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A recent forum post on ufocasebook.conforums.com (linked to below the fold) had about three pages of replies and centred around some photographs of a mysterious UFO. The photos are of Fry’s Oregon UFO and DFDC shows you why!
A thread that has been brewing over the past few years and is centred on a couple of Fry/Tahahlita’s stills from UFO footage. Below, the photos are analyzed and compared to original footage taken from footage available for sale right here on DFDC.

According to “TruthSeeker”, who contacted me back in 2004, he says the history of the photo is this:

The photo or sets of photos, some of which you have posted here, allegedly claimed to be from Paul Valli, Neil Slade, etc, are actually taken from a series of photos originating, from a home movie clip taken near Merlin Oregon by Tahahlita B. Wiese Fry, A former wife of UFO contactee Daniel Fry.

Tahahlita B. Weise who’s real name is also Bertha Mantzurani, while she was gathering home movie footage to sell her property near Merlin Oregon, took film footage of this suddenly appearing UFO (1964) which was later stolen by her real estate agent, Fritz Van Nest, who later made several attempts himself to profit from the photos.

Yes, Tahahlita was the common law wife of Daniel from about the mid 1960s and until the early 1970s.  I’ve never found any evidence they were actually married even if she did call herself Mrs. Fry.  There are pictures of her in the gallery on DFDC.

Mr. Good, the individual who brought the thread to my attention asked if “I was just wondering if they could be traced back to Fry or his associates.”

Without doubt – below is a snapshot of what looks to be the identical saucer taken from Fry’s Oregon footage that is available for purchase on the Multimedia page under the “Saucers Unlimited” (the first one on the list).

Note the discolouration or reflection on the rim of the model and the semi on the road at the bottom..

Oregon_footage_snapshot from footage
Oregon footage snapshot from footage

Here is a later shot from the same footage and there are a few things to note – in the top left you can see the wire holding up the circular model and at the bottom you can see a fence.  Also note the tent-like dip in the tree ridge.


The shots above look pretty similar to the photo referenced in the thread, one of which is shown below.  Note the tree ridge has the same dip, the “UFO” has the same shape and discolouration on the rim.  The fence and trees across the road are also identical.

I’m guessing the still above is taken from a different part of the footage and was done when the tape was in much better condition.

Thanks to Mr. Good for bringing the thread to my attention and I have placed the photos in question in the DFDC Gallery. (next to the picture of Tahahlita)

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  1. Alix Van Nest

    I just saw this as I was putting my fathers name
    In Google search engine. My father is Fritz Van
    Nest. That is ridiculous that my father stole any picture
    From anyone. I personally have the original picture in my possession . I’ve had it since I was a little girl. He always told me it was real, and after he returned home after seeing that thing there was always a telescope up looking at the sky. To say he tried to profit from the photo is is offensive, he was a scientist. I’ve never a real estate agent, I’ve never heard of the person who you credit that the photo was stolen from.. And since I have the original I think you had better research your sources before you slander my fathers name.

  2. Sean Donovan

    Håkan Blomqvist has done indepth original research into the source of the photo and wrote about it in his blog which you can find here – https://ufoarchives.blogspot.com/2019/02/who-is-photographer.html

    “In several blog posts I have commented on the three photographs of a bell-shaped craft allegedly taken by Tahahlita Fry in Merlin, Oregon on November 1968. These photos have been reproduced innumerable times in books and magazines, often with different dates and claims that they were actually taken by other people. In the Parthenon correspondence file at AFU we have original letter from Tahahlita Fry, describing how she took the photos. I have generally regarded all other claims as highly dubious. But recently a new source have appeared that deepens the mystery.”
    “Who is the photographer?”, Håkan Blomqvist, February 2rd, 2019


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