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VOL. II                                           JUNE 1957                                                 No. 6


The Editor, Dan Fry, being out of town and on a tour of the east, it falls to the Assistant Editor to write the Editorial. This duty being new in every way to this writer, you will have to put up with what you get, the words of an amateur. But in that it is a part of UNDERSTAND-ING, please read it through just the same.

The organization came into being for the purpose of bringing about a better Understanding between the peoples of the earth. At this moment I cannot think of a better reason for the existence of anything, but how to bring about that Understanding is a question pretty big for one of my caliber, so pardon what might follow as ideas flow through this fellow’s mind.

Observation will demonstrate that the world suffers greatly from misunderstanding and the multiplicity of religious theories, dogmas and creeds. Aside from the belief in but One God, there are few other points of tangency in the beliefs of any of these divisions.

THE GREATEST DISGRACE THE WORLD SUFFERS IS SEGREGATION OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT. In this day in time, day of enlightenment and in the life of the race, surely our religious leaders should have found a common ground of Understanding. But instead we have increased the number of misunderstandings, the number of ideas and divisions. Instead of becoming less in number and finding some closer agreement between the many, we increase the number of disagreements, segregate ourselves the more. Aren’t we peculiar in talking about racial desegregation when we have failed in finding a basis of religious unity? Row dumb can we remain? How foolish we must appear in the eves of those who have no respect for religion at all.

When we stop to realize that every 2000 years there comes the time of Great Change, and that we are now 5957 years from the “beginning” we begin to wonder. It was 2000 years after this beginning that ‘here came the Knowledge of the Father. The Knowledge of the Son came 2000 1

years after this. We are now ending the third 2000 year period and every thinking mind realizes that Great Change is in the making, but we are without leaders who seek to know the Truth of God and Man. We continue our divisions that have been with us and increase the divisions as the clays go by.

Surely there is to be found that Truth which will be recognized by thinking minds., that Truth acceptable to all minds that think. Some-where hidden in this muddle of misconceptions there must be found that Truth whereby minds can find unity, for without this UNITY of religious thinking there will never be a common Understanding whereby men might live in peace with one and other.

Language and religious thought have been the basis for all the misunderstanding.-, between men and nations. But today the world is coming to have one language. The English Language is spreading the world over in this present century. There is a promise to this effect in the Book. We know that prior to Babel and the confusion of tongues, there was no war. Wars began when men met without a common means of under-standing, a common language. Confusion of languages brought confusion of conceptions of God. These further separated men of the race.

Today we have Nations and Deriomi-Nations. Men of nations speak different languages and have a geographical boundary, men of Denomi-Nations have different conceptions of God and have psychological boundaries. Some say that there is as much danger in war between the Denomi-Nations as between the Nations, and this could be, but the spreading of One Language may be a savior.

The spreading of the English Language the world around may be a good omen. It is possible that it will be this language that “all men may call upon the name of the Lord.” If this be the case then by this Language a common ground, a Truth acceptable to the men of the race may be found. The finding of such a Truth has been the effort of certain people in recent years. Some undisputable facts have been unearthed, but since God gives out in accord to the demand of men of the earth, the greater the number demanding, the greater the reception of Truth.

Would the Assistant Editor be stepping beyond bounds if he asked all readers to respond, expressing their ideas concerning a common ground of Understanding, a common Truth for men of the earth? May we hear from you.



by Daniel Fry


In our last issue we began a discussion of the social pattern produced by the adoption of the economic system known as Capitalism, together with the form of government which we call Democracy. We stated that while the resulting format is far from perfect, it appears to be the closest approach to an ideal form which has yet proven practical upon a large scale. Many social patterns have been formulated which appear to be almost perfect concepts when applied to a small group of persons and administrated by a single wise and dedicated individual, but when an attempt is made to apply these patterns to very large numbers of people, it is obvious that the administration of the plan must also be delegated to many individuals. The statistics of human imperfections become apparent in the format and prevent the achievement of any ideal form of society.

We mentioned last month that the economic or social system which we describe as Capitalism has several rather serious defects which not only prevent it from achieving the ideal state, but which constantly threaten to cause its degeneration into a pattern very different from that which was envisioned by its founders. Perhaps if we examine these defects with sufficient care and thoroughness some way may be found to remove them from our present system without losing any of the advantages which we now enjoy.

First, let us consider the term Capitalism. What does it mean? Our dictionary defines it as: 1-A system under which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are, in large measure. privately owned and directed. 2. The concentration of capital in the hands of a few, or the resulting power or influence. 3. A system favoring such concentration of wealth. We can see at once that this is not a sufficient definition to produce any real distinction between Capitalism and Communism, for, under Communism as it is practiced today, the means of production, distribution and exchange together with the resulting power or influence actually concentrated in a much smaller number of individuals than is true of Capitalism in general. In Communism, the fiction is always maintained that those who have the power and influence are using it, not for their own advantage, but for the welfare of the rank and file whom they claim to represent. Of course the same fiction is also maintained iii Capitalism, but while it is not so greatly stressed, it appears to be more nearly true, since under Capitalism, the welfare of the Capitalist is more closely tied to the welfare of the group than is the case under the absolute dictatorship which calls itself Communism today.

To observe the real dangers of Capitalism we must go deeper than the dictionary definition. We must examine the origin and development of the symbol of value, or the medium of exchange which we call money.

To be continued



Absolute knowledge, have I none

But my aunt’s washerwoman’s sister’s son

Heard a policeman on his beat,

Say to a laborer in the street,

That lie had a letter just last week,

Written in the finest Greek,

From a Chinese coolie in Timbuctoo,

Who said that the natives in Cuba knew

Of a colored man in a Texas town,

Who got it straight from a circus clown,

That a man in the Klondike heard the news

From a group of South American Jews,

Who claimed to know of a swell society drake

Whose mother-in-law will undertake

To prove that her husband’s sister’s niece

Has stated in a printed piece,

That her son’s research has gone so far,

That he knows what the UFOs are!

— by A Nowny Mouse.





by Frank Spiva

When man made the internal-combustion engine he made an aduplicate of his own body and has remained unaware of the fact for these many years. There can be certain things wrong with the body, lack of food, or improper food. These same conditions can cause trouble in your engine. The nerve system can be impaired. This condition can be likened to trouble with the ignition of your engine. Improper elimination can cause much trouble with the body. Close the exhaust on your engine and it will not start at all. Man made this aduplicate and knew not that he was patterning after his own body.

But the time of man’s greatest demonstration of himself; of coming to “Know Himself,” was when man made an aduplicate of his mind, and called it the radio. Now the radio is an example of our own minds in action. This radio-mind operates within the body and brain. It has all the parts of the radio on the table before you. Your aura is your aerial and the spinal cord is the ground, the line that carries the circuit into the ground. tile body being made “of the dust of the ground.” Your Sub-consciousness is the receiving portion and the Consciousness is the amplifying part. It is easy to see that the mouth is the loud speaker. Thus one can quickly see that in making the radio, man, unconsciously, patterned this after his own mentality. Since that time man has given the radio eyes. and Television is with us as well.

Man was to do these things that he might come to fulfill the statements cut into the walls of Temples throughout time: “MAN, KNOW THYSELF.” Man had to pattern these aduplicated devices after himself in order to begin to understand what man really is. ?f we understand our bottles we can better understand our car when the engine begins to act If we understand the radio we can better understand ourselves and mental possibilities, for the radio works on the same principal as the mind and vice versa.

We, each of us. are human radios, receiving thoughts. We are more than this, We are sending stations as well. To one who has made an investigation of Telepathy, this sending and receiving is a thing well understood. If you understand your own mental workings you call become, both a sending and receiving station. For instance, if I have associated with you to the extent that 1 know the “wave length” of your thought, if you are in need I will respond to you, no matter where you may be. This has been proven times without number, but no one ever thought to look into this little “talking box” on the table to understand this. When you have come to be able to attune your mind properly- you will receive ideas and thoughts from others, even when they may be saying “naughty things” about you, for their having expressed them in words the vibration of sound also increases the electric charge which the mind emits in thought.

Telepathy is a thing far beyond the infantile experiments now being made by some of our Universities and Psychologists throughout the land. When telepathy is fully developed in man there can be no secrets, noticing clandestine, nothing underhand. Any thought will be on the air. The spoken word will add to the pressure behind the thought. The person, or nation, against whom the thought is expressed will immediately know This will become a great harmonizer. a great counteracter of jealousy (the mentally “lousy” show jealousy). People will find that only through good thoughts can they remain in equality with others. This will be a Great Leveler in the lives of all people. A person who has stood before a group and talked for an hour need not feel that they have discovered something rare when one of their audience calls to tell them of some discussion that may have taken place between them and others following the lecture, unless their experience is most limited and understanding blocked.

We are all walking radios, and there is a GREAT SENDING STATION whose call letters are G.O.D. This Station has sent out the ideas unto mankind throughout time. Minds capable of attuning to It received and gave unto the race the messages whereby the race progressed. We had our age of prophecies, when GOD gave unto the race a picture what was to come. We have had our times of physical discovery. geographical discovery, of architecture, of music, of Reformation. When the race advanced to the point of needing, that thing was sent forth f from GOD and worthy minds received and gave unto the race.

This STATION called GOD never sends ideas out of balance. In the past century when the race lead made the great material and industrial development on the ideas sent forth, at this time there were being sent forth ideas, TRUTHS, on the Mental-Spiritual Plane in balance to the material ideas. But we had very few minds receptive to this Spiritual sending. These who received were attacked by the pulpit, press and pen. They were ridiculed in every manner. They were crucified on the cross of ignorance. Only in the past few years are some minds awakening to the fact that GOD has been talking to man, pleading for man to hear. The trouble of the world today is the fact of this unbalanced state, the lack of Spiritual understanding.

Yes, your mind is both a sending and receiving station. If you know the method one can walk into the mental house of another and view the pictures on memories’ walls and see the pattern of the garment in the making. Critical minds ever have the door wide open and inviting one in. It is when one has come to understand these possibilities that one comes to understand what the Master meant when he said: “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you.” The basic Law of God is “They shall produce after their kind.” By excusing such, one permits the Law to work at the point of its origin and not upon one’s self. The enemy, sending forth his thoughts and words, will eventually find them resting at his own feet (understanding), and if lie understands and cleans his feet (understanding) he will cease to think wrong of anyone.

Yes, one may walk into the mental house of another, or be drawn in by the thoughts sent forth by another, for the thought received locates the sender and invites the receiver, but this is “Trespassing” and such is against the Law. He who knows the Law abides by the Law and sends `”IN’ good in return for the criticism or condemnation received.

The mind is a radio and the GREAT SENDING STATION IS GOD. The inventors and discoverers are receivers of the Spiritual Truths sent forth for this clay in the life of the race, these men walked as close to GOD as did Noah, Moses or any of those Ancient Ones. GOD spoke to them all in keeping with the time in which they lived and in the time of the life of the race. Respect the God that made your radio and use it in a constructive manner.




by Bessie K. Arthur

EARLY in the “saucer” excitement (about 1952) there was an unannounced landing of a spaceship in Hollywood, California. It was after midnight at the corner of Vermont and Franklin Avenues on a vacant lot.

Three Sisters of a certain religious Order had come out of a motion picture show. When they were going to their parked car, having crossed Franklin Avenue, one of them, more observant than the others, saw a ship of peculiar shape, lighter than the foggy atmosphere.

She said, “Look. What is that over there? Let’s go and see.”

The others did not have any desire to investigate, so she left them in order to walk on the sidewalk nearer the ship. She said that she stood within ten feet of the circular ship, easily discernable through the fog. It was hovering near the ground and was of a blue-gray and white color. She wanted to investigate further by going into the ship but the other two Sisters kept calling her to come to the car. She relented but says that she has felt ever since that she missed a great opportunity. They left the spot while the craft was still there.

About 1951 members of this same Order saw a large round ship, red in color, floating in the sky over Hollywood. It made no sound. There are others in Los Angeles and Hollywood who also saw this ship at the same time from other locations.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Some Arizona Sightings.

In April, 1957, several teenagers of Snowflake, Arizona, reported sighting spaceships unlike anything of earthly origin. Some of them wrote their report.

“About four years ago, my mother, Rosa A. Howard, my brother and my sister and I saw a Flying Saucer. We were going toward Wilford Roger’s house when my mother, upon looking up, saw a bright silver speck that just seemed to be floating in mid-air. It was about two in the afternoon. The light that was on it made it glow all over. It was in the sky for a few minutes when it suddenly disappeared into thin air.”


Patricia Howard

P. 0. Box 247

Snowflake, Arizona.


About the middle of March, 1957, Lena Morris, her father, mother and her brothers and sisters saw a red glowing disk-shaped object between Snowflake and Holbrook.

“It went west of us,” Lena said, “without any sound whatsoever. At first it went very slowly and then real fast. I found out later that Barbara Smith also saw the same object from another location on the same day.”

George Popa of Snowflake told of seeing STAR SHIPS.

“It was about June, 1956, when the sun was going down. It was not dark enough to see the stars yet, but I saw a large number of star-like objects moving slowly toward the west. All were silver in color.

“Last summer (1956) at about 9 P. M. one evening, something flared up bright in the sky and then fell and went out before it hit the earth. It was a white light.


Keith Webb

P. 0. Box 157

Snowflake, Arizona.

Two boys signed the following: “About March 29, 1957, we saw a “flying saucer” flying west in Snowflake. It was round in shape. In a few minutes it disappeared.”

Daniel Disekinney

Thomas Lee

Other teenagers are invited to write to any of the above to thank them and to encourage them to continue to relate their experiences.

Let’s get your sightings in print. Sent them to this writer c/o of Understanding.



LONDON, (AP) — A Royal Air Force radar station last night spotted an “unidentified object” streaking over the English Channel so swiftly that two of Britain’s fastest jet fighters could not intercept it.

It was the second unexplained sighting in three weeks. A London newspaper. suggested the object. might be a new type Russian bomber operating in western skies.

The Air Ministry announced today only that “one of our radar screens” sighted the object traveling due west near St. Margaret’s Bay, about 70 miles southeast of London at the bottleneck leading from the North Sea into the English Channel.

“Two Javelin Fighters were dispatched from Odiham RAF Base to investigate but did not make contact,” the announcement said.

The earlier mystery sighting occurred at noon on April 4, during the time when the Soviet Union was distributing a rash of warnings to European nations about guided missiles and atomic weapons.


The latest aeronautical what-is-it, variously described as a flying flapjack, a saucer and a bomber with an umbrella, nosed into the air over Edwards Air Force Base yesterday, and police of Southern California communities are bracing themselves for an anticipated deluge of telephone calls from excited citizens.

The strange device is a 30-foot discus-shaped dome mounted atop a Navy WV2 Super Constellation. The device, developed by Lockheed Aircraft, houses an experimental distance-determining radar antenna that may become standard equipment for the early-warning WV2’s now being produced.

Anyone seeing a hump-backed Connie flying through the sky is requested not to call the police or ground observer corps to report a saucer or space ship. It is merely a flying radar station guarding the country against surprise attack.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.

W. C. Fields

One of the best things to have up your sleeve is a funny bone.





Some of your readers undoubtedly clipped and filed the two-page story in LIFE for May 27, covering the Convention at Giant Rock. One picture shows a group of people staring off into the darkness while a fiery spot glows among the desert hills. It seems pranksters from Cal Tech had lit flares and exploded dynamite to simulate a flying saucer crash. Well, since some friends and I slept (or tried to) within a dozen yards of the cameras, and were posed in the group, it may interest you to know that several hours elapsed between the lower and upper half of this picture. The LIFE men snapped us a little after dark Saturday night, and left the cameras in place till dawn. About four in the morning the “phenomenon” occurred, and presto! the LIFE men were back at the cameras. In fact, they had been told the exact time the “phenomenon” would happen, for I heard one of the pranksters calling to his partner over a walkie-talkie, requesting the information so that the men could “open their shutters.” It was two in the morning and he kept giving directions on how the other pranksters could avoid the sheriff’s car which was prowling in the desert looking for them during the greater part of the night.

This will help LIFE readers understand why the group in the picture are not looking at the fiery spot, nor running toward it. It hadn’t happened yet. LIFE readers got took!

Rill Rawlinson


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The original of the following letter has been sent to LIFE magazine. An Open Letter to Life Magazine

Dear Sirs:

Regarding your photograph showing a group of six people “apparently” observing a fake saucer crash. page 117 of May 27, 1957 issue, at first I thought I’d let it pass. After all, its just a picture, I mused.  On further cogitation, however, a growing awareness has come over me that our little group was being made unwitting agents to a “double fraud.”

It was around 8:00 in the evening. We were sitting around our campfire, my wife, my nephew and myself. A couple of Life Photographers had been getting some flashes and cameras set up about thirty or forty feet from our camp. The cameras, on tri-pods, were facing North. Naturally this activity- aroused our curiosity. We wondered what they were expecting to “shoot.” We didn’t have long to wait. One of them came over and asked if we’d mind becoming part of a group of people looking out across the desert with our backs to the cameras. We complied readily enough thinking these boys wanted to catch a little of the spirit of the convention on film. O.K., fine. So we all obediently turned our noses to the North, looking out into nothing but the desert and the night. We didn’t particularly expect to see anything. As I say, this took place roughly between eight and nine P.M. I’m the man in the middle of the picture with the cap.

They left their cameras set up and disappeared. We “hit the sack” in our tent at a little after midnight. I noticed, before going to sleep, that the photographic equipment was still in place. The next morning I learned that this dynamiting episode had occurred about two A.M. So you see there was an interval of several hours between the taking of our picture and that of the faked saucer crash.

So I charge the Life boys with having foreknowledge of the coming “crash” and with being in collusion with whoever set off the blast. Then you superimposed the “crash” on our picture. You may say “Boys will be boys and play pranks.” Sure, but I see a more subtle routine behind all this. As if by a shuffling of a few facts and arranging them to suit your purpose, you’re perhaps gently leading the dear reading public into the illusion that all reported “other world” contacts, conversations, etc., are either frauds or flights of fanciful crackpots? Odd, isn’t it, that tile only fakes the writer was aware of were perpetrated by outsiders–diehard skeptics? The kind of caper just described is not even adult. Wake tip Life! Be true to Life lest some of your more alert readers start charging you with yellow journalism. I’m not bitter about this-I’ve had my say. It was something that had to be said. I think we all still have tile right in this country to take either the “believer” or “disbeliever” side of any controversy.

Whichever side we take, let’s keep our minds open and never quit seeking tile truth. We’re going to need more and more understanding in the times ahead.

I might add that I am the conventioneer who was quoted in this article as having heard a sighed “Oh dear me,’ at last year’s convention.” Three of us heard this. A fourth was asleep on the back seat of our car. We were traveling away from Giant Rock … about eight or nine miles from there. This voice preceded our “sighting” by about ten minutes. It was repeated two or three times. I checked the radio to see if it was on. It was off. I turned in disbelief to tile two beside me and asked if they had heard a voice. They had. We all agreed it sounded like “0 dear, me.” I pulled up at the side of the road in open desert. We had only about ten minutes to wait.

What transpired in the next hour and a half, I retold to “Long John” Nebel of station WOR, at this year’s convention. It all happened the last of May. 1955. It ,A-as my wife’s and my fourth experience. My 22 year old son had his first experience that night. Prior to this, like many others, he had been very skeptical. This convinced him… flabbergasted would be a better word. In fact he saw all that we did and much more. He didn’t tell us until the nest day that he had seen two figures (six feet tall or over) looking directly towards the car from the opposite side of the road. Then they turned and walked down the road about three feet apart and disappeared. Then two more came cut, turned and walked out of Sight. Then a third pair. He said he had no way, of knowing whether these were six different beings or two repeating the same maneuver three times. We asked him why. he hadn’t spoken up the night before. He said he couldn’t speak then.

If your photographers had been behind us that night with their cameras, preferably movie cameras, they would have had something real to “shoot.” To wit, one dome shaped ship with a pulsing red light and two much smaller objects or lights about the size of automobile head-The latter maneuvering at sometimes incredible speeds about waist high off the ground. The former seen to hover twice and move very slowly when it shifted position … keeping apparently- the same altitude above the smaller ones. This was witnessed by four of us.

An interesting observation, I might add. In the last four years I’ve seen a lot of skeptics come over to the ranks of the believers, but I’ve yet to see one believer go back to the non believers.

Print this if you will, brothers, but print it verbatim.

“Surge, illuminere!”

Francis B. Scott

Zelda H. Scott

Ronald Burkholder

P.S. There have been several photos (bonafide) of UFO’s taken at Giant Rock. They were on display for all to take note who cared to do so

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


BLESSED are the parents who make their peace with spilled milk and with mud; for of such is the kingdom of childhood.

BLESSED is the parent who engages not in the comparison of his child with others; for precious unto each is the rhythm of his own growth.

BLESSED are the fathers and mothers who have learned laughter; for it is the music of the child’s world.

BLESSED and wise are those parents who understand the goodness of time; for they make it not a sword that kills growth but a shield to protect.

BLESSED and mature are they who without anger can say no; for com-forting to the child is the security of firm decisions.

BLESSED is the gift of consistency; for it is heart’s-ease in childhood

BLESSED are they who accept the awkwardness of growth; for they are aware of the constant perilous choice between marred furnishings and damaged personalities.

BLESSED are the teachable; for knowledge brings understanding, and understanding brings love.

BLESSED are the men and women who, in the midst of the unpromising mundane. give love; for they bestow the greatest gifts to each other, to their children, and-in an ever widening circle-to their fellow men.



By Omar Garrison

Mirror-News Religion Editor


WHAT would happen if 55 religious groups were to get together- and launch a program attacking the spiritual unknown in the same way that scientists of 55 nations will probe the mysteries of nature during the International Geophysical Year beginning July 1 ?

This intriguing question was raised this week by Dr. John C. Slemp, editor of Missions magazine, a Baptist publication.

Noting that scientific teams stationed around the world will seek answers to many problems concerning the earth’s surface, atmosphere, sun and its radiation, the weather, and so on, Dr. Slemp suggested that a religious IGY might be faced with enigmas even more baffling.

“For example,” he said, “religious scientists might attempt such riddles as man’s inhumanity to man, the resistance of myth and magic to advancing knowledge, the greed and graft that turn men into animals, the ill will and the unbrotherliness that one sees in every land, the wars that destroy cities and bury civilizations in the dust.

“What if 55 religious denominations, not to mention 55 nations, should unite in that undertaking?” the Baptist Editor wrote. “It would be an adventure second to none that men have ever experienced. It might even turn out to be the most important single task to which men had ever set their hearts and hands.

“We might find that the basic concerns of man are not physical, but spiritual, and that his future on this planet depends not so much on his knowledge of science as on his understanding of himself and his fellow men.”

The sad part about Dr. Slemp’s proposal is that it is foredoomed to remain in the realm of speculation.




AS this goes to press, George Van Tassel and Daniel Fry, accompanied by Mr. Durward Fairfield, are on a lecture tour of the country. They are appearing on Radio Station WOR in New York City as guests of the Long John program. They also have speaking engagements in Phoenix, Detroit, New York and other cities enroute.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 6 of Understanding was organized on June 6th at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock of Reseda, California, with Charlotte Sullivan as the President. All San Fernando Valley readers are invited to contact this group. You will find the address in the May issue of Understanding. The Pomona Unit had an interesting and well attended meeting in June with Israel Norkin, author of “Saucer Diary” as the speaker. He also showed his pictures of UFO.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Understanding is acquiring a five acre plot of desert land situated between Yucca Valley and Lucerne Valley, California. We are building a Center of Understanding so that all members, subscribers and other friends may have a place as headquarters for quiet week-end visits to the desert. Mr. Alex Volkov, Chairman of the Building Committee, will appreciate hearing from anyone wishing to donate either time, money or building materials for this project. Write to him c/o of Understanding, This will be a center devoted to a better understanding between all peoples and it has also been suggested that this will be an ideal place in which to watch for `saucers.’

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

On June 8th, the Oakland Spacecraft Club had as their guest speaker, Hope Troxell, Corresponding Secretary of Understanding and author of “Wisdom of the Universe.” A very attentive and receptive audience heard Hope tell of her fascinating experiences with spacecraft and the messages which she has been receiving from space. Della Lee Larson is the president of this Unit of Understanding.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

For good summer reading on the subject of Spacecraft we suggest the following: Other Tongues, Other Flesh by George H. Williamson: Two Nights to Remember by Carl Anderson; Saucer Diary by Israel Norkin. These will really hold your attention.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ……………  3.00

OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH, by Williamson ………..  4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY, by Frank Spiva ……………  2.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

WORLD WITHIN, by Gina Cerminara …………  4.00

PEACE, by Florence Donovan ………..  .50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……  3.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence Donovan ………..  1.50

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

 WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry ….  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 3.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

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