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Vol. II                                                   March, 1957                                               No. 3


This is the first of a series of articles designed to assist in the understanding of international problems by discussing, in the simplest possible terms, the human factors which bring these problems into existence.



Let us consider the word `Society.’ “‘hat does it mean’.’ Our dictionary defines society as a “system whereby men live in organized communities, regulated by custom and law.” Wherever man is found upon this earth, some sort of social system will also be found to exist.

A society is brought about by the operation of two principal factors. The first is the gregarious nature of man. His instinctive desire to become a part of the group originates in the conscious or unconscious realization that all men are but parts of a great whole which infinitely transcends the bounds of the individual. The second factor is the constant desire of man to improve the condition of his daily life, and the realization that this can only be achieved by the continuous cooperation of the individuals.

Since man, as an individual, has not yet become a perfect part of the whole of life, when groups of men live in close proximity to each other, there will always be an area of overlap or interference between the desires, the rights, and the actions of one individual and those of his Neighbors. If one man plans and puts into effect a certain course of action, he may thereby prevent his neighbor from putting into effect Some course of action which he has planned. Unless some means are provided to control this area of interference, a friction will result which will prevent the achievement of the purposes of a society, if indeed the society itself is not destroyed.

The agency- which is set up to control this area of interference is known as government. In the ideal society, the individual voluntarily surrenders a certain portion of his rights as an individual to the custody of the group in the expectation that he will receive, in return, benefits whose value outweighs the value of the rights which he has surrendered. 1

 From the individual rights which have been transferred to the government, a pattern of conduct is formulated. The definition of this pattern of conduct is known as the law. The amount or degree of law which is necessary to the proper functioning of a society is largely determined by three factors.

The first is the density of the population. It is obvious that if two persons live in the same house there are more possibilities of their rights and desires conflicting than would be the case if they lived some miles apart.

The second factor is the degree of complexity which a society or civilization has attained. Again it is plain that the greater the sum total of desires which can be conceived by the individual, and the greater the sum total of actions which are possible to him, the greater the area of possible conflict, and the greater the proportion of personal initiative which must be surrendered to the law.

The third factor is the degree of evolution or of understanding which has been achieved by the race of which the society is composed. Here we find a reversal of the previous trend. The higher the degree of evolution, the smaller the area of action which must be covered by the law. This is true because of the fact that as a race progresses toward ultimate truth and understanding, the desires of the individual become simpler and more nearly akin to those of his neighbor. The possibility of conflict becomes less and less. It has been truly said that “those people are best governed, who are least governed,” but the degree of wisdom and understanding achieved by the individual must he in inverse ratio to the degree of government.

Hundreds of books have been written and millions of words have been shouted from podiums, in impassioned tones, by those who would extol the virtues or condemn the vices of a given form of society, government or law. Yet the fundamental criteria by which the true value of any form of society may be judged are easy to understand and simple to apply. First: Are the rights which the society or government takes upon itself voluntarily surrendered by the individuals? Are the powers of the governing actually derived by the consent of the governed’.’ A government which acquires power in any other way has no moral or legal justification for its existence.

Second: No society should take upon itself more rights than are necessary to prevent friction between individuals, and to maintain a smoothly functioning cooperative group. A society which strips the individual of his rights, stifles thereby all individual initiative. Since all advance and development must come from the individual, such a society will stagnate and soon begin to decay.

Third: Does the society return to the individual benefits whose value is greater than the value of the rights he has surrendered? If it does not, then it has failed in its basic purpose and will soon lose the support of its constituents.

Daniel Fry





by Carl h. Hallgren

(From “Attaining the Goal of Christian Unity”)


At the inception of the New Age, all who are truly sincere with regard to their own form of worship and pattern of life will be led to a higher altitude where all small differences will dwindle down and take their rightful proportion as mere decorative embroidery on the outer surface. . . while underneath lies the self-same Truths which alone guarantee a permanent structure.

One might liken the various schools of higher teachings to forms or molds into which is poured the malleable substance of all which constitutes life… that is, life in the abstract. One might term it the Essence of Life.

Man chooses his mold … it is nothing more. He sets the boundaries beyond which the fluid Essence of life may not go. That is, for him  it is barred from further egress by the thought-form in which he has imprisoned it.

Thus the life-stream of Truth becomes gradually solidified or “cooled” and rendered incapable of further manipulation. Any group or organization may so confine the Truth within the narrow boundaries of their own barriers of thought. All truth not conforming to what they have decided constitutes its proper shape and contour must, perforce, be spurious.

We have then, as many different “forms” as Alan is capable of inventing; each purporting to be, in itself, the summon bonum of Truth! Each such group (individually or as an organization) extols the beauty, the perfection, the efficacy of the particular form or mold into which they have forced the Truth.

Alas and alas! By what false reasoning doth Man conclude that Truth, which is Life itself, may be caught in some tiny receptacle of his own making and exhibited as a complete and all-inclusive concept of Truth?

Only as one considers Truth, like Love, as an ever-active force, an ever-flowing stream, an interpenetrating solvent, dissolving all the transient barriers, mental or material, which Man erects to divert or limit its continuous progress, can one truly apprehend its character!

But when Man casts the Truth into mold of his own creating and presents this concept in concrete, crystallized form as a perfect and complete representation of Truth. . . then beware!

When men grow more charitable in their acceptance of these count-less “forms” into which their brothers have fashioned Truth … then they will no longer condemn the creator of some lovely ideal presented for their approval. On the contrary, they will be genuinely interested in viewing the product of Man’s collective effort to demonstrate the partially glimpsed perfection of Truth, seen through mortal eyes.

Truth manifests in a million different forms, each of which is but a transient demonstration of its eternal and boundless power and glory. Man’s most exalted and inspired Vision of Truth is as an artist’s miniature reproduction of a sunset. . . utterly inadequate to depict the glorious reality!

Let men continue to present the world with their most earnest attempts to portray Truth’s everlasting beauty, strength and power in guises suited to the comprehension of their fellows… but do not confuse the goblet of gold from which ye drink with the Living Water it contains. Offer thy cup of Living Water in what receptacle ye may. . but be sure the water it contains be drawn from the ever-flowing Fountain of Truth and Life, issuing from the Source of all Life, all Love, all Truth. – even the throne of thy Heavenly Father! 4

Little children, love alone can fashion cups pleasing to thy Heavenly Father. Will ye not look upon the outer forms which differentiate thy various modes of worship and teachings as “containers”. ..and share with one another the Truth which each contains? Perchance, ye might discover some new flavor pleasing to thy palate!

Seek Truth at all times and in all places. Expand the measure of thy mind to admit Truth in all its phases. So shall ye grow to discover the true from the false.

Truth be the possession of all men, if so be they desire it. Grudge not to any man his own small store of Truth. Rather, praise him that he bath captured even one tiny atom from out the infinite universe of living truth.

Bring all thy containers, large and small, and fill them to the brim with the living Water of Life, Love and Truth. Lo, it is a fountain which shall never fail … for it proceeds from the heart of the great Father Mother of us all, even He who created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is!




Prince George Citizen, Nov. 26, 1956.

Three city residents have reported seeing a mysterious light in the sky about 11 o’clock last Thursday night. It resembled an “oversized harvest moon.”

The object was a very bright yellowish color and had a dark streak through the middle. It was clearly visible through a foggy overhead. The spotters were positive it wasn’t the moon because it was noticed while they were driving north on Victoria Street and the moon would have been in a position behind them.

The object didn’t appear to be moving, but it disappeared from sight shortly, after.

Residents who saw it didn’t take too much interest in it at first and didn’t watch it disappear.

Anyone else who might have spotted the phenomenon is asked to phone Pat Patterson at 851-R-2.




 Prince George Citizen, Jan. 1957.

Two “strange-appearing” lights were observed in the sky in the vicinity of Prince George Tuesday evening. It is the second time in less than a month that a mysterious object has been seen in the sky here. Pat Patterson, president of the Prince George Flying Saucer Club, reported that one of the lights, yellowish in color, was seen due north of the city. The other, a bright orange, was observed almost due east and low on the horizon.

He said that seven other persons in addition to himself, watched the lights for a period of about 10 minutes before they disappeared over the horizon at about 5:30 p.m.

“The strange thing about them,” says Patterson, “was that the brilliance thrown off them was from the top and bottom of the lights. There appeared to be no brilliance cast from the sides.”

Patterson, who organized the flying Saucer Club here recently, said he watched the lights through powerful binoculars, but was unable to identify by what means they were propelled. He said they receded to the horizon without any apparent deviation in course.

Less than a month ago, a bright orange ball was seen in the sky here close to the horizon, but remains unidentified.

Patterson said he reported the lights seen Tuesday night to the United States Air Force radar base at Mt. Baldy Hughes.



CAMARILLO, :March 23.-(AP)-Police, sheriff’s deputies and an Air Force captain’s wife reported sighting a mysterious red object in the sky near Oxnard Air Force Base early today.

A jet interceptor, in the air at the time, was ordered to check. It slotted nothing.

Mrs. Robert Beaudoin, wife of an officer stationed at the air base, telephoned the field soon after midnight to report what she described as a “brilliant, flashing red object” in the sky over the Santa Rosa Valley.

Col. B. F. Carey, Jr., air base commander, said that a radar check proved negative.

Other reports agreed with that of Mrs. Beaudoin.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies, Dick McKendray, Bob Corshaw and John Murphy, on patrol in the Ventura Camarillo area, reported seeing a reddish, glowing object in the sky near the air base runway at 12:22 a.m.

They said they watched it hover near the field and dart about the valley until 1 :37 a.m., when it disappeared to the north.


by Gomer Bath

German Flying Saucers

Now it comes out that the Germans built flying saucers during World War II. Details are in a new book, “The German Weapons and Secret Weapons of World War II and Their Development.” by Rudolf Lusar.

The first flying saucer was 138 feet in diameter. It first flew on February 14, 1945, and reached an altitude of more than 40,000 feet and attained a speed of 1,250 miles an hour.

This should silence the scoffers, the people who said that flying saucers were spots before the eyes, mass hypnosis, crackpot hallucinations, temperature inversions and just plain lies.

It should also put our government on the spot. Is it possible that our Air Force hasn’t known about the German saucers? If the Air Force did know, why has it been so determined to prove that there is no such thing as flying saucers? Why has the Air Force been so certain that no nation on earth could build a circular craft that would fly at several thousand miles an hour? If the Germans did it, why couldn’t the Russians? Why couldn’t we?

No open minded person who has read any of the serious books on the subject doubts the existence of circular aircraft that can travel at in-credible speeds.

The most mysterious thing about the flying saucer mystery, now ten years old, has been the official attitude of the United States government. Every serious student of the question has been convinced that officialdom knew a lot more than the American public was permitted to know.

Is the truth too frightening? Is our government afraid of national panic? Or is it guarding a defense secret of unbelievable proportions’? At any rate, now that the German success with saucers is known, it will no longer be possible to say, “They ain’t no such thing.”





The late Admiral Richard E. Byrd was a man who was well known for his great understanding of nature, and his deep philosophy which clearly outlined the basic purpose of life. To his memory we dedicate this page of Understanding.


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


The following excerpts from the late Richard E. Byrd’s Autobiography “Alone” have been submitted by Billy Hamilton and Yves Lauriault, two Teen-agers. The first is indicative of his philosophy and the second could be classed as an unidentified “sighting.”

“The universe is not dead. Therefore, there is an intelligence there, and it is all pervading. At least one purpose, possibly the major purpose of that Intelligence is the achievement of universal harmony.

Striving in the right direction for Peace (Harmony), therefore, as well as the achievement of it, is the result of accord with that Intelligence. It is desirable to effect that accord.

The human race, then, is not alone in the universe. ‘though I am cut off from human beings I am not alone.

For untold ages man has felt an awareness of that Intelligence. Belief in it is the one point where all religions agree. It has been called by many names. Many call it God.”


 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


“I have just seen (9 P.M.) a curious phenomenon. At first it appeared to be a ball of fire, which was smaller and redder than the sun. It bore about 205 degrees true. I couldn’t identify it. It changed from

deep red to silver, and every now and then blanked out. It was astonishing how big it. looked at first. . . .”




Reports to the public by the scientists on observations made of Mars during its proximity in September, 1956 have been conspicuous by their scarcity-at least, to the knowledge of this contributor.

Now, at last, “The Griffith Observer,” organ of Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California, in the March, 1957 issue, favors us with a series of sketches of Mars sent by Mr. Alika K. herring, optician for the Cave Optical Company. The legends under each drawing include, among other data, the date, time of observation (“universal time”), diameter of reflection used, and power of eye pieces used in making the drawings.

A letter from Mr. Herring is quoted, explaining that filters were used on account of the obscuration in the Martian atmosphere and low contrast of surface detail, that a red filter proved generally most effective, and that the contrast in detail is “somewhat exaggerated” in the sketches. The “canal” structures are discussed, some of which appeared to him less like true canals, while others appeared more like true canals, with “improvement in seeing.”

The dates of observation were September 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 22, 25, 26 and 27 (1956). A 12.5 inch reflector was used on all the observations mentioned.

Just why the observatory must. publish sketches rather than photo-graphs is, of course, not stated. However, thanks to them just the same, for the sketches are highly provocative of further investigation. Those dated September 17, 22 and 25 are especially fascinating, in that they depict a figure, the diameter of which is roughly one-third the diameter of Mars, of a CROSS BOUNDED BY A CIRCLE!

Sara Miller



By figuring things out for ourselves we develop Understanding, which is more valuable than all the wisdom in books.

Carl F,. Holmes


It is one thing to remember, another to know. Remembering is merely safeguarding something entrusted to memory, Knowing means making every thing your own.







WASHINGTON (ap)– A Cancer specialist says cancer-inducing chemical additives and dyes are going into food for human consumption.

Dr. William E. Smith of Englewood, N. J., a cancer researcher, made the statement in a letter placed in the Congressional Record by Rep. Delaney (D.N.Y.)

Delaney is the author of legislation proposing changes in the food and drug laws for tighter restrictions on the use of chemical food additives. in his letter Smith says a loophole in existing law should be closed to insure that cancer-inciting substances-called carcinogens-shall “under no circumstances be introduced into food.”

“It is simply not. in the public interest to expose consumers to the unforeseeable  risks of a host of biologically foreign food additives that may provide eye-appeal or advertising values but offer no nutritive benefit,” hesaid.

He said restrictions should extend to chemicals administered to animals destined for human consumption, and cited findings by the food and drug administration in respect to the drug diethylstilbestrol.

He said this material is found in marketed poultry, and stated

“My colleagues and I have assembled data to show that this drug is not destroyed by cooking and that marketed poultry have contained per  bird up to 324,000 times the amount of this drug sufficing as a daily dose

r, induce cancer in mice.”

Smith further asserted that “upward of half a million pounds of dyes” containing “dangerous carcinogens” have been certified for use in food while arguments have gone on over the safety of the material.

He said a senior scientist of a leading chemical manufacturer lost his p+, after discovering the presence of carcinogens in the dye.

smith also said there is no assurance that pre-testing of chemical will offer protection for humans.

“In man,” he continued, “many years may elapse between exposure to a carcinogen and the time when cancer appears.”

“In my own experience,” Smith said, “1 have induced cancer later in life in hundreds of animals by injecting them when young with a single dose of a fraction of a milligram of carcinogens.





UNDERSTANDING ………. February 12, 1957

11376 Frankmont St.,

El Monte, California.

Hello, Friends

Just finished reading No. 1, Vol. II from cover to cover. It came this afternoon. Think you are doing a fine job, and am particularly thrilled with the interest among the teen-agers. The eager open-mindedness of young folks of my acquaintance is one of the most gratifying indications of hope for a better world eventually.

Noting your interest in reaching as many readers as possible in foreign lands I want to tell you this: While it does not swell your subscription list, each copy of Understanding sent to Finland for me is “read” by more than a dozen families. Only a few of them read English, so they get gather around while one versed in English does the honors. They• are so “hungry” for word from America. 1 do not know any of these folks personally. During a hospital call of more or less routine nature years ago I met a sister of theirs. Loving her at once I befriended her during a prolonged illness, and when she finally passed through the curtain I continued to keep in touch with her folks in Finland, remembering them at Christmastime; sending them the Finnish edition of Readers’ Digest and the lovely Ideals Magazine each year as well as your little magazine, Understanding. They repeatedly report that each magazine is passed about among family and friends, read and re-read until almost in shreds. So it is difficult to know how many Understanding is reaching over there.

My very best wishes for your continued and increasing success, Sincerely,

Mera Gaskill







by France M. Garton


Could I be granted just one wish

(As in most fairy lore)

One thing I’d have above all else

And never wish for more-

I’ve mulled these over in my mind:

Good health, great wealth and fame

Of what value these in a war torn world

Where the fires of hatred flame

As Intolerance rears its ugly head.

Set me not from the rest apart

But give, dear God, to all mankind,

An understandingheart.


Life is good because of friends,

And things in common we share,

We live on-not because of self

But because of neighbors who care.

It is giving and doing for somebody else; O

n that, life’s splendor depends,

And the joy of this world, when you sum it all up,

Is found in the making of friends.





By Rev. Marc D. Norman

Universal Fellowship, Victoria, B.C., Canada

On August 16th 1954 1 had a personal experience, which came to me totally unexpected and unsolicited, in the manner of a message from the operator of a space craft, who gave his name as ANTRIIM. The other occupants of this craft were: Kilmar, Pontor and Cato. The ship was described as an Interplanetary Space Patrol Observation Craft. Since that time I have been privileged to receive several `messages through telethought process, most of which confirm others recently received by different contacts across the land.

As a result of this contact I formed the UFO division of our Fellowship, and have enjoyed a weekly session with those who have been attracted to this center. In February of this year, the C.B.C. News Heel Camera visited me, took some pictures during an interview, which was later shown on T.V. across Canada. As a result of this 1 have received many letters, some critical and others of inquiring nature, as is to be expected.

However a week ago I received a strange letter from a Mr. Bush of Royston, a small town due north of Victoria. I did not know the man, neither have I yet met him. In his letter he tells of a strange experience, which prior to his writing me he says he told no one. It was my picture and write-up that prompted his letter to me. He states that he lives alone, and is not particularly educated, but loves the simple things and nature. One day a stranger came to his door and addressed him by name. He says he was immediately ‘impressed’ by this man’s appearance, not that he seemed different as far as humans are concerned, but had a sort of `glow’ around him. Anyway he asked him in, and was shortly amazed by the intimate knowledge this man had of himself and family problems. This introduction resulted in this `man’ staying for several weeks. During that time he never mentioned where he came from, what he did for a living, nor disclosed any visible means of support, but always appeared to have sufficient for his needs, and when any personal question was asked him he would merely smile and change the subject

“One day,” Mr. Bush went on, “l found this man outside my cottage looking upward and speaking; in a strange tongue. I asked him to whom t

he was talking, and he smiled and answered, ‘I am speaking to my colleagues in a space craft.’ “

After that, Mr. Bush states, this man taught him to communicate with this ship, and shortly left the area. His last contact with him was by way of a letter from Australia. But Mr. Bush has continued to make these contacts with the ship, giving the names of occupants and their particular responsibilities.

Now this is where I come in. Mr. Bush says that after reading of my experience, and noting the names of the occupants of the ship I had contacted, he felt that perhaps I might be a crank or a fraud, so he ‘asked’ his contact if they knew of anyone named ANTRIM, Kilmar, Pontor, or Cato.

The answer came immediately. “Yes, we know them very well”-describing them as controllers of an interplanetary patrol ship, which confirmed my own contact.

Mr. Bush felt I would be very pleased to hear of this confirmation, particularly as I was unknown to him or of any source he may have had.

Naturally I was quite pleased, although I did not need any confirmation, Wit it is nice to receive such nevertheless, especially when unsolicited.

The sequel to this is: The latest information from that source is to the effect that next month, April, this space craft is going to make a landing up island near Royston, and that I shall be invited to be present and make the acquaintance of the visitors from space. This information was received last Saturday by one of Mr. Bush’s friends, who made the trip from Royston to Victoria to inform me of this invitation. On the previous Wednesday, I had asked ANTRIM if such a landing were possible, and he said they intended to arrange just such a landing in the near future, but in a place less conspicuous than Victoria. Neither Mr. Bush nor myself would have any way of knowing jest what each contact would divulge. I feel this event is most significant taken in the light of the many disturbances which have affected our earth during the last few weeks.

Christ spoke of these things when lie mentioned the conditions of the ‘latter days.’ See Matt. 34th Chapter.


The universe is but a great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human, by nature endeared to each other.





The meeting in Vista of the Understanding Unit there on March 9th, was a wonderful success. The Recreation Center there, established by Mrs. A. I. Jackson, is a most interesting place, a meeting place for any and all groups interested in advanced thought. Many groups were represented and all attending learned something of interest. Such meetings are innovations and there should be more of them. This world could use a great number of Agnes Jacksons.


The ‘flying’ lecture trip undertaken by Dan Fry on the weekend of March 14-17, was a great success, although the flying was done at a very low level in Dan’s Ranch Wagon. Accompanied by Durward Fairfield, (a sprightly young man in his middle seventies who went along to assist in the driving), Dan left El Monte at 5 A.M. on Thursday, March 14. They arrived in San Mateo at 2 P.M., where they rested at the home of Mrs. John Barnes, President of the San Mateo Unit of Understanding. Pan spoke that night to an overflow crowd in Redwood City.

The next morning, after a bit of tune-up on the car, they drove to Oakland, where Dan made a brief appearance on Radio KLX, and in the evening addressed a well filled auditorium in Berkeley. The talk and subsequent question period lasted until twelve o’clock, when the indefatigable pair again climbed into the car and headed north. Taking turns at the wheel, they arrived in Seattle at about 5:3() P.M. Mr. Fairfield visited With relatives while Dan was entertained by members of the Aerial Phenomena Research Group who sponsored the talk which he gave the following afternoon.

On each of his talks Mr. Fry was well received by large numbers of sincerely interested persons. He wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave so generously of their time and efforts to make the trip a success, and he feels that his time and efforts were very well spent.


Peace cannot he kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.



Don’t forget the coming Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock, Calif., on May 11th and 12th. Circle the date on your calendar so you’ll re-member. Bring food, water, bedding and all your friends. Bight thousand attended last year. Let’s make it twenty- thousand this year, at Giant Rock near Twenty Nine Palms, California.





Understanding has recently received the following new books: The Coming of the Space Ships is written by Gavin Gibbons and published by Neville Spearman Co. in London; Other Tongues. Other Flesh by George Hunt Williamson, published by Amherst Press: Saucer Diary by Israel Norkin, published by Pageant Press, Inc.; Two Nights to Remember by Carl Anderson, published by New Age Publishing Co.; The World Within by Gina Cerminara: Das Erlebnis rom Weiben Sand, (The. White Sands Incident) translated into the German language and printed by the Ventla Verlag at Wiesbaden-Schierstein, Germany. Brief reviews of these books will be published as space permits.


A man who trims himself to suit everybody will soon whittle himself away.

Charles Schwab


“Service to others is the highest service to God.” -Edgar Cayce (P. 235-Many Mansions) The best cosmetic in the world is an active mind that is always finding something new.

Mary Meek Atkeson


“As always, it is not the letter but the spirt that matters; not the form but the substance: not the act but the motive.”

-Gina Cerminara



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AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY, by Frank Spiva ……………  2.50

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

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INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

MANY MANSIONS, by Gina Cerminara ……..  3.75

PEACE, by Florence Donovan ………… .50

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TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….. 1.00

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett ……………. 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……. 1.10

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

WISDOM IN PRACTICE, by Vera Stanley Alder …………. 2.75


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