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VOL. III                                          FEBRUARY, 1958                                     NO. 2




A few months ago, when the Soviet Union had several satellites orbiting the earth, and the United States, as ,yet, had none, a great furor, amounting almost to panic, developed in many parts of this country. Prophets of doom, (who in the most part turned out to be owners or managers of large aircraft and missile plants) went about shouting that the United States was almost hopelessly behind the Soviet Union in rocketry, and in most of the other branches of the physical science. Unless our Government began immediately to pour additional billions into the hoppers of the missile companies, we would soon find ourselves being attacked and taken over by the Soviet Union.

Now that the arrangements have been made to pour in the extra billions, and now that we have a satellite of our own, the tumult and the shouting have largely died away. It is felt that after all, the Soviet scientists may not be very far ahead of us in scientific development, and we have had time to patch up our self inflating egos which the Sputniks so rudely punctured.

Let us make use of the present comparatively calm period, to take a careful look at the true situation. It is, of course, virtually impossible to make an unbiased examination from any point on earth, therefore we must conduct our survey through the eyes of an inhabitant of the planet Mars who has, for a number of years, been observing us at close range from a spacecraft in orbit about the earth. We will call him Mr. Z, and will pretend that we are conducting an interview for the press.

Question: Is it true, Mr. Z, that the Soviet Union is ahead of the United States in scientific development?

Ans:If you are speaking of the physical science as a whole, the answer is no. The United States still has a slight advantage in the overall picture. This advantage is, however, diminishing at the present moment.

Question: Is the Soviet Union ahead of the United States in the development of Rocketry, and if so, how much?

Ans: he Soviet Union has approximately a four year lead over the United States in most of the basic technology of rocket propulsion. Their instrumentation does not compare with that of the United States, but since their concepts are simpler and more directly applied, they can operate their missiles successfully with fewer controls.

Question: How did the Soviet Union manage to get ahead of the United. States in this field?

Ans: They didn’t get ahead, they have always been ahead. The Russian government began an intensive and large scale program to develop rocket Weapons more than three years before the need arose in the United States. They have continued this program on a crash basis ever since, whereas the United States government has been only half hearted and intermittent its sponsorship. Another thing which is not generally realized is that after the second world war, the Russians managed, by one means or another, to acquire about four-fifths of the German rocket technology. The American officials contented themselves with a few of the top German rocket authorities, whom they persuaded to come to the United States. The Russians took in German scientists, engineers, technicians and laborers. Anyone who had ever worked with rockets in any capacity was welcome in the Soviet Union provided they were willing to adopt, at least outwardly, the ideology of their new bosses. To the rocket workers, abandoned in the technological vacuum of post war Germany, Russia loomed to offer the only opportunity to continue in their profession. There is a third reason which you will find very difficult to accept but which is true nevertheless: The Soviet Union has managed to divorce its rocket science almost completely from its politics, a feat which has not yet been accomplished in the United States. This is all the more remarkable be-cause it was achieved in a country in which almost every facet of life is completely dominated by politics. The top Soviet leaders, however arrogant they may be, however power mad they may be, are not fools. They realized long ago that their only chance to remain in power was to produce military weapons superior in quality and quantity to those of any other nation or group of nations which might be arrayed against them. They also realized that scientists cannot work efficiently when operated by strings as political puppets, therefore the Soviet rulers said, in effect to the scientists, “We will furnish you tools and materials. Build better weapons. You are responsible only to success, and Comrades, if you know what is good for you, you had better succeed!” The implied threat, which might have daunted lesser individuals had little effect upon the scientists, who are usually confident of their ability to succeed if allowed to pursue their own course.

Question: Your analysis of the missile situation does not sound too encouraging for the United States. Are there any fields of action in which the United States has a clear advantage over the Soviet Union?

Ans.: Certainly. The United States is still well ahead in most branches of nuclear physics. Their physicists, together with the physicists of Great Britain, have demonstrated the successful fusion of hydrogen in controlled reaction. This is an achievement of more significance to your world than all of the I.C.B.M.’s which will ever be built, but neither the Americans nor the British have made any use of this achievement from the standpoint of propaganda.

The sphere of action in which the United States and her allies have the greatest and most clear cut advantage, is one which is almost entirely ignored by these nations: the worldwide propagation of simple truths upon a massive scale or saturation basis. The Soviet Union has made a tremendous impact upon world thinking by the large scale use of propaganda, most of which is false. If truth were made equally available to the undecided peoples of your world, they would have little difficulty in Making the proper choice. Your material science has developed military weapons so cataclysmic in their effect that they can never successfully be used. The only weapons which your civilization can use henceforth are moral and spiritual weapons.”




(by letter from Eva R. Taylor)

“As I was spending a few months in the Northwest, I had the opportunity of visiting friends in Mission City, B. C., Canada. A friend from Bellingham, Washington, who went with me, had never seen or heard much about saucers, and when the subject came up, I told her some time she would see them.

When we were returning to Bellingham, just at dark, there in the sky just in front of us, I saw what I knew to be a saucer. So I asked her if she could see any stars. She looked up and said “Yes,” and then exclaimed: “Oh no! That can’t be a star, it’s too large!” So I told her it was a flying saucer. As she watched it, I sent mental messages to them, and asked them to come closer. The ball of light at first was about six inches across, but as it came closer it was about two feet across. Then we saw the blinking lights of a plane approaching from our left, and the saucer light disappeared like a flash.

This first experience was the latter part of October. I believe it was the 28th. Then around the 28th or 29th of November we made the trip again, and the same thing happened. We went the third time on January 1st, 1958, coming back at about the same time of night, and each time contacting the saucer. Had the airplanes stayed out of the way, we feel the saucer would have come down where we were, as they were sending me a mental message that they would.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Hope Troxell recounts two recent experiences to add to her lengthening collection. One occurred on the afternoon of the evening she was to speak at Long Beach (Friday, Feb. 7th). She says she was retyping her notes, as she had “received” additional information which is usually supplied just before her talks, when she began “receiving” more, very clearly, and so was taking it down directly on the type-writer, when a huge plane came directly over, with a terrific roar which shook the house. Since it continued to roar and shake the house, she ran out in the garden to see what was happening.

It was an army plane, flying much too low, and banking in tight circles over the lot. She says she could almost see the pilot, it was so close. Suddenly a jet roared into the picture, and likewise circled higher up…. But the “boys upstairs” were shouting something at her and she ran in to take it down….

Hope feels the Spaceship from which she was getting the mental information must have shown up on the radar screen, and therefore these two planes were sent to the spot. It seems pretty clear that the saucer must have been quite low overhead, and she’s only sorry she missed seeing it.

Just a week earlier, Hope says she was “directed” to go to the “plateau” near her house, and to be there by 10:30 P.M., which she did, and saw a large fuzzy dull red ball approaching from the north-west, low in the sky. As it came slowly toward her, she had the impression she should move another fifty feet to the northwest on the plateau, toward a bank. Hope says she has always followed directions, but she will never forgive herself for letting foolish “reason” enter her head on this occasion. So she stood there watching the globe approach, and reasoning that it wasn’t necessary to move further over, as she could see it perfectly well where she was.. .when suddenly a beam of strong light was thrown from the ball onto the ground in exactly the spot where she had been directed to go. . . It covered an area of about eight feet in diameter, and had she been there,…no telling what! But as it was she was so thunder-struck, she couldn’t think to move until it had been shut off.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



January 24, 1958

“We come to you, in this hour of prayer and intunement with your own Christ self, that you may better understand what lies before you in the days to come. Darkness there will be, and great anguish of soul for those who have not yet of enlightment whereby they can accept our reality.

“To these you must give of your courage, your love, your knowledge, that their hearts may be opened to receive us, even as you do. This is a work of great importance, for it will be the means of saving many, many lives which would otherwise go down in disaster. Many are ready to believe, yet have not the will to withstand the ridicule directed towards them because of their belief.

“Do not withhold this help, for in so doing you but delay that which must surely come: the cleansing of your Earth. Work unceasingly, dap and night, for greater enlightenment of those around you, thus hastening the day of your liberation from all forms of the distress now known on your Earth. We stand by to give you all the assistance you are willing to accept.

January 30, 1958

“We watch, with deep interest, the progress of Earth men in their endeavors to awaken others to our reality, and to quicken their minds to the need for haste in changing their way of life. Forces far beyond your comprehension are working, in all their power, to nullify the good that is being done by those who believe in us and our mission for the Earth.

“It is, to us, inconceivable that there are those who believe we come to destroy, rather than to help. Were we bent on destruction, your nuclear weapons are but toys as compared with the power we have, and could use for complete and instantaneous annihilation of the Earth and all its inhabitants. If more Earth people could be made to believe this, they would cease their continual talk of warring with us when we appear in the skies, and would concentrate on cooperation with us in learning whereby they can meet us on our plane of functioning, thus speeding up your scientific discoveries for the construction of a better world, rather than the destruction of the one in which you now live.

“We come to help you find better ways of life through the many avenues we have learned to use. These avenues are clean thinking, clear seeing, and right doing, all of which leads to a way of life in accordance with God’s law. We abide by His law, and we wait for the day when our Earth brothers have learned to do likewise.

“Our help is freely given. Accept it. and learn to live as sons of God should live.

Your Space Brothers”

As recorded by a friend of Understanding


By Bill Rawlinson

There is a certain principle at work in the universe which may account for the delay in learning how the UFO’s operate, and in learning so very, very little about gravity. The principle can be stated thus To him whose motives are bad, a hard, roundabout way to his goal will be given. The way of the transgressor is hard.

The Flat People (August 1957 UNDERSTANDING) imagine that knowledge is gained by simply looking over things and picking it out. It’s not so simple. After looking over things, the observer gets knowledge really by inner flashes of what has been called intuition or perception. Students of religion and the occult realize that knowledge comes down like light from heaven, from the mental and spiritual realm. The great scientists have realized this as well.

This means there are beings on higher planes that send or transmit wisdom, and who are so advanced that earth knowledge is, by contrast, crude and primitive. But this further assumes that the realms above are alive with purpose and motives. It can only be concluded that we who live here below will be given wisdom as we are capable of bearing it and using it. The better the motive, the keener the knowledge. Such is the principle at work in the universe. The bad motives of the war-mongers, who are hunting for the secrets of gravity and space travel, have decreed for them the hardest, most roundabout and complex: trails to their space platforms, which they would load with atom bombs and cannons, if they were shown an easy way to get them up in orbit in six weeks. Are we fit to travel to, and for associate with, other planets”

As long as such destructive motives reign, the higher beings (the reader must bring his own labels for them) cannot afford to show even the innocent how to overcome or convert gravity in six easy lessons. The least bearer of such knowledge would be caught and the knowledge wrung out by force and violence, on one hand, or wine, women and song on the other. The agents of many governments would wait on him, not to mention the minions of commerce, show-biz and finance.

The earth looks for a revolution in nationalism comparable to that of the Eighteenth century, the century of revolutions. The nations must renounce war and standing armed forces, and pacificism must become the reigning policy not only in Moscow and Washington as it is officially in Tokyo, but in every walk and branch of government. When war has become as outlawed as piracy, the UFO’s may venture to make public landings.

The present Constitution of Japan was adopted May 6, 1917. It is about as long as that of the United States, and resembles it in some ways. After a brilliant Preamble there follows a Chapter dealing with the new status of the Emperor. Then follows Chapter Two, outlawing war. It reads:

“Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation, and threat or use of force as means of settling inter-national disputes.

“In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the State will not be recognized.” (From “Orbis,” the Encyclopedia of Countries.)

How well this shining ideal is being lived up to in Japan, who can say? And it must be admitted she had lots and lots of help from an occupying Power at the time of adoption. But there the document stands, an amazing symbol of hope for the whole earth! It is a be-ginning at least. With dozens of new nations coming to the U.N. head-quarters in New York almost yearly, let us beg them not to go the way of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., whose governments and law remain under a mortal cloud from the articles of war written into the Constitution of either land. Let’s beg them, as the rich man is hell begged, not to come to the warmonger’s flame, but to cry to God for the better way that has been pointed out.

How the pacifist revolution will come in Russia or the United States, or when, nobody knows. Those in open revolt against the war system risk jail or worse in both countries, despite exemptions made for conscientious objectors who are willing to play along in some ways. But until the national motives are cleaned up, it is hard to believe the secrets of space travel and gravity will be handed down on a silver platter. It is easier to imagine that on some fine morning we will learn all the sputniks, scores of them, have been cleaned out of the skies in one hour by some mysterious force. The way of the transgressors could be just that hard.




NOT UNDERSTOOD. We move along asunder;

Our paths grow wider, as the season’s creep

Along the years; we marvel, and we wonder

Why life IS life. And then we fall asleep…

Not understood.

Not Understood. We gather false impressions

And hug them closer as the years go by,

Till virtues often seem to us transgressions,

And thus men rise and fall, and live and die,

Not Understood.

Not Understood! Poor souls of stunted vision

Oft measured giants by their narrow gauge;

The poisoned shafts of falsehood and derision

Are oft impelled ‘gainst those who mould the Age. . .

Not Understood.

Oh God! That men would see a little clearer,

Or judge less harshly where they cannot see!

Oh God !If men could draw a little nearer

One another; they’d be nearer Thee,


Four of seven stanzas

by Thomas Bracken

(From Poems the World Loves)



By Marc Norman


Continuation  of Discourse from ANTRIM

“It is interesting for us to come among you, for such opportunities are not often afforded us, and we know that you seek information which will explain many of the things that have heretofore puzzled you. Many of your schools and cults release instruction that has perhaps caused you to wonder from whence came such information. Over great periods of time many changes are incorporated into these teachings, and so, as information is passed on from one generation to another, you can readily understand that the philosophy gradually becomes colored by the interpreter’s own thinking and acceptance. This is most natural, but in any case the `inner’ or `mystic’ symbolism is not lost. Only terminology is changed. We may divulge certain avenues from whence these ordinances originate. Allow us then to introduce some of the history involved.

Eons ago, of your time, the most learned and advanced of the peoples, referred to as the `PRIESTHOOD,’ or ARCANE leaders, were known as the ‘CHAREGOF.’ (This term is very ancient, and is more of a phonetic tone quality, meaning, POWER OF LIGHT.) These learned men, because of their advanced knowledge, belonged to an Order, known as the ORDER OF CHAREGOF, hence the more modern term, `CHILDREN OF LIGHT’ and the ‘FREE MESSON’ or FREE MASONS. By their actions and studies into the mysteries of life, they discovered many things of a so-called mysterious nature. Such information was not made public by reason of its importance, and besides, like unto today, there would be but few who could assimi-late or digest such revelations. But those who desired to enter the Priesthood, did so by way of the ‘NARAGOF,’ which is a sister term to Charagof, meaning, ‘THE PATH OF LIGHT,’ now referred to as the ‘PATTI OF INITIATION.’

It became part of their duty to study and decipher the various symbols that were given them at a certain stage of their venture. Failure to interpret the more intricate symbols disqualified them from the coveted recognition; hence many solar and lunar cycles entered into the novice’s study program. Of a later period, and related to the ARCAD regime, or if you will, ARCADIAN DYNASTY, one such advanced of the Priesthood was set aside to compile records of past findings in symbolic or hieroglyphic form. At this time they were re-corded on papyrus, certain types of prepared leaves, or chiselled in stone. The Egyptians followed this pattern long afterwards, resulting in the hieroglyphics well known to you.

“We are aware that some of you are thinking that there are subjects seemingly more important that you would have us speak upon. We shall come to our own experiences later. The primary purpose in your gathering together is in order that you may advance in knowledge and understanding. Remember that small stones carefully selected and cemented together, eventually form a solid foundation for any edifice. In ane sense then you are building up a climatical postulate, founded upon resurrected particles, which if organized and conducted in the correct manner will eventuate into a more substantial reckoning.

“Take care, therefore, that the mistakes of earlier dispositions be not repeated, and that instruction proceeds along visible channels of enlightenment, without over-emphasis of the inner mystic interpolations. By this we mean, that in order to present information to the mass mind, such knowledge should be given in such a manner that your listeners or readers he not confused by so called mystic terminology.

-Of Water–

“Shall we digress from the general theme, and speak of other things? What of WATER? A commonplace commodity, and yet an element of extreme importance to your planet. Water, as such, plays a very major role in the sustaining of life forces, not only in the earth itself, but in plant, animal and man. This you realize. It is at once a cleansing agent, and a matrix for the forming and generation of life. Water has many mystical properties, but your scientists have determined only its chemical properties, and therefore lose much in the way of advanced knowledge.

“It may seem strange to you, when you look out into the fullness of nature and recognize that this essence, termed water, is contained both within and without all functions of a divine prerogative. It is estimated that two thirds of the surface area of your planet earth is covered with water, and that also the land areas are generously pro-portioned with inland lakes, rivers and streams, all of which provide services for human occupancy. Man has learned to utilize such sources for irrigation, navigation, extraction of edible bodies (such as fish and certain kelps), and in purification systems allowing for the individual civic systems of water supply so essential to daily life.

“Within the earth itself, enormous and complicated branches of supply are ever being discovered, and there is not a part of your planet which cannot be tapped for a supply of this precious liquid. In the atmosphere around you, minute particles of the same substance reveal themselves as moisture apparent in the dew of the morning, the fogs and mists of seasonable occurrence, even in the humidity of a sultry summer day.

“Thus, you see, this substance, WATER, not only surrounds you in space, but is present in the land and all forms of life upon it. There is not a thing that grows that does not contain this magical essence. Why is this so, and what is its purpose? We have stated that no life could be sustained without it, and this is a truism, for all is born of WATER, which is the life stream of the Cosmos. It is present in some form or other upon all planes of activity, and plays its part in the creation and formation of nova bodies.

“This is why Water is referred to as a UNIVERSAL SUBSTANCE, for contained within its molecular formation is a power more potent than any which could be devised by man, your atom and nitrogen and hydrogen bombs included. There is nothing that can withstand the power of water, for it can wear away and dissolve the hardest sub-stance known to science, time being the essence thereof. Someone now thinks of a diamond. A diamond is formed by pressure. If such a stone was placed in a receptacle holding a quantity of salt water taken from your sea, and left therein for sufficient time, the water would turn a green color, and the diamond upon extraction would be of a gelateous nature. This would be the result of chemical reaction.

“We have also said that Water is a great cleanser. This is an important function of its chemistry. In the human body, as it passes through the system it makes pathways for burned out tissues and dregs of toxactic poisons, which filter into the organisms as a result of your modern manner of living. As perspiration it emerges through the capillaries bringing out substances of a gaseous nature, which accounts for the odor of perspiration, the salts being used as a filtering and purifying agency.

-Mystic Phases of Water —

“To enter now into the more mystic phases of this remarkable essence, Water; the ancients knew more of its properties than do those with advanced learning among you. It was out of this under-standing, and the value given unto it, that the term, VIRGIN MARE, and consequently the present VIRGIN MARY was derived. Because Jesus, who is a saviour, was born of the VIRGIN MARY, an allegory which is now accepted and portrayed by your ecclesiastia. This has been allowed as to its presentation, for it behooves the thinkers of your race to extract its dual interpretation. All our SAVIOURS, (which means a soul development, or to save one’s soul from obliteration through ignorance, fear and despair), have used this symbolism to present the philosophy of life to the masses. Jesus symbolizes the male progeny who naturally assumed leadership and mastership of the masses, or those who were ‘Baptised’ by water or cleansed of impurities. Thus all are born of the ‘VIRGIN MARY,’ an Immaculate Conception, meaning the WOMB of NATURE, and expressed into the ‘MANGER OF LIFE,’ meaning abode of animals, the plane of man impregnated with animalistic mass thought and action. Thus Water is the eternal essence which bathes and cleanses all things in their time. This accounts also for the fact that tears are good for the individual soul-for such is a ‘White Bleeding’ or cleansing, in which remorse, repentance and sorrow for misdeeds are released in an emotional gusher, even as nature herself releases her riches of oil in a combined gusher of water and other inward essences.

“From the mystic viewpoint, and related to Creative beneficences, it is taught that all are born of the SPIRIT. Spirit is the essence of FIRE — a Cosmic .force, which generates heat. Thus Water plays an important part here also, wherein it acts as a cooling agent, although the term `diffusing’ is more appropriate, for to extinguish fire, water is necessary; to replenish earth, and to feed it, water is essential; to regulate air currents and to purify the atmosphere water is again the agent. Whilst each of the elements of Fire and Air are necessary to the creation, formation, and sustaining of Earth and its various life forms, Water is perhaps the most important. It is the sustaining element, the blood stream of the Universe and of the Cosmos.

“Trite, you think. Maybe so. But we feel it is first necessary to know and understand the principles involved relative to all matters of the plane upon which you now live and have your being. There is beauty and richness surrounding you, if you could but see it; and investigation into the realms of spirit and matter will reveal much more to you than is presently realized. Therefore we do not feel it is a waste of time giving you what may be termed commonplace. There is a deep message contained within these few words. May you be able to decipher it. It is to the advantage of mankind to know and understand the mysteries of his own plane before attempting to investigate boundaries beyond his ken. But we realize that smugness and egotism of man will cause him to continue his adventurous way. Thus does he reap the rewards of his own stupidity and ignorance. But nature has a way of re-establishing a balance, and a cycle begins anew. Such has it been in the ways of Earth since its inception.

“We do hope these few thoughts find lodgment in the hearts of those who seek a brighter horizon for future expression. For this evening then, Selas.


To be continued

“LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, THE UNIVERSAL KEY,” published by the Florence Interplanetary Study Group, Box 125, Florence, Oregon. This quarterly publication contains messages from Teachers of Higher Realms and teachers from Space Stations concerning problems of every-day living for those who are trying to integrate the spiritual impact of the New Age with everyday material living. These messages are progressive as given to this group of seekers. They start with September 1956. The first five issues are now available. The price is 50c per issue.



Flatbush, Alberta

Mr. Daniel W. Fry,


I am sorry I have been so long in renewing my subscription to Understanding, but I wanted to read Flying Saucer Pilgrimage first. It is fortunate that there is a magazine for those of us who are interested in saucers and their implications.

You say that you are dedicated to the propagation of understanding among all peoples. In this effort I believe you are succeeding to a certain extent. The problem of understanding is a difficult one. WHAT is understanding? Understanding of WHAT? Our Mentors can, and are providing us with the answers.

An analogy they have often used, is the comparison of this “civilization” with the Backward People. It seems that this people, either through forgetfulness or ignorance could not walk forward. Or if they could, they didn’t, because tradition demanded that they should not. Have you ever tried walking backward? You can see clearly where you have been, but where you are going is a total blank. Now walking backward has certain disadvantages. Since the direction you are going is unseen, stumbling and falling is quite frequent.

It appears that the main preoccupation of these people was trying to walk UP a mountain. Well! you can see the difficulties of such a feat. Many fell into deep holes or wandered aimlessly among the maze of rocks. Collisions were inevitable and one had to keep a sharp watch so others would not bump you and be knocked down. So each distrusted all the others.

Through the ages paths were worn down, in fact they were more like ruts. People learned to keep on these paths at all costs, or risk being lost. As you would imagine, these paths or ruts wandered all over the place, as frequently down as up.

And there was a-wailing and a-gnashing, as well they might, considering the circumstances. One day, a brilliant young man came along. After studying the situation for a while, he came upon a remarkable idea. Since running in reverse was causing all the woe (seeing only the past, and not the future)-why not just turn around and see where one is heading? That would save all the trouble of depending upon experience, tradition, and history. Well! to make a long story short, they did follow his advice. And do you know what? They saw- upon their beautiful mountain, a wonderful gleaming white city, and beckoning from the summit were all the people who had gone before and had found the city of joy. And leading to that city upon the summit were many paths (not ruts). When the people below saw all this, they each took a path and soon joined their brothers at the top.

It is plain what we must do. We cannot begin to journey until we know our goal. Locked in the minds and hearts of each of us, is a vision of the lost Utopia. The perfect land of joy and love. This is what we want. WE MUST CREATE THE FUTURE. We, all of us, must conjure what we think to be perfection. We must collect and list the similar desires. Then from that we can create the future land as a goal before us.

Without a vision of the summit, we are as lost sheep, wandering aimlessly about. Without a common goal we are like two cats with their tails tied together. In a tug-of-war, no work, no progress, is accomplished. The sun’s rays are not hot enough to start a fire, but if you hold a magnifying glass so that the rays are concentrated at one point, a fire can be made quickly.

It is the goal that is important, not the method of achieving that goal. We decide the summit first, THEN AND ONLY THEN do we find the ways and means of realizing it. It does not matter how we go about it. There are many ways, and how do we know which might prove the best? Sure we will make mistakes, we might as well be prepared for them.

What is your dream, your hope for the future?




Mansfield, Ohio.

Dan Fry,

El Monte, California

Dear Dan,

I have noted your NICAP article in your late UNDERSTANDING. Your logic seems to simmer down to this,-You have received great acclaim, have received many letters, hence you are absolutely RIGHT and NICAP or any other agency has no right to question the modern “BUDDHA,”- one self-esteemed Dan W. Fry.

Danny boy, if this is the test of scientific truth, then Mussolini was correct, Hitler was correct and one Johanna Southcott who had 100,000 cultic followers was correct. Danny, your slip is showing!

Of course, you will not print this in your UNDERSTANDING be-cause it contains a bit of logic with an added note that you are not above all those who may question your facts.

Of course, NICAP will reject your letter as it contains nothing of importance for the reasoning mind.

Sincerely yours,

Dan B. Haber

P.S. This letter will be sent to a number of organizations that are interested in a scientific analysis of the UFO problem. If you have an answer to the above note, this will also be later tendered to the proper authorities.

Editor’s Note: When Mr. Haber becomes a little better acquainted with UNDERSTANDING, he will discover that it has a rather unique editorial policy in that it believes in. practicing exactly what it preaches. In other words, we believe that the public has just as much right to know what Mr. Haber thinks as it has to know what Mr. Fry or anyone else thinks.

Since Mr. Haber states that his letter “contains a bit of logic,” we have reproduced it in this issue with the hope that some of our readers may be able to discern this logic and explain it to us. We must admit that although we have made a sincere. effort we have been unable to find anything except a series of ambiguous sarcasms, none of which appear to have. any direct connection with the letter to NICAP which he mentions.

Let us examine the assertions which, Mr. Haber makes. “You, have received great acclaim, have received many letters, hence you are absolutely right, and NICAP or any other agency has no right to question the modern `Buddha.”‘ We regret that we are not, sufficiently astute students of Buddhism to understand how Buddha comes into the picture at this point, but, as for the remainder of the statement, if you will read Mr. Fry’s letter to NICAP again, you will find that neither by statement nor by implication does Mr. Fry deny the right of NICAP or anyone else to question him. Note that the letter itself was written in answer to the questions which NICAP had asked. Mr. Fry merely wished his general position to be known. The opinions expressed were clearly stated to be the opinions of one, individual. There was not the slightest implication that those opinions must be correct, nor that they must, or should be adopted by any other person. If Mr. Haber has any specific arguments against any of those opinions UNDERSTANDING will be happy to print, them.

Mr. Haber seems to feel that there is a controversy between Mr. Fry and NICAP, which is not at. all correct. Mr. Fry is a founding member of NICAP who joined the group at the personal invitation of Townsend Brown when it was first being organized, and he has followed its development, with great interest since that time. Mr. Fry has no objection to answering the questions in. the list forwarded by NICAP. In fact there is not. a question in the list (with the exception of the one concerning corning to Washington) which he has not answered many, many times for the two hundred and fourteen public groups which he has addressed during the past two years.   If NICAP still wishes specific answers to its questions, Mr. Fry will be happy to send them.

Mr. Haber closes with the statement that, “0f course NICAP will reject, your letter as it. contains nothing of importance for the, reason-ing mind.” The only reply which we can make to this statement is that, we sincerely hope and pray that we may never become so supreme-ly egotistical that ice claim to be an absolute arbiter of what may or may not be of importance to the reasoning mind.


The Editor


P.S. Mr. Haber states that any answer to his letter will be later tendered to the “proper authorities.” Every issue of this publication goes to the White House, the Library of Congress, several Governors, and many other public officials including a number of rather highly placed military officials. If Mr. Haber will send us a list of the persons whore he considers to be “proper authorities” we will be happy to send each of them a copy of this issue.

Glendale, Calif.

Dear Friends,

UNDERSTANDING gets better with every issue! I look forward each month to receiving the current one and just want to say-“A long life and a prosperous one to UNDERSTANDING.


R. M.


An Army officer, with his large circular cape flying in the wind, came marching down the pavement. He gave no room to any passerby. A working man approaching him had to step down off the curb to avoid the sweep of the large cape.

The above picture from my childhood in a European country has never been erased from my memory, and prompted the following reflection: It can never be questioned whether the wearer of a uniform with its shining buttons and medals, would feel so important were he, otherwise clothed, engaged in defending his fellow citizens from evil of various kinds and the upholding of truth in all things.

Perhaps some day such a “defense army” may be organized on Earth. A person engaged in such defense work could not help but realize that we are all passengers on one of the many “ships” in our solar system, with similar problems before us all.

Having reached such understanding, the “journey” could be both Peaceful and pleasant, because it would be evident that, like the children in a family, we are of various ages, all climbing the different rungs of the long evolutionary ladder towards home, our goal.

A reader of Understanding.



Interest is building up toward the Fifth Annual Spacecraft Convention which will be held on May 31st-June 1st, 1958, at Giant Rock. Many people will arrive on the 29th and 30th, in order to have a day or so to get acquainted with folks from all over the country. The actual sessions of the Convention will start at 10 A.M. of the 30th and con-tinue all that day and the nest. George Van Tassel assures us that he has some real treats and perhaps surprises on the agenda.

Understanding is happy to announce that two new Units have been organized this month. Unit No. 9 has headquarters at Santa Cruz, California, with Mr. Bernard McGuire as the president.

Unit No. 10 has been started in Baltimore, Maryland, with Mrs. Percy Frailey as the leader. There will be more news about these units in the next issue. We wish them success in bringing about better understanding in their communities.

Units No. 1 and 5 have been fortunate in having Brig-Gen. Herbert C. Holdridge as their speaker during the month of February. His subject was “Economic Collapse and Reconstruction.”

Unit No, 6, San Fernando Valley, is presenting Mr. Durward B. Fairfield as their February Speaker. His subject is “The Great Pyramid.”

Unit No. 7 held a meeting in Santiano Park, Santa Ana, with Mr. Darrel Miya, well known lecturer on the Eastern Philosophies and Religions.

Unit No. 8 has as their speaker for February, Hope Troxell, Assistant Editor of UNDERSTANDING* and author of “Wisdom of the Universe.”

Members and friends of most of the Units had an opportunity to hear Dr. George Hunt Williamson and John McCoy of Peru, who presented a series of lectures in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. We have had very fine reports from individuals and clubs along the Coast. Their talks were well received in all cities.

The Desert Center of Understanding was visited by friends and members on February 15th and 16th. Sonic furnishings have been taken to the cabin and more will follow. The weather was wonderful! See you there some week end.




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WISDOM of the universe, by hope troxell… 3.25

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I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

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