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Vol. II                                         October, 1957                                            No. 10



By Dan Fry

A new word has been added to the vocabulary, of every language on earth. Within a few days time, this word which was previously found only in the Russian language, has reached the ears and tongue of every race and nationality.

The word Sputnik (Traveler) has indeed traveled almost as fast and as far as the globe girdling object to which it refers. The traveler itself, is a metallic sphere, reportedly twenty three inches in diameter and weighing about one hundred and eighty- four pounds. It was launched into the ionosphere by Russian and German scientists on October 4th, and is, at this writing, still making a trip around the earth every 95 and one-half minutes or about 15 trips per day. In the twenty four days since it was launched, it has traveled a distance equal to 44 times the distance from the earth to the moon.

By the time this article appears in print, Sputnik may be only a memory-, but it is creating in its wake, a tremendous shock wave of world wide realization that earth man is indeed entering the world of space travel.

Inasmuch as your editor has been working in the field of rocketry ever since the United States first decided to develop rockets as military weapons, he has been the target of questions which seem to be in almost everyone’s mind. The question which has been most frequently asked is, “How did the Russians ever manage to pass us in rocket development to such an extent that they were able, not only to send up their satellite considerably ahead of ours but a satellite which weighed some seven times as much as the one which we hope to put into the same orbit?”

The answer is, of course, that Russia has never `passed’ us. She has always been ahead in this particular branch of scientific development. Russia began, more than three years before the United States, to produce rockets as military weapons, and when we finally began to set up a few small plants for rocket development, Russia was already using thousands of Katusha and other rocket weapons daily on the battlefield.

Our success in developing file first nuclear weapon caused our scientific ego to become so inflated that we began, unconsciously, to assume that we must be far ahead of the rest of the world in all branches of scientific development. This fallacious concept has acted as a barrier to prevent us from moving forward as rapidly as we might otherwise have done. If Sputnik can succeed in snapping us out of our self’-satisfied lethargy, it will have accomplished as much good for the United States as it can possibly accomplish for the Soviets.


By Frank Spiva

WHY was the USA beaten by Russia in launching the first satellite? Many people would like to know. There are reasons for many- things beyond the understanding of most people. We see the immediate cause, but the cosmic cause we know not. We judge from appearances and know not the basic cause.

Nothing is by happenstance or coincidence. All things have a cause. There are realms of influence which the learned often fail to observe. God Almighty has his own Mark of Identification. It appears in history* only when God is operating directly with men. It appeared with Adam It has appeared since only when God was dealing direct. It alone. when recognized and used, brought down the walls of Jericho. Men have read the record for more than 3000 years and only a handful have recognized this fact. Joe Stalin. since he was educated for the priesthood, evidently learned and recognized this fact. When he rose to the head of Russia he immediately brought this Force into play. He set it up in all satellite nations. He operated on it in all he sought to do. The outcome? The world fears Russia. Russia moves, Russia speaks, and the world dares not move against her. Why?

The answer to this can be found in the book, AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY. America should be operating under this Number of Identity, for it belongs to the American people and is their rightful heritage. But the man who studied for the priesthood recognized and usurped and used this Number, God’s Number. Blame only ourselves for Russia’s scoop. Perhaps this will awaken the American People. It should.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Part of our national housecleaning following on the event of Sputnik should be a reduction by the voters of the number of attorneys in Congress. In my view the public now has a responsibility to insure that first-rate men from the science and engineering professions be encouraged to run for Congress.

If this is done the various technical committees of Congress can be adequately filled with technically trained men.

Trevor James





By Vera Kloepfer

ON Wednesday evening 23rd. about 6:55 Pacific Standard Time, my husband and I were on our way to Pasadena from San Marino, going north on Sierra Madre Blvd., when we noticed a family in their front lard looking and pointing up almost directly overhead. I realized that. something was overhead, so my husband stopped the car and we jumped out and looked up in all directions but couldn’t see anything unusual. Then with a final look I spotted this bright light moving along toward the north east from the southwest. It was Traveling at a terrific rate of speed, for in a matter of fifteen seconds it traveled from almost directly overhead to out of sight. We were discussing it after getting back in the car and through a process of elimination decided we had seen Sputnik or the traveling rocket.

Later that evening at dinner we were relating our sighting of some-thing to our children when our son, Dennis, 12 years of age, said that he had seen something at the same time, traveling in the same direction but he said it was high as well as traveling fast. My husband wanted to know how Dennis knew that it was high and our son explained that usually an airplane appears to meet the horizon as it fades in the distance, but that this light seemed to fade out at the same altitude. It didn’t meet the horizon.

The best way I can describe it was as if a star were traveling across the sky. It had the same intensity and color as a star. The papers re-ported the next day that Sputnik had orbited over California at that time the preceding evening so we concluded that we had seen the light that reflected from Sputnik or the rocket. It’s an exciting time that we’re living in with so many wonderful things taking place in the heavens before our very eyes!



I have seen the dance of the atoms

Against a bright blue sky;

With dark clouds drifting by.

I have seen them dance as madly

With these two eyes have I seen them,

With light from the Buddhic eye,

heir ecstatic threads of radiance,

Their dance that will never die.

As I watch the dance of the atoms

Though I seem but an earth bound clod,

I swing to a cosmic music

With the stars and the life of God.

Submitted by Elsa. de Pierrefeu


By Marc A Norman.


The contents of this book is dedicated to all seekers of Truth everywhere, and, to Orfeo Angelucci, whose inspiring writings under the head-ing, THE SECRET OF THE, SAUCERS, gave me the courage to pen. my own experiences with our friends of the hitcher spheres.


Under the Law of the Cosmos realization can be brought into manifestation almost immediately, or it can be drawn out over a period of years or lives. Until one has experienced in life those subtle forces which strangely impress the consciousness, bringing one into personal contact with Universal mind, one cannot fully understand conditions existing in higher planes of thought.

From a child I have always been `aware’ of some strange force outside of myself, and this material plane. Thus I have been attracted to the unusual and different. Voices I have heard aplenty during my younger years, but not realizing their significance I did not heed to any extent. But subsequent experiences finally brought me to the realization that within GOD’s Kingdom nothing is impossible, and that there are more things in ‘Heaven and Earth than is understood by our scientists and educationalists. I therefore set out to find just where 1, a mere individual, stood in the Cosmic scheme of things.

During my twenties and thirties, I investigated every and all pathways regardless of the school of thought. I also read everything I could fret my hands on relating to Meta-physics, the Occult and related studies.  I found to my amazement that nothing I read or heard seemed strange or new. It seemed that somewhere, sometime I had known all these things. l then turned away from books and cults and sought within myself. It was then I had my first experience, which has given me the incentive to carry on this line of research and endeavor regardless of ridicule and Criticism.

In the Summer of 1939, on a day in June, I was living in London, Ontario, Canada. This particular day I had occasion to go downtown to keep an appointment at 1:30 P.M. Being early I went into a restaurant and had a bite of lunch, and then, because it was such a beautiful day, I wandered over to Victoria Park and made my way to the central seating area, where centrally- situated was a fish and lily pool. There was only one other individual seated there, an elderly man, and he arose and left as I approached. Seating myself on one of the park seats facing the pond, I allowed myself to meditate and reflect on the beauties of nature. The sky overhead was a beautiful deep blue, with a wisp of white cloud here and there. The pond was covered with water lilies, and now and then I caught the glimpse of gold fish as they darted among the lilies.

Suddenly my gaze was attracted to an individual, who appeared across the road from the park. He came around the corner, which was possibly five hundred yards from where I sat. Instinctively I knew he was coming in my direction. Do not ask me, ‘how I knew.’ I just KNEW. I watched him cross the road, and make his way up the park pathway which led to the pond near where I was sitting. This AN-as in the opposite direction from which I had come.

As he came closer I could see him more distinctly. He was about medium height, and wore a blue suit, nothing particularly outstanding as to dress. He was bareheaded, and a smile was on his face as he approached me. I just sat there and stared, and I must have seemed rude m so doing. Put as he came up to me, he gave a sign, touching his heart, then his lips and then his forehead. Seating himself next to me he greeted me with, “Greetings. Brother Norman. How are you this beautiful clay?” I managed to say, “Fine, thank you.” He then asked how my wife and children were, calling them by name. and went on with other items of family and domestic experiences which I had recently undergone, and which I, only, could know about. I just continued to sit with my mouth open, so to speak, although inwardly 1 was quite calm and seemed to realize that this was quite an ordinary happening.

The individual’s face was very pleasant. ruddy with a clear complexion, the eyes blue, and a frank commanding lock. There was character, yet. firmness in his personality, and while he appeared to be about forty years of age, I somehow got the impression that he was very aged. Anyway I continued to listen as he changed the topic of conversation and began to explain to me `WHY’ I had met certain experiences, including my five year’s activity during the first world war. He even outlined various experiences I had had in France during that period. He then said:

“The world is going to enter into another conflict, but this time you ,rill not participate in any way, but will enter into a new field of endeavor, which will not be an easy one, neither will you become rich as a consequence, but your needs will always be taken care of in relation to your KARMIC accruements.

When you return home after I leave you, you will, as usual, pick up your daily newspaper, and opening to the page of advertising, you will notice an ad concerning a special meeting to be held this evening at the local Y.W.C.A.”

He continued, “`If you attend this meeting (and you have free will choice in the matter) you will make contact with another individual who will outline your procedure as to future activities.”

With these remarks he concluded with a few more commonplace statements, and then with a smile said, “Well, I must be about the Father’s business, so I take my- leave of you.” As he spoke he arose from his seat and turned away, going behind the park bench. I was in a sort of a daze, thinking over the circumstances which had happened to me, when it occurred to me to ask a question. Turning to call him, I was amazed to see no one in sight. All that. confronted me was the wide expanse of bark lawn. 1 jumped up and looked all over, but no sign of him. It would have been a physical impossibility for anyone to cross the park and disappear out of sight in the fey seconds I had my face turned away.

Strangely- enough, here, too, I did not seem to account this as anything remarkable. I seemed to accept the whole event as being most natural, that this stranger should come and speak to me, address me by name, and who knew all my personal business, including past experiences, should come to me in a park unannounced, and should leave in mysterious fashion. Naturally I was excited as to what the future might hold, and it was with “‘me breathlessness that T hurried home and told my wife what had happened. She too seemed to accept my explanation without doubt, she 7

being a fellow student along esoteric lines. I could not wait until the paper boy had come, and I met him on the porch. Opening the paper to the advertising section I was excited to see an ad under “COMING EVENTS,” to the effect that a certain BRITISH ISRAEL WORLD FEDERATION was giving a lecture on the “LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL.” and that the speaker would be one Rev. Harvey D. Linnen.

After dinner we cleared the dishes and got ready to leave, so at 7:30 we left the house and arrived at the local Y.W.C.A. at ten minutes to eight. The hall was fairly crowded when we arrived, and we were shown two seats near the rear of the hall. Soon the meeting started, an opening introduction to the speaker being given by a chairman. Then Rev. Linnen entered, a medium height, heavy set individual with a beaming smile on his face, but what we both noticed first was a strange light surrounding him, extending about sixteen inches from the body but most noticeable over and around the head. As he arose to give his address his glance fell in my direction. He smiled and nodded slightly, then continued with his message, which was most enlightening.  I will not go into detail as to the theme behind it as I was excitedly looking forward to the end of the meeting so I could speak to him.

To be continued

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Few of us take the pains to study the origin of our cherished convictions; indeed, we have a natural repugnance to doing so. We like to continue to believe what we have been accustomed to accept as true, and the resentment aroused when doubt is cast upon any of our assumptions leads us to seek every manner of excuse for clinging to them. The result is that most. of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.

–James Harrey Robinson. . .





8. In your opinion, what is the method of propulsion of these spacecraft which carry intelligent beings, and how can the pilots endure the accelerations which these craft hare been observed to undergo?

Ans. It appears to be quite obvious that the craft are accelerated through the agency of a field mechanism. The field is the natural and universal agency for the creation of relative motion. If we observe the universe about us, we find that every body of matter which we can observe in space, is in motion with respect to us and with respect to every other body of matter. All of these motions are created and controlled by the fields in which they move, and principally by that aspect of the field which we define as gravitation. Yet our present earthly science has, so far, managed to ignore. almost completely. the natural processes, and has pursued, instead, highly complicated and inefficient methods of obtaining the same result.

The gravitational field in which the spacecraft accelerates, is probably produced by the interaction of the resonant magnetic fields created by a pair of counter rotating electric charges. The resultant field will be pro terrene or contra-terrene according to the polarity of the rotating charges. Since a gravitational field acts equally upon all mass, it follows that if a space craft is accelerated in such a field, each and every atom of matter that is within the craft, including the bodies of the pilot and passengers, will receive exactly the same degree of acceleration. Under these circumstances, acceleration would have no effect whatever upon the passengers and could not even be felt by them. We can readily see the superiority of this method over our own clumsy system of applying a local thrust to accelerate the ship and leaving the pilot to be accelerated by mechanical thrust against the surface of those parts of his body which are in physical contact with the ship.

9. If the UFO are material objects, how do you explain the fact that they are frequently observed to change shape in mid flight, and are sometimes seen to disappear suddenly and entirely?

Ans. We must remember that when we “see an object,” what we actually mean is that we see the light which is emitted or reflected from it. We must remember that the theory of special relativity given to the world in 1905 by tile late Dr. Einstein showed that light rays become curved or `bent’ when passing through a field. If, as seems highly probable, these craft are surrounded, while in flight, by very intense force fields, it follows that the light emitted or reflected from these objects will always be bent more or less, depending upon the intensity of the field in the particular area through which the light has passed. The result is that the observer usually receives a somewhat distorted view of the object. If the intensity of the field is suddenly raised the distortion is increased and the object will appear to have changed its shape in mid flight. If the intensity is raised beyond a certain critical point, light will not reflect from the craft at all, but will flow completely around it just as water flows around a stone in the center of a stream. If this happens, the object becomes in-visible, not because it has “dematerialized” but simply because it is no longer reflecting light. If the pilot of an airplane attempted to fly- through the area occupied by one of these craft, he might discover, to his sorrow, that the object, though invisible, was still real and very material.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


Skepticism, moral or other, is the result of a certain amount of thinking. This is the encouraging side of it. It betokens a relatively advanced stage of civilization. But skepticism is never the last word in thinking. It is only one of tile steps in intellectual progress, one of tile resting places along the highway of truth. Skepticism is the outcome of much thought: but it is likely to disappear with more thought.

Jay William Hudson

Excerpt from MAN THE UNKNOWN

By Sri Swami Sivananda

Man is man because he has intelligence. This is what he lacked in his previous incarnations. But. intelligence is like a flaming sword, neutral in itself but good or bad in accordance with the use it is put to’. It is the will that uses it; and the will itself is sandwiched between discrimination and emotion. Discrimination uses the sword of intelligence to fetch the fruit of Divine Knowledge. Emotion, like a drunkard, toys with the sword and cuts its own toes; intelligence is perverted, questions itself and everything real and wanders in its own dream land, till it lands itself in the bottomless pit of terrible ignorance.

But man as he is, is a bundle of emotion in a large measure. To get over it is like standing on one’s shoulders. The discriminating man will discover that emotion is a force and has tremendous motive power. Hitched to sense enjoyment, it can powerfully drag intelligence and will into tile dark well of delusion. On the wings of purity and dispassion the self-same emotion would soar into the heavens of bliss, of peace, transforming intelligence into intuition and uniting the individual will with the Divine Will.

He is a man who walks on earth, whose feet are planted on this earth and whose head is within the roof of his house. He is a superman whose feet are planted on this earth, but whose head is high above the clouds. lie is a fool who has dug himself into tile earth and covered himself with stinking mud and slime all over. He is also a fool whose feet are swept off the earth and his head never leaves the clouds.

Man rides the chariot of his life, drawn by the horses of senses; at times lie manipulates the reins (the inner powers) well, and the horses behave well and take him forward, and at others he lets the reins go and tile horses run amuck leading him astray. The superman has the horses well under his control, holding the reins steady; besides, lie has added to the chariot of his life the wings of dispassion and discrimination, of Jnana and Vairagya, so that the chariot soon soars into the realms of Immortality. The fool lets his horses throw him down in the ditch, utterly unable to control them.

The man who aspires to grow into superman knows that he has been endowed by God with three distinct component parts “the head, the heart and the hand.” The three harmoniously developed together make for perfection. But the three are rarely ever together! Man struggles to establish harmony among them and to integrate them. In most men, one or the other of the three is over-developed; in almost all, they go in different directions. The head knows it is not right to injure; but the heart prompts the hand to grab the meat. Where is the harmony in thoughts, feelings and actions?

Only the superman achieves this harmony. His personality is integrated. His head is filled with the highest wisdom; in his heart dwells love which is but diffused wisdom; and his hands are the means through which this love flows as selfless service. He is the man who has fulfilled the purpose of his birth. Born as a man, he has risen above humanity and with the dawn of Self-realization he shines as an Illumined Soul. The Light of God permeates the whole being. purified and integrated. The impure mind has been thoroughly cleansed of all dross, burnt in the crucible of wisdom, and sublimated into pure gold, pure mind. In that mind sparkles the Wisdom of God, flashes the shafts of intuition, and not labored thought circumscribed by relative understanding. The heart of this Enlightened Soul throbs with divine love, a love that unites all creation in a bond of the realization of oneness. This enlightened Being has his feet planted everywhere, in all planes of existence; but his head is lost in infinity. He lives for all and yet he has merged himself in the Supreme All-pervading Reality.

That is the end of Man’s Journey. That is the conclusion of this Divine Drama.

August 1957 issue of “Divine Life”

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

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Longview, Wash.

Daniel Fry, Editor :

I was greatly pleased to read in your Questions and Answers of “Spacecraft Department,” the following: “The greatest obstacle to the complete understanding of the LIFO lies in the fact that we are trying to explain in earthly terms and concepts, something which is definitely not of this earth.”

Can we say, this idea also proves to be the obstacle in religious understanding?

Is it that we the people, as Adam and Eve, choose to rely on man’s own changeable earthly- judgment as a compass to all truth in life, instead of on the perfect unchangeable wisdom of God, whose compass and Comforter for us is the Holy Ghost, the revelator and interpreter of all truth’.

Respectfully yours,


P. S. I enjoy and look forward to your magazine each month. I enjoyed Orfeo Angelucci’s letter to you. I feel he is someone unusual who it would be a great privilege to meet.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


I’ve read-so far-half way through Hope Troxell’s book “The Wisdom of the Universe” and find it very good. Perhaps the special service of that book will be to reach many people in ORTHODOX circles who are not so easily reached by some of the less “orthodox” books in the field, although it’s a good book for anyone to read.


H. H.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Flying saucers are those things that everybody used to think there wasn’t any such thing but now they aren’t so sure any more.

— Jack Lait Jr.


The Hague, Holland.


Mr. Daniel W. Fry

11376 Frankmont St.,

El Monte, Calif., U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Fry,

Thank you very much for sending me a copy of your famous publication “Understanding.”

I read it with much interest, pleasure and admiration.

I think the aims of Understanding are very beautiful and important; your work will be for the benefit of mankind, science, culture and world-peace.

Please don’t hesitate to call upon me if I could be of any assistance to you, for I would like to help you with the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth and of those who are not of earth.

I am a great science-fiction fan too.

It is only a pity- that most good books about saucers, space flying and living creatures on other stars, are not available in Holland. So 1 would like it very much to read your own famous books, but my bookseller has not your books..

In my opinion it is very pedantic and short-sighted to think that of all the millions of worlds (stars and planets) the earth would be the only one with living and intelligen creatures.

Hoping to hear from you again as soon as possible and wishing you every success with your valuable and meritorious work, I remain in the meantime, with kindest regards,

Sincerely and fraternally yours,






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The Long Beach Interplanetary Research Group of Long Beach, California, has become Unit No. 8 of Understanding. Mr. Ernie Riley is their president. We wish to welcome them to Understanding.

On October 12, this group sponsored George Adamski in a lecture which was attended by over 500. George also showed moving pictures of UFO being chased by jet planes.

The Vista, California, Unit of Understanding will have Rev. Verne Cameron as their speaker in November. He is the inventor of the “Aura-meter,” one of the remarkable instruments of the New Age.

Unit No. 5 at Pomona reports a very fine meeting in October with 2111% Riley Crabb, former Director of the Akualele Research Society of Hawaii, presenting a wonderful lecture on UFO and showing color slides of them. Al r. and Mrs. Crabb are now residing in Barstow, California.

Dana Howard, author of “Diane, She Came from Venus” and “Over the Threshold” is teaching a course in Parapsychology. Classes will be held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month at 2 P.M. in San Fernando Valley. For more information write to Charlotte Sullivan, 3414 N. San Fernando Rd., Burbank, Calif.

Understanding is looking forward to the Southern California appearances of Ray and Rex Stanford of Corpus Christi, Texas, in the month of November and will also sponsor Dr. George Hunt Williamson, author of “Other Tongues, Other Flesh,” in the month of January, 1958. Read the next issue for details and lecture dates.

Orange County Space Club, Unit No. 7 of Understanding, had Dan Fry as their October speaker. Vera Kloepfer, National Secretary of Understanding, was also a guest. Mr. Robert Scott is their president.

The Desert Center of Understanding is progressing according to schedule. The building is almost completed and we hope to have our “housewarming” before Christmas. Again, Understanding wishes to thank all of the wonderful friends who have so generously contributed to the building fund.




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