The present Christmas season, and the bright New Year that is about to begin, seem to promise more in the way of hope, and less in the way of fear, than any such season in several decades. A lasting peace seems to be almost within our reach, and there is even some evidence that the human race may be upon the verge of becoming an intelligent species: All of this appears to be happening in the nick of time and under the compulsion of ‘Hamlet’s Choice’, but the fact that it is beginning to happen, is cause for added joy in this Christmas season.

The recent meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev was one of great significance, not because of any arms reduction agreements, for there were none, but simply because it proved that the leaders of two major countries, which had been at each other’s throats for several decades, could meet privately, talk together for several hours, and still remain upon sufficiently good terms to arrange for further talks, even though both agreed that the only firm agreement they had reached was that war was not the answer! Although this agreement was not specifically recorded as such in the minutes of the meeting, it was by far the most important one they could have reached, and one without which, no other would have had any value or significance.

Any nuclear arms reduction pact that could possibly have been reached, would have had little significance except symbolically, since, even if both sides agreed to, and did actually destroy half of all their nuclear warheads, both would still have plenty left to destroy each other, and most of the rest of the world! Also, of both sides would still be working at top speed to develop and build still more deadly ones!

Nuclear weapons have often, and quite correctly, been described as, “little more than bargaining chips,” and both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. seem to be determined to acquire as many ‘chips’ as possible before entering fully into the poker game of nuclear politics! In the meantime, of course, a half-dozen other countries are busily buying chips in the game, which is certain to complicate the betting and bluffing processes. It should be obvious however, that one honest and sincere agreement to disagree PEACEFULLY, would be worth more than all of the nuclear reduction pacts that could ever be made. In fact, such an agreement, if genuine, would render all military weapons obsolete (as was so clearly pointed out by the ONE whose birth we celebrate during this holiday season.)

In His lifetime He appeared to be completely unsuccessful. He had no worldly wealth to buy respect and attentions no political power to make laws: no army with which to compel obedience: and His only press agent was a man ‘crying in the wilderness,’ Yet the world remembers Him, and has forgotten the ‘successful’ men of His time. His simple words and the example He made of His own life command more respect and honor today, than has ever been accorded to any King or Emperor.  The logic and the truth of the God-given principles which He expressed so simply, have conquered more minds and hearts than have all of the armies that have ever been assembled, and they still have more power to mould the ultimate destiny of man, than all of the nuclear weapons that will ever be built!

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

(hand written) Cleona’s Corner

For the first time since I became a part of World Understanding, (4 ½ years ago) the monthly Newsletter is late, and with good reasons.

If you read your Nov. Newsletter you’ll recall that it states we were leaving again on Nov. 4 for the northwest and on an Amtrak train. This we did. Luck smiled on us and we had a private car from El Paso to Los Angeles, which was pure joy. Peace and quiet and lovely views from the wide windows Ah-h. No, we did not ask for a private car, the Gods just smiled upon us. It is too detailed to explain here.

Finally we arrived at our destination in Oregon where we remained for over two weeks as Dr. Fry worked on the business for which we came. Our motel was 1 ¼ blocks from our attorney, – 1 ½ blocks from the Court House Law Library and convenient to all of our needs.

Dr. Fry doesn’t mind the cold, – I loath it! We did go lovely places for. lunch and dinner, with various dear friends of many years. It was very good to share excellent food in exquisite surroundings, while basking in the warm glow of old friendships. It leaves treasured memories we will never forget. How rich we are in all the things money cannot buy!

Yes we had round trip tickets. Did we come home that way? Of course Not! Dr. Fry saw a car daily (as he went to and from the attorney’s office) that was for sale. Finally it’s owner put a price sign on it which was too good to overlook. Dr. Fry’s car is ‘old and feble, and about to bid him “Goodby” so we bought this one to drive home, leaving Oregon State Sat., Nov. 23rd…

There is a place near Ashland, called Siskiyou Summit, when the snow covers it, warning lights flash to tell travelers NOT to proceed. We got over this pass about 15 min. before these lights went on, and so managed to continue through what seemed to be miles of snowing, icy, slick and dangerous roads, in mountain country!! Up and down and around! we saw numerous accidents, and felt blessed not to be counted among them. My record of 64 ½ years of accident proof driving still remains intact – thanks be to God – AND – careful driving.

We had stops in Willows, Coalinga and Santa Barbara, Calif., for two days. It is my favorite U.S.A. City. Also 1 ½ days in L.A. , a day in Blythe, Ca., Tucson and Phoenix, THEN HOME.

There really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!

We were almost out of Arizona (near New Mexico border) when I saw bright blue skies and floating fleecy clouds for the first time in over two weeks, and suddenly realized how very much I missed all this loveliness.

It had rained much in Oregon and down the Cal. coast after we left the icy areas.

First – by the Post Office in Alamogordo. P.O. Box 614 is a ½ drawer which was now so tightly packed that Dr. Fry had difficulty extracting the first letter!!

Those of you who wrote in Nov. now know why you had no prompt reply, as is my custom. You also know what I’ve been doing ever since I got home! – Trying to answer all that mail!

I doubt if you’d believe me, so here’s the proof for this day that I’ve been driving with the car windows down, as I run errands.

It’s a wine-rich, sparkling, autumn day – yet it’s Dec. 9th! They say it’s must be more – as it is warm!

(signed) Cleona Q Fry

PS. To our dear members in other lands then U.S.A we wish you happiness with your own climate.

There’s no place like home!

Monday. December 9th, 1985 – Another Nice Day

Southern New Mexico will be sunny to partly cloudy and nice today, with highs from 58 to 68.

Christmas is a holy + glorious time!  In New Mexico, it means clear skies and, in paper sand – weighted sacks, our Southwest luminaries glow as they outline welcoming walks outline entire buildings – roof + all!  So lovely, so warming to the heart.  It is now that we become the loving, giving caring people that we should be all year long!

“Oh dear God, help us to be like this all next year + the year to follow.  Let us be kind, sharing and mostly caring, esp. to those who need us most, as we realize “Goodwill” was not meant for Christmas time ONLY!

World Goodwill can lead us to what we so earnestly seek – PEACE!

Let us not be transformed for a day – but for always.  Let us never forget that it was you who came to be with us for 33 years to teach us how to live and how to care.  Let us never forget the greatest gift we can give to one and all is a portion of ourselves – wrapped in love”

Your daughter, Cleona