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“An Editorial”

The average man in this country derives most of his knowledge and opinions on world affairs from reading newspaper headlines and from listening to news flashes and summaries which he hears on his car radio while driving to or from work.

Because of the limited, and somewhat biased nature of the information he receives, he may find it difficult to extract the facts which underlie certain critical international situations, such as that which exists in the Near East today. The problem of understanding is made more difficult by the great mass of sophistry, `reasoning,’ and propaganda with which any nation explains its acts to the world.

It must be remembered that the men who control the destinies of nations, no matter how great they may be, are still human, even as you and I, and that, being human, they respond to the same psychological and emotional stimuli which motivate the actions of all humans, whether they be world leaders or small children at play in the backyard sand pile. In fact when all of the sophistry and extenuation is removed from the picture, the behavioristic patterns of the two extremes become, in many cases, surprisingly similar.

As a practice exercise in understanding let us examine the present Suez situation in the simplest possible terms. It is true that in doing so we may run the risk of over-simplification, but even this should be a refreshing change from the great over-complication which usually confuses our attempts to understand international affairs.

It all began, of course, with the Assuan dam in Egypt. This is not actually a dam at all but is a site upon which the Egyptian Government hopes and intends to build a dam. Since the requisite capital was not available in Egypt, the Egyptian government approached the Government of the United States with a view to obtaining financing for its construction. The project appeared to be a desirable one and there were strong indications that the United States would ultimately furnish the necessary funds, not because we thought that we would profit directly by its construction, but because it seemed a job which should be done. Anything which will make even a small part of the world a better place to live in is a desirable project. However the progress of negotiations was much too slow to suit Abdul Nasser who was at the head of the Egyptian government.


Nasser decided to make use of a stratagem which is frequently employed by young girls when they feel that their boy friends are not sufficiently attentive. The plan, of course, is to stimulate his responses through jealously, by flirting with someone else. Accordingly, Nasser began a rather obvious flirtation with the leaders of the Soviet Union. This proved to be an error of judgment on his part.

The government of the United States pointed out the fact that we were not proposing to finance the dam because of any direct benefit which we hoped to receive, and that if Mr. Nasser felt that he could persuade the Soviet Union to furnish the funds, the United States would gladly relinquish the privilege. Nasser then addressed an appeal to the Soviet leaders to which he received a reply to the effect that he, Nasser, must have `rocks in his head’ if he thought for one moment that the Soviet Union was going to waste its hard earned rubles building a dam in a country which it did not even control. The men of the Kremlin, however, had some advice for Nasser, and it went something like this, “You don’t have to beg any nation to build your dam for you. You have within the boundaries of your country, a canal through which a large part of the commerce of the world must pass. Why don’t you simply seize this canal from the international association which controls its operation, and raise the passage tariff to several times the present rate, taking the profits for Egypt. Thus you will force those nations who must use the canal to pay for your dam.”

This sounded like an excellent suggestion to Mr. Nasser especially since the Soviet officials promised that in case any of the legal owners of the canal became incensed over the seizure, they, the Soviet Union, would back the play to any extent short of actual war. The Soviet leaders had very good reasons for making this suggestion. In the first place they felt quite certain that the seizure of the canal by Nasser would result in immediate armed intervention by Britain and France. This would of course create a maelstrom in the Near East, and it is well known that the Soviets have always done their most successful fishing in troubled waters. There was, however, a more important reason. The men of the Kremlin were aware of the fact that a revolution was about to explode in Hungary, and that it was going to be necessary to use Russian troops to put it down. This action would be in direct violation of Russia’s solemn promise that her troops were in Hungary for the purpose of protecting Hungarians against outside attack. The wholesale slaughter of Hungarian citizens by Russian troops would be certain to result in worldwide condemnation of Russia unless a diversion could be created to distract world attention. If


Britain and France could be induced to land troops in Egypt, then Russia could say to her accusers, “Look, the other side is doing the same thing.”

The Soviet plan almost want awry. Nasser, as we all know, did seize the canal, and he did so with the flat statement that he proposed to make the canal pay for the dam. The British, who send more ships through the canal than any other nation, now found themselves being forced, willy nilly, to furnish the greatest part of the funds for Nasser’s clam. They considered this a particularly brazen form of blackmail, and were quite naturally infuriated. France, who had originally furnished a large share of the money and men to build the canal, felt that her rights were being openly flouted by the small time dictator of a fifth rate power, and that the use of force was definitely indicated. Since the welfare of the United States was not directly affected by the seizure, the statesmen of this country were able to obtain a somewhat clearer view of the overall picture. They attempted to dissuade Britain and France from the use of force. While the American leaders may have felt that the use of force was morally justified under the circumstances they also realized that this was exactly what the Kremlin was expecting and desperately hoping that they would do.

The rest is history. The uprising in Hungary began. The Russian troops slaughtered Hungarian Nationals and were roundly condemned by every free nation on earth. The world clamor reached proportions which forced the Soviet leaders to reverse their policy.*

The British and French had not used force and it had begun to appear doubtful that they would. The men of the Kremlin knew that their control could not long survive worldwide condemnation. They wrote off Hungary its lost, and began to evacuate their troops.

An event was taking place which had been looked forward to by social and spiritual leaders for thousand of years. A powerful nation had been halted in its aggression against a weaker nation, not by armed intervention of other powers, but by the pure force of public opinion. At that moment Britain and France landed troops in Egypt.

Those of our readers who were following the news closely will remember that in the very hour in which it was announced that British troops had landed in Egypt, the Russian troops turned on their heels and began to march back into Hungary. They now had their diversion and their excuse. The opportunity to demonstrate the power of world opinion was lost, but the aversion of the world to the use of aggressive force by any nation, under any provocation, is increasing daily and gives heartening evidence that our civilization is attaining a new concept of social relationship.

* See Understanding for March 1956, page 2.




by Evelyn Davidson

He stands on highest pinnacle

and points the way

T’ward flaming stars

and brilliant sunsets

Far beyond the eyes of mortal man

I stand below and climb and fall

and try again,

To reach the land beyond the land

beyond the stars

And I am sad, and yet I feel a glow

of heaven in my heart

And try with breathless toil

to reach the point,

He says is visible to those who

have the power to see

Intense blue of horizons far beyond

A flaming mass of splendor, I am rapt, and sad,

And then I see a patch of blue

It glows into my consciousness, and I am glad

For I have viewed the infinite

Beyond the veil of life, and love,

And all eternity.



by L. C. Clark

(of Berkeley, Calif.)


I am aware that words are not exact in meaning, and it is often difficult to convey ideas accurately by their use. Shakespeare tells us, “The devil may quote scripture to his purpose.” I may be permitted to use words to my purpose. That is what they are for, is it not? The idea, the meaning, the word picture of a concept, the description, or statement of an attitude, may become clear through the context in which the words are used.

When I use the word God, or any word which might indicate that I am presenting a theistic point of view, do not assume that I presume to ascribe to God either form or personality. I do not feel competent to place upon deity the restrictions of any human concept. I do not wish to attempt a definition of God. For my purpose I must accept a cause, a source, a creative force, an intelligence. Everywhere I turn I see Manifestations of intelligent law and order. Even in the too often blind and foolish gropings of man, I sense the operation of immutable law, enforcing its own fulfillment by the inspiring, compelling stimulus which man experiences when he understands and cooperates with it.

This is a personal philosophy. It evolved out of the teachings of my parents, my schooling, contact with many wonderful people, the literature I have read, and my experience. It has evolved slowly throughout the course of my whole life. I expect, nay, I intend that it shall continue to evolve as life’s experiences expand my horizon. My presentation is a statement of my attitude toward life and its problems. I am convinced that acquiring the right attitude equips me to meet all circumstances without fear and without malice. This clears the way for the solution of problems.

This statement is brief. Its brevity, however, will give a clearer idea of the point of view I am trying to present. I do not wish to confuse anyone with a welter of words.


All creation exists, evolves, progresses in accord with natural law, conceived and put into operation by that Supreme Intelligence which is everywhere manifest.

A philosophy must give purpose to life. I am unable to form any adequate concept of the great cosmic purpose which must be inherent to


creation; but l can conceive of a purpose which seems to be inherent to me as an individual. Evolvement, growth from primitive toward an ever More complex, more highly organized and intelligent form, attaining an ever greater fulfillment of all the potential capacities of life, this I hold to be my purpose. It is my privilege and my responsibility to build a personality.

I am one of two and a half billion humans. Humans are one life-form among myriads of forms. All contend with, adapt themselves to, or learn to control or overcome every conceivable environment. What my behavior pattern will be, the way I act, the way I live and get my living, is affected by all these things and the problems which arise out of my contact with them and my understanding of them.

My attitude toward life and its problems determine the measure of my achievement in the fulfillment of my purpose. Therefore, I do not set limits to what can be. l turn my imagination loose. It will never catch up with what can be. Each new concept, once manifested, is added to the substance of my consciousness and makes possible new and greater concepts.


A philosophical concept of what life ought to be (and can be) demands a design for social procedure which fosters and actively promotes the fullest possible development of every individual, with injury to none.

If any are happy because of it;

If life is more beautiful because of it;

If none are injured because of it;

The light of truth shines more brightly because of it.


Moral, ethical and spiritual values are of the essence of that which is nature. A problem solved is no longer a problem. The solution only remains-remains as an added part of our culture If a true solution, it is moral, it is ethical, it is right. It adds to the stature of man morally, ethically, spiritually. It is a solution and marks another step in progress toward a higher, more worthy, and happier, fuller life. Thus, and thus only, are moral, ethical and spiritual values expressed. They are the natural end-product of a right way of life. I am a seeker after the “Way.”

Man’s biophysical nature places no shackles upon him. It is precisely his biophysical nature which makes possible the outward expression of all things good and desirable. Restraint or control within a social straight-


jacket rather than seeking a solution by change of procedure, is a habit fixed in the thinking of main by centuries of conditioning and inhibiting. Unnatural repression is the result, rather than the much-to-be-desired natural expression. A solution is to be found only in a procedure that induces the desired behavior pattern by the kind of stimulus it gives and t he kind of incentive it offers. A positive stimulus, not negative restraint, should be given. emphasis.

People become moral when they understand how the functions of life an, best fulfilled. People become aware of moral, ethical and spiritual values through the process of fulfilling the functions of life. I am talking about the mechanics of living-individual and social-a very material thing, but capable of the highest moral, ethical and spiritual expression.

Moral, ethical and spiritual values are automatically expressed through the correct solving of the problems of material existence.

They are the essence of all true solutions of life’s problems. A problem truly solved adds to man’s awareness of these values. This is growth, evolvement-the mandate of all morality — the perennial flowering of that spirit we talk so much about and understand so little.


Man’s responsibility is to fulfill human nature by giving it expression through enlightened, decent behavior. Human behavior can be just as decent, and, as a result, life can be just as beautiful as we choose to make it. Human behavior can be changed. The way to change it is to change the stimuli which give it birth. The basic nature of all things is as brought. into being by Creation, and may not be changed. All creation is manifested in accord with law and order. It may not be questioned. It is dependable. It is the material with which we must work. On this great basic fact, the dependability of nature, all other facts must rest. Personality is built and the human spirit finds expression through the experience of physical existence.

(To be continued)


This country will not be a really good place for any of us to live in if it is not a really good place for all of us to live in.

Theodore Roosevelt



It is time that each one of us does some solid, fearless thinking for ourselves about ourselves. We cry for peace. Is there such a thing possible as lasting peace without understanding? Can there be real peace on the so-called human level of thinking? Let us reason about this.

We have followed our leaders, the men who have access to the top secrets, and in full faith we feel that these men have the knowledge and skills to steer humankind along the path of well-being. We place our welfare in their hands. They are our top-level scientists, educators, religious leaders, and administrators. They are on the policy-making levels; higher we cannot go. They have reached the peak of power; they can bring about the complete collapse of civilization and destruction of the globe itself, so colossal are their discoveries and revelations. Theirs is the pinnacle of so-called human thinking.

Is the thinking of this group of leaders the result of understanding? Are they, as a group, inspired by any overwhelming desire to further the welfare of all mankind, to bring peace and understanding to all men?  Does each man individually, understand who he really is, why he is, and how he came to be? If he does, then he knows what is true of me too, of all men. If he does not know it, the plain, unveiled truth of our being, then is he fitted to hold the responsible position of a guide for humankind?

Then how to get an understanding. Understand what? The space people are trying to tell us marry things. We must look within ourselves and honestly ponder as to how prepared and open-minded are we to learn from them. Are their ideas too advanced for us to grasp? Or can we bear them, the real facts of being? There are two kinds of us; the ones who believe that there is life on the other planets and that the culture is far in advance of ours, and the ones of us who do not believe it. If one doesn’t go along with the idea that we have visitors from outer space, then he can wash his hands of the whole matter and forget about it. If one does accept the idea that there are intelligent beings oil other planets, then the idea is revolutionary, and we are faced with the inevitable significance of contact with an extremely advanced people.

The spacemen have told us that their life span is hundreds of years and we say that we are old at seventy years. They have no sickness, and we pride ourselves on our modern medical knowledge and facilities to care for our sick; impressive institutions to house the feeble minded, the alcoholics, and the criminals. Our friends from outer space have no poverty.


We have an elaborate network of agencies to administer the giving of a minimum of food, clothing and shelter to the needy, and awe-inspiring systems set up for our older retirement .years. We think that this is an admirable achievement, but should we?

Why do we not experience longevity with health and plenty? Could it be a lack of understanding?

The most remarkable thing about our friends from outer space is the caliber of their thinking. Webster defines the word caliber as “mental rapacity.” Capacity means intellectual ability. Our space friends have commended us on our scientific research and discoveries, but they deplore our lack of a philosophy which should accompany our scientific work award the goal of peace, plenty and understanding. We must ask ourselves how sincere is our desire to understand who we really are, why we are and how we came to be.

Why are we so warlike? We are reasoning beings, and as such, should realize that we lack direction; that we have come to the crossroads existence. Either we pause and reason about the teachings of our ancient philosophers and profit thereby, or we continue to drift or plunge headlong toward the abyss of ultimate total deception.

The ability to reason deductively marks our position in the scale of thing definitely and forever, above that of the lower order of life. It is the line of demarcation between reasoning and unreasoning lire. The future state of the lower order of life is not for us. We cannot conclude that, as the plant or animal grows, matures and dies, so must we, We are individual mentality, awakened to the point of positive ability to mason, that I AM. That ability is of the mind. It is possible only to the rational, reasoning being, known as man. Having reached this point of unfoldment, the individual mentality has the possibility and certainty of immortality and the ability to accomplish all things, for it possesses, and is, the all and only power in a mental universe, namely, the reasoning mind.

The reasoning mind only, can comprehend understanding, the ultimate of Being. In reality, the individual does not grow old and die. Life is not in or of the body. Our space friends know this. Rightly understood, the real man, or real embodiment of ,you, is a mental image and likeness of your thoughts, ideas, and understanding. Some day, in the fullness of time, when this point of our understanding is reached, all sense of having a material, destructible body will cease and with this change of thinking and sensing, there will no longer be manifested an embodiment that can be destroyed.


What can we, individually, do about gaining an understanding that leads to real peace among all men? We can get busy and reason things out for ourselves and gain a measure of understanding, and in doing so, raise the level of understanding of the masses. Remember, we are the masses, and this is the schoolmaster plane. It is here, that we learn to reason rightly about all things and thus escape awakening to a similar plane of existence with similar experiences of hard work, sickness and sorrow. Over and over we tread the mill, here or hereafter, until we gain sufficient understanding to experience a higher sense of life. There should be no need of repeat experiences. The journey from sense to son] should be a harmonious, care-free experience. We should go through the primary state of life but once. How many of us realize this? The spacemen learned this lesson long ago, and they, have left behind the kind of existence we are experiencing. Does it disturb our thought to reason about these things? If so, good, for then maybe we will do something about our ignorance or indifference.

We do not leave this plane to inherit a state of life of eternal bliss, no matter how so-called good we think we have been here. That state of eternal harmony is for each of us, but it is won only by the understanding of it.

Emerson said, “God screens us evermore from premature ideas. Our eyes are holden that we cannot see things that stare us in the face, until the hour arrives when the mind is ripened; then we behold them, and the time when we saw them not, is like a dream.”

Lucille Hughes


O Universal Spirit, may the strengthening force of Thy Life vibrate through this channel; the radiant light of Thy Wisdom shine through this channel; the healing power of Thy Love pour through this channel; that Peace and the understanding that all are ONE may grow in the hearts of men.



This is an excerpt from a lecture on Space Visitors which was given by Ray Stanford of Corpus Christi, Texas, to the Pomona Unit of Understanding. Ray Stanford, at eighteen, is a correspondent for “Saucers” and “Flying Saucer Review” and has had an interesting article published by “Fate” magazine. During the last summer he lectured in the Los Angeles area about his experiences with Spacecraft. Ray intends to make a lecture tour of Canada and the West Coast next summer, so watch Understanding for future announcements concerning his activities.



(from Space Visitors)

“Ours is a message of Understanding, and of Brotherhood … a message as old as time itself, and as immense as the Universe, for it is a message of Natural Law, Universal Law.

When man of earth has learned, as did we of other worlds eons ago, that each individual is a citizen of the Universe, he too will realize that synthetic laws are but diversions from the pathway to Universal Understanding. The Universe is no small thing; its laws are eternal and all-encompassing.

When there is Understanding upon your earth that we are all brothers, some ahead and some behind on the stairway upward through eternity, man of Earth will once again live with man, undivided, without war or sickness, weakness or fear. He will look at himself in light instead of darkness, always rising to higher insight. He will recognize no false authority and he will recognize the creed of the Universe; that creed itself, the infinite of Understanding, Knowledge and Progression.”

Yes, the brothers themselves have said: “Things of old will pass away, and there shall be a New Earth, and an enlightened people. There will be a new dawn of Universal Light! There will be new and greater horizons eternally!”


The Editor and Staff of Understanding join in wishing all of our young readers the Merriest Christmas and a Bright and Joyous New Year.



I have a very close and dear friend who has been living, in a state of physical paralysis for many years, but whose mind is clear and alert at all times. All his life he has been spiritually minded and has spent a great deal of his time trying to help people spiritually. He has always been very prayerful and full of faith and has lived a perfectly pure life and has kept all of the commandments that are contained in the HOLY BIBLE. He has sought great stores of wisdom and knowledge from God from his early life, and God has granted him an exceptional amount of it. He has been given hundreds of vision that pertain directly to the human race including its origin and HOW and WHY it came to be. He has been told that in the near future he will be commissioned to write many of these things for publication but until that time comes he must keep them to himself; but he has been permitted to tell a few of his personal friends a few of the things he has learned. I spend a great deal of time with him and he has confided many things to me which are GREAT, GRAND, and GLORIOUS but I am permitted to tell others only a few of them. So I will give you just a few hints at the present time.

“As man NOW IS, GOD ONCE WAS AS GOD NOW IS, MAN MAY BECOME.” This may sound crazy and ridiculous, but it is TRUE. My friend was given a very prolonged vision of our God when he lived on earth as a MAN. He lived a very righteous life in every respect. (I will state for your better understanding, that only a small part of the human race even have the DESIRE to ever become a GOD. The process of preparation is too difficult for them even to want to try for it; so really only a very small percent of humanity will ever reach that point, not because it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to do so, but because they do not WANT to do it. FREE AGENCY has always existed and always will exist, so each individual is permitted to follow along the path of HIS DESIRES, be what they will.) Well, this man whose name was Kalo, was one who DESIRED to become a GOD at some future time, so he lived in accordance with that desire. He kept all of his God’s commandments and studied and learned all he could’ in every field of endeavor while he dwelt on that earth. When he died and went into the spirit world, he kept up the same good work, and was continually advanced, always working toward the idea that some day he could really become a GOD.

Well, the time finally arrived that he had learned EVERYTHING THERE WAS TO LEARN and was ready to become a GOD. So his God


called him and told him he was now ready to begin the life of a GOD. A great and beautiful planet had been prepared for him to go to and begin the process of rearing SPIRIT CHILDREN. So lie took his wives, for he had more than one, and went to that planet to begin the great work as a GOD. Before leaving for it, his God changed his name from Kalo to Eloheim, which signifies GOD. When they arrived upon this beautiful orb known as Kolob, they each constructed a beautiful palace in which to live. These palaces were arranged in a beautiful semi-circle which permitted a wonderful playground for their children to use as they grew to adulthood.

Spirit children are conceived, developed and born in exactly the same way as earth children are, except that the entire process is one of joy and gloriousness instead of pain and suffering as found here on earth. That is wiry spirit mothers are so willing to bear billions of spirit children.

The first child born to Eloheim was a male child and he was named Jehovah. He was in almost the exact image of his father and his father loved him dearly and kept him in his presence almost continually and taught him in every possible way. The second male child to be born was named Lucifer and his mother’s name was Morning. The Bible calls him Lucifer son of the morning, but it SHOULD read, Lucifer son of Morning. He also was a very bright child but he loved and courted praise from his brothers and sisters.

In the due course of time Eloheim’s children became very numerous, so he established schools of various kinds among them. He taught the brightest ones himself and they taught their brothers and sisters. He placed at their head a Presidency which consisted of Jehovah as president with Lucifer and Holiness as his two counselors. When the numbers increased much greater he called in twelve others of his leading children and called them APOSTLES, each one having direct charge of a twelfth of his children. Later on seventy others were called to assist.

As time went on Eloheim’s enormous family grew and developed according to their capacities and DESIRES as they had their FREE AGENCY. Some chose to study and work hard while others chose to loaf and learn but little. There was no WICKEDNESS there to tempt them, so they did nothing but GOOD. Some chose a LITTLE while others chose MUCH.

(Eloheim and his wives each had a resurrected physical body of flesh and bones but their children possessed only SPIRIT bodies. That is why the bearing of spirit children was such a joy and pleasure.)


The time finally arrived when Eloheim called all of his children together in one body to announce a wonderful thing to them. He said somewhat as follows: You children have been born and reared in this heavenly peace where your individuality has been curtailed and you have each been longing for an opportunity to develop your OWN PERSONALITY. This can only be done upon an earth where both good and evil exist, so I am going to prepare for you such an earth where you can go and. obtain a physical body such as your mother and I possess. There, your memory of life here will be blotted out so you will know NOTHING to begin with but will grow and develop exactly as your own INDIVIDUALITY desires. This you have all been LONGING to do. Then those of you who really desire to become a GOD as I am, can have that opportunity.

“Then they all sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Exactly half of Eloheirn’s children were male and the other half female, so he told them that their next job was to find a suitable and compatible mate, so when they went to earth they would meet and become man and wife and rear physical children.

When this mating was finally accomplished they were again called together and told to choose their “earth parents.” This took another long period of time to male their choices of parents and children as they would be on the earth.

Many times Eloheim called his children together to give them instructions that would prepare them for earth life; then the time came when he had to tell them about the results of sinning on earth and that a SAVIOR would be required. An account of this and of “the war in heaven” is extremely interesting when some of the details are known. My friend was shown enough of the details to fill a small volume. He found that every nation and religion was known and provided for in the preexistent state. In this respect each person gets exactly what he prepared himself to receive both in pre-existence and here in earth life. If interested, I may be able to tell you more later on.

J. M. Cummings


Society can overlook murder, adultery, or swindling; but it never forgives the preaching of a new gospel.

Frederick Harrison



The true articles of peace cannot be legislated, but are drawn up in the personal aspirations acid conduct of the millions of little people.

When all men will frankly perceive their common dependence-an understanding will emerge that will transcend the barriers of time and space, creed and race.

The CREED OF PEACE is indicative of the individual’s responsibility in preventing war and creating a lasting peace.

The Rosicrucians, a world-wide, nonsectarian fraternity, are the authors of this creed. Ignorance provides a dangerous bliss. Real peace is born from knowledge that dissipates fear.


A Practical Approach

  l am guilty of war when I proudly exercise my intelligence to the disadvantage of my fellow man.

  I am guilty of war when I distort others’ opinions which differ from my own.

  I am guilty of war when I show disregard for the rights and property of others.

  I am guilty of war when I covet what another has honestly acquired.

  I am guilty of war when I seek to maintain my superiority of position, by depriving others of their opportunity of advancement.

  I am guilty of war if I imagine my kin and myself to be a privileged people.

  I am guilty of war if I believe a heritage entitles me to monopolize resources of nature.

  I am guilty of war when I believe other people must think and live as I do.

  I am guilty of war when I make success in life solely dependent upon power, fame, and riches.

  I am guilty of war when I think the minds of people should be regulated by force, rather than by reason.

  I am guilty of war when I believe the God I conceive is the one others must accept.

  I am guilty of war when I think that a land of a man’s birth must necessarily be the place of his livelihood.




Dan Fry’s new book, Steps to the Stars, mentioned in the July issue of Understanding, is now off the press. This is Dan’s latest and includes the series of scientific articles which have appeared in the previous issues of Understanding.

While it may be somewhat above the layman’s level of understanding, yet if only portions of the meaty text can be assimilated, the reader can gain something of a realistic view of the scientific splendor that some day will be ours to enjoy. This is recommended reading for both the professional and amateur scientist, as well as for those who simply desire a better understanding of our present theoretical physics.

Order from Understanding, Dept. L, 11876 Frankmont St., El Monte, California. Cloth $2.50 or paper binding, $1.50.


Intensely interested in Spacecraft at 93 years young, Mary Ella Kitzmiller of Cincinnati, Ohio, is, to our knowledge, presently “senior” member! With joy in our hearts, Mary Ella, we welcome you to Understanding. Can anyone `top’ this claim to the “senior” title?


Truman Bethurum of Prescott, Arizona, was the featured speaker in Los Angeles on November 18th, at a special program sponsored by the El Monte unit of Understanding. The meeting was quite successful. An informative question and answer period followed the talk. Among those present were many well known `Saucer’ personalities. We were particularly happy to hear first hand from Della Lee Larson who spoke briefly about activities of the Oakland Unit of which she is President..


This issue closes the first year of publication of UNDERSTANDING. With your help, the editors hope, during the coming year, to increase both the size and the coverage of the magazine. In the meantime we take this opportunity to wish you, one and all, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year.




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