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VOL. 1                                          OCTOBER 1956                                        No.


(An Editorial)

On October 6th, the White House issued a text by President
Eisenhower which began with the following statement: “The American
Government’s policy with respect to the testing of large scale nuclear
has been made an issue in the current political campaign. I regret
this fact.”

The editors of Understanding respectfully beg to differ
with the president on this point. While it may be true that a political
campaign is not the best means of airing such a subject, we feel that it is
better to be done thus, than not at all. Whichever candidate becomes the
victor, we believe that not only the people of the United States, but all the
people of the world will profit from the facts which will emerge from the controversy.
We would like to take this opportunity to ask several questions which, so far
as we know, have not yet been asked, much less answered, during the present
political discussions of the subject.

Several months ago, the Atomic Energy Commission made the
admission that, “radioactive particles are still falling upon all parts
of the world
as the result of the first hydrogen bomb tested by the United
States.” There have been and will continue to be many arguments as to
the amount of physiological and genetic damage which will result from this
fallout, but no informed person has ever denied that some damage will be
done. Therefore our first question is this: How much damage do we, the people
of the United States, have the right to inflict upon the rest of the world in
order to protect our own freedom and political ideologies?

Second: Exactly how much will be added to our own
protection by continuing the tests? Experts from both the United States and the
Soviet Union have agreed that each country already possesses sufficient
nuclear weapons to bring total destruction upon the other. If two men each have
a loaded pistol pointed directly at the other’s heart, exactly what is gained
by trading that pistol for a cannon? If the present controversy brings out the
answers to these two questions, we believe that the value to the world and to
ourselves will far outweigh any political embarrassment which may result.



The following is taken from the Los Angeles Times, October 2, 1956. Its significance to International Understanding is such that we reprint
it here in full.

Gregor Piatigorsky, the internationally celebrated
cellist, returned to his Brentwood home yesterday from a State Department
sponsored eight-week tour of the Far East with vivid impressions of the people
and a message of how we might win their lasting friendship.

In an exclusive interview granted to The Times, he
described his crowded schedule (“no politician will do a campaign like I
did with my cello”) and the importance of music to all the people,
“rich and poor, educated and illiterate,” of the nations he visited.


Piatigorsky and his accompanist, Ralph Berkowitz, gave 21
concerts in Hong Kong, Manila, Saigon, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Formosa, Korea
and Japan. The State Department said it was one of the most successful cultural
goodwill tours to date.

In the study of his home at 400 S. Bundy Drive, the master
cellist spoke with emotion and from the heart:

“I have experienced the feeling that so seldom comes
in the life of an artist-that one has done something, something that was

“It was not just Piatigorsky, the musician, the
cello, or the concert tour. It was the fulfillment, to a small degree, of
something necessary.

“The concerts were crowded, especially with young people,
who had so much eagerness, earnestness and enthusiasm.

“Classical music is part of the Asian’s life. In the
tea houses, many sit for hours absorbing serious music.

Piatigorsky said he wants to tell the great musicians of
this country, whose names are known across the sea, it is their duty to make
tours such as the one he just completed.


“Oh, there is so much they need to know about us. If
we show them we come to give, to share our culture with them, and not to take
something from them, there is time to win those who do not realize that this
country has a wealth of culture.”


He said he was amazed at how little the people of the East
know about America.

“They were astonished when I told them facts. They
had no idea we have 700 symphony orchestras in this country. The number of
students at UCLA overwhelmed them. I told the people in these countries time
and time again about our universities, conservatories and culture.”

Piatigorsky said he tried to convey the friendship of the United
States in a diplomatic way.


“I am so grateful to my government for giving me the
opportunity to play for you,” he told his audiences.

“It was all so gratifying. I was handed records I had
forgotten I made, to autograph. Records that were cherished.

“There are so many memories. In Seoul, my concert
opened a new hall. There were 3600 seats. Poverty-stricken people walked along
dusty roads in pitch darkness for five miles or more in many cases. Over 5000
came to hear my concert.

“In the middle of the concert I could hardly keep my
eyes dry.”

He recalled the “quiet unbelievable” questions
from youngsters.

“What made me most angry of all were questions such
as, `How did you manage to acquire a reputation in a country that has no
culture in your world of fortune hunters?’ “

“To such a question I replied:

“If a person loves something very much he never wants
to part with it. If America really loved money, the country would not part with
it. You know, as well as I know, that America is the most generous nation on


Of this tour, he said a typical day was spent making
speeches, visiting dignitaries, giving the concert, a party afterward and then
interviews by reporters. “In Asia a musician is granted an enormous amount
of attention.”

He said Russia is using music as a means to try to win
friends throughout the world.

“Music has spiritual power. I believe it is essential
Congress and the Senate take more interest in Beethoven and Stradivarius and
lasting things on earth that never change, the really great things of life.

“And no country in the world is as rich in music and
the arts as we are.”



By Gina Cerminara

The following is a book review by a member of the El Monte
Unit of Understanding.

Some works transcend the field in that the contents are
delivered along a short, direct, yet beautiful path into the realm of universal
principle. They are meant to bring true progress to mankind. Such is the case
with “Many Mansions.” The author interprets in a clear, crisp, and
meaningful style the practical values of reincarnation as revealed by her
intensive study of the life works of Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s works include in
excess of thirty thousand individual clairvoyant readings for which he received
little or no compensation. I feel this book has greatest value for the
initiate, but value for all in the principles set forth.

Once the reader commences, he cannot lay the book down;
not for mere enjoyment but for the reason that here is true value. The reader
feels he is privileged to peek along the fringes of the great tapestry of
creation. He learns of the selflessness of the humble but great Edgar Cayce.
The reader quickly comes to see Edgar Cayce as a highly evolved entity in his
rightful place, that of giving his life in untiring service to his less
fortunate fellow beings.

While the author reiterates that the Cayce works were not
conducted under the accepted scientific standards, yet she shows that the door
is now wide open for humanity to reap the benefits of research into the many
phases and realms of the higher life, surely that higher life that Jesus came
here to tell and show us about. I think that an understanding of the contents
of “Many Mansions” should inspire the orthodox systems and groups and
individuals to initiate an intense study and research into those things of the
spirit that Jesus so desperately tried to teach and demonstrate in his brief
sojourn here on earth.

The author very diligently and effectively shows the
motives of the individual entity as applied in each of the Cayce readings. The
reader, assuming the verity of the eternal existence of the soul and the truth
of the reincarnation principle, inevitably is led to realize its importance
above most mundane considerations. It becomes something realistic and close to
his being.

We are led to think there exists great freedom in some
parts of the world today, but the insight to be gained as a result of the
awareness of the hidden soul of man, frames a panorama of the true freedom that
is available to each of us, a picture beyond the wildest earthly dream. It
begins to open the door to understanding one’s true self.


The Cayce works, as interpreted by the author in her
brilliant style, shows freedom as God-given. Service to others is the
concluding theme of the book as it is through this that greater freedom is

The reviewer would suggest to future authors of such
valuable books, that a detailed index be furnished.



A Guy Named Smith

Smith, Doc Smith, is my name. Just an average, harmless
old coot, fugitive from a W.P.A. softy crew where I picked up the nickname of
Doc. From this I graduated to a Civil Service job at our local Army Base. Like
all things, good and bad; this, too, came to an end, and I was retired on my

It was good to lie back and rest and to have leisure to
enjoy and to follow the hobbies I had never had time to indulge before.

I had always been interested in the origin of the human
race. Casting about for information I came to Genesis in our Bible, and there I
met the Adamites, that fabulous race composed of the Sons of the Gods of

The popular conception of Adam as one man is plainly
contradicted as we read further and deeper. To the searcher with an open mind
it is shown clearly that “Adam” and the “Sons of God” are
one and the same.

Created back in uncounted generations of time, the
Adamites had one purpose for their existence, the care and development of the
new Garden of Eden, the name given to the planet Earth, where the Gods of
Creation planned a development based on Love and Harmony.

Led by the “Lord God” they made the Adamites in
their own image and likeness, and giving them some of their own power, taught
them to use only the positive power of Good. Of the “Fruit of the Tree of
the Knowledge of Good and Evil” which acknowledged the negative Force of
Evil, they were warned to avoid.

How they prospered while using the positive power of Good,
and how they transgressed through vanity and yielded to the temptation to
exploit the negative Force of Evil, thus upsetting the harmonious balance of
nature and bringing disaster down on their heads; all this is told elsewhere.
Suffice to say that, where they had done their work and supplied their needs by
the power of thought in their own minds, spiritually, they were now reduced to
physical labor and material forces produced by the “sweat of their
brows” to get the same results.


Natural, or earth men, at that time had developed into a
high grade animal with the power to reason, but without a soul. In fact, he was
the material projection of the spiritually minded Adamites.

The Adamites, now that they had fallen from their high
estate and were burdened with a physical body, looked upon the daughters of the
earth men and found them fair. They went in amongst them promiscuously and took
them to wife, thus degrading themselves further by fathering a bastard race
that was soulless.

The Lord God was greatly moved that the Adamites should so
transgress and He regretted that They had created these Sons of Gods. He pitied
the poor misbegotten Earthlings and breathed His Spirit into them that they
might have a soul.

Then he charged the Adamites that they be responsible for
their seed and their seed’s seed, until that seed developed spiritually to
where it could reenter its Eden.

All of which brings us down to the present and to the
start of our story.

My wife had passed on two years back, my children were
grown up and had developed troubles of their own. My mind, casting about for
something to occupy itself with, led me over to the nearby park and to an empty
secluded bench. As I sat back and relaxed I became aware of a warm and friendly
feeling as if an old and expected friend had come upon the scene.

So real was it that I forgot to be surprised to find
myself addressed, not by spoken words, but by ideas received directly to my
conscious mind. I recognized I was being telepathed. It was a glorious
experience to be drawn so intimately close to what I came to know as a divine

“Greetings my Son, seed of my seed, the time is come
for us to meet! You have been tried and tested until your understanding has
been proved, you are now ready to begin your training. You will now perceive
the real value of the experiences you have undergone and why they were
necessary. Tolerance and humility are the first things you must learn; then
faith and understanding. There are many strange and marvelous experiences
awaiting you as you enter this new life I am bringing you. I am your Father
which was in Eden of old when the Sons of God mingled with the daughters of
earth men. Through many lives I have shepherded my seed that I might teach them
and lead them back to that Eden which was but the earth at peace, and the lion
is to lie down with the lamb. All animal life will again be vegetarian. But we


The first thing to learn is to be able to contact me at
will, and the next is to accept telepathy for our medium of communication. It
is not limited by time or distance, truly quick as a thought. The same with
travel, local or interspace, the adept has only to picture his destination,
will it to be there, and his transportation is accomplished. These travels are
done in a special form in the appearance of a glowing ball of cold
varied-colored lights that swirl and flow in constant motion. One day when you
have known me longer some of our mysteries will be shown to you. Right now you
will be wise to be content with our telepathic arrangement. This much I can say
for your guidance and future progress; you can look upon me as your Father of
Eden, as I must look upon the Lord God as my Father in Heaven – Heaven being
that sphere of activity wherein lie unlimited opportunities for doing good and
serving with the Gods of creation.”

Suddenly I was alone with myself, left alone that my mind
might digest all that I had been told.

It is hoped that the reader will pardon me if I seem to
seek the spotlight so far; I simply desired to show that all who so desire
and have the proper faith and understanding, may also aspire to a glorious and
rewarding future, if they will only make the effort!

My next contact came many weeks later. One thing or
another seemed to conspire to keep my progress static, and it was not until I
attended a lecture on the “Flying Saucers” by Dan Fry that I felt the
urge to record again.

It was then that I perceived that I had been held back for
a planned reason, for I saw clearly that now was the time for concerted effort
to bring mankind back to Eden, and to me Mr. Fry seemed to point the way.

Now is the time for those who have the proper
understanding to dedicate themselves to this task!

As we listen to reports from these gifted men, they sound
fantastic and we are reluctant to be “taken in” because we want so
much to ‘believe; yet these men are sincere and sane, and we are even more
reluctant to doubt.

What we hear reported is so simple when compared to the
abilities of the Adamites, our Fathers of Eden who are trying so devotedly to
free us and lead us back to our ancient heritage.

It is to be regretted that human nature has to exhibit its
usual perverseness when considering space travelers.

Humans, in presenting stories in any of the mediums:
printed word, radio, or motion pictures, always play up the idea of attack and


It takes for granted that our visitors are motivated by
negative, evil impulses, when just the opposite is the case. They can and will
help us to our heart’s desire if we will accept, not oppose, them. When we are
about to contact what we fear may be an antagonistic personality, we should
always remember that we all are “grand-children” of the Lord God, and
we have only to say “the Father of Eden in me, speak to the Father of Eden
in them and join us in peace and harmony.”

Our Fathers who were in and of, Eden at their fall, are
always on hand in our times of trouble, ready and anxious to help if we will
only ask.


Copyright August, 1956

Oakland, California

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 


By Dana Howard

The golden hour is approaching. From the secret chambers
of the MOST HIGH the Charter of the New Age will soon be delivered. Signs are
everywhere present. Old foundations are being smashed. There is a constant rise
and fall of nations. Boundary lines have melted away. There is evidence at
every turn of the new concept of “love thy brother whom thou has’t
seen,” replacing the wornout concept of “fear God whom thou has’t not
seen and can’st never know.” With the fading of the old regime we must be
prepared to be elevated to this new consciousness. To embrace higher
dimensions. This means fitting ourselves for a more enduring service, for the
new society will be bound together by spiritual loyalties.

While flying saucer sightings have been somewhat on the
wane this past year, many more around the world are making subjective contact
with space people. The reports are identical in every instance . . . the
outlook on life has been changed in “the twinkling of an eye.” Some
are cognizant of these space visitors. Others know intuitively they have made
contact. They know because something inside tells them it is so.

When we are firmly launched upon “another dawn,”
creeds will no longer, be distilled from man’s opinions. Earthlings will lose
interest in this


sin-parched world. They will be glad to look to the
heights for spiritual guidance and food from the table of the gods. It will
then be something to sate their weary souls, not their jaded appetites.

In my teleportive “flight to Venus” I learned
that long ages ago, our country, America, was to be the birth-place of the New
Age. The Venusians had already set up their watchtowers. To quote from the lips
of the High Priest in the Temple of Venus: “Civilizations come and go . .
. pass from planet to planet in their upward progression. Some day the Planet
Earth will inherit the glories known to us . . . “

This is not new to the student of the higher sciences. We
know the time has come to create a brotherhood of spiritual consciousness. The
old, crystallized patterns must be broken up. To quote again from the High

“Only this, our Planet Venus, has known the fullness
of perfection. But, step by step each and every planet in the broad universal
system must climb the golden stairs. Child of Earth . . . your own America is
the hope of your planet. She shall rise to her greatness, a haven for all who seek
rest. With the coming of the New Dispensation, America, the land that has
housed so many races, shall rise. Her banner of freedom shall wave in all its

Under the wise leadership of those from On High, people
will be gathered together in one fold. In that day America will ‘become the
brightest star in the galaxy, for right here in our own land we will establish
an empire: of peace.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

35 YEARS AGO – OCT. 10, 1921

Boston – Prof. William H. Pickering, astronomer who
completed a series of telescopic observations at the Harvard station at Mandenville,
Jamaica, stated that he “believed beyond a doubt that life exists on the




We have discussed briefly, a number of those aspects of
the principle of relativity which have created what we have described as
thought blocks in the minds of many students, scientists and engineers. We have
pointed out that these blocks are not actually inherent in the mathematics of
relativity, but are obstacles created by the arbitrary interpretations which we
have placed upon those mathematics. Yet these are the illusionary obstacles
which have prevented us from making the one approach to space travel which is
certain of ultimate success. We must come to realize that the natural laws are
not enemies to be destroyed, neutralized or overcome, but are friends who will,
if we but make the effort to understand them, produce for us any end which we
may desire. We must realize that the rules of limitation found in our
mathematical approach to nature, are limitations only of our own perception and
consciousness; and have no absolute significance insofar as nature itself is

Some of the more dogmatic of our scientists still assert
that we can never hope to reach even the nearest of our neighboring stars
because, even with infinite energy, the trip would require many years. We have
seen that while this statement may be perfectly correct with respect to a
reference point upon the earth, if we leave the surface of the earth, our
reference point will go along with us, and the ‘limitations of relativity’ will
always precede us at a distance equal to the quantity C. We need not fear that
we will ever overtake or be hampered in any way by those limitations.

The concept of the sine curve nature of physical law is
not at all new upon this earth, although the present civilization has not, as
yet, achieved any great understanding of it. It has been the knowledge and
understanding of this concept which has enabled previous civilizations to
accomplish, in their comparatively brief periods of development, many things
which our present vaunted science has not yet been able to duplicate.

One of the most convincing evidences of the fact that
previous civilizations upon the earth were familiar with the sine wave
characteristics of natural law, is the symbol which has come down to us from
them: the circle with the sine wave passing through its center, the circle
being without beginning or end, symbolizing the infinite nature of the universe
itself, and the sine wave passing through it, symbolizing the curved but finite
nature of the laws which operate within the infinite whole. This is one of the
basic symbols-which has been found in every one of the ancient languages and
cultures of the earth. The precise meaning and significance of the symbol has
become somewhat


what blurred through the ages, with the result that the
explanation of it varies slightly with different sources. For example the
Chinese describe it as the symbol of Yang and Yin, the male and the female
principle, or the positive and negative aspects of the natural law. The same
symbol is upon the pottery, ornaments and historical tablets left by the
prehistoric race known as the Mound Builders of North America, who inhabited
the Mississippi valley area, an estimated five to seven thousand years ago. To
them it symbolized the origin, nature and operation of the gravitational
forces of the earth

In the book, “A Dweller on Two Planets,” by Phylos,
written in 1886, the symbol is described as referring to the ‘day and night
side forces of the universe, but here again they are also referred to as the
positive and negative aspects of natural law. From Egypt to Easter Island the
symbol is found, and at least partially understood by all students, with the
sole exception of those who follow that branch of learning which is commonly
known as “Modern Science.” These students have apparently agreed by
common consent to discard and ignore all knowledge which had its origin more
than a few hundred years ago.

The inherently aggressive nature of man leads him to
attack, instinctively, any obstacle which he may find in his path. The
prospector in the mountains, who stubs his toe on a pebble and falls upon his
face, is much more likely to arise and instantly hurl the offending pebble into
the canyon, than he is to examine it carefully to see whether it may contain
the gold which he is seeking. The same situation exists in our science of
today. Whenever we come upon a natural law which appears to be an obstacle to
the particular end for which we are striving, our automatic reaction is to seek
means to destroy, to neutralize, or to overcome that law. The result is that
our present science follows an almost incredibly complex pattern of basic conflicts.
Natural laws are pitted against each other, or a greater degree of one law is
applied in opposition to a lesser degree of the same law. We seldom pause to
consider the fact that, because of the dual nature of all physical law, if one
aspect or pole of the law is a hindrance to our end, the other pole or aspect
of the same law will provide the assistance which we require.

Having resolved the misinterpretation of our mathematics,
the job of the theoretical physicist is done. The next move is up to the
practicing physicist and to the engineer.

If the student of applied physics will examine carefully,
in the light of these discussions, the reaction of the atomic nucleus to
various changes in


mass and charge, the pattern for the modulation of the
gravitation curve will soon become self evident. The application of this
pattern to the operation of a full size space ship is somewhat more difficult,
but by no means impossibly so. Both the physicist and the engineer will find
their task greatly simplified, if they will devote a little time to the study
of those space craft which already exist and which have frequently been
observed within our atmosphere and, in at least a few cases, upon our surface.
It is true that the study of these craft is hampered by the rarity of their
landings upon our surface and by the agility of their maneuvering in our skies.
It is also made difficult by the large amount of chaff which must be separated
from the wheat before a serious and successful study may be undertaken. Nevertheless,
a sufficient number of careful and reliable observations have now been made, to
enable the student to draw a number of conclusions, with a high degree of
probability that these conclusions will be correct.

It is not within the province of this book to enumerate or
describe the large number of observations which have been accepted as
`reliable’ by those who have investigated them, particularly since this task
has already been undertaken by competent men whose reports are available to the
public. I refer particularly to “The Report of Unidentified Flying
Objects” by Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of the Air Forces Project Blue
Book, and “The Great Saucer Conspiracy” by Major Donald Keyhoe. A
number of other earnest and sincere men have spent considerable time and effort
in relaying to the public the precise nature of the reported observations.

It is, however, the intention of this writer to issue
within the next few months, a text which will incorporate a number of the
reliably reported observations, together with the specific conclusions which
may be drawn therefrom, in the light of our present day physics and the
extensions of that science which have been presented in this book.

A careful survey of our present rate of progress in the
physical science, leads inevitably to the conclusion that the Earthman, despite
the tremendous amount of effort now being applied in that direction, is about
to abandon the obsolete and inefficient concept of reaction propulsion. In its
place will come the concept of field propulsion, the natural and the universal
means of producing kinetic energy differentials. With the development of this
concept, the age old barriers of time and space will rapidly dissolve and
Earthman will find that it is indeed only a step to the stars.

1 Sacred Symbols of Mu by James Churchward.
p. 227.



By Dr. S. Vahiduddin

Dept. o f Philosophy, Osmanid University, Hyderabad, D.N., India

What is wrong with the world we live in, and what is amiss
with Man who professes himself to be the crown of creation? How can we face the
persistent problems of our being squarely when we have betrayed our creator in
the betrayal of our own authentic self?

Our sciences teach us how to kill and how to hasten what
Nature itself does in its own time, but do not enlighten us as how to live a
worthy life and die a worthy death. Knowledge which is said to distinguish man
from brute has become brutal and brutish. What is our knowledge after all?

What little knowledge we have gained of the inner
structure of the atom has been abused and misused. Our Psychology fights shy of
the spirit and our Philosophy is without wisdom, that quality of mind which
once stirred Socrates to die a martyr’s death. Our art which was once
incandescent with divine light has become just a play and entertainment at its
best and a mockery at its worst. And religion? It has failed ignominiously as
an institution and has stood between man and God.

But religion as it is preached by saints and seers shows
the only way out of this ever deepening gloom. Man cannot be more than a living
organism, more than a biological unit unless he looks beyond himself and finds
God both behind and beyond the fleeting instants of his life. Once we realize
that man, as he is, is not the last word but has to overcome himself, his life
is sure to appear informed with a new import. Man is really

I do not understand transmigration to mean a return to the
levels of existence we have left, but an ascent higher and higher till we find
perpetual repose in the bosom of God. Only when man is tuned-in with God can he
become a harbinger of a new order of existence even on this planet. And this
pattern of life will be more than co-existence. Co-existence can only be
regarded as a stepping stone for something higher. We have to live not only
with one another, but for one another.

We can develop this alchemy of virtue when we are
reconciled to God, imbued with sacrifice and inspired with love. And then
indeed can we give a positive answer to Hamlet’s anxious query.




“I’ll” ahd “We’ll”

By Elizabeth J. Moore

Some people think it is the style

To start all statements off with “I’ll”;

Such as, “I’ll play a game of ball!”

Nor speak of other folks at all.

Now, life is not a one-man game;

For youth or grownup, it’s the same:

You must your thoughts with others fill,

For selfish “I’ll” can spell ill will!

Now “we’ll” is such a different thing!

It shows that you’re remembering

The others. Such as, “We’ll play ball!”

It has no selfish sound at all.

Yes, “we’ll” has such a hearty sound –

Means others, too. And we have found

It means much more, for truth to tell,

“We’ll” also spells the good word well!

YOU MAGAZINE – Sept., 1955

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

I am sincerely interested in your issues of UNDERSTANDING
and have here an old, but wise saying. “Believe nothing because a
so-called wiseman said it. Believe nothing because the belief is generally
held. Believe nothing because it is written in ancient books. Believe nothing
because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing because someone else
believes it. But believe only what you yourself judge to be true.
This wise saying is by Buddha.

LARRY SNOW (A Teen Ager)



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Further organization progress has been undertaken by the
Parent Organization. A Ways and Means Committee was established by action of
the members at the October 17, 1956 business meeting. Short range objectives of
the committee include enlarging the working committees and strengthening the
immediate financial picture. Long range objectives are the development of an
expanded organization and the institution of a sound financial policy. The
above action became essential as a result of the mounting volume and increasing
tempo of activities.

A call for good program material has been received by the
El Monte Unit. To readers and subscribers in other countries: on your next
visit to California, can you give a talk or show us pictures (slides or movies)
of your homeland? All good program material is welcomed. Contact the Program
Committee several months in advance, if possible, and let them know your plans.
The headquarters address is 11376 Frankmont Street, El Monte, California.

Larry Snow of Fullerton, California, is the youngest known
member. We welcome Larry to the swelling ranks of Understanding. He belongs to
the parent organization at El Monte.

Can we hear from you senior members? Who is really
“the” senior member? And, by the way, when you write in, our friendly
editor’s smile would be greatly enhanced to hear about your ideas and to
receive your contributions for publication. This journal is a joint effort and
belongs to all of us.


 ♦      ♦ 

Word has just been received about a new book, called
“Saucer Diary.” The author, Israel Norkin, appeared on the October
12th program of the parent organization. Mr. Norkin tells about his own
experiences with craft from outer space. He presents facts and over twenty-five
photographs, some of which have never been published before. Included is the
account of an incident together with two “bell” photos taken at the
Third Annual Spacecraft Convention. Arrangements have been made for autographed
copies of this book to be obtained through Understanding, 11376 Frankmont St.,
El Monte Calif., at $3.00 a copy.

The following is an excerpt from the files of the Los
Angeles Times reprinted in the Times on October 10, 1956:




a plan for peace, by grenville clark………




inside the space ships, by george adamski …………  3.50

many mansions, by gina cerminara ……………..  3.75


secret of the saucers, by orfeo angelucci …….  3.00


the venusians, by lee crandall ………………….  2.00

TO MEN OF EARTH, BY DANIEL FRY …………………….  1.00



visitors from space, by eugene drake ………………..  1.00



 ♦  ♦  ♦ 



SAUCERS ……………………..  (four
issues) $1.00

telonic research ……………………..  .50

flying saucer review ………………  .30

ISSUES) 2.00

These books may be purchased from Understanding. We pay all

Residents of California please add 4% Sales Tax.

 ♦      ♦ 

It is to be suggested that each unit of Understanding
appoint a report.  Press deadline for each issue is the last day of each
monthly unless otherwise notified.