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VOL. III                                          APRIL, 1958                                               NO. 4



In the weekly magazine TIME for April 7th, appears an unsigned article headed “Nuclear Tests: World Debate.” It is an article which constitutes such a typical example of the attitude of many of our top officials that we believe it merits a precise evaluation by every citizen.

The opening statement is as follows: “The fiery debate over whether the U.S. should halt nuclear tests is flaring up as the nation gets ready for this summer’s tests at Eniwetok.” In parentheses is the added note. (“Somehow it never seems to flare up when the Russians are testing.”) This is a clear, if somewhat subtle, implication that those who oppose U.S. bomb tests do not oppose Russian tests and therefore must, perforce, be pro-Communist. This tactic of implying pro-communism to anyone who may oppose, in any way, the policies of those presently in authority, is one of the most dangerous trends in the U.S. today. It is the exact tactic which enabled a small but powerful minority of Communists in Russia to silence and subjugate the great majority of non-Communists, except that in this case the objectors were, and still are, labeled as capitalists and reactionaries.

The true, and quite obvious, reason for the lack of public objection in the U. S. to the Russian tests, simply is that the American citizen has no control over, and therefore no responsibility for, the acts of the leaders of the Soviet Union. The American citizen does, however, have full responsibility and, theoretically, a certain amount of control over the acts of its duly elected representatives. The very nature of our democracy and our Constitution imposes upon the citizen not only the right, but the duty, to keep his representatives informed concerning his opinions. It is the most vital difference which exists between Democracy and Communism. But let us return to the text of the article. A few sentences later the following statement is found: “In St. Louis, Washington University’s ‘left leaning’ physicist, Edward U. Condon, predicted that because of radioactive fallout from the tests, many thousands of persons in the world will suffer agonizing death from bone cancer and leukemia. In Lausanne. Switzerland, by contrast, a nine nation scientific-medical conference on bomb test hazards announced the finding that fallout radioactivity has no practical importance compared with natural radiation and does not constitute a danger to the health of mankind.” (The italics are ours. Ed.)

Let us consider these two statements. In the first place the article itself is unsigned, so the reader has no means of determining who it is that is accusing Prof. Condon of ‘left leaning,’ or precisely what he means by this phrase, yet its subtle impact upon the untrained mind creates the impression that the Professor’s thinking in some way deviates from the majority or the norm, and therefore is not to be taken seriously. The further implication is made that there is a discrepancy between the statement of Prof. Condon and that of the scientists at Lausanne. This is not true. The only ‘contrast’ lies in the manner of approach to the subject. There is little likelihood that any one of the scientists at Lausanne would have ventured to dispute the professor’s statement that some thousands of additional deaths from bone cancer and leukemia would probably result from the tests. Their statement merely indicated that they considered this number insignificant in view of the much larger number of deaths which result from natural radiation. This, in effect, is the same as saying that to line up the first thousand persons who came along a certain street, and to shoot them down with a machine gun would not constitute a crime, because the people were chosen at random, and the act would not cause a ‘significant’ increase in the annual death rate of the nation. We venture to suggest that any of the scientists who, by chance, found himself to be a victim of bone cancer caused by fallout might experience some difficulty in maintaining his complacent attitude concerning the statistical insignificance of his own agony and death. He might even find himself regretting that greater efforts had not been made to find some less drastic and more permanent method of protecting our way of life.

A little farther along in the article we find, “Among the scientists crying alarm on the TV screen was Cal Tech’s Nobel prizewinning chemist, Linus Pauling, who last January presented to the U.N. a Stop-the-Tests petition signed by 9,235 U.S. and foreign scientists, including three dozen Nobel Laureates. Pouling was balanced off against Atomic Energy Commissioner, Willard Libby, a distinguished nuclear chemist himself, who declared that hazards from fallout are limited and that nuclear tests are needed to lessen the awful threat of nuclear war.”

The statement that the opinions of 9,235 unbiased scientists could be ‘balanced off’ by the opinion of one scientist, whose high position in the Atomic Energy Commission must inevitably produce a certain amount of unconscious bias, is so obviously invalid that no comment is required. It should, however, be pointed out in passing, that Dr. Linus Pauling is a biologist rather than a chemist as indicated in the article. The Nobel prize which he received was given to him for his work in the cause and effect of mutations, whereas Dr. Willard Libby is, as was stated, a distinguished nuclear chemist. It should also be noted that Dr. Libby made no statement which could be defined. He said that the hazards of fallout are ‘limited.’ This could mean that they were limited to 10% of the population or to 90% and he gave no indication of what the hazards might be. Dr. Libby offered no evidence in support of his statement that “nuclear tests are needed to lessen the awful threat of nuclear war.” This is a statement which is itself a subject of dispute among thinking persons, but assuming that it is true, there was still no indication of the amount by which the continuation of the tests might diminish the danger of nuclear war. Only if this amount is known, can the public determine whether or not the price which they must pay is a fair one.

The article goes on to say that “Within the debate-divided ranks of the U.S. scientists, the stoutest advocate of continued testing is the University of California’s Hungarian born nuclear physicist., Edward Teller, famed as father of the H bomb.” It is perfectly natural that the father should be the ‘stoniest defender’ of his child, and we have no comment concerning this statement, but it is interesting to note that Dr. Teller has just published a book, “Our Nuclear Future,” in which he says, “rear of what we do not know or do not understand has been with us in all ages. Against it there exist two weapons, Understanding and Courage. Of the two, Courage is the most important but Understanding must come first.” With the latter part of this statement we are in complete agreement, but by it he, himself, invalidates many of the statements which he makes in the same book, and undercuts the entire position of the proponents of continued testing. One of the points of complete agreement among all of the scientists, is the almost complete lack of true understanding concerning the exact hazards of the continually increasing rate of fallout. Yet the proponents of continued testing say we should press on, substituting blind courage for the understanding which we lack. (The lemmings of Norway, who in their periodic migrations leap by the thousand from the cliffs into the sea, and swim blindly forward until they drown, undoubtedly have courage, but that courage, without understanding, avails them nothing.)

The usual mass of figures is introduced to indicate that the amount of radiation to which the human race has so far been exposed as a result of the tests is small compared to the natural radiation which he has always received. The small increase of the Strontium 90 which is now found in the human body as a result of the tests is stressed. No mention is made of the well known fact that the fallout from the tests already conducted will continue for years to increase the amount of Strontium 90 in the soil all over the world; that vegetation will continue for many more years, to gather this cumulative element from the soil; that the animal will continue to gather and concentrate it by eating the vegetation and finally man, by ingesting the animal, will continue during most of his lifetime to receive constantly increasing closes of the element even if the tests are stopped now.

The article also makes the usual, and very deceptive, statement that the radiation to which the human is now being exposed as a result of the tests is less than that emitted by the luminous dial of a wristwatch. While the statement is undoubtedly true from a quantitative stand-point, the fact remains that we are not in the habit of chewing up and swallowing the dials of our wristwatches. Most of our readers will remember the tragic case of the group of young women who were employed some years ago to paint the numbers upon the dials of luminous watches. They fell into the habit of rotating the tip of the small brush which they used against the tip of their tongue occasionally to bring the brush to a point. As a result they ingested minute, but cumulative quantities of the radioactive material. All of them received fatal doses before anyone realized what was wrong.

Dr. Linus Pauling and the thousands of other bio-chemists and biologists who speak against the continuation of nuclear tests are not concerned with the present level of resulting radioactivity. They are considering the `eternity’ dose of the tests already completed, and the constantly accelerating rate of tests which will inevitably take place iii the future unless some positive action is taken to halt them.

In signing the petition for the halting of nuclear tests during the last days of his life, Dr. Einstein said “It is true that no man knows i I the e exact degree of danger inherent in the continued testing of nuclear weapons. but is those who know, the most who are the most fearful.”

Daniel W. Fry


By Marc Norman

Continuation of Chapter Three.

Greetings to our brethren of earth. Once again we intrude upon you, and trust that our message of this evening holds some interest for you, even though we may have been somewhat harsh in our discourse of last week.

The conditions affecting your plane at this time are of sufficient seriousness to warrant our continued attempt to establish contact groups, which we are desirous of eventually amalgamating into one organism if at all possible. The next cycle of your earth (1956), is one of the most interesting and important in the history of your planet, and we suggest most earnestly that you do not allow yourselves to become caught up in the maelstrom of negative thought vibrations which will be released from many sources. This operates on the mental plane, for the conflict of minds between nations, communities and individuals now reveals itself in the mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of your peoples today.

Everywhere there is a tenseness, a straining at the leash, so to speak-a seeking to find out where one stands in the present world crisis, and as to what will be the outcome. In keeping with prophecy relating to cycles, catastrophies are imminent in their TIME, and it is with your preparation that we are concerned. We therefore advise each and every one of you to devote a greater portion of your time to UNDERSTANDING and accumulation of instruction relative to afore-said upheavals. This is necessary in order that you may place your-selves in a favorable position when the TIMES OF TROUBLE, spoken of in your COSMIC RECORD, termed Bible, come to pass.

But for a moment or two let us turn to some items that may interest you, lest you feel we admonish too often and too much, even though this be our mission. It has been observed through our Tele-visual apparatus, that during these sessions wherein we and our craft are mentioned, the question of times arises in the minds of certain individuals, as to why it is necessary that we use electronic instruments for the broadcasting of our messages, or for the reception of thought impulses. Allow us to point out, that as you are of the earth plane, and whilst it may be possible for one individual to send such mental impulses to another situated anywhere on the earth’s surface, in our case the circumstances are somewhat different.

Of necessity we needs must operate at a great height from your earth’s surface in order to avoid detection and interference. Therefore for anyone of you to direct sufficient force of a mental nature to reach us, is at your present level impossible. Then also the atmospheric and otheric planes, being of a higher degree of intensity-or vibration, if you will-causes a related decrease in frequency impulse, so the signal is weaker.

Therefore in order that these contacts can be established more easily, and to record your conversations, and collect your thought impulses in a manner more receptive, we use an instrument, disced shaped, of approximately 18 inches (your degree of measurement) and by re-mote control we direct said disc to within a reasonable distance above your dwelling, or any place from whence we deem it necessary to obtain data. The construction and coloring of this instrument is of such a nature that it is invisible to the naked eye. Such an instrument is now hovering over your meeting place. So were you to venture out doors to observe this disc you would not be able to see it. Unfortunately this is a precaution we have to observe, especially where it be-comes necessary to record data of a scientific or political nature. Anyway, this is how we are able to keep in touch with all events and happenings upon your plane.

That is why then we use such an instrument, or electronic thought transmitter and receiver, for it not only increases the impulses received but also enables the human instrument now recording our conversation to `feel’ its imprint in a much clearer manner. We are cognizant that you refer to this process as `TELETHOUGHT.’ This is as good a term as any, and whilst we have other terminology we shall continue to use your own understanding of this process, for in principle it is similar to that which was used in our ancient homeland known as ATL or POISEID. All of you present, with the exception of one who has been a native of that land, and hail from the MOTHERLAND, and in com-n–cm with those of other U.F.O. groups who receive contacts from various sources, whose combined knowledge and activities will eventually establish a new and glorious civilization, based on a law of Brotherhood, and under divine guidance conduct its affairs in peace and spiritual understanding, which will surpass even that which we ourselves experienced in that far off time.

Thus these present contact session are for the purpose of developing the aforementioned telethought processes, so that inspirational and directional impulses may be readily recognized at any time, that when we have `gathered together’ a sufficient number of sincere and honest persons we shall unfold a plan of operation, which we feel most of you will enthusiastically accept and anxiously employ. As we have said, your `TIMES’ are being shortened, as ’tis written in your Book of books. These are ancient records and go back into time immemorable and whilst most of you are aware of the many translations, during which much of their import has been lost, nevertheless, the TRUTH that is veiled therein can never be erased. Only those seeking a deeper UNDERSTANDING can penetrate the mysteries of the COSMIC RECORD.

We are perfectly aware that there are many on the earth plane who give no credence whatsoever as to the actuality of space craft operating within the boundaries of your hemisphere. We realize also that it is difficult for the human occupant of earth to accept something that he has not actually seen for himself, but allow us to point out that there are many things in so called space that man cannot see. There-fore be not discouraged if we are unable at this time to place ourselves in a position wherein observations can be made with the naked eye. The reason for this we have previously given, so it is not necessary that we repeat. However, one of the most obvious, concerns your transit planes which operate back and forth between cities, and are equipped with radio transmitters, so that when a sighting is made would immediately give the alarm, and in a few minutes your air would be swarming with hostile craft, the pilots of which have been given orders, `shoot to kill.’ To be perfectly frank, we are somewhat tired of playing ‘hide-go-seek’ with such craft around your earth plane.

But we needs be about `our Father’s business,’ therefore we appeal to you that you have patience, for the time shall yet come wherein you shall behold us in plain view. As to proof of our being and operations It is assumed that most of you have read the various books offering information as to personal experiences of the authors, some merely documentary, substantiated by government acknowledgements related to such craft in the vicinity of your hemisphere. Therefore additional proof of our presence is not at the moment necessary.

We thought that for this evening a few remarks concerning our life and activities might be in order and acceptable by yourselves. Some of you will recall the former and original message wherein we referred to a planet 99, and later stated that this planet was situated in the grouping which you call the constellation of Canis Major, and that the name of this planet in your language is GATO. This planet GATO is not known to your astronomers, but it is related to the sun SIRIUS. This star is our SUN as in your solar disc the sun of your system. GATO is a small planet and was discovered by us many eons ago after the ATLANTEAN period, wherein we occupied a position in space for some length of time. When it was found necessary that we obtain supplies of certain minerals and herbs, we set out to find a source of supply. Some spheres we found not suitable, and there were others upon which we could not exist. Finally we discovered this GATO, whose name then we did not know. But its atmosphere and general conditions seemed suitable to our particular requirements, so its surface was investigated.

We were received by the peoples of that sphere in a somewhat apprehensive, though friendly, manner, and we have occupied it as a base ever since. GATO is smaller than your earth, and has a daily motion of 18 hrs, 43 mins and 27 sets, your time measure, even as your earth has one of a little less than 24.

Conditions generally on this planet are in the main similar to your own, except that the vibrational rate in relation to its motion is much higher-thus the condensation of atmosphere is lower, and we had to acclimatize ourselves by special rays before we were able to move freely upon its surface. After a period of time we could then live comfortably. The land surface exceeds that of the water area. It has no great seas such as you have but does have numerous and large lakes. It is plentifully supplied with streams and rivers which abound with various species of fish. However, most of these are quite small. Some of the peoples of our planet utilize these fish for food, but I, my crew and fellow citizens are not carnivorous, therefore we avoid all flesh foods.

The weather, for the most part, is warm and moist, and we do not receive a great degree of heat through the solar phalanges or rays of our Sun. One reason is that the distance between our planet and the sun is greater than is your earth in relation to your own sun. There are many mountains similar to your own, indicating that sometime in the past, upheavals have been experienced. We digress here for a moment to explain that most other worlds are comparable to your own; that is, the land and water areas contain minerals, forms of life, species of animals, plant life and some human forms, which differ according to the general conditions of the planet itself, which are related to the orb of motion and axial rotation.

This may be difficult for you to accept, for you have been taught to believe that your planet earth is the only one having any form of life, or inhabited, in the entire solar system, or in the universe for that matter. Such beliefs will shortly be proved erroneous. If you consider such acceptances for just a moment you will realize that it is at once an egotistical and ridiculous concept. However you are entering an advanced age of knowledge, wherein the peoples of earth are due for an awakening, and your historians, embarrassment, when they eventually find that their pet theories are not substantiated by facts.

But to return to our original theme. The mountains of our homeland are composed of a granite-like rock, which can easily be drilled and cut with our ODIC compressor drills. It is in the valleys that we have excavated huge tavern-like chambers, and in these chambers we live and operate a normal home life. Other sections of a larger structure contain mechanical and creative centers, wherein laboratories are given over to the construction of space craft of various types. Herein is kept all of our machinery and equipment of research, including ODIC FORCE GENERATORS-which supply all our needs, such as light, heat, air conditioning, and light polarizers, which supply power for the community.

The residential chambers of caverns are fashioned after the manner of your avenues-the exception being that they are enclosed overhead, the air being supplied by vents bored through the rock, and dispensed to the apartments located alongside of each avenue. Each dwelling is separate although co-joined to each other. Some of these avenues are as long as your main thoroughfares. The opposite side of some avenues are devoted to shops, creative centers and fine instrument laboratories. in these are manufactured various devices of an electronic nature. We use the term electronic as it is the most readily understood by your-selves. Actually we use Cosmic forces, even as we did in ancient At] or, as it was known, Atlantis.

In the larger caverns various types of craft are constructed, new ones being experimented with, some of which have been seen by your peoples. others not yet in operation, but will in the near future. The so-called cigar shaped or tubular vessels occupy the center of other caverns which might be likened to your hangers. These ships or craft are for the most part two or three of your city blocks in length, some of them being over five thousand feet overall-if you can envision such a craft. These are fitted with every type of convenience and appointments, living quarters for several hundred persons, special control and air conditioning units, workshops, libraries, and such other divisions as would meet the requirements of peoples coming from your plane, or similar spheres, so that those necessities would not be missed, and things that have become habitual still be enjoyed. Surprised that we have entertained certain individuals from your earth plane? Many surprises are in store for you in the future. The title of `MOTHER SHIPS’ have been given to such craft., and indeed they might thus be called, for they shall `MOTHER’ many of you when that `TIME’ arrives.

Whilst these larger ones are not those that have actually been ob-served by your radar and independent witnesses, they are similar in design, and are able to carry several of the remote controlled type, those which you call `FLYING SAUCER.’ The smaller ones can be operated by a four man crew, some eight. The larger ones will have two or three hundred operatives and assistants. During my short absence from you I have been engaged in learning the various functions of such a craft, and even I was amazed at the efficiency and ease of control of these enormous interplanetary craft.

To be continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



The Answer is No!-and Here Are Some of the “Whys.”

Where do things go that drift with the tide? In running streams the pieces of jetsam go gliding slowly by in the quiet waters and are dumped, crushed and worn as well as broken in the turbulent waters till ofttimes unrecognizable for what they were at the start, just bumping and bobbing along utterly useless, directionless and at the mercy of the wind and tide, often thrown up in piles unsightly and a nuisance till at last they reach the ocean.-there the buffeting is terrifically increased on the rocks of the shores, and deterioration accelerated lying on the sand just rotting. Then perhaps a portion is gathered and used as fuel in some countries, but through all the long hours, days, weeks and years the time was wasted so far as usefulness to the world is concerned – unwanted, unsung, to at last be ground to powder or rotted, rusted and buried at the bottom of the lake or ocean, not even used as the refuse of our busy life is, as fertilizer.

Do you and I fit in that category? We of whom Jesus said, “Ye Are Gods!” Do ye not see we must live our heritage? And if we do live as befits Real Men and Women, Ambassadors of Our King must we not command the respect, attention and admiration of those about us with whom we rub shoulders along “The Way?”

And if we do attempt to hold our heads up proudly, conscious of the part we play in God’s Kingdom, then there can be no wasted moments. Peter said, “Be ye ever ready to give unto the man that asketh of thee reason for the faith that is in thee!” Even the smallest weed, ameba, cell or finest example of vibrant life are ever busy, so how much more should we who are endowed with God-hood be conscious of our mission or brevet and be on the jug.

One never knows the instant one can have the opportunity to say something forceful but gentle to start some one thinking of higher things, and since we cannot use force, for God gave all the gift of free will, we must “Study to Show Thyself Approved of God and Man,” and never be found “Standing Idle In the Market Place.”

First of all “Nothing Happens by Chance,” nor does anything Happen, period-as there is always a cause then we must make things occur correctly, there must be intelligent effort and planning, and since we do not forsee the future we must ever be on the alert to do our part in all the places where men work or congregate, for we never know which word or words are to start a growth that in after years shows beautiful fruitage, most generally unknown to us, but always noted by the Angels we find are assigned to “`Bear Thee Up In Their Hands, Lest Thou Dash Try Foot Against A Stone.” That beautiful 91st Psalm delineates God’s Constant Care-can we do less than be constant if we are to have peace of mind and a consciousness of a life being lived as befits a Son of the Most High?

How can we even know the contents of that 91st Psalm of Glorious Protection and Care that is afforded the Daughters of Radiance and the Sons of Light, if we idle away our youth and enter maturity unable to enjoy a full measure of the good things of the great literature that comes to us? Now that our beautiful world (and those who come to us from “Outer Space” tell us it is beautiful as seen in its entirety from their vantage points) is so well supplied with the Gems of Thought and Masterpieces of Rhetoric and in such marvelous abundance that no one need go mentally hungry, it certainly behooves us to take advantage of what has been brought out of the past and what is now being poured into the minds of men and women to give knowledge to either spoken word or written language so that our thoughts, and as naturally follows, our deeds, shall be on a high level, so that we who try may go through life starry eyed, buoyant with the positive assurance that “Ye Are Gods” is no fable but the most magnificent fact that entails a “Living Up To,” in order to fully be in command of all situations as they come.

Surely we can see there is no time for idleness, for procrastination or delay, for “We Are In Eternity Now,” and Eternity is going to be and is now just what we make it. So let us who have made some progress not look down on our less erudite brothers, but remembering the command “Feed My Lambs,” do all in our power to improve our own capabilities while not missing a single opportunity to raise the eyes of those about us to the Glories just ahead, for as we give to make others come into the band of torch bearers so shall others on up ahead of us show us the way to greater and more joyful service in holding high the Standards of the Christ Life. All cannot be leaders. There is labor to do, and all labor is glorious commensurate with the attitude we have toward it and the love we put into it. All are brothers, but some have been more diligent and “Improved Each Shining Hour” by filling each moment with Love, Good Thoughts and Willing Effort-thus we shall bring about a condition of Joyous Anticipation and Eventual Fruition in the Fulfilling of our brevet, and we do each and every one, have a brevet, a thing for which we came to this planet to accomplish for ourselves while assisting others to accomplish for themselves, and thus bring the whole to a higher level. Man has made great strides in recent years in raising the standards of living in the material wav, but the spiritual aspects have been allowed to falter and lag. Thus the balance that should have been maintained is all askew, necessitating a prodigious effort at this time to avoid catastrophe.

All life, all nature, is a matter of balance. This face must ever be kept in mind, and to have the Optimum In Intellectuality and the Maximum in Progress toward the Pinnacle of Human Endeavor and Attainment. All must have the realization of being a Very Vital Part of the Whole and do the utmost to maintain “The Whole” at an increasingly high point of conscious attainment-thus All shall have The More Abundant Life.

And quoting from a recent message by Jesus, “Behold, Every Life, No Matter How Humble, No Matter How Tragic, No Matter How Broken and Thwarted, Hath A Meaning And An Inner Glory, And Is Precious In My Sight!” Many people do not believe Jesus is and has been in communication with people of earth, but we who make the opportunities for such communion Know that Jesus not only talks to, but is seen by Thousands, thus keeping His Promise, “Lo, I Am With You Always!”

-Rev. J. R. Kingham

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Spacecraft, the Universe, and You-Continued

by Bill Hamilton

The efferescent framework of creation has woven patterns that are destructive as well as integrative. The difference is that one is in a polarity unbalance with the other. The main difference is the cause of the force set in effect. Two causes set the opposite effects into being. Therefore, we have as much evil influence resulting in a state of awareness as we have good. The two forces are in constant conflict with each other which harmonizes the creative flow. When the two forces enter into conflict with each other, the resulting force released is retroactive. The two forces constantly employed will balance all creative condition. The good and the bad, both, use and control positive and negative light for the benefit of each to itself. To know which force is good and which is evil-or bad (the symbology of that is seen in the three letters-B-A-D), the observer must realize that the good force is integrative and works toward the construction of forces, and evil is destructive and works for the disintegration and destruction of forces as they apply to the universe.

The good or integrative forces utilize THE CHRIST LIGHT in their work of constantly bringing people to the realization of their GOD-LIKE POTENTIAL, and the evil or destructive forces are constantly utilizing ATOMIC FORCE in showing people (OR ENTITIES of varied forms in the universe who have not yet reached their CHRIST LIKE POTENTIAL) that the GOD is without and that you must seek him where he is not. It is not contradictory to think that the evil forces talk of and demonstrate GOD for they are as much GOD as the good forces are, though they work against their source, GOD, instead of working with HIM (HER or IT). If, as we have presumed, the evil forces are a part of that GOD-SOURCE and they work against it, then they will eventually destroy themselves if they cut off their source of supply. BUT, this is not the case. The good forces rehabilitate themselves through their GOD LIKE POTENTIAL which is the CHRIST SELF WITHIN. THE EVIL FORCES do the same through the force unleashed by the DESTRUCTIVE POWER of the ATOM WHEN BALANCE IS DISTURBED. The forces of evil are self-de-structive when perpetrated excessively beyond the point of balance existing in the equilibrated conflict between good and evil, by an entity or group of entities.

Cogitate over this well. There is much to be understood. Discern for yourselves the TRUTH you are able to extract and decipher from the foregoing document. PEACE THROUGH THE CHRIST LIGHT.


To be continued

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By Mac Taylor

From the Daily Times-Advocate, Escondido, California, March 8, 1958

VISTA- “There’s a flying saucer over us!”

Altho the cry came in the midst of a meeting of the Vista Under-standing Unit recently, the reaction was as unexpected as the saucer itself, according to one observer.

“They took it pretty well in stride,” he said.

The members, who had been listening to a lecture on flying saucers and unidentified flying objects when the sighting was made, went out-side, verified the fact that there were unusual lights in the sky and continued their meeting as if nothing had happened.

This unique organization, founded here two years ago, will take all such information without batting an eye.

Founded on the premise that there is much in this world that man should open his mind toward, it has attained startling popularity during its brief existence.

“We don’t have too many active members,” President Albert Rose said, `But we draw quite a crowd of listeners sometimes.”

The statement was backed up by the fact that often crowds of 150 people or more show up at the group’s meetings to hear lectures on archeology, Egyptology, extra sensory perception, Inca exploration, unidentified flying objects, theosophy and even the more obscure aspects of “natural” phenomena.

The group achieved quite a bit of notoriety at its historic meeting on Jan. 11 when “strange lights” were seen over Vista, during the meeting.

“The lights were verified by hundreds of people in Vista,” pointed out Dr. L. R. Chapman, Vista, who was then vice president. President Rose mentioned the fact that one of the members had a telescope and discovered that the light was a “mother ship” which discharged from 8 to 10 smaller ships while they were watching.

A second sighting over Vista promises to give the Unit an even greater impetus. The second sighting took place Feb. 27, when more lights were seen here.

“We have another program coming up April 12, which may draw quite a few spectators,” Rose promised. The program will concern “Flying Saucers and What They Mean to You.”

“Our purpose is to study anything that one should have a greater understanding of,” he said, adding with a grin, “Naturally, everyone doesn’t agree with everyone else on what should be accepted as fact.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


From “New Horizons”

, , , Let’s render a hearty salute to Members of Vista, California, Chamber of Commerce-who have courageously publicized a belief in the existence of Saucer People and have selected a 40-acre site, one mile NE of the town, as a landing area for Flying Saucers! Declarations of a meeting, published in the Vista Press, requested each citizen to act as a welcoming committee, if necessary-and invited all people capable of contacting said Space Men to extend to same a cordial invitation to land within aforementioned area. Mention was made of other communities denouncing Space Men and forbidding them to land, whereas Space Travelers of any foreign planet, regardless of size, color and degree of intellect will be especially welcome in Vista-where friendly, tolerant and intelligent people reside. Availability of language professors of nearby Palomar College (for interpretations) and adjacent Camp Pendleton Marines (for maintenance of peace and protection) mentioned as additional assistance and courtesies to be shown all Space Men.

. . . Thus, like the telephone, airplane, radio, TV, etc., another “impossibility” has materialized upon a planet where all strange things are “impossible” to those who are Gods and would naturally possess the wisdom to denounce and ridicule the strangeness of a plan or statement previous to an otherwise necessary investigation or completion of same.

. . . Illuminated flying objects were recorded by ancient Egyptians and  Romans, long before even the “word” balloon was dared to be spoken and years previous to the stoning of Galileo-for creating the first airplane and miscellaneous devices of the Devil; as the Gods of darkness in those days termed such.

. . . ALL “impossible” blueprints and “ridiculous” statements should be considered POSSIBLE and TRUTHFUL until actually PROVEN otherwise. To regard ANY data concerning ANYTHING as a fabrication or hallucination previous to a “thorough” investigation denotes either plain ignorance or possession of destructive meta-physical knowledge.

. . . To believe WE are the ONLY inhabitants within a Universe containing MILLIONS of other planets (much older than the earth) is equivalent to thinking that we, and everything existent-was but an accident! Too, if you would believe that Saucers are “MAN-made” (via data since ancient Egyptian, etc., sightings-you would not believe that the SUN is a COLD body, emitting wave lengths transformed into heat via friction with components of atmosphere (which IS quite possibly correct!)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Peace reigns in the garden this glorious spring morning. The silence is pierced only by the songs of the birds and the gentle movement of the new-born leaves. The boughs nod as if to affirm that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof.”

The first roses of the season are blooming, their color and fragrance mingling with that of their neighbors-the honeysuckle, the iris, the columbine, the foxglove, the mock orange and the lowly hawthorn with its clusters of rosy pink blossoms. A deep reverence for life permeates one’s whole being.

In the midst of all this, let us pause and ask ourselves if this experience is but momentary, something to be enjoyed now and then-or, does the beauty really exist in the very core of our being as an everlasting essence. Is it pure awareness, untainted by resentment, judgment or doubt? Is it truly the ESSENCE of life within our hearts and minds as we mingle with our brethren in every walk of life?

If it is THAT, it is the Light that serves to kindle another spark in another heart-in every heart, binding all together in the pure heart of Love.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,”-that is all

Ye know on earth, and all we need to know. . . Keats

I. M.



Scotia, N. Y.


El Monte, Calif.

Dear Mr. Fry

I just had an idea! It’s probably not worth anything but I’ll toss it out anyway. It’s this: I wonder how many people from the east coast are thinking about attending the Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention, and how much would it cost to charter a plane from New York City to Giant Rock and return? If there were enough people interested in attending the Convention it might be a worthwhile venture. Maybe if you print this suggestion in “UNDERSTANDING” we can get an idea as to whether or not it would be feasible. Or perhaps a flight that originated on the east coast and picked up Conventioneers at stops across the country would be a better deal.

I’ve heard about chartered flights but don’t know about the intricacies of them. Perhaps you do.


Margaret Bosley

Ed. Note: Many persons from New York, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and way points, attend the convention each year. If enough of them can get together it should be possible to charter a plane. We will be happy to assist in any possible way.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Mr. Fry:

We have some people here in our little country Denmark which work for spreading the truth about Spaceships and their purpose. Only some people read English or German and now I have translated your book “White Sands” into Danish. Please, Mr. Fry, may I ask you whether you would give your permission for duplicating some copies? It would be a great help for our group work. We are glad to hear the UFO news from Karl Veit of Wiesbaden. Both Mr. and Mrs. Veit are doing a great work in Germany. I see there is a new by you. Would you tell me the price and likewise for Understanding and I will send you the money.

In the afternoon of April 12th, we were looking for Sputniks because of the chance to see some Spaceships and we saw, indeed, five of them. Our newspapers have become more friendly at last. We are waiting with great interest for the result of Adamski’s last action, his challenge to the American people. That should do it, do you not think?

Please give our greetings to A-lan and tell him that we want to give him and all of the liberation a hearty welcome.

With compliments,

Kate Gillert


The Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention will feature a number of `firsts’ this year. Many new speakers will be present, several of whom may prove to be a great surprise to those who are unaware of the mantle of respectability which has been given to the subject of space-craft by the sudden and universal realization that we ourselves are upon the very verge of space.

“Project Outer Space” has become a reality. Most of our readers will remember Col. Ron Ormond, the well known motion picture producer and director, who has organized a cooperative group to produce a feature length motion picture starring those who have had close association with the spacecraft or their operators. Sufficient funds have been received to begin the production, and actual filming of the picture will begin at Giant Rock at the Convention. A number of group shots will be made of those attending, so come to the Convention and be a part of this immortal documentary film epic.

The date for the Convention this year will be May 31st and June 1st at Giant Rock, California. Be sure to bring a trailer or camping equipment or at least cots and blankets or sleeping bags, and food and water. There is plenty of room on the desert for everyone.

On June 28th and 29th, Buck Nelson will hold an Eastern Space-craft Convention at his ranch at Mountain View, Missouri. Buck will have picnic tables and a place for camping. He expects to have a large crowd in attendance and many of the saucer `contactees’ on the lecture platform.

There will be a Northern UFO Convention held in the County Fair-grounds at Pleasanton, California, in August. This will be sponsored by the Units of Understanding in the northern part of the state under the direction of Unit No. 3 in Oakland-more details in the next issue of Understanding.



Ray and Rex Stanford, “The Texas Twins,” are presenting a series of lectures in Southern California during the month of May. These boys and John McCoy report some good sightings and contacts, one of which was witnessed by Texas State Police Officers who have signed affidavits attesting to the fact.

Ray and Rex have also been awarded 1st and 3rd place by the Texas Academy of Science for their scientific research.

The title of their lectures will be “New Contacts and Concepts from Outer Space and Other Worlds.

Their lecture schedule is as follows

El Monte, Calif., for Unit No. 1, May 3, 8 P.M.

Ventura, Calif., for Ventura Spacecraft Club, May 6th.

Santa Ana, Calif., for Orange County, Unit No. 7,

May 9th. Vista, Calif., for Unit No. 4, May 10th.

In the Central California area

Turlock, Calif., May 13th.

Sacramento, Calif., May 14th.

San Francisco, Calif., May 15th.

San Mateo, Calif., May 16th.

Oakland, Calif., May 17th.

San Jose, Calif., May 18th (afternoon)

Santa Cruz, Calif., May 18th (evening)

These lectures are being sponsored by Understanding Units and other Spacecraft clubs in the Southern and Central California areas.

Congratulations to Unit No. 11 of Understanding which has just come into being at San Francisco, Calif., with David Stovall as their President.

For exact time and location of the Stanford lectures contact Della Larson, 3246 Sylvan, Oakland 2, Calif., or Understanding, Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington, El Monte, Calif. Notify your friends in these areas of these activities.

The National Election of Understanding; will be held at Understanding’s desert Center on Friday, May 30th, in the afternoon. Our ‘house warming’ will take place the same evening. The Center is located a few blocks off the Victorville Road, eight miles north of the Giant Rock turnoff.

The word Convention is the news of the moment, and as you have read elsewhere in this magazine, there are three Spacecraft Conventions planned for this spring and summer. two in the west and one in the east.




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I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

flying saucer pilgimage, by G. and B. reeve……….. $3.50

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TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

WORLD WITHIN, by Gina Cerminara …………  4.00

the coming golden age, by dr. f. w. summer ………  $3.50

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SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

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UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

life on other planets, by eugene drake …  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


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These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.