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Vol. II                                          November, 1957                                        No. 11


“A NEW SCIENTIFIC THEORY  which is said for the first time to link physical and psychical phenomena, has been advanced by Prot. Marco Todeschini, at the S.T.G.M. Technical Institute in Italy. Prof. Todeschini’s `Theory of Appearances’ is the foundation of a new Unitarian science called `Psychobiophysics.’

“Prof. Todeschini conceives the Universe as consisting solely of a fluid and inert space. The turbulent movements of this fluid space create matter, as in atomic and astronomical systems, while the undulatory movements create in the mind, and only in the mind, such sensations as electricity, sound, and odor.

“These sensations, according to theory, do not exist in the objective physical world, but merely are appearances of it, manifesting in the mind, when the movements of space affect our sense organs.

“Each physical phenomenon generated by a specific movement of space always corresponds to a specific psychical phenomenon, consisting of a sensation manifesting itself in the mind.

Atmospheric vibrations, for example, generate sound; a physical phenomenon which becomes a psychical one when it registers upon the mind. Since sensations are solely functions of the mind, Prof. Todeschini believes this constitutes experimental proof of the existence of the soul. lie believes also that the operation of our sense organs and nervous sys-tem can be compared to tele-transmission apparatus in which electricity travels through wire. He claims his theory explains such psychic phenomena as faith healing, telepathy and radiesthesia, which he considers as effects of radiation transmitted by the electrical circuits of the body’s nervous system.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

This  report was found in a small corner of the last issue of Fate Magazine, Dec. ’57… I think the man has really GOT something! First-off, you’ll find reference to this idea in part. in the hook: Wisdom. etc., p. 176.

-H. Troxell



By Marc A. Norman

(Continuation of INTRODUCTION)

SEVERAL times throughout his discourse Rev. Linnen glanced in my direction and smiled. After speaking for about forty five minutes he finally concluded his address, then the meeting closed with a prayer, and the people began to leave the hall, except for a group arranging themselves around the speaker, I supposed to ask questions and congratulate him on the discourse. So, my wife and I waited for him to finish, but the time seemed endless, for it appeared that many questions were being asked of him.

Finally my wife said to me. “Mare; I think we had better go. Perhaps he does not know about you, or wish to speak to you.” I nodded my head, and we arose from our seats and made our way to the exit. As we neared the door, I heard my name being called. “Just a minute, Mr. Norman, and I’ll be with you. . .” I turned in amazement, and saw Rev. Linnen smiling and waving his hand to me. Whereupon we, that is my wife and I, looked at each other, and without a word sat down on the nearest seats.

After a few minutes Rev. Linnen left the people to whom ire was speaking and came towards us. With a broad smile on his face he said, “I am dreadfully sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Norman, or may I call you Marc?„

“That’s all right,” I muttered.

He then said, “Is there anywhere we can talk quietly without interruption?”

“Yes,” I said. “Would you care to come to our house?” “That would be wonderful,” he answered. “Let us proceed.”

We left the hall and crossed over to where I had left our car. Getting in, we drove off homeward. No word was spoken on this trip. I was too full to speak, wondering how he knew of my name, and what’s more, how lie could have recognized me. I knew that I had never seen him before. Harvey (I came to call him by that name afterwards) just sat there with a faint smile on his face, sometimes looking at me, other times seemingly lost in thought.

Upon arriving at our house we entered, and after making ourselves comfortable my wife and I sat looking at Harvey, waiting for him to speak. He looked at me intently for a moment or two, then began: “Now I know that you are wondering what this is all about, and that you are somewhat bewildered at the events of this day. I will make this brief as the hour is late. It simply means that you have been under observation for some time by our Elder Brothers, and it has been decided that you could become a useful instrument in our Father’s vineyard. As it is written, ‘The harvest is full and the laborers few.’ This does not mean that you are deemed more advanced or qualified than others, but simply that relative to your past cycles you have striven to seek understanding that you might pass on to others that knowledge which you have gained.”

I answered, saying, “Good heavens, I do not feel capable of teaching others. I do not know very much, and besides I have never addressed a crowd publicly.”

“Fear not,” lie replied. That which shall be spoken shall be impressed upon you. All that I would like to know is, are you willing to give of your time to this mission’.”‘

I thought for a moment, then looking at my wife and noting; the expression on her face, I answered, “I am willing to do what I can according to my understanding.”

“Good,” he replied. “Now listen to me carefully.” Whereupon he outlined a course of procedure I was to follow in the days ahead. I will riot go into detail as it has no direct bearing on this particular narrative, only to indicate how I first became interested and active in this particular work.

One thing I did ask, and that was: “Who was the gentlemen who spoke to me in the park today?”

Harvey smiled. “I would not concern myself with that just now. Let Us say- he is a brother.”

At that time I gave no further thought to whom or what he was, but subsequent happenings have led me to believe that individual who so quietly disappeared was indeed one of our Elder Brothers, and that he must have arrived on this plane from another sphere or planet. I have never seen him since, neither did I know his name. I have given this R

explanation just as it happened to me, totally unexpected, but nevertheless an experience which I have many times looked back upon and from which I have received courage when conditions seemed to be most discouraging.

As a result of that meeting I was eventually ordained into the ministry and became a minister-at-large. The intervening years have been filled with various ventures, movements which have taken me from one coast to the other. Many experiences have been disappointing, often to the point of disillusionment. Oftirnes I felt like giving up what appeared to be a useless struggle to impart Truth to the mass mind, which generally criticizes and ridicules anything it does not understand. But an inner urge has ever kept me onward, and now after twenty years I have that Peace within, and the added understanding that all one can do is to pass on such information and understanding as has been garnered. and if only one individual be helped as a consequence, I have done my part.

It was then that the particular experience occurred which brought me into contact with our brothers of the Space Craft, or Flying Saucers. Here again the contact was made unexpectedly and without any particular knowledge of their being.

I must in all truthfulness state here that I have to my knowledge never actually seen a UFO close at hand. Neither have taken a ride in one. I hope to have that pleasure when i am considered worthy of their recognition.


The Contact

The day of August 16th. 1954, was just another ordinary day in my life and I went about my business without any feeling of elation or anticipation of the wonderful experience I was to encounter that evening. It was a Monday, beginning a week which was as exciting and inspiring as any I have experienced. it had been our custom (my wife and I) to visit some very dear friends of ours one weekend evening per week, during which we quietly discussed various aspects of philosophy and meta-physical topics. This particular clay being our friend’s birthday we decided to visit them that evening. Arriving around 8 p.m. we made the usual greetings when T noticed my• friend had been reading a book which 1

Ire had laid aside upon our entrance. I picked it up and saw that the title was “Flying Saucers Have Landed,” whereupon I asked my friend what it was all about. He replied by giving me a brief outline of Adamski’s experiences.

After some discussion a remark was made to the effect that would it not be wonderful if we were able to receive a message from a space ship so that we could find out first hand as to their purpose. I stated that I did not think that we were in a favorable location such as Adamski was and that our particular situation was not conducive to communication. Whilst ‘I accepted the possibility of space craft in our atmosphere I did not consider for one moment that we would be favored or recognized, not being at that time interested one way or the other, except from the standpoint of discussion.

Shortly afterwards the talk seemed to lag; each of the four persons present seeming to drift into a contemplative mood and it was then that I heard a tapping sound, somewhat like a telegraph key dispensing Morse code. My friend looked up and said to his wife, “Did you leave the radio on. dear?”

“No, it’s turned off,” she replied.

We looked at one another with an air of expectancy without knowing exactly what to think. At the same time I felt a sort of pressure around my head, as if entering a deep silence. I said, “Wait, I think I am getting something.” So we all sat back in our chairs relaxed, and shortly afterwards I heard-by what I describe as thought impression-the following words. They came in a type of short cut-off sentences just a few- words being released at a time. The voice sounded as though it were inside my head. I signalled my- wife who, taking up pad and pencil, wrote down the following message as I received it and voiced it aloud.

To be continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.





10. Does our “Government” know that some of the UFO are material objects, guided by intelligent beings not of this earth, and if it does, why does it not tell the people what it knows

Ans. When people speak of “the government” most of them have, in their subconscious minds, the picture of a man with a long white beard, and a red, white and blue stovepipe hat. They are thinking of Uncle Sam, or in other words, they are thinking of the “government” as an individual, who should have a great deal of knowledge, or at least a definite opinion on the subject of the UFO. Actually, of course, the government is not an individual, nor even a reasonably close knit group of persons. It consists, in fact, of thousands of distinct individuals, each one of whom has his own beliefs and his own opinions, just as do all the other people of this country.

The job of investigating and coordinating the reports of the UFO sightings has been delegated to a small group within the Technical Intelligence Department of the Air Force. Their sole responsibility is to gather and correlate reports, for the purpose of determining whether any definite information or distinct and repeating patterns can be derived there from. Their duties do not include the dissemination of information. The high officials whose position does make them responsible to the public hesitate to make any official statement upon the subject of the UFO for a number of reasons, some of which are completely sound and defensible, although a certain amount of pressure is undoubtedly brought to bear by power groups and vested interests, who fear that their welfare and perhaps their continued existence might be threatened by an abrupt disclosure.

The attitude of many high officials is that it would be exceedingly dangerous to make an official statement which would force the reality of extraterrestrial beings upon millions of people whose minds are completely unprepared to accept it. When a mind is forced to accept something which it cannot accept, a complete detachment from reality is likely to result, and the thought of this happening to millions of people at once, is one which is calculated to bring gray hairs to the head of any psychiatrist who entertains it. Most officials also realize that the public is gradually becoming aware of the reality of the spacecraft and their operators without the necessity of any official statement.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Reprint front. “Flying Saucer Review.” July-August 1957.

An unidentified flaming object flew across the State of Victoria, Australia, or. the evening of Sunday, May 19, and was seen by thousands of people. Telephone switchboards at Melbourne’s weather bureau, police headquarters, airline and newspaper offices were jammed with calls from 5:45 p.m. until 8 p.m. It is estimated that over 23,000 sighting reports of the object came in.

Times given of its sighting at places hundreds of miles apart suggest its speed at nearly 2,000 m.p.h. Reports described the object as being silver in colour, leaving a white or blue vapour trail in the night sky.

It’s height was well over 40,000 feet. Over Melbourne the object was reported to be traveling west, but at Fort Fairy, 200 miles to the west, it was going in a north-westerly direction.

The range superintendent of Woomera Rocket Range, Captain New-Iran, said there was no connection with Woomera.

Melbourne Weather Bureau officials saw the vapour trail and discounted the possibility of a meteorite.

The object was seen by many airline pilots. The first officer of an Australian National Airways plane, Mr. S. J. Archbold, said he had been flying to ‘Melbourne from Hobart through cloud, but when the plane came 7

into clear weather the object’s vapour trail was plainly visible. He said it was bluish white, incandescent and very uneven. Earlier, Melbourne people who saw the object going across the sky said it appeared to emit large puffs of vapour at irregular intervals which made the trail uneven. Mr. Archbold said his plane was flying at 5,000 feet when the trail was sighted. He estimated the UFO was far higher than 10,000 feet, and well in excess of the maximum operating altitude of any conventional aircraft. If it was an aircraft, Mr. Archbold added, it was far superior to anything lie had seen or heard about.

Here are some eyewitness comments:

Mr. Jeffery Ellerton, of Carpendeit, 25 miles south-west of Colac, said: “The ground was lit. I saw a black circular object with a reddish glow at the rear coming from the north-east. it put on a burst of speed, climbed at a sharp angle, then disappeared, leaving a purple vapour trail.”

Mr. Cliff Howard of Inverloch, 90 miles from Melbourne, said the object was shaped like a “punching ball” and was traveling in a westerly direction about four times faster than a ,jet.

Mr. F. R. Murray, of Bendigo Street, Burnley, said it resembled “a blue knob, like a skyrocket, coming from black clouds with a yellow tail, leaving a zig-zag trail of white smoke.”

The object was also reported over the Tasman Sea, where it was seen by the crews of fishing vessels, who described it as being “like a fish.”

The vapour trail was sighted by many newspaper and radio news services reporters.

Radio Australia broadcast a long report, nearly 5011 words, about this sensational sighting. The P.B.G. considered it of sufficient importance to include in their 10 p.m. news bulletin on the Light Programme that evening. The news agencies wired the story from Australia. But mystery of mysteries, the next morning not a single London newspaper carried it’

Flying Saucer Review is positive that there is no actual censorship of flying saucer news in Britain. The Press does not like to be told what it may print and what it may not print. There is Freedom of tire Press. There are no orders not to print anything in peacetime. No orders. However, there are occasions when editors are “requested” not to write about this or that. No actual order is given. It is just a written request from a certain Governmental committee. Flying Saucer Review is aware that such a body exists and knows its name and address.

It may be that the B.B.C. “beat the gun” monitoring its news straight. from the Australian broadcast and giving it out in a condensed version on the Light Programme. However, a telephone call to night editors would have stopped the story receiving large publicity in the morning papers. Flying Saucer Review admits that there may be some more mundane reason why the Australian sighting was not carried in the London papers the following morning. On the other hand, it was received in London and broadcast by the B.E.C. in plenty of time. It is too much of a coincidence that not one of the London dailies carried the most sensational and widely seen UFO sighting on record, and one that had been broadcast on a B.B.C. news bulletin.

Why should this news item be possibly frowned upon:’ This was a terrific sighting seen by an enormous number of people. It must be remembered that only recently- there had been quite a lot of Press publicity hi Britain over the West Freugh R.A.F. radar sighting in Scotland, closely followed by the English Channel radar sighting. This latter one had been the subject of a question in the House of Commons. If this Australian sighting had been given the publicity it deserved in the British Press, people might well have recalled the Scottish one, and have started thinking again about the Channel affair with its unsatisfactory explanation by the Air Minister. Maybe it was considered in “the national interest” to preserve calm by “killing” the story.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

The National organization is planning a Christmas party- on December 21st. to which all friends and members are invited. On January 5th there will be a lecture by “Ric” Williamson in Los Angeles at the Embassy Convention Hall. Ninth and Grand, at 2:30 P.M.


(Recorded in mid-October)

 “OUR CRAFT have sighted your new `moon’…. Our ships are circling the device, and find it cannot defer to the owner! We make ones which come back on call, and relate all! …. When Earth sends out channels of appreciation to us, we’ll help you study the atmosphere… and much more!

We assure the world of an orbit to the Moon, even greater than expected, but no-one can come close to the Moon unless with perfect action. The Moon-people have asked for help from Earth’s rockets. Europe’s causes will EVEN the missile-rocket’s purpose, for now comes Europe’s new peril.

Man is making ready the already allotted Plan for Earth! He ascends the heights of his desire, and speaks to Earth of his accomplishment, but many souls are advanced enough to know- this is not so… Prepare to brace yourselves against oncoming negative forces, for men of Earth are falling into a trap of LASTING FAILURE, when they ascend the skies in motive-purpose of CONQUEST!

CONQUEST OF SPACE IS NOT FOR PERSONAL GAIN, OR NATIONAL GLORY, but is for all human attainment. Men must be acclaimed by the Creator, before much pure advance can be attributed to aught but failure… Man has conquered Space before. and will again but not in such guise as he mistakes for scientific attraction! His claim to honor lies in begetting TRUTH, not BRUTALITY!” !”

(extracts from a longer message. as spoken to Hope Troxell.)

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Brotherhood doesn’t come in a package. It is not a commodity to be taken down from the shelf with one hand-it is an accomplishment of soul-searching prayer, and perseverance… The spontaneous feeling of brotherhood is a mark of human maturity.

– Oveta Culp Hobby

Reprint from THINK magazine, June 1957



By Durward

WE LEFT DAN’s place in El Monte at 5:30 A.M. of November 5th, in a heavy rain. However, it cleared near Bakersfield and we had sunshine the rest of the way to Sacramento where we arrived at 2:30 P.M. At the home of Fleurette Harris, leader of the Sacramento Flying Saucer group, we found a note saying to “make ourselves at home.” This we did.

When Dan saw the evening papers and read that “Saucers” had landed at his “old stamping ground,” White Sands, New Mexico, he went out and purchased a projector and screen and then called his wife, in El Monte, and had her mail him some slides taken at White Sands at the site of the first A bomb explosion.

When the Harris family arrived home and I found that there was nothing planned for that evening, I called my son’s home and then went out and spent the night and part of the next day with them.

Dan appeared on the TV three times on the 6th and then in the evening lectured and showed slides to a large audience while yours truly presided at the literature table.

We drove on to Willows on the following morning, arriving at noon at the home of Dan’s sister and family. A young gentlemen, a student at Chico State College, came over, by previous arrangement, and we talked until 10 P.M. Then we continued our northward journey. After time out to visit with friends in Grants Pass, drove into Portland at about 6 P.M. of the 8th. and spent the night at the home of Frank Fairfield.

Saturday, the 9th, found us in Tacoma at the home of George Coones, President of the Washington State Spacecraft Club. Dan lectured to a select crowd in the Library Auditorium. After spending the night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Corp we arrived in Seattle Sunday at 1? :30 P.M. I visited with another son and Dan was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dawson.

After the lecture in the Beacon Hill District on Sunday evening to a very good crowd we were invited by a Chinese gentlemen to Dave dinner at a restaurant in Chinatown. Nuf sed!

Dan was busy all day Monday with Mr. Dawson and others, so-I visited some more of my family! We left early Tuesday morning for Vancouver, British Columbia, and all went well until we reached the Customs at the Canadian Border.

To be Continued


This month the Teen Age Page consists of a short but worthwhile quiz. The following quotes are from the pens of world famous people. To tile person who first sends in the correct names of the authors of the following quotations, UNDERSTANDING will present a ,rear’s subscription to the magazine (new, extended or as a gift subscription to a friend.) Send in your answers together with the name of person to receive subscription if your answer is correct and earliest postmarked.

1. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the. mysterious. It is the source of all art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe.. is as good as dead; his eyes are. closed.

2. Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which. he works for Ire welfare of his fellow man.

3. The only true solution of our political and social problem lies hi, cultivating everywhere the spirit of brotherhood. of fellow feeling and understanding between man and man and the willingness to treat man a s a man.

4. Nothing is more essential than that inveterate antipathies against particular nations and passionate attachments for others should be excluded and that in place of them, just and amicable feelings toward all should be cultivated.

Just a hint- Two are Americans, one European, one Asian. None of the authors are living but all are world famous.

Send your answers to Bill Hamilton, c/o Understanding.

Winner, or winners, will be announced in January 1958 issue.



Altadena, Calif., 11/14/57

Dear Dan:

I am copying for you and for UNDERSTANDING a portion of a long letter I received from a friend of Buck Nelson’s. It is quite clear why we should not attempt to order the book “MI’ TRIP TO MARS, THE MOON AND VENUS” direct from Buck Nelson. I am with-holding this man’s name for obvious reasons, but I have the letter in the file.

“Just received your request for one of Buck’s books… I just re-turned from a visit with Buck Nelson. I wanted to meet the man face to face, and be with him long enough to be convinced first-hand of the man’s truthfulness. I WAS convinced, fully and without tile shadow of a doubt … The fact that he refused to “sell out” at the very start, to a party, for $1.000.00, if lie would keep still and no more tell his story… but he refused. He was threatened and persecuted. The Three Men in Black also visited him, at tile time when he had about perfected a device similar to what the Space-People use to develop their Free Energy, and the same that they offered our Government officials if they would stop all war, and the snaking of the monstrous atom bombs. But oh NO! Great fortunes would be destroyed; Great Profits would be eliminated… Well, Buck was going to give it to the people, gratis… but these men demanded that he give it over at once, or else’ The “or else” was a big can of gasoline, brought in with the statement that there was “going to be an accident,” and that Buck would be in it, and no-one would know how it happened. So since Buck lives in a thickly wooded area, and his nearest neighbor is 4 miles away, and this was night, well he just couldn’t do any different :than what he did, give it to them! They are employed by the Big Bankers . .lust a sample of what we are up against. . .

“They, are trying to stop him from going on with the publishing of his hook, and telling his story. He had to sell 40 acres of his 80 to meet expenses. They steal his mail, so that he has to fill orders two and three times, in some instances. They will not give him any “County help,” BUT WANT HIM TO COME AND TAKE A MENTAL TEST, SO THEY COULD TAKE CARE OF HIM, as they said… Buck Nelson is worthy of support and help… So I mail out the books for Buck, which I can do without danger from here. ..”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

“Thank you for your request. I’m trusting you with the book. If you can get several of the group to send for the books, I will be happy to take care of the orders for them… And if at any time you have information that would be interesting, I would be glad to receive same.” I’ll personally see that he gets a copy of the next UNDERSTANDING.


T. H.

(Book of Buck’s, $1.05).. Let’s order some!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Understanding wishes to report that the first building at the Desert. is virtually completed. We hope to print pictures of it in the January issue Thanks again to all who are giving so generously to this project.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


THE following books have been received and are now available “The Coming Golden Age” compiled by Dr. F. W. Sumner, author of “The True and Inner Significance of Life.” $3.50. New paper bound edition of “Unity in the Spirit” by Comtesse de Pierrefeu. $2.00. “The Expanding Case for the UFO” by M. K. Jessup. $3.50 New edition of “The Third Eye” by Lobsang Rampa. $3.50. Send for our complete list of books on Flying Saucers and associated subiects. Note new address. Understanding Publishing Co.. 101 S. Lexington Ave., Rm. 35, El Monte. California. We pay all postage. California residents please add 4% sales tax.

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THE HYPNOTISM HANDBOOK, by Charles Edward Cooke and A. F. van Vogt, is used as a textbook by many schools teaching hypnotism. Only $4.50 from F.P.C.I… 3077 Wabash Avenue. Los Angeles 63, Calif. 14



(a sighting set to poetry.)

By Ruth (Bush) Lavigne

I sat reading an intriguing book one night.

About GEORGE ADAMSKI’s Celestial flight.

When suddenly someone shouted aloud,

“What is that flying behind that cloud?”

I dashed outside as excited as can be,

Wondering what it was I was going to see.

I glanced at the sky and what do you know?

I saw three golden objects all in a row.

Such beauty and grace-so majestic these three,

That a feeling of shock raced clear through me.

Their color was scintillating, prismatic there,

As they glided noiselessly through the air!

I could go on forever describing the sight,

Of the soundless trip of the suns of light.

But my words are inadequate and few,

To explain what I saw out there in the blue.



Unit No. 1 will have Dan Fry as the speaker in El Monte on December 7th. Dr. George Hunt Williamson will be with them on January 3rd. at the Rosemead Women’s Club and on January 4th, Mr. John McCoy will speak in El Monte.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 2 of San Mateo cooperated with the Redwood City Space Club in presenting Dana Howard and Dan Fry during the month of November.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 3 at Oakland also presented Dan Fry in Berkeley and will cooperate with Dr. Walter Gordon in having Mr. Williamson and Mr. McCoy.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 4 at Vista had, as their last speaker, Mr. Emery Meyers speaking on the subject of “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.” Mr. Williamson will speak for them on January 11.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 5 of Pomona reports an excellent meeting in November with Ray Stanford as the speaker. There was standing room only. On December 14th, Darrell Miya of the Vedanta Center in La Crescenta will be the speaker and on January 7th, “Ric” Williamson and John McCoy will appear.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 6 of San Fernando Valley listened to a fine program presented on November 8th by Mr. Frank Spiva, author of “America, know Thy Destiny.”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 7 of Orange County also reports a good reception for, Ray Stanford in their November meeting. Williamson and McCoy will be with them on January 6th.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Unit No. 8 of Long Beach held an unusual meeting in November with tape recordings of Richard Kehoe and others who have had recent contacts with spacecraft. This Unit will present Mr. Williamson on Jan. 4th. 16




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, b Truman Bethurum ……………  $3.00

wisdom of the universe, by hope troxel….. 3.25

OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH, by Williamson ………..  4.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper, $1.50) ………….. 2.50

I RODE A FLYING SAUCER, by George Van Tassel ……………  1.00

AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY, by Frank Spiva ……………  2.50

INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, by George Adamski ………….  3.50

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …….  1.00

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel ……..  1.50

WORLD WITHIN, by Gina Cerminara …………  4.00

PEACE, by Florence Donovan ………..  .50

SAUCER DIARY, by Israel Norkin ……  3.00

SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci ……… 3.00

ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence Donovan ………..  1.50

THE VENUSIANS, by Lee Crandell …………. .2.00

UNITY IN THE SPIRIT, by Comtesse de Pierrefeu ………  2.50

UNIVERSE AND DR. EINSTEIN, by Lincoln Barnett … 2.75

VISITORS FROM SPACE, by Eugene Drake ……  1.00

 WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry ….  1.50

TWO NIGHTS TO REMEMBER, by Carl Anderson ……….  1.50


GOLDEN LIGHT …………..  .25

SAUCERS ……  (six issues) 3.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST …………. (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING………….. (twelve issues) 2.50

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