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VOL. III                                          MAY, 1958                                                  NO. 5



The events which have taken place in a number of countries within the last few weeks have furnished dramatic and indisputable evidence that the United States is losing what we like to call the `cold war.’ There are many persons in this country (and we don’t mean Communists) who feel that we have already lost beyond any hope of reprieve. This is still a debatable point, but we do not believe there can be any logical escape from the conclusion that if we continue in our present course, we will inevitably go down to total and ignoble defeat. If there is to be any hope of retrieving the situation we must first face up to the facts of the many minor defeats which we have suffered during the last few years. Second, we must make a careful and critical analysis of our own political and economic policies, which have made it possible for our opponents in the Soviet Union to inflict these defeats upon us. Only then will we be in a position from which we may chart a more successful course. The riotous demonstrations against Vice President Nixon which occurred in Lima, Peru, and Caracas, Venezuela, have been dismissed as having been inspired and staged by a Communist minority. This is probably true, but the fact that they occurred at all is dramatic and incontrovertible evidence of the ground which we have lost in these countries. The riots in Lebanon and the tense situation all through the mid-east points up the fact that we are rapidly losing out there also.

Let us see if we can determine what is wrong? It appears to be the position of most of our top policy makers that the ‘cold war’ is only a minor and relatively unimportant skirmish, preparatory to a `hot’ or shooting war which will inevitably follow, and that the ‘winner’ will be the country that is best prepared for the ‘hot’ war. This is one of the greatest and most dangerous political fallacies which we have ever entertained. Scientists throughout the world are well aware of the fact that the weapons of destruction which we are now producing are so cataclysmic in their effect they can never successfully be used by any nation. A recent Pentagon estimate of the probable casualties in the event of all-out nuclear war stated that about two-thirds of the entire population of the United States would probably be killed within the first 24 hours. A similar proportion of casualties would occur in the Soviet Union although they would have a slight advantage in their greater dispersal of population, and the much larger area which would have to be saturated. These statistics prove only one thing, that modern weapons can never be used as tools of conquest. They are only instruments of total and mutual obliteration. This simple fact has long been known to the Soviet Union. They realize that the only war which can be fought and won is the war of propaganda, the battle for the minds of men. They have opened an all out offensive on all fronts and are meeting with success beyond their fondest dreams. Our leaders in the United States are so engrossed in building weapons for a theoretical war which can never be fought, that they have little time or energy left to devote to the war which is now going on. This war, upon whose outcome will depend the future status of every citizen of the United States, is being ignored almost entirely by our statesmen and military leaders. Not only are we losing this war almost without firing a shot, but we are actually fabricating in this country, and delivering to the Soviets, most of the weapons which they are using to defeat us.

When the Soviet Union announced a unilateral discontinuance of nuclear testing, they dealt the foreign prestige of the United States one of the most deadly blows which it has ever received. Yet it was a blow which we had asked for, in fact, practically demanded. The Soviets had requested that a mutual discontinuance be arranged. This we refused even to consider, simply because of the fact that we had a series of bombs ready to test, whereas the Soviet Union had just completed their yearly tests. We completely- ignored the fact that it was we who first developed the bomb, we are the only nation which has ever used it against another people, and we are admittedly well ahead of any other nation in its development. We can ignore these facts but the other nations of the world do not and their attitude toward us is influenced accordingly. When the Soviets announced their discontinuance of tests, our statesmen shrugged off the announcement as `mere propaganda.’ Of course it is propaganda, but hardly `mere.’ On May 15th the Associated Press carried a news item from Moscow in which Nikita Khruschev is quoted as calling anew for an East-West summit conference. Khruschev said, “We must stop scaring each other. We must sit down at the same table and talk about how we can live together in peace on our common planet.”

Again our statesmen muttered “propaganda” and ignored the incident. They seem to be utterly unable to comprehend the fact that it is precisely this sort of propaganda that is winning the war for the Soviets.

We have available to us propaganda weapons far superior to any which the Soviets can fabricate if we would only decide to use them. Our arguments are based essentially upon truth and justice, while those of the Soviets are mostly fallacious. Yet they, by using their propaganda to the fullest extent, are creating a much larger impact upon world opinion than we, who are not using ours at all.

In our issue of March 1956 we have an editorial titled “The Ultimate Weapon,” and in July 1956, one titled “Are We Closing the Door?,” which are prophetic in that they point out the situation which was developing, and its probable consequences. We suggest that the reader review these two articles. They point the way to an understanding of our present predicament, and the steps necessary for a reorientation of our present policy.

Daniel W. Fry

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Three thousand faces lifted upward in the morning sun of that desert day, as Judge Poulson mounted the platform. It was the first day of that memorable gathering, and the roads were black with in-coming cars, yet a reverent hush fell on the crowd as the man on the high platform raised his eyes to the sky… Those who stood, stood in full attention, and those who sat, bowed their heads, as he began the Invocation.

A book lay before him, and his hands rested open upon it … his voice poured out in deep, long, resonant tones … well spaced, and meaningful . . they rolled out across the crowd … echoed against the mountain of rocks, and as he spoke each phrase, it rolled out across the desert floor. ..far into the distance… and echoed again.

Complete silence, as he began

“THOU, WHO ARE THE SPIRIT OF THE BOUNDLESS… ETERNAL …AND HOLY IMMENSITY… with its numberless Universes … each with its millions of Suns, and solar systems… In all things, we seek the Light of Understanding. Toward all peoples and toward all sentient Beings… we would know True Tolerance… Unto The Law of the Holy Immensity we would know and learn True Obedience… We would consecrate our lives … to the Way of Life that has been laid down for us to walk.

“KNOW THE LAW!… UNDERSTAND THE LAW! … OBEY THE LAW!… And the Law shall make you free… Whosoever would seek equity under the Law … let them come with clean hands!

“TO LONG, IS TO PRAY … TO PRAY IS TO ASK … SEARCH, AND YOU SHALL FIND. ASK, and it shall come to you… SEARCH FOR WHAT?… .Gold?… Silver?… Diamonds?… Real estate and other riches? SEARCH… and you shall find the Light of the Spirit of the Holy Immensity … wherein lives true Peace. ..true Happiness . . . Beauty … Success … Adoration … Patience . . . and Wisdom, A Peace that can weather any tempest, no matter how great, a Happiness that does not lose Faith… no matter how great the sorrow, a success that will surmount, and pass victorious, through any failure! a Beauty that lives… and is glorified above all ugliness, an Adoration, Patience and Wisdom… that is born of the Light of Truth! An Adoration, Patience and Wisdom, that knows no anger. .. no hate… no envy … no lust or jealousy … THESE ARE THE THINGS FOR WHICH WE MUST SEARCH ! . . .And when we have found these… all other things we have sought for UNselfishly, shall be shown unto us.

“ASK, and it shall come to you … ASK FOR WHAT?… Privilege? … Glory?. . . Power?… NO! Ask for Strength! Courage! and Guidance!. ..Ask for these things with a consecrated heart …and you shall receive them.. A strength. so great that the heaviest burden cannot break it down…A courage so dauntless and unafraid that it will face without flinching, all the evil forces of the world! A Guidance so faithful that it will guard and guide you through any mountain pass … no matter how winding or how steep.

“Through Understanding, Tolerance, Obedience, and Work sought with consecrated, obedient and willing Spirit, may we come to know and understand the true meaning of All that has Ever Been … Now Is … and Ever Shall Be. May the Spirit of the Holy Immensity bless this Convention and bring to the people gathered here only that which is truth, casting out all that is false.”

The crowd was silent in awed respect for this great man … whose hands had been running lightly over the book before him as he read … for the book … was BRAILLE.

The next morning, seven thousand faces lifted upward in the morning sun of that desert Sunday, as Judge Poulsen mounted the platform …and read…



 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



from the preface of “The White Brother” by Michael Just

GREETINGS from the immortals of the Hills to those of the valleys! To those who are sleeping, to those who have slept, and have not awakened. All twisted words will be straightened before the nuptials of Truth. Silken flatteries will be exchanged for honest linen, and the White Robes worn by all.

GREETINGS to the Wanderers, for homes will be given them. The sun will awaken in their hearts, and its rays flame from their foreheads, and the rays will flash from their hands like swords of fire to those who have measured falsely. For the Wanderers will be Servants of Jupiter, who will again awaken.

GREETINGS and love, from the Hidden Brothers, to all!

submitted by Ray Stanford

The lines quoted above are from a book published in London quite a number o f years ago, long before any information on visitors from spare was prevalent. It had seemingly very little to do with the context of the book which contained it. Because of its unique similarity to Ric Williamson’s concepts regarding “Wanderers” in OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH, it will be of interest to many readers.

John McCoy



By Marc Norman

Continuation of Chapter Three

OUR CAVERNS are lighted by the use of ODIC FORCE. Some of you may recognize this term. It is derived from the night side of nature, which is just as pregnant with forces as is the day side, so we are able to see quite clearly, just as if it were day. Most of the foods that we eat would be, in your consideration, non-substantial, for in a sense we are vegetarians. But we do use many types of fruit and juices.-the latter being extracted from a fruit similar to your grape, although somewhat larger-about the size of your damson plum-and gives a deep rich red wine.

The processing might interest you, for we know of nothing similarly operative upon your earth plane for wine making. We have large vats, which would be about six feet in diameter and four feet in depth, with large covers manufactured of a metal similar to your copper, called urilium. The cover contains coils encased within special tubes which, when closed, emit an electronic force causing machinery to operate–mashing the fruit into pulp, the juice of which flows through a vent into a stone receptacle. This process matures the wine, so that it is ready for immediate usage, the stone receptacles being placed and stored in our store houses. This metal urilium is actually a processed copper of extreme durability and hardness. Some of our craft are constructed of this metal. The insides of the wine vats are covered with a protective lining similar to what you might describe as chrome or aluminum, although it is neither, being nearer to your stainless steel. This lining is self cleansed by the action of electrodes after the wine processing is completed.

As to the fruit: It is picked from the vine by an induction method in which we use an instrument something like your vacuum machine, having a flexible hose with nozzle and cushioned receptor. This ma-chine does not utilize air for its suction power, but this same odic force that we spoke of earlier. As the receptor is passed over and under the vines the fruit is immediately drawn into the hose, and thence to a container. This can be likened to a gravity polarizer. This process does not harm the fruit, and at the same time cleanses it for the wining operation. When the container is filled, the inductor is automatically shut off, the container then being disengaged by one of the workers, and loaded onto an odic force carrier and thence to the winery.

Our water supply is taken from the natural springs of the mountain side, although it is of a sweeter variety than any of your water of similar source. Ours also contains more phosphorus.

So much for that. Now another commodity. Strangely enough, whilst wheat is one of your greatest productions, especially in the western portion of your American continent, it is not actually a natural product of your earth. Did you realize this, or had you known it? It has always been a mystery to scientists, and others who enter the field of horticultural investigation, as to where this marvelous germ came from. In the first place we may tell you that. it originated on the planet VENUS, and was brought to your earth many eons ago, when the forces of Light and Harmony, referring to certain individuals who occupied that planet, came to earth for a sojourn, and because they would not have been able to obtain the correct nourishment for their bodies at that time, they brought with them, among other things, a supply of this wheat, and as a result it has remained with you since that period.

That is why it contains the greatest life force of any seed germ that can be found existent upon your planet, because it contains still within its structural atom the Venusian quality of what can be termed polarized harmonics, acting as a balancing of natural forces of life and substance within your bodies. Even after being processed by the milling the wheat does not lose its power, for the milling cannot destroy this life farce, neither the germ values. Thus even in cooking, as in bread, does this life force exist, for the heat of the elements as used in your baking is of a much lower vibration than the atomic life force contained in the wheat. The separation of the bran and wheat germ from the grain lowers the values, so we would admonish you most sincerely to utilize pure whole wheat, for this be the STAFF OF LIFE. We on our own planet have bakeries, and we use this term in the sense that you understand it; where whole grain loaves are prepared in what might be called a family size, which is probably seven to ten times as large as your ordinary loaf.

Now, you may be interested this evening to hear something of the type of clothing that we wear. It has been pictured in some of the books that have been written regarding space craft, that we use a two piece suit. In the main this is correct. It is a type of active dress that we use because it is comfortable and convenient, having a substance woven into the material that, should we find ourselves in a place where the atmospheric conditions differ to that which we are used to, we feel no discomfort. The material, or cloth if you will, is prepared from a type of weed, or what you would call a weed, for in reality there is no such thing. Everything in the Father’s kingdom has some value, medicinal and otherwise. But this of which we speak is a form of rush, similar in kind to your bull-rush, except that it does not have the large black tip of your variety, but matures with a violet colored flower. The stem is heavy, and of such a nature that is plastic-like when processed. These rushes are gathered at the harvest time, at the period of the full moon, in the month which you would call September. They are then laid out to dry, and when thoroughly dried by the heat. of our sun, Sirius, they are then placed in an apparatus, that we can only liken to a pulverizer. The stems are pulverized into a substance almost like a gelatin, having a sticky adherent quality. The substance is then processed through a vacuum having an electronic field of Odic force penetrating through, which reduces the adherent quality to a fine silk-like substance by extracting the vibration of the resilience o or gum. This is then fed into a large drum or container something like your gasometers. It is then heated, foaming into a semi-solid mass. Having thus prepared it the next procedure is the rolling pro-cess. These are electronic, odic force rollers. We use these in the majority of our manufactures and operations. The result is a flattened cloth like material, and in some cases a coloring is added, giving variety of selections. This is done by means of a spray. The material then passes over another drying roller and comes out a soft plastic silk-like textile.

It would require the strength of three men on each side of this material to rip it apart. We cut it by means of an electric black light-. which operates like one of your acetylene torches. which can cut through almost any substance according to the strength of the ray. The cloth passes through two eyes or catos, from which a ray emerges, cutting the material as clean and neat as if by scissors or sharp knife. These form the patterns, and when the patterns are obtained the sections are taken to another division of the plant and then welded together so that the finished article appears as a seamless garment. Does this surprise and interest you?

When we observe the uncomfortable apparel worn by Your peoples we feel sorry for you, particularly the men, who suffer tight clothing, having fitted necks with ties, belts around the midriff, tradition and custom forcing the wearing of clothing unsuitable to bodily comfort and most certainly health, year after year with little change except as perhaps to style. Your women too. We are at once amazed and concerned with their vanities directing the wearing of tight shoes, having high heels upon which they seem to balance without stumbling. This is the result of custom and usage we suppose. However, observation of the results reveal the suffering experienced by nearly all your women folk in the matter of varicose veins, kidney disorders, and uterine displacements, all stemming from improper posture and misdirection of natural currents. But this does not seem to bother your average female as long as fashion be catered to. But such things our women do not experience. The only foot wear being used is that of a flat sandal, open to the elements, neither any body belts or girdles shutting off vital forces and contracting organs preventing their true function. So our clothing is warm and light, yet allowing the passage of magnetic currents which invigorate the system. But you will come to this understanding.

Another item of interest which appears to disturb you, is that we are able to speak your language. This should not be too difficult for you to accept, for we have mentioned before that for a considerable period we have been investigating your plane, and having tuned in on various offices of import throughout your nation, and because our recording instruments are able to transpose sound waves into our Language, we are, from such recordinms, able to arrive at a method of pronunciation, through a study of the phonetics employed. After all, language is merely an expression of thought in sound vibrational impulses, so it is the thought behind the oral exclamation that is most important, and this is what we register. So, by a determination of both thought expressed and sound conveyed, we have been able to arrive at a favorable understanding of the language employed by your peoples.

We understand that many words of your language have different meanings, dependent upon their usage, so we trust that you will bear with us, and if a mistake is made you will realize that there are still some words which we have not yet perfected.

You will recall that in a previous message we mentioned that we had lived on your earth plane in that civilization of POSEID or ATL, called the continent of Atlantis. Even then there were peoples of different nationalities, each utilizing a different form of speech, just as it is today on earth. But you probably realize that all languages stem from a source having in the beginning a familiar phonic arrangement. This was known as the MOTHER tongue or Universal language. So you see it is not too difficult, especially if one has the qualifications for analyzing languages to ascertain the arrangement of any specific tongue. Actually there is no perfect language. As regarding our own, it is a combination of many tongues, including Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, French and German. As with the peoples of the earth themselves, there is a pure strain or race, but each individual being a combination of many strains. This can be traced back through the ages.

Another acceptance which is difficult for some to realize, is that our lives and mode of living differs not greatly from your own, and that even our physical form is itself similar, although perhaps more perfected by reason of our experience, and advanced knowledge per-training to biological chemistry. This is by evolutionary position, and retention of certain formulas relative to cosmic forces and organic developments. Then too we have overcome most of the condition which you are now subject to, especially in the matter of diet. You are a great nation of meat eaters, and starches and foods containing animal fats. Most of your foods are chemicalized, drinks fermented. Your habit of smoking and eating generally tends to clog the system and produce poisons resulting in the many ailments suffered by your peoples. Our diet consists mainly of fruit .juices, one of which we have mentioned. fresh vegetable and natural foods in their raw state. The aforementioned juice is the most favored by the peoples of this planet GATO. There are other fruits, of course, the names of which you would not recognize. One is similar to your pear, although larger in size, having a juice which is sweet yet tart. So, you may accept the fact that we are in the main peoples like yourselves, having similar form, customs and habits and avenues of occupation, even while different and seemingly difficult in relation to your own labors, they are, to us, average routine and affording us individual expression according to education and development.

One outstanding difference is, of course, our ability to adjust our physical organism to various planes of manifestation. One of the reasons for this is because of our use of correct foods, knowledge of cosmic law, and utilization of natural forces, correct breathing being an important item, for the breath partakes of certain cosmic energies, which impregnate important centers of the physical organism and regulate its levels. And last, but not least, is CORRECT THINKING.

Many of you will wonder how thoughts can affect status and development, but here again, related natural forces play an important part in the mental processing of thought substances. Some of you will understand this phrase by reason of your studies and experiences. As you adjust yourselves to a diet of fruits and vegetables, together with pure juices and water, so does the physical organism become more attuned to natural forces, the senses are refined and sensitized, there-fore do you become more receptive and are able to `reach out,’ as it were, into the higher planes of consciousness. These processes are those that we have developed over the many- years that we have been absent from the earth plane. An explanation of this we shall give later on, for we select some thoughts now expressed. How can one live thousands of years or remember experiences of events eons ago? Very simple when you know.

But even so, with our present knowledge there are some planets which we investigate upon which we cannot survive, as the cosmic radiations are beyond our adjustment. Others of lesser powers are easily mastered and we can move freely about their surfaces.

To be continued



by Bill Hamiliton

A little explanation of this report is due, since the previous articles appearing under this title in the teen age page have been in concise in their objective. I wish to present to the reader certain information and ideas that the space intelligences who are in control of the UFO’s have given us. This should be analytic and should be logical and of value to the readers. So, before getting into a hazy mess, I will try to pre-sent this report step by step, asking no one to accept or reject, but to analyze and derive only what conforms to what you can accept. So, without further ado I will attempt to begin with fundamentals and end with conclusions, presenting the different phases and all connections between the advent of the spacecraft, the universe around us, and principally yourself.

Let us first take a few facts concerning each, and see how these facts coincide. We will take a look first into our immediate universe, the solar system. Solar refers to the sun, Sol, the governing body. System refers to an assemblage forming a complex or unitary whole. In this case the planets are the integrate parts that form the assemblage to create a whole. Thus, a solar system comprises the sun and a number of parts orbiting around it. These parts are not only planets, but moons, asteroids, meteors, comets, debris, and an infinite number of radiations and particles, etc. In this solar system we make a number of interesting observations. We observe that we have the largest body of this solar system (besides comets) situated at the center of the structure. All other parts that comprise this solar system orbit or revolve around this central mass, the sun. Therefore, it appears to be the governing body of the solar system. The other parts comprising this solar system are just as essential, for without them balance could not be maintained and the sun would be dissolved. This same situation of similarity exists in an atom; therefore we may picture the atom the same way we do the solar system, with all the integral parts of a solar system. Though in the atom the sun is known as the proton nucleus, 12

the planets are known as the electrons. There are many other particles, too numerous to mention, of which the atom consists, but each one comparable to a similar part in the solar system. In an atom the elec-tron-planets revolve or orbit in a circular motion at varying speeds around the sun-nucleus. In a solar system there may be two suns, or a double star, called a binary system. In the same way an atom has more than one proton in the nucleus. We are now beginning to comprehend how the old adage, “As above, so below,” applies to the universe around us and we shall soon see how it applies to the universe within us.

Starting at a given reference point, we will take the atom and work from there. Since the atom is the smallest microcosmic universe of which we know at present, we will take it as an adequate starting point.

We observe in an atom that the nucleus has a magnetic field extending and emanating from it. This magnetic field is a field of force, which is cohesive and is the solid foundation upon which this atom exists. It takes the form of a huge vortex of magnetic energy, similar to an eddy in a pool of water, which extends upward from the center of the nucleus and reaches a certain distance and spills over, the flow going down and out and leveling to the termination of its distance at the equator line. Another vortex does the same thing, extending downward, and meets the flow of the upper one at the equator. Thus we have a picture of two inverted soup bowls touching each other at their rims, and formed of two spiraling vortices meeting at their centers, like two hubcaps joined together with a hole through the center of them and this hole taking the form of a vortex. This field of force encapsulates the whole atom. In the same way the same field of force extending from a sun encapsulates the whole solar system. Inside this field of force are smaller fields of force that surround the electrons in an atom and the planets in a solar system. All other particles have this field of magnetic force, as do humans, planets, solar systems, galaxies, UFO. This field or aura is called a Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field. In this field thoughts are registered as colors. Thought controls, operates and maintains this magnetic field of force or aura.

The self-same atoms aforementioned are the building material of the human body, spaceships, planets, etc. Next time we will continue further in our interrelationship, and discussions showing further connection between Spacecraft, the Universe, and You.


In an ship there is the central control unit which controls all main operations in the ship. There we find this

(1). There is the receiving of energy through a pole or beam of energy which has two opposite polarity terminals at either end. This controls the force in attraction/repulsion fields depending on which terminal is used to direct the vortex and in which direction. There is a zero point or neutral energy charge midway between terminals in which the vortex is issued forth in creating a field about the ship. This material or energy pole is where forces are employed in creating a field of force.

(2) In these ships there are outer layers or skins in which forces are transmuted. These skins contain a crystal structure which acts as transmitting cables for the forces. This crystal structure has two characteristics which are peculiar to our ordinary crystal: they are able to transmit as well as reject or repel any type of high penetrating rays that are of detriment. Most space debris is repelled by the field. These crystals are used as light sources since they can evenly trans-mute light on that frequency. These are used in the walls. They are also able to project a certain frequency which makes the metallic skins or other material transparent as well as translucent. They are also able to make the ship quite invisible, though the field can be stepped up for this too.

(3) These ships have revolving structures or condensers which are generators. These are usually vacuumized within them. These rings correspond to the generating structures of the earth. The core revolving counter-clockwise, the surface revolving clockwise, and the field rotating at the equator in the same direction as the core. Thus we have the pole where the forces enter and the condensers where the forces are generated. These condensers act as force rings which are constructed in various ways according to the type of ship. These force generating rings are supplemented by the static condensers appearing in a scout craft as three nodes or ball-like structures beneath the ship. 14

These are condensers of stored up force and act as ground out or dissipation devices of waste energy.

(4) Another thing these ships utilize are communication devices that can accomplish all types of similar communication occurring in the body such as mental telepathy, nerve relay system i.e. the ships are sensory, they can feel out information and data of conditions about them, etc., registered on colored charts, screens, etc. They also have a vast system of lenses that work more or less on an electronic principal, i.e., the eyes of the ship, etc. They also have projection and reception of information with all dimensions intact accomplished by tune-in devices, the mind projections of the ship.

There is a platform shaped in a circular pattern raised a few feet above the ground used as a landing platform upon a planet for scout craft. It is magnetic in nature and recharges scout craft and dissipates or draws out all previous charge in the craft.

Buildings, as well as ships, generate a field about them aligned with the forces lines of the planet and generate piezo-electric effects in the building through its crystal structure. The building is constructed in the same way as a craft through resonating devices capable of integrating matter into a crystal synthesis and growing all integral structures and constructions within them.

Disks are very important devices. Constructed of various metals, coppers, gold, and various others, these disks are cut to certain sizes, diameter, width, thickness, etc., to extricate a certain frequency of vibrations. These “Sonic Disks” are charged with energy and oscillate at a certain intensity according to type of material, density, quality, etc. These serve as “Resonance Plates” to perform various operations as machinery. They resonate or pulsate at their centers where a “pole region” is created. These are used in spaceships and create a humming noise (like bees).

Too, these disks are paralleled to increase intensity of field. Disks create the same type of field as a spacecraft.

(5) Crystals plus other various devices outlay a nerve structure similar to the human body in receiving stimuli, registering it, recording it and the operator acting upon it. The ship is constructed by solidifying the structure together by energy and growing the various constructions of crystal in by fusion of the crystal. The various apertures, portholes, doors, are opened by presenting a cleavage layer of frequency at the ends of the apertures, the closing where the parts are fitted together again forming a solid frequency for the craft. It is a process of power and field intensity. As you have a not too serious injury healed, the ship is also capable of healing itself by producing that part the pilot can have grown back into its original structure. It is all a system of nerves, communication, propulsion, etc., similar to a human being. Light intensity and color depend upon the frequency of the craft when in forward motion or hovering, due to the mood or action of the craft. The human field surrounding the body has the same action according to Attitude.

(6) These craft have all the characteristics similar to a human being: they breathe or pulsate at the vortices, they take in food or energy (NATURAL), they eliminate waste material, sparks, halos, etc., but operate freely as do men whose control these ships are under.

To be continued



6;15 A.M., Apr. 3rd, Florence and I left the City of La Puente in a rainstorm so hard we could scarcely see thru the windshield, and plowed thru water up to the hubs for some distance.

After we got thru Pasadena we had very little trouble with water on the highway but plenty overhead until we reached the top of the Grapevine.

Near Bakersfield the sun came out and it was very pleasant the rest of the way until we reached Salinas when it started raining again. At Soquel we received a very cordial welcome from the McGuire’s, and after a hearty dinner and short rest we drove into Santa Cruz to the hall.

Due to the fact that in some parts of the city they were evacuating some of the people we did not have a very large crowd. Florence presented the Charter to No. 9 unit of UNDERSTANDING. After which I gave a lecture.

Returned to the McGuire home and enjoyed the hospitality of two tine people.

Apr. 4th, drove to San Mateo to the home of John and Celia Barnes, friends whom we have known for many years. They are the leaders of Unit No. 2. The heavy rain kept the crowd away there also, but those who were there seemed to enjoy the lecture.

Apr. 5th, drove to Oakland, visited for a short time with a friend; then on to Sacramento to our son’s home where we spent Easter Sunday.

Apr. 7th, during evening I lectured at the Arden School, about 7 miles out of Sacramento in the Carmichael district. Met the Harris family there and had a nice crowd. A beautiful school, nearly new.

Apr. 8th, just visiting. Left Carmichael Wed. 9th, at 2 P.M. and drove to Turlock where we met Dr. Margaret McKinnon for the first time and we were given a hearty welcome. A very interested group of over 40 were there for the evening lecture. Good prospects for another Unit there.

Apr. 10, drove down to the home of Della Larson, the leader of No. 3 Unit. She is a real live wire, and we enjoyed our visit there. That evening I lectured in a Veteran Hall, at Mason and Post St. in San Francisco, after which we drove to San Mateo and stayed the night with our friends. And the next morning headed for home, arriving safe and well about 5 P.M. A very enjoyable trip, and I think a benefit to Understanding.

Durward Fairfield

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The gentle rain came falling down, it could not well fall up;

It fell upon our sleeping town and on our sleeping pup.

The pup was sleeping in the town, the rain was falling there,

It fell right down upon the ground. it fell right through the air.


There is no sunshine that hath not any shade;

Nor are there any shadows that sunshine bath not made.



“ALL OF US ARE STEADILY ENCIRCLING THE EARTH … Some come close for observation; others advance thought to the people of your Planet, because only a few hold with the theory of the Beings of Planets interception of Space. Some have weird theories of life evolved, and all are worried.

The Eon closes upon every man. Nothing can be taught after Earth has tipped, unless man accepts the Creator’s Word. Many have come a long way in understanding Space-Beings.

Please be present with attention to call hordes of people to Hearing, for all have ears to Hear, and all CAN, and SHALL, for God teaches by training men of higher stations, and these propel much reason to their Brother’s seeking.

All over the Universe is Thought foremost among our Masters. Some are seen in person, and others like the Christ today, serve by Thought Emotion, for Thought is force of energy, invading every particle of matter, and causes disease, if admitted from wrong sources, or causes heating, as Jesus healed, by receiving only from the Father-Creator. Beings of Space who turn the tide of events eventually for Earth’s good, are called the Heavenly Hosts, and assert themselves through Mind.

Many lesser Brothers of good intent, are letting it be known that the Universe is composed of many billions of highly evolved persons; some who claim properties of Soul beyond our vision; and are here now, seeking to release the laggards who cling to matter, as the only form of Native Man. Other Beings are held responsible for our acts all over Creation.

Earth-men are so fond of Self, that few have gotten farther in evolvement than Self; while others are on the eve of tremendous changes. Remember your Bible statement: “We will all be changed.”

Please stress the need for communion with the Highest Judge, for all matter comes under His sway and jurisdiction … Believe our fair Brothers who pulse the atmosphere, for these are messengers now bringing word and wisdom to the laggards, and in turn, taking back reports of all wanderers of Faith. Be ready to call a host of persons 18

into a commission with the Highest Intelligence. All who close the mind, cannot “receive.” All who hear themselves, cannot “receive”; all who choose matter, near the grave. But they who adore the Father will hear, and live eternally. Be certain of this: all is for benefit. Nothing is useless; no dream passes, uncleansed.”

Received 3/21/57.

by Hope Troxell

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Thou my Soul,

Help me to see only the real and not become emmeshed in appearances.

Let mine eyes see only good. Purity in all, and not become

Irritated with the apparent short comings of others.

Let me realize only Love and not let any interference from those

Who profess Love for me betray mine inner self.

Help me to remember God is All-everyone and everything. God

CANNOT hurt Himself, so when apparent hurt comes it is not real.

I cannot be hurt by anyone-only the pride and ego–and these

Perhaps need curbing.

Let me know always that only Thou art real and all else is illusion.

Let my every breath be for Thee and Thee alone.

Let my Love for Thee radiate, but permit me not to force my ideas

On anyone.

Guide me from the animal to the inherent Divine.

Help me to remember I can do nothing save Thou doest it for me.

From the unpublished works of

Beverly Catherine Brown

April 8, 1958


This month the 5th Annual Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock, California, has been the topic of interest and conversation. Many speakers have arrived in Southern California and others will be arriving each day until the Convention.

Some of the Units of Understanding have been fortunate in having a preview of a new personality in the Spacecraft field. Reinhold O. Schmidt of Bakersfield, California, with Major Wayne S. Aho, Director of Washington Saucer Intelligence, has been appearing in a nation wide tour. The units of Understanding which have sponsored local lectures for them in the Southern California area are, Long Beach, Pomona and El Monte and they will talk for the Orange County Unit on June 6th. We understand that they will hold a series of lectures in Northern California, Oregon and Washington and possibly British Columbia before returning to Washington, D.C.

Mr. Schmidt, who attracted nation wide attention last fall in Kearney, Nebraska, when he saw and entered a space ship and talked with its operators, reported the incident to local authorities. After TV and radio programs with local law officers, who corroborated his story, Mr. Schmidt was held in jail and then sent to a mental hospital for observation, and later released.

Major Wayne Aho of Washington Saucer Intelligence investigated the whole matter and was satisfied that Mr. Schmidt had actually experienced the incidents he reported. These two men are now traveling across the country telling the American people the truth about the incident-in other words, the “news behind the news.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Don’t forget Buck Nelson’s Spacecraft convention on June 28 and 29 at Mountain View„ Missouri, and the Northern California Convention at Pleasanton, California, in August.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The next issue of Understanding will be the Convention number with reports and echoes from the Convention at Giant Rock.



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