As the magic glow of Christmas fades away, there’s a WHOOSH: – Another year has gone. What shall we do with the new one? It is clearly marked, “FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE.”

‘Tis said, “Christmas is a special time of friendship,” why not a year round season of the heart?

We wish YOU a prosperous new year, and offer a thought on how to get it: Prior Proper Planning Preceeds Personal Prosperity. May blessings, PEACE and happiness fill each day of this new year for YOU.

We still believe in Santa Claus because three of our speakers refused even travel expenses as they saw we were in trouble re: the convention expenses, and WANTED to help, and bless each of them who did.

To all who sent beautiful Christmas cards and letters – again our warm thanks. This IS the family of Understanding for whom we work. It’s said, “No one can please everyone all the time,” but we do try to please. YOU can make it easier to do so by TELLING us what you like or do not like, such as do you prefer that I write to you ‘AS a member of the family, or do you want a cold business report? We ARE working for you and the survival of this planet, so we would appreciate your opinions, comments and suggestions. We are happy when our Understanding family members are happy. The majority will rule – of course. Every fact we learn-becomes a KEY to other facts.

Our ONLY address is as shown on all mail to you – P.O. Box 614 ALAMOGORDO, N.M., 88311. Do NOT write to this house as we’ve sold and we will be moving to a smaller place. Mail is NOT always properly forwarded!

PLEASE give us your change of address before you move if possible. We just learned (from his Christmas card) that a cherished member had moved, and now we wonder, “Did he get the Nov. & Dec. News letter?” If for any reason, you failed to get yours, tell us! (A postcard will do.)

Please look at your membership cards for due date. Five were due in December, was one yours? Holidays are busy times of forgetting, but to have to remind each one only increases our postage burden.

Oh! I promised to tell you the horror of having a flat while driving on the INSIDE FAST lane of 5 wildly driven lanes, at 1:00 A.M. of a black night and no pull-off area, and between two cities.

If you think our lives weren’t in danger, you are Wrong! When Dr. Fry got out to change it, I Insisted he get back in before he was killed and, QUICKLY KILLED. At 11:00 P.M. we had claimed our Puerto Rican (and luggage) at L.A. Airport, got gas and were en route to Upland, Cal. and the convention. It was she who saw the CALL BOX first! It took me 15 min. before I COULD cross those 5 lanes of wildly driving people to reach the call box! In 15 min. 2 police cars and Triple A (A.A.A.) were there to help us, thanks be to God!

To Dr. Fry the police P.A. System said, “STAY in the car, sir, your life is in danger!” It WAS! I was driving, and to me the P.A. system said, “WHEN we tell you – you will have 3 min. to CROSS the 5 lanes and get on the shoulder:’ We waited. They closed all traffic, and finally the P,A, voice said, “NOW GO! You have 3 min. to cross over,” So I DID – hearing the awfulness of a rim crunching concrete on the way and a thread-bare tire – now shredded. (hand-written) (Ugh.)

Returning from Canada – again pitch black night – 35 miles out of Gila Bend, Ariz. – and AGAIN – the same thing! I was in the right hand lane and could pull onto the shoulder as No. 2 threadbare tire said ‘Goodbye’. No phone in 35 miles, and no one would stop. So I said to my Heavenly Helper -“I think it’s about time you sent us some help – don’t you?” Within three minutes the help DID arrive in the form of 4 blessed youngsters en-route home for Thanksgiving, from their Christian College in El Cajon, ca.

The tire was soon changed and all 6 of us looked 150 feet either way, with a big spot lite, for the hub cap – in vain.

They insisted on following us slowly (because now we had NO Spare), into Gila Bend, to make sure we got there. And, so much for shabby, worn threadbare tires, and thus ends the “Perils of Pauline.” We DID make it. Somehow we ALWAYS do!

The three reasons I do all the driving.  1. Dr. Fry has already driven hundreds of thousands of miles for Understanding, Inc. over the last 28 years, and is somewhat weary of it.  2. I LOVE to drive. Started at 13 yrs. & have had 61 accident proof years.  3rd. and most important, Dr. Fry can work (on clip-board) AS we travel, and did so on this trip, which made possible your New Year’s gift – the poem, ‘THE DAY THE MUSHROOMS GREW!’  It started out to be 3 or 4 verses, but by itself, just grew and grew, as more NEEDED to be said. It is our hope to build Understanding, Inc., so strongly, with enough members everywhere, that this type of mushroom will NEVER NEVER grow!!!

Whom do you know that you think should join us in this effort? If we don’t have PEACE on earth, – we are going to have Earth all in PIECES!!

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry