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Published monthly by `Understanding. a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and e who are not of earth.



ONE YEAR (12 ISSUES) $2.50






1957 NO 1


This issue of Understanding marks the beginning of the
second year of its publication. Since all of our subscribers are, in effect,
stockholders in the organization, we feel that this is an excellent time to
examine our position, and to restate our policies.

The number of our
subscribers has grown steadily throughout the year, almost doubling in the last
six months. It is, however, still consider-ably below the number we must reach
if the publication is to accomplish the task which it has undertaken; the task
of bringing the common people
of all the
nations of the world closer together in mutual understanding, and of
re-awakening in them the realization that the bounds of race, color and creed
are artificial but the bonds of brotherhood and humanity are universal.

Aside from the United States, Understanding is now reaching the following countries and territories:
Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Hawaii, Japan, India, Ceylon, Pakistan, New
, Australia, Egypt, Kenya Colony and Natal in South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal, France, Holland, Finland, England and Ireland. In several of these areas plans are being made
to translate and reprint the magazine in the home language so that greater
distribution may be obtained. As can readily be seen, this represents a
coverage of a major portion of the earth’s surface and population, but a
coverage which is still exceedingly thin. We need to fill in the areas which
are now represented only by a
few dots.

With increasing
circulation we must also increase both the size and scope of the publication.
Several major projects can be undertaken, which lave, perforce, been delayed
until the magazine becomes self supporting. We strongly urge all of our readers
who may have found value in Under-standing to call it to the attention of their
friends and neighbors. As to the editorial policy of Understanding, we wish to
point out once again that we do not attempt, nor do we wish, to lead or push
the reader to the acceptance of any particular belief or opinion. It is not the
job of the publication or its editors to “show- the world the way.”
It is our aim to bring enough of the light of simple understanding to bear upon
the p
roblems of the world so that its people will be enabled to find
their own  way safely.

As we stated in our editorial of last February, we believe
that “it. is more important at this time that ‘we the people’ learn what
we do think than merely to speculate upon what we should think.”

The articles carried in this publication do not necessarily
represent the thoughts and beliefs of its editors, but they are printed because
the editors realize that they do represent the thoughts and beliefs of large
numbers of people, and for this reason, should be called to the attention of all. To understand
our neighbor does not necessarily mean that we agree with him. It does mean
that we will never hate or fear him.




“There is a
chip of amber in my room;

And ‘prisoned in
this amber is a fly.

But all its
questioning ends in amber gloom;

For while across
the amber of its sky

It sees at times
an amber hand,

Yet naught but
amber can it understand.”


Have we not, like the fly, permitted our thinking to
become imprisoned in the amber gloom of materiality?

Ours is the glorious privilege to search for Truth
wherever it may be found.
Yet human ego leads us to accept only what is familiar to us through personal
experience and tradition.

Thought force, we are told, is infinite. If we but listen
with our hearts who knows what treasures of wisdom we may gather from Boundless

The fly thinks his bit of amber is all there is. Shall we
be content to accept this Earth experience as all? Or shall we rise out of the
amber gloom of earthbound thinking and open up our minds to the Full Picture –
in order to understand its magnitude?

Leo Mera Gaskill





by L. C. Clark

(of Berkeley, Calif.)



The ideology by which we are guided in seeking fulfillment
is our religion. It is our attempt to satisfactorily explain our relation to
our fellow man, our place in the scheme of things, and establish a guide for
intelligent living. It is our attempt to give worthy purpose to life. It is our
life Professed beliefs are not necessarily a religion.


The urge to live fully, completely, abundantly, is
inherent to all. Environment furnishes the need and the opportunity for growth,
development, evolvement. Innate curiosity, inquisitiveness, Awareness,
stimulated by the experience of daily existence, and led on by our ability to
imagine and project our concepts beyond the limits of experience, bring an
ever-flowering fulfillment, subject only to the condition that nature shall not
be violated.


I believe in the inherent worth and decency of man. I
believe that natural law and order maintain an orchestrated harmony throughout
all creation, from the vast, whirling galaxies of planets, stars, solar
systems, and universes, to those infinitely small centers of energy composed of
neutrons and protons revolving through intricate patterns to form all the
multitude of material manifestations. I believe that man, in obedience to
natural law by the mere experience of existing, must grow and develop-must
evolve ever toward attunement with that orchestration which holds the planets
to their orbits and causes the neutrons and protons to move in definite
patterns. I believe that the road we follow to fulfill our purpose is for us to
choose. It may be dark, devious and difficult–fraught with misery and
ugliness, or it may be beautiful and a joy to travel, leading those who follow
it to a true and lasting happiness.


A builder am I, with all the needs of my craft ready
placed to my use. I am the builder of a physical body fit to fulfill the
functions of life.

I am the builder of the capacities and attributes of life itself as expressed
by my body, my mind, my personality. The measure of my achievement is added
to the substance of my consciousness and broader horizons open before me. No
limit has been set to the extent or the perfection of my-building. This is my
inspiration to ever renewed effort. A symphony of activity, orchestrated to
tile harmony of unified purpose, is the goal of my building.

What is past does not hold me to paths of precedent. Where
the pastends, I now stand, poised.
Traveled roads come out of the past, and point forward to an unchartered
course. From here onward I blaze new trails, following, with firmer tread, a
less devious course because of the experience of the past; but never inhibited
by the false reasoning, “once thus, always thus.” By the light of the
dawning future, I pursue my way forward, ever forward, with no regret for that
which lies behind,  fading into slow oblivion.

The past equipped me as I am. That equipment I carry until
new and better comes to my hand. Tt serves me well; but is not
an end in itself. It is not ultimate. Life’s design is revealed as it unfolds,
bringing clearer vision and wider horizons. Each day more of the future I see,
and my vision widens into vistas far beyond tile limits of precedent. Forward
into the future I go, assured that new experience and greater happiness await
me there. This, my concept, is eternal youth. I propose to enjoy it.


I do not ask that aught shall be given. What my right hand
does not hold my left may reach. What neither my- right hand nor my left hand
may touch, my eyes may see, my- ears may hear, or the breeze waft its fragrance
to me. What my senses do not detect, my mind shall conceive for me; and
understanding shall fashion for me.

I do not ask for aught: for all things have been given,
and I am free to choose among them for my purpose Do I use them
wisely, they bring me joy, and life’s horizons reach outward to new vistas,
ever expanding. Do I neglect them, or use them unwisely, they bring suffering
and life’s horizons close in about me in a darkening circle.

I do not ask for aught; but in humble gratitude T give
thanks to that intelligence which has so wisely and bountifully given.



I am inspired by the faith that all things are endowed
with the potential qualities, attributes and powers needful to the
fulfillment of the purpose of each. I hold fast to the faith that man is
equipped to meet and surmount every difficulty; and I glory in the use of those
powers which it is our great privilege to develop in unrestricted growth. By
our striving we reach understanding. That understanding shall make us free and
extend our horizon to infinity. I am grateful and give thanks for the Love and
Wisdom which ordered the magnificent orchestration of creation and made ours
the privilege to release its music in full toned harmony.

All may read the open book of God’s word: for it is
written in the universal language of nature. We hear His words in song of bird,
the music of murmuring stream and the soft whispering of the breeze through
grass and trees. The fury of the storm, the flash and crash of lightening, tile
roar of breakers on the shore, unleash the genii of our imagination and teach
us to harness their power to do our bidding. Mountain, field and stream; sun,
moon and star, speak to us of law and order, co-ordination, co-operation and
the beauty of unified purpose, a manifestation of majestic, inspiring
Intelligence. In forward-sweeping rhythm and beauty, the open book of God’s
word speaks to all mankind.



I speak for a co-operative society. I speak for the
Brotherhood of men demonstrated
by the method we use to secure our bread and butter. I speak for a society
where all citizens, young and old, whatever the color of their skin, are free
to express their innate in-equalities, without trampling on one another. I can
find no justification for the continued existence of any form of competitive
society, by whatever name it may be called. Dogs will fight over a bone, but
man can produce an endless variety, endlessly duplicated! Why should he fight?

Running through the pattern of social evolution is a
bright, shining thread of gold that ties together all tile events which mark
the progress of man. It has withstood all the stress and strain put upon it by
erring humanity. It is untarnished and unbroken. The full record of human
progress may be read in the pattern traced by this unbroken thread which is
spun from and held together by the enduring fibers of co-operation.



The process of social evolution urges correction of our
mistakes just as the irritating flea moves the dog to scratch. The irritations
arising out of an ill-adjusted society insistently demand our attention until a
proper adjustment has been made.

The urge to survive and perpetuate the species, tile
desire for approval of their fellows, and the power to acquire and
control those things which, rightly or wrongly, give prestige to those who
wield the power, are characteristics common, in varying degree, to all human
beings. In the pattern of human society, we are confronted with the tapestry
woven by our behavior. Excessive wealth and a surfeit of luxuries, in stark
contrast with poverty, malnutrition, disease and crime, do not weave a pattern
of beauty. Unfortunately our perspective is, in general, so restricted that we
are unable to see the in harmony of color and the distorted design we are
making. Those of wealth feel virtuous and secure in their position which they
feel they have attained by honest and upright effort. That others are less
fortunate or less successful, is the responsibility of the unfortunate and
unsuccessful ones themselves. On the other hand, those harassed by poverty and
its attendant ills, blame anyone but them-selves for their predicament. Here is
indicated, in the attitude of these two groups, the utter futility of our usual
approach to social problems. Instead of looking for the causes of our
difficulties, we look for somebody or some group upon whom to shift the
responsibility and place the blame. flow we do love a scapegoat! It was tile
fault of
Hoover; it was Roosevelt’s fault. The republicans were to blame; the
democrats did it. Tile socialists and communists make all the trouble. Capital
is greedy. Labor wants too much. Ridiculous nonsense! Trends set in motion by
social processes depict the pattern of society. The tapestry of human society
is woven from the threads of social behavior.





Paris, France, Nov. 7th Several thousand persons gathered in  the streets of Paris
for a mass Pro-Hungarian and Anti-Communist demonstration. At 6 P. M. two
brilliant UFO’s hovered for several minutes over the city, then shot away and
disappeared. The Observatory of Paris confirmed the phenomenon, which was also
observed at
Campdes Matelots at Versailles. Aime Michel
believes this incident had the greatest number of witnesses of any UFO sighting
in recent years.

(Aime Michel, 11/26:

From “Saucers” Magazine



The Teen Age Page this
month is devoted to a series of “Why Don’t We?” ideas. Some of these
were turned in at the Christmas party- in
Pomona and others have come
in from time to time. These ideas have been suggested by older folks who are
interested in the young people. Some have been introduced by the Teen Agers

“I would like to
see a Youth Group established in each Unit of Understanding. This could be
classes, lectures and socials. The young people are the world’s future. This
group could be enlarged until it even would include Kindergarten groups. If we
educate our youth, the future will take care of itself.”

Martha Sheppard


“Why don’t we run
articles in Understanding in regard to color vibrations in our every
day life?”

Cheryl Thorsen (A Teen Ager)


could link together with like organizations through-out the world. They could
all put out a circular to distribute in other countries in their own

Bill Hamilton (A Teen Ager)


“Why don’t we
insert notices in local newspapers to the effect that anyone interested in
Flying Saucers should contact the local Unit of Understanding?”

Ives Lauriault (A Teen Ager)


“Why doesn’t the
magazine list a felt’ names of people living in all ^arts of the world who wish
to receive letters. Then we could exchange ideas with them and tell them about

Gladys Winn


“Why don’t we have
some type of competition such as a short essay on some aspect of U F 0’s or
Space People. with a token prize and with !he winning essay to be published in
Understanding. This should
be for Teen Agers.”

Thelma Dowd


“Investigate and
study the conditions of the American Indian (as the Rahai group is trying to
do) and bring this marvelous culture and Knowledge into the realm of all of its.”

Joann Norstrom


Are there other
teenagers with more ideas on the same or different subjects? Please write your
reactions and suggestions to your Teen Age Editor, Rill Hamilton, care of





Among several reports of flying saucers over Brazil we
have chosen the famous sighting by Baron Melgaco back in 1846, when there was
not such a thing as “flying disk” figuring in the papers’ headlines.

During the expedition. of the gun-boats from Cuiaba (Brazil)
to Assuncion (Paraguay) under the command of Captain-of-frigate Auguste Leverger,
this officer observed an extraordinary phenomenon which he logged this way

“I have observed tonight a phenomenon I had never seen before. It was
5:57 pm, the sky was perfectly clear, calm, temperature 30° Centigrade
(86° F.), when a luminous globe with
intense speed described a curve of 30° toward NNW. With the horizon by
reference the directions formed angles of 75 and 105° approximately. The sharp
angle was opened toward W. This globe left a trail of light measuring 5 to 6° length for 30
to 35° width. Inside the trail we could see three bodies whose brilliancy was
much more intense than that of the trail; the light of these three bodies was
equal if not stronger than the light ordinarily given out by the full moon on a
(!,~ar night. The bodies were separated among themselves, one on top of the
other. The middle one appeared to be almost circular in shape, the lowermost
looked like a 1’30° circle segment whose extreme radiuses were broken and the
shape of the uppermost was that of an irregular square. The size of the
greatest of the disks
(all the italics are mine-Ed.) would be from 20 to 25′. Finally over
the bodies one could notice a streak of very weak light shaped like a zig-zag,
measuring 3° width by 5 to 6° length. The angular altitude above the horizon
seemed to be 8 degrees. Afraid of missing some detail of the phenomenon I did
not run inside to get some instru-ment to make a correct measurement.
Everything went
lowering toward the horizon with relative speed no greater than the
celestial bodies on their setting down; however the luminous globes changed their
appearances assuming those of ellipses
increasingly flattened and
loosing brilliancy until they looked like small clouds. The big trail or streak
of light tilted to N becoming almost parallel to the horizon but the zig-zag
preserved the same direction all the time. After 25 minutes, everything
disappeared and there was not the slightest signal of atmospheric perturbation.
When I arrived in


Assuncion I
talked with the Minister of Brazil there and several other people who had also
witnessed this-for all of us–strange apparition. One thing I think worth
mentioning is the direction from which the Minister observed the phenomenon;
there could not be any mistake since the observation took place near a certain
brick fence whose position was easy to ascertain; it coincided with the
approximate direction WNW (sic) I had noticed. I submitted this enormous
parallax to trigonometric calculation and matching it with the geographic
positions of Assuncion and the place from where I had observed, and found out
that the phenomenon had taken place in the atmosphere region only 59 leagues (215
statute miles) from Assuncion.”

Auguste Leverger was born in France in 1802, entered the
Imperial Navy of Brazil at the time when our Navy accepted the aid of such
Euro-peans as Norton, Thomas Craig and many others. Leverger entered the Navy
in 1824; in 1851 was nominated President of the Province of Mato Grosso. During
the war against Paraguay, for his defense of the town of Melgaco, he was made
Baron Melgaco by the Emperor of Brazil. He (lied in Brazil, 79 years old, and
there are many streets and institutions bearing his name.

From Discos Voadores, Sao
Paulo, Brazil


Speed Blip On Radar


MIAMI (AP)-An unidentified flying object-or just a weather
condition –buzzed around 20 minutes over the southern tip of Florida one
morning several weeks ago and then disappeared at a speed of 4,000 miles per

Donald Freestone, a radar operator for Pan American World
Airways, reported he saw a blip Nov. 9 on a weather radar screen “four or
five times larger than any aircraft observed in the past.”

“It appeared at approximately 65 miles south
southwest of Miami at an altitude of between 7,000 and 9,000 feet. It
disappeared and reap-veared several times.

“It disappeared once at 70 miles and reappeared at
about 55 miles, then moved back to 70 miles. The speed was estimated at 550 to 650 miles an

Freestone, who explained he had always been skeptical of
flying saucer reports, said the object remained stationary at one point for two
over three minutes. then moved off in the southwest direction it had come from.

“At one time it was noted that the target moved 20
miles in six sweeps : or rotations  of the antenna which rotates at a speed of
20 times a minute,” hesaid.

This figures out to be about 4,000 miles an hour, faster
by far than any  controlled flight ever announced by scientists.

Freestone said the blip remained on the radar screen 20
minutes and was under observation by six people.


Two friends and myself were camping on the desert three
miles south of Pearblossom, California, on September 2, when a UFO sighting
occurred. Marvin Butts and Ray Quizburn saw the object, several times as bright
as a star, pass high overhead silently, traversing the sky in about thirty
seconds from the time it was first spotted, until it disappeared low in the

We were lying facing different directions, as the main
motive for the overnight trip had been to see, if any the flying saucers. We
had just retired, and at 9:55 Marvin, facing north, suddenly pointed to a red
light coming   up very fast.

“It can’t be a ,jet,” he told Rae. “It’s
going too fast.” “Where is it?” Rae asked.

“Just over that Joshua tree,” Marvin replied.

Rae saw it and started chuckling, but I failed to spot it
in the northerly quarter among the stars. I looked more intently, thinking it
was something very tiny. Marvin and Rae both kept talking about it, and I
concluded that they were `pulling my leg.’ By the time they had gotten up and
tried to sight me to it in the south, it was too far away.

“It’s going toward Mexico City,” Marvin said

It was a red light, or round object, they related, and
passed over us offside to the east, with no sound. We listened for any noise
for half a minute, and did hear
a faint rushing sound, but we could not be certain of its origin. A jet plane
passing at that speed would have made a loud noise

The next day I heard a report in Los Angeles that on the
same night some other people had sighted a saucer over the Palmdale area, which
is not too far from Pearblossom.

Rill Rawlinson.



(Pro and Con)

San Jose, Calif.

Dear Sirs:

Enclosed find check for $2.50 for one ,year’s subscription
to Under-standing. I would not want to miss a single issue. I have all from
Volume 1, No. 1 and if it’s possible it seems every- issue is better than the
last one

Referring to your article “Who Knows Department”
in the Nov.-Dec. issue and signed J. M. Cummings, I am very interested and
would like more of this.

Very Sincerely D. B, McK.

Clifton, Colo.

Dear- Daniel W. Fry

It is my belief that most of the writers in the last issue
of Under-standing (October) including yourself need a bit more of understanding
before they attempt to enlighten others.

I would like to have the address of Larry Snow (a Teen-Ager).
I am enclosing a stamped envelope for reply.

With all best wishes.

C. B. M.

Editor’s Note: While
it is the policy
of Understanding
to encourage correspondence between subscribers, in deference to their personal
wishes eve publish addresses of subscribers only with their permission. we
will, however, be glad to forward any mail to our subscribers.


Trout Creek, Utah


Kindly place my name on your mailing list for your magazine

I’ve just read the article by J. M. Cummings. I think it
is a most astounding article. I am anxious to get all the publications on what
his friend has to give oil life. That article is just what I have been taught.

Yours Truly



Mt. Maunganui, New

Dear Sirs:

Please notice my new address when you post to me copies of

Understanding is very interesting and I am in favor of
enlightening all the people so we can all live, no matter what colour, race or
creed we are. It will be a very- long time when at present the outlook. of the
whole is geared to our modern economy.

There may be changes coming, but it appears to be very
slow. Except for the power crazed and the very materialistic, I am sure the
average person when he looks beyond his own personal things, must be heartily
sick of present day affairs.

Yours faithfully

H. W. S.





Current archaeological exploration in Mesopotamia,
“the cradle of civilization,” has led to a discovery which invites
grim speculations. Digging through layer after layer of soil and rock,
archaeologists have uncovered traces of an agrarian culture 8,000 years old, a
herdsman culture still older, a caveman culture much older yet-and have just
reached a layer of fused green glass. When the first atomic bomb was exploded
in New Mexico, the desert sand was turned into…. fused green glass.

— Free World



Only when enlightened attitude of tolerance
for each and every inhabitant of this earth can mankind hope to free itself
from the chains of strife, war and ultimately annihilation. One thing is
certain. The monstrous dinosaurs which once inhabited this planet failed to
survive because they were laggard in developing sufficient brains to cope with
the problems of their huge bodies and were relegated to Nature’s scrapheap.
Just so must man develop sufficient understanding of the truths of racial
equality or he too must leave the scene for some other one of Nature’s
experiments. The time is late.

-Chas. T. Littleton



(Reprint from
Goodwill Neivs)

Every man and woman in every country who is working to
heal the breach between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to foster
the sense of mutual inter-relation and interdependence, is a member of the New
Group of World Servers, even if he has never heard of it by name. The challenge
of this group to the world is to drop all antagonisms and antipathies, all
hatred and racial differences and attempt to live in terms of the one family,
the one life and the one humanity.

This larger interest does not, however, prevent them from
being good citizens of the country where their destiny has put them. They
conform to the government in which they find themselves but, at the same time,
they work for goodwill, for the breaking down of barriers and for world peace.
They keep the laws of the land in which they live, cultivate the spirit of non-hatred
and utilize every opportunity to emphasize the brother-hood of nations, the
unity of faith and the fact of our economic inter-dependence.

The challenge goes out to the thinkers of the world to
drop their sectarianism, their nationalism and their partisanship and, in the
spirit of brotherhood, to work in their particular nation. regarding it as an
integral part of a great federation of nations, a federation that now exists on
the inner side but waits for the activity of the world thinkers to bring it to
materialization on the outer side. We ar.e asked for no sentimental
or devotional response to this challenge, but are reminded that hatred and
separateness have brought humanity to the present sad condition. There is in
the world today a large enough number of liberated men to produce a change in
the attitude of mankind and in public opinion if they measure up by an act of
the will to what they know and believe.


Ours is the opportunity to stand on the side of those
who are steadily building for the new order which is founded on love: who build
under the impulse and realization of a brotherhood based on the knowledge that
we are each and all, no matter what our race, the children of the One Father.

The only true solution of
our political and social problems lies in cultivating everywhere the
spirit of brotherhood, of fellow feeling and understanding between rnan and
man, and the willingness to treat a man as a man        — Theodore



by H. A. Overstreet–W. W. Norton & Co.

No man becomes fully developed by depending solely on his
own resources. Maturity is directly related to the success or failure of our relationship
with our fellow men and with the entire world. This is life’s `great
enterprise” which is the theme explored by Harry A. Overstreet, author of
“About Ourselves” and “The Mature Mind.”

The following quote from “Tire Great Enterprise”
is significant of he new forces at work in the world today.

“Something is happening to our culture that is of
profound psychological and social significance. It is the phenomenon among us
of emerging agreements. These are tentative and uncertain as yet; but the fact
that they are occurring is a
most hopeful sign.

What many people among us are now beginning to agree upon
a number of matters they have
never agreed upon before is becoming so clearly evident one wonders
why the significance of it has been so little noticed.

For example, everywhere in our own land, and in many other
lands well, men are saying that the whole human race now has to learn how o live together or it will destroy
itself. This is a point of view never before held with the clarity and
intensity of conviction with which it now begins to be held. It is a view so
basically different from the ethnocentric and nation-centered views hitherto
held that it might be regarded as the beginning of a new outlook.

The fact is that we have never before in our human history
been confronted by the magnitude of peril we face today. The emerging agreement
Belongs particularly to our present age. It strongly asserts our culture’s sense
of urgency: “We must learn, or else. . . .” Finally-and most deeply
-it expresses our culture’s strongly emergent new faith: a faith in a united

Second, men are now saying with conviction that wars must
cease. They are in agreement that war is a “stupid, tragic, infantile and inexcusable
irrelevancy in life.”

The third matter upon which people are agreeing is that we
need positive goals. Instead of contenting ourselves with proclaiming strongly
against Communism. Fascism and other world evils we are beginning to for the
human race.

Lastly and “closely related to this sensitivity to
the world’s need is the growing agreement among those who have been brought up
in the HebrewChristian
tradition that we must at last
practice the brotherhood we have long been preaching.”



The parent organization at its November Executive
Committee meeting, directed attention to several key organizational topics. The
purpose of this is in line with the established policy of regularly giving
consideration to important fundamentals by round table discussion. Two lists of
ideas, as outlined below, were presented at that time

Build The Movement:

-with constructive discussion

-with praiseworthy conversation

-by telling people of the good
things we have here

-by constructive action

-by systematic improvement
throughout the years

-by an effective program of
individual self-development

-by generous support of allied
groups and individuals

-by realistic planning

-with sound objectives

-with sound policies

-with efficient methods

Constructive Thoughts For Use In Talking To Others:

-down to earth objectives an
institution of integrity

-an institution with a heart
-high ideals

-the finest and the latest

-our understanding stems from
the heart

-a constructive program of
activities based on Universal Principle

-not merely to tolerate but to
achieve a genuine tolerance based on Understanding

If this sparks further ideas or comments, I am sure your
friendly Editor will be glad to hear about it.

Byron Graff

Associate Editor


I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting
station through which God speaks to us every day, every moment of our lives, if
we will only tune in. To those who have not yet learned the secret of
}sappiness, Which is the joy of coming into the closest relationship with the
Master and Preserver of all things, I say: Begin now to study the little things
at your own door, going from the known to the unknown, for indeed each new
truth brings us nearer to God.

–George Washington Carver




The El Monte and Pomona Units report a successful Yuletide
gathering of members, their friends,
and families.

Amid colorful decorations at the Pomona headquarters, the
festivities included games for everyone, prizes galore, delicious eats, and
Christmas carols. Among the prizes, Paul Muns, age 10, won the treasure hunt
and a one year’s subscription to Understanding; a gentlemen from Alaska won the
prize for being the most distant visitor; and Natalie Thoresen of the Pomona
Unit. for being the nearest member. Martha Sheppard and Bill Hamilton won the
“giving” contest (see teen-age page), with the best ideas for a
specific project of service to mankind for Understanding to undertake at this
time. A panel of judges for this latter game consisted of David Brown, Eugene
Drake, and Dan Fry.

The visitors at the party included Martha and John
Sheppard and David Brown of the Vista Unit, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Drake of Los
Angeles, and Mr. Harry May of Neosho, Missouri. This happy occasion marks the
successful completion of Understanding’s first year.


A limited number of the cloth bound edition of “Steps
to the Stars,” by Daniel Fry, is now available. The price is $2.50

The Golden Age Book Center, formerly at 4720 N. Peck Rd., El
Monte, Calif., is now located at 10845 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles 34, Calif. Mr
Jerry Shirley will be glad to send you his new list of Metaphysical and Flying
Saucer books.


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department promptly if you change your mailing address. Also, let us know
without delay, if, at any time, you do not receive each copy of Understanding.
Notify: Understanding, Dept. U, 11376 Frankmont St., El Monte, Calif.


Convention will be held at The Giant Rock Air and
Spaceport, dear Twenty  Nine Palms, California, on Saturday and Sunday May 11
and 12. If you are interested in Saucers, Spacecraft r space travel, mark the
(late on your calendar. The convention is rapidly becoming a tradition among
the advanced thinkers of the country. About ‘.000 persons attended the
convention last year, and many more are expected this year, so make your
arrangements early.




ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER, by Truman Bethurum ….. $3,00

Clark … 75

ARMY OF LIGHT, by Florence
Donovan…. 1.50

George Vain Tassel ….. 1.00

AMERICA KNOW THY DESTINY, by Frank Spiva … 2.50

Comtesse de Pierrefeu …. 2.50

George Adamski …. 3.50

INTO THIS WORLD AND OUT AGAIN, by George Van Tassel …. 1.50

Cerminara … 3.75

PEACE, by Florence
Donovan …. .50


SECRET OF THE SAUCERS, by Orfeo Angelucci …. 3.00

STEPS TO THE STARS, by Daniel Fry (paper bound) ….. 1.50

Crandall ….. 2.00

TO MEN OF EARTH, by Daniel Fry …… 1.00


Eugene Drake …. 1.00

WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, by Daniel Fry ….. 1.50

WISDOM IN PRACTICE, by Vera Stanley Alder …. 2.75


*OLDEN LIGHT …….. Donation Basis

SAUCERS ………  (four issues) $1.00


LITTLE LISTENING POST ….  (six issues) 2.00

UNDERSTANDING…. (twelve issues) .50

These books may be
purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage. Residents of California
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