A Poet-Philosopher once said, “Man, a thinking being is defined, but how few ever exercise this grand prerogative of mind? How few of us appreciate the thinking few, And how few ever truly think, who think they do!” This was simply the poet’s way of pointing out the great difference between the more-or-less automatic reaction to one’s environment, which many confuse with thinking, and the true exercise of that great creative ability with which everyone is endowed, but so few use to any degree approaching its full potential.

From the very beginning of his development as a being capable of thought, man has sensed that the mind possesses a potential far greater and more significant than any of those demonstrated by the mere computer functions of the brain. For countless centuries, philosophers have speculated upon, and attempted to define the nature of the mind and its seemingly limitless, though seldom used potential. Each brain is an individual system, confined to the body and limited in its perception to the information provided by the senses. The mind however, is not an attribute of the individual. It is a universal entity, but one which is shared, to a greater or lesser degree, by each individual. Like space, it is boundless in dimension and unlimited in potential. The laws and limits of the physical universe have no significance when applied to the mind. It can penetrate the densest of matter as readily as can the neutrino, and can cross the void to the most distant star in the twinkling of an eye. Neither time nor space nor matter react with it or have any effect upon it, though it can control all of them!

The question is not, therefore, what are the limits of the mind, for it has none, but only how can we apply it more successfully in our daily lives. There is, of course, no magical formula that will instantly give us this understanding and this control it must be acquired by effort and determination, sometimes over considerable periods of time, but the first step is the acquisition of some knowledge of its nature and properties.

All of the major religions of the world place a great deal of importance upon the condition of mind known as ‘faith’. For example, in the 17th chapter of Matthew, in the Holy Bible, Jesus of Nazareth is quoted as saying, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say unto this mountain, move hence unto yonder place, and it will move, and nothing shall be impossible to you.” Because of this saying, many persons have asked why Jesus, while He was performing miracles, did not cause a mountain to move, since such an act would have been far more certain to be remembered than simply curing the sick and lame. The answer is, of course, that there is no mountain on earth which could be caused to move to any other place without causing loss, destruction and death to many persons, and the mission of Jesus on earth was to save, not to destroy. The term ‘mountain’ as used in the Bible was simply an allegorical reference to any seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

The word ‘Faith’, as used in the Biblical text, does not however, refer to the sort of wistful hope, or even the hopeful expectation which we usually think of today when the word faith is used. The term used by Jesus, and which was translated as ‘faith’, actually referred to a state of complete and certain knowledge of the ultimate laws of the universe, including the physical application of the power of universal mind. Note that Jesus added, “Nevertheless, this kind of faith comes only through fasting and prayer!”

(signed Daniel W. Fry)

Cleona’s Corner                                                                                                                                Oct. 1986


It has long been my wish that World Understanding could come to you in colors, but the price is totally prohibitive. There is such overwhelming beauty in color all around us especially in rainbows, which I love and can spot the instant they appear. Perhaps many of you may recall the horrible rains we had to endure en-route to Dallas and Houston lectures a year ago, when I had to drive through water head-light deep? When it was all over there was a beautiful rainbow as per God’s promise. We timed it and were amazed that it lasted 14 hours. but were very pleased that it did! Another longtime wish is that all the World Understanding members could meet and know each other! Varied? You bet, but all with one goal in mind, and that is the betterment and safety of our planet Earth. Yes, we’ve had conventions for this purpose, but the cost to us and to those coming so far to a mutual meeting place became unbearable. Our members crisscross the U.S. A from Ore. to Fla. and from Maine to Calif. Puerto Rico, Mexico, Europe etc.

You do know that some have been with us since the beginning in June, 1954 – 32 years ago. Some we’ve lost as they went to join their creator. All have been of special quality, especially in heart, mind and soul, but few excelled Ross Tolbert, who left us on Aug. 22nd, – which was our 5th wedding anniversary! He often sent us copies of items he’d written, and asked permission frequently to send out copies of something he liked in an Understanding Newsletter. The following speaks for itself and for him, There is so much goodness in it, and much wisdom plus part of the key to World Peace which is L-O-V-E ! If there was ENOUGH love there could be no more wars!!

When this reaches you we will be three thousand miles away from here at work helping to create greater World Understanding between peoples and nations, by giving our thoughts, our selves and an abundance of love to all with whom we meet. In the November Newsletter we should have so much to tell you that will please you and interest you, for you ARE a part of World Understanding. Your gifts make our work possible and we bless you for caring and helping. We work to make it a better world for all.

Only good can come from these loving efforts.