February 1984

Understanding Inc.

P.O. Box 614
Alamogordo, NM 88311

There are times when most members of organizations dedicated to the improvement of man’s lot, and to the uplifting of his consciousness, are almost certain to experience a depressing sense of inadequacy. It appears that all of their efforts, however well planned and faithfully carried out, are of no avail. That the inertia and the apathy of the world is so tremendous, and its habit patterns so inflexible, that no individual or group could possibly have any significant effect upon it.

Many persons who had been gifted with talent and insight, and who might have been of great value to mankind, have given up their efforts in despair because they seemed to be having no effect.

I have often wondered how many of these people have ever watched a pair of tugboats take a giant ocean liner out of a crowded harbour. When the two tiny tugs come chugging up to the mammoth bulk of the liner, they appear almost as two flies approaching an elephant. It seems very conceited of the tugs to think that they could ever move such a tremendous mass. When the towing lines have been drawn into place, the tug’s throttles are advanced, and foam spurts from their stern, as their tiny propellers churn the water.

The observer watches the ship for what seems to be a long time, and nothing happens but just as he is reaching the conclusion that a mistake has been made, and that the tugs will never be able to start the ship, his eyes detect a tiny and almost indistinguishable motion. The great ship is actually beginning to move! As the tug’s engines continue to labor, the ship, slowly but surely gathers speed, and is eventually escorted clear of the harbor and into the open sea where its own giant engines may safely be put to work, and soon the ship is moving rapidly under its own power, on a true course to its destination.

The task of attaining and propagating true understanding is much the same. Two of the most vital requirements are an infinite supply of energy, and an equal supply of patience. Many impatient reformers, who are determined to change the world at a single stroke, come charging headlong against the tremendous inertia and seeming apathy of the world, and receive only bruised heads in return for their efforts. They usually give up in despair, saying, “It’s of no use. There is nothing we can do, and nobody seems to care.”

The inertia of the world is impervious to sudden impact, to military conquest, or to the most powerful weapons of war.

It is the constant gentle patient, but never yielding tug that eventually moves the world, and molds the destiny of mankind.

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

(For Federal Income Tax Purposes, our tax exemption number if 95 2410972.)

Dear Family Members of Understanding,

So often it is my wish to share with you the beautiful words of praise, agreement and love that come to us by mail and long distance. To do so would invade the privacy of the senders, and cause us to appear boastful – so – we don’t do it. There are a few people (very few) inclined to believe ALAMOGORDO to be a real “no–where”. They are 100% wrong because they’ve NEVER been here! So, boastfully, let me remind all – that we have not only the U.S.A.’s spelling Champion, U.S. Senator Pete Dominici who is Senate Budget Chairman, and, also, the new United States Treasurer, who was born here, raised here and all of her family is here.

(Her sister Ethel, is one of our bankers.) Kathryn was here a couple of weeks ago, to be much honored and feted for a few days. Look at your new bills and you’ll see them signed by our Kathryn Ortega, Treasurer.

We, also, have the International Space Hall of Fame which has visitors from all over the world, as does White Sands National Monument! The beautiful white gypsum sands are like NO OTHER in the world and are so recognized.

Once before I told you the things we don’t have, such as pollution, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, bitter cold weather, highways of wildly driving people and, rarely, snow. Several of you have written referring to our “awful snow” recently. We did NOT have any such thing. This entire winter we’ve had one tiny dusting of snow! We had to look quickly, enjoy it on the run, before the sun took it away! We do have cold early mornings, but for weeks we’ve been enjoying highs of 55 degrees and, this past week 63′ & 65′ daily. We are very near to the Southern end of this state! 90 miles south is the border of OLD Mexico. What goes on in Albuquerque doesn’t affect us, as it is 210 miles North of here.

Re: St. Valentine’s Day, may I remind you that it’s better to show love and not have it, than to have it and never show it!  Why not learn how to say, “I LOVE YOU,” all year long? Let us store a little love, warmth and gentleness away to be used every day. What a happier world this would be! Life can be a miracle filled with wonder and surprise. It’s up to each of us. Even God’s love was given for all time, and His love for all peoples. As St. Francis of Assisi said, eons ago, “It is more blessed to give – than to receive.

I am the wife of the “little tug-boat” and, with tongue in cheek, may I add that receiving “isn’t all bad!”  I receive much love, I give to Dr. Fry much love and we are happy. We receive love from many members to whom we truly send love. How else could we work so long and so hard? We thank you for your loving support.

Happy Valentines Day to YOU.

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry



Thank you, God, for little things that often come our way,

The things we take for granted but don’t mention when we pray

The unexpected courtesy, the thoughtful kindly deed,

A hand reached out to help us in the time of sudden need

Oh make us more aware, dear God, of little daily graces

That come to us with “sweet surprise” from never-dreamed-of places.

-Helen Stelner Rice

(hand written) PS. The last line is so often happens to us and it’s always a thrill – filling our hearts to overflowing.