December, 1987


During the past few months, many persons have been asking themselves, and each other, how it could be that leaders of major nations who, a few months ago, were engaged in an ongoing controversy concerning the number of nuclear weapons they felt necessary to protect themselves against the warlike plans and actions of their neighbors, and who seemed to feel that the number should be as great as possible, and certainly greater than those possessed by any possible enemy, should now be meeting in solemn conclave, considering how these weapons, upon which so many hundreds of billions of dollars worth of material and hours of labor had been lavished, could best be destroyed, before they destroyed the world.

This change of attitude is so complete, and has taken place so rapidly, that it is natural for people to ask, “How can this be?”

There is a strong temptation to reply, “Just get out your copy of World Understanding Newsletter for January, 1985, reread the article on ‘The Gifts of the Magi,’ and you will understand everything! Unfortunately, too many members do not keep their copies of the newsletter, and some have become members since Jan., 1985, and so have not received the issue. (The article is three pages long, and so cannot be repeated here, but if anyone should be interested in fulfilled predictions, mail us a stamped self addressed envelope and 50¢ in stamps for printing, and we will be happy to send you a copy.)

In any event, it would seem that the Interstellar Magi have returned, in just about the time it was estimated to require, and have brought with them a full cargo of concentrated peace and Understanding, and have begun to distribute it gently, in some of the most needed areas. The world is a rather large place, and it would be too much to hope that all of it could be treated at once, but if the nuclear fire in the minds of world leaders can be cooled, even a few degrees, the crisis may be passed, and humanity may survive.

We have, many times, quoted the statement made by General of the Army, Douglas McArthur, in his memorable speech at the American Legion Banquet, in 1955, but never has it been more appropriate than now. “The common people of the world have been ready for peace for a long time, it is the leaders that are the laggards! The disease of power seems to confuse and befuddle them!”

Perhaps, after centuries of longing for peace by the common people, the idea may, at long last, be beginning to penetrate the minds of the leaders, (Perhaps aided by a small application of the Aura of Peace and Understanding) that, after, all, very few people really wish to spend the remainder of their lives working to create the means of their own premature cremation!

Unfortunately, our organization has not yet been able to obtain from the Magi, a supply of their concentrated aura of peace and understanding, together with the concentration of love, and so must, be content to offer, to each of you, the peace and love that we have for all, in this special season of peace and love, offered first by Him whose birth we celebrate!

Note: The mailing of this newsletter was intentionally held up pending the signing of the Midrange Nuclear Missile Treaty, to be sure that there was no slip twixt the cup and the lip.

As of this writing, the treaty has been duly signed, and the leaders are still taking each other by the hand, instead of by the throat as was the previous custom!

(signed Daniel W. Fry)


Our Father, up in heaven
hear this fervent prayer

May the people of All Nations be
United in They Care,

For earth’s peace and man`s salvation
an come only by Thy grace

And not through bombs and missiles
our quest for outer space…

For until all men recognize
that “The Battle is the Lord’s”

And peace on earth cannot be won
with strategy and swords,

We will go on vainly fighting
as we have in ages past,

Finding only empty victories
and a peace that cannot last…

But we’ve grown so rich and mighty
and so arrogantly strong,

We no longer ask in humbleness–
“God, show us where we’re wrong”…

We have come to trust completely
in the power of man–made things,

Unmindful of God’s mighty power
and that He is “King of Kings’

We have turned our eyes away from
Him to go our selfish way,

And money, power and pleasure
are the gods we Serve today…

And the good green earth God gave us
to peacefully enjoy,

Through greed and fear and hatred
we are seeking to destroy…

Oh, Father, up in heaven,
stir and wake our sleeping souls,

Renew our faith and lift us up
and give us higher goals,

And grant us heavenly guidance
a war threatens us again-

For, more than Guided Missiles,
all the world needs Guided Men.

by Helen Steiner Rice


While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
All seated on the ground,

The angel of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around.

“Fear not,” said he, for mighty dread
Had seized their troubled mind;

“Glad tidings of great joy I bring
To you and all mankind.

“To you, in David’s town, this day
Is born, of David’s line,

A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord,
And this shall be the sign:

“The heavenly Babe you there shall find,
To human view displayed,

All meanly wrapt in swathing bands,
And in a manger laid.”

Thus spake the seraph, and forthwith
Appeared a shining throng

Of angels, praising God, and thus
Addressed their joyful song:

All glory be to God on high,
And to the earth be peace;

Good will, henceforth, from heaven to men,
Begin and never cease.”

Nahum Tate.

(handwritten) The greatest gift that you can give to anyone is LOVE.

I am happy because my prophecy of a couple months ago that PEACE was imminent is now coming to pass.  Ah!

Because we love each of you we wish you the happiest Christmas you have ever known!  May all the things you wished for be yours.  Please Do remember him whose birthday we now celebrate this Christmas Day.

Cleona Q. and Daniel, too!