higher ideal can man have than to place himself in a position where he can aspire to become like unto one who has reached a higher degree of cosmic efficiency than himself, even as we in our humble activity, slightly higher than your own, though it may be, to yet aspire to greater degree of understanding and depth of cosmic wisdom. And so the chain is as weak as the link that has not been forged by the purity of concept and understanding. And to you present to form the chain of circumstance which is welded together by a bond of friendship and desire to progress, lest the thoughts of any one weaken by reason of what can be caused by thinking “what is the truth” allow us to suggest the proof is within each one of you, if you but dare, we repeat.

If you dare, to earnestly seek within yourself the truth that makes all men free. So we leave you in peace and may the powers of this might firing to you dreams of Blessings and joy that you may catch a glimpse these things as we traverse the ocean of space.

Peace to you all


In this evening’s message we shall bring to you some further items of our own experiences and mode of life, for we feel these things may be of interest to you and also break what might be the monotony of continuous philosophy, whilst at the sane time allow you to form a comparison between the system under which you now find yourselves, and that under which we operate. One question brought forth by a member of your group was relative to our source of supply and you wondered if we experience a similar type of retail selling outlet as your own. The answer is definitely not.

We do have what might be called a central mart wherein all products produced by our various departments of creation are placed therein. This is a community center wherein all peoples of our plane in need of any article whatever may go and male application for any item by merely writing out a form of requisition thence passing it on to one, whom you would call a clerk, receive the article required. If too large for individual handling a delivery service is obtainable. No medium of exchange is required for we use no type of money what so-ever-service being the keynote of our economy, everybody being fully employed and active according to talents and abilities. Each individual selects his or her avenue of expression, and it is placed in a creative center wherein such products are manufactured. One’s abilities are not hampered by set patterns but can be enlarged according to inspiration and desire to improve product. This might prove difficult under your system as patterns take time to prepare, whereas we are able to set one up in minutes.

Anyway the completed articles are then transferred to the central mart, there being one in each community, and made available to those needing them. Here again we do not use any item until it is worn out be-cause of inability to purchase another. Even if a product, let us say a lounge, was obtained a month ago, and a newer and more practical article had been developed in the interim, the newer item can be obtained by anyone if desired, the obsolete one being disintegrated in our electronic furnaces, where all discarded items and refuge are dis-posed of. Would you not like a system along such lines? Yea, some would, but those whose greed for profit at the expense of their fellow man would object most strenuously, others would say this system would deprive individuals of personal glory and effort. We have already shown that it does not, but rather encourages one to improve creative instincts for the benefit of the whole.

However let us encourage you and assure you that your own monetary system is undergoing change and is arriving at a point of difficult persuasion and continuity of handling, so it will not be too far in the future wherein some new means will have to be devised for the distribution of wealth. It should be obvious even to the most uneducated that any item cannot be worth more than it costs to produce it. Our system is based on the desire and ability of each inhabitant of our planet to take part in productivity and progression of our civilization as a whole. Every one is willing to perform his share of service, that we, as a people may live in harmony and fellowship with one another. What you call industrial centers we call creative centers. Nothing is made for permanent use. Material items are not valued for workmanship, sentimental reasons or for any antique consideration. We do have a museum which hold’s a complete selection of all products manufactured in our centers. Perhaps some day you might be privileged to view such items.

For instance, for our food we use a form  of plate or utensil that can immediately be disposed of after the meal. New ones are always at hand and ready for use. It is the same with clothing, boots or sandals and other articles of apparel, in fact practically all personal items. Thus you see the demand is always in advance of supply in any section of creative endeavor. So naturally everyone is kept busy and active doing their part.

As to actual hours of employment, as compared with your own they vary according to the particular work and the degree of interest by the persons concerned. As long as a minimum of four hours per day is devoted to productivity there is no necessity for one working longer in any creative center. But if one is experimenting with a new design or item he can then devote all the time he wishes. In other words it is left to the discretion of the individual concerned as to how long he or she will give of their services during any day cycle. It is seldom if ever that advantage is taken of this ruling, for it would benefit none to do so.

In the new age of your planet a system akin to this will be introduced. That is why we wish to prepare you for your next step. “MANY SHALL BE CALLED, BUT YET A FEW SHALL BE CHOSEN”. See to it that you are one of those prepared.

So with us it is as long as any one person devotes not less than four hours per day to the particular field of research, production, administration, recording or directing, that is considered sufficient unto that individual. Anyone taking advantage of this ruling would be ostracized, and this is most feared by all of us, because we love, and are loved by each and every one of our peoples. If such a condition should befall any individual he would be treated as being ill.

We are distressed in that we cannot fail to observe the lack of brotherly affection prevalent amongst the peoples of your plane. Most kind re-marks that do pass between persons are of the lip service kind only and seldom meant. However the particular cosmic vibrations now impinging upon your earth plane will most certainly bring about a change in heart and outlook of those persons who are most sensitive to such vibrations. The others unfortunately can only succumb to the negative side of mass thought and suffer as a consequence. But eventually they will learn through subsequent incarnations and finally come to the realization that service to one’s fellow man and to the community and social structure as a whole is the only thing that really matters. This is true Christianity. As the name implies to become a Christian, one must first become, `CHRISTED’.

So be it with ye all. For this evening then, SELAS.

♦  ♦  ♦

“The Golden Rule is to be applied to animate and inanimate Nature as well as to our fellow men.

Treat Nature with charity and understanding, and Nature will repay you with unfailing gifts.

Treat Nature aggressively, with greed and violence and incomprehension; wounded Nature will turn and destroy you.

Theoretically, at least, the ancients understood these truths better than ourselves. The Greeks, for example, knew very well that hubris against the essentially divine order of Nature would be followed by its appropriate nemesis. The Chinese taught that the Tao, or indwelling Logos, was present on every level from the physical and the bio-logical up to the spiritual, and they knew that outrages against Tao, in Nature no less than in man, would lead to fatal results.

If we fail to do this — we condemn ourselves and our children to misery and deepening squalor and the despair that finds expression in the frenzies of collective violence.”

The above quotation from Aldous Huxley in “Themes and Variations” seems specially pertinent in the present times.


♦  ♦  ♦


(From a Boston Newspaper published in 1873)

“A man about 46 yrs of age, giving the name of Joshua Coppersmith, has been arrested in New York for attempting to extort funds from ignorant and superstitious people by exhibiting a device which he says will convey the human voice any distance over metallic wires so that it will be heard by the listener at the other end. He calls the instrument a `telephone,’ which is obviously intended to imitate the word `telegraph,’ and win the confidence of those who know of the success of latter instrument without understanding the principles on which it is based. Well informed people know that it is impossible to transmit the human voice over wires as may be done with dots and dashes and signals of the Morse Code. and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value. The authorities who apprehended this criminal are to be congratulated, and it is to be hoped that his punishment will be prompt and fitting, that it may serve as an example to other conscienceless schemers who enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow creatures.”

Editor’s note: There are many people in New York and elsewhere who are driving Cadillacs today because their grandparents were ignorant enough to invest a few dollars in that impossible and useless device.


by Bill Hamiliton


Nobody had ever presented tangible evidence to the public that space-craft and spacecraft people are here on earth, and that the enigmatic UFO so many people had seen as they turned their head skyward was anything of such magnitude, presenting to the peoples of earth the idea that other intelligences of other worlds are here among us. This was a concept entirely out of science fiction and much too far fetched for anybody to believe it. But many people did and stated out rightly that they did.

After an enigmatic eleven years of sighting these mysterious visitors in our skies, we now have satellites ourselves spinning around this old globe in an attempt to explore the last frontier. Scientists are now launching moon rockets to what we believe to be our sole satellite. These rockets carry instrumentation that will chart, photograph, and gather data of condition in space and transmit the information back to earth.

But now our visitors from space are getting real concerned. Sightings are increasing. And then there are those who claim “contact” with the occupants of these mysterious UFO and purport to have the solution to the mystery. Some of these contacts seem to be well authenticated. Indeed, I have even had some amazing experiences with these spacecraft. But who is going to believe me, and what does it matter if I should try to convince everyone of the reality of such experiences? Yes, these objects appeared as real and tangible as you or I, but we seem to have little tangible evidence to present to those who are dire skeptics, knowing the frauds perpetrated in the study of UFO and related phenomena. So a few, an important few, have risen up because of their own inner conviction, and have declared that they want the truth.

Our group has been told many things by telepathic and audio trans-mission from the space intelligences operating these ships, intelligence and authority beyond our own. A superior method of communication has been found in this, and many good things have been said which prove that these space intelligences have good intent in mind. But such people who engage in these methods of communication on earth are usually carried off by men in white coats and classified as persons who are “offbeat”, or not living today’s standards.

I will have to admit such methods of communication, termed paranormal, are something you can not place your hands upon and say is real. Yet you hear the person without seeing him. Would it be more real if you saw him and did not hear him?

We will have to admit that the greater abundance of information concerning these space people has been obtained by such unorthodox means of communication. I am a person, though, who has to see and touch something to have positive conviction, though I have faith in the unseen, for our very world depends upon its existence through unseen media, which our scientists call air, force, energy, heat, and cold. All these things we can not see, yet because of them we exist.

Many times because of this unseen media of communication we have witnessed the UFO streak overhead. They could not be explained away in terms of natural phenomena, for they would maneuver a certain way as we requested telepathically for them to maneuver. Still we have no tangible evidence, but it is said that there are those who have. People have photographed these UFO and have taken movies of them, but we still have those who doubt, so we try to convince no one. It is only the message they bring that is important.

Space intelligences have stated: “Everything changes but change itself,” and that certain changes are occurring to this Solar system and earth of which we must be made aware.  It matters not if we believe in space. people or UFO, but the message as old as time itself matters, for our very existence depends upon it. What may be true to one person may not be true to another. So now I am going to state something that is true to our group, and we recognize it as such.

The following is a message from worlds that have formed a brother-hood called the Confederation of Space, to the people of Saros (the earth). These messages have been given to our group just recently by the means stated previously. I take no side on what is said. I am very dubious of many things, much has had to be proven to me.

To Saros: “You have uprooted the plants from the soil that you may examine their substance and ask of them what causes their growth. People of earth, we of other worlds in your solar system and those beyond can only stand by and wait. You have seen many of our space-craft you call flying saucers, and yet you still deny our existence. Look up to the skies, then ask yourselves: “Is peace a raiment for the Mighty?” You can know peace by UNDERSTANDING your fellow man. When you learn, as we of other worlds have learned long ago, that fellowship through UNDERSTANDING is the way to peace, then, you will have eliminated war, enmity, and fear. Then you will climb the stairway to the infinite, knowing and recognizing the creed of the universe: PROGRESSION, UNDERSTANDING, KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. When that day arrives upon earth then you will truly progress in BROTHERHOOD, always learning the ways of Light within and the greater evolvements beyond.”

Nice, is it not? But the world goes up and down, and the world keeps on turning round and round.

Maybe when we get to the moon we will be happy in learning of other created beings that look like us and live on worlds like ours. The discoveries we make in our search for truth may be more fantastic than the greatest fiction. Who knows???

♦  ♦  ♦

The progress of our science club, the Junior Skywatchers of Understanding is coming along slowly but surely. We have many interested individuals, but as always, interested but not cooperative. We need a lot more youth between the ages of 3 and 19 to become interested in science and the construction of instrumentation that we can work with. We firmly believe the youth of today to be the promise of tomorrow. If anyone is interested, adults and teen-alters, please get in touch with me at 1112 Geranio Drive, Alhambra, California, or Bob Short at P. 0. Box 42553 in Los Angeles 42, California for further information.

Thank you.

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HERE AT LAST-the true story of the unusual of Calvin C. Girvin, as told by Calvin himself in “The Night Has 1000 Saucers.”

Paper bound $2.00                     Cloth $3.00




A very interesting development in the field of education has taken place recently. A university of equal status to any in the United States has been founded which will operate on the basis of many new age truths. A group of distinguished men gathered on the West Coast in San Francisco to found this school, taking an important step forward in the development of a new method of education.

Most individuals in this country are aware of the fact that American schools are extremely deficient. They are aware that many of the teachings and methods of teaching are extremely outmoded. As we develop a new technology and understanding of man’s place in the Universe, we find that the educational programs which are most effective are those which encompass merely basic theories and permit and encourage the student to experiment and discover for himself new data in the field. We will find that we are on the borders of a great renaissance of fantastic proportions.

As great advances are made above and beyond present theory, the education given in the past will be sadly lacking in background to understand the unfolding future. Seeing that this situation would develop, Great Western University decided that one of the prime functions that it would have would be to enable those already educated in the way of the old, or who are without a formal background, to obtain a comprehensive and diversified basis for understanding advances in the sciences and the humanities. Not only did they take into consideration the periods after great changes but also the transitory times and thus the background offered is extremely usable in the present day structure of society. In order to make this available to people throughout the country the correspondence division of Great Western University was begun recently. It is a non-profit teaching fellowship dedicated to helping every man reach a higher goal… founded and operated under the educational laws of the State of California.

Three members of its staff are well known to the savant of the UFO, which makes this institution particularly interesting to the readers of The UFOloger. These gentlemen are Dr. George Hunt, Williamson, Rev. John O. McCoy, and Daniel W. Fry. They are teaching the departments of anthropology, psychology, and electronics and physics, respectively.

To better explain the goals and aims of the University, let us quote a short portion of the brochure of Great Western.

“Founder’s message —— ‘let us found this great university on broad and universal principles. Let its aim be daring, new and adventuresome… not afraid to teach those good elements of ancient learnings. . which are found basic in every great religion in history. Let our bold course be all-encompassing… from it may the busy mother take concepts for training the burgeoning young mind; from it may the busy executive take concepts to guide his rushing business; from it may hurrying people take concepts that help them live at peace with the world-and, more importantly, at peace with themselves. . .

“Secret and deep-felt are the yearnings for knowledge. Anyone may know this poignant and deep-felt longing, but nowhere has the busy adult been able to obtain easily a University level course of sufficient breadth to satisfy this inner hunger for education. Great Western University was founded and is operating to answer this almost universal need. It offers a flexible means to supplement present education with new, usable knowledge and skills. The University’s aim is to challenge and stimulate those individuals with inquiring minds who are capable of self-guidance, and gifted with self-sparking incentive.

The course is designed by educational experts to build self-confidence along with usable, factual, and cultural learning. It attempts to teach people to live more confidently and effectively in a practical world. The studies in Parapsychology. Metaphysics, and Healing augment this basic knowledge in developing inner peace and resourcefulness. To this end, the Correspondence Division makes available a low-cost, simple, yet expertly planned course. It consolidates into understand-able and usable form the basic concepts of nine great fields of learning and uses the newest teaching techniques of speed learning.”

Those who would be interested in knowing more of Great Western University are invited to write to: Correspondence Division, G.W.U., Suite 1-777, 630 Mason Street, San Francisco 2, Calif., for a free brochure and if you desire, a trial enrollment.




by Bill Hamilton

On November 2, 1951 a large ball of kelly green fire flashed across the skies of Arizona with 165 people as eye witnesses to the startling phenomena. Ever since December of 1945 many of these “fireballs” have been seen over the Southwest. Many have been seen over California, Nevada, and Arizona. These fireballs move silently through our atmosphere, usually after some thermo-nuclear detonation, and explode in a frightful paroxysm of light, leaving observers with open mouths.

It has come to the attention of certain individuals that most of these fireballs appear green, appear under intelligent control, and our usually seen in areas where there has been a nuclear explosion.

However, there are a variety of fireballs, each seemingly accomplishing a specific purpose.

The space intelligences who have created these fireballs, and who, allegedly, have been tossing these things like baseballs into our atmosphere have a specific and beneficent purpose in mind. According to data received from space people, they have stated that these green fireballs seen in our skies are “nullifiers”, and absorb detrimental radioactive fallout from any thermo-nuclear explosion. Fine. At least they are not anything we have to fear, but are something with the express purpose of cleaning up after we have messed up the house. Some fireballs are actually signal flares that are sent flashing through the skies to notify some person or group of persons of something-like Here comes the pitch

During World War II over Korea pilots had seen strange orange and varied colored “Fireball Fighters” or “Foo Fighters” that played tag with their planes in quite a nonchalant manner. These were believed some type of enemy spy planes. Actually these small disk-like objects that were explained off as St. Elmo’s fire, hallucinations, and the regular tripe used to explain off that not understood, were registering devices used by the space people to record our war activities. These disks are sentient crystal disks used to record vibrations, emotions, thoughts, and actions, and are sent out usually from large mother-ships to gather information from the planet they are visiting.

Recently, a friend has stated that he observed a huge (big as a barrel) green fireball flash over his home in Fullerton, California the night of August 21. This was after the atomic detonations in the Pacific, demonstrating the anti-missile missile-as if they needed one missile to “anti” another.

The space people are offering us a decision: “We can tell you this, such a decision was offered to Maldek eons ago by the Saturn Tri burial and the council of twenty-four Elders, and they refused to accept it, saying that they wished to continue with their foolish experiments; that even the celestial host would have been quite taken aback by such foolish undertakings. Now that earth has come to the same dire point in its history, the miscreant forces rampant on the earth, and instigating their malicious influences have caused much detriment to the vacillating minds of earthians.”

If we keep thinking the way we have, we will end up in a rut with our own thoughts. But as “they” have said: “Work toward truth and freedom in the light of Understanding and you will truly progress in unity and brotherhood.”

The UFO phenomena of the “fireballs” has intrigued many Ufologists who have spent much time investigating and evaluating in an effort to determine just what these fireballs are and what their mysterious purpose is. Some investigators. though, don’t heed those individuals who allegedly have had some form of contact with the UFOs, and who purport to have an answer to offer to these curious investigators. it is realized, at least generally among UFO circles, that there is a good deal of just plain nonsense being thrown around, considering how easy it might be to “fake” a photograph of a flying saucer, or to make up a good story about chance encounter with the UFO occupants. But surely, where there is so much smoke there must be fire. If it were not for some astounding things that have occurred to me and some of my friends, there would be a lot of questions in my mind as to the veracity of some of these claims, and I am sure there would be in any one’s mind. But I am greatly interested in the material science and philosophy, and the science and philosophy purportedly expounded by the space intelligences are beyond mortal man’s conceiving, at least seemingly.

Statements I purport to be from space people were received by mental telepathy, a communication of the Infinite, Eternal, and Immutable Mind; something that has been experimented with by parapscychologists at Duke University and Great Western University.

To sight a personal experience: On the night of February 15, 1958 I got a ride to the desert, and went to Understanding’s cabin. Approximately at 7 P.M. a group of us assembled near a friend’s cabin and rigged a light beam transmitter to one of the cars, and also had a telescope set up with binoculars being passed from person to person. At approximately 7:45 I turned to my friend, John McCoy, and told him that something was injecting words into my head telling the group to look West for a blue “fireball” flare. Nothing came through the light beam receiver. Intelligences telepathed to me information about what did occur within the next five minutes, leaving all amazed. Such occurrences have convinced me that space intelligences can communicate with someone through paranormal reception. (See “UFOs Confidential” page 74, by Williamson and McCoy).

The “signal” fireball, mentioned above, was observed by a group of over ten individuals. Such occurrences have transpired among many other people who have desired knowledge from these space visitors. Perhaps, as with the UFOs, these enigmatic fireballs will be common knowledge in future generations. What magnificent vistas lie ahead for men of this world as we make another attempt, as did Atla and Mu, to explore the outer regions where the stars excite the curiosity of man, can only be conjectured.

A very interesting rhyme is reiterated among children today: “Curiosity killed the cat-but satisfaction brought him back.”

♦  ♦  ♦


On a recent lecture tour, twelve new clubs were organized and are or will be getting underway. People everywhere are enthusiastic about new learning, new concepts, and the world will be a brighter place and people get along better as horizons broaden.

The question comes to mind that as we are learning-HOW MANY ARE SPINNING THEIR WHEELS? In World War II, persons in the Armed Services learned, sometimes by bitter experience, the need for eliminating rumors rather than passing them on to demoralize and frustrate others. A story sometimes reached fantastic proportions after going through many embellishments. A bridge was out, a beachhead lost. It became standard procedure to try and kill all rumors. Do not believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. This could very well be exercised in the Research Groups as it has been the observation of the Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence that about 90% of the stories and talk that takes people’s time and energy has no foundation in fact or does not serve any constructive purpose. HOW MANY ARE SPINNING THEIR WHEELS?

-Washington Saucer Intelligence


“THE LAW SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. ‘The Whole Armour of God’ means the Whole Law, not the shield alone, nor the dagger, nor dart. Be simple minded in Truth. Accept the Law for ALL the people, no part for a few, but each and every child of God is to put on the Whole Law: Truth, Justice. The ineffable equation says: ‘No Truth can be truth, unless the parts total the whole, and make the Great Law WORK in mind and deed.’

To KNOW all Truth, is a Law unto itself. To LIVE a Law is a part of the Great Law. To redeem self, is to know Divine Principle, and to art Divine Law.

In discussions of Truth amongst you, ‘Render unto Caesar, what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s,’ for belief is proper in each case, to the extent of knowing shown; but all are equal in RISE… You ‘ARE,’ (God Principle, God Light, God Power, as part of the Whole).. but have fallen.

To recognize, is to grow. .. To grow, is to rise in stature… To learn to ‘return,’ is aliveness… To be dormant in such progress is to sin… To graduate from sin to etheric life, is death, properly called Change. . . To earn Eternal Life, is to live the Whole Law.

Let each man learn to study himself, in the Light of the Whole Law. Let not himself think himself worth that Law, if he denies its practice in his affairs. Appraise not alone the acceptance or commitment of the Principle, but see how well such acceptance is at WORK IN SELF.

To state a principle is one thing… To recognize it in action, is again another. . . . . but to DO the work of that Principle, is indeed Divine Law in action. Be thou in word and action, a fruitful seed. Learn to know thyself better than another, then thou canst not judge another, for each man carries a stick, who attempts to discern another’s viewpoint, and lay claim to it, with fear for himself.

Do not begrudge another’s acceptance of the Law, for the Law WORKS not in part. but in WHOLENESS. To judge in part, falsifies the Law, for Divine Power considers each part in connection with the WHOLE WORKS. Direct action counter-balances the Law.

You need to WORK each part. Acceptance is not enough. Mind in action, proves the Law. To fulfill tho Law in practice, has always been told: ‘Be ye DOers of the Word. . .’

The deed provokes the Law to RIGHT ACTION, (fulfillment) or to WRONG ACTION, (desecration) of the Law. Goodness can only be discerned by man according to his understanding of the fulfillment of that part of the Divine Teaching.”

(Received by Hope Troxell)

♦  ♦  ♦


On Saturday, September 13th, Unit no. 4 at Vista will have as their speaker Dana Howard, author of “Diane, She Came From Venus” and “Over the Threshold.”

Pomona Unit no. 5 plans their September meeting for September 13th at the Townsend Hall in Pomona. Hope Troxell, author of “The Wisdom of the Universe” and “Cosmic Attainment” will be the speaker.

The Second Annual Understanding Picnic will be held Sunday, Septem-ber 7th at 10:30 A.M. in Alhambra Park, Alhambra, California.

The next issue of Understanding will have a report of the First Northern Spacecraft Convention, held at Pleasanton, California, on August 23rd and 24th, with many fine speakers and other entertainment including the showing of the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Howard Menger’s farm will be the scene of an Eastern Spacecraft Convention on September 13th and 14th. Howard invites all UFO enthusiasts to be present. There will be sanitary facilities and plenty of room for camping. George Van Tassel, Gray Barker, Ivan Sanderson, Major Wayne Aho, Otis T. Carr and others are expected to take part in the program.

In October, Howard Menger will be on cross country tour, speaking and showing his amazing pictures-more about his itinerary in the next issue.

The staff of UNDERSTANDING wishes to extend its love and sympathy to George Hunt Williamson (better known to our friends and readers as “Ric”) on the loss of his wife. Betty, in Lima, Peru. “Ric” is expected to be in this country for a lecture tour during the months of November, December and January.

Coming soon: a new “Saucer” book, “A Call at Dawn” by Kelvin Rowe ! Here now: “The Night Has 1000 Saucers” by Calvin Girvin.




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