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VOL. III                                          November-December, 1958                    NO. 11 & 12



Once again we are approaching the season which has demonstrated, year after year, century after century, the power and the wisdom of that humble Leader and Teacher, whose birth we celebrate each December 25th.

Jesus of Nazareth had no worldly wealth with which to buy respect and attention. He had no standing army with which to command obedience. His only power was His ability to bring understanding to the hearts and souls of His fellow man. Yet His simple words, and the example which He made of His own life, command more respect and honor today than has been accorded to any dictator who has ever lived.

Adolph Hitler, at the peak of his power and arrogance, shouted to the world that his Third Reich would endure for a thousand years. Three years later it had been completely destroyed and today is almost completely forgotten.

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of the great dictators of the earth have been sincere at heart. They have thought that if only they could achieve enough power they could force the world into a better way of life, and so the Hitlers, the Mussolinis and the Tojos have come and gone. Their efforts have resulted in the slaughter of count-less millions of innocent persons and the creation of untold misery and hardships for those who remained alive. What benefits have accrued from their efforts which could be listed in mitigation of their crimes? The answer is none.

If we are truly the intelligent beings that we like to consider our-selves, it would seem that during the last nineteen and a half centuries we should have come to the realization that there is only one force which can advance mankind upon the path to true civilization, and that is the power of love and understanding. This is the true lesson of Christmas. In the coming Yuletide season, when the hard throb of the beat and jive which crowd our ether waves gives way for a few weeks to the soft notes of Christmas Carols, as we rush madly about doing that last minute Christmas shopping, or preparing the Christmas dinner, let us pause long enough to remember the simple man of Nazareth whose only possessions were the spirit of God within him and the truth which he gave freely to all who would accept.




By Fra Prudentia

In our rapidly changing world of progress and thought projection, many intelligent leaders in all fields of endeavor are realizing that Positive Thinking leads the way to a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of basic laws of the universe. The process of thinking about “thinking” is in a state of evolution just as are all living and transient concepts. For this reason, the man who is ready to take the positive steps toward Positive Thinking is eligible to become qualified to comprehend and understand principles beyond the grasp of those individuals who are, unfortunately, blocked by ancient thought binders.

In your own experience you have undoubtedly seen persons who were well qualified to perform their daily tasks and who were respected as law abiding citizens, but who were bound in some respects by thought patterns which were as limited, confining and restrictive as some observed during the Dark Ages. These people have the ability to think and consider for themselves but have been shackled, perhaps unknowingly, by the narrow primitive thinking practices still largely reminiscent of the early prehistoric man.

If man today is ready to understand the workings of the universe, he must be prepared to embrace the facts as they really are and not as he might like them to be. Once Positive Thinking becomes a part of our life, we realize that to us there are no inconsistencies. How often we’ve seen individuals who were anxious to give advice on any and all subjects, suddenly taken by surprise at the relatively common occurrences encountered in life. If their understanding in such cases had been projected to higher levels to the same degree as their voices, they would not have been bewildered at natural, normal happenings.

As one studies, it becomes more apparent that seeing occurs in the mind. This type of seeing might be described as perception. It is through this type of perception that one sees the structure of a molecule, the solution to a problem in differential equations or the basic rules which govern all mass and energy. The understanding which we all seek will be gained through the knowledge we obtain though perception rather than through visual seeing.

The concept of comprehension through thought perception is not new. However, the relationship between directing one’s thoughts and general understanding of new and abstract concepts is sometimes not adequately emphasized. It has been said that if we are to control inanimate objects, we must first learn to control ourselves. The interpretation of this statement might seem to some people, to be controversial. But careful consideration of the subtleties involved might lead us to consider the possibility that herein lies the answer to a number of perplexing questions.

It would have seemed wholly incredible to the ancient world if Aristotle had predicted the modern electronic brain, which in a few seconds can solve problems it would take a battery of mathematicians years to complete. But since this is now an accomplished fact, in daily use, it is only reasonable to visualize even further progress. And that must embrace an agency in which all questions are resolved and all problems respond to perfect solutions. Is there such an agency? Yes, indeed. It resides in the inner-being of man-the habitat of Deific Presence.

Here man must eventually find the answers to all his questions. Those who have gained sufficient intellectual maturity to evaluate the answers, become the beneficiaries of the good things of life.

Once they discover the importance of Positive Thinking in conditioning their receptivity, there is practically no limit to the benefits, mental, physical, financial, which await them.

The extent of the results to be achieved quite naturally depends on the ability to appropriate the material offered. It is, of course, readily apparent that the answers to complex or abstract questions, in them-selves, are valueless without interpretation. This point is therefore, more fully explained in the text book entitled “The Positive Way To Practical Results” (see inside back cover for listing), and is recommended for the person who has reached the point where he is ready to expand his understanding horizons.

Communication with entities in other parts of our galaxy is probably more imminent than most people realize. Though all evolution occurs in an orderly manner, differences in physical environment, evolution, time and other factors increase the probability that these entities will be grossly varied in appearance, physical structure and size from our-selves. Yet, if these beings have developed as far or farther than we, then they will have one thing in common with a small portion of our own society. That is, they will have learned to think in a positive constructive manner.

The lowest primate in the jungle has learned that berries can be knocked off trees with a stick. And there are other bits of knowledge which can be gained mechanically without actually forming a constructive basis for thinking. Nevertheless, such fragmentary thought patterns resulting from primary experiences laid the groundwork for organized thinking, as we know it today.

Unfortunately, we still think largely on a random basis, and this practice of unbridled mental activity is responsible for many negative experiences including discord, disorder, disease, lack and want. There are some, of course, who have risen above this threshold of limited understanding. They usually give freely of their time and efforts in explaining the concepts we have been discussing, and fortunately those who are ready to increase their experience patterns, are able to grasp the significance of what they are saying.

This article should be considered only as an introduction to the series which will follow regularly- in each issue. The subjects covered will be discussed frankly and in an adult manner. But in order for the individual to prepare himself for this type of understanding, it is recommended that the text book “The Positive Way To Practical Results” be studied carefully, and referred to, as required, while reading these articles. The author will interpret the abstract relationships of the Basic Rule to “Health-Happiness-Wealth”, and those who are familiar with the text book will find it an excellent aid to daily progress.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The text book “The Positive Way To Practical Results” is now being made available to our readers for the first time. We think you will find its approach to he truly unique, and its contents to be well worth the modest price of $2.50. Send in for your copy today.



540 South Plymouth Court

Chicago 5, Illinois

November 20, 1958




Reprint from The New Day

November 9 to 15 was American Education Week. The theme for the week was Report Card, U. S. A.-meaning that much is being written and spoken about American schools and how they compare with schools in other countries. What do you think about American schools? Write the Professor in care of The NEW DAY.

Rosalbo Pantaleo, a twelve-year-old girl in Italy, writes in Current Events that her subjects are French, Italian, Latin, mathematics, home economics, religion, history and geography. She trudges to school every day except Sunday. Boys and girls go to the same school but are not in the same classes. Men teach the boys and women teach the girls.

Margaret Flowers, fifteen, lives in Surrey, England, 17 miles from London. Her opinion is that because English schools have “more rules and more discipline,” they appear to be dull, especially after she at-tended school in California for a year. Students in England are not allowed to choose their subjects.

Jean Lapagnol lives in France. He attends high school most of the day, from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.-and still has more homework to finish after that. All students study science, mathematics, history, geography, language and philosophy. After kindergarten in France, there are separate schools for girls and boys.



By Marc Norman

Chapter Six


The others have been taken up and are now the guests of our conferences. The reason for this can be explained in part so that you may understand. The crews operating such machines are for the most part Air Force personnel, sometimes a single pilot operating, in some in-stances two or more of a crew. Now as you are aware from prior conversations, events are happening on your earth plane which are leading toward an upheaval, a situation which will be most serious. Such crews as are made guests have been fully trained in the art of war and combat and therefore are not concerned with other objectives. It has been considered good propaganda for us to welcome them into our environment and treat them as friends, instructing them in conditions which can be expected in the new age. They are, in most cases, amazed at the information given them, plus the actual fact of their transportation to another sphere of activity, particularly as regards to the inferiority of their craft in relation to our own. Also of the atomic weapons created by your scientists.

So we prove to them the futility of combat and war generally, and as most of them are likeable young men in the flower of their manhood we felt it incumbent upon us to give them this understanding. whilst at the same time instruct them in our manner of living and reveal to them a vista of what could be obtained by themselves should they decide to forego the combative spirit and enter into a deeper under-standing of brotherhood and friendly association. The results have been quite satisfactory, especially as we have in a sense saved their lives by steering them away from the aforementioned pockets. Such happenings are taking place, not only in areas on your continent but in many quarters of your earth plane. Those who are anxious to return to earth to be with loved ones are landed near their bases. Others desire to stay with us. NO ONE is forced to stay unless they so desire. Of course it is an embarrassing time for those who do land when they are asked by authorities to explain where they have been and the reason for their silence. At first such explanations as were offered were considered the after effects of an ordeal, although the same authorities have never been able to explain how such absences could cover such long periods on the gas supply carried by planes in question. However these occurrences are now fairly frequent and Air Force authorities have accepted such explanations but of course nothing is made public and pilots or crew who have experienced such happenings are sworn to secrecy. They can do little else for few would believe them anyway. But we felt your intelligence could accept such information.

In the case of experimental craft such as was taken aboard an investigation research ship today we merely do this for experimentation so that we can ascertain for ourselves the type of equipment, the newest in electronic recording instruments and operative and control equipments so that we can familiarize ourselves with its full operation, but mainly to determine that such craft do not develop beyond the safety level, which might affect other planets in your system as well as harm your own in the long run.

Such disappearances tend to confuse authorities and slow down the manufacture of such craft causing them to hesitate before proceeding with other plans they have formulated. Whether we shall succeed in this remains to be seen. However we have obtained some degree of success in prolonging such experiments. In accordance with repeated atomic bomb tests, particularly those instigated by what you are pleased to call an enemy government. We have became quite concerned with the disturbances affecting the various faults in that area. That is why so many earthquakes have been experienced by you and stated to emanate front that area. This government is’ also concerned and some effort will be made to stop further tests. The danger point in radiation is rapidly- moving to its zero level and something will have to be done, and we might give you this for your information, that the various councils of the planetspheres, (that is: the councils that are formed to control and operate planning, schedules relative to other planes outside your own, including; the Council of Orbits, to which we owe allegiance) are meeting shortly to determine what course of action shall be taken to counteract the effects of the extreme radiations which are interpenetrating space.

A digression. (A thoughtform was intercepted and recorded on our instrument early this evening relative to remarks made concerning auric emanation from the central Sun of the system.) The SUN is a great mystery and is a foment of activity which can be likened to perpetual motion in that it feeds itself from Cosmos, transfers the essence thereof into forces which are released producing that which you term sunlight, heat, ultra-violet and other rays. These extending outwards through space meeting; those atomized particles which are radionic electro-magnetic creates a sensitized field called LIGHT FORCE FIELD. This extends for millions of your miles around the central orb and is seen as a phenomena sometimes producing a huge ring and at other times what is called by you the Aurora Borealis. But it is this combining of certain electronic and magnetic forces that produces colors, vitalizes the earth or impregnates it if you will, and your MOON spawns all growth. The action of one force against another tends to neutralize the solar force, so a degree of control is maintained, otherwise you would all shrivel and die from the intense heat created in your atmosphere.

The increase of radiation as caused by your atomic experiments tends to increase the density of the already existing fields, thus severe changes in field force can naturally be expected. That is why we are watching your atmosphere so closely and diminishing such force pockets by the use of such rays as have been previously explained. But we cannot keep abreast of the chain reaction multiples for too long a period. So much of this work has been transferred to larger craft having more advanced equipment, wherein certain experiments can be carried out. Smaller ships do the actual gathering of samples, which are then flown back to the Mother ship and her laboratories.

The next report we have here in which some explanation can be given is regarding a rain of rock or stone which fell upon a portion of Australia. Now you must realize that when an atomic blast is detonated, the sudden suction of the force of the explosion draws up in the wake of it all particles of dust, stone or whatever may be in its immediate vicinity. The force itself generating intense heat tends to fuse such particles into larger ones. whilst at the same time attracting to its focus any other particles that may be floating in space, such as disintegrated meteors, etc. You have all seen pictures of, or have experienced a tornado wherein a funnel is created. so that anything in its path is drawn into the stream and carried for miles. So it is with atomic explosions, except that they are more deadly and powerful. Those being released by Russian experimenters take place in an area which is quite rocky having many small stones and boulders in the vicinity, thus these are drawn up during the tests, and in time such pockets contain a quantity of debris finally developing too heavy for carriage, thus such pockets are emptied out when this occurs. This happened in the Australian `fall out’. Such stones were radio-active, and because of the stones being formed of such fusions previously spoken of they are, for a period, anti-gravitational and have a tendency to attract one body to another, and are seen by observers as a type of cloud floating in space. As radio-active magnetic alliance gradually weakens by reason of motion, the force of gravitation has effect and the material is released. We have given this is a way that you can understand, but for your further information we do not consider gravity as You accept the term.


♦  ♦  ♦


 Harrisburg, Pa.-Pennsylvania’s Protestant ministers were urged to undertake the job of “shattering; age-old myths about Christianity and replacing them with more realistic concepts.”

More than 500 clergymen who attended the Pennsylvania State Pastors Conference heard the statement by the Rev. Dr. Theodore A. Gill, president-elect of San Francisco Theological Seminary.

“What Christianity needs most is a new inconoclasm,” he declared. “Mental images that must be done in by contemporary Christians are the mental pictures that come into our minds when someone mentions a theological idea.”

Too many persons, he said, have the wrong image of faith-that is “buying an idea.” He told the ministers they must teach and preach that faith is a “bettering of the self.”



(The following copy is part of a radio script which was broadcast by Paul Harvey over the American Broadcasting System on Christmas evening 1950 … This data and words of the stranger, were furnished to the commentator by the Recording Secretary at Lake Success, on the occasion of this special session of the U.N. Political Committee, some time previous to its broadcast. Paul Harvey concluded this report with the words: “I have quoted the message precisely! Adding nothing!”)

There was a special session of the United Nations Political Commit-tee summoned at Lake Success by its chairman. In the recess of the Security Council, many nations were represented by their chief delegates. Such was true in the case of the United States, where Mr. Austin sat for Mr. Dulles who was likewise present. The United Kingdom was represented by Jebb, sitting for Younger. Vishinsky sat for the Soviet. Such was the unusual nature of this suddenly summoned session, that the rows, six deep, around the perimeter of the Committee Room Twelve, were empty.

No photographers were allowed on the floor as the delegates filed in. Certain members of the Recording Secretariat were seated in the glassed-in Translation Loft, which is accessible only by a stair in the outside hall. The doors were closed between nine and twelve minutes after seven. No one could have entered the floor of Committee Room Twelve before the doors were closed, without showing his credentials. or being otherwise identified. None could have entered after the doors were closed without being seen by the Guards in the hall outside. They said they saw no one. Yet the meeting had barely been called to order, first in English, and then in French, when a tall man rose to his feet from one of the chairs behind the chairman. A hush came over the oval table, and Sir Benegal Rau, presiding, thinking at first all eyes were on him, was nudged by a chair secretary. He then turned to follow their stare to the face of the stranger who stood behind him. His first inclination was to signal a guard. This was a closed session of the Committee! It had been plainly summoned as such. Instead, Mr. Rau addressed the man

“You, sir! Would you please identify your delegation affiliation?” The lean man was draped in the attire of the East, not uncommon at Lake Success. Sandals, bearded, (the beard well groomed). His lips parted to speak, and the last of the hubbub on the floor was suddenly stilled. With soft compelling voice that seemed, though without benefit of microphone, somehow to fill the whole room, he said:

“I have many things to say and to judge of you. I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundations of the world. and ye shall know the truth!”

So still had the room suddenly become, that one could hear tho asthmatic breathing of a fat aide, completely across the windowless chamber.

“Why are you, sir’?” Mr. Rau demanded. He had meant to say who are you, but was momentarily flustered. The stranger answered “There is an evil, which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men. With their tongues they have used deceit. The poison of asps is under their lips. And the way of Peace they have not known.” A ruffle went through the room. The delegate from Belgium beckoned and, being recognized, requested: “Let this man speak; he is here, let him speak’.” “May I question the witness?” interrupted Vishinsky, but his wit went unheeded from the floor. He fidgeted. Mr. Rau, testing the stranger, spoke: “Represented here, is a great nation which keeps itself apart from the rest of us. I fear they will move shortly to silence you, too.”

But the calm, poised man replied: “Every-one that doeth evil, hateth the Light. They make clean the outside of the cup, and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. The axe is laid unto the root of such trees!”

Mr. Vishinsky, stern and unsmiling, now spoke; but it was a long moment before the translation came: “The Soviet Delegation will not listen to the ravings of this warmonger. This interruption is no doubt some carefully planned and poorly executed plot to depict the Soviet as the aggressor in a war which we have no part! Is it any wonder communism in Korea opposes these imperialists?” … He snapped his spectacles from his nose, and with them, indicated in the direction of the United States Delegation.

The stranger spoke more sharply now: “Foolish and unlearned questions, avoid, knowing that. they do gender strife. If a man strive for masteries, then he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully. The days shall come upon thee . . .” and he looked squarely at Vishinsky . .”that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep theca in on every side, and shall utterly destroy thee!”

“But,” interrupted the chairman, “you have not touched on the purpose for which this meeting was called. What about Korea? Where have we erred there?”

Came the answer: “If the goad men of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. But while men slept, his enemy came, and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

Mr. Jebb for the United Kingdom offered: “I think what we all fear roost is that any of us may be next.” And the visitor, still standing, re-plied: “When a strong man, armed, keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace.”

Mr. Austin was waving the small flag which marked his place, and request for recognition was granted. “In the United States, we are hosts to enemies within our own house. Agents they are of another government, who plead mercy, saying they are loyal to our own government as the man of gentle grace had raised his hand, as if to hasten the question. “No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Every kingdom divided against itself, is brought to desolation!”

“But” said Mr. Austin, “they use our own laws, our own courts, our own  freedom to outwit us!” The question came back to him: “How can one enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?”

Pursuing his point, Mr. Austin went on: “These among us say they intend to only alter our government by peaceful means …. to better our economic system … to .. “

Less patient now, the visitor interrupted: “They that be whole need not. a physician, but they that are sick!”

The uninvited speaker turned toward Mr. Austin and Mr. Dulles … “There is none righteous among you, not one. I know thy words; that thou art neither hot nor cold. Because thou sayest: `I am rich, and in-creased with goods, and have need of nothing’, and thou knowest not that thou are wretched. Beware, lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness!”

Procedure was forgotten now! The representative from France spoke out: “This same enemy is within my country! He demonstrates against our Parliament, antagonizing our courts … “

“Scatter thou the people that delight in war” the man replied. “Put them in mind to be subject to Principalities and Powers; to obey Magistrates; to be ready to every good work; to be not brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.”

Mr. Rau rose from his chair, and turning said: “We came here to place the blame for our unrest, and you have given each of us a share. What is it then, that we should do? Abandon our efforts to seek peace?”

To this he answered: “Let things be done decently and in order. Be sober and diligent. Depart from evil and do good. Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor. It is impossible but that offences will come, but woe unto him through whom they come! Seek peace, pursue it. And increase your faith. FAITH hath subdued Kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, and stopped the mouths of lions!”

“You make all this seem so infinitely simple” said Mr. Rau. “Many righteous men”, replied the stranger, “have desired to hear these things which ye hear, and have not heard them”.

“It is not customary” Mr. Rau smiled, “for us to hear Wisdom from outside our own chambers!”

His guest, unsmiling, warned: “Be then not forgetful to entertain strangers for thereby some have entertained angels unawares!”

Sir Benegal Rau turned to the assemblage. “There is no further purpose in this meeting. This has answered all our questions. And to you, sir, we thank you… If you would only write these things which you have spoken, if you would put such Wisdom in a book for all to see … “

It was at that moment that the visitor’s eyes flashed sudden anger “It IS in a book! Your holy Bible … !” Then the anger faded, and the eyes were calm again, and somehow sad … and he walked to the door, ‘which was opened for him … and none on the outside saw him leave.

♦  ♦  ♦



Longview, Wash.

To The Editor,

I was pleased to see your article on “Help Wanted”; this gives me a chance to state what has been turning over in my mind for some time. Give all religions what they want and they will subscribe to what is printed :

The world needs a newspaper that highlights religious news, ads, excavating by archeologists, UFO, ESP, Eastern religion, Western religion, Holy Land Biblical Prophecies fulfillment, wars and political conditions as well as religious developments among the Arabs, Jews, African, Egyptian and European nations, etc. In fact everything that is now being printed in Understanding can be used with the other as an edition, making our booklet a News Paper, world wide edition.

What Minister will not be pleased to contribute information of accomplishment both at home and in the mission field. This may not be of interest to some, but will prove to be a drawing card of their interest in our paper. No one reads all that is written in any newspaper; however he reads the highlights and skims over other parts, reading what may prove of interest even though he may not agree with the idea.

Letters and comments on the editorial page will prove to carry much that is now printed in Understanding Magazine.

This is just a suggestion; I would like to hear what others think of the idea.

Most respectfully -ours,

Ione Roemer American

Astronautical Society

516 Fifth Avenue New York 36, N. Y.

Attention: Ross Fleisig, President

Dear Mr. Fleisig:

May I call your attention to the recent statement by a man accredited and at many times lauded by “our” society as an expert in rocketry, Prof. Hermann Oberth. A few ,years ago at one of the meetings I saw a movie film of the 195:) International Astronautical Society of which our society is a member. It showed, as I recall, scenes of members of our society shaking hands with Prof. Oberth and members of our society showing respect and admiration for this great man. I am now wondering what their opinion is now after reading the Nov. 7th, 1958 article in the New York World-Telegram, Page 16-“U.S. Planning Electric Space Ship” where it is stated that Prof. Oberth believes “supernatural forms are watching earth and have been doing so for a long time”. . . Also, the article directly under it, “Other Planets Have People Expert Says,” wherein Dr. Melvin Calvin, a University of California chemist states. . .”it is clear that we may expect to find cellular life and post human life in many of these planets.” Also, read Nov. 8th, 1958 article, page 10, New ‘York Daily News, “Father of Rocketry Believes in Saucers”. . .

I am wondering if in either of the above cases, we will again witness another “Carl Jung incident,” where pressure is brought to bear and the men in question are “persuaded” to change their statements, and in some case deny such statements?

Incidentally, Dr. Calvin was stating his beliefs in accordance with the findings of Dr. Harlow Shapley, former Harvard astronomer. It seems apparent that the “truth” will out in spite of pressures and scientific close-mindedness. Although, I do think it an unhealthy sign when man finds it more conducive to resign, retire, or leave his society or field, in order to make the statements of facts that he chooses to.

I would like to quote from some notes taken of the speeches given by some very fine men in the field at the Second Annual Meeting of the American Astronautical Society, Dec. 1, 1955, Thursday.

Prof. Werhner Von Braun: “There are no experts in the rocket field today, there are only degrees of ignorance.”

Col. William O. Davis: “There is a constant learning of new things and adding new things by creative imagination. Prediction for future can be estimated by what is known today and what we have learned today. However, most ideas on space travel are quite conservative. CREATIVE IMAGINATION IS BADLY NEEDED. I RECOMMEND THAT MORE PEOPLE READ SCIENCE FICTION… “

Dr. Ernest Stuhlinger: “Problem is how to get propulsion mass low by using electric field, therefore must be ionized particles of exhaust velocity……

I have met and talked to several very fine men associated with our society who have stated their belief, and in two or three cases, have stated actual sightings of these extraterrestrial space craft. However, they also told me, in confidence, they would not present such views or beliefs to our society because of its present views on the subject.

The American Astronautical Society started out as an open-minded, progressive society interested in all aspects of space travel. As a matter of fact, after reading the fantastic-science fiction type theories advanced by Dr. I. M. Levitt of Fels Planitarium, I was so impressed by the courage and open mind of this man that I wrote him and asked where I might obtain more information, or if there were some organization I could join who were investigating the wonders and possibility of space travel. He answered my inquiry and told me of a young, new society that was just forming, delving into the theories and aspects of space travel. . .The American Astronautical Society. I joined at once.

It does seem unfortunate that the society has narrowed its views to little else than the hardware of rocketry, when there may be vast opportunities for creative thought beyond this field, and how can we close our minds to any and all ideas of space travel and the universe we shall travel, when we will be in a pluriverse of expanding island universes?

I sincerely hope that The American Astronautical Society continues in its research, exploration, and free assembly of ideas. We have an exciting present to live and learn, and a wondrous future to anticipate, let’s then raise our sights to that glorious horizon where there have been many “signs in the sky…….

Very truly yours,

Constance V. Menger

(Member No. 87)


“Differences of opinion, like pieces of cloth, have texture, as well as pattern…. And the texture, as much as the pattern, gives quality to the discussion.”

-Norman G. Shidle


Clinton, N. J.

Dear Elma and Dan :

We spent a very enjoyable week-end with the Countess (Elsa) and found her to be a very charming woman, intelligent and considerate. The turn out at Town Hall on the rainy Saturday night we spoke was not as large as the one you enjoyed. I suppose Elsa wrote you about the irate doctor who stomped out of her drawing room because Howard said he thought Dan Fry was a wonderful man. After that he would not even listen to Howard’s story (which was both thoughtless and un-fair of him). It was based on a report a friend of his had received from the government stating that Dan Fry had not been employed at White Sands Proving Ground. Since then Elsa wrote to us and states that you had sent her proof of his employment there, showing that there was a deliberate attempt to hide the facts. In any event, you may want to write this up for your next issue of “Understanding.” In this field, we anticipate skeptics and we welcome them especially when the skepticism is intelligently presented, but it is the thoughtless or prejudiced skepticism that proves provoking.

As I explained to you, Elma, when you were here, the publication of my book, “My Saturnian Lover” was held up over a month by the publishers because they feared litigation by the American Astronautical Society, of which I am a member. This society wrote the publishers and said since they felt this book was not in keeping with the precepts and aims of their society they did not feel I had the right to use their name. When we were able to prove to them that we were not using the name for publicity purposes, but simply stating that I was a member, they then said I was not a member. Then my attorney wrote to them and said that Constance V. Weber, Constance V. Menger and Marla Baxter (pen name) were all one and the same person. A copy of this letter went to the publisher and they finally released the book, but not without first charging me for delays and changes. This is only one small type of pressure used. Enclosed is a letter I wrote to my society in reference to the recent article about Prof. Hermann Oberth. You may print this letter if you wish.


Mrs. Howard Menger

Clinton, N. J.



Because of the fact that the publication dates of Understanding, during 1958, have been progressively delayed beyond the normal date, the editors are forced to combine the November and December issues. Even so, this issue will be published later than it should have been, but we are determined to keep the publication up to date in the coming year.

There will be a number of additions to the format in 1959, including a page of pictures which we believe will be of general interest to our readers. These additions and improvements will, of course, cause a considerable increase in the cost of publication. Frankly, we do not as yet know how this increase in cost can be met. During the past three years the cost of the magazine has always exceeded the income from subscriptions. The deficit has been met; by the contributions of the editor and a very few other dedicated persons, and from the proceed”, of other activities of the Understanding groups.

We do not believe that the subscription price should be increased, and it does not seem fair to expect a half-dozen people to continue indefinitely to bear the burden of the deficit. We believe that the solution is simply to create a magazine which contains so much vital news, information and knowledge, that it will become a must for all new age thinkers. If the circulation can be increased sufficiently, the publication will become self sustaining without the necessity of raising the subscription price, or diverting funds which are needed for other work. We are going to do our part to the very best of our ability. We ask only that you, the reader, do your part by bringing the magazine to the attention of your friends and acquaintances.

There are now 19 chartered units of Understanding throughout the country, and more are in the process of formation. The membership is growing by leaps and bounds. It is up to us to make sure that the publication keeps pace with the growth of the organization.



Your Bulletin Board reporter extends to you the greetings of the Holiday Season and wishes that the New Year will be a happy and peaceful one.

♦  ♦  ♦

Many units of Understanding have had out of town speakers for the months of November and December. Most of the groups heard lectures by Otis T. Carr, of OTC Enterprises in Baltimore, Maryland, who told of his circular foil spaceship, in which he intends to “take off” for the moon on December 7th, 1959, from Space, Maryland. He was accompanied by Major Wayne S. Aho, who will be the only passenger on this initial flight of the OTCXI. Mr. Carr and Mr. Aho will be assisted by a technician, whose name, as yet, has not been announced-line forms to the right!

♦  ♦  ♦

Dr. George Hunt Williamson, better known to our readers as “Ric” has finally arrived in this country after an extensive archaeological expedition and lecture tour of Egypt and Europe. He will be speaking in many cities en the West Coast during the months of January and February. The cities which he will visit include the following in California: San Diego, Vista, Palm Springs, Santa Ana, many units of Understanding in Los Angeles County, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Turlock, Units of Understanding in the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Chico and Yreka. In Oregon, he will speak in Medford, Grants Pass and Portland, and then on to the Washington cities of Tacoma and Seattle, with his final destination as Vancouver, British Columbia. His subject will be “UFO World Report,” complete with many new and wonderful color slides.

♦  ♦  ♦

Welcome to three new Units of Understanding-Chico, Berkeley and Santa Rosa, all in Northern California. We wish you much success in the coming year.

♦  ♦  ♦

At Understanding’s Christmas Party at El Monte, California, a drawing was held in which a portable radio and a pair of binoculars were won by two lucky people. The winning tickets were 040739, the first ticket drawn, which entitles the holder to the choice of either article, while ticket 040733 wins second choice. Will the holders of these tickets please notify Understanding and give their names and addresses ?

♦  ♦  ♦

WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 (AP) – President Eisenhower, whose voice has been broadcasting a Christmas message of peace from space, added a personal plea tonight for cooperation among nations.

Just before he pushed a button setting aglow a towering National Christmas Tree, the President said he wished he could “by the light of understanding and cooperation” illuminate the darkness that some-times encompasses the world.

(Ed. Note). It is encouraging to note that in practically every public talk given by the President during the last three years, he has stressed the importance of understanding above all else.




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