June 1989


It seems that there is to be a period of peaceful negothian between the Soviet Union and the U.S., which will last just as long as the Soviets ability to cajole the U.S. into making loans that never have to be repaid. A short study of their abilities in this field, leads to the conclusion that the area of peaceful negotian may be a long one. It seems, therefore to be a good time to discontinue the monthly Newsletter in favor of an effort to catch up with the writing of a book which I began so energetically several years ago, and which is now about half done. Neither the U.S. or the Soviet Union want a war, and neither can afford it, so that there may be a long period of peaceful relations during which I may finish my book and do many other things that badly need doing.

The title of the book will be “When in Cairo” and will deal mostly with the problems and concerns of Alan in his struggle to keep the world at peace. Although Alan is not the hero of the book, he is the principal actor on the stage.

There is also another book waiting patiently in the wings, which will be known as “The Tachyon Drive” Which is an educational science book about an Astronaut who started out for one place, and because of the tricks of the automatic launching system known as Tobar, wound up somewhere else!

These two books, together with a myriad of other duties, should keep me busy till something else happens.

To refer back to, “When in Cairo”, It is about 70% true and 30% fiction, which is necessary to avoid disclosure of the true names of some of the characters who still need security, but those of you who have read “To Men of Earth” will find little difficulty in determining who all the characters actually are!

It is true that the situation in China is not good, but at least it does not threaten world war, and everyone, even the Chinese officials involved are hopeful that the violence can be halted before any other country becomes involved. In any event, we wish the very best of everything for you and yours.

Daniel W. Fry

The June Newsletter 1989

There is lovely, touching + haunting Hawaiian Melody which begins “This is the hour when we must say Goodbye soon you’ll be sailing far across the sea — — and so it is that we must say ‘Goodbye’ – and World Understanding Inc. Newsletter will be no more.  It was Shakspear who said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow” with which I disagree 100% for, if one really cares at all, parting is bitter sweet + hurting.

The Newsletter began 33 long years ago and it is time to say Goodbye.  Most all of you have a copy of “To Men of Earth” which tells the story of Daniel’s meeting with Älähn – the extraterrestrial.  If you do not have this book it is available from us for $5.00 plus .95 postage.  The NEW book Dr. Fry is trying to write will be a mystery adventure in which Alähn plays a part.  The book title is “When in Cairo”.  It was in Cairo that Dr. Fry last saw “Alän” When he approached Dr. Fry as his Cairo guide.  Neither spoke of a previous meeting as others were present.

Now: free of Newsletter etc. he CAN devote his time to writing this book.  The main purpose of Dr. Fry creating World Understanding was to seek world PEACE + this was done through the little book he wrote called “The Are of Mutual Agreement” which I sent to every world leader as it IS a perfect plan of peace.  One was given to every Senator, Representative + the President. One to M. Gorbachov before he came to Power – because I instinctively knew he would!  Margaret Thatcher read + appreciated her copy + sent a Thank You note.  What a great + wise human being she IS!  She has brains, charm, poise, and sensitivity.

* As for me: everything I own is in a state of disrepair, packed somewhere or lost somewhere!  Mail is piled deep on my desk to be answered!  Once free of mail and Understanding’s demands I can at long last reclaim my own soul + begin on Jeremiahs books (so long promised) and Daddy Painting that I promised my father!  I do keep my word!  No longer can I allow Understanding to delay these works.

I have seen yesterdays – I do not fear tomorrow.

Only as far as we seek can we go.

Only as much as I dream can I be.

Take care of yourselves – You’ll be safe because “One plus God – is a majority.”

P.S. Any refunds due will be sent

With much love, Cleona Q.