May, 1985


During the past ten days, the air waves, both radio and television, have been crowded with memories and a general rehashing of the U.S. – Viet Nam conflict, which ended ten years ago with the withdrawal of the U.S. troops. Because the true reasons for the U.S. involvement were never clearly explained to the American people, it was, and by many it still is considered to be the least justifiable and the most disasterous military action in which the U.S. has ever been engaged. One of the great tragedies of Viet Nam is therefore, that it was never adequately explained to the American public, or even to the American troops who fought in it!

Everyone deplores the fact that the U.S. did not succeed in preventing a communist takeover of South Viet Nam, and many therefore consider our efforts there to have been a total failure, but hardly anyone bothers to consider what the result would have been if the U.S. had NOT intervened when it did!

At the time when the U.S. first became involved in Viet Nam, the southern part of the country was rapidly being taken over militarily, NOT by North Viet Nam, but by the forces of communism which had already taken over North Viet Nam, and were simply continuing on their plan of unlimited conquest. There were quite specific plans and timetables for the takeover of Laos, Tailand and Cambodia, to be follower shortly thereafter by all of South west Asia, and finally by Pakistan and India. It was estimated that the conquest of South Viet Nam could easily be completed by the end of 1954 and that, if no outside military interference developed, Laos, Tailand and Cambodia might be persuaded to come into the Communist camp without a shot being fired, but, in any event, they could easily be taken by the end of 1956.

Ho Chi Minh, the rabid and militant communist boss of North Viet Nam, had stated, frequently and publicly, his determination to seize ALL of Southwest Asia for communism, and for his OWN PERSONAL DOMAIN ! Mao Tze Tung, the equally rabid and militant communist boss of China had stated for publication, that he would have no hesitation in using nuclear weapons against the U.S. whenever he had possession of enough and enough means of delivery to give him some chance of success. Russia planned to take Afghanistan in order to have free assess to Pakistan, which it would then embroil in a war with India, and, by furnishing Pakistan with plenty of aid and military supplies, take all of India as well as Pakistan for communism. (The communist plans for world domination have never been much of a secret, they have been published in plain language from the beginning, and certainly none of them had been given up in the 1950s)

When South Viet Nam was about to fail entirely into communist hands, the political and military leaders of the U.S. were forced to face the fact that, unless some action was taken by. the U.S., the communist plans would inevitably succeed, and the world would indeed be forced into communism! There was no certainty that the U.S. could muster enough strength and determination to frustrate the communist plans, but it WAS certain that, if the U.S. did not intervene, no other country on Earth could or would! In 1953 the communist timetable called for essential world domination by 1970. While we did not succeed in preventing      the takeover of South Viet Nam, we did set back their timetable by at least two generations, and, in the process we created a number of severe cracks in the previously monolithic structure of communism itself.  The leaders are no longer insane militarists fists who believe that they can conquer the world in a few years, nor do they believe that the United States will fall, “like ripe fruit into their hands.” They are aware that the economy of communism does not work well and are seeking better ways. The result is that communism is not the immediate and dire threat that it once was and much of the credit must go to the more than ten years of determined opposition by U.S. troops who, in many cases did not even know WHAT they were fighting for! If you think their efforts were a failure, you might pause to consider that, without their heroic defence on the other side of the world, YOUR next meal might depend upon how politely you could ask for it in Russian or Chinese!!

(signed Daniel W. Fry)

Understanding is the key to everyone and everything

(hand written) Cleona’s Corner                                                     May 1985

In a recent Newsletter, caution was given re: reading material that may come your way, which sounds acceptable and/or believable but is phony as a $9.00 bill! We wouldn’t even THINK of telling ANY one what to read BUT, because we care, we do so hate to see our friends and/or members conned by such authors whose sole purpose is to be as unethical as he, or she, pleases, just to fatten his, or her, bank account.

Accordingly, I promised you truth regarding Mars and pyramids allegedly built there! To be certain (and to learn more ourselves) we go only to the most creditable and knowledgable source.  Here is that dialogue – after I explained my reason for asking. “What is on Mars? Are there pyramids?” (ans) “There are a number of NATURAL formations that have a remarkable pyramid shape. They have been photographed by our astronomers and have caused much controversy as to what they are. We know of no human built structurs on Mars that resemble pyramids.”

“Have any of OUR people been there?” (ans.) “It is so that those of Earth who visited Mars, did so L-O-N-G before ANY present history was written. TIME was measured differently then, and it would be difficult to convert it into our present Earth years, but it was long before our known time; estimated to be 40,000 or more years ago.”

“People on Earth were then smart enough to get to Mars.?!” (ans.) “Yes.” “What happened to THEM?? ans.) “Exactly what will happen to THIS civilization unless some changes are made” “You mean PEACE?” (ans.) “Yes.” “Do we present earthlings have a way to get to Mars?” (ans.) “Yes, our technology could build ships today that WOULD take us there but we’d have to take along MANY things for survival. The climate of Mars in those early days – was quite different from that which exists today!” “What caused such changes?” (ans.) “Some of it was NATURAL, but much of it was caused by the stupidity of its visitors!” “Someone lived there?” (ans.) “Yes. At that time , it was comparitively easy to live there.” “For people like us?” (ans.) “Yes, and unless there is a vast change in the habits of earthmen, it will become just as hard to live on Earth!” “Do you mean POLLUTION, and how are we polluting?” (ans.) “Yes, among other things. Most of it could be listed under pollution: radioactive pollution, air pollution, water pollution, temperature pollution, sunlight pollution, and so much carbon dioxide.” “From cars?” (ans.) “ANY BURNING!” “Even leaves?” (ans.) That will produce some, but very little. It  is mostly the C.O2 which vegetable life uses in its growth.”

At this point I asked this learned one about money grants for their work and ours, and explained the results of our small request. The reply was: “They (Understanding members) have not seen the results of your work as have we. Many ask for money and do NOTHING with it! If your people could now see the work succeeding, they would gladly be contributing. As I said before, it seems this is a busy season for those interested in PEACE. The BIG men ARE getting together, and afterward it will be the turn of the smaller people. However, the great ones are not above using the thoughts and works of those under them!” “You mean Dr. Daniel Fry’s ‘Area of Mutual Agreement’?” (ans.) “YES! Other great men have used it, remember? General Douglas McArthur for one, and President Reagan quoted from ‘Area of Mutual Agreement’ when speaking to the leaders of China while IN China.” “Yes, we, too, heard him use it at that time, on Television.”

“It has long been said that “There is no limit to the good that a person can do, if they don’t care who gets the credit.” Dr. Fry doesn’t care. His works, especially Area of Mutual Agreement, were written to help the population of THE WORLD TO SURVIVE in this nuclear age. To do that is joy enough for him, but loving him; I do so wish he could receive the honors and credit that he deserves!” (ans.) I fully understand!” “Thank you so much for your help, and Goodby for now.” I ,too, say Goodby to you until the June Newsletter of ‘WORLD UNDERSTANDING‘ (hand written) “Inc.” which we officially became on March 27.

(signed Cleona W. Fry)

P.S. On Apri1, 16, 1985, at noon, we lost our dearest little person, (86 years old) who had been with Understanding since Dr. Fry’s first lecture in June 1954, almost full 31 years! She will be sorely missed. No one loved Understanding, Inc., more than she, and she loved Dr. Fry and me as if we were her own. May God bless her!

(hand written) May He, also, bless each of you!