May, 1989


A U.F.O meeting was held on the 14-15-and 16th of April, at the Ozark Motel Convention center, in Eureka Springs, Arkensaw. It was attended by more than 200 Saucer fans including Yours truly, who tries to make at least one such convention each year. In my talk I made it clear that I was not there to defend the existence of U.F.O. because it seemed to me that the U. had done a good job of defending their own existence in the past few, centuries, and didn’t need any help from me. It is true that if one closes his or her eyes and ears so tightly then nothing can enter, it may be possible to ignore what is there in plain sight, but the situation always reminds me of the pair of backwoods farmers who were visiting a large city for the first time. As they walked through the streets they saw many things that were hard to believe or understand, but the limit was reached when they came upon a lot where a circus was being erected. In a small pen a tall giraffe was standing calmly grazing on the topmost leaves of a small tree. For several minutes the farmer gazed in astonishment. Finally he squared his shoulders and turned to his wife determinedly. “Who do they think they are fooling? ” He said, “We know darn well there ain’t no such animal!”

As each lecturer gave his talk it suddenly seemed to me that, while the subject matter varied considerably, there seemed to be a common pattern which was followed, and I began to note it in a short verse, which I shall note here. (It was not written to criticise or to express or even to imply any sarcasm, it was just to show the pattern that is so frequently used, probably perfectly correctly.

Saucer Lecture

“The time has come,” The speaker said

“To talk of many things.”

Of Space-Ships sailing through our skies,

And Angels without wings

Of how the Air-Force tells us lies,

And what the future brings

Each speaker will, in turn regale

The crowd, with his own saucer tale

They come from Venus, or from Mars,

Some even come from distant stars,

To bring us warnings, dark and dire,

Of holocaust from nuclear fire.

It’s clear that we must mend our ways,

Or fate will quickly end our days.

From war we simply must refrain,

Or all mankind is down the drain

So listen well, and take good heed,

We’ll save the world, through word and deed!

Does that sound familiar? If not you’ve never attended a Saucer Convention. Maybe that is what the world needs most, more of them! Anyway they seem to have the right idea!

(Signed Daniel W. Fry)

There is

no DIFFICULTY that enough


no DISEASE that enough LOVE


no DOOR that enough LOVE


no GULF that enough


no WALL that enough LOVE


no SIN that enough


It makes no difference

how deeply seated may be the


how hopeless the outlook,

how muddled the tangle,

how great the mistake,

a sufficient realization of

LOVE will dissolve it ALL.

If on YOU could LOVE enough,

YOU would be the happiest and

Most powerful being in the world!

Emmet Fox