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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a

better understanding among all the peoples of earth, and of those who are not of earth.







Vol.1                                             June • 1956                                                No. 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of the earth.


One of the great obstacles which stands in the path of the seeker of understanding, is the wide variety of interpretation which may be placed upon many of our commoner words. When an ideology, a doctrine, or an observation is put into words, no matter how expert the writer and how painstaking his work, the result will still be subject to various interpretations according to the character, the learning and the background of the reader.

If the writer himself is biased by his own beliefs or position, or if he has a personal `axe to grind,’ the danger to understanding becomes even greater. Such a writer can use a series of phrases and statements, each of which may be perfectly true, and yet, by the judicious insertion of a few abstract words, lead the casual reader to a conclusion which is completely erroneous.

In the words of Talbot Mundy, “Science and the major religions of the world are saying one and the same thing: but, out of the `divers tongues’ of their own peculiar form, ritual and terminology, they have built a “Tower of Babel.” Not until, by the steady sounding of the keynote of understanding, this structure is destroyed, will the light of truth stand revealed.”

In our last issue of Understanding, our editorial on the effects of radiation pointed out that, at first glance, there appears to be a tremendous discrepancy between the statements of those men whose position or livelihood depend upon the continuation of nuclear tests, and the statements of those students of genetics who have no bias, and consequently are able to see the issue from an academic viewpoint. We used the words “at first glance” because, upon closer examination we find that the statements of both these groups are basically true.

When the proponent of more and bigger nuclear explosions says that they do not represent a danger to the race, he is simply considering human life as a statistic and his statistics indicate that only a small fraction of the future population will suffer or die as a result. He forgets that to those who do suffer


or die, the danger is as real and the tragedy as complete as though the whole race had been affected. When he says that the hazard is no greater than that involved in driving an automobile, he forgets that this is a hazard to the individual alone, and not to his descendants for hundreds of generations. He also forgets that the individual who enters an automobile accepts the risks involved, but the hazard which we are showering upon the other nations of the world has not been accepted by them, and is causing a rising tide of resentment and antipathy toward those who are responsible.

On June 13, just a month after Understanding published the editorial on the effects of radiation, an article was released to the press from Washington which confirms the statements made in that editorial. It was written by Dale Garwood and read in part, as follows: “A grim warning has been sounded by 146 of the nation’s leading scientists that atomic radiation from any source is harmful not only to the person immediately affected, but to all his descendants for untold generations.

The scientists assert that major steps, including a limit on nuclear weapons tests, must be taken to meet the radiation peril, which they said stems not only from explosions but from reactors, X-rays and even from environment. The startling findings were set forth in a report made public after a year’s study by six committees sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences. The comprehensive survey was conducted to determine how the awesome power of the atom might affect the future of the human race. Its results were in sharp conflict with the Atomic Energy Commission’s claim that the rate of weapons testing could be increased 10,000 times without endangering world health. The scientists agreed that an atomic war conceivably could wipe human life from the face of the earth.”

As you can see, the statements made in this newly released report are essentially identical with those given to you last month and in the previous months in Understanding. In the coming weeks and months many articles will undoubtedly appear in national magazines concerning this report. The moral of this last fact appears to be that if you wish to learn today’s news, buy a newspaper. It is their function to bring you today’s news today. If you wish to see the news in retrospect, purchase any good national magazine. They will give you an excellent resume of last month’s news. But if you wish to know today, what next month’s or next year’s news will be, we suggest you employ Understanding.



Since June is the month of Graduation and Commencement, when the youth of our nation leave the halls of learning, to begin the lifelong task of doing, we feel that these students should have some representation in the pages of UNDERSTANDING. It is important that we become familiar with the thoughts and feelings of this new generation which will soon be taking over the direction and operation of our industry, our business and our government.

So much has been printed during the last few years concerning the problems of juvenile delinquency, that the average reader is likely to come to the conclusion that the ‘coming generation’ is composed entirely of morons and antisocial children. To assist in correcting this entirely erroneous impression, we are reprinting in the following pages the expressed thoughts of several members of the graduating class of the El Monte Union High School, taken from their annual publication, Inkblots.

• • • • •


By Michelle Mager

If I worked for the rest of my life I could never repay my parents what I owe them. Even if I could compile the monetary value of the things they’ve done for me, I could never pay them in full.

But what could I give my mother for the sleepless nights when she sat by my bed whenever I was sick, when she put her hand on my head and stopped the fever with cold compresses, when she secured me in the knowledge that somebody knew I was sick, and cared.

What could I give her for the times she intuitively knew when something was bothering me and came into my room and talked it over with me and set everything right again.

How much could I pay Dad for helping me love to learn, for showing me the wonder and beauty of a vast knowledge, for giving me the promise of eternal youth through an impelling curiosity, and for teaching me to value, above all else, true justice.

What could I possibly pay them both for giving me the one knowledge that is the greatest of all; that which keeps my eyes open to truth, my mind open to reason, and my heart open to a love of all that sometimes overwhelms me; the knowledge that all men are equal in the eyes of God.



By Janis Lowe

There they stand side by side,

Daring the enemy to take a stride;

Their guns are loaded, bayonets are intact,

One man is white, the other is black.

But to them they are brothers;

There is no apart; They both love America;

They are both brave at heart.

But back in the States this very day

Read the papers and here’s what they’ll say,

“Negro banned from public school.

Segregation is the rule.”

Who’s that sitting next to you?

Is he Protestant, Hindu, Catholic, or Jew?

Look at him close and what do you see?

Why, he’s just the same as you and me!

So before you condemn or carry a grudge,

Remember, God is our only judge.

He doesn’t know us by our races or creeds:

He knows us only by our thoughts and deeds.

• • • • •


Gitanjah Robindranath Tagore

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;

Where knowledge is free;

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

Where words come out from the depth of truth;

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;

Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action


Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

This is my prayer to Thee, my Lord – strike, strike at the root of penury in my heart.

Give me the strength lightly to bear my joys and sorrows.

Give me the strength to make my love fruitful in service.

Give me the strength never to disown the poor or bend my knees before insolent might.

Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles.

And give me the strength to surrender my strength to Thy will with love.

• • • • •


Interdependence Council

9006 Crefeld St.

Philadelphia 18, Pa., U.S.A.

Editor of Understanding:

Your number 1 article for January, 1956, is much in the spirit of the enclosed. Perhaps you would like to publish part of it.

Otto Mallery Chairman



People have the power to help or harm each other. Which shall it be?

Nations can live in peace or die in war. Which shall it be?

The fate of humanity depends upon the feelings of individuals towards one another. The common interests drawing people together are stronger than the artificial barriers now keeping them apart.

Impending world events and new scientific inventions can annihilate or benefit mankind. The new situation demands the scrapping of outworn ideas and the spreading of a deeper understanding of the interdependence of people everywhere.

Mutual human needs and aspirations are stated in the Declaration of Interdependence. This is not an agreement between governments. Governments, like the hands on the face of a clock, are moved from within. The Declaration of Interdependence is intended to give individuals, who as citizens move their


governments, a direction of movement and a sense of responsible participation in a worldlike fellowship.

In a world so large that one often feels insignificant, the Declaration of Interdependence offers the individual confidence in himself by affirming:

I am only one.

But I am one.

I cannot do everything.

But I can do something.

What I can do I ought to do.

I will do.


We, men and women of different races and religions, children of a Supreme Being through whom all men are brothers, unite our needs and aspirations in this Declaration of Interdependence.

No man, no people can stand alone. Out of union of diverse elements we will, form durable partnerships to withstand the pressures of conflict. The killing of millions would not diminish the mutual distrust of the survivors. Therefore, we seek to be trustworthy and to find men worthy of our trust. With the ocean’s strength and the mountain’s patience we will stand together in creative faith that a free and peaceful world is attainable through cooperative action.

Faith is like the bird that feels the coming light and sings when the dawn is still dark. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. With such faith we will use the increasing human interdependence of modern times for peaceful progress.

Realizing that man does not live by bread alone and that material progress itself cannot produce peace or the good life, we offer ourselves as partners in the following interlocking program:


We declare our common purpose to:


Exercise reverence for life and human dignity, abolish barriers, and repudiate all doctrines of supposed superiority based upon national origin, color, creed, sex or class. People are more alike than they are different.

Foster mutual understanding, and respect for another’s beliefs and cultural values. Many keys are required to unlock all the gates of truth and beauty.

Uphold freedom to think, to read, to listen, to look, to speak, to assemble. Freedom of information and freedom of expressions are not rights only but


tools with which to create a way of life. Opinions, like the roots of a tree, require nourishment from all sides. There is no substitute for an open mind. Mutual confidence can be approached only through open minds, and reliance upon free discussion. The earth is strewn with the ruins of great powers, but great ideas survive and ultimately rule the world.


Increase the opportunity of each individual to overcome ignorance and illiteracy. Famine and poverty are their result: it is hard to make an empty sack stand upright. We will press for universal elementary schooling and fundamental education.

Achieve for youth of every land the opportunity to unfold creative talents, to realize noble dreams and enjoy fruitful, unthreatened lives.

Promote physical and mental health of all people as fundamental for the attainment of peace and security. Prevention is better than cure.

Work for equality of opportunity – economic, social, and political – for men and women alike.

Protect the individual against suppression or exploitation by those misusing political or economic power. Each individual is the ultimate minority. To protect minorities is to safeguard each human being. Government has evolved for the benefit of the individual, not the individual for the benefit of government.

Encourage our respective governments to work together in cooperation for the solving of social and humanitarian problems; and the upholding of fundamental rights and freedoms for all.


Eliminate forced labor.

Secure freedom of association and the right of workers to form unions to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, without interfering with the rights of employers.

Favor the progressive participation of subject populations in the business and government of their native lands.

Assist subject peoples toward self-government and self-determination of their changing relationships to an ever widening commonwealth.

Support land reform and relieve tillers of the soil from unjust forms of land tenure, however imposed. Injustices eat away the foundations of human relations. The impoverishment of any area is of concern to all. Peace to be durable must be endurable.



Lower trade barriers which reduce the flow of goods essential for raising the standards of living throughout the world. Whether people eat or starve depends in part upon how widely goods can be exchanged with mutual gain. Many confluent streams of trade are needed to form a worldwide flow of production; therefore, we oppose discriminary trade practices, which diminish access to markets and to supplies of goods and services.

Explore workable approaches to strengthen human relations through economic unions and political federations.


Seek a substitute for the illusion of victory. We do not place our main reliance upon the military power of the state or alliance to which we belong. Spiritual power is superior to physical power. Wars are world disasters and after total war the distinction between victor and vanquished grows less and less.

Reject all propaganda from home or abroad which seeks to justify aggression.

Melt the cold barriers of distrust now creeping over the earth like a glacier. We enlist in a personal campaign against fear, bitterness, and prejudice, and we ask that as much thought and effort be given to the art of increasing understanding as is being given to the means of increasing fear and hatred. Through enlightenment, understanding and cooperation we will eradicate the roots of war and plant seeds of mutual trust in the fertile soil of goodwill.

Advocate progressive mutual disarmament with adequate safeguards. War is not inevitable. Men are not created to destroy one another, but to work together on their never-ceasing task to build a better world.


Strengthen the United Nations and encouraging its evolution as a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.


Believing that with the assistance of Divine guidance we shall succeed,

Knowing that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness,

Desiring to help one another to mount step by step, towards these high summits of human aspiration, and

Voicing the longings of all people for peace, freedom, justice, and security with equal rights for all and special privileges for none,

We hereby agree as partners to champion and cherish the Declaration of Interdependence, its aims and ideals.



By Winona H. Cromwell

According to the Eastern Esoteric teaching, four great races on their respective continents, with their varying types of humanity, have been subjected to almost complete annihilation. As the Secret Doctrine states: “The face of the globe was completely changed each time.”

After the floods that almost wiped out the third race, the Lemurians, “Men decreased considerably in stature, and the duration of their lives was diminished. This was no punishment, but simply a result of a periodical and geological law.”1

The Lemurians, and also the early Atlanteans, were divided into two distinct classes: the Sons of Night or Darkness, and the Sons of the Sun or Light.

Atlantis is the fourth continent. It would be the first historical land, were the occult traditions of the Ancients to receive more attention than they do. “It was from these Atlanteans that the early Aryans learned the science of aeronautics or Vivan-Vidya, the science of flying air vehicles.”2 The term “Atlantean” represented many types of humanity. There were giants and dwarfs, and all races – brown, red, yellow, black and white.

“In the Eocene age, the great cycle of the fourth race (Lemuro-Atlans) had already reached its highest point of civilization and was showing the first symptoms of sinking.”3

The special manuscripts from which the fragments which follow were extracted and then copied upon stone tablets belonged to a Buddha (Enlightened One) of the earliest day of the fifth race. “And the Great King of the Dazzling Face sent his air vehicles to all his brother chiefs, saying, “Prepare! Arise ye men of the good Law and cross the land while yet dry.”

“But the Lords of the Dark Eye … are versed in Ashtar Vidya (highest magical knowledge.) Let every Lord of the Dazzling Face cause the Vivan of every Lord of the Dark Eye to come into his hands or possession. When the Kings assembled, the waters had already moved. The Nations had now crossed the dry lands … their Kings reached them in their Vivans. 4

This seems to be the only record of what must have been the first great exodus in the history of man on which all subsequent accounts may have been based.

It seems that the Atlanteans in their prime were masters of meterology,


alchemy, geology, physics, etc. The name Atlantis is only a blind, though now commonly accepted. No doubt “The Land of Mu,” may be one of the few islands that finally disappeared. The following seems to bear out that hypothesis. “A Naga vignette from an Hindu carving depicts the Children of Mu leaving the 25,000 year old Motherland by `air’ and water.”5 The Symbols are two birds flying and two fish swimming and the glyph for Mu under water. This bears out the ancient tradition.

1 Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky.

2 Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky.

3 Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky.

4 Esoteric Buddhism p. 64.

5 Sacred Symbols of Mu by James Churchward p. 132.

• • • • •


By Herbert H. Seidler

When we propose “UNDERSTANDING” of our fellowmen, our neighbors, our family, co-workers and finally between nations – just what do we mean?

Understanding could be merely to know the other fellow’s language or to have the mentality to “understand” what he speaks or writes. We must, of course, go further. There is a deeper meaning, which is best expressed by the word “tolerance.” Most misunderstandings are caused by intolerance. We must learn to tolerate the other fellow’s point of view, way of living, his idiosyncrasies. Once we do that we come close to “understanding,” as in the very act” of “tolerating” we look into the background of what we do not approve, and LEARN to understand.

Understanding can also mean “acceptance” of the other fellow’s philosophy, modus vivendi or modus operandi. Such acceptance does not imply that we endorse or approve something we cannot agree with, but rather that we accept or recognize the existence of something different from our own conception. That too is “UNDERSTANDING.”

Once we have learned to understand how can we induce the other fellow to understand? By our very tolerance, our acceptance of his ways we open the way to make him “understand” us. It amounts to agreeing or admitting that we fully understand his views and ask him to listen to our side. We need not necessarily change his viewpoint, in fact we may not want to, but we should thus create understanding for our side. That is the kind of “understanding” which is necessary to be able to live in peaceful co-existence, be it with the


family, the neighbors or between Nations.

To foster better understanding we must imagine ourselves to be in the other fellow’s place, his background, his mentality, and his circumstances. Thus and thus only, can we substitute “understanding” for what might other wise be derision or condemnation. We cannot or should not judge our fellowmen by our own standards, but we can try to understand them, based on their own standards.

However, as we started to say, the first step to true UNDERSTANDING is TOLERANCE plus a sympathetic attitude. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” surely must lead to better “UNDERSTANDING.”

• • • • •

God lets man alone to learn individually. There cannot be blanket rules for all are not ready for the same thing at the same time. As you walk the path, move with Love, Praise, Sincerity and Thanksgiving, and sufficient unto each step will be the wisdom thereof. AMEN.       -Rev. Y. Crouch

• • • • •

He who would understand the Plains must ascend the Eternal Hills where a man’s eyes scan Infinity. But he who would make use of Understanding must descend onto the Plains, where Past and Future meet and men have need of him.

From Om-The Secret o f the Ahbor Valley, by Talbot Mundy

• • • • •

A world of harmony must originate in the individual bosom before it is able to blossom in a world of nations as Everlasting Peace.

-Catherine Stack



Chapter 3


Among all of the great basic factors of the Universe, perhaps the most difficult to define or explain is that which we call space. While many of our greatest philosophers and scientists have attempted definitions, few have succeeded in offering anything which the average mind could readily grasp. The German mathematician Leibnitz said, “Space is simply the order or relation of things among themselves.” Several centuries afterwards, the late Dr. Einstein used almost identical terms. “Space has no objective reality except as an order or arrangement of the objects we perceive in it.”

The average man’s definition of space is: “That in which matter can be placed” or “that which matter occupies.” This last definition is subject to dispute by those who maintain that matter does not occupy space, but is itself, only a warp or distortion in space. Another school of thought insists with equal vigor, that while matter does occupy space, it creates a warp or distortion in the space surrounding it. Since both of these concepts are subject to the same set of mathematical laws, the same laws can be offered in support of either. There is little, however, in either of these postulates which seems to furnish a good foundation for understanding and it is understanding rather that algebraic formulae that we are seeking in this discussion.

For our purpose, a simple definition will suffice. Space is that which separates bodies of matter, whether these bodies be atoms, galaxies or any component part of either. We can extend this definition by stating that the degree of separation which exists between any two bodies is determined by the degree of curvature of the natural laws which exists between them. In making observations, of course, we must remember that, since the natural laws are relative, the mass of the body itself influences the degree of curvature. In the theories of relativity given to the world by Dr. Einstein, the natural laws, in general, retain their linearity, but the space in which they operate is considered to be curved. This concept offers the simplest mathematical presentation, since all of the observed deviations from linearity can thus be explained by a single postulate. Unfortunately, like most of our mathematical presentations, the concept offers but little for the mind to grasp. A curved space cannot be pictured mentally, nor can it be drawn upon paper. There is


always something remaining outside the curve. Furthermore, attempts to rationalize this concept lead to many paradoxical statements which become more and more evident, the greater the effort to explain.

One of the best efforts to bring to the average mind an understanding of the principles of relativity, was made by Lincoln Barnett in his well known book, “The Universe and Dr. Einstein.” Because of its careful preparation and its explicit presentation of present theory however, it brings out very clearly the paradox which must exist between successive assumptions. For instance: reference was made, as has already been noted, to the theory of Abbe Lemaitre, which supposed that at one time all of the matter in the universe was contained in one huge lump or star. Since the curvature of space is considered to be determined by the amount or density of the matter present in it, at that time the universe was very small. That is, it had a very high degree of curvature. Light and other forms of energy do not move outward from this curve, but follow the circumference, so that the light emitted by this body, after a comparatively short journey, returned to its starting point. No attempt was made to speculate upon the length of time in which this body had existed, or the origin of the matter and energy of which it was composed. The theory merely supposed that, after perhaps an infinity of quiescence, this body suddenly exploded. Portions of the mass moved outward in all directions and thereby enlarged the radius of space. If the radius of space was increased, it is obvious that the matter did not follow the curvature of space, but actually moved perpendicularly to it, (or perhaps at a tangent). At any rate, we see that while the radiated energy followed the `curvature’ of space whose radius was determined by the mass and density of the matter, when the matter itself expanded, instead of following the curve, its motion increased the radius.

It is interesting to note that the statement is repeatedly made that this sudden expansion began about two billion years ago, yet in the preceding paragraphs it has been stated that the calculated radius of the universe is now about 35 billion light years. Simple calculation would indicate then that the universe, or at least that portion which we call space, must have moved outward at an average velocity equal to about seventeen times the velocity of light. Either this velocity of expansion is still maintained or at some period in the past it must have been even greater.*

These statements raise some perplexing questions. In our theories of relativity it is assumed that light follows the `curve’ of space. Yet it is difficult to picture a photon following a curve whose radius is expanding at a rate equal to seventeen times the velocity of the particle.


In the book “The Universe and Dr. Einstein” it is also stated that: while space is expanding rapidly, the matter of the universe, which is likened to “inelastic patches on the surface of an expanding balloon,” is not expanding with the space, since if it were, we could not detect the expansion.

If it is space that is expanding, it is difficult to understand why we have never detected the increasing distance between the earth and the moon or the sun. No attempt was made to explain why the space which exists between the individual atoms, and between the component parts of those atoms, should not expand also.

None of these difficulties, of course, invalidate any of the mathematical laws from which the concepts have been derived, but they do emphasize the great need for explanations which are more compatible with reason and under standing. For instance, in the above case would it not be simpler to assume that the degree of separation which exists between the Galaxies, when considered as individual bodies, is apparently increasing because they occupy opposite portions of the sine curve of natural law?

If we exchange our postulate of linear laws and a `curved space’ for a concept which incorporates the curvature of natural law, we find that we have not thereby destroyed or invalidated any of our present mathematics, but we have achieved a position from which the operation of the natural laws can be pictured by the mind, and can be charted upon paper. Thus we have taken a great stride in the direction of understanding.


In summing up our discussion of space we should recall —

1. Our definition – Space is that which separates bodies of matter. This separation is a vector function of the time, energy and mass differentials.

2. The degree of separation which exists between any two bodies, or reference points determine the degree of curvature of the natural laws between them.

3. The natural laws are relative. That is, the value of one can be altered between any two reference points by altering the value of relationship of the other. This last fact should always be borne in mind when we hear some dogmatist solemnly declare that we are forever barred from reaching the stars, by the hopelessly great degree of separation which exists between us.

• • • • •

In the next issue we will discuss the significance of the factor which we call the quantity `C‘.

*It has since been announced by Walter Baade of the Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories, that, as a result of the recalibration of the cephid variable stars, the previously calculated size of the universe must be increased by a factor of 2.8. However the correction factor also applies to the time of expansion, so that the rate of expansion remains the same.



A great many letters have come in requesting more information concerning the organization known as Understanding. What is it? Where is it? What is its purpose? What will it do? etc. In reply to these many inquiries we are presenting the following explanation.

Understanding is an international and interplanetary organization established for the purpose of bringing about a greater degree of understanding among all of the people of the earth, and of making available to them, more of the higher understanding of those beings who are not of this planet.

It is our belief that, basically, all wars are caused by misunderstanding in some form and if misunderstanding can be eliminated, we can eliminate wars. We can also stimulate a more rapid progress of our civilization towards its ideal state.

The parent group was organized in November, 1955, at El Monte, California, with Daniel W. Fry elected as its first president. Membership is open to all people regardless of their age, race, color or creed, the only requirement being a sincere interest in the welfare of humanity and the desire to assist in that welfare.

Since it is desirable that members should have meeting places in their own neighborhood, Branch Charters are issued to any group of five or more persons who are in sympathy with the purpose of Understanding and who wish to affiliate with the Organization. The groups are called Units and are self governing, being required only to keep before them the basic purpose of the organization.

The membership dues are $2.00 per year, one half of which is sent to the Parent Organization from the affiliating group, the other half to be retained by the Unit. The Parent Organization will use the funds thus obtained to de fray the cost of the membership cards, charter and other necessary items which it will furnish to the Units.

As the size and number of the Units grow, the Parent Organization will arrange a series of tours so that members from every country will be enabled to visit all Units for the purpose of discussing world problems, and of improving personal and international relationships. Members from this country will be enabled to visit others for the same purpose. For those who are unable to travel, personal correspondence with members of Units in all countries will be facilitated by the Parent group.


Reports of progress will be made from time to time in this publication. If any further information is desired, write to UNDERSTANDING, 4720 NORTH PECK RD., EL MONTE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A.

We have just received the first copies of Frank Spiva’s very fine book, “America, Know Thy Destiny.” This is a record of your genealogy from Adam to the atom, complete with maps and charts. Now is the time to learn the place of America in history and prophecy and her mission to the world. There are a few copies available which may be obtained from Understanding, 4720 N. Peck Rd., El Monte, Calif., for $2.50 a copy.

Another subscriber is currently publishing a series of books called, “Many Roads, Many Mansions” which describes a journey through faith. The first volume, “Angels of the Mist,” is now ready. It is priced at $2.00 and may be purchased from the authors, Florence and Robert Baxter, P. O. Box 354, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada.

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These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all postage.

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