May 1986


On Monday morning we heard, with a certain amount of sadness, the news that the inevitable had at last occurred. The ‘core-meltdown’ of a nuclear-electric plant located at Chernobyl, in the Ukraine. While very few details have been released at the time of this writing, there is little doubt that the disaster involved loss of life and may well render a considerable area of inhabited land untenable for for many years. (It may also seriously pollute the entire water supply of the city of Kiev.

Apparently the meltdown occurred on Sunday, April, 27, which may go down in history as the day the sun finally set on world hopes for cheap and plentiful energy from nuclear-electric generating plants. The glowing promises that attended the first planning of such plants have faded into repeated disillusionment as the tremendous costs, the years of waiting for completion, while millions upon millions of dollars in interest charges piled up without any return, the many unforseen hazards and uncertainties of such plants became more and more evident.

Unfortunately, the major problems, hazards and limitations were learned slowly and only after many billions of dollars had already been invested in the development of commercial power plants.

A controversy arose which caused an almost complete polarization of human opinion in the U.S. Among those who were interested at all, there were few who were neutral. Almost all were either pro-nuclear or anti-nuclear, and both sides were prone to defend their positions with considerable vigor, though not always with equal knowledge or understanding.

The strongest advocates of nuclear energy were, and are, of course, those for whom it is a profession and a livelyhood, and those who have a financial investment therein. To them, the benefits are ever-present, while the hazards and the future problems and costs are usually only theoretical or statistical, and can be worried about when, and if, they occur. One of the least realized hazards of nuclear energy is therefore, that those who are in the profession, and in the best position to become aware of the hazards involved, are, of all people, the least likely to talk about them, while those who are not in the profession, can always be accused of ignorance and unjustified fears!

In the beginning, the advantages claimed for nuclear generation of electricity were, 1. It would be cheaper than that generated by burning coal or oil. (It is now estimated that, in the end, it may cost twice or even three times as much.) 2. It would be environmentally clean. No smokestacks pouring out soot or sulphur compounds. ( The reactor at Chernobyl is pouring out radioactive vapor which is a cause of concern in five countries, and even the problem of disposal of normal reactor waste has not yet been solved!) 3. They would be useable long after the world supply of oil and coal had been exhausted. (It is now universally recognized and admitted that the maximum safe and productive life of any nuclear generating plant, built according to any plans now known to exist, can not be more than 35 years. At the end of that time the entire plant will have to be disassembled and most of its parts buried in the earth, or disposed of in some other way which has not yet been decided upon!)

Thus the bright hopes in which the nuclear industry was born, have faded in the harsh light of reality, but it is not likely that mankind will long be deterred in its quest for the energy it requires.

(signed Daniel W. Fry)

(hand-written) We do have a tape telling of the energies available on our planet NOW!!  It is called “The Many Varieties of Energy.”  See your book list.

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Cleona’s Corner – for the family of Understanding, MAY 1986

Because friendship isn’t a bother – it’s a privileged, I say “Oh friend.  In the garden of they heart plant only the rose of Love.”  I found this lovely poem to share with you.

(typed) The Place Called Friendship Lane

We may not meet as often

As we would like, it’s true

But there’s a place

in Friendship Lane

Where I meet in thought with you.

(typed)And always, as we meet and chat

As friendly as can be

Quite magically, the hours take on

New happiness for me

And it’s grand to know that always

Through cloudy days or fair

Whenever I walk down Friendship Lane;

I find you waiting there.

Be careful how you live –

You maybe the only bible some people read!

(typed)  Today and always, may God impart

His richest blessings to your heart –

LOVE that keeps His presence near,

FAITH that conquers doubt and feer.

TRUST in His all-giving love,

HOPE that shines down from above,

JOY of all the enduring kind,

And ever …. Always … peace of mind.

On current events, via our psychic contact.  – Question: “How best can we (USA) stop terrorism WORLDWIDE?”


“When enough people are against it, it will stop”.

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Several times a year we send you the gif of extra pages and trust that you appreciate them. The one enclosed today is so beautiful it had to be shared with you!  If you can look at it without tears you care less than I do.  It hurts us both deeply.  ‘Tis said, “God gives & God takes away”, so we know they are safetly Home.  The artist?  Mike Shelton in the Orange Country Register The Final Frontier, P.O. Box 11626, Santa Ana, CA 927111

Surely Mike Shelton had guidance from above as do we at all times.

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Goodness really shows and can help to make an enchanted world – if we will see all work together!  It is our privilege to work on + on to make it a better world + eventually, a world at peace.

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