March, 1987


It is truly surprising to many, how rapidly, mental concepts and habits of thought that, a few years ago, were scorned and ridiculed by those who considered themselves to be living and thinking in a ‘realistic’ manner, are now being accepted by all segments of society, as having merit worthy of study and practical application in their own sphere of life.

On September 29th. of last year, an article by Robert Lindsey appeared in the New York Times, and was copied on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, which dealt entirely with this subject. The article was more than 3,000 words long, which is obviously much too long for this newsletter, but we are borrowing, with appreciation and thanks, a few quotes from its most significant passages.

San Francisco, Sept. 29, 1986. Representatives of some of the nation’s largest corporations, including I.B.M., A.T.&T., and General Motors, met in New Mexico in July, to discuss how metaphysics, the occult and Hindu mysticism might help executives compete in the world marketplace!

In San Francisco, a politically conservative research center forsees an eventual alliance of conservatives, leftists of the 1960s and Americans with interests ranging from Eastern-mysticism and the occult to holistic medicine. Also, as most of you know, last November, A.B.C released a five hour mini-series based on an autobiography by the actress Shirley MacLaine, that delved deeply and seriously into reincarnation and the supernatural.

These are strands in a thread of alternative thought that scholars say is working its way increasingly into the nation’s cultural , religious, social, economic and political life. On one level, they say, it is evidenced by a surge of interest in new metaphysical religions, the occult, reincarnation, physic healing and other aspects of supernatural belief.

At another level, the scholars cite the spreading influence of psychological self-help and “human potential” groups that operate under such names as the Forum, Insight, Actualizations, Silva Mind Control and Lifespring. These groups’ programs for corporate employees attract millions of dollars a year. Borrowing some spiritual concepts from Asian religions, the programs try to transform clients’ thought processes and to make them better, more creative people.

On both levels leaders contend that they are ushering in what they call a New Age of understanding and intellectual ferment as significant as the Renaissance. But critics of these groups argue that many are nothing more than cults and that others subject unwitting participants to mind control.  (Your editor has talked with a number of these persons, and has found, without exception, that they have been deceived by such names as ‘Silva Mind Control’ without investigation and without realizing that the teaching has nothing to do with the control of other minds but is only for the purpose of enabling the student to maintain orderly processes of thought in his OWN mind.

The Tarrytown Conference Center in Westchester County is a major center of New Age thought, particularly as it relates to business and industry. Its owner, Robert Schwartz, says criticism of unorthodox thinking is inevitable in this society. “We can see the standard world is not working too well,” he said, “but, in fact, any attempt to explore visions of what the human being might be, are regarded as ‘off the wall.'” But it was inevitable, he said, that man should ask questions: What is the latent potential of each individual? We ask this question of iron ores; we are starting to ask it of people.

New Agers, as some of the adherents call themselves, are developing their own subculture: their own magazines, their own bookstores, their own colleges, their own social organizations, their own music. (And their own Newsletters! Ed.)

Although precepts vary from group to group, many argue that Western man, partly because of scientific discoveries of recent centuries, has become disillusioned with the spiritual concepts he inherited. Many groups are also critical of the world’s current economic and social systems, saying that they have ravaged the planet.

Most argue that mankind is at the threshold of “a great evolutionary leap of consciousness” to new beliefs about many things and that there is an energy force in the universe that will lead to a happy, peaceful, perhaps united new world. To get there, it is argued, men and women must first alter conventional ways of thinking, and begin using areas of their minds they do not normally use..

P.S. The last paragraph above reminded me somewhat of a letter I wrote to General Douglas McArthur on January 2nd, 1955. The General must have been favorably impressed since he quoted it verbatim, in the last paragraph of his now famous speech of January 26th, 1955, at the American Legion Banquet in Los Angeles. As many of you may remember, the words were – “We are in a new era. The old methods and solutions no longer suffice. We must have new thoughts, new ideas, new concepts, just as did our venerated forefathers when they faced a new world. We must break out of the straight jacket of the past. There must always be one to lead, and we should be that one!”

(signed by Daniel W. Fry)

(hand written)

The right ingredients lead to a happy life.

“Be Good To Yourself”

This is the basic building block for a happy life.  Everyone wants to be healthy successful + happy, but it doesn’t come by accident.  You CAN make it happen,  simply by adding these ingredients to your life in generous amounts!

1.      LOVE  When you give love from your heart to others you’ll never run short of it because they give it right back to you.  LOVE is the only antidote to hate + bitterniess.

2.      WORK Dr. Henrietta Miers was once asked the secret of her success & replied that it was because of three things – WORK, WORK & WORK.  Twas Longfellow who said

“Each morning sees some task begun.

Each evening sees it close;”

Something attempted, something done, has earned a nites repose.”

3.      OPTIMISM  Every project becomes a work of hope!  Life stays exciting & vibrant.  No feat is permitted to take root!?

4.      FAITH IN GOD  This makes life bearable as it removes the word “impossible” from one’s mind.  Jesus said, “Have faith in God & nothing is imposible unto you.”

Of course you CAN be your own worst enemy! You can shorten your life & shatter your happiness.  You can go through life gulping tranquilizers & doctoring the symptoms – but not the cause.  Or you can be “good to yourself” & the cause.

It’s really up to you.

So – make yourself happy!

Cleona Q. Fry