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Vol. II                                             August, 1957                                              No. 8




BEDFORD, Mass., Aug. 30, 1957. (AP) — Air Force scientists reported today that high altitude “vehicles” will be able to fly through the upper atmosphere using unlimited solar energy, stored high above the earth, as fuel. They said their tests show the chemically stored power is there–only waiting for man to develop a vehicle which can use it.

The Air Force Cambridge Research Center said that a 120-mile-high rocket test has confirmed the existence of this vast reservoir of solar energy 50 to 250 miles above the earth.

They said it could be tapped by properly designed rocket engines for practically unlimited high altitude flights.

The scientists, with headquarters at Hanscom Field, in Bedford, re-ported a rocket test Aug. 20 furnished “conclusive proof” of huge amounts of energy chemically stored in the upper atmosphere.

Rockets or other high altitude “vehicles could obtain their propulsion energy from the stored sunlight around them,” the scientists said.


“The second, (limitation of the rocket motor) is the total amount of energy available, but this is a factor only because we have so little understanding of the true nature of energy.”


“‘When your engineers design a vehicle for transportation of freight or passengers, they feel it necessary- to provide a means of producing an energy differential within the vehicle itself, as a motive power. Yet your ancestors, for thousands of years traveled to all parts of your planet in ships which had no internal energy source, but which were operated entirely by the kinetic energy of the atmosphere. While this was not always a reliable source, it was sufficiently successful that it should have made your people realize that there are many types of energy differential constantly available and it is only necessary to design a means whereby the flow of energy can be made to produce the desired result.”

What a pity that we must struggle for years to acquire for ourselves, knowledge which we could have at once if only we would open our minds to those who have long since solved these problems!



by Daniel Fry


IN OUR LAST ISSUE, we described the creation of a symbol of value to facilitate the exchange of goods and services among the people of an isolated tropical island. A certain type of seashell was chosen as the unit of exchange. A seashell which was sufficiently scarce that it required an average of one hour of search for each shell found. Since each shell represents one hour of effort, its value is equal to the value of an hours effort in any other line of endeavor.

So long as the medium which we call money remains a simple symbol of the values created by human effort and achievement, no great problems or hazards to the development of the race will arise. There are two elements, however, which have always become a part of our money system, which do create such problems and hazards. These elements are called credit and interest.

The word credit refers to a transaction in which goods or services are transferred at once, to be followed at a later date by the exchange of the equivalent symbol of value. In this case, credit is a harmless and

frequently useful part of the money system. The danger lies in the fact that the concept of interest almost invariably becomes a part of credit dealings.

The fisherman who is furnishing some of his fish to his neighbor

reasons thus-I am giving my neighbor three fishes which have a value of two seashells each, but my neighbor does not have the shells to pay me now. He will not be able to give them to me until the next moon. In the meantime I will be deprived of the possession of the shells which are rightfully mine. should have something to compensate me for this period of waiting. Therefore, I will demand that my neighbor give me seven shells instead of the six which represent the value of the fish. While this appears to be a reasonably- logical argument, the development of a system of interest brings with it a great hazard to the welfare of the society which makes use of it. The reason is that money ceases to be a simple symbol of goods or services, and becomes a separate entity, a thing which is capable of growing, reproducing and adding to itself without reference to the goods or services which it was created to represent. Money becomes the symbol of power and authority instead of being the evidence of the creation of value which it was intended to be. If money becomes the symbol of power and authority it follows that many people will desire it, seek it and even worship it, purely for its own sake, and in so doing they will begin to create the host of evils which we find connected with our money systems today.

To be continued



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 By Bill Rawlinson

IN OUR civilization, the number of people who educate themselves out of their God-given beliefs in higher things than the mere three dimensioned world of time, space and matter, seems to be on the increase, and the growth of this class always means trouble. The flying saucer age brings crises for them, as it does for the military folk around the earth, who are not used to being challenged by something they can’t imagine they are able to control. In the long run, neither the military nor the Flat People will be able to stand up. The Lord will humble the planet’s inhabitants with their high towers of wealth and money and science. He may be saying to them as he said to the rich man of Luke 12:20, ‘Thou fool. . . ” after that farmer had decided to pull down his barns and build bigger ones. That farmer is a fair example of the Flat People. He was not rich toward God, and he told his soul to take it easy, to eat, drink, and be merry, but that night lie was called to the beyond.

It costs a lot to believe in God, religion, life after death, and practicing the Golden Rule may cut heavily into the bank account so some folks are careful to avoid it. They eventually manage to compress all life, reality and value into the world of materialism, seeing a man as nothing more than organized dirt; love as just an emotion; wisdom as the tickling of ideas in the brain case, and God as an invention. To these hardy materialists the universe is flat-it spreads out into nothing but time and space. They are at the center and the world exists for them. It is logical to get as much and give as little as possible. Spiritual and religious values being ruled out, the universe has no depth, no height nor breadth. If life be-comes unbearable and confused, the Flat People have to rely on paid psychiatrists to straighten out the soul-that wispy, tenuous something inside the body that has become knotted up and is giving them fits. Since all life’s problems have thus been settled, the flying saucers present a crisis, just as they are anathema to the military’s belief in total power.

It is the curse of the nineteenth century that science in England and Europe encouraged the flat view. The German pessimists and the English materialists seemed to insist on explaining everything as certain ancient Greeks did, in terms of matter in motion in time and space. Life was tile result of evolution by accident and natural events. Not only the physical body of a man was transmitted in its minutest character by a tiny speck of stuff called germ plasma, carrying chromosomes, which carried genes; but these genes were supposed to carry to the adult offspring such things -Is his or her dream habits, neurotic tendencies, and sensibilities in matters of art and religion. We, who have religious principles and other features of an inner life, recognize that man is born a little piece of meat which must be developed by influx from higher planes, or from the Lord. It is spiritual environment from tile other worlds, plus social environment here on earth, which are responsible for what really makes a complete man or woman. To tile Flat People no spiritual account is necessary or possible, and death is the end of every specimen.

Some folks have criticized the Jews for being worldly. The Russians have been condemned for atheism, but tile casting off of the church by the State is a part of nationalism and the separation of the two has been emphasized in America. Hordes of nominal church members have no real belief of eternal life, or a soul which transcends physical barriers. Sad to say, the church has encouraged its membership to depend on a hierarchy or a priest or preacher for spiritual things. I believe that the Lord is very displeased with the shepherds who have stolen His church. not to mention States which have cast it off like an old shoe.

And now the Spacecraft are shaking the materialists down to their neolite souls. Already a movement has started to divide the saucer groups into two factions… those who believe that spiritual development and implications are part of the coming of the saucers, and those who, on the other hand, are sure that they can be explained away in purely materialistic terms. To this second view the Flat People will flock, grasping at the straws provided for them to explain most sightings. Thus they are fleeing to the rocks and caves of science, crying for the hills to fall upon there. They are even willing to accept the idea of life on the other planets. if necessary, since this does not force theta to believe any more than life on this planet does.

How long this respite from the crisis will be enjoyed by them, nobody can say. God is merciful, and perhaps it is the basic law of Providence that “flat” explanations will always be available for those who cannot live without them,




Ten years ago, in 1917, the world became aware of what, at first, was thought to be a new phenomenon: The frequent appearance in our atmosphere of objects whose nature and actions did not correspond to any known earthly pattern. The published reports aroused a world wide interest, and in every country- on earth the thinking people began to form grout;,; for the purpose of investigating these reports and to learn as much as possible of the nature and purpose, if any, of these objects. By an un-fortunate circumstance, a name became attached to these objects which lent itself so readily to humor and ridicule that the entire course of investigation and study has been made more difficult by those who, being too lazy or frightened to investigate for themselves, have preferred to sit upon the sidelines and sneer.

There are, of course, a number of other factors which have become obstacles to the reaching of definite conclusions upon this subject. These factors will be considered and discussed in their natural order, as the questions arise. It would appear, however, that whatever the obstacles, ten years of world wide investigation and study should yield at least a few definitive answers. The author has been fortunate enough to have had access to a very large amount of information and data pertaining to observations which have been made in all parts of the world. He is more fortunate in having had the opportunity to inspect one of these objects at very close range, both from the outside and from at least a portion of the inside. While there are still many- questions which the author could not hope to answer with any degree of certainty, there are others upon which he feels that sufficient data has been accumulated and integrated, to permit of the drawing of conclusions there from, with a very high degree of probability that these conclusions will prove to be correct.

In the following pages, the author will present a total of one hundred questions which are most frequently asked concerning the nature of these objects, their place of origin, their purpose, if any, and why it has proven so difficult for us to learn more about them. After each question an answer will be given. While not all of these answers may be taken as absolute, they are the result of a very intensive investigation, and a high degree of data evaluation and correlation. We believe, therefore, that these questions and their answers merit your most careful consideration.

1. Are the UFO material objects?

Ans. The conclusion appears to be inescapable that a certain number of the reports deal with the observation of material objects intelligently controlled. A second group of reports concern the observation of objects which appear to be controlled by intelligence, but which do not necessarily manifest all the properties of matter, as we define the term. The balance of the reports can usually be explained satisfactorily as vehicles of known earthly construction or as natural phenomena normal to earth.

2. What percentage of the reports which. you have, evaluated do you consider to fall into each of the above categories?

Ans. Material objects, intelligently controlled, not of known earthly manufacture: 41/2%, etheric objects, intelligently controlled: 15% natural phenomena and vehicles of known earthly manufacture: 80½% .

3. In view of the large percentage of reports which are explainable as natural phenomena or known vehicles, is it not probable that the remainder of the reports could also be so explained if sufficient data were available.’

Ans. Certainly not. This is one of the prime fallacies which has been fostered for several years by a group of “official” investigators who feel a need to avoid, at all costs, the possibility of extra terrestrial origin. The reports which fall into the first category are by far the best documented, both as to the precision of the observation, and the reliability of the observers. It is the very completeness of the data which prevents these reports from being explained away as the “mistaken sighting of conventional objects.”

4. In the answer to question number 2, you described the second category of reports as relating to the observation of `etheric objects.’ What is meant by this term?

Ans. An etheric object is one in which the level of energy, existing as a frequency, is so high, compared to our usual standards. that the object appears to lose some of the properties of matter. To an observer who was on the same energy level as the object, however, the object would appear to be completely material. Space does not permit of a detailed discussion of this phenomena, but it will be completely explained in terms which anyone can understand in the forthcoming book entitled, “The Curve of Development.”

5. What is the greatest obstacle which you have encountered in the study and explanation of the UFO?

Ans. The greatest obstacle to the complete understanding of the UFO lies in the fact that we are trying to explain in earthly terms and concepts, something which is definitely not of earth. Too often the words and concepts necessary to explain simply do not exist in our language and consciousness. We must, therefore, attempt to explain by substituting words, and by creating imperfect analogies which frequently develop paradoxical aspects. However, by the use of great care in the choice of terms and by the simplification of concepts, a reasonable degree of understanding can usually be achieved.

(To be continued)


Dick Rawlinson, operator of a radio and TV service at Houma, La., writes he say- a UFO on Jan. 1, 1947, while on a Pan-Am flight approach-ing the coast of Mexico at twilight. His wording indicates others of tile crew saw it:

“We were flying from Havana to Merida, Mexico, over the Yucatan channel. We were about 8,000 feet high and saw this bright orange ball to our left, streaking in a straight line over to our right. It blinked a couple of times and went out. It wasn’t a plane; there were none in tile vicinity and, besides, planes don’t carry- orange lights. It was at about our altitude and going like a bat out of h—. It was almost dark at the time. We could see the Channel dimly, and make out the shore of the Mexican coast. It was between us and the coast. I would estimate the speed at about five or six hundred miles per hour. I’ve been around a lot of jets and watched them fly. It was not a ,jet. This object was traveling in a northerly direction.”

I think Dick was a navigator on the plane.



From the Wilshire Press

Two issues ago (August 15), this paper reported a story about three youngsters who spotted a flying saucer in the area near L. A. High School. The headline was, “Youngsters Spot Saucer In Vicinity.”

The day after the paper was published, this office received numerous reports over the phone from other people who had also seen this object. This reporter had called the Civil Defense Bureau before printing the story, hoping that someone besides the youngsters had seen the saucer, but according to CD, no one had.

Now, however, other reports have confirmed what Larry Boroskin, 8, Laura Lutzky, 8, and Stanley Boroskin, 11, had reported. In fact these new reports are all remarkably the same.

A member of the American Rocket Society reported that he sighted a UFO from Ridgely. Dr. looking north to Pico about 8:45 p.m. that same night, August 8. He was using a Japanese telescope and described the object as gradually ascending, having two lights, one behind and slightly below the other. He said it lasted about four to seven minutes. He had called Pasadena Filter Center about 8:50 p.m. and he found that the Center had already received two reports. Later that night, a physicist friend called him 9:35 p.m. to report a UFO overhead with three white lights, one blinking.

Another man called and reported that as he was driving on La Puente freeway, he saw a UF0 about 8 p.m., again on that same date, August S. He described it as a silverish disk about 5-7 times the diameter of tile evening star. It had 2 columns of exhaust-orange streamers-parallel to each other. It was rising at about 75 degrees elevation. This report is identical to the one which Laura Lutsky gave in the Wilshire Press, August 8 edition.

Mrs. Sam W. Shuttleworth of 115 S. Dillon St. wrote this paper saying, “The three youngsters were not tile only ones to see the brilliant cigar shaped light in the sky last Thursday- (August 8). My husband and I were driving west on Beverly when we noticed it and watched it for about two minutes I thought. It seemed quite low at first and then hung in one spot before it climbed out of sight. No trail of exhaust or any evidence was left behind. Quite an experience.”


We received other reports, also, but none as detailed as the above. Not to seem repetitious, this reporter will continue to quote Stanley Boroskin who says concerning flying saucers, “Why Not.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Mary Austin, 246 Madison, Detroit, Mich., writes, “Last week there was a shower of metal fragments over a town in Michigan north of here, Port Austin. Much speculation in the papers-no explanation.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

One night at 10:30 several weeks ago I walked homeward on N. Wilton St. and was astonished to see a red light about 45 degrees high in the sky- slowly approaching from the northwest. It moved in a straight line, silently, and when over the center of Hollywood, apparently, made a leisurely turn and headed WSW, showing a white light. I watched it for five minutes until it was too low to be seen. The lights did not blink but. were steady, as if on a military plane. No shape was discernible in the dark sky.

Will close with a puzzling sighting Monday, Aug. 4, at high noon looking west on Sunset near Gower St. in Hollywood. I stood in the shade of buildings on the south side of Sunset Blvd. trying to sight, between the fingers of one hand, a prop-driven plane heard going over from north to south. I failed to spot it in the bright sunlit heavens. But while I looked, a ghostly white shape that roughly resembled a jet plane seen from one side, but large as if it were less than half a mile off (and about 30 degrees above the western horizon), suddenly moved across my field of vision, slanting downward somewhat. It appeared about as long as a street sign a hundred feet away, and in four or five seconds passed out of sight behind the buildings. I stepped out to the curb and squinted again between two fingers, and saw the object, if it were real, dwindling in size apparently moving directly away to the west. There was no sound. It may have been an illusion, but if so, it is of a sort I never have had before. What was it?

Bill Rawlinson





Three Monkeys sat in a coconut tree,

Discussing things as they’re said to be.

Said one to the other, “Now hark, you two,

There’s a certain rumor that can’t be true,

That man descended from our noble race

The very idea! It’s a dire disgrace.

No monkey ever deserted his wife,

Starved her baby and ruined her life.

And you’ve never known a mother monk

To leave her baby with others to bunk,

Or pass them on from one to another

‘Til they hardly know who is their mother.


Why, if I put a fence around a coconut tree,

Starvation would force you to steal from me!

Here’s another thing a monk won’t do,

Go out at night and get on a stew,


Or use a gun, or club, or knife,

To take some other monkey’s life.

Yes! Man descended, the ornery- cuss,

But, brother. he didn’t descend from us.

-.Selected for NHR by Rev. Hammond



San Fernando, Calif.

Dear Mr. Fry

This clipping from the Valley Times may, or may not, be of interest. At any rate it shows a desire for unity among the orthodox churches. It would be interesting to know whether or not any New Thought churches are represented. Perhaps the Baptist minister who thought of an Inter. national Religious Year started something. (See June 1957 UNDER. STANDING, page 15.)

I. McK.


OBERLIN, OHIO (UP)– Church leaders from all parts of North America met on the elm-shaded campus of Oberlin College today for a major effort to re-unite the long-divided Christian family.

Among the 47 U.S. and Canadian churches represented here, either by official delegations or by observers, are most of the leading Protestant and orthodox denominations. The Roman Catholic Church is not participating.

This “North American Conference on Faith and Order” has been two years in preparation. More than 300 local conferences were held and 16 regional groups made intensive studies to distill the issues which will be laid before the 420 noted theologians, ministers and lay leaders who are gathered at Oberlin.

For the next eight days, they will explore the specific differences in doctrines and organizations which keep Christians separated into more than 250 denominations. They also will talk about common bonds and will try to mark out a role toward eventual union.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Dan :

You and yours have done magnificently in work and in the support of your publication UNDERSTANDING. I want from now on to be present at all and every activity, but I must tell you it will be impossible, that is, to be at every function.

From my side of the field I might say this. It is very clear that though our earth is going full into outer space from now on, many of us wonder about the Visitors who have been awakening earthlings in these past ten years. Yes, many of us can see that they were saluting us, and preparing us for our space advent, but many feel that the visitors may have left our skies for awhile, to let us “ride on our own.” This is not so. They are always observing, as you are aware of that fact.

So, though the whole world is now becoming Space-minded, there , still seems to be an abysmal void somewhere in the whole activity. And this is the lull before the storm, or the dark before the dawn.

It might have dawned on you simultaneously, and perhaps on the other contactees that this weak part of the activity can and must be filled b those already- prepared. Thus, as contactees it becomes the call of us to merge the strength for the first time. This brings to light such as Adamski, Bethurum, Van Tassel, yourself and myself. Our concerted action would in this day be the most formidable and the most effective springboard to launch new activity from our Space Brothers, and so lift many earth people that the New Age could be hailed in.

Of course none of us want to lose touch with the main theme of our experiences, or have them influenced by those of another. But the main theme of all is so similar, and only details and variety of manifestations may seem to make them differ.

So many people have had some degree of experiences, and many-thousands have been tried in these past ten years. Yet, even in this one single objective we have been very much divided for usual earthly reasons and the thousands remain divided likewise. I feel certain that our union in action at this time will congeal these thousands on earth into a strength of activity and ideals seldom seen before in so new an unfoldment. We it to our mission, and to the people.

At this very moment I feel the now familiar rapture which is induced by our Brothers, and can see them preparing all their ships, instruments, and details of preparation for their own new phase of activity. .f earth is ready, our visitors have new manifests to launch.

I extend my hand to you, to Elma, and to all who have helped you and the cause, and hope to enlist my- efforts with all of you.  We shall go forth into cities and towns heretofore dead to these things and give them a jolt of the free energy of the ether.

We shall aim our work direct to tile heart of the YOUTH of the world, for youth means all those who are aware of God, and who look with loving heart on all His mysterious and wondrous ways. Science is already all out in this. Religion is groping around like a lost chicken, and people are waiting everywhere for the next “something.”

If we have the “something” that all the people seek as the compass in the revelations of this day, let us give it to them. Pull the moorings, Dan, hoist every sail, and we will now prove to the world that Space Visitors did not fail when they made some contacts during the years of their other manifestations for this awakening.

And please known that our past struggle and work will now meet some measure of reward, the nature of which must still rest with the knowledge of our Space Visitors.

In Greatest Faith

Orfeo Angelucci Ojai, Calif.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Dear Mr. Fry :

I was glad that I was free to drive down from Ojai to Los Angeles to hear you speak at the Ladera Club House. . . After hearing your talk last Sunday, I felt refreshed, enlightened and more hopeful for the world.

I have reprinted your article on Fireballs in our Braille magazine for the Blind in the September issue. I hope to do other articles as time goes on for I think you have a deep understanding that the world needs…

I will be glad to read a department of UFO questions and answers in the magazine but hope you do not cut down on the pages of philosophy in order to do this. The philosophy is so necessary.

Mrs. F.B.S.



The following is an excerpt from the foreword of “Youth: Open the Door,” by Eloise Mellor, published by Dorrance & Co., Inc.

“Life challenges you!

You stand on the threshold of a new age. This new age is YOUR new age, for you are the hope of the world. That hope cannot be fully realized until the flame of true creative intelligence is undyingly lighted within you.

Life now is filled with new challenges for you. Every hardship is a challenge, every disappointment a challenge. As you meet these challenges squarely, with chin high, a new light dawns, a new strength fills your veins, new courage comes.

Through you a new key-note can be struck for the human race. The main business of the years to come need no longer be a struggle to the death for possession and property–material gold. The main business of tile coming years can be tile gathering of the real gold-INTELLIGENCE. The dawn of universal intelligence will bring with it the discarding of the old outmoded habits of life which have served to bind the human race to the sufferings of earth-disease and death. This, your book, will strike off your fetters and, freed, you can free the rest of the human race. One by one, you and your compatriots-pioneers of the REAL PEACE ON EARTH-will go forward like enkindled torches, taking the clear light of understanding to all races and nations in all four corners of earth. Behind you, and if you wish, beside you, will stand the intelligent men and women of the world-those who have themselves awakened to the truths of Life.

A befogged world struggles in its death throes. Youth is not befogged beyond remedy. Therefore it is the hope of tile world.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Your Teen Age Editor, Bill Hamilton. has returned to California and may again be addressed c/o UNDERSTANDING. 11376 Frankmont El Monte, California.



By the time this issue is received, our Spacecraft picnic will have become history, so watch next month’s copy for a review of the event.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

An interesting letter has been received from Celia Barnes, president of the San Mateo, California, Unit of Understanding. She writes that Dana Howard, well known author and contactee gave a series of lectures in the Bay- area. Mrs. Howard spoke July 21st for the San Jose Cosmic Observers, July 23rd for the Redwood City UFO group, and July 25th at Metaphysical Town Hall Library in San Francisco. Then on Friday, the 26th, a good crowd gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Barnes to hear Dana and to receive instructions in utilizing the essences as referred to in her book “Over the Threshold.” On Saturday she journeyed to Oakland to speak for a very large audience. This program was sponsored by the Oakland Unit of Understanding. She then went down to Santa Cruz and finished her lectures, speaking for a group in Carmel. Thanks again to Celia for this fine report.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

On Saturday, August 17th, Hope Troxell spoke in Vista, California, for the Vista Unit of Understanding. Her inspiring message was enthusiastically received by her audience. Mrs. Troxell, author of “Wisdom of the Universe,” will be the guest of the Oakland and San Jose clubs on September 14th and 15th. This is a return engagement.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Pomona Unit of Understanding reports that their guest speaker for the month of July was Ralph R. Huffman, our Art Director and a very fine lecturer, whose subject was a fascinating one entitled “The World Tomorrow.” Mr. Huffman also spoke for the Long Beach UFO Club taking for his subject the thought-provoking title, “Who Are the Chosen?” Both talks were much enjoyed and return appearances were requested.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Work on the Desert Center of Understanding is proceeding as scheduled. Ground has been broken and forms set for the main building. A group of workers will pour the slab on September 14th and 15th. Alex Volkov, the building chairman, announces that $233 has been contributed towards the building so far, and he wishes to express our appreciation




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TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

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VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

 WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry ….  1.50

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