November 1982

Understanding, Inc.
P.O. Box 614
Alamogordo, NM 88311-0614

As most of you know, we left Alamogordo Nov. 1 for Calif., and the Understanding, Inc., convention.

Late Sunday P.M., we left convention and hurried to Amtrak, destination Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, arriving there Tuesday, Nov. 10th at 10 P.M.  By 7:30 A.M. next day, Dr. Fry was in the T.V. station preparing to go on nationwide Canadian T.V. at 8:30 A.M.

The next 17 days were equally as pressured. (See page 2) Meanwhile – Understanding Unit No. 15 did this fine write-up below, which we offer you, now.

Important Information from the Understanding Convention

We feel the urgency to pass along the messages that were delivered at the Understanding Convention held in Upland Nov. 5-7, to you, who were unable to attend. The theme of the convention was “The Possibilities of Peace” and from that premise evolved such interesting and practical approaches that we need to get them to the public.

The excellent panel of speakers at the convention included: REV. PAUL WILKINSON who spoke on the “Power of the Peacemaker“; our Understanding founder-president DR. DANIEL W. FRY, who gave us a  practical approach to peace with other nations which is to streng­then the base of our social sciences to balance our physical sciences and to appoint a world-wide congress of representatives to meet and discuss “Areas of Mutual Agreement” (a plan presented to Dan by his space friend A-lan); J. ALAN WRIGHT, Project Administrator for Rockwell International Corp., and one of the top men in the Space Shuttle Program, who gave a fascinating slide-lecture on “The Space Connection” showing how our space program can be an instrument for peace; ELAINE FEICK, lecturer and teacher of the Alice Bailey material, Who brought us the message that “Peace Within Brings Peace Without.” that we must find the point of peace within ourselves, and let that peace radiate out from the heart center to all mankind, creating a strong thoughtform which could change the world; DR.ANDRIJA PUHARICH, a medical doctor-turned-researcher in the field of the Mind, who captivated the audience with his fascinating narrative about his experiments with the renowned psychics, Eileen Garrett and Peter Hurkos, and the extensive testing of Uri Geller, whom Puharich wrote about in a best-selling book.

OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE to us all is the information Dr. Puharich brought to us in his talk “A Way to Peace.” On July 4, 1976, the Soviet Union unleashed a new weapon on the world – an 11 Hertz signal. Communications around the world were upset; many countries rebelled Dr. Puharich and a network of scientists monitored and tested these ELF (extremely low frequency) signals. They found that these harmonic frequencies affect the brain and that human behavior can be controlled; they can cause people to riot or become depressed.  They have caused violent storms, earthquakes in Iran and China, and great floods and crop damage in Russia itself. We had heat and drought. Nothing can stop or weaken these signals, not the ocean or Farraday cages. These waves will penetrate everything. When Puharich hand-delivered a secret report on his findings to Pres. Carter, the French Intel­ligence, Pres. Trudeau and others, heavy action was taken to shut up Puharich. His home, books and papers were set on fire. He had to leave the country. Pressure was brought to bear on his publisher not to print his book on the subject.

THERE IS A POSITIVE SIDE TO THIS STORY. Dr. Puharich made another discovery: while testing psychic healers around the world, he discovered their brain waves oscillate on an 8 Hertz, signal. The 8 Hz can be used to protect us from these other ELF waves and against warfare; it can be used to calm animals, and help us to help others.

These 8 Hz waves can be used to save Iives and the planet. Dr. Puharich flew from North Carolina to the convention particularly to share this urgent information and to help Dr. Fry in his search for peace through Understanding.

The purpose of this meeting was to alert the public, and disseminate this information so that all of us can work together, or individually, to do something constructive to counterattack this menace.

With pride I tell you of the Nov. 5-6-7 Convention in Cal., as it WAS THE FINEST ever held by Understanding, Inc. You’ve read (Page 1) a fine brief on it, but not to have been there            to enjoy ALL that was spoken, heard and shared, was truly your loss: Speeches were brilliant and unlike any to be heard anywhere! You’d have learned so much as did all present. The young pianist was superb in classic, light classic and an occasional toe-tapping rag-time tune for variety’s sake. He added much joy. His name is Robert Jorgensen. A name which should be remembered because he will go far.

My absent friends, why were you not there? Were you not interested in the needed peace and sanity of this world in which you live? U.F.Os and their occupants are fine but they aren’t the entire answer! Surely you do not think we can sit effortlessly by and say, “Oh you can save the planet for us.” WE must work, plan, and share our knowledge. That is what our conventions are all about! Many of you missed this sharing, plus the warmth of old friends, the love flowing from one to another and encompassing all. It was a joy. Also, it required many weeks of preparation, planning, write-ups, printers ($339.50); 20c stamps for 700 brochures ($140.00); Dr. and Mrs. Puharich’s plane fare rd. trip from N.C, (Economy fare $840.00) plus fare and expenses for all who came to speak, pluses housing and food for all ran into several thousands of dollars.

We offered you a mental banquet, but so many failed to come to appreciate this labor that Understanding lost heavily. We ask our­selves, “Was it worth it?” Do you think we should ever try again to offer the finest and have it appreciated by so few? The Most appreciative person flew all the way from Puerto Rico to attend, were you not closer? You were all sent an invitation 3 weeks ahead.  Did you receive yours?

Dr Puharich confines himself to research, and gives only FOUR lectures per year. That Understanding, Inc., was one of          chosen was an honor.

                                                                        (signed Cleona Q. Fry)

P.S. Before we got this newsletter to the printers, this letter arrived on Sat. 12-11-82.

Dear Daniel and Cleona:

Thank you a thousand times for letting me be a part of your (Upland, Ca.) Convention.. The implications of that meeting are just beginning to impress themselves on my consciousness, and daily life.

Love to you both,

Robert Jorgensen.

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