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VOL. III                                          MARCH, 1958                                            NO. 3



We have, upon many occasions, expressed the opinion that most of the critical problems of our present civilization arise because of the fact that the physical or material science develops normally at a much greater rate than either the social or the spiritual science. We have also pointed out the fact that the social and spiritual sciences constitute the only foundation upon which the superstructure of the material science can stand. If the ratio of development between the superstructure and the foundation becomes too large, the structure is in danger of collapsing upon that foundation, bringing ruin and destruction to both. We are, today, in imminent danger of just such a collapse. and it is clear that unless some means can be found to stimulate the growth of the foundation, it is only a matter of time, and a very short time, until that collapse occurs.

About eighty percent of the total man hours of effort which are expended in the United States today, are devoted to the material science. The remaining twenty percent is divided equally between the social and spiritual sciences. This twenty percent ratio of effort is entirely inadequate to produce a foundation capable of supporting the tremendous structure which is being created by the eighty percent. The problem is easy to understand, and if we examine that problem carefully, we may find that the solution is equally simple.

Let us consider the methods used in the development of the material science, and compare them with the methods usually used in our attempts to achieve solutions to our social and spiritual problems. In each of the three branches of science which we have named, there exists an area of mutual agreement, a set of primary postulates whose validity has been demonstrated, and which are accepted by all students of that science. In the progress of the physical science, this area of mutual agreement is carefully defined. and is used as a base of operations from which excursions into the unknown may be supported and controlled. If points or areas of disagreement develop during these excursions, precise tests are devised, based upon mutually accepted principles, for the purpose of demonstrating the comparative validity and value of the opposing concepts. Since the tests are based upon, and conducted from the area of mutual agreement, all parties are bound by the results of the test. Personal desires, emotions or opinions have no effect upon the final decision. This is the proven method, the system which has made possible the tremendous and constantly accelerating development of the material science, and if this method were used by students of the social and spiritual sciences, we might soon observe equally startling and gratifying progress in these badly retarded areas of human development.

In the social and spiritual sciences of today, it is seldom that any effort is made to bring about a general understanding of those areas of mutual agreement which do exist between all students and exponents of these sciences. Instead, the points of disagreement are usually emphasized and made the subject of direct attack, each student or proponent attempting to persuade, cajole, or coerce the others to accept his concepts. For example, it is seldom pointed out or under-stood that from 90 to 95 of the specific teachings and rules of human conduct laid down by all of the major religions of the world are actually identical. The area of mutual agreement between all of the religions of the world is actually much larger than the total area of disagreement, yet a considerable proportion of the total time and energy of the students of these religions is dissipated in aimless controversy over points of disagreement, which to the unbiased observer appear to be of extremely small consequence.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for any group or organization devoted to the study of the social or spiritual science to secure sufficient facilities and financing for any major program of test and development such as those which are constantly being undertaken in the physical science, originated and financed by our Federal Government.

It is time that we, as a nation, began to realize that if we are to achieve the answers to the problems upon which the future of our civilization depends, we must be willing to apply the same amount of effort, determination and financing to the development of the foundation as that which is now being applied to the superstructure, and above all, we must begin to apply the proven method.



WHEN the United States opened its nuclear detonation season, the test began with a short prayer, intoned over the intercom by the warship’s chaplain and it went as follows: “Unto us who are privileged to draw aside the curtain into the secrets of Thy Universe, teach us that our whole duty is to love Thee, Our God, and to keep Thy commandments.”

Sidney J. Harris, columnist for the Chicago Daily News, suggests instead a more realistic prayer: “Unto us who have the pride and the presumption to release the most devastating force of nature, 0 Lord, be merciful:

“Protect us from cardiac contusion:

“Preserve us from cerebral or coronary embolism;

“Guard us from the dreadful consequences of respiratory tract hemorrhage.

“Allow us not to suffer from pulmonary edema; “Save us from the trauma of distended hollow viscera, “Withhold from us the horrors of hemorrhages in the central nervous system;

“Visit these catastrophies upon our enemies not upon us, and we promise to love Thee and keep Thy commandments-all except one, 0 Lord.”

Mr. Harris further stated, “This, at least, would be an honest and meaningful prayer. No nonsense, no hypocrisy, no solemn theological jargon to disguise and sanctify the purpose and the power of the bomb. The Lord, I am sure, would not grant this prayer.-but it would not, at any rate, be an insult to His intelligence and an affront to His benevolence. Sometimes I think He must be more discouraged by the blindness of His shepherds than by the folly of His sheep.”

-From the Journal of Medical Education, Dec. 1957.


To all delegates of the United Nations

To all Governments not represented at the U.N.: To all peoples of the World

I stand alone before you this day, though I feel in spirit that there are mothers of all races, colors, and creeds at my side.

I stand here in humility, to ask that you, who are the heads of our Nations and have within your capabilities, the power to put a stop to all wars and materials of war, DO SO.

1 ask this in the name of my children, and all children of this world. We, the adults, with God’s help, have the ability to give a gift of “Peace on Earth” to our children; have the ability to give them a future free of the burden of fear; a future shining with hope and love and opportunity for a better way of Life.

We are here today, but shall not be tomorrow.  Our children will be left with the things we have willed them. Can we honestly, faced with the love we have for them, leave only misunderstanding, and materials of destruction? Would it not be better to hand them the things with great and good potentials, to further understanding, love, peace, and knowledge?

I beg of you, to look into the future. when we, the adults, are no longer here. To see the children in a shining NEW AND UNDERSTANDING WORLD of love. To WILL THEM this: PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO MEN. This is the hope of all.


Mother of five.

(Submitted by Jane Ruby.)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Dear friend,

Your world is your reflection. Do you know that all you see, all that you experience is but the reflection of your own state of conscious-ness? Have you considered this? Do you understand the law of creation? – our consciousness is the composite of our experience, belief, agreement, in short all that we agree to be real to us.

Now we know that we can alter the outer circumstances and by so doing alter the state of consciousness, but at best this is patchwork activity. When we are concerned with the external, without an under-standing of the internal, we are working with effect instead of cause. We can rearrange the outer effect, but the alteration will be only temporary. We must learn to work from the inside, from the projection booth, so to speak, so that we may project clear experiences on the screen of space. When we view the world through clouded vision, then the world appears clouded and distorted.

Here I will give you a program of practice which you can use with benefit to the end of your days. Every night before retiring, be relaxed and with the eyes gently closed, review the events of the day, from the early morning to the present time. Do it without regret or emotion of any kind. Be a silent witness to the drama as it unfolds. When you

view a portion which is not to your liking, then relive it as your would have liked it to be. Do this until you feel comfortable about it. Then go on to the next event. This is a psychological method of revising your life. You also learn to correct mistakes before they get firmly rooted. This must be done with complete objectivity and precision. Learn to release yourself and your world.

When you have accomplished the above exercise, then meditate and (feel) yourself in a state of increased awareness. In this high state of awareness you are free. Now, and now only, may you sleep and take into the subconscious, this realization of contentment and freedom. Remember your subconscious never sleeps, but ever continues to build with the materials you provide. So provide firm building materials and your nights will be transformed into golden hours of achievement.

Here is the key to your liberation: That when you understand through experience, the states of waking, sleep, dream, and super consciousness, then you will be the silent witness to this drama of life and death, free from change, heir to the eternal moment, and you shall be able to predestine your role in time and space.

Try practicing this exercise for the next 30 to 60 days and experience for yourself the joy of directing your life. The inner world is the real world, of which this objective universe is but a reflection.

R. E. Davis

Submitted by Olive Hennings.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



“LET US BEGIN AT THE BOTTOM, AND BUILD UP… THRUST IS BUT PRIMITIVE POWER! All useless forms of gravity are forsaken in keeping with the motion of external flight. We would therefore persuade all keepers of scientific facts that no more primitive propellants be permitted to be used, but instead to consolidate efforts in the new area of technology, namely: FORCEFIELD.

Here we have a future, for all else is to be eliminated, or forsaken. So to BEGIN AGAIN AT THE BASE, should be a new concept of science, which WILL WORK, and is a must, to succeed. Efforts to CANCEL GRAVITY is a grave misconception. Here we lose the purpose of thrust.  Children of awakening genius can be called to the fore in the new effort, for they have HEARD US enlarge upon tactics employed.

Bring the gain of future development into the storehouse of present scientific schemes! Change the method and tools, and see the frame-work for a clear advance into Outer-Space travel, without which you are but toy balloons in a nest-egg of fear.

Let us help you to learn!       Being so close to your Planet, you cannot see beyond, nor comprehend the areas of ethers which surround each orb of the system. WHY CAN’T YOU LEARN? WE DID!

It becomes a plaything of rashness, bent on destruction, as you seem to be! No lesson can be had, or learned, until you quit this tomfoolery! How hopeless is your situation, no one of you seem to observe. Much depends upon mental-attitudes! When the world changes to BELIEVE the Christ, ALL COMES FAST!”

Received 3-6-58

by Hope Troxell

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS-A clear, definite mental impression was received here recently that if and when the saucer people decide to make public landings, they will stage a long campaign of public “leavings.” That is, of leaving abandoned equipment, gear, even whole spacecraft around in the countries to be visited. Such may be the strange “falls” from the sky, of metal foils, angel hair, etc., reported be saucer fans and observers.

It is important that fans keep an eye out for strange objects found lying in remote spots or even unnoticed in populous areas, if such is to be the strategy of the visitors. Report or take them to your UFO club, not to any military or other official authority who would turn them over to the military as a matter of routine. When and if you spot a “leaving,” get a piece of it safely in pocket for a souvenir in case the thing gets away from you later. If a thing is found on private property, of course, legal steps should be observed in procuring possession.

It is likely that leavings; if any, will include a few huge, awkward things that will be fully pictured and publicized before the authorities can get them under their cloak of secrecy, away from the public.

-Bill Rawlinson




14. If the UFO are material objects, and if they travel through our atmosphere at velocities greater than that of sound, as they have. frequently been observed to do, how is it that they do not produce audible sound?

Ans. They frequently do. Reports of ‘sky quakes,’ inexplicable `sonic booms,’ have multiplied throughout the United States and many other countries. Most of these are at first assumed to be ordinary shock waves from jet aircraft diving at high velocities, but investigation later shows that no aircraft capable of exceeding the velocity of sound was in the air at the time. It is significant that more than twenty percent of all the sonic booms which have occurred in Southern California have been disowned by all branches of the armed forces, and since the same armed forces have the only planes capable of producing a sonic boom, we are forced to look elsewhere for our explanation. The reason that more sonic booms are not created by the UFO is probably simply that they seldom find it necessary to dive at high velocities, and it is only when an aircraft is diving that it will produce a shock wave which can be felt on the earth’s surface. The UFO are frequently observed in flight at velocities far above mach 1, but they are almost invariably rising or in level flight. In these cases the shock waves would not be felt on the ground.

15. Why are these craft not burned up by the friction of the air at their high velocities?

Ans. The velocity of the ‘heat barrier’ for these craft is probably much higher than the equivalent velocity for any of our craft. This is principally due to the fact that their craft are propelled by a field whose sphere of influence extends considerably beyond the limit of the hull, which means that a considerable amount of the air surrounding the craft would tend to be carried along with it. This in turn, means that a laminar flow of great depth would be set up. which would absorb practically all of the heat created by the compression (not friction) of the craft’s passage through the atmosphere.



February, 1958 DR. GEORGE HUNT WILLIAMSON : holds the rank of Colonel in the Andean Amazonian Survey, an international research and exploration organization, Author of “The Saucers Speak,” “Other Tongues, Other Flesh,” and “Secret Places of the Lion” (due for publication July 1958), reports entitled Project Scroll on the work of his expedition into the wilds of Peru in 1957. One of the most exciting and interesting meetings of this club took place in Peter Pan Ballroom, Vancouver, on February 4, when the guest speaker was Dr. Williamson accompanied by his able aide Major John McCoy. The lecture took two hours and was in three parts.  In opening he pointed out that man is today, on the threshold of space with his earth-circling satellites, and that there ARE red stars moving in our heavens-we first become aware that an orange ball is moving that a-way in the sky-next we want to know WHY the orange ball is going that a-way. If there are no UFOs in our heavens there is no such question to answer-but if they are in our skies, and coming to us from outer space-“which I firmly believe they are,” then “that fact is going to change the lives of everyone of us here this evening.  And ladies and gentlemen, that fact is too important to neglect.”

After the introductory part of the talk, entitled “THE LOST WORLD and THE UFO” Dr. Williamson took nearly an hour on the second part in which he showed a series of color slides taken by the expedition in Peru last year. The speaker’s first participation in the Flying Saucer drama is described in his first book, co-authored by himself and his associate Alfred Bailey, “The Saucers Speak.” an account of Radio contacts with the space people. Dr. Williamson and his wife Betty- are two of the sworn witnesses of Adamski’s first con-tact with ‘a man from another world’ on the desert, Nov. 20, 1952. During the radio contacts of 1952 and 53, the space entities stated that “Your solar system is moving into a new area in space.” It was further stated that this will bring about an increase in the cosmic ray bombardment from space. The atom bomb is not at the root of all our present difficulties. but it is presenting us with a very serious addition to an already serious radiation condition. The speaker posed the question “What is the connection between Lost Cities and UFO?” “The Lost Cities of the world and the unexplored places give us an inheritance from the past, a warning for the present, and a legacy for the future.” In the opinion of the expedition some of the ruins were laid out in such a way that they can ONLY be properly viewed from the AIR. WHY?

“Many people look for a convenient oak tree to lean against-when the UFO came there were many who viewed them as just such a leaning-post-can there be a much bigger reason for their being here than that?

The doctor stated his belief that “the finding of ancient records now hidden behind miles of Green-hell-jungle, may well revolutionize our history.” In concluding he underlined the concept which goes beyond mere materiality,’ dramatically, when he said- “Why is all this important for us now?–the Marcahuasi Indians say that their ancestors came to them ‘over a road in the sky’-and that the communication over this ‘road’ was cut off immediately after a great catastrophe destroyed their empire. The Amazonian empire existed; they had a writing, and-their leaders were in communication with the sky people. Today we find the Padres reporting many UFO sightings-remember that in the past they have been sighted just before some-thing of great import was about to happen… Let us pause for a moment to consider the tremendous philosophical and spiritual ramifications to this whole program-perhaps, friends, this is to prepare us for the greatest adventure man has ever known — a march across time and the stars. Is it not possible that all this ties in with what was written thousands of years ago “when you see these things come. fear not, for it is the promise of salvation.” Let us not look at the material things of this earth, when the night stars are beckoning, and they are beckoning as they never have before, in the history of man upon the earth. ‘The remnant which remains shall be gathered together in the prophesied Eagle’s Place.’ (From “They Shall be Gathered Together,” by John McCoy) Friends, I feel that one of the greatest things that the UFO intelligences have to tell us is, that Man is a potential god. As was stated 1900 years ago ‘Know ye not that ye are gods?’ Everyone of us has the spark which can enable us to manifest divinity. Many people say that the ancient ones were so cruel, so inhuman-today we are modern, we have progressed; we kill thousands in a second with an atomic bomb. We are really civilized, today. But why be concerned about all this (the disasters and the cataclysms) if out of it may come the answers to all man’s prayers for all time upon this planet.       And those prayers have been that man may know Freedom and Truth-indeed there is no religion higher than Truth.  The teacher is not important, but the teaching is.  I like to think that that road in the sky spoken of by the Indians, is still there-a road that in magnitude and importance makes the Russian satellites look like a candle flame beside an Atomic explosion. A road of conquest-but one which has never known marching feet or engines of war-a conquest, but with one difference, conquest of Love. `Return home, Earth, return to the emptiness of our being, you who have been so long absent from our hearts and souls.’ Our graduation day is approaching, the day of thrones, kings and priests is over. It is not important whether you ever remember that you listened to G. H. Williamson tonight-but go home and listen to that still small voice– GO HOME, WALK WITH GOD, AND KEEP IN STEP WITH THE UNIVERSE.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


by Mabel Wallingford

(Thoughts after reading the Book of Daniel)

We have been told that thought is the greatest force in the Universe and that love and prayer are its instruments.

Our world has had a badly distorted thought pattern for a long time, taking the form of the power of hatred and fear; now manifesting in more and greater weapons of destruction. This is the road we are traveling now total destruction or a false peace that will lead to destruction for many as told by the Prophet Daniel, 8th Chapter, 25th verse, not a very happy thing to contemplate for the “pleasant land.”

The other road leads away from destruction. It puts our trust in the Power of God. We, as a young and spiritual nation believing in that guidance, inscribed it on our coins. Surely the Power of God is greater than all the missiles devised by the misguided mind of man.

Let us now say for all the world to hear-“As for us, the United States of America, returning to the faith of our Father, which made us a great nation, the only Intercontinental ballistic missile we will ever launch will be that powered by love and goodwill to all people everywhere.”

I venture to predict that such a declaration would cause a greater sensation than did the launching of Sputnik, and that the great majority of all peoples and nations would rally to our side. World opinion would be against any potential aggressor continuing along the present suicidal course, for none, as they well know, will escape the consequence.

Which way is peace? The decision rests with all of us but the time remaining is short.



by Bill Hamilton

This is a report of some of the things which I have received concerning the operation of Spacecraft, from contacts with these Brothers from Outer Space.

The first Spacecraft to be considered is the Scout or Saucer-shaped craft. These travel within the planet’s field of magnetism and are transported from one planet to another by the larger craft known as Mother Ships. These craft are often called Ventlas or Crystal Bell Craft, and are of various sizes. In these craft they have a pole which corresponds to its earthly counterpart, the North and South Pole. This magnetic pole is polarized in the same manner as either of the earth’s poles. Between the inner and outer skin of the ship there is an insulator, similar to the insulator of the earth’s crust. It also contains a RMF (Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field) generator which is similar to the earth’s core. The craft generating an RMF around it, nullifies the earth’s field of attraction by producing a polarity in opposition to (or conjunction with) the earth’s polarity. (Resonance is the attunement of frequency which brings the particles to focus, much like a telescope is focused by adjustment.)

Light energy is intercepted and converted for use as magnetism. The seven phase conversion for operation of a spacecraft is briefly as follows:

(1) Energy source on the etheric level; (2) Converted energy on the power level; (3) Directed energy on the control level; (4) Potential energy on the impulse level; (5) Operational energy on the mechanistic level; (6) Control energy on the effect level; (7) Reacted force on the reaction level. The reaction force is not reaction for motivation, but reaction of the energy in creating a force field.

Then there are large ships or carriers which travel from planet to planet and work on a `Solar System’ principle, the principle of a planet’s orbit in revolution around its central body, the electron planet creating a field in motion. The larger ship employs the use of the free currents of space in activating the different reception charges.

Last, there are ships which can travel intergalactic by resonance attunement. Those who operate the ship and wish to travel intergalactically instantaneously set up a null around the ship and set up a polarized projection to the place of destination. They then attune the frequency of the ship in resonance by bringing the particles to focus with the planet of destination, and then release the null and arrive there on the ‘spur of the moment.’ The polarized projection culminates time and space into central control. Dial the frequency tune selector and you are there!

To be continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“You have heard it said that no creation is separate. How can that be explained? God is everything and everywhere, then each creation is part of the unit, whole or God. Like a television set, each part is in conjunction to produce the desired effect. Electricity is always there and by it the parts operate.  So is God. If one of the parts is deficient or defunct, it will disturb the operation of the unit.  In space, densities were created to correct the condition that man may have abusively set wrong.  New dimensions of consciousness unfold to right and align the eccentricity which man has produced in his orbit. The one Truth, the I AM, which is Consciousness of Being, is the real man.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Oh! earth bound soul, why do I sing to thee?

Who can not love nor even understand.

I gave thee e’er I fled far over sea,

These songs, wrung from my soul, into thy hand.

If they had drowned where mermaids lie entwined

They might be music now, not torn apart.

If they had leaned upon a wailing wind

It would have bourne them further than thy heart.

My songs mean nothing to thee, less my love,

And yet I swear that these my words shall save

Unhappy hearts when all for which we strove

Hath vanished like the breath upon a wave:

Aye, though that breath now stir the breaker’s roar,

My words shall sound when all these are no more.

From the unpublished works of Elsa Tudor.




Your editor and his wife wish to share this letter with all of you.

 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fry,

My husband and I are very happy with the letter we got from your work “UNDERSTANDING.” We are working too, night and day for a better understanding among peoples. Yes, we are longing to receive your new articles as we read them to our friends in our home gatherings, or living room meetings. We have every week in the cities some of them attended by all sorts of people, who get our little leaflet about “Flying Saucers, their passengers and their message.” At these meetings we sell your book in German too: “Das Erlebnis von White Sands” and now the Venta Verlag has put “Alan’s Botschaft and die Erdenmenschen” in one book.       I like your book very much, but if you could send us some English books, it would be good too, because the Dutch people do not like in general to read German because of World War 2, though it is not as bad as it was. Well, we must build up a better and a new world. There are some friends we know who have seen real Motherships above Amsterdam. Do you like to have these sightings or do you have enough of them from all continents?

I believe that our earth is in great danger, because the “fallout” from the atom bomb tests and explosions ruin our earth, plants, animals, human beings. It would be very good if we could organize a “World Opinion of Men” who will have the UNDERSTANDING of what is really going on in regards to the earth, plants, animals, and human beings!

I present this in a scientific way as we put in our little leaflets as follows: “Are the UFO real sightings of the world”: photos; books of Adamski, Keyhoe, Bethurum, etc.; Bible text by M. K. Jessup; the inner power of the atom with photos; drawings of the solar system; the “thin” crust of our earth and World War 3 ; the Geophysical year has found a crack 47,000 miles long, 20 miles broad, 1V2 miles deep in the earthquake zone; science knows the deathly danger of the atom tests in the ductless glands and the procreative organs. Dr. Albert Schweitzer of Lamberene, Africa, gave in his talk over the radio, the results of the test of 3000 medical doctors who worked with radio-active rays and their children were more affected spiritually and bodily (14.03%) than the children of doctors who didn’t work intensively with atom-rays.

In Amsterdam, in a small pond behind the Institute of Atomfysics, frogs were found absolutely misformed and the gonads of these animals, the spermatozoids, show the defects from the radioactive stuff thrown away in that water. There were 55 absolutely misformed frogs! In Holland one water flows into the other rivers … we are swimming in these waters… the fish coming out of the ocean is tested already for radioactivity.

In Holland, just lately, there was great anxiety. A young girl was in the hospital in Utrecht and was treated in her nose. After coming home she was giving up her food and being sick. The doctor came. Meanwhile, at the hospital the nurses couldn’t find the cobalt point of the needle which had been in the nose of that young girl! Great consternation everywhere! The Geiger counter was used in the home of the girl. The point of the cobalt needle was found in the ashes of the stove where the girl had given up her food. These ashes had been thrown into the garden by the mother and there it was found by the Geiger counter. The house and garden stood under the “rays”. . A he whole family put out of the house. ..all that with one small point  a cobalt needle!!! And then to think of Bikini ashes on the fishermen and the two atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ! ! And the “big three” who make these bombs do not stop the atom explosions. What will be the end of us all?

Have we all NOTHING TO SAY? Why do not the mothers stand up and raise their voices against this atom death on earth? When the Women’s Leagues understand this all and work against it they help the husbands and boys. The mother gives her children life, so she MUST PROTECT IT, SHE MUST … or it is too late…

It is the best way, dear Mr. and Mrs. Fry, to spread small leaflets, sending from the one to the other. I hear that in America you may not put them into the letter boxes? We do this in Europe and spread thousands of leaflets in the cities in the letterboxes, every friend putting some hundreds in the streets in their neighborhood. It spreads the message most quickly, and in the meantime we tell them that the 14

UFOs will help us.  Then the people are happy that interplanetarians will help. So you can count my husband and myself on your list of UFO friends and we would like to cooperate with you and everybody else in the way of truth, honesty, brotherhood and peace over all borders! We have NO OTHER choice. We all perish by the atom explosions or we help the UFO ones.

Give our love to your organization friends. Your friends Mr. C. Sypkens Mrs. Steph. Sypkens-van Andel


By Marc Norman



Greetings, and the PEACE of the FATHER be with you.

For this evening let us philosophize generally, for man of earth has need of greater understanding than he now possesses. Through many and divers avenues have we of the Brotherhood endeavored to awaken mankind to its responsibilities relative to earthly procedure. That man has not hearkened to ‘the voice within,’ nor absorbed the serious-ness of the many warnings given him through the written word over the centuries, is not because of any laxity on the part of those whose privilege it is to guide and enlighten the peoples of earth.

The greatest book of instruction ever given man, while read by the few, still for the most part lies dusty on the shelves of the majority. Can it be the fault of the contents of this book that man cannot under-stand it, or can it be the fault of those who claim to be ministers of the Law, in that they have failed to realize their responsibility of office? Yea, ‘MANY SHALL BE CALLED, but FEW SHALL BE CHOSEN.’ Man himself has failed in recognizing his duty to his fellow man. The MASTER JESUS has instructed: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”-This be a difficult and seemingly impossible assignment, judging by the thoughts and actions of men and nations generally, especially at the present time.

The question arises in the minds of many: Is man justified in taking the steps now so drastically employed, in seeking to establish what is thought to be `fair and equitable returns for services rendered?’ The masses, the so-called laboring classes, have long endured the indignities of unfair control and inadequate necessities. On the other hand, are those called Capitalists, backed by high finance and entrenched private interests extracting every penny from their fellow man through the use of usury or profit? Each side proffers arguments as to why such recognition and control should be exercised. These reasons are too long and many, for us to enter into full discussion of them, but in the light of our Father’s Plan for social and economic procedure, neither side even considers that they are merely units of the Cosmic whole, and by right of citizenship all have equal rights to that which the Father has provided.

A study of your economic history proves that your present system has failed regardless of what name you append to it. And it must continue to fail until man realizes that he can only take out of life that which he himself contributes to it. Whilst there are those who need the necessities of life, shelter and raiment, any system utilized is obviously inadequate and therefore a failure.

Throughout all your wars, strikes and unrest, who has gained? And who  has lost? The answer requires no deep analysis. It would appear therefore that your social and economic problems are approached incorrectly. It should also be obvious that security and harmony cannot be established by increasing the burden already beyond control. It is peculiar, and yet interesting, that man has to value everything by its monetary assignment. This factor has ever been a source of amazement to us, in that we fail to impress the realization, that every-thing you have is a gift of the supreme Deity, and that His gifts cost you nothing. All that is required is the energy expended in extracting the basic elements from the earth. “The earth is mine, saith the Lord, and the fullness thereof”-Wherefore then doth man consider that lie owns it?

Values, whether they be of commodities, or of the labor utilized in creating such items, should be based on service only. This is the only 16

necessary requirement in attaining such articles of food, clothing and shelter as are needed to promote the comfort and security of mankind. The basic elements for any human need are contained within the earth, which means that each and every individual has equal rights to its production. Such rights are, of course, based on individual effort, the wealth being distributed accordingly. But this does not mean that anyone should be without. There are ways of dealing with those who would take all and donate nothing.

As it is now, the few who, in gaining control through organized capital and interest, have taken the earth and the fullness thereof, and planned distribution according to their systems of profit making. This for generations has been the method of economic procedure under the guise of ‘free enterprise,’ and it is this same method that has been the cause of all earthly wars and unrest. That TIME is nearing the end, and if mankind would survive, a change in economic structure must be introduced wherein equality of opportunity is the key-note of social behavior. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. It would be well to remember this. It has happened before to earlier civilizations, and it can and will happen again unless man arouses himself to the events closing in around him.

It has, of course, been widely discussed as to how it is possible to establish an economic system wherein all can secure an equal share of the earth’s produce. It is claimed that a state social order would deny the privileges of individual effort, and that all would be mere puppets of such a state. In this it would depend upon whom, and what comprised the STATE. If a clique were at the head of such a government. established through political maneuvering, then such would not be a true social order.

It is also claimed that your present democratic system is of the people and for the people, and by the people. Yes, that is so in theory, but how few people? This is one of the greatest farces perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public.

Wherein a true social State such as our own, called a BROTHERHOOD, places one of its members at the head of government, that member is one who has only the welfare of the peoples and the country at heart, and who is qualified only by reason of services performed and upon his record as a leader and Brother, and not because of his political affiliations, neither because of his success in business. He becomes an employee of the State, and the State is the people. He could immediately be relieved of his responsibilities if his efforts were in any way detrimental to the safe conduct of the nation as a whole.

But then, it must be recognized that that such a system could be erected only by a peoples so spiritually developed that there would be no individual thoughts as to personal gain or prestige. Each would be satisfied to contribute his or her share of service according to gifts or talents (we use these terms advisedly). Opportunity would be the same for all, whether in education, commerce or any given field of endeavor. Naturally- one could not fill a position for which he was not adapted or educated.

Such a system does not detract from anyone’s ability to succeed in any given field. Eventually this form of social Brotherhood must be established. It would therefore be much easier if man would now direct his efforts to such establishment. Then man could love his neighbor as himself, and his chief concern would be that of his fellow man, and SELF would be forgotten.

Well, we have thus spoken this evening. We know that some of you would rather hear concerning our craft, methods of propulsion, and other items seemingly more interesting, for TRUTH, while never new, is embarrassing when it strikes home, for are we not all at fault?

But remember, what is now being conditioned has before been experienced by earlier societies. All things run in cycles, and yet man seemingly never learns by his own mistakes. We therefore hold little hope that our warnings will be accepted, or those spoken of by the prophets and confirmed by our ELDER BROTHER whom you refer to as the CHRIST. If man would really establish PEACE upon earth, then he must begin within his own household. A nation is made up of its peoples. Therefore from the people must come the movement back to the LAW, and by this we mean COSMIC or UNIVERSAL LAW. The warning is clear. This must be done, and soon. Every chance will be given man of earth to bring about a harmonious social relationship, BUT the `TIMES’ are being shortened. Refusal will bring the rewards of your own stupidity.

For this evening, SELAS,


To be continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Many subscribers have asked about the Desert Center Building Fund. As of March 1st, the stun of $692.00 has been subscribed. This has just about covered the cost of exterior building material. The interior work will be started as soon as more funds are available.

All are invited to come and visit the center some week end. After all the rain in California this winter Chambers of Commerce please excuse-we are expecting an array of desert wildflowers this spring.

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The Vista Unit of Understanding reports that the lecture given at the meeting in February, by L. Gordon Plummer, was devoted largely to an explanation of the subject of Theosophy. The March 8th talk will be given by J. W. Rasner of the Pacific Telephone Company who will present a color film depicting “Solar Energy.”

Unit No. 5 of Pomona presents Mr. Frank Spiva on March 22nd, speaking on the subject, “The Cosmic Causes and Reasons for the Saucers.” This will he an illustrated lecture.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No l of El Monte will have Mr. Ralph Huffman, well known lecturer, on march 15th. His topic will be “Cosmic Hunger.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. G of San Fernando Valley will be officially presented with their charter on March ‘?1st by Daniel Fry, the National President.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Congratulations to Unit No. 9 at Santa Cruz, who have sent out in-formative notices concerning the organization with the result that they doubled their membership during the month of February!

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Understanding will sponsor Ray and Rex Stanford of Corpus Christi, Texas, during the month of May. They will be lecturing at many points on the Pacific Coast on the subject “New Contacts and Concepts from Other Worlds.” Their new book, “Look UP” will be off the press in time for these lectures. For information as to dates and places of their appearances write to Understanding, Rm. 35, 101 S. Lexington, El Monte. Calif. If any group wishes to arrange a lecture for the boys during the month of May, please let us know immediately while there are still some dates available.

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Celia Barnes of Unit No. 2, San Mateo, reports that some of their members went to Oakland to hear Riley Crabb, formerly of the Akualele Research Group in Hawaii, who spoke for the Spacecraft group in Oakland.




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