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Vol. II                                             April, 1957                                                  No. 4



In our last issue, we discussed very briefly, three of the basic principles upon which any form of human society must be founded if it is to fill the human needs and desires which bring it into existence. Let us now consider a few of our present forms of society to determine how well they fill the requirements which we have enumerated.

The ideology which underlies a given social format is usually designated by the suffix `ism.’ We have observed the birth, the growth, and the sudden or gradual decay of many of these isms. Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism, etc., each claiming itself to be superior in concept to the others, yet all lacking in the some of the fundamental requirements of an ideal society. The greatest social controversy in the world today is that which exists between the proponents of the pattern which is called Communism, and the advocates of the pattern known as Capitalism. If we take a close look at Communism as it is practiced today, the first thing which we will discover is that it is not, in any true sense, an ideology at all. It is simply a doctrine of opportunism. The concept which it praised and supported yesterday, it denounces and condemns today. Even its basic tenets are dictated from time to time by those who chance to be in positions of power at the moment. The Communism of today cannot correctly be considered as a social format. It is actually nothing more or less than a tremendous international racket, which has usurped the functions of government in the areas in which it has acquired power.

A similar pattern on a much smaller scale developed in the United States during the great economic depression of the early nineteen thirties, when groups of unscrupulous men describing themselves as `Protective Organizations’ began to levy taxes, by force, upon legitimate business men. While this act was ill direct defiance of all existing government and law, the social confusion which attended the collapse of economic security during the depression was so great that a number of these gangs in Chicago and several other cities continued to grow in wealth and power until they succeeded in controlling, to a considerable degree, many of the functions of duly. constituted authority.  It is possible to imagine that, if the depression had been a little more severe, or a little more prolonged, and if the average degree of social understanding among the people had been a little lower, the power of these gangs might have continued to grow until they usurped all the functions of government. If this unfortunate event lead occurred in the United States, we would then have had a government, Identical in every respect, with that which exists within the Soviet Union today.

If we apply to Communism the fundamental criteria which we have previously  outlined, we find that it does not fulfill any of the requirements of an ideal society. The individual has no voice in determining the number or the nature of the individual rights which must be surrendered to the state. In fact, the individual, in general, is not considered to have any rights which could conceivably conflict with the self assumed rights of the governing body. This means simply that the Soviet government does not represent the Russian people, or the Poles or the Slavs or any of the other nations over which it has established its dominion of force. The Soviet government represents nothing but itself; and the time has passed when a government which represents nothing but itself can continue to exist for more than a single generation. Already the coming generation in Russia has begun a revolt which will continue to grow, with or without violence, until a representative government is established.




On December 29th, 4 P.M., Mrs. Drake, a Miss Miriam Jaye and myself, had the pleasure of meeting the Maharaja of Patiala and listening to him speak. (Patiala is located near Pakistan in the East Punjab States Union.)

The Maharaja is a delegate to United Nations from India and this is his first trip to the United States. He is a fine looking gentlemen six feet, four and a half inches tall. He was the first of the Maharajas to step down from his ruler ship, setting an example for others to follow in the formation of the new democratic India. This was accomplished, as we all know, without any friction or bloodshed. He had been a Prince, a King Maharaja, a General with his own army of over 50,000 well equipped and

trained men, a sportsman and a gentlemen of the Oxford school of good breeding. He gave an enlightening talk on the value of understanding the culture and philosophy of other people in order to live in harmonious accord. He stated that the people of India knew more about the United States than the people of the United States, he found, knew about the people of India.

He stressed that India was not a vassal of Russia and had no intention of being pressured into picking up a club, joining others with clubs to align themselves against others with clubs, when intelligence, prayer, faith and understanding were far better instruments for accomplishing the solution of world problems. This the people of the Western world seem to find difficult to understand, because they do not know the mental thought and desires of the people of India, that the government of India wants to express their own program of democracy, with the talents that the people of India possess, to maintain a neutral attitude while helping to bring, in co-operation with other peace-loving people, the intelligent, peaceful approach to world problems: that armed force was not the solution to present world problems, but rather the philosophy taught by Gandhi, which is a great force in India.

He said he prayed and felt that the visit of Nehru, who has the respect of the people of India, with President Eisenhower, who has the respect of so many millions in the United States, would effect a meeting of minds that could not help but bring about a better relationship and understanding in the working toward the solution of present world problems. Each nation has problems and the helpful attitude of another nation was better than the idea of knocking one another over the head about. them.

He expressed deep appreciation for the help received from the United States, our engineers and scientists, as well as those from other countries. He said that six dams were being built at the same time-one larger than our Hoover Dam-and five smaller ones. He said that India was not a rich country, but did have a great deal to offer the world, and with her great spiritual knowledge united with the scientific know-how of the United States, these two great democracies could not but help in accomplishing a great deal in the conning era of peaceful living. Their second five year plan is progressing well and by the time the third one is started better results in the development of their resources would be made.

God’s plan for the earth could be manifested more rapidly by the harmonious co-operation of all people through faith, love peace and under-standing and India could be counted on to do her part, and he prayed for the realization of all people to also do their part. After he finished speaking refreshments were served and we had the opportunity to talk with him personally as well as to many other Indians who were present. Students from several of our Universities were there, a few from his own area of Patiala, who had known him as the Maharaja.

We also met the new Congressman from the 29th California District, a native of India, now a citizen of the United States, the first Indian to be elected to Congress, a demonstration that we recognize ability in the natives of other lands.

Eugene H. Drake

(Reprinted from January, 1957 issue of Golden Light.)




By George Hunt Williarnson


The true essence and message of the book, “OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH,” by George Hunt Williamson, is well expressed in the first chapter by the words of Charles A. Lindberg, taken from his book, “OF FLIGHT AND LIFE.” He says, “To me in youth science was more important than either man or God. I worshipped science. I was awed by its knowledge. Its advances had surpassed man’s wildest. dreams. in its learning seemed to lie the key to all mysteries of life. It took many years for me to discover that science, with all its brilliance, lights only a middle chapter of creation. I saw the science I worshipped, and the aircraft I loved, destroying the civilization I expected them to serve, and which I thought as permanent as the earth itself.”

“Now I realize that to survive, one must look beyond the speed and power of aircraft, beyond the material strength of science and though God cannot be seen as tangibly as I had demanded as a child, His presence can be sensed in every sight and act and incident. Now I know that when man loses this sense, he misses the true quality of life, the beauty of earth, its seasons and its skies, the brotherhood of men, the joy of wife and children. He loses the infinite strength without which no people can survive, the element which war cannot defeat or peace corrupt.

“Now I understand that spiritual truth is more essential to a nation than the mortar in its cities’ walls. For when the actions of a people are unguided by these truths, it is only a matter of time before the walls themselves collapse.”

“The most urgent mission of our time is to understand these truths, and to apply them to our way of modern life. We must draw strength from the almost forgotten virtues of simplicity, humility, contemplation, prayer. It requires a dedication beyond science, beyond self, but the rewards are great and it is our only hope!”

In the following chapters, Mr. Williamson discusses the infinity of Life itself and its many- forms, always emphasizing the Universal picture of many- planets containing Life from which we are often influenced.

He presents a different theory as to the Sun’s energy source, that it may not contain intense heat rays, enabling Life to exist on nearby planets, which contradicts the standard theory.

Those who have read the book, “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” by George Adamski and Desmond Leslie-telling among other things, of the footprints left in the sand by the Venusian, will be pleased to find two explanations of the symbols found on the footprints. These symbols tell us why men have come from outer space and what might happen if men on Earth refuse to live by the Universal Laws of the Infinite Father.

Another warning is brought to the people of Earth, in relating the history of Lucifer (Maldec), the planet which rose to great heights in civilization, then brought about their own destruction through their failure to heed the Universal Laws of Justice.

Bible references are presented to verify the existence of space beings, along with the evidence that these beings from other planets have been in our midst for years, endeavoring to inspire Earth’s people to a higher development. I feel this book gives much for the thoughtful individual.

Life as we know it today is filled with great promise of a New Heaven and a New Earth, but it is up to us, the people, to awaken to the true potential power for good within each individual in order to make this full promise a reality.

Mary Tripp


by Frank Spiva


This title, which you will find listed in the back of UNDERSTANDING, is a book of interest to all people, and especially if you are an Am-er-i–can. In it you will find THE GREAT TIME CYCLE, the correlation of TIME whereby you will learn where the race is in Time, and the balances and parallels of Time will illustrate to the reader many things, and answer questions which have confronted the race for centuries. In it you will come to know the reasons behind many of the manifestations now taking place in the world, for these things are a part of the Divine Plan set forth in Genesis First.

The story treats with those people through whom the Maker has dealt in bringing before the race the Knowledge of God, and the demonstration of the Power of God in man through Jesus of Nazareth. As we trace this lineage through the corridors of Time we land here in America, the syllable meaning of the name (Am-er-i-ca) becoming an astounding declaration, and we come to understand that U.S.A. stands for UNITED SEED OF ABRAHAM as well as for the UNITED STATES 0F AMERICA. This is a revelation every American should have. Time is close when all Americans will need this information, for the future of this Civilization, in fact, depends on the People of America, we of the West Coast especially. You will always bless the day you learned the truth of yourself and your American neighbor and brother.



by Darid Norman


Front March 1957 issue of Cosmic Voice

As an ever-increasing number of nuclear weapons are being tested, so the effects of them are being felt in many different ways. Especially has this been so during the last few months and it can be confidently forecast that these effects will continue and worsen as more and more nuclear weapons are exploded. Throughout the world reports of strontium fall-out are increasing until the day will come when the saturation point is reached. The most pronounced effect is that of the strange weather experienced in many countries. Everyone must admit that the recent summers in this country have been appalling. Another result of constant atomic tests are floods. In recent months these have occurred in Britian, Holland, U.S.A, France, Germany, India, China, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain and Japan. headers will recall the recent devastating floods in Australia which, for some days, threatened and even destroyed extensive fruit orchards.

Can we allow this willful destruction to continue`? Are we to watch this planet fade into a dusty, parched globe void of human life, or are we to demand a halt to this murderous, wicked vandalism’.’ Aetherius (a Master) has stated that we must decide. WE must decide with the language of direct action.

The following reports show that the after affects of nuclear tests are not just confined to one particular area, but are world-wide.

Russia – has reported strange weather.

Morocco – reported that 2 inches of snow fell.

India, Malaya and other countries have been hit by strange epidemics, especially during the past few months.

Korea – A scientist warned Koreans not to eat snow that had fallen because it was highly radio-active.

Denmark – reported that radio-active rain fell.

Germany – also reported that radio-active rain fell.

Holland. The Institute of Meteorology reported that the electric field potency has fallen considerably due to radio-activity.

Japan – has reported that radio-active rain fell. In 1954 twenty-tree

Japanese fishermen were severely burned and some died as a result of strontium fall-out from American nuclear experiments in the Pacific which were held 800 miles away.

(Note: Japanese people are still dying as a result of the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 when about 127,000 people were killed.

Wales. Sheep grazing in the hilly regions of West Wales have been found  to have heavy concentrations of radio-active strontium in their homes.

France. In late 1955 scientists in Paris found that the atmosphere contained SEVEN TIMES the normal amount of radio-activity. On Whit-Monday 1956 radio-active rain fell on Boulogne. (Fully reported in last issue of Cosmic Voice).

England. Amateur radio stations have reported static charges causing sparks to jump off their aerials.

Some short wave radio communication channels have reported strange changes proving that something odd is happening in a belt of gases 50 miles up.

In Surrey scientists have excavated to a depth of 30 feet and are amazed at the high percentage of radio-activity present.

On 1st October, 1956, radio-active rain fell on Ealing. (Reported in last issue of Cosmic Voice).

Australia. During last year a radio-active cloud was reported to be dangerously near the Australian coast line.

Again, after the second test of the series it was found that cattle slaughtered 400 miles away at Alice Springs were highly radio-active. The radio-activity affected the thyroid glands but the authorities said that this would not affect the rest of the body of the animals.

(Comment: The excuse given is very weak and even a child with elementary knowledge of physiology will realize the stupidity- of this statement.)

New Zealand. After the third atomic test of the Maralinga series a radio-active cloud was reported heading towards New Zealand.

And to crown it all the “authorities” say that there is nothing to show that radio-activity affects the human body AT PRESENT. Please note the words AT PRESENT!

The politicians with their half-hearted talk about nuclear weapons and their materialistic counterparts the scientists, have already destroyed the lives of many thousands of men, women and children, yet still they continue to talk about the “humanitarian bomb,” “the atom bomb race,” “bigger and better bombs” and “cheaper atom bombs.” Meanwhile the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Meanwhile YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN are suffering as a result of these experiments prompted by the evil motive of mass destruction.

How shall we answer The Master Aetherius when he asks, “Will you put your faith for the peace of Terra in the Divine Creator or a mass murder machine…. ?

Editor’s Comment. The young man who wrote this article, David Nor-man, is sixteen years old! An alert, active youngster, he displays much more common sense than many adults. For despite his present tender years he has that perception which allows him to differentiate between right and wrong. Such youngsters who believe in world conditions based upon True Spiritual Values are fighting now for their very lives-FOR THE SAME CHANCE TO LIVE THAT YOU AND I HAVE ENJOYED.




Vancouver, British Columbia,, Sun. 3/19/.57.

The public isn’t being told the full facts about the dangers of hydrogen bomb “fallout.”

Dr. James Foulks, head of University of B.C.’s department of pharmacology, made this claim in a speech to the Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice Monday.

Dr. Foulks said .spokesmen for atomic energy commissions tend to play down the possible harmful effects of radioactive fallout by not admitting the dangers and by giving out misleading information to the public.

Main risk of the delayed fallout, he said, is from long-lived products such as strontium 90, a new element produced by the H-bomb explosions. This, he said, may be deposited in the bones along with calcium to form an eventual cancer of the hone.



San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Calif. 4/17/.57.

LONDON (AP) — In a grim report on radiation hazards, the Atomic Scientists Assn. has estimated that 20,000 persons throughout the world eventually may develop bone cancer as the result of “one nominal high-yield nuclear test.”

Releasing the report last night, the British scientific group emphasized-that the prediction was based on the “yet unproved hypothesis” that bone cancers are produced in direct proportion to the amount of radioactivity received.

Working from this basis, they said, “an H-bomb of the type tested at Bikini in 1954, if exploded high in the atmosphere, may eventually produce bone cancers in 1000 people for every million tons of TNT of equivalent explosive power… These 1000 casualties would be spread over all the world and occur in the course of several decades.” Applying their findings to the world population, the report continued, “We obtain that the number of bone sarcomas, malignant growths from one nominal high-yield nuclear test may amount to 20,000 all over the world.”

Damage to the present generation may result mainly from the release of strontium-90, a radio-active substance which enters the body in food and accumulates in the bones, the scientists said.

“Depending on the assumptions made about the distribution of strontium in bone,” the report said, “we calculate that by the year 1970 the radiation closes to bone from all the nuclear tests carried out up to the autumn of 1956 will range from 9 to 45 per cent of the dose received from all natural sources, including the radium which is normally present in hone.”

The association, a nonpolitical body, includes experts on nuclear physics and top university professors.



Most Powerful U.F.O.’s Are Not Enemies

by Bessie K. Arthur


If there is one record of a series of sightings which delights me more than any other, it is that which occurred in July 1952. The headlines read, “Saucers Swirl for 6 Hours over D.C.” and “New Disc Raid on Capital!” Some papers carried pictures of wheel-like objects in the sky with the caption, “A Washington Order: Find Out What They Are’.” Unidentified Flying Objects over the National Capitol and over the White House, those areas forbidden to all licensed pilots who are limited to earth’s regulations!

According to the records on Saturday, July 26, 1952 and the previous Saturday night, some U F 0 had been seen in Washington, D. C., by the radar operators. But it was on the 20th of that month that the Space People convinced the authorities of our government that the space ships are nothing at which to jeer. On that night several “blips” suddenly appeared from nowhere on the radar screen at the National Airport Radar Center. Not dislodging the “blips” the lone operator checked the sighting on a second radar console. Finding them on that screen also, he called his chief.

The radar operators called in turn both the airport and the Air Force Base at Andrews’ Field. Each found the seven blips. With three fixes like that it was determined that one t1 F 0 was over the Capitol and two hovered over the White House! Although many thousands of feet in the air, the objects were visible to observers in the tower. Alarmed, they made a hurried call to Newcastle, Delaware, for jets to investigate “the intruders.” Our ever ready jets could not arrive for two hours or more. Five minutes before the jets roared into the area, the U F 0 vanished. Five minutes after the jets returned to their base, having found nothing, the l’ 1+’ 0 returned and stayed until dawn.

Reflected lights do not give a radar return. It takes a fairly solid mass to do that. Radarscopes at three different locations had tracked them as clearly as if they had been “flying boxcars.” By checking and rechecking, the radar- operators computed the speed of the ships to be 7,200 miles an hour. The same ships could loaf around for hours, showing that the intelligent pilots had nullified gravitation.

The government did not publicize the great event and the so-called “Flying Saucers” returned on the 29th of July, 1952, staying for hours in the vicinity.

Here we have proof that these U F O are not of Communist origin because they did not take advantage of us when they were in complete control of the situation over our capital on the days mentioned. No harm was done.


THINGS take place. Men recognize their presence long after the happening. This is God in operation. Moses was told he could see God only after he had passed by. This might be illustrated thus: You have two solutions in beakers. You pour the contents of one into the other. You have a chemical reaction, a Law of God in force. There is a clouding of the mixed solutions. This is followed by a clearing and then a precipitation is found in the bottom of the beaker and the water has become clear. You did not see God in Action. You did not see the interchange of elements as the reaction took place. You only saw God’s effects and saw not God.

Something over a hundred and fifty years ago this planet began coming into a belt of force such as it had not touched in many centuries. The mind of man began to react to this force, unaware of the fact it was doing so. Mind just knew it was awakening. This awakening grew until about seventy years ago we began to have come forth the inventions and discoveries of this period. We have made more progress in the last seventy years than in all the four thousand since the flood.

What was this awakening force” «’e call it Cosmic Rays. As these have grown in intensity more minds of the race have reacted to them. We have returned to the Atom in our coming to be able to understand. The Atom is the smallest particle of earth. Man has, in this, returned unto the earth. Man was to “eat his bread by the sweat of his brow until he returned unto the earth.” We are farther along than we have recognized. We observe in the now that God has been in action. We saw him not but, now after it is passed, recognize that he has been with us.

According to the ending of the “SEVEN-TIMES” of Daniel, this ending took place in the year of 1957, which is NOW. “Blindness” which was to continue through the seven times period ends with this year. That means that the mind of man will react in a greater manner than ever before. Freed from the blindness of creed and dogma the mind of man will find itself grasping Truths as never before.

In addition to this release from “blindness” we are now being told that we will come into a belt of Cosmic Rays of greater intensity still in the immediate future. That means still greater receptivity of Truth along all lines of endeavor. This is that fulfillment of “In that day I will pour out my Knowledge on all flesh” and that of a later speaking of the time when “Knowledge shall be increased.” A foreknowing God spoke these declarations through inspired minds, knowing of the coming of the Awakening Rays that have brought about the completion of man’s material development on earth. Now we advance to the Mental-Spiritual Plane. Are you prepared for this Great Change? The Information and Help for this coming Event is even now in preparation. Be ready to receive it. With all thy wisdom get UNDERSTANDING.

Frank Spiva, Asst. Editor



By Ronald Heffer


The English way of life has for its guiding ideals, some of the finest flowers of human spiritual and intellectual culture. Naturally, however, in this imperfect world, practice and precept do not altogether coincide.

Among the chief causes of failure, I submit, are not any feeling towards willful vice, nor even cynically conscious hypocrisy; but rather a certain tendency to sentimentality. I would venture to define this latter characteristic as lath of mental integration, resulting in failure to harmonies emotional attitudes with their corresponding intellectual rationale. Thus we are, as people, rather proud of being “fond of animals”; of “fair play”; of “defense of the weak against the strong,” and many associated emotional concepts which are, intuitively speaking, axiomatic.

It is necessary, however, to interpret, and to relate these ideals to the actual practice of daily life. And here, the integrating action of synthetic and analytical reasoning is necessary. Lacking the habitual presence of this factor in the mental situation, the various emotional concepts  are apt to be very jumbled.

Thus one of our favorite ideals is “Moderation in all things.” This idea x is excellent-in moderation. But if we let it get mixed up with those other ideals-which are based on absolute values, then we are lost in a jumble of nebulous and unconcatenated ideas which make our resultant actions look utterly stupid.

And in consequence we are only MODERATELY kind to animals-and t ill torture them in vivisection laboratories, and slaughter them, and eat their corpses. We are only MODERATELY honest-for we try hard not to look at these ugly facts in the face. We are only MODERATELY convinced of the Truths of Religion, such as the Omnipresence and Universal Immanence of God (with the corollary that Love and Compassion are indivisible and cannot be stopped at the boundary of Homo Sapiens). And so, to our slaughter of animals, we add the calm of deliberate killing, in “peace-time,” of murderers-those least ready to leave this school of experience. We kill them,—which may be quite logical from a materialistic standpoint, but is rather inconsistent when followed by official prayers for their immortal souls!

What is it then, that we need to cure us of these ills? Surely, to be AWAKENED. And that, according to the Saints and Sages is just the very function of existence: A gradual awakening to ever higher states of consciousness. So I would borrow a phrase with a grimmer setting, and adapt it to this present issue: WAKE UP, HUMANITY.

from “The Voice”

12. King’s-close, Lancing, Sussex, England.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Let us impart all the blessings we possess, or ask for ourselves, to tire whole  family of mankind.

-George Washington





I think a proverb expresses truth in its simplest form. Here are a few good ones which, I think, demonstrate this fact.

Your Teen Age Editor,

Bill Hamilton

Old English Proverbs

1. Don’t be afraid of the day you have never seen.

2. He who plants trees loves other besides himself.

3. There is nothing new except that which hath been forgotten.

4, He who loses money loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but lie who loses his spirits loses all.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

In answer to several requests we are reprinting from Jane Palmer’s column of the Los Angeles Daily Mirror the names of teenagers (and others) in several countries who wish pen pals.

Brigitta Kass, Hamburg 27, Billhomer Kanalstr., Germany, who is fifteen, wishes to correspond with boys and girls of about the same age. She is interested in movies, swimming, books, dancing and ice skating.

C. B,, San Bernardino, writes, “These two girls from Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, want pen pals: Diana Yong (15), 349 Circular Road, and Renee Choong, 1929 P. W. D. Peel Road.

Richard Haverly, aged 23, “A” Div. USS ORCA (AVP 49), c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, says, “I sure would like to have some pen pals to write to me in my spare time. I was told that you could help me.”

Writes C. D., Hollywood, “My pen pal in Kyoto, Japan, has a chum Who wants a pen pal in L. A. She is also from Kyoto and her name and address are as follows: Motoko Kawanara, Horikawa Nishi-lru, Nakata-chiuri Tori. Motoko is 14.”

“Two years ago,” writes Kathleen Wright, Swantfield Cotts, Mar-garetting, Ingatestone, Essex, Eng., “I visited you. Would you please find a pen pal for me and my friends’ Also my mother. She is lonely as she has lost my dad and would love a pen pal. tier initial is “E,” her address the same as mine.

“My friends are Betty Eveley, White Hart Inn, Margaretting Tye, Ingatestone, Essex, and Eva Watts, 1 Coftfold Lodge, Margaretting, 1 Ingatestone, Essex.


Your editor, Bill Hamilton, has many more names and addresses of who wish to correspond with others. This is a good method of  spreading world-wide Understanding. Just write him c/o of Understanding, 11376 Frankrnont St., El Monte, California, U. S. A.


Last call for the 4th Annual Spacecraft Convention! We are looking forward lard to seeing all of you at Giant Hock, California, 17 miles north of Yucca Valley on May 11th and 12th. A great crowd and grand time expected. Come early and stay late. Don’t forget your picnic lunches, sleeping bags, water, etc! Understanding will carry a full report of the Convention in the next issue.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

On April 25th, George Van Tassel and Dan Fry appeared with Ben Hunter  of Radio Station KFI, Los Angeles, on his “Night Owl” program. They discussed (naturally) spacecraft, the new age science and allied subjects. The response from the listening public is very gratifying. Letters and postcards are pouring in from California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. It seems that this is the type of program which people want to hear, so if you have any unfilled petitions regarding the tentative TV program return them to Dan, well filled.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Letters being received daily, give a good report of the new book ` “Saucer Diary” by Israel Norkin.

One reader from Michigan says that she only meant to give it “the once over” the day she received it, but was so fascinated that she didn’t put it down until she had finished the book. Didn’t even stop to eat.

Another reader says he thinks its `tops’ in the field. Still another writes, “Have received my copies of Saucer Diary, please send me two more.”

Mr. Norkin writes from the reporter’s angle. Besides being documentary, the book also gives a true report of the `contact’ stories. Included are pictures of the men who have had these contacts.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

New books which have been received are: “How to Use Your Sixth Sense  Your Intuition,” by Malcolm Knight, which sells for $1.00, “From Mystery to Meaning” by Archie Mason, priced at $3.00.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ………….. $3.00

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ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence Donovan ………..  1.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………. 1.00

AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY, by Frank Spiva ……………  2,50

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………. 2.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……… 1.50

MANY MANSIONS, by Gina Cerminara ……… 3.75

PEACE, by Florence Donovan…………. .50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……. 3.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell…… 1.00

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….. 1.00

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……. 1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …… 1.50

WISDOM IN PRACTICE, by Vera Stanley Alder………… ………. 2.75


GOLDEN LIGHT ……….. DonatIon Basis

SAUCERS…………… (four issues) $1.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

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These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.