SOCIETY (Part 2)

There are several factors which determine the amount and complexity of law necessary to the proper functioning of a society. The first of these is the density of the population. If there were only one person on earth, or if there were only a few who were so widely separated that they never met, there would be no need for man made laws. The laws of nature would, of course, still be in effect, and if violated, would cause pain or loss, but the individual civil rights would be unlimited, since there would be no one with which to share them. It is only when people come together that their plans or actions may conflict with those of others, and, to avoid the friction that would result, there is a need for a common pattern of restraint provided by the law. Obviously, the more people who come in contact with each other, the greater the area of potential conflict, and the greater the amount of personal freedom which must be surrendered to the group through the law.

The second factor affecting the amount of law necessary to a society is the degree of complexity in the life pattern of its members. With the advance of science and technology, man acquires new abilities which in crease the number of actions of which he is capable, and the possible conflict between his actions and those of his neighbors. For example – There are now hundreds of laws concerning the operation of motor vehicles, all of which have been written since the motor vehicle was developed. To the city dweller, living in a densely populated area, in the midst of an advanced technology, subject to the laws of the Federal, State, County, and city governments, it may seem as though all freedom of choice is gone, since the law seems to cover every action which could possibly be taken.

A third factor is the degree of social and spiritual understanding achieved by the people of which the society is composed. The more advanced the race, the smaller the area of choice and action that must be controlled by the law. As a race progresses toward ultimate truth and understanding, the possibility of conflict becomes less. It has been truly said that, “Those people are best governed, who are least governed,” but the degree of wisdom and understanding achieved by the individual must become greater as the degree of government becomes smaller.

Hundreds of books have been written, and millions of words have been shouted from podiums by those who would extol the virtues, or condemn the vices of a given form of society, government or law. Yet the basic criteria by which the true value of any form of society or its functions may be judged, are easy to understand, and simple to apply.

First – Are the rights and powers which the society or government takes upon itself, voluntarily surrendered by the individuals? Does the government actually derive its just powers from the consent of the governed? No government which acquires power in any other manner, has any legal or moral justification for its existence. Second – How much of the individual’s right of decision and choice of action does the society take upon itself? No society or government should take from the individual more of his rights than is necessary to maintain a smoothly functioning cooperative group. A society which needlessly strips the individual of free choice, destroys incentive and tends to stifle initiative, and since all advance must come from the individual, such a society will tend to stagnate and even to decay. Third – No government should ever enter into direct competition with those whom it governs. The very fact that it does so proves that it is not a government of, by or for the people, but is a competitive adversary, to be considered and to be dealt with as such. Fourth – Does the society and its government actually return to the individual, benefits whose value is greater than the value of the rights he has surrendered to it? Does his membership in the society improve the conditions of his daily life and his standard of living? Does it afford him more security and peace of mind than he would otherwise have? If it does not do these things, then the society has failed in its basic purpose, and does not deserve, nor will it long have the support of its members.

(signed) Daniel W. Fry

Wed., June 29, 1983.

This is our Independence Day -‘our glorious 4th of July! How you feel about our country, and our flag is your business. However, may I tell you how I feel – and why?

When our beautiful flag is unfurled before me, or marches proudly by, I am covered with goose bumps, and tears of love, pride and joy fill my eyes. That is MY flag! It’s the flag of MY country – which I deeply love – right or wrong!!

Of course we have some terrible, greedy politicians at all levels, and HOW do you think they got there? Did your vote help put them there? Cherish your vote and, with God’s help use it wisely. Choose men and women with clean hearts, minds, and honor! Only we can better our country!

How else can we defeat those whose ONLY desire is to make the VERY rich still richer?? It’s done by the heart rending ‘taking’ from all the little people whom God does love so much. He will reward them!

When the day of reckoning comes, wouldn’t you hate to be one of the greedy as he – or she – is asked to account for what he or she did on earth TO HELP OTHERS?

Surely, no country on earth HAS helped others as has the United States of America, and isn’t it wonderful that we are the United States – not the divided states? It is that for which our splendid flag stands – among many other good things. Why do you suppose people from EVERY country dream of coming here, if it was not the best of all places? (To our foreign friends who wish to come here, we wish you safe arrival!)            Would you like to be banished from our beloved country? TO WHERE?

Remember too, it is OUR flag that flies on the MOON, – not that of any other country:

Oh, our flag has traveled far and seen much, with our fine fighting men as THEY went compassionately and unselfishly to help others, and to maintain our FREEDOM for over 200 years! Those who survive, have come home, wrapped proudly in our Stars and Stripes.

Do others have the United States freedom to choose, speak, write, question, criticize, try, fail,  pray, worship and travel freely, to build, own, plan, borrow sell, buy, serve, dream, believe, trust and be courageous?

We must seek God’s blessing and mercy for ALL, that they may also have these same  freedoms.

Much to our surprise and delight, one of the first things we saw in Puerto Rico, was their flag and ours flying gracefully and beautifully side-by-side, over the postal buildings and in the lecture halls. It made us feel at home in this new land.

To this powerful beauty – our flag – I am happy to pledge my allegiance.            LONG MAY SHE WAVE!

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry

P.S. Don’t forget to count your blessings!


1 cup friendly words

2 heaping cups understanding

4 heaping Tsp. time & patience

Pinch of warm personality

Dash of humor

Instructions for mixing.

Measure words carefully.

Add heaping cups of understanding.

Use generous amounts of time

and patience. Cook with gas, on

front burner. Keep temperature

low. Do not boil! Add dash of

humor & pinch of warm personality.

Season to taste with spice of life.

Serve in individual molds.

(hand written) You see it was OUR Alamogordo for Who won the National Spelling Bee!!