March 1985


It seems difficult for many persons to understand why no peace can be achieved in countries such as Lebanon. After there has been so much warfare, violence and destruction for so many years, it would seem that every citizen should be longing for peace, and a chance to rebild his life and country. Yet, no matter what government may be in power at the moment, there will be large factions of well armed men attacking it. If it fails, the next government will be attacked with equal fury no matter what its policies may be.

The simple fact is that, in several countries of the near east, organized violence is one of the best trained and most widely practiced of all professions. The ‘Cause’ used as an excuse for the particular act or acts of violence has little significance, nor does it matter whether the violence is of a military or simply a criminal nature since it is committed solely for the sake of violence, and because it is the profession of those who commit it! Having been trained from early youth in the art of murder, most of these professional killers would be totally incapable of earning their living in any honest occupation, and so must offer their services to anyone who can furnish them with the necessities of life and the tools of their trade.

Most of the death squads of Lebanon commit their random and wholesale murders under the banner of one religion or other, even though there is no religion on earth that would advocate or even condone the needless and random murder of innocent citizens.

Neither the Lebanese government nor any of the “Peacekeeping” forces stationed in Lebanon, have had any success in isolating or inhibiting the actions of any of these groups, no matter how openly they have bragged of their murderous enterprises, both before and after they had been accomplished.

The usual excuse given as to why terrorism cannot be successfully overcome, is that it works in secret and there is no way in which their leaders or members can be identified. It is a very weak excuse. The terrorist groups are not thuggees who strangle their victims with cords in the darkness of night, nor do they stab them with knives. Instead they import, deploy and expend large quantities of munitions of all kinds, and especially explosives.. Munitions and high explosives are not sold in the corner hardware store, nor can they be purchased with pocket money. Even the smaller artillery shells and mortar rounds which the P.L.O. fired by the hundreds each day in the bombardment of Beirut cost upwards of $200.00 each delivered to the field and ready for use. Thus, each day of the Beirut bombardment by the P.L.O. cost someone at least $40,000 in hard cash for their ammunition alone. Some munition factory was kept humming to produce the goods, and some public transportation company delivered them. Nothing very secret about any of this activity.

When the Israelis first invaded Lebanon, they discovered Caves filled to the ceiling with war materials of every variety. Enough, it was said, to supply an entire army division for months of full action. The material was estimated to cost more than one hundred millions of dollars, which someone had to pay! It would not seem to be too difficult for monetary experts to track down the place where that much money had come from, and where it had gone, but there is no record that any attempt was ever made to do so! Perhaps everyone feared that the trail might lead to some of their friends!

The only manner in which terrorism can ever be successfully overcome is by searching out those who, from their apparently respectable positions in society, actually plan, encourage and finance it!

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

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(Everything below was hand-written)

Cleona’s Corner                    March Newsletter                  1985

·        This Newsletter Should’ve been written months ago + it is one I am loathe to write – but it must be done.

·        ‘Tis said “The squeaking wheel gets the oil

·        We have NOT squeaked because we assumed our family members of Understanding would realize that Understanding DOES have NEEDS!!

·        Obviously clarification is needed.  Here are the facts + they require your help as a member of this family.

·        Into each newsletters goes the following costs:

o       Legal pads for 1st drafting of NL.

o       Quality legal sized paper on which to type NL.

o       Dr. Fry types the NLs – so that we need pay no typical.

o       The electric typewriter cartridges are $4.25 each

o       Envelopes were $5.50 a box, — now $10.50 per box!

o       Return stickers 38% higher – plus postage to order some.

o       Stamps – You, too, know about that!!

o       Each N.L. going abroad is 44c for 1/2oz!

o       Yes, foreign dues are $15.00 Here’s where if goes for one year  It is often necessary (& pleasant) to correspond with members – here AND abroad – adding further costs.
Area of M. Agreement          2.00
Postage for same                 1.81
12 N.L. @ .44ea                    5.28
for postage
The actual N. Letter minus 5.16
postage 12x43c
Total                                        14.25

o       In USA, each New Member receives 1 copy of “Area of Mutual Agreement”
They sell for                $2.00
Postage (Was ’63) now       .69
12 Newsletters @ 65c each 7.80
inc. postage

o       The membership fee has been just $10.00!
loss .49
Plus we often write various members as needed

o       By unanimous vote the dues are, as of March 1, 1985, $12.50 ( U.S.A.) that will help to maybe at least, break even – on actual costs of materials

·        Current estimates for car operation is 30c per mile.  It takes 6 car trips monthly for N.L.
To Printer
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to P.O. – to mail out NL
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·        This does not include wear + tear on cars, tires, gas, oil – repairs, lube, etc!

·        No allowance ever for long trips to Phoenix, re: Undg, one property – there.

·        Have you traveled lately?  What did you pay for gas – motels – foods, etc.??

·        We meet “all that , to + to Cal. When necessary!! (100s of dollars)  (We just returned!) Also, this; we also do

·        We hire no one to address envelopes, stickers + stamp them, to fold + insert + seal or to carry them to P.O.

·        To Men of Earth was written in 1954

·        Dr. Fry has been giving himself, his time and the printed word since Jan. 1954 – and of his wallet!  Surely to date, Understanding Inc. has taken no less than $55 to $60,000 from Dr. Fry for expenses, cars worn out, travel costs incurred over several 100,000 miles.

·        Tis said in our Bibles that “It is more blessed to give – than to receive” Then surely he is, indeed, most blessed.

·        30 years + 3 mo. Later it is still the same story.  We’ve not mentioned how many “Area of Mutual Agreement” s we have sent @ $1.81 to every foreign leader who can + we hope WILL assist in the effort to find WORLD PEACE!

·        MANY of these have gone out – & even more recently.  No member paid for these either. We did. We take our own money to sow seeds of PEACE, for you and all on this earth.

·        We are working hard with WORLD leaders, esp. middle east and half of Asia.

·        God willing, we will travel there to plant MORE seeds of Peace – face – to – face!

It can – + must – be done!

And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.  So then while we have opportunity let us do good to all men, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.”  Galatians 6:9-10

·        Our 2 most generous helpers are two angels in their 80s – (one north and one southwest) who have only their small social security to share.  Surely the heavenly chimes will ring for their loving kindness as they approach their Creator!!

·        How many multi-millionaire T.V. evangelists are You supporting?  They beg for yet MORE money EVERY week!  Yes they can save your soul (if you need it) – but WHO is trying to save your PLANET??

·        Everything you hear Carl Sagan state, Dr. Fry was stating 30½ yrs ago – + still does so say.

·        We are working to keep this plenty – and all on it, in one piece – inc. You + your loved ones!

Are you willing to help us – TO HELP YOU?  We look forward to hearing from you.  Our good wishes to you all,

Cleona Q. Fry

Nat’l Treasurers

Understanding Inc.

Lest We Forget:
Verily I say unto thee, insamuch as thous hast done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, thou has done it unto ME