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VOL. II                                           DECEMBER, 1957                                   NO. 12


This issue marks the end of the second year of the publication of Understanding. Its life has not been an easy one. Its growth has been slowed by the chronic financial malnutrition which afflicts so many of those publications whose efforts are devoted to service rather than gain. It has met and overcome most of the critical hazards which cause the early demise of so many small publications. The financial problem is not a critical one. The deficit which has always existed between the income from subscriptions and the cost of publication has been, and will continue to be met from the proceeds of other activities of the Understanding Groups, or, failing that, from the pockets of the editor and those of his friends and co-workers who share in his vision of the unlimited possibilities of Understanding.

Only one major problem remains to be solved. That problem is based on the lethargy of the average reader and the apparent indifference of a large portion of the readers to the basic purpose of Understanding. Stated in a few words: the primary function of the magazine is to make available to the people of all other countries and races the opinions of the common people of all other countries and races concerning the many great questions and controversies which threaten the peace of the world and the very existence of its civilization. It is our firm belief that a sufficient degree of simple and complete understanding between the common people, the rank and file of the nations, will prevent the outbreak of war no matter how much lust for power may develop within the minds of a few tyrants who may happen to be in positions of power at the moment. The tyrant always depends, to a large extent, upon lies and misleading propaganda to inflame the minds of his people to the point of war. If a state of complete under-standing could be achieved between the common people of all nations, those People would cease to be impressed or swayed by the inflammatory propaganda, the war fever would not develop, and the power crazed tyrants would suddenly find themselves alone and helpless, biting their nails and gnashing their teeth in the frustration of their own futility.

While the bringing of simple understanding to all the peoples of the world is a job of such magnitude as to be beyond the bounds of possibility of any individual or single group, nevertheless, it is a goal for which we must strive. It is the target at which we must aim. How closely we approach that goal will be determined by you, the reader. We are sending out an urgent appeal for letters of opinion from all countries of the earth. We have direct correspondence with some 38 countries at present. We ask that in these letters you give us your opinion concerning one or more of the political or economic questions which are perplexing and endangering the world today. What do you think about nuclear weapons and their potentialities? What do you think should be done about disarmament! How do you think top level conferences between heads of states should be conducted” etc., etc. We will print just as many of these letters as we can and will summarize the findings of the rest.

In order to have more space for these opinions we are enlarging the publication. Even though the present income from subscriptions does not cover the cost of publication, we are going to add four pages to accommodate the letters of opinion which we feel sure will come in answer to this urgent appeal. The magazine will then, at last, be truly beginning to perform the service for which it was conceived and born.

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The only way to make dreams come true is to stop dreaming. The man who wakes up and finds himself famous hasn’t been asleep.

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A man is as big as the things that annoy him.

Wise Men and Otherwise

Reprint from the Constitutionalist.

When are we going to take those Wise Men from the East seriously?

They caught a vision in the heavens and they believed and followed. Each Christmas season we supposedly catch a vision but we do not actually believe or sacrificially follow.

Times have changed since that trio made their way across the desert. The journey- which took them twelve days is now accomplished in a matter-of minutes. If we ever doubted that we live in one world, science is making it perfectly clear.

The brotherhood of man for which Christmas stands is not a nice, vague, distant ideal but it is a fact, an absolutely necessary fact, in the world of our day. Men were created with a common spiritual heritage and bond which makes them fundamentally brothers.

The trouble is we live on the surface where jealousies, rivalries, and competition, where superficial tastes and desires seem to divide. That is why there is so much antagonism in the world, eventually leading to war.

The Wise Men read the heavens aright. They knew that the God of the infant Jesus was the Lord of the whole earth, and they acted on that faith. They came to the Manger not in the spirit of pride and position and power but humbly and unselfishly, kneeling to lay their gifts at the feet of the Christ Child. That is why we call them the Wise Men.

Are we also wise-or otherwise? Are we creating suspicion and ill-will, spreading the fires of racial and national hate? Or are we promoting understanding and good will, breaking down the barriers which separate man from man and nation from nation?

For centuries the Wise Men have been trying to help us build a world of understanding and brotherhood. Their message is very urgent just now as they warn us “It is later than you think.”

But the star is still shining and the Lord of all life is still waiting for men to kneel as brothers before Him.



By Durward


As you will recall from the last issue, we had arrived at the Canadian Border on Tuesday, November 12th. The Customs demanded fifteen dollars duty to allow the projector and screen to be brought into Canada. So we left. them there to be picked up upon our return. I might mention that it rained all day. Due to the delay with the Customs we were nearly late for our appointment.

While Dan gave a short talk to a group in Vancouver, I visited a cousin of mine. The lecture that evening was held at the Peter Pan Hall and we had a good crowd and also a great deal of interest in the books and magazines.

We then visited at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Willis and arrived at our hotel at about 2 A.M. After a short rest we left Vancouver at about 7:30 A.M., stopped at the border for the projector and screen and then headed south for Redwood City, California, stopping for a few minutes at the Dawsons in Seattle.

We then drove straight through to Redwood City, accompanied by rain until after entering California. There we rested at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cheney, after which Dan spoke to a good crowd at the Methodist Church. Again I was kept busy at the book table. Dan stayed with the Cheneys that night, while I went on to San Mateo with friends.

We arrived in San Francisco shortly after noon of Friday the 15th, stopped at the Metaphysical Town Hall Library on Powell St. and then took in the sights of the city, including Chinatown, until evening. The lecture at Town Hall was presented to a small but interested group.

The next morning we left San Francisco for Oakland and arrived at Della Larson’s about noon. Again we enjoyed a nice rest and then Dan lectured that evening in Berkeley to a fine crowd. This lecture was sponsored by Mrs. Larson and the Oakland Unit of Understanding. We were entertained overnight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Larson in Oakland. Sunday, November 17th, the lecture was held in the YWCA hall in San Jose at 2 P.M. A nice group were in attendance and we sold out on books there. We were then taken to the home of Ethel Palm and served a luncheon after the lecture.

After lunch, we drove on to Santa Cruz for another lecture at 7:30 P.M. The hall was filled with an appreciative crowd and afterwards we enjoyed the hospitality of the B. F. McGuires of Felton. We left for home at about S A.M. the next morning.

It proved to be a very successful trip in all ways. Everyone enjoyed the pictures of the White Sands Proving Ground, showing the results of the Atom blast. We received a warm reception everywhere we stopped and much interest in Spacecraft and Understanding was shown by all of the groups.

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There is a better thing than the observance of Christmas Day, and that is, keeping Christmas. Are you willing to forget what you have done for other people, and to remember what other people have done for you : to ignore what the world owes you, and to think what you owe the world; to put your rights in the background and your duties in the middle distance, and your chances to do a little more than your duty in the fore-ground; to see that your fellow men are just as real as you are, and try to look behind their faces to their hearts, hungry for joy; to own that probably the only good reason for your existence is not what you are going to get out of life, but what you are going to give to life: to close your book of complaints against the management of the universe, and lock round for a place where you can sow a few seeds of happiness-are you willing to do these things even for a day’

Then you can keep Christmas.

Henry Van Dyke

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From the Minneapolis Times.

Sputnik disturbs even the animal kingdom. A colony of beavers recently invaded and scattered a family of otters. The beavers wanted to move into otter space.

— Willie Walleye.



By Marc A. Norman


“This is U-K-2-7 calling. (This was repeated several times). “Flight 15 Interplanetary Patrol Regulators. Planet 99. Your request as spoken of earlier has come to our attention. and as we had been tuning in your planet we decided to attempt contact with you. May we first state that you and your friends have been under observation for some time by reason of your varied interests and studies, and also because we are ever desirous of making individual and collective contacts with persons of the earth plane, who have shown that they are desirous of progressive understanding-, relative to other spheres or worlds.

As there appear to be no others in your immediate vicinity who qualify for inter-terrestrial relationship, it is suggested that you might be eligible for regular contact, and if so interested, so indicate a willingness-s to cooperate with us relative to future planning.”

“We feel that it would be important to you should you be placed in a position wherein you could receive communications from such a source as you have implied, and to compile such information regarding our activities, mode of life, plane of existence, as we may be privileged to accord you.”

“We are not able, at this time, to relay specific data regarding the technical details of our craft. This can be given at a later date when your sincerity has been firmly established. But sufficient for the period if it be that we can receive confirmation as to your interest and intention to continue, that confidence be established between us. We are attempting an interplanetary project which has been prepared for some time, and it is our intention to contact certain individuals that this may be accomplished.”

“This project may have to be instigated in the very near future, so preparedness is the order of the day. Much depends upon tire actions of those in high places and the events that follow their commands. However,  for your immediate information allow us to mention that the means of communication now being used can be termed an `Electronic Thought Transmitter.’ This is a mechanical device into which one speaks, the impulses are transmitted to your immediate vicinity, the wave length adjusted to the particular auric field of the individual receiving. But more of this later.”

“As members of the INTERPLANETARY COMMITTEE of the COUNCIL OF ORBITS we are most naturally- concerned with any activities that may take place-whether it be on your planet, SARAS. or any other within our jurisdiction. Our greatest concern during the past few years has been, and is, the misuse of cosmic forces-which your scientists have experimented with in the form of explosive weapons. As the law of the cosmos is such that we cannot interfere, unless it becomes evident that serious repercussions may occur in other planes of the same sphere, we have not as yet attempted to prevent the use of such mechanisms-for we realize that eventually said scientists will discover the benefits of their proper use. However we desire to warn you, that if it were not that we have been able to offset most of the radionic interpenetrations affecting the cuter layers of your ionosphere, the results may have proved disastrous, even at this time.

“We are therefore attempting to organize contact groups, which will be made up of sincere persons who, aligning themselves with those seeking a more harmonious establishment of international relationship, will endeavor to co-ordinate their activities and studies towards a fuller under-standing of your world’s present situation.

“A NEW AGE confronts your peoples. This is not new for there is ever a changing of the geographical and social structures of any civilization, the law of the cosmos being progressive. You are therefore coming to the END OF AN AGE, and preparedness is the order of your day. In that book which you refer to as your Bible, many references are made to the `Times’ you now experience, and those written words are much older than you realize. Howbeit, we are not come to extol the virtues of the Cosmic Record, but to alert you to the seriousness of your present. world situation.

We needs must appeal to the intelligence of individuals who are seeking understanding and enlightenment as to future possibilities, for we cannot approach the masses of your world’s populace, as the majority are not yet ready for such experiences, and to do so would cause panic. Therefore, our studies and investigations of your planet, particularly over the past few years have been mainly for the purpose of searching out those individuals, who over a period of time have given of themselves in study of matters spiritual and meta-physical, for it is only they who can accept and appreciate the higher values of esoteric release. As of this moment there are many such individuals and groups, and it is our desire to align both into one amalgamation, so that eventual establishment can be affected in a place designated when the time is ready for such formation.

The main consideration for the immediate present is the sincerity of all those comprising the various contact groups, including those individuals who will be attracted to them as time reveals the importance of such affiliation. This is necessary because of the immensity of the project under consideration and in the value of the informative material released as a New Age Philosophy for study- by those selected.

Your Bible has a reference to this in the stanza recorded, wherein it is written, `MANY SHALL BE CALLED, BUT FEW SHALL BE CHOSEN.’ This is an occult truism, and one that must be fully realized by those seeking admittance into the higher realms of spiritual expression. in ages past we too had to choose as to whether we should proceed with the masses, who preferred the delights of materialistic accumulations, or accept the directions of our Exemplars. Fortunate are we who developed sufficient wisdom to make a right choice.

Now a similar opportunity is being proffered those who, discerning the portents clouding the horizon of established procedures, do seek a way of life enabling them to enjoy the full values of creative consciousness, within the scope of their own understandings. It is assumed that all present desire to be included, and wish to take part in the establishment of the New Age previously mentioned. Therefore we do appeal to the logic and reasoning of all concerned. for sincerity or purpose is the fore-most test that shall be presented. the ‘TIMES’ demanding loyalty and co-operative effort.

But neither are we here to expound philosophy, but to convey to you some information relative to our particular operations in the higher realms of activity. It is most natural that many questions should arise ill your minds, and that your curiosity seek satisfaction as to our experiences and functions. Therefore, in order to make these contact sessions interesting and enjoyable it is permissible that we enlighten you as to various activities and other related information.

“Perhaps you may be interested to learn of our particular responsibility relative to our sphere of action. We are what might be referred to as `INTERPLANETARY PATROL REGULATORS.’ It is our duty to observe the vibrational impulses emitted by each planet in our system, for these vary in accordance with cataclysmic and subterranean disturbances. Acting upon the authority of higher intelligences, it becomes our responsibility to assure that the orbital motion of any sphere maintains its regularity within the electro-magnetic field of its operation.”

To be Continued

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The following new publications have been received and are available FLYING SAUCER PILGRIMAGE, by Bryant and Helen Reeve. This boot: of 304 pages contains the adventures of Bryant and Helen Reeve in their 23,000 mile journey across North America and Mexico to visit and try to understand all those famous people who have contacted flying saucers. The book also contains sixteen pages of pictures. Meet them all, Williamson, Bethurum, Adams, Fry, Angelucci, Leslie and others. This book also gives some of their conclusions as to what saucers are, why they are here and what we can expect in the future. Price $3.50.

THEY RODE IN SPACE SHIPS by Gavin Gibbons. This book has been published in England. It is a scientific report of two Americans who have actually ridden in space ships. It is a carefully reported stow of the experiences of Daniel W. Fry and Truman Bethurum. As you read this book, dozens of scientific concepts only partly understood will suddenly become clear to you. Price $3.50

STEPS TO THE STARS by Daniel W. Fry. The second printing of this book is now available after being out of print for the last couple of months. Cloth bound $2.50, paper $1.50





11. If an individual or group decides to undertake, the investigation of UFO reports, within what limits should the investigation be confined Should the approach be strictly objective or is there any value in entertaining what is usually referred to as subjective evidence?

Ans. This is a question which is creating a great deal of controversy between and within investigating groups today. When a person states that only objective evidence should be considered, he actually is saying that the research should be conducted entirely within the limits of our present knowledge and concepts. Unfortunately, no true research can be conducted satisfactorily in this manner. If we restrict ourselves to our present knowledge and concepts, how can we learn? If we confine our-selves within the tight sphere of our present understanding, in which direction shall we progress? Any person who attempts to understand and explain the phenomena of the UFO in strictly earthly terms is foredoomed to frustration, disappointment and ultimate despair. We simply do not yet possess all of the terms and concepts necessary for a complete explanation, and so we must continue to seep:. A paradoxical aspect of this situation exists in the fact that those who are the most energetic in this search, are frequently denounced as fools and crackpots by those whose purely materialistic approach has completely barred them from all hope of success, and who yet consider and declare themselves to be `investigators’ and `researchers.’ How can a person consider himself to be a researcher when he begins by discarding the most fundamental tool of research, which. is the formulation of concepts capable of explaining observed data?

12. How, close to a UFO can an observer approach and still be considered a sane honest and truthful person?

Ans. This question ties in with the previous one and has been worded in this particular way in order to bring out the peculiar fact that the reputation for honesty and sanity of a UFO observer appears to vary exactly in inverse proportion to the distance from which his observation was made. This is particularly true among the `objective’ and `materialistic’ investigators discussed in the previous answer. To this group, if a man reports the observation of a UFO at a distance of several miles or more, his reputation remains almost entirely untarnished. He is considered to be an honest and reliable observer. If he reports the observation of a UFO at a distance of a few hundred feet in the air, he meets with a certain amount of reserve and suspicion, but if he reports the observation of a UFO upon the ground and at close range, and especially if he reports any form of contact with the operators, no matter what his previous history and reputation may have been, he immediately becomes a lunatic or a charlatan, or both, and his report is discarded as being unworthy of even a routine consideration. The futility of this type of investigation should be apparent to even the most limited intellect. So long as the `investigator’ limits himself to observations made at a great distance, it is obvious that he is not going to learn any more than he already knows, and so long as he continues to reject, automatically any data taken at close range, he is dooming himself to a perpetual state of frustration and futility. His attitude and situation would be somewhat humorous if they were not also more than a little tragic.

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If so you probably know that the subjects of spacecraft and space people were pioneered in fictional form long before the present sightings and contacts. Some books in the field of imaginative fiction you might find interesting are the following:




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The first pleasant news out of Little Rock in a long time is the story of a joint discussion between white and Negro students at Central High. It is pleasant because the discussion led to a new point of view by two of the more flamboyant objectors to integration. These two, attractive young women, had been among the ringleaders of those attempting to stage a protest walkout. They joined in discussion with two white young men who spoke for integration, and then with three Negroes who spoke of their right to attend school near their homes.

Those who at first spoke for segregation were unable to back their objections with factual material or logic, and had to concede that this was the first time they had considered or tried to understand the problem of the Negros.

The Negro is now following the same pattern that was suffered by the Jew in the Ghetto, the Irish in the ditch with pick and shovel, the Pole in the coal mine-and all the other minority groups who at one time or another were discriminated against because they possessed attitudes and habits that were the product of an environment that was thrust upon ahem. That is the same bitter irony of the Negro’s lot, that he is segregated, deprived of a decent place to live, to get an education, and then he is looked down on because he lives in squalor and is ignorant.

Somewhere, if we are to survive as a nation, this bitter circle must be broken with the Negro as it has with other minority groups. And it will be broken, despite the Faubusian delays that are sad because they are needless, and merely prolong the advent of a better day. Let us hope the understanding talks between the children of Little Rock will be a lesson to their elders.

Hartford Courant

Merry Christmas to all the readers and may the Season bring a new Light of Understanding among men is the wish of your Teen Age Editor

Bill Hamilton.



The following verse is .from a Brochure of the OTC Enterprises, Inc.,

which describes the development of a

Fourth Dimensional Space Vehicle.

And wisdom in a single stroke

Can lift from man the binding yoke

That holds him to a star

When in this broad vast

Universe ten million

Nay, ten billion are!

Let’s then repair to wisdom’s lair

Forsake the gun and saber

Believe its true

A Columbus new will make

of Mars a neighbor

Let’s scale the peaks of wisdom.

And make our goal a star

And cry with everlasting


We are! We are! We are!



Cornpton, Calif., Dec. 20, 1957

Dear Mr. Fry

I have just received the fine November copy of Understanding, and read it at once. In it I find the article on Buck Nelson’s book. Could you please, tell me how 1 can obtain a copy? Over a month ago I sent Buck Nelson one dollar, also 15 cents in stamps for the book, but only silence has resulted, and I am not surprised, rather expected it.

How long are Earth’s people going to submit to this control over our lives? The Space people can not interfere, according to Cosmic law. It is up to us to awaken out of our complacency. We have been inoculated, mentally and physically, for centuries by the “children (and henchmen) of the Devil.” Poor Buck Nelson; I would send him a dollar now and then when I can, if I knew it would reach him.



Ed Note: Understanding has ordered copies of Buck’s book which will soon be available to our readers. Price $1.00.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

12/12/57, Longview, Wash.

Daniel Fry

Editor Understanding Magazine

Dear Mr. Fry,

The great gift of understanding brought about by the use of Parables as a method of interpretation from within man, cannot be over emphasized in our difficulties of the world today.

An image created in the mind of man by a parable can be true or false, according to the desire of the individual.

The false image is created by using one’s self as the center of the creative imagination.

The true image is created by meditating on the universal (love of God) as center.

Sincerely yours,




By Reuters


An Italian professor claims that he has deciphered the 2,700-year-old language of the Etruscans, an ancient people conquered by the Romans. Prof. Licinio Glori said he has succeeded in reading Etruscan inscriptions on the so-called “Column of Perugia,” in central Italy. This was declared indecipherable only a fey months ago at a congress of Etruscologists.

Etruscan civilization in central Italy flourished between the seventh and third centuries B.C.

Only a handful of Etruscan words have been known to historians, who have long tried to break the secret of the language. These words came form a small number of bilingual inscriptions where the Etruscain was accompanied by Greek or Latin inscriptions.

Professor Glori said that as a result of intensive research during the past year and a half he now is able to read Etruscan inscriptions.

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THE following books have been received and are now available “The Coming Golden Age” compiled by Dr. F. W. Sumner, author of “The True and Inner Significance of Life.” $3.50. New paper bound edition of “Unity in the Spirit” by Comtesse de Pierrefeu. $2.00. “The Expanding Case for the UFO” by M. K. Jessup. $3.50. New edition of “The Third Eye” by Lobsang Rampa. $3.50. Send for our complete list of books on Plying Saucers and associated subjects. Note new address. Understanding Publishing Co., 101 S. Lexington Ave., Rm. 35, El Monte, California. We pay all postage. California residents please add 4% sales tax.



This month most of the Units of Understanding are either holding their own Christmas parties or are attending the Understanding Christmas party to be held in El Monte. This party is planned by members and friends of the Southern California Units of Understanding.

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The news of the moment concerns the January appearances of Dr. George Hunt Williamson formerly of Prescott, Arizona, and now living in Peru. Dr. Williamson has conducted an archeological expedition into the little known or explored regions of South America, especially in Peru. He will tell us of finding lost cities of ancient civilizations and their connection with UFO. In this issue you will find a schedule of “Ric’s” lectures in Southern California. For list of lectures in Central and Northern California write to Western Lecture Bureau, 1737-101st Ave., Oakland 3, California. In the January 1958 issue of ‘Understanding you will find the schedule of Dr. Williamson’s appearances in the Pacific Northwest, including British Columbia. He will be speaking in those areas the first part of February.

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Understanding is happy to announce that the first building of the desert project is finally completed. Watch the next issue for pictures of it. Plans are being formulated for a larger building to be used for research purposes. Our immediate project is the furnishing of this first building, in order to make it a comfortable and convenient place for our friends to spend week ends.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

As we go to press, we have been informed that the 5th Annual Space-craft Convention, at Giant Rock, California, with George Van Tassel as your host, will be held on May 30-31 and June 1st. As this is Memorial Day weekend, many of you will be able to attend for the first time. We are sure that this is going to be the biggest and best convention ever, especially since being at a later date, the weather will be fine. Watch this column for further and more complete news of the Convention.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, b Truman Bethurum ……………  $3.00

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PEACE, by Florence Donovan ………..  .50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……  3.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

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THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry …..  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


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