October 1984


Next month the people of the United States will have the task of choosing those national and state leaders who will formulate our political policies and direct our government for the next four years.

We often hear statements to the effect that, “We, the people,” actually have very little to do with the selection of our national president. That the candidates of both major political parties are carefully selected in advance, by the leaders of big business and power politics who then, by the continual use of the public media, over which they exercise a very considerable influence, proceed to persuade the public that the persons whom they had chosen were the ones who should be nominated, and that one of them, who would be chosen later, should be elected.

Since it has always been human nature to use any kind of power primarily for the benefit of the source and the holders of that power, there is probably a certain amount of truth in such statements; however, this situation, even if true, in no way relieves the citizen of his or her responsibility to make their own decisions. “We the people,” still have the right and the basic machinery to elect any person to the presidency of the United States of America, if we have the interest, the energy and the determination to do so. (There is an ancient proverb which points out that, “Only those who are lying down can be trodden upon!”

One of the major problems in making a wise choice among the several candidates, lies in the fact that virtually all of the campaign speeches are actually written by professional writers who are experts in the art of endearing the candidate to the public, and have little or nothing to do with the actual intentions of the candidate if elected.

No one should allow their vote to be influenced by the result of any public polls, since they almost always favor those who pay for them, and are widely publicised on the principle that, if the public can be convinced that one of the candidates is certain to win, people will be more likely to vote for that person, since everyone likes to be on the winning side.

There has been much ado by both parties, on the question of taxes, and whether or not they should be raised. All of this actually has little or no significance to the average citizen. Both parties admit freely that, if elected, they intend to spend huge sums of money, far greater than any possible tax income. If taxes are raised, some of this deficit will be taken from the citizen in cash. If taxes are not raised, all of the deficit will simply be added to the national debt, where it will have the effect of lowering the purchasing power of every dollar the citizen already has, and every dollar he will get in the future; thereby taxing him or her, just as surely as though the money had been taken from them in cash. Also, since there is no possibility of paying off the national debt, the citizen will have to pay interest on all sums added to it, for the rest of his or her life!

So far, most of the arguments used in the campaign debates have been largely superficial. Nuclear arms reduction talks would certainly be desirable, but only because they would bring both sides together in ongoing dialog which might ease the present tension. As far as the reduction itself is concerned, if both sides destroyed two thirds of their nuclear weapons, they would still have plenty left to destroy each other several times over!

Our problems of international relationship will never be solved by the type of stiff necked, arms length, diplomacy now in use. Somewhere somehow, a little bit of genuine understanding will have to find its way into the process before it can have any success.

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

* Understanding is the key to everyone and everything *

We hear MUCH about, “separation of Church and State,” these days. We are firm believers in the principle, but we do not believe in the separation of state FROM the Church! Just because we are Christians, does not mean that we are any less citizens of our good old United States of America!

Having been lifelong believers, we are also perhaps, stronger and better citizens than when we were younger and less learned and aware!

The issues that have to do with human lives and their welfare, mean more to us daily. What happens to YOU – regardless of party affiliation – deeply concerns us and, indirectly, all others in the U.S.A. and ultimately world PEACE!

For us to serve God as citizens, we must exercise our right to vote on election day! Only when you are a registered voter and actually go to the polls, can you be effective in helping to make changes in this society in which we now live.

When you cast your vote along with all other concerned citizens, you WILL help put an end to any pestilence that plagues our beloved nation. Only by voting can you hope to elect WORTHY honorable candidates who serve our nation while they are also serving God.

We are registered with a political party, (as is everyone else, we hope!) but we will not vote for the party:: We will vote for the man and what he “stands for” – not what he “runs for,” be he Democrat or Republican. We have always done so!

Please cherish your right to vote, which is denied to countless others in so many countries! What if this priviledge was taken away from you? Then you’d really appreciate its value!

When election day arrives in November, be sure to vote, but before you vote THINK. Then vote as though your life depended upon it. As well it may!


Re: New Mexico: In the nearby Lincoln National Forest, (Offices in Alamogordo,) long ago, a horrendous fire blackened endless acres, killing all God’s little creatures there, it seemed. But – a forest service ranger spotted a tiny frightened little bear clinging to a burned tree – all alone! His mother and all others were burned to death. The ranger took him home, treated his little burned paws, loved him and made him well. As time passed, a home had to be found for him. He became the living symbol that you know as Smokey the Bear, who cautions you to “Avoid Forest Fires.” He lived a long long life, for a bear, 25 years in the Washington, D.C. Zoo. There is a Smokey Bear State Park at Capitan, N.M., where he is buried, – about 82 miles from here, should you someday care to visit there.

The current stamps arriving on your mail are Smokey, the Bear!

Little sounds of stillness

Little sounds of stillness are
the loveliest sounds I know …

Breathing hush at daybreak of
falling snow on snow;

Crumbling stir of earth as myriad
life erupts in May.

Lonely rustling cornstalks on an
Indian Summer day.

Deep internal humming of bees in
private hedge,

Hoarfrost crystals breaking over
sun-bedazzled sedge,

windy chords that echo through
tossing boughs of pine,

Throb of wild geese rising to an
ancient ordered line,

Purl of placid river down a
shallow time-worn bed,

Squirrels’ hurry-scurry through
oak halls overhead. . .

In a world nerve-wracked by noise
wherever humans go,

Little sounds of stillness are
the loveliest sounds I know.

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry

Cleona Q. Fry Treasurer Understanding, Inc.