“Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night shall stay these brave couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds!”

Among the many fine old American traditions now going down the drain of history, is that of the U.S. Postal System. Originating in the young and vigorous years of America’s growth period, it did so well for several decades, that it became a revered tradition in its own time. Rates were very low, and service was excellent. For a single penny, one could purchase both the post card itself, and the postage, to send a message anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. (Of course, there was always a small deficit at the end of the year, which had to be made up from public tax funds, but nobody seemed to mind so long as the service retained its excellent quality. Then, suddenly, some government efficiency expert had a wonderful idea! All that was necessary to wipe out the annual deficit was to double the price of the post card, raise the cost of letters from two cents to three, and other postage accordingly! -Alas!- What fools we mortals be! The price was duly raised and, by the end of the first year, the deficit was higher than it had ever been before! Then another ‘Think Tank’ came along and said, “The real problem is that we have been giving far too much service. What we need to do is, first, raise the post card to three cents, the letter to four, and other postage accordingly. Then we cut out all those multiple deliveries in urban areas, cut down the number of pickups from the boxes, lay off a few delivery men and let the rest carry more mail. That will do the trick! Accordingly, all of these reforms were instituted and, by the end of the year the deficit had doubled. After that, for several years, no one seemed to have any more ideas, so the Post Office simply continued to push the old ones. The penny post card went from four to five, to six, and then to seven, during this period, while all other rates escalated at the same level. The quality of the service continued to deteriorate, while the deficit skyrocketed. Since all this took place before inflation had become a handy excuse for every kind of government excess, the postal situation finally began to be of concern to the long suffering public.

Studies were made to determine how the system might be improved. The most complete and thorough of these, ordered and paid for by the Federal government itself, reported simply that there was no way in which the system could be repaired or reorganized. It was much too far gone for any such action. The only possible solution, it said, was to junk the present staggering colossus entirely, and to begin again with a system controlled by the logic of modern industry rather than by dogmatic and monopolistic governmental habits. Since there seemed to be no alternative, a group of ‘experts’ were appointed to design a new Post Office system. Anyone who knows anything about governmental habits however, knows that, once government has had its hooks sunk deeply into any public function, it never lets go entirely. The result of the ‘Expert’s’ activity was not the new entity that the study had recommended, but only a partial reorganization, which the study had warned could not succeed! The reorganization was sold to the public as a ‘Quasi’ Governmental organization; which simply meant that it incorporated the worst flaws of both private and government control, with few of the merits of either!

The new, “Quasi Governmental Agency,” was intended to be self supporting, and so went hopefully into business with a massive jump in all postal rates. This would be it! At last there would be no more deficits. The new Post office would be self supporting! -Alas!- One small fact had been overlooked. Murphy’s law states clearly that ALL governmental agencies,  even Quasi ones, always spend from 148 to 260% of their income, no matter how large that income may be, or how small the function of the agency. In the case of the U.S. Post Office, both the function and the income were very large to begin with, which meant that the deficit would certainly continue to grow.

Before the end of the first year of operation, the new Post Office was already in deep financial trouble, and was calling upon its uncle to come across with a few hundred millions to tide it over until it could institute a new large increase in postal-rates, and cut off a few more of its “unnecessary” services to the postal patron!

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During its second year of operation (and its third increase in postal rates) the Post Office noticed that personal mail had dropped off rather substantially, because of the constantly increasing cost of letter posting. Their immediate response was to ask the Federal government for an outright gift of a few millions of public tax dollars to pay the cost of a propaganda campaign aimed at persuading people to write more letters! The absolute ridiculousness of such a proposal was so obvious to everyone, except the Post Office, that the nation roared in laughter (or in anger) depending upon individual temperments. The idea that the Federal government should take money away from the people and give it to the Post Office, so that the Post Office could use it to persuade the people from whom it had been taken, to spend even more of their money in excessively priced postage, so that the Post Office could raise its rates even higher, and producing a still bigger deficit for the same tax payers to pay, was a humorous situation to some, but a stark indication of total governmental idiocy to others. Eventually the suggestion was dropped.

Today we are in the midst of another of the constantly repeated price boosts, but by now, we have reached a point where any reasonably efficient private organization could do the overall job better, faster and considerably cheaper. All kinds of local competition is beginning to show up in cities throughout the nation, and a great deal more would now be in operation except for the fact that the Post Office is protected in it’s senility, by monopolistic laws which, although they are unconstitutional, purport to forbid anyone from competing with it. For example, personal post boxes, even though they are purchased and installed by the citizen on his own property, are said to become the property of the Federal government and the Post Office, as soon as they are installed, and cannot be used for any purpose by any other person.

When any law becomes oppressive or overly burdensome however, that law tends to be modified, repealed, or simply ignored. It is not likely therefore, that the Post Office can be supported for long merely by the monopolistic laws that surround it. It is not difficult to predict that, unless a number of changes for the better, and a slowing of the perpetual escalation of costs can be arranged, in a few more years a number of entirely new postal delivery a and instant communication systems will have grown up within the country, and the U.S. Post Office will have become an almost forgotten relic of a bygone era. If is still in operation, it will be used only for it’s nostalgic appeal to an occasional romantic swain, who wishes to impress his loved one with the two dollar postage stamp on his letter, or with the simple penny post card, which now costs one dollar!

(signed Daniel W. Fry)

(hand written) “Cleona’s Corner”

Because we have many new members here (U.S.A.), more in Europe and Australia, it seems well to tell them things they may not know about Dr. Daniel W. Fry, and ‘remind‘ our dear long time members of what we do, what we represent, what we would never stoop to do, and why we would not! Also, what long time plans we have, and our plans to accomplish the same. Some seem quite impossible, some unlikely, and some perhaps, quite dangerous.

We will go where “Angels fear to tread” trusting God will protect us as WE work to protect our beloved planet Earth, and all on it, including YOU!  To do this we must travel to far far away places, to speak to, and with, those in power whose viewpoints appear so dangerously different from those of ‘we, the people,’ referred to as “our U.S.A. government.” With firm and knowledgeable facts and logic, plus gentle persuasion and love, perhaps we CAN alter the sometimes perilous course upon which all now travel.

This is our intent! Will you help us to help you? Never forget that we do work for you!

Who can say what would already have occurred without Daniel W. Fry and Alan, our beloved extraterrestrial? The book ‘To Men of Earth’ was written because of Alan’s request that this message be given TO MEN OF EARTH! (Women and children, TOO, of course!) Most of you have read it and re read it, and will yet again, feeling better every time you do so.

Knowing what could happen, we ache to see total peace for all our Earth! It is for this that we work. Some people ask, “Wouldn’t you like to stay home?” The answer is, “Oh, Yes! But is this not much more important, that we all HAVE a home and a planet?

Some say, “Do you like to travel so much?” Dr. Fry has been over most of the world, and I, about half of it. We personally do not need to go further. On a long working tour, ‘working travel’ grinds out any possible glamour. Sure it would be heavenly to be home resting, reading and relaxing. You may say, “Is this trip necessary?” YES! If we didn’t feel it to be so we’d happily stay home and be planting and remodeling the house we’ve long hoped to, some day, live in, unless God has other plans.

Many months of preparation are necessary before we can think of leaving. Each country’s permission must be sought (and gotten) to have an audience or a meeting with the leader of each country. President, Prime Minister, Queen, King, Dictator, or whatever title is worn or used. Then timing is vital so that all dates mesh perfectly without mixup!

You may ask, “Why don’t you tell us with whom you are corresponding and planning.” This we cannot do! It would be an invasion of their privacy! Afterward, we can, and will, tell you.

This is going to be an exciting year for greater understanding AND for Understanding, Inc! It will grow as never before, both here and abroad.

Enclosed is one of several poems written by one of our newest Australian enthusiastic members. It seems we will very soon see a new Understanding Unit formed there! Their enthusiasm, eagerness to learn, and sharing all Understanding beliefs and values, is a heartwarming joy to us.

For those who may not know, there is nothing shown or talked about by Carl Sagan (of whom we are very fond) that Dr. Fry wasn’t telling 30 years ago about our universe! Unfortunately, we do not have Cornell University funding, and T.V. programs are very costly.

Now, regarding things being done that we would never stoop to do, and about which we feel we should warn you because you ARE part of our “family of Understanding“; –

1. There are books around, allegedly with every word ‘channeled’ which are products of nothing more than vivid imagination and greedy desire for more money! Please be careful what you believe!

From us you receive only 100% truth. After every lecture Dr, Fry gives, there is a ‘question and answer’ period, during which Dr. Fry gives information at length. We know of some who copy the work of Dr. Fry and other qualified persons, and then lecture on same but cannot answer any question because they only ‘parrot’ and are unable to reply! Another gathers other people’s works in the libraries, then goes out and and lectures on these works as his own! He cannot answer questions either!

Our own honor, standard of ethics, common decency and lack of greed, assures you of total truth from us, and from any book Dr. Fry has written, or, the two he is now writing!

We also plan to take care of ourselves and each other, so that we can take care of others.

2. To give OF ourselves freely with love, thoughtfulness, caring, tenderness, and a smile – with no strings attached, for sharing just comes naturally to those who really care to serve mankind, and WE DO!

There are those who want to hear more about space craft, U.F.O.s, etc. If we don’t see them, we don’t make up tall-tales to please! We stick to the truth.

I saw my 1st and only beautiful space craft on Christmas eve 1982 – low and close over the “little house” I’ve owned 27 years. Most of you know it took      me about three days to ‘land’ from ‘Cloud 9’ after that thrilling experience! I’m ready for more whenever THEY choose to visit. Should we have such a lovely experience again, you’ll be the very first to know!

Till then we send you EARTHLY love,

(hand written) Cleona Q. Fry, National Treasurer, Understanding, Inc.

(over, please.)

(hand written) I think you’ll like this.  I do!

The Time has come, the speaker said, to talk of many things

Of space ships sailing through our skies, of Angels without

wings, And how the Air Force tells us lies, and what the

future brings. Each speaker will, in turn, regale, the crowd

with his own saucer tale, They come from Venus or from Mars,

Some even come from distant stars, To bring us warnings, dark

and dire, of holocaust from nuclear fire. It’s clear that we

must mend our ways, or fate will quickly end our days. From

war we simply must refrain   or all mankind is down the drain.

So listen well and take good heed, we’ll save the world through

word and deed!

(hand written) (This is our intention! – And you KNOW who wrote it!)




Beyond  the earth and sky I Fly

To radiant spheres  of God Most High

The splendour that awaits me there

Is a Cosmic Joy that I would share.

(hand written) (This one’s from our Newest members in Australia)

Let’s not forget

“You can never do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Understanding is the key to everyone and everything