April 1986


On Saturday, March 22nd, the front page of almost every daily news paper carried large headlines and a detailed story of the first nuclear test conducted at the Nevada Test Site this year. (Sixteen such tests were conducted last year with little notice, either by the media or by the public) but on this occasion, the Soviet Union, having completed its own test series some months before, and having no more planned for the near future, saw a chance to make a few easy propaganda points by announcing a unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing, and inviting the U.S. to join in by cancelling the test which it knew the U.S. had been working on for more than a year, and so was not likely to give up easily, and which it would find difficult to cancel, even if it wished to.

The Soviet Union did achieve a certain amount of propaganda value from its ruse. Sixty U.S. Congressmen signed a petition to President Reagan asking him to cancel the test, and a certain amount of indig­nation was generated in the U.S. among those who are not familiar with the problems of nuclear testing or the tricks of vying for public opin­ion that have been going on between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. for the past 25 years!

The advance planning and preparation for almost any nuclear test will require a year or more. For example: The test which we are dis­cussing consisted of a device exploded at the bottom of a shaft 2,000ft. deep. Shafts which are 2,000 feet deep, and complete with elevator systems, lighting and power circuits plus a maze of instrumentation cir­cuitry which must be present if the test is to have any meaning, are, like Rome, not built in a day!

If President Reagan had complied with the request of the 60 congress­men to cancel the test at the last moment, the Dept. of Energy would have been left with a 100 kiloton bomb at the bottom of a 2,000 ft. shaft which had already been backfilled preparatory to firing. They would have the unenviable choice of re-evacuating most of the 2,000 ft. shaft, dis­mantling and removing the bomb, and refilling the hole, or simply leav­ing the bomb where it was, and mounting a substantial guard over the spot, three shifts per day, forever!

It was so much easier just to push the button and evaporate the prob­lem!

The whole situation is far from new, as witness the following ex­cerpt from the editorial in Understanding Magazine, written by your ed­itor in April of 1962, some 24 years ago. (Note the title)

Nuclear Tests And Propaganda.

When  Soviet Union announced last year it was resuming the testing of nuclear devices, the U.S. held off announcing resumption of its own tests for a period of about two weeks, hoping to gain a propaganda advantage in world opinion. An additional propaganda advantage would appear to have been sought in the fact that the initial U.S. series was composed solely of underground tests, which produce little or no radio­active fallout. But was such a propaganda advantage attained? Just re­cently a national magazine in the U.S., reported that the U.S. State Dept., was discovering to its disappointment, that the propaganda gain­ed was much smaller than had been anticipated. What happened? There are two things that should be noted here. One is that it requires a number of months to prepare for a series of nuclear tests. U.S. offic­ials pointed out this fact in condemning Russia for resumption of test­ing while disarmament negotiations between the two countries were in progress. Yet the U.S. resumed tests of its own, which also must have taken months to prepare, within a few weeks after the Soviet’s resum­ption of tests. The U.S. decision to resume testing in the atmosphere was announced in March, at which time President Kennedy stated that the first such test would probably be run sometime in April. Since these tests do require months of preparation, it was immediately obvious that preparations for the tests had been underway long before the announce­ment was made.

One can only marvel at the childish games played by grown men in the name of politics!

(signed by Daniel W. Fry)

(handwritten ) Cleona’s Corner April 1986

Dear Family of Understanding Member,

There are many small items that need to be cleared-up. Somehow there seems never to be time for them in the Newsletter. Some are points that need to be made. —- As a lady clears left-overs from her refrigerator and makes a wonderful pot of soup – so do I hope some of these tid-bits may be useful to you, or at least informative.  NOW, Regarding Dr. Fry’s recent hospitalization and the rumor mill, that is always so active, here is an example. In one week a few years ago, in three different newspapers, Dr. Fry read (1) that he was dead, (2) that he had been committed due to his UFO beliefs, and (3) that he had just received a $50,000.00 grant. NONE was true but it would have been great had the last one been true!

One surgeon repaired the unexpected hernia. Did you know, (we didn’t!) that a hernia could be caused by just one hard sneeze? Yes, ladies too! Doctor says to always hold your stomach as you sneeze. It isn’t always caused by l lifting a heavy object!

The second surgeon, our urologist, worked with “number 1” surgeon and removed a tiny bit of a recently found lump for biopsy.  It has been tested by a genius in this field, and found to be 100% negative, THERE IS NO CANCER, no matter what you may hear via the rumor-mill. He is recuperating nicely according to both doctors, to whom I took him for check-ups this past week.

I was asked by several persons, “Oh! Weren’t you worried!?” The answer is a solid “NO”. I do not EVER worry. Why? Because to do so would be to deny my FAITH IN GOD.    We say daily (don’t we?) “Not my will, but thine be done”. If I believe that and I DO, then how could I worry? If God wanted Dr. Fry home with Himwhat am I to do, argue with God? ? ?

God just took someone dear to us to be at Home with Him. Do we under­stand why? Of course not! If we knew all of the answers we wouldn’t need faith, would we? She was so lovely, so sweet, and in these last few months has TAUGHT many lessons to many people by her behavior and beliefs.  She is now free of the severe pain of cancer and all ills of the body and is at peace. She was loved by all who knew her and much loved by her dear husband. They were long time members of Understanding, and most generous financially to it and its work.

Speaking of Understandings work, let me assure you that Understanding’s work comes FIRST. We intend to, and if possible, DO get the Newsletter out around the first of each month. THAT is not always possible – – – nor, as important as the work Itself. It was never declared that it would be in anyones mail box ON the first.

There are discussions in progress on us being in N.Y.C., Mexico City, Puerto Rico again, Phoenix, and Spain, for Dr. Fry to speak. MUCH planning preceeds actual fulfillment before we ever leave here. The promoter has to rent a hall, sell tickets, advertise, send our round trip fares, and agree to fee and lodging. It takes time and proper scheduling is vital.

If we are in any of the above places your Newsletter will, no doubt not arrive on the first, but will as soon as possible thereafter. No one has ever been cheated by Understanding in any way in 32 years, come June 1986.

When dues were $10.00, it was we who lost money. At $12.50 per year, we do break even but do not profit. It is truly nonprofit!  We have never charged for the cars and tires that we wear out for Understanding, nor for gasoline, typists, or our time, for all of the above.

In the original Newsletter plan, it was Dr. Fry’s Editorial on page one – Period! The ‘Family News’ on page two is there because Dr. Fry wants it there. We consider World Understanding our ‘Family‘ of members, we hope you do, too.

It has been brought to my attention that some members do not know of our available books and tapes. A list of each is enclosed for your selection and to order if you wish. The tape “Understanding the Bible” will remove many doubts regarding the Bible.

Now re: UFO’s. If we see one again, we will tell you at once. We don’t lie and tell you tall tales about them if we’ve not seen one. (Some people do!) Perhaps with summers approach and us being outside in the evenings, we may be blessed to see another. (Oh, I hope so!) I’ve never forgotten the beautiful one I did see on Christmas Eve 1982, Ah-h.

Last, but certainly not least, our warm thanks to all who sent Get-Well cards to Dr. Fry, and the beautiful Easter cards to us both. We do-love you!

Blessed are

they that hear

the word of God,

and keep it.

(hand-written) If you do not here-in receive a tape list or book list its because I know that you recently got one.

(signed) Cleona Q.

Cleona Q. Fry, Nat’l Treasurer

World Understanding, Inc.

P.O. Box 614

Alamogordo, NM, 88310