November, 1985


When the last world war had ground its way to its bloody conclusion, the United States had become, by far, the greatest military power in the world. Immediately after the close of this conflict however, our armed forces mostly at the insistence of our people; began a program of self dissolution unmatched in history. We felt that the war was over and there was no logical reason to maintain a state of preparedness. We began to beat our swords into plowshares, at a rate that no other nation would have dreamed of following. Within a few years we had reduced ourselves to virtual military impotence. When the “Korean Police Action,” was undertaken, we suddenly awoke to the fact that we had become, in fact, a third or fourth class military power. We also awoke to the fact that, once again the grim spectre of world war was beginning to shake its mailed fist in our faces.

For the second time we entered upon an all out race for armaments. That race is still going on. In our constant search for more and more powerful weapons, we have been so successful that we now have the means to destroy utterly, any enemy or combination of enemies that might array itself against us. There are two facts however, which detract from any satisfaction we might otherwise feel at this accomplishment. First, We cannot not use these weapons to their fullest extent without destroying ourselves, and the rest the world, in the process. In the second place, our potential enemy has remained neck and neck with us in the arms race, some say he is ahead, in any event, he also has the power to destroy us along with himself and the rest of the world. Fortunately for all of us, the leaders of both sides are we aware of the fact that neither side can hope to win, or even survive a full scale nuclear exchange. We can be quite sure that neither side is presently planning to launch nuclear war upon the other. Because both sides are so completely prepared for instant retaliation, however, there is always the danger that war could come about by accident or misunderstanding, but, aside from this possibility, we may expect to have peace. True, it will be a peace which, for a number of years, will be marred by the sabre rattling of would-be power politicians, local conflicts between small nations which need not fear nuclear retaliation, and criminal acts by terrorist groups who give allegience to no nation, not even their own. Nevertheless, it will be a peace which will move ever nearer to the ideal human relationship that every intelligent human cherishes in their heart.

The common people of the world have indeed been ready for peace for a long time and, with enough persistant persuasion, even the leaders can be persuaded to see the logic of the peoples wishes! The prospect of peace, however, gives rise to a rather serious and disturbing question. We are so completely and fully prepared for war, that war has become unlikely, but how well are we prepared for peace? Suppose, for example, that the Soviet Government should suddenly announce that free elections were to be held in all satelite states, that it was beginning an extensive program of unilateral disarmament, including all nuclear weapons, that all restrictions on emigration were being removed, and that all international disagreements would be submitted to the United Nations for arbitration!  (This is of course, a situation that is very difficult even to imagine, but just suppose for a moment, that it had actually occurred!) Consider the terrible impact the announcement would make on our war inspired, war geared, and war supported economy! Hundreds of thousands of persons would suddenly find themselves unemployed and with no hope of finding similar jobs. The Gross National Product would fall abruptly to a point where we could no longer meet the 100 billion dollar interest payment on our staggering national debt. We might find our national economy collapsing into the greatest and deepest depression in all history. (This may be an exageration of the danger, but the problem does exist) We have spent decades of our time and trillions of our dollars in a tremendous and continuing effort to prepare for war. Is it too much to ask that we now make a little greater effort to prepare for PEACE?

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(signed Daniel W. Fry)

Remember me? I’m the gal who was NOT going to write a Nov. Newsletter because I’d be packing in the little house, so a contractor could get in work. (Do you suppose I ever will?) Instead, we packed our clothes and many books (that Dr. Fry wrote) and went lecturing across the many miles to Dallas, in some of the WORST weather known to humans. Rain on the car roof was not ‘falling gently’ but drumming hard, and wiper blades doing THEIR best! Visibility was often down to 20 feet, and fog down to the pavement as it surrounded us! Frightening? You Bet!! Horrendous, describes having to drive through water as deep as our headlights, and nothing to gauge by – like a curbing, as all was under deep water! Two or three blocks of THAT seemed an eternity – and – once out of it, no brakes! I do all driving and I assure you that all of this I could do without!! We saw cars in ditches, cars wrecked, cars mired in mud, and thanked God we were none of these! How could we be? Our guardian Angel rides along on these trips and we were safe.

We did arrive in Dallas on Friday night, an hour or so before the lecture on ‘The Many Varities of Energy’ was to  begin. All went well including making a special contact with a brilliant young man who shares our beliefs and hopes for this planet which is our HOME. On Saturday night, to another Dallas location to lecture at 5 P.M. on Atlantean Fire Crystals. A catered dinner was served at 6:30 (Foods of India) and at 8:00 P.M. The lecture began on ‘The Area of Mutual Agreement’- ending at 10:30 P.M. I sell the books that Dr. Fry has written, and many were sold.

Earlier, Dr. Fry had been a guest at a special luncheon in the Wyndham Hotel Ballroom, with a group of rare scientists, meanwhile, I was with my fine 6’4″ son who is in business in Dallas. He drove me to three places he’d selected, to see fur coats, as I cannot take bitter cold weather which we face soon! At the third, and most respected place for 67 years, I found exactly what I wanted and needed.

Early Sunday we left Dallas for Houston, Texas, to lecture there that night on ‘Atlantean Fire Crystals’ and the next night (Monday) on ‘To Men of Earth’ as the rains POURED outside, books sold abundantly inside..

Tuesday A.M. we headed for home – driving hard – making it from Houston to Fort Stockton, in one l-o-n-g day!  Wednesday, on to El Paso. Tex. for some sleep and an 8:00 A.M. appointment Thursday. Then on to Phoenix, Arizona, to sleep and be at a 1:30 appointment on Friday! (Slept Friday night in Phoenix.) On Saturday A.M. we headed HOME – sleeping overnight in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and arriving home Sunday afternoon, very weary from work and the almost 3,000 mile journey.

It is now Saturday, Nov. 2nd, and we leave again Monday, Nov. 4th for another 3,000 mile trip Northward:- into the cold!! Ouch!!!

But – this time on Amtrak trains so we can read and relax along the way! Yes, we do travel by plane, but one cannot carry cartons of BOOKS (that Dr. Fry has written) on planes, and they do sell well and fast!

Thoughts along the way: What would the world be like if PEACE broke EXPECT a miracle – then ACCEPT a miracle. Eons ago, Goethe said, “Whatever you can do, or dream, you can begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

(signed Cleona)

Cleona Q. Fry, Nat’l Treas.

World Understanding, Inc.

P.O. Box 614

Alamogordo, NM 88310


Dear Lord I need Your help today.

I walk along a rocky way,

And this would be a barren land.

Without Your love. Your helping hand

Whatever yesterday has cost,

It is TODAY that matters most.

The truth remaining in it all,

Is that we stand with Thee, or fall.

I need the strength that You can give. Each single moment that I live,

Stay by my side for I can see.

That I am nothing without Thee.

Though yesterday is gone and I

May never see tomorrow,

And at its longest, life is short.

And holds its share of sorrow

What blessed joy each time I find,

That every new TODAY … is mine.


This card is sent to you as a part of a “Tell Someone You Love Them” campaign. It is meant to counteract some of the hatred in the world that is so often expressed in bitter words and acts of violence. Why should we deny others the love which they crave so deeply? Let us learn to give love generously, to express love honestly  and to receive love graciously. The condition of the world may very well be the sum total of the love and hatred that exists in it. I am expressing my love for you to help change the balance to a more loving world.