There are periods in the history of man when the mass ego of his race raises him to heights approaching Godhood, only to have that ego beaten down to a much lower level by a series of events which, at first glance appear to be whims of fate, but upon closer examination, are simply negligent human errors, brought about by overconfidence.

Our own science and technology is now struggling through one of these periods, the previous one having occurred just after the turn of the last century, when man’s technological ego culminated in such things as the world’s largest luxury ship of its time. Years of planning had gone into its design. Every device and every item that could possibly contribute to the comfort and the pleasure of the passengers had been provided. Since the Titanic was generally acknowledged to be unsinkable however, little thought was given to having a proper supply of life rafts and life preservers on board, nor were any practice drills with the few lifeboats felt to be necessary. Why bother to prepare for something that can’t happen? Even when, in the early evening of Sunday, April 14, 1912, icebergs were sighted near the ships course, its speed was not slowed as much as would have been done with lesser ships, after all, the Titanic was UNSINKABLE! As we all know, a collision did occur and the unsinkable ship went to the bottom with 830 passengers and 685 crewmen, a total of 1,517 lives sacrificed upon the altar of man’s ego and his resulting negligence. Even if it might be possible to consider the collision to have been inevitable, not a single life need have been lost if the ship had been properly prepared. It was the underlying, and possibly unconscious feeling that man had at last, created something that could DEFY nature, that caused the loss of life.

When, at about the same time, the FIREPROOF theater burned with the loss of hundreds of lives, the loss of lives was not due so much to the fire itself as to the fact that carelessness in installing the exit doors resulted in their opening INWARD. When the fire began, and the panicked mob of people hit the doors in mass, there was no way they could be gotten open. The people just piled up against the closed doors and died there. If it had not been that the building was known to be fireproof, some thought would certainly have been given to the problem of getting the people OUT in case of fire!

A number of other events occurred at that time to cause man to take another look at his technology and to reconsider its infallibility. His ego took a beating in a number of closely connected events, and is getting the same form of treatment today.

History will probably record the present period of man’s technological embarrassment as beginning with the explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle, after nine successful flights. This was followed in quick succession by the unexplained failure of two large rockets, long considered to be dependable work horses, and capped by the explosion and meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear plant’s reactor which, according to the Soviets, was guaranteed not to explode or melt down, so that there was no need to spend the extra money for a containment building.

It seems that, every few generations, man’s technological ego grows too large for its britches, and has to be brought back to size with a thump or two, reminding him that he still must make some provision, in his thinking and in his products, for those things which CAN’T happen, but so frequently DO!

June 1986                                                                  (signed) Daniel W. Fry

(hand written) Cleona’s Corner                                                  June 1986

In our May ’86 Newsletter we stated the address, etc., of the symposium to be held in Phoenix, May 16, 17, & 18th so that you could be present. Those unable to do so missed much from which they could have gained knowledge, new friendships, plus warmth of renewing old friendships.

People came from far places to learn and enjoy. Those speaking were, (1) the terrific Stan Friedman, a Canadian nuclear scientist and physicist; (2) Daniel W. Fry, whom you know, and who is all these things and more. He was at his best explaining WHY it was important that Alan came to this planet, and the result! You read about Alan in your copy of TO MEN OF EARTH. — (If there is one among you who does not have a copy, we can send you one at once, post paid, upon receipt of $5.75.) Dr. Fry’s talk will also soon be available on cassette tape C $7.75 each. It is called – “The Meaning of the White Sands Incident-Today!”  (3) William Moore (of L.A.) – a famous researcher and writer.  (4) Brad Steiger – a most prolific writer of over 100 books, and his wife Francine who also has a book out now.   (6) Timothy G. Beckley, publisher and writer. (7) Researcher and writer – Gary Kinder, (8) James Mosely – one of the very earliest of the researchers and writers in this field, and so on and on – and of course, Hal Starr and wife, Bea Starr, promoters of the symposium and long time friends of ours. Last, (but certainly not least) the charming and talented author from London (9) Timothy Good.  He was also with the London Philharmonic as a violinist, and may still be. I forgot to ask!!

It is a L-O-N-G drive from here to Phoenix Az. – 450 miles one way! Upon arrival we unload the books we will sell and get settled in. Next the ‘Get Acquainted Party’ 5 to 7 p.m., where we met and enjoyed old friends from as far away as both east and west coasts and all in between.

All day Sat. 17th was devoted to papers presented, and talks by all mentioned herein, followed by the banquet Sat. evening. Sunday morning until 12:30 was the Question and Answer period, from audience to the panel of speakers.

By 1. P.M. we were on our way home – VERY tired. Try standing and talking from 1 to 2 hours and you will see WHY! Selling our books, which I do after each session, takes a few hours of standing too, but it’s worth it.

We stopped overnite in Demming with close friends of whom we are most fond – then arrived home May 20, having left early on May 15th. Then back to Deming, N.M. to speak there  for 2 days. That’s about 306 miles round trip. About now, we’ve no desire to go anywhere!

June 17 we go to El Paso – (city limits are about 90 miles south,) where our great opthalmologist will check Dr. Fry’s right eye. On June 18, (a.m.) he will remove a cataract and insert an implant, just as he did Oct. last in Dr. Fry’s left eye. It was a super success! This work will restore 20-20 vision again. No, you do not have to be a senior citizen to need this done. A lovely young man we met there a few months ago, has 2 cataracts now at age 38, and they, too, will be removed. Why do I tell you these things? Because you may be having eye difficulties at any age, and be fearful of having this work done, as was Dr. Fry last Oct! He isn’t fearful any more, nor need you be! Sight is a gift none of us wish to lose

There is so much beauty to see at all times, if one will only LOOK! I see it everywhere, and so can you!

Dr. Fry worked on laser development long ago – around 1956, never dreaming it would benefit him 30 years later!!

Plant smiles and loving kindness to others AS you go along. They, too, return and it is good. It also, makes the world a little better place. Love does that – and enough of it, world wide would eventually bring Peace!

Let us try

(signed Cleona Q.)

P.S. Laser is now used in cataract removal.