VOL. III                                          JUNE, 1958                                                NO. 6


The Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock has now become history, although some of the echoes are still being heard throughout the country and in other parts of the world.

Little by little and year by year, the Spacecraft Convention is forcing a wholesome, if somewhat grudging, respect from the major news disseminating agencies of the country. Although a certain amount of ridicule was still to be found in the public press, it appeared only in those papers whose editors knew nothing concerning the true nature and purpose of the gathering.

The number of those in attendance was greater than in any previous year. The NBC New Service stated that, by its own estimate, approximately 10,000 persons were present at some time during the two days. In previous years the attendance figures have been grossly understated by most news agencies, either in an attempt to play down the event, or simply because they were not sufficiently interested to extend the necessary effort to make a true estimate. (The attendance estimate of 1200 published in LIFE magazine last year was so ridiculous that thousands of persons who attended, have lost all confidence in anything published by that source.)

The Convention was filmed by the NBC News Service and the TV program, “You Asked For It.” Color films were made for incorporation into the feature picture of `Project Outer Space’ and shots were taken for use in several other TV programs.

News agencies when they stop to think at all, are forced to the realization that any subject which is of such great interest that it can bring ten thousand people from all parts of the nation together at a remote rendezvous in the middle of the desert, is a subject which will inevitably have an effect upon our patterns of thought and way of life in this country and, because of this fact, it is a subject of great news value, regardless of any opinion which the reporter may have concerning its basic premise.

The number of speakers also grows larger each year, as more and 1

more persons are encouraged to relate their encounters with the space-craft and their operators. Among those who spoke during the first day of the convention were: George Van Tassel, Dana Howard, Wayne Aho, Reinhold Schmidt, John McCoy, Orfeo Angelucci, Truman Bethurum, Gray Barker and Yours Truly. The second day we heard Howard Menger, Carl Anderson, John Otto, Kelvin Rowe, Art Aho and Lester Levinson, with a final address by our host, George Van Tassel. In the interim between talks a fine aerial show was presented for the entertainment of the spectators, in the form of a series of daring parachute jumps.

A number of booths and tables were provided from which the spectator could purchase the books of the various UFO authors, and as usual this fact led to the mutterings by reporters that the convention was `commercial’ and was held only for profit. Actually, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of arithmetic and normal powers of observation, could see at’ once that this could not possibly be true. The aerial show alone, if obtained through the usual commercial channels, would have cost more than all the money which changed hands during the convention.

In spite of the efforts of some reporters to belittle it, and in spite of the sneers and innuendos with which others attempt to attack it, the Annual Spacecraft Convention grows bigger, better and more interesting with each passing year.

Dan Fry

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By Graham Berry

Los Angeles Times Science Editor

Space flight will save thousands of lives from storms and floods and will make possible “man’s greatest experience of the next few centuries-meeting intelligent beings from another solar system.

These forecasts were made yesterday by Krafft Ehricke, one of the nation’s top space scientists, who disclosed that he is developing a space ship that will use the giant Atlas ballistic missile to boost it out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Ehricke also told the American Rocket Society meeting at the Statler Hilton about his design of a 20-foot rubber ball capsule to contain delicate instruments and land them gently on the moon.

The Convair-Astronautics scientist, who talked enthusiastically about space as far back as 1929, when he was ridiculed for it, insisted that America must move ahead in space exploration, whether for military reasons or otherwise.

The Russians are doing their best to wake us up,” he said in an interview. “But we should not confuse the challenge of space with the challenge of Russia. This attitude gets us into the habit of depending on Russia, waiting for them to shoot something and then try to match it.”

The new environment of space offers “new ways of making life better,” the scientist declared. He cited satellites as one example. From above the earth’s atmosphere a satellite can measure the energy balance of the earth-sun system and its effects on wind and cloud patterns, Ehricke explained.

“In this way we can learn to predict a hurricane a week before it develops and trace the path it will take. We can predict floods and droughts. And we will have time to take countersteps against these things.

“By making this information available to other nations we can help them without crossing their boundaries.”

Curb of Hostilities

Declaring that space exploration “will be helpful in wearing down the sharpness of hostilities between nations. Ehricke added that, “we cannot count on it to make everybody good and spread brotherly love throughout the world.”

This approaching new dimension in man’s life will “alleviate many things that plague us at present,” he said. “But it will bring with it many new problems.

“And imagine the impact on our thinking in the finding in space of another race of intelligent beings with their own customs, their own religions. Think how this may change our viewpoint.

“Meeting another such race will be the great experience of the next few centuries. It may happen sooner if they come to meet us.”

Life Beginnings

Declaring that he is sure the beginnings of life could be found on several of the planets, he said, “I am very skeptical that any high form of life exists in the solar system.”

“The beginnings of life,” he said, “may start from lightning re-acting with some chemical elements like carbon and oxygen. “Violent lightning storms have been detected on Jupiter and we suspect they occur on Venus,” he said.

Primitive life probably exists on Mars. But for more advanced kinds of life a great deal of water is required, Ehricke explained. All the water on Mars probably is less than that in one of our Great Lakes, he added.

Cloud-shrouded Venus is believed to be an entire sea of water or oil, and entirely desert.

“There is growing evidence that Venus is a desert,” Ehricke said. After the problems of reaching the moon are conquered, Ehricke said, a large observatory should be established there to search by telescope for planets moving around the nearby stars.

“We want to learn the possibility of advanced forms of life existing on these distant planets,” the scientist explained.

Such planets cannot be detected from telescopes on the earth because the light they reflect from their suns is not strong enough to penetrate our atmosphere, Ehricke sald.

Possibility on Moon

These planets may be visible from the moon, which has virtually no atmosphere.

Ehricke said he could not discuss at present the space vehicle he is developing.

“I think it is the responsibility of American industry to develop such projects and not wait for the government to suggest or finance them,” the scientist said.

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Longview, Wash.

To the Editor

Understanding of the letter of the Law can be for good or evil, according to the desire of the individual. The desire is formed by the feelings as well as the mind. The feelings stimulate ideas in the mind, received for the benefit or deprivation of the individual under the law to which he is subjected.

The righteousness of man’s desire is, therefore, formed or deter-mined by a righteous way of life, as in the Christ life and not by the letter of the law or a religious doctrine or politics.

We contact God only when our desires are in tune with his way of life.


I. R.

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In all religions there is found a premise that the “Lord our God is One God–One and Indivisible”. This golden thread of Truth has been lost to the sight of many who have built impressive edifices of learning both spiritual and academic. The world grows weary of lip ser-vice and of blind leaders leading the blind.

Today, those of greater vision are beholding vast new areas of virgin soil–soil that requires no tilling but the inner, innate power TO BE and TO LIVE. They see a more perfect union being brought into tangible form through a “hands-around-the-world” Brotherhood.

In spite of many physical and political hazards this group moves forward undaunted, breaking through the confines of false doctrines and outworn concepts of the past as well as the Godless and materialistic structures of the present. No, it is not a new religion as such that is being formed but rather a drawing together in spirit and endeavor of those who have grown in recognition and awareness of the relationship of man to God.

Religion and mystery schools have employed representative and descriptive symbols to teach the fundamental principles of Life, but those symbols no longer suffice for those who break through the shell of confined thinking. LIVING SYMBOLS are at hand as the uniting of heaven and earth is taking place and humanity stands on the threshold of that which links the spiritual and the so-called material.

Taking place is the blending of the hues of Life, the harmonizing of countless facets. It is the center-with-center meeting place where all complimentary opposites find union through balanced interchange. This EVER-PRESENT center is the open door unto all living, both visible and invisible. It is the “door into the sheepfold” to which Jesus referred when he said, “I am the door; by me if any man enter it, he shall he saved, and shall go in and out. and find pasture.”  It is the Truth which is the living part of everything that exists. It is the “In the beginning” GOD-SEED of all generations, whether in man or oak.

The people who are being drawn together at this time find it is because of some inner corresponding factor rather than by outer mutual interests or like ideals. Strangely enough, all who are “called” are not aware of “why.” It is in retrospection that one “sees” and comes to understand. It might be likened unto the tree which has developed according to season and has arrived at the point of fruition. The full flavor and substance of the mature fruit is distinguishable by those who are consciously immersed in the ESSENCE of All. This new seed is sown in the souls of men.

The new seed has within it the leaven which can move mountains and men. May those who have seen the LIGHT and felt its mighty POWER OF LOVE join hearts and hands with all in LIVING BROTHERHOOD.


June 2, 1958

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Many new books have been received within the last few weeks. “They Live in the Sky” by Trevor James tells of some amazing results which the author has achieved with the use of infra red for photographing Space Objects. It is profusely illustrated, containing more than thirty pages of actual photos. This book may be obtained from UNDERSTANDING Publishing Co., 101 S. Lexington, Rm. 35, El Monte, California. Price $4.50.

Another interesting and unusual book is “UFO Confidential” by George H. Williamson and John McCoy. According to the foreword it is the book that thousands said could never be written. Yet the authors feel that it is the book that had to be written! In it you will find the causes behind the secret of the saucers. . . You will travel with the authors on a 30,000 mile ,journey through Canada and the Americas and see the pattern that is emerging. It is, as its title implies, CONFIDENTIAL! Price $3.00 This may also be ordered from UNDER-STANDING.

Watch this page next month for announcement of Calvin Girvin’s first book, “The Night Has a Thousand Saucers.” You may place your order now at the special pre-publication price of $2.00 which will include tax and postage. This special offer will be good until July 31st.




By Marc Norman



Greetings to our friends of earth.

There are several thoughts that we have selected after our last session, but we do not have the time to answer all of them, so we will cover one of the foremost, which appears to be that associated with an oft repeated remark of ours relative to experiences on that ancient continent of At]. It has been wondered how it is possible to recall a period so remote in time, and still remain in the living to speak of it.

Of course there are many mysteries that you are not yet acquainted with, and this is one of them. We may save for your elucidation that the process of evolution is the same on all other spheres and planets, the difference being the state of time relationships. So we too suffer our times of experience before passing into the phase of unconscious-ness, and during the transitional period we re-capitulate those experiences previously undergone regarding past associations and the like.

Thus when we are re-born (and this is accomplished by selective pre-natal recordings, through which it is determined the family suit-able for re-expression) we are able, because of this selective birth pat-tern, to carry over with us a complete understanding of previous lives. This is because our Auric centers are far more developed than yours, as you may be born into one nationality in one life, and a different one in another, thus your centers differ in density and you are unable to recall past experiences.

There are some spheres of life wherein the continuity of life force is carried for an indefinite period of time, the selection of life span being determined by the individuals themselves, and as to when they desire to take a rest, also which plane of activity they wish to seek re-birth upon. This may be beyond your concept at the moment, but this being an age of enlightenment for the peoples of Saras, so too will you come to this understanding.

Some references have been made as to “The Wanderers.” Who are they? From whence came they? And what manner of beings be they? And what is their particular function in your world of affairs?

Perhaps we can enlighten you to some degree as to these individuals, and what part they play in the evolutionary scheme of Cosmic expansion.

Many, many eons ago, when your earth was young, it was deemed expedient by the LORDS OF HIGHER COUNCIL that mankind needed directional impetus in order that his experiences could be of a progressive nature. It was therefore decided that advanced souls should come to earth, mingle with its natives and by personal directional action incite the peoples to progressive effort. This took place in the early beginnings. Ever since that time, and to your present day, higher Egos have volunteered for earthly mission. Many of these individuals know of themselves and from whence they came. Such can be termed ‘VENUSIANS,’ although by appearance and mannerisms they differ not from the peoples of your own plane. But of course there are distinguishing characteristics. Others of the same order, having not completed their earthly cycles, have incarnated again and again in order that they may show by their own methods of thinking and action a progressive pathway towards unfoldment. The majority of these have forgotten their former heritage–except that the ‘Inconscious’ constantly urges them to take the pathway of leadership and instrumen-tality; albeit-the abuse and discomfort personally received.

Their teachings and philosophies have been recorded and handed down to you through time, the names of Prophet, Philosopher, Master and Adept being given to them by followers of their teachings. So, dear friends, look each to the other and see not if a point of recognition lies not dormant in the innermost recesses of your Egoic consciousness. For all of you have wandered, not only in your seekings but in varying life forms, and have experienced conditions in many lands of your earth sphere. These recognitions, soul wise, are now becoming a factual processing of the conscious mind, bringing about a desire to return to that far-off homeland. Such desires are now being considered and evaluation of your works compiled that each may enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Hence the extreme interest and banding together of those who recognize the importance of the turbulences now being experienced on the planet Saras. It is natural that souls of a younger nature have been, and are attracted to such nuclei, and by sharpness of mind and ignorance of spirit realized benefits that may be obtained through exposition of, what they feel to be, superior intellect. But heed these not, for by their works shall ye know them, and consider well lest you yourselves be trapped and hypnotized into believing foreign philosophies expounded by them.

It is still your best rule and guide to consider the instruction-however diminished and discolored, extracted and compiled from the original book of law-as introduced by those earlier WANDERERS, of whom we have spoken, and yet which even now remains with you as a concordance of human behaviourism and social amenities.

This is the `BOOK OF THE GOLDEN RULE, BIBLOS COSMONUS’ (meaning, INNER BARK OF PAPYRUS), or as we term it, THE COSMIC RECORD, which is a series of books relating to the Cosmos, and the supreme laws which govern her actions through nature.

When in doubt then, or when feeling discouraged, or otherwise dismayed, and the struggle appears to affect the physical structure in moments of depressia, agitation and melancholia, and the like, open the BOOK at random and therein will you find words of encouragement and upliftment.

True, we have your interest at heart, even though the part we play is a minor one, for expert direction lies in the hands of our Brothers, whose genius is given over to the assistance and guidance of earthlings, and so, because we have of late years become more prominent in the eyes of earth peoples, and it is now an accepted fact that craft from other spheres do course your skies-that much of the philosophic developments leading towards a spiritual upliftment has been given over to us. Hence the many so called U FO groups.

In conclusion let us say, that whilst many of the curious and the morbid are attracted to such centers, introducing disputes, petty antagonisms and disagreements, nevertheless, from all those thus called SHALL THE FEW BE CHOSEN.

Keep your courage and allow not the impregnations of radio-active impulses stir you to irrational thinking. These are our words of encouragement this night. Our PEACE be with you.

Since our last contact with you we have been occupied with duties concerned with investigation into various earthly events, and for a period contacting departments of state within the boundaries of your sister nation, and its capital, WASHINGTON. One phase of this we can safely report to you. This is in relation to a secret meeting between certain heads of government and your top scientists pertaining to reactory developments concerning future release of nuclear tests. Apparently it has been discovered that radionic ‘fall out’ from the first ‘II-bomb’ is still affecting the earth’s surface, and they are wondering what effect this may have on plant, animal and human life.

We attempted, by thought impression. to ease their minds somewhat, and one scientist made the statement that the percentage of radioactivity, as now determined, would not be harmful, PROVIDING it did not increase beyond that point. Whether this will cause banning of future tests remains to be seen, and we are doubtful if an agreement can be reached with all nations concerned. We wish to emphasize that, if more and more bombs are exploded, then the radioactivity must increase to a degree of harmful reaction to all earth life. Even though we are doing all we can to disintegrate collective particles in your atmosphere through the agency of our thermo-active green-fireball rays, there is always a certain amount impregnating lower layers of clouds and distributed over the earth’s surface.

Let us now enter into another phase of the plan which bears a responsibility and importance insofar as you yourselves are concerned, and in this too your voices may be heard. We have mentioned before-times that the radionic fall-out resultant upon the release of nuclear explosives has created layers of activated dust particles in both atmosphere and ionisphere, and we are not able to disperse the entire valuations. Thus such radiations being `electro-active’ cause certain pockets to be formed and these are very powerful. Some of them extend for many miles in length, whilst others are of smaller dimensions. The formations of these pockets are `centralized’ by familiar reactory impulsations emanating from your earth’s core, thus establishing a `focal area’ between two points. This radioactive magnetic field is prevented from discharging itself by reason of the localized force layers. It is similar to a magnet, where two poles of opposite nature attract, whilst others repel. And these being familiar hold the pockets in place. Over or near mountainous regions are the main areas of focalization. Therefore such pockets hold a definite attraction for any object passing near or through them. It is they which are responsible for many of the unexplained crashes of your aircraft.

As a plane passes through this force field it is magnetically drawn to its center, and disintegration follows if in an extra large pocket, or radio and electrical power is cut off forcing plane to fall. This phenomenon is causing quite a stir amongst authoritative circles. This then explains one of the causes.

We have been able in some instances to offset such tragedies by attracting some aeroform craft to a safer level through the agency of our magnoray beam. In remote cases it has been found necessary to con-duct a vehicle of flight away from the area altogether by directing such craft to one of our larger sister ships, which, incidentally, are capable of housing several of your largest planes. This has been quite an experience for the passengers of such craft, although for the main part they are usually only the pilot or one or more of the crew. Some combat planes which have attempted to attack one of our ships have experienced such reactions. Needless to say, that after being returned to familiar skies and returning to base they are reluctant to speak of such adventures. Those who have given a report are placed under a veil of secrecy, and your authorities would, of course, deny any possibility. But even so, truth has a way of leaking out. Whilst visiting us we endeavor to educate such persons as to our intentions and purposes, much along the lines that we speak to you. In some cases we inform them that there is no hurry for their return as it has been registered that they have suffered a transition. This amuses some, concerns others, for whilst there is a natural desire to return to loved ones, most appeared quite willing to stay, and state that they have enjoyed the experience.

This may appear quite fantastic, even to some of you, but as our own space craft are attracted back to their mother ship, so too can any type of metal aeroform vehicle be likewise drawn into our field force polarizors. The ray that we use renders all radio communications void, and in the case of combat planes, their armament useless. So you see, oftimes we are forced to be friendly even though it is never our intention to be otherwise.

Well, so much for these items of information. Another that we think should interest you, and one that we strongly urge you to consider, concerns the results of the radiations of which we have spoken. The increase in the upper layers is as much as three to five hundred percent. This is of course deadly, should it fall to earth. Thus we endeavor to disperse it as fast as possible. However, a certain amount does fall through by reason of natural currents affecting climatic conditions around your earth’s plane, via the atmospheres, movements of winds, magnetic emanations relative to gas belts, and other subterranean forces being created within the earth’s core, and so on. Much of this you would not understand.

However, these radiations are causing much concern in your scientific circles. The considerations concern the masses of your earth’s peoples. Sensitive persons are reacting strangely, becoming more and more irritable, tense, and experiencing unusual moods. Their physical organisms are reacting to strange impulses-the like of which have never before been felt. Ailments new to the field of medical science are being studied. More yet will be experienced. (Note: This message was given in 1956. Present day scientific statements confirm this). Last, but not least, on this evening’s agenda we would like to touch on religion, inasmuch as this is the season of your year during which you recognize the advent of the great exemplar (XMAS-1956), whom you call ‘THE CHRIST,’ and from whose name the term Christendom has been introduced and followed. This event is not new, for there is ever a great soul selected at the beginning of every- age who is the forerunner of a type of service and law to be introduced to the peoples of that cycle. And so it is with yourselves. YOU are entering into a NEW AGE. The OLD ORDER PASSETH AWAY, and in the not too distant future, the signs will become more prominent so that you will be able to see them and understand their meanings. Yes, much is happening on this planet of yours. Therefore we say, “Prepare and be ready when the times are at hand, for this be the purpose of our visits among you that you might be acquainted with portents near at hand, that some might survive and assist in yet greater responsibilities.

Concern yourselves not with those considerations which seemingly take the time of your day, apart from occupational and routine responsibilities, but give of your understanding and service to those who are seeking answers to life’s problems.”

The conditions affecting your planet are slowly but surely changing, and we are interested to note that certain observers have also concluded as to possibilities of upheaval and change which will be normally brought about by the movements of ice floes, and reverberative magnetic force activities taking place within your earth structure. We believe that you experienced in your own particular area a slight tremor a few days ago. (This was so). These will gradually increase in strength, not necessarily in your own backyard but in the earth pattern generally. We have no wish to alarm you, but it has been aforetimes mentioned that these things must be considered and also expected. This in effect is the basis of our interest in making these contacts with you, that we might prepare you for any emergency of the future, for such are the times that the unexpected can happen in any direction in the future

We are not scientists or physicists in the sense that you understand the terms, but receive information through examination of the LIGHT FORCE FIELDS in the magnetic aura of the earth as it motions its way through space. The changing of the vibrational rates or electronic impulses convey to us through our instruments any slight degree of change activated either within the earth’s crust or in the magnetic field surrounding its body.

Therefore we would have you understand that the primary considerations in our contacts with you, and also with those who make similar contacts with individuals and groups situated in different parts of your earth plane is to acquaint you with possibilities and because most of you who attend such group activities have been selected by reason of your interest in New Age development and are judged as being worthy of higher spiritual understanding. You may feel that this is a peculiar type of service for we of a SPACE PATROL to perform, however when we explain who and what we are you will perhaps reason differently.

Most of you during the years of your study of matters metaphysical, spiritual and occult have come across such terms as ELDER BROTHERS, MASTERS, GREAT ONES, ADEPTS, BROTHERS OF THE LIGHT, and similar terms. Whilst in the main such refer to personalities who have evolved beyond that of the human concept and are now operating in higher planes of consciousness, they also refer to ourselves. For we must confess that we are known as thine ELDER BROTHERS. Let this not alarm you for many times have we and our associates walked among you, even as many do now in various parts of your earth plane. But we came not to talk of these considerations, but give you this in passing that you might understand something of the operations of the BROTHERHOOD. The term ADEPT has also been appended to us in that we are able to (,berate in several planes of consciousness, seemingly to appear and disappear at will. This is not quite in the manner in which you have been led to believe but through a principle much different and which does not concern you at this time.

So, let us pass on to more important things. First, we would commend those of you who have given sufficient attention and re-search into the hidden meanings contained in the messages so far released, and this is, in a manner of speaking, a testing of your abilities to analyze all information, the main consideration of your assemblage being one of preparation towards a higher and greater responsibility, not only in the remaining days of your present cycle, but in the age to come. MANY SHALL BE CALLED, but those having the. sign of wisdom on their foreheads shall be chosen. Whether any of you now listening are among the chosen depends upon your willingness to serve, for free will selection may never be interfered with, and you have the choice of doing whatsoever you wish.

Now beginning this new year and continuing throughout the session periods it is our desire that all present continue in their development. We feel it encumbent upon us to introduce matters referring to teachings that have been part of your instruction throughout this life cycle up to the present time. We find it most difficult to select phrases and terminology suitable to explain that which we wish to portray in order that confusion be not introduced. For whilst as a body you are most anxious to improve your understanding, individually there are among you those who incline to uphold the ancient doctrines and beliefs which have been handed down from generation to generation. We find no fault with this, for in the main such doctrines accepted in their positive understanding reveal a way of life, which, if followed, can produce certain harmonies in the life of the individual. But the time is now one of REVELATION and we feel that we can impart to you some deeper considerations of the ancient symbolisms that have been translated into religious doctrines.

You must have noted particularly that in the past we have referred to your Bible as a COSMIC RECORD. Actually this is so, and whilst your present edition has suffered many mutilations as to the various translations accorded it over the years, the inner or MYSTIC meanings have never been erased because they were never understood, except by the very few. We shall therefore, impart to you a summary of those inner meanings referred to. The original records speak of ELOHIM, which is really a Sanscrit term meaning, `CREATIVE GODS,’ and the one to whom most adoration and worship is given is JAHVA translated JAHOVAH. This God is a son of the Elohim and was given Creative rights by reason of his ascension eons ago and experiences through many incarnations, having come up or evolved through similar planes as yourselves, although not your earth plane, but one similar in vibrational correspondencies.

To be continued



 by Bill Hamiliton

The insidious circumstances affecting teen-agers today is formed out of the thinking of the present mass of unruly, so-called civilized people. The present seemingly- uncontrolled minds and the resulting teen-age violence is only the effect of a seemingly uncontrollable nature forcing itself upon the world today. There is too much shuffling and rattling of money and bombs. The fear that is rampant in the world today, because of the constant threat of aggression, is reflected in the uneasy minds of teen-agers.

Many people in the world view with apprehension old blind Willy steaming down the road on lightning skids in an old, cut and lowered, hopped up car. What coercion instigated the perpetration of the malicious acts evident in youth today?

First, I will consider the causative forces of such malignancy. Today, we have this constant threat of aggression or oppression as the cause and perpetuator. In this threat we are seeking the cause as coming from without, as far away as we can think, conceivably entirely from another country in another hemisphere. But if we look within our-selves, where all extraneous circumstances actually originate we would then find the source of all outside unrest. The futility of using force to solve conflict should, by now, be evident. Conflict should be solved by creating a standpoint on a mutual basis. From an equilibrated point of view, biased and unprejudiced opinions are not justified, for their value is only for the individual expressing that opinion.

Second, let us have understanding of teenage problems which are also world problems, since the problem of both is the inability to adjust. The depth to which world affairs has sunken is immeasurable compared to the amount of strife set forth in curbing such delinquencies. Constant vision of a not-too-bright future and the threat of total extirpation by nuclear energy has caused the divided house, and a house divided against itself will not stand. Today there is segregation in the family, schools, churches, governments of countries and the countries themselves are divided. The whole world is in division against itself. Only unity through individuality has strength. A bundle of twigs banded together have strength in unity, but each is still an individual twig. Today, we as twigs, are scattered afar, disunited and unprolific in our cause.

Now ask yourselves why teenagers are in confusion today. Many of my friends have high aspirations and ideals beyond anything this world of today has to offer. They are crushed by our insoluble society. They are fed hot dogs, hamburgers, cokes, refined sugars and such by an unthinking world. Many teenagers smoke early in life. They are constantly being fed drugs and poisons contained in devitalized foods which dull their senses. How many children are inoculated, drugged and branded into the growing lot of society’s robots? They are be-coming irresponsible, but who wants to take over the responsibilities of such a crazy, mixed-up world! Of course all so far discussed seems of a condemning nature, but all is not hopeless, for there are peace loving and capable people who are understanding enough, and who want to extricate us from this mess of conditions which disorderly people have created. I ask those who would be understanding to commence cleaning up the disorder. Please, we need unprejudiced, under-standing people in the world today.

Degradation is the recompense for man’s actions in the past. We must compensate for such unjust acts envisaged for posterity. Correct the causes and the effects will rectify themselves. Man is the tool of cause through which the Creator adjusts the effects of man’s doings.

Each man is likened unto a diamond, where, no matter if he descends to the lowest depth of the mire or ascends, scaling the heights to the stars, he still remains a diamond. But wherein does he shine, like a diamond, more perceptibly? If he cast his radiance in the light of the stars, he is a diadem of glowing color, a light unto all. If he is buried in the depth of the earth, none shall note him more than a dirty rock cast in the way. But he who has understanding, like the jewel expert, sees the diamond and notes its real worth, and encases it in a golden ring.

Wherefore then is the likely cause of revolutionary action among the youth of today but in the very presage of threat because of man’s detrimental thoughts and actions. Providence has proclaimed thee “satire of thine own cruel rights.” Man on earth has to eventually attain the dreams of a harmonious environment regardless of extemporaneous circumstances which seem to bind man’s efforts. Slavery through ignorance and illiteracy cannot long hold against man’s nature expand. Nay, recalling of the fortitude of knowledge removes all 16

exemptions from arbitrarily imposed control. We must equalize color, race and creed. If we work toward common, equal progression, we seek equal cause and equal justice. Have we been our brother’s keeper? No, we have been our brother’s slanderer. The key answer to our problem is true understanding, not intolerance of tolerance; true love, not passion or sympathy. In this deplorable hour of abusings let us not forget, Oh Father, that it is in loving our fellow man that we truly love Thee.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Four Fiji Islanders saw a round white object which came down and hovered 20 feet above the sea. They saw what looked like a man on the craft. He shone a very bright light on their boat before the saucer rose vertically and disappeared. The four islanders have never seen modern comics nor read any space or saucer books, so scientists are wondering, if they imagined it, how they could describe so accurately the general conception of a flying saucer.

Dr. Herbertus Strughold, a scientist in the Air Force’s Department of Space Medicine, has offered a new saucer “explanation” which is even more absurd than Professor Menzel’s. He believes that “eye defects” are the cause of many saucer reports. He neglected to explain how these “eye defects” can get on film.

Lester B. Pearson, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, stated recently that the best hope for world peace may be the discovery that space ships from another world are watching us. “Then all of us on both sides of the Iron Curtain would get together and say, “They can’t do this to us.”

-From Spacecrafter





When the angry God of the thunderbolts,

Hurls forth his blazing brands,

And the dust-devils dance on the vast expanse,

Of ever shifting sands,

When the black clouds fly through a leaden sky,

In a chaos of swirling strife,

It is then that the Big-rock river feels,

The stir of returning life.

From its bed, long dead through the arid years,

Neath the pitiless blazing sun,

It leaps once more with a mounting roar,

Though its life has just begun.

A short life, aye! and a merry one,

In a savage remorseless way,

What man has wrought, is set at naught,

When the Big-rock holds its sway.

The great bridge falls from its granite walls,

A plaything, crushed and bent,

To pitch and yaw, in that churning maw,

Till the river’s wrath is spent.

The boulders, grey, fling gleaming spray,

To taunt the glaring sun,

In the grinding crush of the water’s rush,

Till its desert course is run.


Due to the increased activity at this time, we have much more than usual to report to the readers. The Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention has been reported elsewhere in this magazine. The report of the Space Age Convention at Kalamazoo, Michigan, on June 21st and 22nd will be printed in next month’s issue, along with one about Buck Nelson’s Convention at Mountain View, Missouri.

The Stanford Twins of Corpus Christi, Texas, appeared at the May 10th meeting of the Vista Unit of Understanding, the talk being given by Ray, who related the experiences of himself and his brother, Rex. The youthful enthusiasm was quite evident in the young man’s account. In the latter part of his talk, he stressed the idea of the use of considerable discrimination being employed by the general public in separating fact from fancy when reading some of the literature on the subject of outer space. This report was submitted by Rosa Rose, Secretary of this group.

Please, all Secretaries or Publicity Chairmen of Spacecraft Clubs send in brief articles. such as the above, so that readers will know of the activities in your area.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

On June 6th, the Orange County Spacecraft Club, Unit No. 7 of Understanding, had as their speaker Miss Neva Dell Hunter of Detroit, Michigan. She gave an inspiring New Age lecture which was heard by an attentive and appreciative audience. Miss Hunter is making a series of lectures in the California area and we shall have more news in the July issue.

The Oakland Unit of Understanding, under the able direction of Della Larson, has had a full schedule this last month. They have had as speakers Gen. Herbert Holdridge, speaking on the economic situation which faces the country today and also Major Wayne S. Aho, Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence, who, naturally, spoke on the subject of “Spacecraft.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

UNDERSTANDING held its first election of National Officers on May 30, 1958, at their Desert Center in Yucca Valley. They were fortunate in having almost all of the Units of Understanding represented.

The following officers were elected for the years 1958-1959: President, Daniel W. Fry; Vice President of the Southern California Area, Vera Kloepfer; Vice President of Northern California Area, William Larew; Recording Secretary, Lee McMahon ; Treasurer, Florence Fairfield ; Corresponding Secretaries, Dorothy Harper and Charlotte Sullivan.

A large group attended this meeting and we were happy to welcome many visitors from all parts of the country. After the meeting Open house was held at the Center and at the adjoining cabin of Lucille Hughes and Hazel Schacht, who served delicious homemade cake and good coffee to all who were present. The consensus of opinion is that “a good time was had by all.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Northern California Spacecraft Convention will be held at the County Fairgrounds at Pleasanton, California, on August 23rd and 24th. Come and bring as many people as possible. Hear many of the same Spacecraft speakers who appeared at Giant Rock last month. Admission to the grounds will be $1.00, which will cover attendance for both days. Come and stay overnight or come each day. There will be free camping and picnic accommodations, but bring your tent, trailer or camp equipment and food and water. If unable to bring food, coffee, juices and sandwiches will be available. The latest Flying Saucer books will be for sale. Bring your friends and make new friends. Have fun and learn from the discussion groups. For further information contact Della Larson, 32=16 Sylvan Ave.. Oakland 2, California.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Second Annual Understanding picnic will be held at Alhambra Park on Sunday, September 8th, beginning at 10 P. M. There will be a picnic lunch, games and races for the children and other entertainment for the “older children.” Make your plans now and come early and stay late. There will be more details in the July Understanding.


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