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VOL. III                                          JULY, 1958                                                 NO. 6



ONCE AGAIN the Near East powder keg has a short fuse sputtering within its highly explosive contents. Gammal Abdel Nasser, the `small time’ dictator of a sixth rate power wants to become the `big time boss’ of all the Arab nations. There are several factors which make it probable that he will succeed. In the first place, he possesses all the attributes of a successful dictator. His arrogance in victory, and his cunning in defeat, would have excited the envy of a Stalin or a Hitler.

When Nasser decided that the time had come to destroy the tiny new nation of Israel, he suddenly discovered, to his own surprise and consternation, that Israel, without any outside aid, was perfectly cap-able of destroying utterly, all of Egypt’s greatly overrated forces. When Britain and France stepped in, Nasser was a cringing, beaten man, crying loudly to the United Nations to save him, and preparing to flee the country for his life. It was principally through the efforts of the United States that the invasion of Egypt was halted, and Nasser’s position again became secure. Now, a few months later, he is strutting about shouting loud threats of what he will do to the nation which saved for him, his job, and probably his life.

The habit of turning against any friend or ally who has ceased to serve him, is typical of the dictator. This fact should cause Nasser himself to pause occasionally for sober reflection. However arrogant Col. Nasser may be, he is anything but a fool. He must realize that the only thing which makes him a power in the world today, is the fact that he is backed by the influence of the Soviet Union and of Communist China. He is intelligent enough to know that he is being used by the Soviet Union only for the purpose of organizing the Arab States so they can be taken over as a unit at the proper time. The leaders of the Kremlin care nothing for the Arab world or its people. They do want oil, and this is the easiest way to get it. There is the added incentive that in obtaining their oil in this manner, they will, at the same time, be depriving the Free World of its use.

To give Col. Nasser his due, it must be pointed out that he is not a Communist, nor, especially a Communist sympathizer, and probably has not the slightest intention of becoming a puppet of the Soviet Union. Aside from his own personal drive for position and power, he is probably motivated by a sincere belief that his actions are in the best interests of his people. He should remember, however, that as long as he continues to seek or accept the aid of the Soviet leaders, he is placing himself in their power, and when he is no longer useful to the Kremlin, he can be disposed of as easily and casually as he has deposed of those who were in his way.


San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Sunday, July 20, 1958

We can no longer leave space flight to our grandchildren-we must do it ourselves,” wrote Dr. Carsbie C. Adams in his new book “Space Flight” published by McGraw-Hill.

“Man will probably leave the earth and take up residence in a space station during the next five years, and within 20 or 25 years, we shall probably have set foot on the moon. It seems likely that instrumented probes, and perhaps even man, will voyage to the planets during this century,” stated Dr. Adams, who is president of the National Research and Development Corp. in Atlantic, Ga.

Attain Stature

Dr. Wernher von Braun wrote in the preface to this book- “I am certain this book will soon attain the stature of one of the few great classics on this fascinating and many-faceted subject.”

“Whereas the first half of ‘Space Flight’ is a blend of historical review and scientific treatise on the astronomical and engineering fundamentals of astronautics-the latter presented in a language comprehensible to anyone who has gone through high school-the second half offers a broad outlook into the future of space flight which transcends the mere technological aspects.” Dr. von Braun continues.

“There is a challenging chapter on the human and biological factors in space flying, with revolutionary new concepts on feeding and air and water recuperation aboard spaceships.

Space Communications

“There is a chapter on communications in space, wherein we learn of Dr. Adams’ proposal to make practical use of the so-called Trojan points on planetary orbits which were discovered by the French mathematician Lagrange as early as 1760.

“Specifically, Dr. Adams suggests to improve radio communication with interplanetary expeditions by placing radio booster stations into these ‘stable’ orbital positions, thus permitting uninterrupted radio contact even with planets temporarily hidden by the sun.

“It is possible to list many practical reasons why mankind ought to conquer space, and the development of the atomic bomb has created new urgency in relation to some of them,” Dr. Adams wrote in the preface to his book.

Control Space

“Man feels that the nation controlling space will control the peace. Indeed, Air Force ballistic-missile expert General Shriever has forecast future battles in space, holding that superiority there may insure national security.

Secondly, the physical resources of our planet are limited. Also, dozens of tremendously important scientific procedures and experiments would become possible immediately upon the completion of the space station.

“Complete, detailed accurate weather reporting could be made from an observatory on the space station-no more unexpected weather.” Research in all fields of medicine could be facilitated at a laboratory on the space station-perhaps a cure for cancer, tuberculosis. polio, and who knows, even ‘old age’ would be an easy `find’ in the cosmic rays of outer space,” he wrote.

Astronomical Study

“Opportunity for astronomical study would perhaps be one of the greatest advantages of the space station. Once astroscientists rid themselves of our atmosphere, they will not only be nearer the planets, stars and nebulae, but they will get a clear, unbroken view of the astral bodies.

“A space station would serve as a ‘launching station’ for space ships to the moon, saving fabulous amounts of precious fuel. World-wide television would be possible by relay to the space stations; direction of lost-aircraft rescue missions would be simple and accurate from them.

“Any one of these many factors might be considered by some to be adequate motivation for space travel, and yet there is one factor disregarding all these, still unmentioned, which alone would drive men into space.”

“That motive,” Dr. Adams said, “is his aggressive pioneering instinct. Space travel is now the only form of ‘conquest and empire’ compatible with civilization.”


The Third Annual Space Age Convention took place at Kalamazoo, Michigan, on June 21st and 22nd. This very fine Convention was held in the new County Center Building with the Kalamazoo Flying Saucer Study Club as host. The two day session was attended by about 500 members of the Michigan Federation of Flying Saucer Clubs.

The speakers on Saturday were Rev. Milton Nothdurft of Maquoketa, Iowa, who delivered the keynote address, “Time for Unified Action,” and Mr. Otis Carr, head of OTC Enterprises and inventor of a Fourth Dimensional vehicle, who described his spacecraft, with a new method of propulsion. Mr. Carr has offered to build this craft and demonstrate its ability to take off, orbit one or more times about the Earth and return to the point of departure.

Master of Ceremonies and also a guest speaker was Major Wayne S. Aho, Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence. He stated during his talk that “visitors from outer space, who are representatives of a civilization far advanced over our own, wish to help us attain greater understanding.”

The Sunday session consisted of discussions by the Convention speakers and explanatory talks answering the question of ‘why the visitors were here’ were given by Rev. Clarence Duffy of Ottumwa, Iowa, John Brinson of Kalamazoo, who is President of the Michigan Flying Saucer Federation, and others.

California and also the Understanding Clubs were represented by Carol Maurer of the Long Beach Unit of Understanding who delivered greetings to the convention from California and also best wishes from Understanding. The Benton Harbor Saucer Group displayed Under-standing Magazine and other publications published by Understanding.

Then on June 27th and 28th, many people in the midwest traveled on to Mountain View, Missouri, where Buck Nelson held his first Convention at his ranch. Wayne Aho reports that this convention was very well handled by Buck, who went ‘all out’ in his preparations, clearing and grading an area for cars and for the convention site. There was a fine attendance and all attending were cooperative. The Missouri radio stations recorded all the material and rebroadcast it. The St. Louis papers carried a full spread on the sessions as did the Kansas City papers. The attendance for a “first” Convention was excellent with 29 states represented. A group from the newly formed club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had a sighting on the way home from the doings, which was reported in the National Press. Major Aho writes that they also had a sighting at Rollo, Missouri, which might be described as “terrific.”

To sum it up: the two Midwest Conventions. while not so large in numbers as the one at Giant Rock, were “wonderful” according to reports received from those who were fortunate enough to attend.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


by Dr. L. E. Cannon

Could they have chosen a better name than Harmony Grove for that beautiful site nestled between the hills near Escondido, and dedicated to the work of God? Persons from all corners of California and else-where, converged upon this spot on July 4th, 5th and 6th to unite in fellowship and worship to the Father for the privilege of assembly. Many came to listen; others to speak of events and to voice their opinions. This was a conference, multi-purposed, to include discussion of our “Brothers in the Sky.” Who has not heard of those who come from above to give of their knowledge and love to all in every realm of creation?

Some there were who took a rostrum to lecture of their personal experiences. It was inspiring to hear these who dared to make known to their fellow men this part of their life. There was a time, even in recent generations when one could be and was persecuted for such talk and belief, in this our own country!

Perhaps another writing will come forth in report of the individual messages given by those who took the stand to speak. I can only repeat from others who heard the talks, as my primary responsibility seemed to be with our babies, in order to relieve my wife Laure for other important duties necessary to this cause. Many of you, perhaps, will remember Kathlene, the pert red haired one and little Shawna, her sister?

Rev. Robert Anderson and his wife Vera, were our gracious host and hostess for these three days. Bob is the leader of the Cosmic Research Group in Long Beach.

Among the lecturers concerning our “Space Brothers,” was Dan Fry who gave a short dissertation on the subject with his usual clarity and enlightenment. Carl Anderson gave a short lecture and showed some films of the Conventions at Giant Rock, both this year and the year previous. Trevor James, author of “They Live in the Sky,” gave a most interesting message. Bob Short, who had witnessed a sighting on the second night of the convention gave a short report of this contact. Ralph Huffman gave one of the most enlightening lectures at the Saturday session, telling of his experiences which contained a wonderful message of truth. John McCoy, Art Aho, Melvin Rowe, Dana Howard, Vera and Bob Anderson and others also appeared on the platform. Hope Troxell, who always adds that sparkle of polished femininity, thrilled many who heard, for the first time, of her actual contact with Outer Space.

If I have not mentioned the names of some whom you wish to hear of individually, I beg your indulgence, and remember what I stated above of my duties to our children. Let me state that there was much happy thought and discussion, following each message throughout the three day session, that gave food for thought for some time to come. “Project Outer Space” was again ably represented by June Ormond, who explained the part this `movie’ will play in the lives of those who participate it it. Financial support is coming in constantly from friends investing in this worthy endeavor-perhaps you are one of them.

In closing may I add that there were some who evinced personal experiences with spacecraft during the convention, and of messages received commending the carrying on of this work. It was given me the opportunity to hear my lovely wife speak her words of love to the last assembly on Sunday evening. Words of mine cannot express my feelings and the audience’s response to her message of love and silent meditation. Our thanks go a hundred fold to all those who made possible the opportunity to gather here and may we be granted the chance to repeat this adventure at Harmony Grove.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


A new young people’s group has been formed within the Understanding Units of El Monte. It will be known as SKYWATCHERS OF UNDERSTANDING. It is our hope that other groups will be formed in the various Units of Understanding. If you have youngsters or teen-agers interested in belonging to such a group, which meets to discuss the various aspects of the Stars, Planets, Magnetic Forces, Spacecraft, Education in the NEW AGE and Science and its meaning in the New Age, please communicate with either Bill Hamilton, 1112 Geranio Dr., Alhambra, California, or R. E. Short, P.O. Box 42553, Los Angeles 42, California.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

WHY BUY THE HYPNOTISM HANDBOOK? Because this is the best book you can possibly buy for the purpose of learning the art of hypnotism, or of teaching yourself various advanced techniques. As proof of this statement, we can point to the increasing number of schools of hypnosis, in southern California and elsewhere, who use this book regularly as a textbook in their classes. “If you can read, you can hypnotize-by using the printed words of this handbook. You may obtain a copy from UNDERSTANDING. Only $4.50.


By Marc Norman

 Continuation of Chapter Four


The God Jehovah had now risen to a point in HIS career where he too was given a place of responsibility and control of a planet and the peoples upon it. Therefore the age of your planet is beyond estimation. Its years run into billions of your time, but Cosmic ages are not counted by earth years. You have heard it said that, “A tick of the clock is a lifetime”-that is in a cosmic sense-whereas it can be just a second to you.

When we speak of the LORD GOD JEHOVAH we are in no way considering the Creative consciousness, for that is beyond the ken of life forces on any plane with which we are acquainted or familiar, and we could not give you any information regarding this first Cause, but we do have some regarding the Gods termed the Elohim and the plan of Creation which they have been given the privilege and responsibility of bringing into effect, and guiding the life form projected upon it. This same Lord God Jehovah has a son, who is known to you by the name of Jesus, although it was originally JOSA, then Jesus to its present form. Now perhaps you can begin to see how the legend, the mythology, has finally reached you in its present accepted interpretation. So it is this great God who has charge of your planet SARAS, TERRE or EARTH, whichever term you wish to apply, and it is HE who sends HIS Son at the beginning of every new age or TIME to instruct the peoples through a mode of life and teaching which will be commensurate with the level of consciousness attained by the peoples at that moment.

And so it was at the beginning of the history of creation as explained to you through the written word, that this earth was inhabited by peoples and civilizations of which your historians have absolutely no knowledge, nor could conceive of even if it were given to them. All things have their beginnings, rise to their height and then return to their primordial conditions of cosmic substance-cataclysmic eruption and upheaval bringing about total disintegration of the cities and peoples of past eras so that no trace, or but little of them remains. Once in a while your archaeologists may come across a part of a bone or some evidence of a civilization long past, and of which they can find no history. This intelligence conveyed to you will cause you to realize that what we are speaking is of Truth. Many of you will find such information difficult to accept, but as you go deeper in your understanding and attempt to reason out the conditions that now affect you, and as related to past associations and events, so will you also realize that all things operate according to the TIMES and their cycles, even as yourselves.

But to continue in our narrative. The SON of LORD GOD JEHOVAH whose name is JESUS, which means the saved or Risen One, had under His jurisdiction certain of the Brotherhood or coordinators of life as we term them, and one in particular who was in command of certain organizational functions, whose name was LUCIFER. You have probably heard many conflicting stories regarding this great spirit. Actually he is an archangel of the highest order, and it was he who was sent to earth to instruct the peoples in a way of life that they, through experience, might come to an understanding and learn through their own effort. This is evolution. The only reference to this contained in the Cosmic record is related in the third chapter of Genesis, wherein it is stated that-“The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair to look upon, and they took unto them in marriage”

This was the mingling of the spiritual and the earthly, thus the spirit was sown into mankind, and it. is this spiritual force seeking to return through that heritage of the FATHER that is impregnated in the soul structure of all individuals. This is that mysterious force, that LIGHT, that inner prompting or conscience that urges one on to reach, to search, to fulfill, to find that PATH which will bring one back to a realization of their own, “I AM.”

We receive a thought from one present. “How is it possible for one of the ELOHIM or Creative Gods to create or give birth to a SON’?” You would of course view the circumstances as related to your own Plane of activity. Such a birth is a spiritual expression and does not require cohabitation or polarization of the sexual forces in order to Produce such a vehicle. Briefly allow us to outline such an evolvement and event. All of you good people present are undergoing various experiences on the earth plane, which is a school of experience and life wherein each life cycle is similar to attending a particular class and if you pass your examinations, that is the particular experiences related to each cycle, then you are permitted to evolve into a higher cycle in the next embodiment. So it is with all souls on whatsoever plane they may manifest.

These planes of manifestation may have any name, there being millions in each Universe, or any of the billions of planetary bodies extant in the wilderness of TIME, and souls are evaluating their own experiences and in their own TIME transfer from one body to another. Some new souls are expressed onto your plane from other planes of experience, therefore when they first obtain an earthly body, it is of course vastly different from any other previously occupied, so many of these appear ‘peculiar’ to the average intelligent earth dweller. That is because they have not as yet acclimatized or found equilibrium in the particular body and environment in which they find themselves, for they too are subject to reflections being impressed upon the consciousness through soul memory. And so will it be with yourselves as you advance to a higher plane of consciousness, experience and activity. This has occurred many times in the past, each one of you being expressed into varying planes of experience or classrooms, and in between times, as it were, returning to this earth plane for the examinations and tests. Your school of thought would say you had returned to pay off a KARMIC INDEBTEDNESS, and in a sense this is so, but KARMA is not all that you have been taught to believe. It has a deeper significance than is realized at the moment. We shall enter into this in later contacts. We are attempting at this time to explain how a soul can evolve upward to a higher plane of conscious-ness in spiritual understanding. So we use such terms as you would understand, although we phrase it differently, perhaps refer such an experience as an ascension into spiritual awareness or concept. Such is by actions and thoughts, so over a period of many cycles you find yourselves operating on a plane much higher than anything you have previously experienced prior to that arrival.

And so it is with the GODS. We believe it is written in your Book of Books that “I have made thee a little lower than the angels-.”

This is a cosmic assertion and it is indeed a truism for your next position in Cosmic consciousness will most naturally be angelic. Your Bible describes all phases of development. Actually you become an ‘Ascended One’ and act as an ‘Elder Brother’ to the masses who are evolving behind you. “As Above-so Below” is a factual process of Cosmic Law. All is an ever spiralating ascension upward to phases of consciousness prompted by thoughts and actions which enables each individual to realize his position in the cosmic scheme of things. So one merits that which they have earned. When the position of Creative God is reached, and this requires many, many, incarnations or rebirth cycles, one is able to create by merely ‘willing an event to be made manifest.’ This is difficult metaphysics, but necessary for all of you to master before you can enter into yet deeper mysteries. Thus a Creative God can precipitate a SON by visualizing a perfect being at their own level, one who would have within his nature the characteristics of all the Elohim. We trust you can follow- this. Each GOD has certain characteristics which are outstanding, and there is no argument or antagonism in this understanding for each realizes they have evolved to that point of Cosmic acceptance by their own efforts and thus they are able to establish in whatever they create the finest qualities each possess.

This should explain the functionings of LORD GOD JEHOVAH. He is a jealous GOD and expects obedience to HIS commands. But man being truly Cosmic rebels and attempts to find his own level in his search for ALL Consciousness

It is then to this GOD you pray, and HE assists wherein the situation aligns itself to the KARMIC development of the individual. But no GOD or Elder Brother can “DO IT FOR YOU.” In the final analysis it is up to the individual to work out his own salvation. Gods, Initiates, Elder Brothers, Ministers and teachers can only indicate ‘THE WAY.’ Man must travel it alone.

We pause for a moment or two to allow these thoughts to impress themselves that you may not miss a point, and meanwhile that we may assimilate thought impressions through our telephotoscope.

(The writer wishes here to state that the foregoing was given just as received, and inasmuch as reception and recording was difficult there are possibly errors as to exact composition, although the main theme is correct. It is not pleasant to know that all our pet theories have been shaken, and I neither reject nor accept all that has been given, but I allow that the explanations reveal more sense than any orthodox version given during this life. The reader will do likewise as to his acceptance and according to his understanding.)

The narrative was continued after a few minutes.

It is well then that there are some of you who are attempting to evaluate the remarks we have made and to register the effects as recorded by their sensory perception and we are sure they will very shortly be able to understand and stabilize them, for after all there is nothing very difficult in attempting this understanding-for you are all advanced students, and whilst some of you have not given any great length of time to individual study in this particular incarnation, you have in ages past investigated many avenues of truth, and have impressed upon your inner consciousness those ideas developed during such earlier periods.

Now lest we be misunderstood allow us to enforce the suggestion that whilst the manner of progressive evolution is the same unto all souls, even yourselves, there are and have been some who, having reached a height of maturity, developed a mistaken idea of their own importance and began to use their authority in a manner not conducive to the benefit of those who come under guidance and were consequently `stood down.’ And so it is related in the Cosmic Record that there was “WAR in HEAVEN,” some of the angels disagreeing with Jehovah, including Lucifer, and who were `cast out.’ This casting out, of course, was not in the sense that perhaps you would attach to it as related to mundane operations, although the record was interpreted as such. We mean that if in your business affairs you disagreed with the one in authority, he could dismiss or fire you, it is not in that sense. They were casting out their own evaluations by reason of their differences, not in anger, not in antagonism, but in a form of experimentation. They cast out or precipitated into space (cosmic consciousness) those ideas concerning the life wave that was to `inherit the earth,’ for whilst in the very early stages it was necessary that each soul develop spiritually under the guidance of the Lord God, Lucifer deemed it essential that man should then undergo development through mundane experience and through his own efforts, otherwise he would merely be an automaton and not develop reasoning or creative ability.

The majority of your occult and mystery schools have taught you to teach that the human form in those early days known as the POLARIAN and HYPERBORIAN epochs was not the hardened case it now is, but a form of gelatinous substance in which the spiritual essences which permeated the ethers surrounding the earth plane enabled the organisms to function in a sort of trance consciousness, but strictly on the spiritual plane of activity.

Mankind could not of course evolve under such circumstances, so he was allowed to penetrate the lower and physical spheres of the earth plane, whereupon he took on a `PHYSICAL BODY’ the spiritual or so called `THIRD EYE’ becoming atrophied. This `EYE’ is scientifically designated as the Pineal Gland. Each of you has this gland in operation and we have noted with some satisfaction the various Light forces which play around this organ, and because of this we have felt. the time was upon us wherein we could communicate to you as a body, and we do hope that most of you have been able to receive this evening’s message as openly and receptive as the instrument now recording.

The biblical statement to the effect, “IF YOUR EYE BE SINGLE YOUR BODY SHALL BE FULL OF LIGHT (Understanding)” is an occult fact. Bear this in mind as you study with us for future development.

All the information we have given you is contained in your Cosmic Record (Bible), and we suggest that you enter into a period of study of this most wonderful record. It will be those who gain this under-standing that shall inherit the earth, for they he the meek and the lowly, for as you grow in spiritual stature so do you become more and more humble, kindly and brotherly towards your fellow man. To the end that such shall befall each and every one of you who read these lines, so do we give of our time and understanding. Each contact group or individual shall receive according to their or his ability to interpret our messages. For this period then, SELAS.



San Jose, Calif.

Dear Mr. Fry,

At Tlaquepaaque, a little Indian town near Guadalajara, Mexico, on our recent visit, friends, formerly of San Francisco and living there for many years, observed for one hour right above them and in the daytime, 2 Platillos or volantes of a gold color. It made flying object enthusiasts out of them! It happened about a year ago. I believe that Mr. Adamski knows these people.

With best wishes for future success and greetings.

Yours, A. H. L.

Dear M. Fry,

Having been informed that Mrs. LaBelle of Los Angeles had Round Robin Clubs, I wrote to her about Pen Pal Clubs. She had none. What I desire is persons, men or women, who would likely be interested in writings on these subjects: Angelic spirits dwelling on this planet Earth; Bible Predictions; Flying Saucers. She said you might be able to help in providing names and addresses. If so I would much apprepond with Mr. Clark.


Samuel Clark

2416 Frankford Ave.

Philadelphia 25, Penna.

Editor’s Note: It is the policy of Understanding not to print the names and addresses of readers unless they so desire. We are happy to print this letter with name and address at the request of the writer, and hope that other readers interested in the above subjects will corresciate the favor.


by Bill Hamiliton

Words Spoken

I tarried there at the shore where time was but a passing dream, an illusion of the senses. The sea with its bounding waves beating against the shore stretched out in its wide expanse and met the sky glowing with scintillating stars. A voice reverberated out of the deep and the dark with its sound like mellow gold dipped in a star. It revealed the silent wonders of eternity and the transient melancholies of those bound in time.

“O, immortal being, bound in flesh, why dost thou tarry here?” “To learn the wonders of the heavens with its multitudinous aspects that strew their threads through the all embracing deep.”

“Then learn, O mortal, of yourself-immortal. You are the mirror of light with a reflection just as strong as that being reflected. The thirsty find drink, and the hungry find food. But does the seeker ever find knowledge that satisfies his yearning? Does a quest end with its findings, or do these findings lead to a greater quest? Aspire to heights untold; climb the ladder of gold. What is death but a sleep where the weary find rest and where the toilers reap the harvest of their toil? In the endless deep of night we sleep to be born anew with the first dawn of light. You have wandered on through the infinitude of worlds where men progress as they experience. Progression is the first law of experience. In the higher octaves of attenuated matter, harmony is the essential prerequisite to peace.

“In each atom vibrates the chord of melody that makes the mind a silent pool absent of ripples. The material filler of your spirit body is your expression on the physical plane where manifests the effects of the Creator’s causes.

“Is there one mind that has not dreamed of perfection? In you there is to be found all the facets of the illimitable universe. There is perfection. Through every atom you express, there is another, a duplicate stellar system somewhere in the universe. You may abate the tides of

your own destruction, or fall into the lower meshs of materiality, but who will abate a universe’s destruction? Shall you of earth alone receive the attention of a thousand inhabited worlds?”

“But I ask, what is life that it should take such a toll?”

“My son, you are life and the source of its limitless streams. In you is to be found the cause and the effect; the joy and the sorrow; the successes and the failures. You may attain to heights undreamed, or reach the depths. But remember, the stars beckon to you that you may follow the silent whispers of the trees that say, `follow the path thou hast chosen.”‘

A golden light fell into the sea from out of the sky. It diminished into the last trace of the horizon line. “Where dost thou fall, 0 golden light?”

The voice continued: “Be it known that those are of the extra-terrestrials. They have come at a moment that may save a thousand years and a thousand lives. In the Cosmic ethers the music of the spheres is recorded that its melody may maintain perfect rhythm among the stars. Shall we discuss science, the art of life, that you may know of what we speak? Words are such useless phrases with which to expound the infinite nature of the universe. Higher hills, mountains are; deeper seas, oceans be; to confines that have no end; and deeper peace is tranquility.

“There are eleven other planets in this solar system, all of which have attained space travel through the outer void. All of the citizens of these worlds live only what may be called Cosmic Law. It is the law of cause and effect. It is the law upon which even their space traveling ships operate. These serene, glowing ships operate in harmony with the laws of the universe, motivated by the Great Fourth Cause of the universe. To know their principle, as well as the principle of all external creations, you need but heed this saying: `Man, know thyself.’ The complex involves perplexity, but the simple is truth. Even now, though it be for an ulterior reason, the peoples of earth build these craft that the extraterrestrials use for transportation amongst the star systems. But they of earth will not be able to travel to other worlds until they acquire a greater understanding. Be that as it may, look up, for the drama of earth’s great delusion draws to a close. Either go down with the sinking ship, or look up and be rescued. “O Man, thou sittest in the silence of eternity. Let not a rain drop fall, lest it drown you with its storm. Thunder is my weapon, and lightning is my sword, but rain is the sweetness that tinkles on each chord.

“I ask you, 0 mortal beings, that thou should live purified in the living flame that dost sweep up a thousand worlds in peace. 0 Father of us all, when will it end? Let this, a mortal being, know truth that the tongues of earth may once more speak wisdom. 0 Father, Ishtai, Ishtai, Ishtal Maxin. Inti Inti. They that Know, Know the Truth.”

Hardly a whisper came back from the drifting sands as I pondered the words spoken by the voice. The stars glowed in color. The night grew cool, and all was peace.

Attention: A new group is now being formed for young people from the ages 8 to 19. This is a science group for young people that shall be known as the “Junior Skywatchers of Understanding.” Any teen-agers or adults interested please contact Robert E. Short, editor of Inter-Galaxy News at P. 0. Box 42553, Los Angeles 42, California, or write to Bill Hamilton, 1112 Geranio Drive, Alhambra, California.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


The world in which we live is made dangerous by man’s shocking illiteracy in human relations. Man, in his genius, has performed miracles in science and industry. Is it not a colossal and tragic irony that man has learned to harness nature but has never yet learned to live harmoniously with himself? Who can doubt that in this atomic age there is anything so sorely and urgently needed as a universal recognition of a bond of kinship among peoples, the realization of the brotherhood of man, irrespective of differences in race, creed, culture, or ideology? The real foundation for peace must be built in the hearts and minds of men. There is but one road to peace and that is the road of human understanding and brotherhood.

-Ralph .J. Bunche



by Columbia Krebs

It was during February, 1955, when I was living in Ocean Beach, near San Diego, California, that I saw this marvelous sight at midday. I was walking towards the beach, when I happened to look up and saw a huge geyser of water a short distance from the shore beyond a rocky breakwater. I could see the tail of a space ship (very blunt) at the top of the geyser, which was as high as a skyscrapper.

I stood spellbound as the geyser settled down again, leaving a ring of what looked like woolly clouds, but it didn’t act like clouds because it didn’t move although there was a brisk breeze. I waited to see what would happen next, and then noticed two cars facing each other, on either side of the space through which I was looking, from the sidewalk to the beach. I wish now that I had gone over to one of the cars to ask the occupants whether they had seen the object. As it did not reappear, and nothing else happened, I went home wondering what it all meant. But I felt glad, as though old friends had arrived, and that I would some day meet them!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Now the frontiers are all closed,

There is no other country we can run away to.

There is no ocean we can cross over.

At last we must turn and live with one another.

At last we who have been running away must turn and face it,

There is no room for hate left in the world we must live in.

Now we must learn love. We can no longer escape it.

We can no longer escape from one another.

Love is no longer a theme for eloquence, or a way of life for a few to choose whose hearts can decide it.

It is the sternest necessity; the unequivocal ultimatum.

There is no other way out; there is no other country we can flee to.

There is no man on earth who must not face this task now.



Four Spacecraft Conventions have been held during the last two months and two more are planned for the months of August and September. Don’t forget the Northern California Convention to be held under the able direction of Della Lee Larson of Unit No. 3, and the Northern Units of Understanding. This will take place on August 23 and 24 at Pleasanton, California, at the County Fair Grounds at Pleasanton in Alameda County, about twenty miles southeast of Oak-land. There will be many interesting speakers attending. Facilities for camping are available as will be food, water, and hot or cold drinks. Just bring your camping equipment or trailer and your friends and families. For more detailed information write to Della Lee Lar-son, 3246 Sylvan, Oakland, Calif.

On September the 13th and 14th, Howard Menger AN-ill host a Space-craft Convention in Clinton, New Jersey, and hopes to have George Van Tassel, Gray Barker, Long John and all contactees participate. He will also show pictures of UFO taken over Giant Rock at the last Convention and other films. Howard invites everyone who can possibly do so, to attend. Swiftstream, the 100 acre farm home of the Mengers, and site of the Convention, is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. There will be ample accommodations for all. Food, sanitary facilities, and water will be available. Bring your blankets or camping equipment.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 1 of El Monte listened to Kelvin Rowe on July 19th. He told of his experiences with spacecraft and Space People. Kelvin’s forthcoming book will be, “A Call at Dawn.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 4 of Vista had Mr. John McCoy and Mrs. Doris Levesque as speakers in the month of June and Mr. Ralph Huffman of Monrovia vvas the speaker for July. It has been reported that these were both very interesting programs.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 5 of Pomona heard John McCoy on July 12th. He told more details of occurrences which are recorded in the new book, “UFOs Confidential” by George Hunt Williamson and John McCoy.


The Baltimore Unit of Understanding plans to hold a garden picnic at the home of their president on Old Battle Grove Rd. in Baltimore. There will be a report of their activities in the August issue.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

All Units are cooperating in presenting the Second Annual Under-standing Picnic on September 8th at Alhambra Park, Alhambra, California. Program of games and races begins at 10 A.M., with lunch at 12:30 P.M. There will be games, food, and fun for all. Bring a picnic lunch and your family. Cold drinks will be served by Under-standing.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Understanding wishes to thank all who have continued to contribute so generously to the Desert Center Building fund. In the fall the building will be wired for electricity and the interior finished. We also wish to thank friends who donated furnishings including a piano.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Watch the Teen Age Page for further activities of the Skywatchers of Understanding which has been organized recently under the able direction of Mr. Robert Short, with Bill Hamilton as the leader of the group associated with Unit No. 1 of El Monte. This up and coming group of youngsters who are scientifically minded has been written up in the local press, and there seems to be a great deal of interest evinced by the general public.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The August issue of Understanding will have a brief report of Dan Fry’s lecture trips across the country and to Puerto Rico. He hopes to return by the middle of August and in time to attend the Northern Convention in Pleasanton.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Mr. Howard Menger will make a lecture tour in October under the sponsorship of Understanding, National. Any groups or UFO clubs desirous of having Mr. Menger speak and show his unusual pictures, please contact one of the Corresponding Secretaries of Understanding, c/o of Understanding, Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington, El Monte, California.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….  $3.00

cosmic attainment, by hope troxell….. 1.00

transvaal episode, by anchor…….. 1.50

WISDOM of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH, by Williamson ………..  4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

flying saucer pilgrimage, by h. and b. reeve ………  3.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

WORLD WITHIN, by Gina Cerminara …………  4.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……  3.00

they shall be gathered together, be john mccoy …………..  1.95

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 3.50

life on other plaNets, by Eugene Drake …  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 2.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.