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For February, 1956

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Published monthly by ‘Understanding,’ a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.








It is simple to point out the desperate need for a greater degree of understanding between the peoples of the earth. If, however, a successful effort is to be made to increase this understanding, a definite and carefully prepared plan of action is required. The problem must be analyzed and understood before any solution can be attempted.

We must realize first that there are almost no means by which the ordinary citizen of one country can learn how the ordinary citizen of another country feels about any of the great problems which beset our world today. It is true that we have many means of public communication between nations. Almost anyone today, can tune his radio receiver to a foreign station and, if he understands the language, can soon learn what the leaders of that nation have to say concerning world problems. There is always a question, however, as to how closely the opinions of the leaders coincide with those of the rank and file. It is seldom that a man is requested or permitted to express his opinions on world affairs for public dissemination, unless he is a recognized leader in some field; whether it be politics, finance, science, art or religion. Yet, when any man has achieved a notable success in a given field; when he has risen above the crowd by his own efforts and by the application of those principles in which he believes, no matter how sincere, honest and conscientious he may be, his very success will inevitably bring about some degree of bias in certain lines of thought. In other words, his reasoning will not always parallel that of the majority.

It may be argued that the achievement of leadership by an individual is proof that his reasoning is superior to that of the average man, and that therefore we should adopt the reasoning of our leaders, and not concern ourselves with the opinions of the masses. The difficulty with this argument lies in the fact that the world is, at the present moment, almost completely divided into two great factions; two armed camps, each of which is led by men who have achieved a degree of influence and power unequaled in the world’s history, and who should, therefore, have the greatest reasoning power ever given to man; yet we find that the reasoning of these two groups of leaders appears to be diametrically opposed upon almost every problem of human relationship. It becomes obvious that it is more important at this time that ‘we the people’ learn what we do think than merely to speculate upon what we should think.

In order to assist in bringing this about, the members of the organization Understanding in every country, will gather written opinions and will conduct


polls among groups which are truly representative of the countries in which they live. The questions asked will concern the best solutions of the critical problems which are facing all of the nations of the earth today.

The results of these polls, together with as many of the written opinions, as space permits, will be printed in this publication as they are received. Members of the organization will also be urged to correspond as widely as possible with members in other countries so that understanding will develop upon a personal, as well as a statistical basis. This is the beginning of the plan of Understanding. It covers only one aspect of the problem. Other aspects will be discussed and solutions will be offered in future issues of this publication.

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(In the Atomic Age)

From the Proverbs of Solomon

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to then that lay hold of her, and happy is everyone that retaineth her. The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens. By His knowledge the depths are broken up and the clouds drop down the dew.

My son, let not them depart from thine eyes. Keep sound wisdom and discretion. So shall they be life unto thy soul and grace to thy neck. Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely and thy foot shall not stumble. When thou liest down thou shalt not be afraid; yea, thou shalt lie down and thy sleep shall be sweet.



This section of Understanding will be devoted each month to a discussion of the nature and significance of those objects in our atmosphere which have been given the name of Flying Saucers or U F O. We will publish important new developments which may be brought to our attention and will attempt, insofar as our knowledge and understanding will permit, to answer the questions of the reader.

(Please address all questions to Understanding, 4720 N. Peck Rd., El Monte, California.)

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One of the first questions which is invariably asked by those who have never taken the time or the trouble to investigate the subject, is – Why is there no proof? If spacecraft are actually coming into our atmosphere, and are being seen almost daily by hundreds and even thousands of people; if the craft have, upon a number of occasions been landed upon our surface; and if the intelligence which operate these craft have established direct contact and communication with our people, why is there not some absolute and unquestionable proof of all these things?”

The answer is, of course, that there simply is no such thing as absolute and unquestionable proof of anything. The correct definition of the word proof is, ‘evidence of a nature and degree sufficient to bring conviction to the mind.’ Yet we know that the type of evidence which will establish belief in one mind, may be dismissed as ‘meaningless’ by another mind which may require evidence of an entirely different sort. The average person who is discussing ‘Saucers’ for the first time in a group discussion, will usually mention ‘pictures and hardware’ as items of `proof.’ The writer has been asked many times (by people who have never investigated the subject), “If these objects are real why hasn’t someone taken pictures of them?”

Of course anyone who has even casually investigated the subject of spacecraft, knows that not only hundreds, but literally thousands of pictures of these U F O have been taken by people in every country on earth and from every possible walk of life. The sceptic, or the person who, for any reason, doesn’t wish to believe will always point out that it is possible to ‘fake’ almost any type of picture. In this statement, of course, he will be perfectly correct, but to assume therefore that all of these thousands of pictures taken by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, are all faker, is an assumption so fantastic that it is doubtful that it could be seriously entertained


by anyone of reasonable intelligence. It is much more logical to assume that the objects are real, and that at least a large proportion of the pictures are genuine. Nevertheless, the point has been made, that pictures are not proof. They are only evidence.

The subject of ‘hardware’ now comes up. Many persons have said that if a material object, a piece of metal or some operating device from a spacecraft could be put on display, it would be absolute proof that the craft were real. Here again those who have followed the subject know that many persons have announced that they are in possession of bits of material which they believed to be extraterrestrial in origin. A number of these objects have been taken by official investigating agencies for the purpose of analysis. In each case a report was subsequently issued which stated that the object was of ordinary earthly material, but in no case, so far as this writer has been able to learn, has the object ever been returned to its original owner, in spite of the fact that several of these persons have complained bitterly in the public press about this illegal withholding of their property. Of course the agencies may have been perfectly correct in their conclusion that the objects were of earthly material. But the questions is, How would they know? Every element which has been found to exist anywhere in the universe, is also found here on earth, which simply means that anything which could be produced anywhere in the universe, could be produced here (if the knowledge and understanding of the methods were available).

We must realize that no matter what sort of material objects or operating devices were obtained and displayed, no matter how strange the material or how marvelous the function of the device, the sceptic could truthfully point out that it might possibly have been produced by one of our advanced thinkers here on earth. So we see that ‘hardware and pictures’ are not proof. They are only evidence. The same is true of any type of material or objective ‘proof.’ Yet this is the only type of proof that many people can accept. We have an example of this in the Bible. When Thomas had been informed that Jesus had returned from the grave, he said, “Unless I shall put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe.”

This is the type of ‘proof’ which Thomas required. We can see that it was not proof. It was not even particularly good evidence. We know that if another man had desired to impersonate Jesus he could have easily have had similar wounds inflicted upon himself, and we also know that if Jesus had desired to do so, he could at any time have caused the wounds to heal without leaving any evidence of their existence. So we see that the mere presence


or absence of wounds had little significance. The true proof lay in his supreme character, his personality and inherent greatness. These were things which no one could impersonate, imitate or ‘fake.’ They were the true proof of his identity. The wise man recognizes that subjective evidence is often far more dependable than mere physical or material ‘proof.’ This fact was also pointed out to Thomas after he had been shown his proof and had confessed his belief. Jesus said, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me thou hast believed. Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed.”


One of the eastern members of ‘Understanding’ visited us last month. She is Comtesse Alain de Pierrefeu who has recently published a book titled, “Unity in the Spirit.” We believe that the readers will enjoy with us a short review of her very fine book.

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Elsa Tudor de Pierrefeu

The aim of Madame de Pierrefeu’s many interviews and journeys about a large part of the world was to secure the cooperation, in this period of world crisis, of all who believe in God regardless of creed. She believes that a be ginning can be made by a day of fasting, and prayers for unity, by all peoples. In this book she tells of her travels and of her interviews with leaders of all religious faiths.

The quotations from the letters following reveal typical opinions and reactions towards this plan.

Dear Madame de Pierrefeu:

I am very sure that when the time comes to have the Day of Prayer for the whole world that the General Federation of Women’s Clubs will do what it can to promote it. Certainly no matter what our belief is, we should be able to take one day to ask that God make us worthy of living in this world.

Very sincerely yours


(Mrs. Lafell Dickenson)

President, General Federation

of Women’s Clubs.


My dear Comtesse:

Your interest in the advancement of the spiritual unity deserves every encouragement. I pray that your effort may be successful.

Sincerely yours,


President, Synagogue Council

of America.

Comtesse de Pierrefeu’s story of her heroic pilgrimage in quest of a world crusade of prayer is inspiring and it is a testimony to her own faith in God and man. It is a message much needed in the present day.



Dear Madame de Pierrefeu:

I have found your manuscript exceedingly interesting. I believe your work has made a spiritual impact upon many people and is making for better understanding.

With every good wish, Faithfully yours,


Presiding Bishop,

Protestant Episcopal Church.

This book is recommended as one with a world-wide approach to understanding. It is published by Richard R. Smith, Inc., of New Hampshire.

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By Dr. Catherine E. Harmon

This is the true story of a beautiful and spiritual message. I believe that it should be told to others, as all experiences of an unusual nature should be revealed by those fortunate enough to be the recipients of a supernatural revelation. There are many of them, more so today than ever before, as we approach the most critical era in the history of this civilization.

The incident involved my three daughters and myself. The youngest was not yet born, but expected any day. The other girls were thirteen and sixteen years of age, old enough to be as pleased as their father over the prospects of having a baby in the household.


Although it had been thirteen years since I had a child, and although I was middle-aged, and the other two births had been very difficult, I remained perfectly certain that all would be well. Since I was robustly healthy, continued with my practice as a D.C. We all became somewhat alarmed however, as in the last three weeks unaccountable pressure and pain became quite constant.

On February the 13th, at four o’clock in the morning, I found myself wide awake for no apparent reason, as I was free of pain for the first time in several days. Arising without turning on the light, and proceeding as quietly as possible (to avoid disturbing my husband and daughters), I went through the entire house to the kitchen, guided only by the street lights which faintly illuminated the rooms.

I almost collided with my eldest girl, as she was standing in the middle of the kitchen. She immediately asked if I was all right, and after being reassured, explained that she had also arisen in the same manner as I, and didn’t know why she had gone to the kitchen without turning on the lights. As we were standing there, the younger girl approached, startled at finding us there in the dark kitchen. She said that she just suddenly woke up. She hadn’t heard us moving about as we all have separate rooms. After further reassurance on my well being, none of us recall speaking, but know that we all walked together into the service porch and stood gazing out the window toward the darkened sky.

We all saw it at once. The incredible but accurate formation of a cross, gradually gaining in brightness, was there in the heavens above us. We earthed the sky for an explanation other than the supernatural, but even as we sought a physical answer for this phenomenal sight, we knew the truth. The cross was quite large, perhaps a foot high to our vision, and remained there for at least a quarter of an hour before it slowly faded away.

We were strangely calm but exalted. I turned to the sweet, rapt faces of my dear girls and asked them to join me in a prayer of humble thanksgiving our Lord, for calling us together in this strange manner to witness this wondrous miracle. We didn’t know why we were so privileged, but we returned to bed as quietly as: we had risen, deeply moved and grateful.

The phenomenon has not recurred, nor has it been reported by others in this vicinity to whom we have told the story, in seeking some credible explanation.

Two days after this experience, I went to the hospital. The Doctor expected


the baby within an hour or two, but time went on, and the almost constant heavy labor. Due to unusual complications the Doctor could not proceed with the modern methods of hastening delivery. We were all hoping that surgery could be avoided. Late Thursday morning (the third day) labor suddenly stopped. My Doctor and two other specialists examined and re-examined me for two hours. They couldn’t detect a fetal heart beat even with the Electrocardiograph. They were forced to the conclusion that the baby was dead, but I refused to believe it. I knew my baby was alive-it had to be! Surgery was inevitable but they wanted me to face the fact that I wouldn’t have a baby.

Pleading for immediate surgery, I asked them to check once more before it would be too late. This time they looked at each other in surprise, as there appeared the faintest sign of a possible heart beat.

My baby was born by Caesarian section an hour later, at noon of February 17, 1955, a beautiful, live, five pound girl!

I shall send a copy of this narrative to the Doctor, as I have never told him why I was so certain that my baby was alive in spite of all the facts to the contrary. Yes, as I lay there and watched the hopeless, negative shaking of three Doctors’ heads, I remembered another three gazing at the wondrously affirmative sign of the cross-and I knew.

——— ♦ ———


War can never be won on the physical battlefield. War can only be won in the hearts of men. Only when we have achieved the consciousness that war is a foolish and ignorant thing for humanity to practice, are we open to suggestions for a better way of life. Our next big step in evolution cannot come until we stop having war on this earth. First we must ask ourselves, “What is war? Where and how does it start?

War starts when we quarrel with our wife or husband, relatives and friends; when we fight with our neighbor over the back fence; when we ‘blow our top’ at the shop, office or any other place.

We must learn that thoughts are things, living entities which know no boundaries. Thoughts can go wherever they are sent, regardless of distance. Negative thoughts are harmful and destructive. Positive thoughts are infinite and constructive. All thoughts are indestructible. All of our thoughts live in the aura of the earth and come back to us at some time, perhaps in seconds, perhaps years later. If they are destructive our returns will be destructive and if our thoughts are constructive we will receive constructive returns. We, the men and women of the world, must realize that it is our thought and action which will stop war. We will receive whatever we ask.


Our government tries to do the will of the people. We must give the government to understand what we really want by our thoughts and actions. We must realize that every person on earth, or on any other planet is our brother. We are all children of the same God, regardless of color, creed or way of life. We cannot possibly hurt a brother without hurting ourselves. Spiritually we are all one. Out of thoughts like these will grow a world Brotherhood where war cannot possibly exist.

The powers that be have a wonderful future in store for us, if we but do our part. If all the churches of the world would just join hands a great change would come to our earth within a very short time.

Won’t you give these thoughts your consideration and then pass them on to your neighbor? Ask him in turn to pass them on. Let’s make it world wide!



——— ♦ ———

Dear Editor:

Congratulations! The infant promises well and I’ll contribute my bit toward his wellbeing.

The MacArthur oration is magnificent! Gratitude to you for publishing it. His recipe for youth should be copied by beauty experts the world over. Nice to know we have a Churchillian master of the English phrase on this side of the Atlantic. With this splendid opening, the subject should be pursued hard, and that I am sure is what you propose to do. Why not a symposium of space leaders on the subject? They use us by leading us here and now toward a renunciation of war. Perhaps MacArthur is the logical leader under their guidance.

Best wishes for you and the staff.





By Daniel W. Fry

Of the phenomena which have been closely associated with the advent of the spacecraft, one has been given the name of Fireball. The Fireball, while hardly a spacecraft, is, nevertheless, a true UFO, inasmuch as it is certainly a flying object that has not yet been successfully identified.

Many persons have confused the fireball with the meteor. They are, however, two distinctly different phenomena and the differences are very obvious to those who are most familiar with the normal appearance and trajectory of the meteor.  While about twenty million meteorites enter the earth’s atmosphere each day, comparatively little has been written in our Physical Science textbooks concerning these objects. It might be well, therefore, if we spend a little time discussing the meteor before going on to an explanation of the fireball, so that we will be better able to distinguish between these two types of celestial visitors.

First let us define the terms which we will use since they are often confused and misused.  The term meterorite refers to a comparatively small body of matter, usually composed principally of Iron, nickel and silica, travelling through space in a trajectory which intersects that of earth.  The average meteorite comes into the earth’s atmosphere at a velocity of between ten and twenty miles per second.  As soon as the object comes in contact with the earth’s atmosphere, a phenomenon occurs which has been given the name of meteor.  The word meteor does not refer to the object itself but only to the visible and sometimes audible evidence of its passage through the atmosphere.

The usual explanation given in those textbooks which mention the subject at all, is that the object is heated to incandescence by the `friction’ of the air and that it is the light of its `burning’ which we see and call a meteor. This explanation becomes unsatisfactory to even the casual thinker when he learns that the average meteorite is about the size of a single grain of ordinary sand and that the luminous path produced by these objects is plainly visible at distances of from seventy to one hundred miles. It immediately becomes obvious that a grain of sand, even if burned under the most ideal of conditions, certainly would not produce enough light to leave a luminous train, miles long, which could be observed from many miles away.

The true explanation is somewhat more complex, but, nevertheless, I believe it should be given in the interest of general understanding. The meteorite, as we have already noted, comes into our atmosphere with a velocity


of ten to twenty miles per second, and some have been observed which had much higher velocities. This is so many times greater than the velocity of sound that the molecules of air have no opportunity to get away from in front of the missile. There is comparatively little of what we could correctly call friction since most of the air molecules do not flow past the sides of the missile. They simply pile up in front of it. The compression is so great that the air itself becomes incandescent. It is this comparatively large mass of terrifically compressed, strongly ionized, and incandescent air being pushed ahead of the meteorite which we see and call a meteor.  Technically, the meteorite is exchanging its kinetic energy for heat energy, and although the heat is produced principally in the atmosphere, rather than in the missile itself as is popularly supposed, the smaller meteorite is usually consumed in the process.  Some of the larger ones, however, reach the surface of the earth with at least a part of their mass intact.  The average meteorite has a mass of less than a gram.  One in ten thousand may have a mass of several ounces, one in a million may weight a few pounds, and so on up the scale of increasing mass and diminishing probability. Yet so great is the number of these space travellers which find their way to the earth, that even meteorites have been discovered which tip the scales between one hundred pounds and several tons. At least two have fallen in comparatively recent geologic times (one in the state of Arizona and one in Siberia) which apparently weighed many thousands of tons. Fortunately for man’s welfare, as well as his peace of mind, this type of meteorite is exceedingly rare.

So much for the meteors and meteorites. Now let us return to subject of balls. The fireball is not a meteor. It doesn’t look like a meteor and it doesn’t act like one. True, they do have a few characteristics in common. They both come to earth from somewhere in space, descending rapidly through our atmosphere and producing great quantities of light while doing so. Here the resemblance ceases. The meteorite, if it is not entirely consumed during the descent, eventually reaches the surface of the earth, where it may be recovered by any one who may have seen it land. Thousands of meteorites have been recovered by geologists, geophysicists and other interested persons. No one has ever found the smallest remnant of the true fireball, even though many have been seen to impact the earth.

The writer could fill many pages with items from newspapers and magazines describing the sighting of these objects, but since this article is intended to be explanatory rather than historical, we will content ourselves with only one. It is included only because it is typical of most of the reports on the subject.


“Green Fireball Explodes Near New Mexico Town.” Lordsburg, N. Mex. (U.P.)-Civil Air Patrol planes today searched but failed to find a trace of a mysterious object which apparently crashed and exploded near here in an intense white heat. Meanwhile, the University of New Mexico’s Meteoritics Institute puzzled over a green fireball which flashed over the southeast part of the state and was seen as far north as Albuquerque, 200 miles away. The two were the first major fireballs sighted in New Mexico since last September.” End of quote.

As usual, no remnants of either fireball were ever found, although the crater produced by the impact of one of them was eventually located. It showed evidence of a violent explosion and a searing heat, produced after the explosion, which was so great that it melted the sand around the edges of the crater. The effect appeared to resemble more nearly the explosion of a miniature `atomic’ bomb than the impact of a meteorite, and no slightest trace of the object could be found. Obviously the fireball is composed of a material which is completely incompatible with our earthly matter, and the observation furnishes the strongest clue (yet obtained) to their composition.

Many years ago scientists began to speculate, (rather idly it seemed at the time) concerning the possibility that somewhere in the universe there might exist a form of matter in which the electrical polarities were reversed, with respect to ours. That is: they imagined that in this matter the nucleus of the atom was negative rather than positive as are ours and the electrons about the nucleus were positive rather than negative. They gave this theoretical material the name of ‘contraterrene matter,’ meaning simply matter contrary to earth. They then began to consider the properties which such matter should have (if it should exist). One of the conclusions was that if any of this material should come in contact with our earthly matter, it would convert itself and an equal quantity of our matter into energy.

We know that when a positive and a negative electron come together, they both disappear as electrons, and a photon of energy is formed in their place. So the scientists assumed that the positive and the negative protons also would disappear, producing in the process, a tremendous quantity of energy, much of which would appear as heat or light.

In July, 1954, Dr. Marcel Schein, cosmic ray expert of the University of Chicago, reported that what he believed to be a particle of contra-terrene matter, probably only a single atom, or perhaps merely a negative proton had impacted one of the cosmic ray measuring instruments, high in the air over the state of Texas. The particle produced a quantity of energy so great that it could be explained by no other theory than that of complete energy conversion.


In other words, the scientists said, “We have long considered the possibility of such a material and now we have evidence that it exists.”

Let us consider the possibility that the true fireball is also composed of this contra-terrene matter. We will, of course, hear objections; and there are a number of pointed questions which must be answered before the theory can be seriously entertained. We will therefore attempt, at this point, to anticipate some of the objections and to answer some of the questions which result therefrom.

“In the first place,” we hear someone say, “If the fireball is composed of contra-terrene matter, would it not explode instantly and completely upon contact with the first layers of our earth’s atmosphere?

In answering this question it is necessary to point out that only those individual atoms of the object which come in direct collision with the atoms of the air could be converted into energy. This could only occur with the outer layer of atoms at any given time, and since the space between atoms of the atmosphere is very large in proportion to their diameter, the energy conversion would take place at a rate which would permit even a comparatively small object to penetrate the atmosphere for a considerable distance before being entirely consumed.

The second objection we hear is that even a small particle of contra-terrene matter, say one gram for instance, would produce a much greater amount of energy than is apparent in the fireball.

The energy conversion rate specified by the formula E=MC2 indicates that for each gram of mass converted, an amount of energy equal to about 25 million kilowatt hours should appear. It is true that this is considerably greater than the amount of energy apparent in the light and heat produced in the fireball. But why should we assume that all of the energy produced must manifest itself as light or heat? There are many frequencies in the energy spectrum which are beyond the perception of the human senses and according to our present theories of physics, the energy produced by complete mass conversion should appear principally in the highest portion of that spectrum. A single atom of contra-terrene matter which met and reacted with a normal atom many miles up in our stratosphere, would not produce any light or heat which would be detectable by our instruments on the surface. It would, however, produce an intense disturbance in the portion of the energy spectrum which we call the ‘cosmic ray band.’ Physicists have long believed that the cosmic rays are produced by the annihilation of matter, ‘somewhere in the vast expanse of intergalactic space.’ Have they never suspected that the annihilation might actually be taking place upon our own doorstep? Has anyone monitored the passage of a fireball with a cosmic ray counter?


It might be thought that the fireball with its tremendous release of high frequency energy would greatly increase the normal level of radio activity in the atmosphere through which it passed. Instead the opposite appears to be true. The intense energy radiated by the fireball apparently has the effect of normalizing those atoms of the atmosphere which are in an unstable condition. While there has not yet been opportunity for a conclusive number of tests, the evidence so far obtained seems to indicate a sharp drop in the normal background count of areas through which a fireball has passed. These measurements, of course, have been made at some time after the appearance of the fireball. The level of activity at the moment of its passage might be very great.

On the whole, the fireball appears to be a beneficent phenomenon, since it tends to undo the damage which we do to ourselves when we raise the level of radioactivity of our atmosphere by our experiments in destruction.

In the beginning of this article it was stated that the fireball did not look like a meteor and that it did not act like one. The difference manifests itself in two ways. First: its negative curve of approach, and second: its apparent reluctance to fall to earth. The chart on page 15 shows the normal curve described by a meteorite approaching the earth. It usually enters the atmosphere on a path which is almost parallel to the earth’s surface. As its velocity is reduced by the resistance of the air, the path turns downward in a constantly steepening curve until its final path approaches the vertical. The exact trajectory, of course, is determined by the original size of the meteorite and its original velocity. The point we are making, however, is that because of the gravitational pull of the earth, the path of the meteorite always tends to approach the vertical.

The action of the fireball is the exact opposite. It usually comes into the atmosphere on a path which is almost vertical, but which soon begins to flatten out toward the horizontal. If the trajectory becomes completely horizontal before the fireball strikes the earth or is consumed, it will not strike the earth at all. Instead, it will travel for some distance horizontally, rising gradually at first, but with ever increasing velocity until it is consumed entirely or passes out of the earth’s atmosphere.

Many competent observers, including a few astronomers, have witnessed this phenomenon but comparatively little has been written about it. This is probably due to the fact that the path of the fireball is apparently contrary to the orthodox laws of physics. Few men, especially technical men, would care to write at length upon a subject which they were forced to admit they could neither explain nor understand. There is, however, a simple and logical


explanation. Those physicists, who have speculated upon the properties which would be exhibited by contra-terrene matter if it existed, apparently have overlooked a property which should have been fairly obvious. That is: that matter having reversed electrical polarities would almost certainly produce a gravitational field in opposition to that of the earth. In other words, such matter would be repelled by the gravitational field of the earth to the same extent that normal matter is attracted.

The reason that the fireball follows a path which curves toward the horizontal rather than the vertical is simply that it is repelled by the earth’s gravity, rather than attracted as is the meteorite.

The objection may be raised by some that if the object were repelled by the earth’s gravitational field it would never enter the earth’s atmosphere in the first place. It is only necessary to point out that the average meteorite approaches the earth with a velocity of between ten and twenty miles per second. This is much greater than escape velocity, which means that the object would enter the earth’s atmosphere, and, if sufficiently large, would reach the surface whether the earth were attracting or, repelling it. The only observable


difference would be in the shape of the approach curve, and the negative approach curve of the fireball is conclusive evidence that the object which produces it is being repelled by the earth.

Most of those who have studied or have had experience with the UFO or Flying Saucer are convinced that the fireballs are controlled and perhaps sent to us by the intelligences which operate the Saucers. Since the effects of the fireball seem to be beneficent, and since the appearance of the ‘Saucer’ is so frequently accompanied by the appearance of fireballs, it seems entirely possible that there may be a significant link between the two.

——— ♦ ———

As this issue goes to press, we have just received George W. Van Tassel’s new book, “Into This World and Out Again.” This is a book that many people have eagerly awaited – “A modern proof of the origin of humanity and its retrogression from the original creation of man.” It is priced at $1.50 and may be obtained from Understanding, 4720 N. Peck Road, El Monte.

——— ♦ ———


We have just received a notice of the Third Annual Spacecraft Convention to be held at Giant Rock, Yucca Valley, California, on Saturday and Sunday, April 28-29, 1956. The last two conventions were held there in April, 1954, and March, 1955, with over five thousand in attendance. This year they are planning for even larger crowds and have invited Major Donald Keyhoe, Captain Ruppelt and Desmond Leslie to be the guest speakers. They also plan to have the following people on the program: George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, Truman Bethurum, Dana Howard, Dick Miller, Daniel Fry, George Van Tassel, ‘Ric’ Williamson and others.

Start now to make your plans to attend. More information concerning the Convention will be published as we receive it.




Book List

ARMY oF LIGHT by florence Donovan, R.N… $1.50

freedom for all by Neville………….. 2.50

great saucer conspiracy by maj. donal keyhoe………. 3.50

How the great religions began by Jos. gaer………. 3.00

human destiny by lecomte dunoy……….. 3.75

peace by florence donovan, R.n…………. .50

power of positive thinking by n.v. peale ….  2.95

Secret of the saucers by orfeo angelucci………. 2.96

To men of earth by Daniel Fry ……..  1.00

understanding god by vivian williams ……..  1.00

Unity in the spirit, by comptesse de pierrefeu ……………  2.50

universe and dr. einstein by lincoln barnet……….. 2.75

white sands incident by daniel fry……. 1.50

you are unlimited by rhoda lachar …..  3.00


saucers…………… .25

telonic research bulletin… .50

little listening post …….. (four issues) 1.00

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