The Easter season is again upon us. Spring is officially here, trees and flowers are coming into bloom, and all nature is beginning its annual rebirth. (Some experts are saying that even the nation’s economy is showing a few small signs of life.) In any event, it is a time for new life, new hope and new determination. It should be re­membered however that, while the Easter season is valuable in remind­ing us of the cycle of rebirth and regeneration, while the Easter bonnets and gowns that appear among us, and the Easter lillies that grace our homes and our churches, are all symbols of that regener­ation, they do not mean that we must wait until Easter of each year to make use of the principle of regeneration. It is available to us at all times and in every place and condition in which we may find ourselves, if we are determined that it shall be so. Let us therefore, plant the symbol of Easter in our hearts, as we plant the Easter lillies, from their pots, into the open ground, so that their growth may be unlimited throughout the year.


As this newsletter is being written, the congress of the United States is in something of a furor over the bill to freeze the pro­duction of nuclear weapons. Judging by the interviews that have been carried by the public media, the great majority of congressmen seem to feel that the bill should be passed, yet many hesitate to vote for a measure which is so strongly opposed by our Chief Executive. The result is that a great deal of hemming and hawing is going on. It is likely that a number of ammendments will be proposed which, if they are accepted will nullify any significance the bill might other­wise have, and there are a number of ways in which a final vote on the measure may be delayed almost indefinitely. Whatever happens to the bill however, the very fact that it was written, was presented, was discussed and was voted upon, are all encouraging signs of human progress. They indicate that the people of this country, their rep­resentatives in Washington, and the media in general, are, at last, becoming aware of the peculiar situation in which we all now find ourselves.

The people of the Soviet Union have been forced by their power hungry leaders, to give up all hope of the better way of life which has long been promised them, in order that they may manufacture more thousands of bigger and better nuclear weapons, which they know they will never dare to launch, and so can only use as a sort of tacit blackmail.

Because of the Soviet buildup however, some of our political leaders are insisting that we, the people of the United States, must also give up all hope of a stable and thriving economy, all hope of a balanced budget, or a better way of life, and proceed at once to spend ourselves into an even deeper bankruptcy than we are now in, so that we can manufacture even more thousands of bigger and better nuclear weapons which we have no intention whatever of using, even for the dubious purpose of nuclear blackmail.

The original S.A.L.T. talks were intended to reach agreement upon some level of mutual destructive ability satisfactory to both sides, so that when that level had been reached both sides could devote their energies and resources to some useful tasks, but since no agreement has yet been reached, it seems that both sides are doomed to go on building bigger and better nuclear weapons forever.

It seems certain that any visitor, coming to this planet from any true civilization would, upon returning home to his own people, be forced to report that he had been unable to find any signs whatever of intelligent life on the planet Earth.

 (signed) Daniel W. Fry




Because we now enter the Holiest week of the year, this will come to you early so what is said may be of some help to you.

Many among you do NOT need to know what has worked for me. A few others do. It is so easy, so comforting and makes one feel snug, safe, secure and certain that ‘all is well’,- and one is therefore happy.

Ever since I can remember, an innate sense told me that I was a child of God. What denomination didn’t matter then, and doesn’t now. I was subjected to Many! Everything within me was saying, of these assorted alleged reverends, “Dear God! He is horrible! He should be a carnival side-show ‘barker’!” The last one had his doctorate – The Rev. G.D. Rake D.D. and he was the worst of all. So- at 17 I eloped and, once married, went where I pleased- not where I was loath to go! What a relief!

At this time we have several precious elderly members a wee bit afraid as they near ‘departure time’ – and oh, I don’t want them to feel frightened!

This is what works for me AND, (while I am 23 yrs. from my own ‘departure date’) it pleases me now as the days pass so swiftly by me.

1. I AM a child of God!

2. He knows I am.

3. I Know that He knows it.

4. He knows that I know it.


I am afraid of nothing. why should I be, when I know I am beloved by my heavenly Father who looks after me at all times? To be afraid would be to deny my faith! It is, at all times, UN SHAKEABLE.  I KNOW all will turn out well and it always does.

When He wants me to ‘come home’ all He has to do is crook His finger and say, “Come here, Cleona”. I’ll run home as fast as a puppy – leaving the old clay shell behind, that my soul just lived in. (One must not worship a dead clay shell!!)

Why would one fight to remain on this earth when they know they’re going to a FAR better place?

Speaking of going, we are; flying out of U.S.A. for 2 weeks of lectures. It should be very beneficial to Understanding and peace of the world, as we plant more seeds in minds and hearts.

We should be home about April 20th or 22nd.

You will be told, shown (on T.V.) and see all the beauty of Easter and its Holy meanings, so I will not add to that abundance except to say, “We wish you the most glorious Easter EVER, especially because we love you each dearly. You ARE our family, Thank God.

(signed) Cleona Q. Fry

(hand-written) (Mr.s Daniel W. Fry)

Understanding, Inc.

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Alamogordo, NM 88311-0614