September, 1985


It is rapidly becoming an accepted fact that, unless the major nations of the earth can find a way to enduring peace, civilization and probably the human race itself, will soon cease to exist. It would seem therefore, that peace would be the thing most eagerly sought after by all of humanity, since it is the one thing upon which its continued existence depends. The fact remains however, that, even among the relatively few who are actively working or seeking for peace, few have any clear concept of the full meaning of the term! What, exactly, is peace? A somewhat disillusioned philosopher once defined peace as, “The hectic interval between two wars, during which the nations involved are striving to recover from the wounds of the last, and at the same time are preparing feverishly to make the next one even more deadly and destructive!” We quote it only because it is such a perfect description of the ‘peace’ that has existed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union for the past several decades. Both have been involved in minor conflicts with other nations during this period and both have taken losses, but neither has permitted these losses to deter or even to slow down, their constantly accelerating preparations for the supreme cataclysm toward which both are feverishly working.

Such a massive scale ‘race to doom’ inevitably consumes a large portion of the gross national product of any nation, and one might suppose that any race of truly intelligent beings would object quite strongly to the confiscation of a major part of their earned income for the sole purpose of creating a deadly monstrosity whose only conceivable function would be the funeral pyre of humanity, but strangely enough, we humans, who have long claimed to be members of an intelligent race, seem always ready and even eager to pay the price of war, however great that price may be. “Billions for defense but not one cent for tribute.” (Or for peace?) We seem always ready to devote, “Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor,” to the War Department, but are rather reluctant to contribute anything to the ‘Peace’ Department. Perhaps that feeling may stem, in part from the fact that, although the U.S. Government has had a War Department from the beginning of its organization, it has never had a ‘Peace’ Department, and even if such a department was created today, and officials were appointed to staff it, it would be doubtful that these officials would have any clear idea of the nature of their duties, or of how to go about them.

War is a well known technical, strategic and political process which has been written about and studied in depth for centuries, while Peace is a subject that has been given but little consideration, except perhaps by a gentleman named Leo Tolstoy, because it is usually thought to be only a vague ideal that is impossible of accomplishment.

If, during the last century alone, one percent of the time, the effort, the material and the money that has been spent in the waging of war, the creation of the implements therefore, and the rebuilding of the destruction caused thereby, had been devoted to a study of the benefits of peace and the means of attaining it without any kind of sacrifice on the part of anyone, the infinite superiority of peace over any benefits that war could possibly offer, would long since have so clearly been established in the minds and consciousness of all of the peoples of earth that any act of war would automatically be classed as the act of insanity which it actually is, and implements of war would now be found only in those portions of museums devoted to the darker periods of human ignorance and stupidity!

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

For the benefit of some NEW members of World Understanding, Inc., it is time for clarification and perhaps renewed facts for our members of many, many years. These are the correct facts. It was on July 4, 1950 that Alan (pronounced Ah-la’hn), the E.T., made his first contact with my husband, Dr. Daniel W. Fry, at the White Sands Proving Ground. For four years, Dr. Fry worked with Alan, making it possible for him to walk and work on earth among us unnoticed! He had to perfect his knowledge of our language , our slang, our. Bible, our ways and countless other things!

In 1954 Dr. Fry wrote ‘The White Sands Incident, which, in 1974 was enlarged with further new facts, and called ‘To Men of Earth‘! With Dr. Fry’s own publishing, plus the fact that it was also published in Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, German, Japanese, etc., and even in BRAILLE!, – there are surely no less than a million in circulation, yet the well meaning newcomers tell us it should be made known!! IT IS KNOWN, WORLD WIDE!

Alamogordo, New Mexico is just 46 miles from the entrance to the White Sands Missile Range. Dr. Fry was working there on July 4, 1950 when Alan made the contact. Therefore, he is truly a Pioneer of White Sands Proving Ground, and has lifetime membership.

On July 8th. in El Paso, the 40th Anniversary reunion of the White Sands Pioneers festivities began with an afternoon of hospitality – buffet and beverages. That evening was the ‘Mixer’ where White Sands Pioneers from all over the country, could meet and greet and hug, and they did – 750 of them! July 10th was the Official Banquet. There were speeches by Commander, Major General Niles J. Fulwyler and Dr. Wm. H. Pickering — also a rocket and space pioneer and scientist, as is Dr. Fry. The speeches were excellent; humor great; jokes sharp and laughter abundant. Even the food was good!

White Sands Missile Range covers hundreds of square miles and much of the testing and development is done there, that makes possible the successful launching of the space vehicles at the Cape Facility. From Apollo to the present day, none of the space missiles have been built, nor have the preliminary tests been made at Cape Canaveral (or Cape Kennedy, as it is properly, but not always, called.) W.S.M.R. is our countries oldest and most vitally important missile Base!

Once a month, from now on, the Pioneers meet at the Officer’s Club on W.S.M.R. for luncheon and to hear fine speakers in this field. On August 30th. we saw huge slides of the mechanical INSIDE of the missiles not shown publicly, and each one fully described by the speaker. It was staggering to look about the room and realize the billions of dollars worth of brains in the heads of these men! At the table next to us was Dr. Clyde W. Tombaugh who discovered the Planet Pluto. He is a short square built little man and, yes, he too lives in Almogordo with his wife, as do many scientists.

The International Space Hall of Fame is here in Alamogordo, and has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people from almost every country in the world. Perhaps you too, will visit it someday?

On August 6th., a special meeting of the Board of Directors of World Understanding, Inc., was held because we had lost one director who had died in April, and Dr. Harvey Robertson, also a director, was terminally ill with cancer. Mrs. Virginia Robertson was nominated, as was Christine Dominques of Arizona. All present agreed on these nominations and they are our two new Directors.

On Sunday evening, Sept 1st. Dr. Robertson made it home to be with his Creator. He was a good friend and we will feel his loss deeply .

Cleona Q. Fry Nat’l Treas.

World Understanding, Inc.

P.O. box 614

Alamogordo, NM 88310