April, 1988


Since April is the Easter month and since Easter is the symbol of hope for the future, we are devoting the newsletter to Easter even though many of the smaller nations are still squabbling over their differences, we believe that this too shall pass.

And very early on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Salome, went to the tomb of Jesus when the sun had risen, and looking up they saw that the stone was rolled back. And entering the tomb they saw a young man sitting on the right side, dressed in a white robe, and they were amazed. And he said unto them, “Do not be amazed: you seek Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified. He is not here, for he is risen, See the place where he was laid.”

This is the eternal story of Easter, the fact of which Easter reminds us. He that you thought dead has risen. And so we celebrate Easter as a time of new beginnings. The fabled Phoenix Bird filled with fresh youth and vigor, springs anew from the ashes of its dead self. The seed, lying dormant and seemingly dead, in its pod through the dark, icy months of winter, now bursts forth from the prison of its confining shell and, filled with new life, begins its journey upward through the dark soil toward the light and warmth that comes from above. Let us, therefore, take the lesson of Easter to our own hearts and consciousness on this beautiful Easter day. Let us put behind us the ashes of disappointment and failure that cling to our feet and slow our stride. Let us burst the shell of fear and apprehension that keeps us imprisoned in the dark and cold of apathy and indecision. Let us dedicate ourselves anew to that upward journey that leads to that wonderful light and warmth that comes from above. Let us open our hearts and minds to that warmth and light and let us use it to the fullest extent in our spiritual development. Jesus said, ‘Through me. are all things made new.:. No man can take my. life but I give it that I may take it again.” This is the great lesson of Easter. The reminder that no man or woman is. ever beyond God, s. reach. The opportunity for rebirth, for new life and vigor are always there no matter how far we may think we have strayed from Him, a single cry to Him can reestablish communication, and a single prayer can instantly and miraculously bring us new life and hope. The fact however, that we can be born again, that we can renew our lives and reestablish contact with God at any time is no excuse for losing that contact in the first place. The God within us is constantly available for consultation and advice whenever we may choose to seek it.

To some persons God is a remote and unattainable being in some far away Heaven beyond the reach of mortals. Only the direst of distress and extremity will cause such persons to seek God’s aid, and then with but little faith that it will be forthcoming. God should be our constant companion and partner as we go through life. A consultant for every problem and a reliable guide for every step of the way.

While the Easter season is valuable in reminding us of the cycle of rebirth and regeneration, while the new Easter bonnets and gowns that appear among us, and the Easter lilies which grace our homes and churches are all symbols of that regeneration, they do not mean that we must wait until Easter of each year to make use of the principle. It is available to us at all times and in every place and condition in which we may find ourselves.

Let us therefore plant the symbol of Easter  in our hearts, as we plant the Easter lilies from their pots into the open ground so that their growth may be unlimited throughout the year.

Daniel W. Fry

lt’s good to live in a world so fair,

To feel God’s presence everywhere,

To hear the bird that joyfully raises

A lilting voice to sing His praises,

To see God’s beauty in each flower

And in the trees that tell His power,

To see a rainbow high above-

Sweet testimony of His love-

It’s good to live in a world so fair

And know that God is everywhere!

May God be ever near to you,
and may His love impart

The holy peace of Easter
to dwell within your heart-

Then, may He grant you happiness
and joy along your way,

And may His blessed love be yours

today and every day.

God Bless You At Easter

In gratitude to God for my daily blessings I hereby commit my life to

sharing the blessings

of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet.

My prayer will be:

“Jesus Christ, let my mind be a mind through which you can think , …

“let my heart be a heart through which you can love…

… “let my eyes be the eyes through which you can see someone’s hurt…

“let my hands be the hands through which you can reach out and lift someone who is stumbling or falling. ..

“let my feet be your feet to lead people along the way…

“to hope now and forever more.”