Site Now Encrypted

Cloudflare, the upstream reverse DNS CDN through which the DFDC site passes through now provides free SSL certificates for all sites, including this one! Awesome!
It means your login and transactions on this site are protected.

It required going through all the top most pages to make sure the content was coming from the https URL instead of the unencrypted http. I have yet to check the Understanding newsletters, but that will require a database search and replace. For now, some of the content on the Understanding newsletter will be unencrypted (pulled through http).

I disabled the tip button until tiptheweb renews their SSL certificate otherwise the site losses its lock and/or the tip button doesn’t work.


4 Responses to “Site Now Encrypted”

  1. Sean Donovan

    Hmm, I noticed that in Firefox, but not in any of the other browsers, when a user logs in, it doesn’t show it properly in the drop down. I tried a few things, but I think there might be a problem with the dropdown slider plugin I used in this theme.

    If you do try to login with Firefox and it doesn’t look like it worked, refresh the page. I am not sure this affects the shopping cart.

  2. Sean Donovan

    The newsletters have been fixed and all content should now be served up encrypted! Yah!

  3. Sean Donovan

    Apparently, Chrome on Windows XP does not support ECDSA either. If you cannot access the site, trying using Firefox.

    (You may note the irony of suggesting a solution on a site the viewer cannot read but I hope this gets cached by Google and comes up when search for.)


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