June 1984


In December of 1966 the United Nations Subcommittee on Outer Space completed a treaty to ban war and the implements of war from outer space. The treaty in its final form was the result of almost ten years of proposals, discussion, objections, argument and compromise among many of the member nations, but principally between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Your editor pointed out, in an editorial in the Understanding Magazine for February 1967, that, while such a treaty is only a piece of paper whose value is no greater than the sincerity and the motivation of those who sign it, yet the very fact that such a treaty had been completed and accepted by the two chief protagonists of the Cold War, was of considerable significance. Your editor also pointed out that, while the treaty did not guarantee the territorial integrity of the Moon, Mars or Venus, and does not guarantee the freedom of any inhabitants thereof, yet the treaty was a good start in an important direction. (He also remarked that, “Now that we have labored long and successfully to assure peace in space, perhaps we might begin, at last, to consider the possibility of peace on EARTH!) So much for the treaty of 1966.

MOSCOW (AP) – May 20, 1984

President Konstantin Chernenko called Saturday for a ban on all space weapons and accused the United States of wanting to turn space “into an arena of aggression and war.”

Chernenko, in a letter to U.S. scientists released by the Soviet news agency Tass, urged all nations that possess space weapons to sign a Soviet draft treaty that calls for a ban on space weapons.

Chernenko accused the United States of planning to deploy antimissile systems in space, and said Washington intended to station “super new types of weapons” in space that could strike targets on land, at sea and in the air.

Chernenko’s statement did not however, contain anything different from offers made by the late President Yuri Andropov, first to a group of U.S. scientists in April 1983 and again last August during a meeting with nine U.S. Democratic senators.

Since that time, the United States has pressed ahead with plans to develop anti-satellite weapons. It has said the Soviet Union already possesses similar weaponry that can be fired from Earth into orbit.

Tass said Chernenko’s letter was addressed to U.S. scientists Carl Sagan and Richard Garvin. The two wrote to Chernenko and other world leaders in support of the Soviet draft treaty on banning space weapons, Tass said.

President Reagan, who has proposed research into space-based anti-missile weapons, said in February, that it would not be wise to open negotiations with the Soviet Union on a new treaty because it would almost impossible to verify Soviet compliance.


International treaties have long been known as mere scraps of paper which will be honored only so long as they benefit both sides, but the “Peace in Space Treaty” of 1966 had involved almost ten years of work by the United Nations Subcommittee on space before it was accepted by both the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Yet in the 17 years since the treaty was signed, not only have both sides ignored its provisions, but its very existence seems to have been forgotten. Chernenko wants to have an identical treaty drawn and signed today, and neither President Reagan nor Carl Sagan seem to realize that an identical treaty was completed and duly signed by both the U.S. and the Soviet Union, among other nations, some 17 years ago, if anyone had been inclined to honor, or even remember it!

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

(hand-written) 6/5/84

Cleona’s Corner

So perhaps you said to yourself, “Who cares about U.S. Senator Pete Domenici, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Budget Committee, or if he is ever our President? He may well be someday and therefore your life would be the better for his brilliance and honesty. As I told you our new U.S. Treasurer is from Alamogordo as was the 1983 U.S. Spelling champion, and unless you’ve been in a vacuum (or outer space) you can’t help knowing Alamogordo‘s own Mai Shanley is our new Miss U.S.A.. We hope she wins Miss Universe. She has the brains to go with her unusual beauty. Our U.S. Treasurer has just been chosen to deliver the Keynote address at the opening of the Republican Convention. (We vote a split ticket always because we vote for the MAN not the party!) Upstate, our Jr. chess players went east, whipped them! and came home with the Jr. Chess Championship. We do well!

Those of you who’ve been ‘family members’ for a couple of years know that we sent a copy of The Area of Mutual Agreement, to every senator – hoping it would benefit our world by the thinking it could generate in their minds. We sent 2 copies to Sen. Domenici, one of them addressed to President Reagan, so that Pete could hand it to him (since they see each other often) rather than have some mail clerk toss it in the waste basket. Evidently Pete did hand it to him, and it was read, because it was pleasing to hear Dr. Fry’s words coming from Reagan’s mouth as he talked to the people of China about the need to find areas of agreement! Now you know how the ‘seeds’ we plant (everywhere possible) CAN perhaps benefit the world! Such is our intention as we maintain our search for Peace – as Dr. Fry has done for 30 years and will continue to do so till the day he dies.

Re: Mobile trip: the Archbishop of Alabama (and Miss. & La.) was so eager for Dr. Fry to arrive so they could talk Peace! Remember his time is SO limited! 15 min. was set aside for us. 37 minutes later we left his study! We all three regretted that there wasn’t several hours to talk, but people with appointments awaited in his reception room. He is a charming 54 year old who looks 44 at most and is brilliantly alive and alert in spite of the load of caring for the ‘flock’ in 3 states!

Speaking of brilliance, did you know that in Los Alamos, New Mexico, there are more Ph.D.s per capita than anywhere else in this U.S.A.? That Los Alamos is where science reigns supreme, such as advanced nucleonics, laser super systems and others so advanced we cannot even tell you about them?

Los Alamos, in Spanish means – The Trees. Alamogordo means Fat trees. (Cottonwoods – in this area.)

Many of you are young. Some think you are younger than you are. Some sneer at age, and they’d do well to pray to grow older and fast so that they, too, may have the wisdom gained in no other way!  May I remind you that the bubbling Bob Hope is 81 now. That Geo. Burns is 88. Buckminster Fuller, the gentle genius who died recently at 80, was still lecturing shortly before his departure. His dear wife, who was not ill, followed him 3 days later, (natural death.) ‘Tis said she couldn’t bear not to have him with her!

Remember, we in our 70’s have long ago learned all that you have yet TO work to learn! Never make the mistake of underestimating all we’ve ‘earned‘!

What is important to you? Is it your new car, your fine house, clothes, jewels, possessions? You will learn (or we hope you will!) that ownership of material things is not important. Who are you trying to impress? What is important are your values, your beliefs, the contents of your heart, your feeling toward and for others. What are you doing for OTHERS, or to better our world?? As for us, we need a minimum of 48 hours per day every day to do these very things!

Look about you! It IS a wonderful world and the only one we have! Let’s cherish it. It’s gloriously beautiful in countless places and rich: with rare and precious people. True, you don’t often read about them! Papers are filled with the bad. Sensationalism sells newspapers, doesn’t it? May I recommend The American Parade, with Charles Kuralt, CBS on Tues. P.M., see time in your area and the program called Sun. Morn., CBS, also Chas Kuralt. News, yes, but always one or more stories of worthwhile, caring people. And – in our file of letters are priceless people who are good members of Und’g Inc., of all ages, alive, alert & so AWARE of the eons past, the here and now, the invisible helpers, and the possibilities of future greatness.

How rich we are to have you ALL as members of Understanding!

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry