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VOL. II                                              MAY, 1957                                            No. 5






PASADENA (AP) –Two thousand American scientists have signed an appeal urging international agreement now to stop the testing of nuclear bombs, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist announced today.

Dr. Linus Pauling called it “an appeal by American scientists to the governments and to the people of the world.”


The statement says, “Each added amount of radiation causes damage to the health of human beings all over the world.” It warns of “an increase in the number of seriously defective children… in future generations” and adds: “As scientists we have knowledge of the dangers involved and therefore a special responsibility to make those dangers known.” Pauling, head of the Division of Technology in Pasadena, said the statement was prepared by him “as an individual scientist and was signed by other scientists as individuals.”


The 2000 signatures were received in four days-last Wednesday through Saturday. Signers included two other Nobel Prizewinners-Dr. H. J.

 Muller, Indiana University, who received the prize in 1946 for discovering that penetrating radiation produces mutations in plants and animals, and Dr. Joseph Erlanger, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., 1944 winner in physiology and medicine.

“About half of the scientists who signed the appeal are biologists, and many of the others are biochemists, chemists and medical scientists,” Pauling said.



BERKELEY (AP)– Two University of California scientists took sharp issue With the appeal of Dr. Lines Pauling of California Institute of Technology, for a halt in atomic bomb tests.

They were Dr. Joel H. Hildebrand, head of California’s department of chemistry and chemical engineering, and Dr. K. S. Pitzer, dean of the College of chemistry. Dr. Pauling had asked them to sign his appeal. Dr. Hildebrand said he replied to Pauling: “As a citizen, I think… that the risk to persons from radioactive fallout should be estimated against the risk to human freedom of abandoning what appears at present to be its main defense in a world where international agreements are continually violated …

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Editorial Comment: The vote is two thousand to two. If the United States is really a democracy, what are we waiting for?





Last month we discussed the social pattern which is presently known as Communism. It is not a manifestation of the ideology of Karl Marx or Nicolai Lenin, as is commonly supposed, but is actually only a highly organized form of gangsterism, which contains little or nothing that might be considered to be of value in an ideal social format. Since it has no value, and since the `leaders’ do not represent those whom they purport to lead, the possible life span of the system is very limited, and already the signs of decay- and breakdown are unmistakable.

Let us now consider the antithesis of Communism, the social pattern which is generally known as Capitalism. Many readers may object that Capitalism should be described as an economic system rather than a social pattern, and, in essence, this is perfectly correct. However, it is also true that the effects of an economic system do permeate and, to a large extent, mold the characteristics of any social format, including the functions of its government.

We can see an example of this principle if we consider the government of England and that of the United States. The government of England originated as an almost absolute Monarchy while that of the United States was designed as an absolute Democracy. Both, however, operated under an identical system of Capitalism with theresult that today, the difference between the overall social pattern of England and that of the United 2

States, including their form of government, is much less than the degree of difference which exists between various areas of the United States; and these differences can be traced directly to differences in the economic pattern of those areas.

While the proponents of any social system will naturally argue that their concept is superior to all others, the weight of evidence produced by any unbiased examination of history appears to demonstrate that the economic system known as Capitalism, when combined with the form of government known as Democracy, produces a format which satisfies more of the requirements of the ideal society than any other pattern which has yet achieved a large scale development. This does not mean that a combination of Capitalism and Democracy produces the ideal form of society. It means only that this appears to be the closest approach which has so far proven to be practical, in that it provides for a reasonable amount of freedom, welfare and opportunity for development of the individual. It does, however, contain a number of rather serious defects, which not only prevent it from achieving the ideal state but constantly threaten to cause its degeneration into a pattern very different from that which was envisioned by its founders.

In our next issue we will examine some of these defects, and attempt to explain them in the simplest possible manner so that they may readily be recognized and understood. The article is not intended, and will not be presented as an attack of any kind upon our existing system, but it is is a well known principle that the first step in the solution of any problem should be a careful and precise analysis of the problem itself.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Sen. John J. Williams-R.-Del. (after writing to the Interstate Commerce commission complaining about a Delaware farmer who was told he wouldhave to submit 66 copies of his letter if he wanted his objections to a railroad increase to be heard) :

“I hope they will not send me 66 copies of their reply.”



The Fourth Annual Spacecraft Convention held at Giant Rock Air-port on May 11th and 12th, again demonstrated the fact that with each passing year more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that

we have visitors from space. Each year there is a definite increase in the number of people who are willing to make the trip to Giant Rock from all parts of United States and from several of our neighboring countries to hear the latest news direct from the lips of those who have had contact or personal experience with the beings who operate the spacecraft. While there are no means of taking an exact census of those who attend, it is estimated that between eleven and twelve thousand persons were present for at least part of that two-day meet.

The Convention was officially opened on Saturday morning by Court-land Hastings. Mr. Hastings had flown in from New York City to assist ‘Long John’ in making some tape recordings for release on his well known program from station WOR, New York City.

George Van Tassel, the Host and Master of Ceremonies, then announced that a parachute jump would be attempted for the entertainment of the spectators. There was a strong wind blowing, and it was not certain that the chutist would be willing to risk a drop, but after several passes overhead, he stepped out of the plane and came down in a striking display of our national colors from his tri-colored parachute It is worthy of mention that the chutist was none other than Gordon Dallas, the man who made the parachute jumps in the motion picture “The Spirit of Saint Louis,” and the chute which he used at the convention was the same one which  lie had used in the picture.

The attention of the crowd was then directed to the speakers’ plat-form  where Judge Charlie Poulsen read the Invocation, in which he stressed the need of earthman for a greater degree of receptivity and understanding of those forces of the universe and of the spirit, which are now largely beyond our comprehension. When he had completed the invocation, Van called the attention of his listeners to a fact which many 4 them had not realized. The beautiful and inspirational message had been read by Judge Poulsen in Braille.

Judge Poulsen was followed by that well-known gentlemen, Truman Bethurum, who briefly recapped his eleven contacts in the Nevada desert with Aura Rhanes and her spacecraft from the planet Clarion. He also described the subsequent contacts which have been made near Prescott, Arizona.

Next on the program, his Honor, F. M. Clark of Hiawatha, Iowa, reminded his listeners that the greatest obstacle to our understanding of the spacecraft and the purpose of their operators is the reluctance of people to tell others of their experiences. He also pointed out that the subject could not be dismissed as being merely a psychical or metaphysical phenomenon, since there is ample evidence to demonstrate that the space-craft are real and material objects, even by the strictest interpretation of reality. He gave as an example, the craft which he, himself, along with about fifty other residents of Hiawatha had observed.

Appearing for the first time on the platform of a Spacecraft Convention, Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Missouri, described the space-craft which had repeatedly landed at his ranch. He related the details of the several trips which lie had taken in these craft.

Dan Fry, who was introduced by Van as “one of the old standbys,’ talked briefly of his experience at White Sands Proving Grounds and then opened a question and answer period which recessed for the lunch hour and then continued for some time in the afternoon.

Orfeo Angelucci, another of our “oldtimers,” gave us an inspiring message which pointed out the connection between the coming Geophysical Year and the subject of spacecraft.

Our next speaker, Howard Menger of Highbridge, New Jersey, also w as making his first appearance on the speakers’ stand of the Convention. Mr. Menger, who first met an extraterrestrial some twenty seven years ago, stressed the point that the Space People are here to help us help ourselves. At the conclusion of his talk, he played a very interesting tape recording of the electronic emission of a spacecraft as it approached and then as it receded from the point of reception. Howard explained that the craft did not make any sound which was directly audible to the human ear, but that the emanation of the propulsion field could be received and converted to sound just as a radio receiver converts the broadcast wave.

After the recording had been played several times, Van officially closed the first day. of the Convention. Since it was only 5 o’clock in the afternoon, many of the spectators complained that the program was closed too early. The reason, however, for the early closing was the fact that the speakers had been requested by Long John to drive into the town of Yucca for the purpose of making some tape recordings to be played later over station WOR.

The second day of the Convention dawned with cloudy skies and a chilly wind very much in evidence. Judge Poulsen gave another inspiring invocation suitable to the occasion.

After two more parachute jumps, made with difficulty due to the prevailing high winds, George Van Tassel presented gifts in honor of Mother’s Day, to the oldest and youngest mother present.

Carl Anderson, of Long Beach, who made his first Convention appearance last year, told of his amazing experience with spacecraft on two different occasions. Both of these events took place in the desert, one of them quite near to Giant Rock.

This seemed to be a Convention featuring first appearances as our next  speakers were the teen-age twins, Ray and Rex Stanford of Corpus Christi, Texas. Ray told of the Padre Island experiences which, some of you will recall, was reported last year in Fate Magazine. The boys had affidavits signed by the Highway Patrolman and Deputy Sheriff who were present at the time and observed the incident

Next we heard from Peace Pilgrim, the woman who has walked over 10,000 miles in the cause of peace. She has vowed to keep walking until such time as something tangible has been accomplished along this line.

Among others making their Convention debut were: Kelvin Rowe of San Jacinto, California, who worked for the U. S. Forest Service and has been in contact with these craft; Calvin Gervan, who related some of his unusual experiences while in the Philippines and Hawaii; and Hope Troxell of Altadena, the Corresponding Secretary of Understanding, who told how her contacts with these people from other planets have led her publish the wonderful messages which she has received from them.

In the afternoon, a drawing took place in which the lucky winner of a V-M Tape Recorder was Mrs. Marjorie Prescott of Vista. California. Understanding sponsored the drawing with the able assistance of Art Aho. whose little granddaughter picked the winning ticket.

Dana Howard of Palm Springs told about her new book, “Over the Threshold,” which had been released for publication just in time for the Convention. She gave us a few highlights from her discourses with Diane from Venus.

After Howard Menger and Dan Fry had given short messages, for the benefit of those who did not attend on Saturday, Van completely surprised everyone present, including himself, with the announcement that the Space People had just informed him that he was to pledge himself to become a candidate for the Presidency of the United States in the 1960 election! Courtland Hastings, who had officially opened the Convention, with a few well chosen words now closed it, and the Fourth Annual Spacecraft Convention became history.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


by Sam C. Ritchie


One of the things sadly lacking in the people of the planet earth is the understanding of one another. Most of us do not even understand ourselves. We have never asked, “Who am I, where am I, and where am I going?”

Basically, this question is one of the most important on this plane of consciousness. The correct answers to this question can give you a foundation upon which all your thoughts and actions can be built no matter what your race or creed.

You know, I believe most of its outgrow the habit of asking `why’ at far too early an age. When we are very little we almost drive our parents wild asking `why this’ and `why that.’ Then in later years we acquire the attitude that asking `why’ is a childish habit. Our parents help to bring some of this about by not knowing the answers themselves.

Consider a simple example: Why does a baby cry so loudly from just a little bump and when the child grows older he can stand ten times the blow? The answer is simple when we learn that the baby’s nerve endings are closer to the surface of the skin and he feels the pain more than when the nerve endings have been padded with flesh as he grows older.

How many of us read the Bible and ask why Jesus lived the way he did, and why Gautama (the Buddha) and Laoste, Confucius, Mohammed and all the other `Sons of God’ acted and thought the way they did. Any orthodox church will give you this answer: It is the better way of life, the right way of life. Yes, they are correct, but the reason goes much deeper than that.

These Sons of God (Supreme Energy) were merely living according Lo Natural or Universal Law. When Jesus walked on the water, people said, “it is a miracle!” but there was no miracle performed. Jesus knew the Law of Levitation When He said, “Turn the other check,” it wasn’t that He was afraid to fight. He knew- that Nature is always trying to maintain a balance. If a person strikes you, he is negative. One negative thought or action added to another does not produce a balance. In fact it swings the situation out of balance. As the proverb says, “If you stir mud with mud, you just end up with more mud.” When Jesus said, “For-give them, for they know not what they do,” He was balancing the negative thoughts with a positive. He used the most powerful force in the world, Natural Power. By all of His actions Jesus was trying to have us understand that we are Infinite Spiritual Beings, evolving to be like unto Him. He said, “These things that I do, ye shall do also and even greater

Guautama, the Buddha, another Son of Supreme Energy, taught us 0e oneness of life. He taught that there is only one life stream flowing throughout all of existence. That spark of Supreme Energy at the core of us, is at the core of the insect. the bird, the animal and all creation. The only difference is in the degree of enlightenment

We, as Infinite Spiritual Beings, have no limitations except those we have made or are making for ourselves. Do not bind yourself to any one book, or any one Master, to any one teaching. The truth is in everyone and in everything.

Plato was a very advanced thinker. He studied all philosophies of this earth and found that all philosophy is based on Natural Law. Learn to choose the Natural Law and reject all man made dogma. Remember, only Natural Law can help you because that is the only law under which you live and you cannot escape it. When you disregard Natural Law, you harm only yourself by contracting karmic debts which you eventually will have to pay. Remember, Nature is entirely just. Jesus taught us that as you sow, so shall you reap, and the Buddha said, “We live under the law of cause and effect.” both Masters telling us that as we live, we either progress or retrogress. We cannot stand still. Our direction is up to us. These Sons of God brought us the light and the way, but we must have eves to see and ears to hear.

Where are we? We are on the planet earth. Our brothers from other planets in our solar system call it the planet Shan. Call it what you will. Names do not mean much as they are only symbols of expression.

Our Infinite Spiritual Self asked to come back to this planet to learn more of the lessons of this life. The real self is what spurs you on and gives you the desire to make life worthwhile.

Buddha said, “The Hierarchies above are always reaching down to help those below.” Those on the plane of consciousness above are reaching down to help those of us on the plane below. Those who have eyes to see ships in our skies today, and ears to hear what these people are saying, know that the enlightened ones are teaching Natural Law. They are coming here to help us if we will just listen.

Where are we going? We are on the path to become masters of ourselves and then eventually masters of all things. Now as we walk along the path we must strive to walk in the middle in order to keep balance. Veer too far to the right or left and you will find yourself in trouble. A good tool to take along with us as we travel is this: Thoughts are things. Send out good thoughts and good will come back to ,you. This is the Golden Rule in operation, and if we follow it our path will be much smoother.

Gather all the Knowledge that the Sons of God in the past, and those coming here to the planet today, have given us, and analyze it. Then ask `why?’ In this way we will have a real understanding of ourselves and others. We will also gain an understanding of who we are and where we are going as well as why. Perhaps we are heading in the wrong direction, if so, let’s make the necessary “U” turn now!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“My boy,” said the boss, “Do you believe in life after death?” “Yes, sir.” ‘ “Then that makes everything just fine,” the boss went on tenderly. “About an hour after you left yesterday to bury your grandfather, he came in to see you.”





On yon purple mountain tall,

Perched, like pride before a fall,

The desert sun doth blaze with all

His might.

Brazen glare in western skies,

Day, with grim reluctance, dies,

And dying, yet adroitly vies

With night.

A glowing train of many shades,

Slowly through the sky parades

And then is gone, as swiftly fades

The light.

No poet I, tis plain, and still

This sight my wandering soul cloth fill

With rash desire, which brings the will

To write.

From “Verse or Worse”

by Daniel W. Fry


Flying Saucers make it known

That we’ve much to learn, alas,

God, we thought, made us alone.

This illusion too shall pass.

Joseph P. Krengel



Rev. Vera Anderson of Long Beach, Calif., reports that on Friday, MAY 10th at about 9:30 P.M., as she went out in her yard, she observed a yellow light low in the eastern sky. She called her husband and they

watched it move very rapidly in a westerly direction, at the same time changing in color from blue to red. At times it stopped or else moved very slowly. Several times it changed direction very rapidly, but eventually continued in a westerly direction.

They called some of their neighbors, who also witnessed it for several minutes until it finally disappeared.



From San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, May 12, 1957.

EL MONTE-Members of at least three families in this community feel certain that a glowing object they watched in the evening sky on Friday was a flying saucer.

Mrs. James H. Love, of 2519 N. Potrero Ave., El Monte, told the Daily Tribune yesterday that she watched the strange object from 10:30 P.m. until two minutes before 11 p.m. as it moved across the sky at a moderate speed in a south-east to north-west direction.

“It couldn’t have been an airplane,” she said. “It was round and very brilliant and must have been from three to five miles high.”

Mrs. Love said she heard no sound while she watched the object from her front porch. The object was verified by a neighbor, Mrs. Augustine Martinez, of 2527 N. Potrero.

A check with the El Monte police and the San Dimas Sheriff’s departments disclosed no similar reports The Pasadena Air Defense Filter renter, however, reported a call from another El Monte resident telling of a bright light that had passed over the city at about 7:30 p.m. the same evening.

Mrs. Love added that she had seen a “shiny cigar-shaped object” With spark coming from its tail” pass over the Potrero street school 17 Years ago but that she didn’t report it because she was afraid no-one would believe her. She said it passed over at about 7:30 p.m. at an altitude of about 500 feet



Reprint from the Santa Barbara News-Press, April 30, 1957.

(Submitted by Herbert Seidler)

Editor, News-Press: In the present world crisis every moment is a special time for peace; however, it is most expedient that there be special times for coalescence in the great world movement for peace. Here are designated times more or less recognized by every country in the world: World Prayer Day, the first Friday in May; World Peace Week, the first week in May; World Peace Day, May first; World Peace Month, the month of May; World Daily Prayer, noontime; Spiritual Communion in solitude or assembly, Friday evenings.

The planning and activities of individuals and nations for peace has wrought much good; but now, since global changes are increasingly accelerating, it takes much more than human mind and maneuvers to cope with unexpected and precarious uprisings Beyond man is always the Greater Intelligence and the Better Providence.

More Harmony


World consciousness progresses more constructively by seeking to the Great Consciousness, beyond the human consciousness. Advertency toward God can naturally imbrue us with the fire that consumes the old sordid selfishness and transmutes us into more harmony and benevolence.

The One Great Common Denominator for unity in understanding and peace is The Creator. When we lift up our consciousness to this One Source, how quickly we are centralized into the more serene sanity. With the One Great Intelligence as our High Focal Point, we can be drawn out of our archaic unenlightenment and division into more illumination and unanimity. This is one trick that can turn the tide from fear and destruction  to faith and construction.

Peoples of less progressive countries are awakened in aspirations for the better life, especially in Africa and the in the Orient They are gradually unifying and are beginning to attain many powerful scientific inventions.

At this time of great change, much tribulation can be avoided as the old regime of exploitation of the under-privileged is rapidly transformed into a system of mutual helpfulness.

Have Chance

We have had much tribulation in this country, but we have the chance and the choice of taking the better ways. In this crisis of crises we can trust God and pledge to Him and to each other our all-in-all.

The prince of Peace has said: “All things are possible to him that believes.”


Founder-President Peace

Through God International

Association, Inc.



From San Gabriel Valley Daily Tribune, Jan. 16, 1957

NEW YORK (AP) — IF there is a saint now living on earth, many feel it is a gentle giant of the mind and heart who dwells deep in Africa and was 82 Jan. 14.

He is Albert Schweitzer, a strange multiple-genius who, following a mystic sense of self-dedication, left Europe in 1913 to found a hospital at Lambarene in French Equatorial Africa.

Even then he was famous as a philosopher, theologian, historian, and work renowned organist. His work as a medical missionary added to his stature. So did his massive “Philosophy of Civilization,” written, ironically, in a jungle clearing at night when his hospital chores were clone.

Three Word Creed

But his ultimate immortality rests on a three-word creed he flung into the faces of the most murderous generation the human race has produced, his insistence on a “reverence for life.”

Dr. Schweitzer, famed among scholars, remained to the man in the street little more than a legendary figure in far off Africa.

But in 1950 a group of leading artists, writers and musicians of 17 countries acclaimed Dr. Schweitzer as “the man of the century.” In 1952 he was awarded the Nobel award for peace.

Accepted Prize

Accepting the $33,200  prize, which he applied toward   improving housing for 250 lepers in his hospital, the sturdy, buffalo-mustached doctor explained his philosophy in these words:

“You don’t live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here, too.” Pilgrims of all kinds and from many lands have journeyed to visit this disturbingly kind philosopher who, instead of stepping on the ants at his feet, puts down food for them.

What’s he really like?

The world will soon be able to see how he works and lives, in a biography filmed by Erica Anderson, a Vienna-born photographer, and produced by Jerome Hill, a grandson of James J. Hill, the railway titan.

Mrs. Anderson got the idea of filming Dr. Schweitzer for posterity back in 1948. She wrote him. The suggestion of a movie of his life so shocked the modest missionary that it wasn’t until three years later he let her visit the hospital

It took another year to win permission to make the film, four more years to do the actual filming and overcome Dr. Schweitzer’s wish that the film remain unshown until after his death.

“He gave way finally,” said Mrs. Anderson, “only because he cannot bear to have anyone unhappy he knows of and can help.

“His veneration of life is such that rather than cut down a tree that is in the way he will have it transplanted. It even bothers him that he must destroy bacteria, even though he recognizes that higher forms of life take precedence.

“He lives with utmost simplicity. His favorite food is onion soup. He hasn’t smoked since he was  25 nor does he take hard liquor. Once, while he was visiting America, a lady insisted, `Oh, one cocktail in your life won’t hurt you.’ And he took the glass politely and said, `Very well then-the only cocktail in my lifetime.’


“Every morning he cleans the antelope pens himself. He believes in doing things with your own hands.

“He is, in a way, oddly old-fashioned His mind is of this century but he dresses and looks like the last century.

“He doesn’t like to ride in cars and never has been in an airplane. “But he is aware of everything going on in the outside world. He writes, longhand, 30 to 40 letters every night. He has no secretary and won’t let anyone reply to a letter for him. He dislikes telegrams.

“He travels third class on trains and once, when he was asked why lie was traveling third class, he said simply, `because there is no fourth class’ “

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


By Eleanor Roosevelt

From Los Angeles Mirror-News

Therefore, it behooves us to teach our children that patriotism today requires a study of the world and its situations.

Statesmanship today requires us to prevent situations that lead to war instead of waiting until a crisis occurs and then trying to meet it as best we can.

Each of our country’s citizen should realize that it is necessary for him to learn how to get along with people of different races and national relations.

The business of keeping out of war is the business of every, citizen of a democracy.

This Memorial Day each of us should think about how we can bring about the best understanding between people, how we can be better citizens ourselves.

Patriotism today calls for working through the United Nations for better understanding and joining in all possible ways to make life so much worthwhile for people in all parts of the world that they will want peace as much as we do.

Patriotism no longer can be practiced by men alone on a battlefield. Patriotism today calls for the active good citizenship of every man, woman and child in the U.S.



Understanding wishes to welcome all the new members who have up within the last few months, either in the Parent group or in one of the other Units. All units of Understanding were represented at the Fourth Annual Spacecraft Convention and took part in the activity. Unit No.  6 is now in the process of organizing. For those of you who live in the San Fernando Valley in California, contact Charlotte Sullivan, 3414 North San Fernando Rd., Burbank, Calif., for details about the meetings and the opportunity to be of service.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Rev. Robert Anderson, 807 Cerritos, Long Beach, Calif., and his UFO Study Group of Long Beach will sponsor UFO day at Harmony Grove, near Escondido, Calif., on July 12th. For more information write him a+ the above address.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The Vancouver Flying Saucer Club is planning a picnic to be held at the “Peace Arch” at White Rock, British Columbia, in July and they are hoping that members of other Spacecraft groups may be able to attend. There will be more regarding this later. Watch the Bulletin Board for the date and details.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

George Van Tassel and your Editor, Dan Fry, are planning a lecture tour of the East Coast during the last two weeks of June They will speak in New York City, Cleveland and Chicago and possibly other places en route as time permits. Announcements of time and place of lectures will he sent to all subscribers. We advise you to also watch your local newspapers for more about this.

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Hope Troxell has a very fine little book of poetry just off the press. 1t is “Through the Open Key” or “Poetry of The Spheres,” and sells for 35 cents. We know that you and your friends will be inspired by this offering. These booklets may be obtained from Understanding, auto-graphed if you wish. We are glad to say that the printer has promised, if possible, to have Hope’s new book “Wisdom of the Universe” read’ before the end of June.

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Still on our list of best sellers are Saucer Diary by Israel Norkin, Other Tongues, Other Flesh by Ric Williamson and World Within by Gina Cerminara.




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