i           Officers and Directors of Understanding, Inc.

Daniel W. Fry                               President

Barbara L. Yates                         Exec. Vice-president

Jeffrey Perry                                First Vice-president

Iver Jones                                     Second Vice-president

Clarence Gahlbeck                     Treasurer

Barbara Yates                             Recording Secretary

Florence D. Fry                           Corresponding Secretary

Laura Gilbert                                Membership Chairman

Board of Directors

Daniel W. Fry                               Chairman

Helen Doyle                                 Phoenix, AZ

Hetty Miller                                   Phoenix, AZ

David Coleman                           Phoenix, AZ

J.W. Boushka                              New York City

Dr. Robert Reid                           Coleharbor, ND

Rev. Ben T. Cullen                      Spring Valley, CA

Rev. Audrey Gibson                    Deming, NM

Clarence Gahlbeck                     Los Angeles, CA

Associate Directors

Iver Jones                                     Placerville, CA

Ray Graeves                                Medford, OR

International Honorary Directors

Per Axel Atterbom                      Sweden

Anthony Brooke                           Sweden

Herbert D. Clark                          Canada

Edith Nicolaisen                          Sweden

Legal Compliance

“Understanding,” began with nine members in El Monte, California in 1954. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in March of 1955 in California. It is presently licensed and recognized as a non-profit corporation in Oregon and Arizona.

The purposes and goals of the organization are too lengthy to reproduce fully. They have been condensed for this purpose. The full content of them is to be found in the Articles of Incorporation. The By-laws of the organization delimit the activities, administrative responsibilities and guide lines for organization of individual units.

Philosophy and Objectives        ii


Understanding, Incorporated

The basic philosophy of Understanding, Inc. is best expressed in the belief that there are more areas of agreement between all men than of disagreement and that finding those areas will bring about under-standing, cooperation and peace to all inhabitants of this planet.


1. To chart the areas of mutual agreement in the social science of today as postulates of behavior for man toward his fellow-man.

2. To chart in like manner the areas of worldwide agreement in the spiritual sciences by means of which rapid advance in the understanding of the true goal of life and in the practice of right relation-ships to the Creator of all men.

3. To engage in scientific and other research, study, analysis and investigation of any and all things which contribute toward the establishment of truth and the advancement of all mankind.

4. To acquire and hold such property, funds and facilities and to engage in any lawful business activity incidental to or necessary or desirable for, the accomplishment of the purposes set forth above.

5. To solicit the association, cooperation and assistance of individuals, organizations or corporate entities having similar aims and purposes.

6. To authorize, subject to the supervision of the directors of the corporation, units which shall function to carry out its purposes.

7. To operate exclusively for scientific, charitable, religious, literary or educational purposes.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

proven to be a complete fake, and if he has received any money for his advice, he is considered to be a fraud as well. Others feel that prophets, like doctors and lawyers, can only promise `best efforts’ but cannot be expected to guarantee results.

The professional prophet, that is, one who makes his, or her, living primarily by their predictions of things to come, usually make many dire predictions

of holocaust and cataclysm on the theory that, if even one should actually occur, he will be famous for life, and if none occur the public will be so relieved that none will want to blame the prophet. There are, however, and always have been true prophets, whether or not all of their predictions materialized.

True prophecy is the ability to forsee the inevitable result of certain existing conditions, but no one can be sure that the conditions will not change between the time the prophecy is made and the time of its fulfillment. For example – Suppose that a certain individual is taking a trip across the country by train. He has invented a new type of telescope which will permit him to see for many miles down the track on which the train is travelling. Just before dusk he is using the telescope to see the nature of the country through which the train will be travelling that night. To his horror he notes that a flash flood has washed out a section of trestle over which his train is due to pass at midnight. It is in a remote area, and no one else is aware of the situation. The traveler calls the conductor and tells him of his new telescope and of the damaged trestle. The conductor, who knows that such a telescope would be absolutely impossible, laughs at the traveler and goes about his business. The traveler, who knows that the telescope is valid and that the trestle is gone, walks through the train advising all the passengers to leave the train at the next stop because it is due to be wrecked at midnight. Most of the passengers merely smile and ignore him, but a few do get off at the next stop. The conductor, seeing that passengers are leaving the train because of the prediction, and fearing that more may leave if nothing is done to disprove it, wires ahead for

September – October 1978       3

an immediate emergency inspection of the trestle in question. The inspection reveals the damage, and the train is rerouted on another track. Midnight comes and goes but the predicted crash does not occur. In the morning the passengers arrive safely at their destination, all firmly convinced that the prophecy was a lot of nonsense. Those who left the train because of the prophecy, are furious at the traveler for causing them unnecessary delay by his foolish prediction, and they berate him unmercifully as a false prophet. The traveler himself however, although he is discredited and despised, is still the happiest of the group because he knows that it was his warning that saved the lives of all on board, both those who left the train and those who remained.

Such is prophecy. It is not an occupation to be followed for fame and fortune, nor yet for respect and reverence. Though the prophets may be many, the profits will be few!



William F. Hamilton

And God said, “Let there be light, and there was light”.

And Einstein said that light has a constant velocity in a vacuum and further indicated that no material system could travel the velocity of light or faster. This velocity is given as 186,282 miles per second.

Recently the limitation of the velocity of light (given as c) has been questioned. According to Science News, Vol. 112, December 10, 1977, there are at least three quasars that appear to be composed to two or more pieces that are flying away from each other at speeds greater than that of light. Also according to the article faster-than-light phenomena have been observed as far back as the explosion of Nova Persei in 1901

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

where light was reflected from a nearby nebula moving at a velocity of 2c. Velocities up to 8c have been measured including the multi-c light phenomena emanated by galaxy 3C120. These superluminal speeds are hard to account for per the theory of relativity and are currently being explained as “echos” .

The concept of a vacuum is also being questioned. According to the April 15, 1978 issue of Science News, physicists now conceive that there is no emptiness anywhere and that space is now filled with “instatons” which are solutions to mathematical equations which describe certain forces but have no materiality.

What does all this mean? It has a direct bearing on how we view reality. Ultimately, our physical reality is a matter of light and reflections of light as carriers of information. Our minds could be said to process light as information used to direct the activities of the organism.

Another subject to be reevaluated is space travel. We are told that stellar distances are so immense that even if we could move at near-light velocity, it would take several lifetimes to reach another star system. This thinking gives us a feeling of isolation from other living beings. Even J. Allen Hynek has given this reason to rule out UFOs as interstellar spaceships when he says “I don’t think people appreciate just how vast the universe is” and “There doesn’t seem to be any conceivable technological means, from our way of looking at things to get there from here”. So what is our way of looking at things?

According to the Special Theory of Relativity nothing can travel faster than light as its length would shrink to nothing and its mass would become infinite which means an infinite amount of energy would be needed to boost something up to the velocity c. Regard-less of how fast two objects move with respect to an observer, they will find that their velocity relative to each other is always less than the speed of light. Also the time dilation effect states that if two observers are moving at a constant velocity relative to each other, it appears to each that the other’s time processes are

September – October 1978       5

slowed down. At c itself, the time interval would be infinite. This all seems to say, of course, that astronomers could never measure any effect traveling at speeds greater than c, yet that is exactly what they are doing in respect to the miscreant quasars.

How to find an escape from this dilemma? I find it fascinating that T.E. Bearden suggests that if we were to observe a photon of light from an electron, we would see it moving by at the speed of c, but if we were observing the electron from the photon (a valid assumption), then the electron (a material object) would be seen going at the speed of c ! We could also imagine that we were on a beam of light from the sun and measured the passage of earth as it went by at the speed of c! Amazing. Just by changing our relative viewpoint, we have changed a relative reality.

I would like to suggest that the key phrase in the measurement of the speed of light is “relative to the observer” that the velocity of light is constant even if one is going at a velocity of .999c. Light seems to be going around a curve and it seems that we can only measure the difference between our relative position and the “light horizon”. As we approach the light horizon, the horizon recedes around the curve. And as we arrive “there”, we find we are “here”. Perhaps as the Hindu mystics have pointed out, the universe is maya (an illusion).

Perhaps if we evolve a new way of looking at things, then we could evolve a technology that would get us from here to there. Perhaps we can permit the idea that extra-terrestrial spaceships from other star systems can visit the earth. Maybe they can travel faster than a speeding photon of light.

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING


I’d like to be an astronaut,

Soaring through heavens God hath wrought,

Above the troubled world below,

I’d trace the streaking meteor’s glow.

I’d study each celestial sight,

Along the path that marked my flight,

High up where fiery comets race,

Out in the void of open space.

Far from the strife of earthly nations,

My craft would cruise the constellations,

Sailing through a star filled sky,

Naming each one as it passed by.

Then coming back again toward earth,

Through wonders of the universe,

Still all around I know I’d see,

God’s handiwork surrounding me.

I’d pray that it would be his plan,

To bring enlightenment to man,

With knowledge gathered from each place,

My capsule passed in outer space.

And I’d bring with me, on return,

New data for all men to learn,

While climbing from my metal pod,

I’d know I had been close to God.

September – October 1978       7


by Frank Ananicz

The recent symposium in Florida to discuss life in the 21st century certainly was a good idea. I hope that exchange of ideas will bring forth solutions to some of today’s problems too. But let’s go a step further. Let’s have something of a symposium of all minds to try and solve today’s problems. Inventions aren’t just invented by known inventors. Novels aren’t just written by known writers. Hit songs aren’t just written by known song writers, etc. Like the black man on radio says, “A mind is a terrific thing to waste.” A mind is a terrible thing to ignore too. Let’s listen to all minds. Ideas solve problems. Maybe the people can solve the world’s problems. History shows world leaders can’t do it. We still have wars, crime, poverty, etc., plus a batch of new problems like cancerous water, polluted air, population explosion, hunger, unemployment, energy problems, etc. Good ideas -can come from anyone. Sure, an education is important. I read that a little intelligence can be a dangerous thing. It can’t be put to this use. Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Maybe a problem an intelligent mind cannot solve a less intelligent mind can solve using mental pictures. Maybe a cloudy idea in a less intelligent mind could be cleared by a more intelligent mind. Maybe a couple of small ideas can be combined into a great one. It stands to reason the more suggestions brought forth, the more likely some will be useful. Suggestions stimulate kindred suggestions. And I don’t think age has anything to do with the quality of suggestions. Both young and old have good ideas too. Socrates had great ideas when in his sixties. And how about the child geniuses? The old and young may very well produce better suggestions than the so-called prime age people. Seems to me the prime aged people have too many axes to grind, too many self-interests to think objectively. Some of our Congress-

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

men I feel tend to favor their own state over the country. Besides, what could be better than a fresh new suggestion mixed or toned down by wise experience?

Well, anyway, what I’m getting at is this. What I’d like to see at the United Nations is a world suggestion box. The U.N. officials could form a world suggestion box committee. This committee could let the world’s people know they are open to suggestions. The world suggestion box idea and address could be announced on radio and Radio Free Europe, better still, it could be announced on television by satellite throughout the world. Every newspaper could publish the idea and address too. Let’s not be discouraged if Russia or Red China or any other nation refuses to participate. Word of mouth does wonders. Their people will find a way to smuggle out suggestions. I suppose this idea would be taken advantage of by some leaders. A leader could make his people send in his suggestions. Well, I’m a firm believer in the truth will prevail theory. Sooner or later, this leader’s tactics will come to light and the world will be against him. A certain number of interpreters from each country could translate the suggestions from their particular country. The United Nations world suggestion box committee could put out a newspaper publishing the suggestions. One printed suggestion I’m sure could represent many. Maybe this idea could pay for itself. If it doesn’t, the committee could give the newspaper to just the leaders of the world. If a world’s leader doesn’t follow these suggestions, the people could criticize him through this newspaper. If this leader still doesn’t cooperate, I’m sure the people would start suggesting ways on how to get rid of him. Maybe this method could prevent another Hitler from taking over. This newspaper could be called The World Suggestion Box or the Pulse of the World. With all fingers on the pulse of the world, who knows what political ailments can be prevented or cured. Experts would be able to foresee future problems germinating and could warn the world in this news-paper. Wars might be prevented this way. Who knows how many German cries of help would have been

September – October 1978       9

received in a suggestion box like this as Hitler’s power grew.

If we had a world suggestion box, I’d send in this suggestion. Recently, on a 6:30 NBC television news program, John Chancellor said that billions of tons of uneaten foods was daily thrown into the garbage by the American people. Maybe this food could be used to feed the animals in the zoo – or dog pounds. The money saved buying animal food could be spent on food for the world’s hungry. Maybe this process could be duplicated throughout the world. A mind more intelligent than mine could improve on my suggestion. Other minds could improve on other suggestions sent to the U.N. There are no limits to the possibilities in this process of improving or combining suggestions.

If world leaders can’t solve the problems of the world, then they ought to ask the people for suggestions in solving them. If they don’t, who knows, the people

just might take matters into their own hands through a world revolution.

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING



by George Gallup

Princeton, N.J.

“A solid majority of Americans now express a belief in UFOs, with the proportion having grown steadily since 1966 when the first measurement was taken.

“In the latest survey, 57 percent of those aware of UFOs believe they are real, while 27 percent doubt their existence. In 1973, the comparable figures were 54 and 30 respectively.

“The survey also shows that as many as one American in nine (11 percent, or a projected 13 million people) has had a `close encounter,’ that is, has actually seen what he believes to be a UFO.

“Among those who have made a `sighting,’ opinion is overwhelming (90 percent) that UFOs are the real thing. But even among those who have not seen a UFO, believers far outnumber disbelievers.

“The college-educated and younger people, as well as those living, in the Far West, are most likely to have sighted a UFO and to believe in their existence.

“Although there is a growing belief in the UFO phenomenon among adult Americans, they are more skeptical than teenagers.

“A Gallup Youth Survey conducted at the same time as the one reported today showed teens proportionately more likely to say they have sighted something they believe to have been a UFO, and less likely to question the reality of UFOs and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

“Here’s the trend in belief in UFOs:

September – October 1978       11

” `Are UFOs real or imaginary?’ “

(Based on those who have heard or read about UFOs)



Not Sure













“The growing belief in UFOs coincides with an increase in the percentage of Americans who believe there are humanoids living somewhere else in the universe.

“About half the public, 51 percent, currently believes we are not alone in the universe while 33 percent hold the opposite view.

“The current figures represent a substantial increase in the percentage who believe in humanoid-extraterrestrial life since 1966 when 34 percent ex-pressed the same opinion.

“As is the case with other questions in the survey, the college-educated, young people, and those living in the Far West are most likely to believe in human life on other planets.

Editor’s Note – In spite of years of effort by officialdom to discount, deny, dispute and explain away the U.F.O., they not only refuse to go away but are accepted by more and more people as time goes on.

National Enquirer



“ ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that this (craft) was intelligently controlled – it seemed to be playing games with us,’ declared veteran Charlotte, N.C., Police Officer Ronald K. Arey, recalling his harrowing close encounter with a

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

dome-shaped UFO.

“As Arey, 39, maneuvered his police helicopter into tight turns, trying to outflank the UFO, the object responded – to his amazement – by staying directly behind the chopper’s tail. ” `It scared the hell out of me,’ Arey’s partner, patrolman Howard Douglas Dellinger, 32, admitted in an ENQUIRER interview.

“And Arey recalled: `It evidently knew what I was doing, because it appeared to be trying to get on my tail … as I was trying to get on its tail.’

“The night of Dec. 27, 1977, began with no hint of the eerie drama to come.

“Arey and Dellinger were on routine helicopter patrol over Charlotte when they spotted, about 10:55 p.m., two lighted objects they believed to be aircraft flying in formation.

” `But as we got closer I observed there were no navigational lights, no rotating beacons, no strobe lights … no anything,’ Arey said.

“Climbing for a closer look, the officers were stunned to see one of the objects suddenly vault from about 1,700 feet to about `4,000 or 5,000 feet in two or three seconds.’

“The second UFO was ‘silver-looking.’ Bigger than the helicopter, it radiated a strange, bright orange glow and had `a kind of dome over it,’ Dellinger said.

“In an instant, the UFO swung past and took up a position behind the chopper.

” ‘I was circling to the left and it started circling to the left, about 150 feet behind me,’ Arey said. `We were just standing up there doing tailspins, and it looked like it was playing games. But as soon as I could get a look at it, it was right back on my tail.’

“As he boldly played cat and mouse with the UFO, Arey radioed air traffic control at nearby Douglas Municipal Airport. Traffic Controller Ray Bader, 27, confirmed he had the helicopter

September – October 1978       13

on radar, plus a light plane – as well as two unknown objects. Two of the (radar) targets, he noted, were very close to each other.

“Dellinger, a veteran of more than eight years as a policeman, was fighting a growing sense of panic.

” `There’s some things you fool with … and I don’t think this is one of them,’ he shouted to Arey, who whipped the chopper around in several complete 360-degree turns in a period of 20 to 30 seconds, hoping for another chance to view the craft close up.

” ‘That thing bothered me,’ Dellinger remembered later. `I wanted to get the hell out of there.’

“But Arey, determined to confront the UFO, suddenly wheeled the chopper around in the opposite direction. He caught a brief glimpse of the object again, but the game was over.

” ‘A ball of fire as big as your fist came out from underneath and dropped down, and the object headed off,’ Arey recalled. ‘I gave chase at about 140 miles an hour, but the object just ran off and left me. Then all of a sudden the light went out and we couldn’t see anything else.’

“Bader confirmed that when Arey chased the UFO, it disappeared on the radar screen. “Moments later, air traffic control radioed that they had something else on the screen. `We turned and there was an object in the sky … same thing we had sighted before,’ Arey said.

“As the helicopter closed fast, the UFO simply vanished.

“Bader told the ENQUIRER: `When (Arey) said he had lost the second (unknown) aircraft, we didn’t see it any longer on the screen, either.’ “

14                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING



Robert E. Beutlich

In the March issue of the British Society of Dowsers, 1976, an article by K.R.K. Murty, President, Indian Society of Dowsers, was re published; “Electric Emmanations From Precious Stones”.

In the article Mr. Murty describes an ancient ring, the Navaratna ring, which is supposed to give the wearer, a happy and prosperous life.

He tested the ring with a pendulum and found the presence of a `powerful electric positive radiation!’ There are nine precious stones in the ring, and when any one is removed, or any two inter-changed in position, the pendulum does not react as previously. Thus there is something in the sequence of these stones that cause the effect. Mr. Murty determined the angle that each stone makes with respect to magnetic north, more commonly known as the Fundamental Ray in dowsing with the following results:




1. Emerald



2. Diamond



3. Pearl



4. Yel. Sapphire



5. Ruby



6. Coral



7. Cat’s Eye



8. Blue Sapphire



9. Garnet



After several attempts at a solution, the following procedure resulted in a logical sequence. First two lines, at right angles are

September – October 1978       15

drawn, the top of the verticle is labeled 0 or 360 degrees, the line to the right is 90 deg. ; at the bottom 180, and to the left 270 deg. Thus dividing the circle into four quadrants. The first stone, Emerald, is ploted as a vector at 50 deg. ; the second stone, Diamond, is ploted at 240 deg. and the third stone, Pearl, at 345 deg. You will note that this sequence describes a clockwise rotation. See Fig. #1, below.


In fig. #2, the second group of three stones are ploted; Yellow Sapphire at 120 deg., Ruby at 40 deg. and Coral at 220 deg. You will note that this sequence describes a counter-clockwise motion,

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING


In the last sequence, see fig. #3, the Cat’s Eye is ploted at 230 deg. ; Blue Sapphire at 255 deg. and Garnet at 310 deg. This then describes a clockwise rotation.


September – October 1978       17

The key to converting these angles into a song has the following rule: Each stone `sings’ at it’s angle, formed by leaving the quadrant axis, in it’s direction of rotation. (Each quadrant angle is used for reference point or zero.) For example: stone #1, Emerald at 50 deg. forms an angle with respect to 0/360 of 50 deg. ; this is then 50/90ths. Now the musical scale can be represented as numbers between 1 and 2, 1 being the note C on one octave; and 2 being the note C on the next octave. Thus if we take the 50/90ths and invert it, we get a whole number 90/50=1.8 which is the note Minor 7th. or Bb. All the following notes are taken from the true musical scale, not the tempered scales.










Minor 7th-Bb





Perf. 5th-G





Minor 3rd.-Eb





Perf. 5th-G





Minor 7th-Bb















Minor 3rd-Eb





Maj. 3rd-E

The following song, fig. #4, is the actual tune that the Navaratna Ring ‘sings’.


Note: The last note, Major 3rd, E=2.25 can also be transcribed as 1.25 which is E on the same octave by subtracting 1.00 (with permission from the Gnostic numbering system).

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

The above song is, in all probability, a chant of ancient India, but have been unable to find it as yet. Perhaps one of the readers of this article would know of such a song and it’s respective words, if so, please communicate with the author.

Another interesting feature of the sequence of operation is the `pumping’ action that the stones describe, first clock-wise, then CCW, then CW again. This might be likened to the laser action and the action of generating the Odic field in a quartz crystal! The next project is to try to decipher the stones mentioned in the Bible in Exodus-28:17, Ezekiel-28:13 and Revelations-21:20, the stones of the breast-plates, or robes. Would request that those people who have had experience determining the Fundamental Ray’s angle of materials communicate their results of the angles obtained from any of the stones.

Ezekiel: Sardis, Topaz, Diamond, Beryl, Onyx, Jasper, Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli), Emerald, Carbuncle (Almadine Garnet) & Gold.

Exodus: Sardis, Topaz, Carbuncle (Almadine Garnet), Emerald, Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli), Diamond, Ligure (Sphene??), Agate, Amethyst, Beryl, Onyx, Jasper.

Revelations: Jasper, Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli), Chalce-dony, Emerald, Sardonyx, Sardis, Chrystolite, Beryl, Topaz, Chrysoprasus, Jacnith (Red Zircon) & Amethyst.

The angles for the above stones have been determined, but I’ve just begun to use a pendulum, and the results gotten, may not be correct. With the data so far, the breastplate does not have a sequence as does the ring, if one takes the stones and used them in the order given, it’s a hodgepoge. There is possibility another sequence or perhaps a matrix con-figuration (from mathematics) that will yield a logical sequence.

It is the author’s hope that this article will trigger

September – October 1978       19

additional research into crystallography, metals, and other materials that could be set up to form a sequential field effect. This, as in the case of the Navaratna Ring could give health to a person; possibly generate power and other energy field effects!



Robert E. Beutlich

2141 W. Agatite

Chicago, IL 60625





Rev. Dr. Robert Wm. Reid

Your own individual Birth-right sign is the same all through your life, but the Sun sign changes monthly, while the Moon sign changes every two or three days.

When taking the cell salts they by-pass the arterial system, the veinous system and the digestive system and go directly into the Lymphatic system and completes their functions within five minutes. The Lymphatic system is known to be Spiritual system of man.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Don’t eat or drink within fifteen minutes before or after taking your cell salts. Place the cell salts under the tongue and the body will absorb them.

Always take six cellular tablets of each cell salt. (As an example) The Sun signs for July are numbers 1, 7,8, =18 cellular tablets three times daily. The Moon sign for July 1st, 2nd, & 3rd – cell salt is #5, (six tablets) taken five minutes later. If the Sun and Moon cell salts numbers are alike then delete the Moon sign for that day, or take the Moon sign one hour or more later is desired.

You will notice the 4th & 5th of July … the Moon sign is the same as one of the Sun signs, so you wait an hour or more before taking the Moon sign #1, as the body only absorbs six of one cell salt in one hours time, also the 6th & 7th & 8th of July … the Moon sign is #8, and the 9th & 10th of July the Moon sign is #7. So from July 4th through July 10th the Moon signs are the same as the Sun signs so take the Moon sign one hour later or as you wish during the day.

From July 11th thru July 30th you may take the Moon sign cell salt five minutes after the Sun sign, then follow five minutes after the Moon sign with your OWN birth sign. Unless your birth-right sign is the same as the Moon or Sun sign number then you would wait at least one hour before taking your birth sign.

For August the Sun sign cell salts are 7,8,10 so follow the same Procedure as for July 7, 8, & 10 (six of each) = 18 three Mmes daily. Suggested fifteen minutes after meals, followed five minutes with the Moon sign, then another – five minutes later with your own individual BIRTHRIGHT cell salt. REMEMBER if the Moon sign or your birth sign is the same as the sun sign then wait at least an hour before the moon or individual birth sign is taken.

For more detailed information on the cell salts consult your book, “MINERALS DEFICIENCIES YOU AND THE ZODIAC”. Price $2.50 and donation for postage by Rev. Dr. Robert Wm. Reid.

September – October 1978       21

Your Daily cell salt guide, and questions may be answered, by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope with a donation for the July and August edition to:

Rev. Dr. Robert Wm. Reid

% Spacearama Coleharbor, ND 58531

Cell Salts 1,7,8,

July Dates      Moon Sign

Cell Salts 7,8,10

August Dates Moon Sign

1,2,3,……. 5

4.5, …………….1

6,7,8 ………. 8

9,10 ……….. 7





20,21……. 9


24,25……. 6

26,27……. 11

28,29,30,…. 5

July 31st ……. 1

1st ……… 1

2,3,4, ……… 8

5,6, ……….. 7

7,8,9, ………. 10

10th & 11th ………..3









30,31 ………. 8


whether to a partner, a family, a group, a project, etc.


Gita Keiller

It seems that when any of us come to the point where we take a decision or make a commitment from our innermost heart and put this decision/commitment into words, a point of crisis or tension is created where we have to make manifest the decision taken, a point of creativity that has to be taken in hand in some way or other. The moment a decision, a commitment has grown to the point where we feel a “must” to express it in words we are setting energies of different kinds in motion. We declare ourselves creators and have to

22                                                  UNDERSTANDING

show that that is what we truly are.  We also have to show what kind of creators we are. We have to reveal the quality of our commitment, for better or worse, but always as a useful lesson to ourselves and to others.

Challenges and tests then emerge seemingly from nowhere, determined to reveal and uncover all the weak spots in our commitment, and so many times we may feel discouraged and “disillusioned” by these massive attacks on our most sore and secret “corns”. The glorious decision and commitment we once made looks more and more like an extraordinarily unattractive piece of heavy, tedious work and nothing else. From looking like a part of the divine plan, our beautiful vision seems now to be lying in ashes, and many are the times when we flee from our now thoroughly un-comfortable circumstances in order to save our independence, integrity and our strength and possibility to “start afresh somewhere else”.

I have seen this pattern repeat itself in my own life as well in that of others and it has made me ponder… The first thing that seems to be attacked is the glory and “beauty” of my commitment. People do not seem to understand what an important thing has happened. Life goes on and nothing seems to change or “leave space” for the commitment I have just made. My pride gets hurt and the daily life with its daily round of duties seems to be duller and dustier than ever before. My eyes are suddenly opened to their ordinariness. It also seems that others have become so extremely unhelpful and utterly to lack understanding of the meaningfulness and purpose of my commitment. I get deeply confused and begin to wonder if I was so guided when I made it in the first place.

If I, at this very moment, do not “flee the country” but endure the building pressure in order to understand better what is happening, I will, sooner or later, find myself standing in the true light which will reveal to me – if I keep my heart and mind open – all the glamour around my commitment and through letting go of all this glamour the motivation of my commitment

September – October 1978       23

will be seen clearly for the first time and confirmed in my heart.

Standing at this core of my universe I can begin truly to create, because now I understand that all commitments are interrelated with the commitments of others (all serving the same plan and purpose). All commitments have to be brought to fruition through inner growth, through “making all things new” even in one’s daily activities – through willingly, unconditionally serving the whole in the best possible way, through a truly loving relationship with all other parts of the one Life.

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The Big Event – the annual meeting and convention of Understanding’s many members and friends will start at 12 noon, Friday, September 29th with registration. At 4 PM Daniel Fry will open the convention following the invocation by the Rev. Benjamin T. Cullen.

Understanding Our Changing World is the theme. And if you are interested in the best way to cope with the coming chaos which must precede the emergence of our bright new world of peace and progress, you would do well to be there. Elaine Peick will bring us a message from the White Brotherhood who dwell in space, detailing some of the situations we will have to deal with. Robert Fisher will lighten the load with a dynamic talk on how to survive with humor during the change-over.

24                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Distinguished visitors to Tonopah in July were Dr. H. Ron Hulnick and Dr. Robert Waterman of Quimby Center, Alamogordo, New Mexico. They were full of enthusiasm for the coming year which will see Dr. Neva Dell Hunter’s dream of Quimby College become a reality. Both young men have worked several years with Dr. Hunter and are carrying on her plans for an educational institution which will be fully accredited by North Central States accrediting agency, for the education of the future citizens of this planet. The college will combine the physical sciences with the metaphysical.

The Frys traveled to Colorado Springs at the invitation of Mrs. Theodora Penrose to speak to the Colorado Dowsers convention, August 12th. Enroute they attended the Quimby Center August seminar where Daniel spoke to the group on the evidence of the soul’s attainment to the higher states of consciousness in the ability to control matter, control spirit in matter and finally to control spirit itself just as Jesus prophesied that men should do.


It reads like a hard-headed battle plan for the rise of “small is beautiful” solar. Cost comparisons. Equipment 10 to 15 years from now. Economics of growth. Federal policy for promotion and regulation. Legal problems. Integration with conventional utilities. Impact on foreign policy. And it doesn’t stop there. The 525 page report, recently presented to Congress by the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, makes a prediction as well, saying that small-scale solar equipment could compete with conventional energy utilities by the mid 1980s. All it takes, the report notes, is “aggressive federal support.”

September – October 1978       25

Congress asked OTA for the report in the belief that federal solar energy planners had ignored small, “onsite” equipment in favor of centralized generating systems. Onsite equipment is mounted on or near the building it serves. Although some generate electricity, many of these systems use the sun’s thermal energy for direct hot water and space heating or for industrial process heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

The report starts with performance comparisons of onsite solar equipment in Albuquerque, Boston, Ft. Worth and Omaha. The sites show wide climatic variation. But more important, they show a range of conventional fuel costs, which vary even more than the available sunlight. In each area, computer simulations were made for a single family dwelling, a 196-unit high-rise apartment, a shopping mall, a whole residential community and a variety of industries.

Sweeping generalizations are rare and give way in most places to detailed charts, tables and graphs. However, while testifying about the report before the Senate’s Energy R & D subcommittee, Russell W. Peterson, Director of OTA, said that if the whole “life cycle” and not just the initial cost of the system is taken into account, solar heat and hot water can already compete with electric utilities in many parts of the country. With federal support, he said, solar heat and hot water could also vie with oil and gas by the mid 1980s. Solar heat will not be able to compete with the direct combustion of coal before the end of the century. But solar electric systems could produce electricity at 4 to 10 cents per kilowatt hour by the late 1980s – and thus compete with centrally generated electricity. These predictions do not assume “break-throughs” in research.

“Our analysis has indicated,” Peterson said, “that by the end of the next decade, the range of costs which can be plausibly forecast for energy from onsite solar energy equipment will overlap the range of costs which can be forecast for nonsolar systems in energy

26                                                  UNDERSTANDING

markets representing nearly 40 percent of present U.S. energy demands.”

Estimates of future solar energy production are numerous and often contradictory (SN: 4/22/78, p.243). What makes the OTA report unique is that it also grapples with major conflicts that must be ironed out before solar can spread. For example, solar equipment can use onsite storage for backup during the night or cloudy days – but it is usually cheaper to rely on conventional gas or electric backup. The report therefore digs into how more and more people going solar will affect utility rates. Another example: It is usually more efficient for an onsite electric-generating device to sell excess electricity to an electric utility, even at reduced rates, than to store it in batteries. The report not only points out that such sales are now prohibited in most areas, but it goes on to grapple with the web of problems that will arise when onsite producers start pumping power into a utility’s grid.

Not just a nuts and bolts evaluation, the report also ranges into the means of making solar stick. “The primary barrier to the widespread use of onsite solar energy is not technology but economics,” said Peterson during the Senate hearing. He noted that tax credits and research support are often given to utility-owned facilities. Federal policies, moreover, maintain low oil and gas prices, and thus discriminate against onsite solar equipment.



Dr. Ron Anjard

There is a keynote upon which the entire universe is built. It is the Divine Sound, the universal sound of OM, the Music of the spheres. It is the Lost Word of the ancients. It is the Life Stream, the Voice of Silence, the Light of Christ, the Word of God. It is the

September – October 1978      27

Tao – the way – the highway of saints. It is the still, small voice heard within our soul.

This divine sound can never be captured by an earthly creator of song. Every sound on earth is but a faint echo of this eternal Divine Music from our Creator. It is the Cosmic Sound to which each disciple tries to contact in Meditation. The expression of all life rests on the glory of this Sound. It is the force – the power behind everything. It is the very essence of God.

The Saints of all religions teach of the Divine Sound. The Hindus called it OM. The Sufis called it Shabd. The Bible spoke of it as the Light, the Name, the Word, the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, the Redeemer, the Breath of Life, the Well of Living Water. Others call it the Tao, the Lost Chord, Primal Essence, Nam, Logos, the Philosopher’s Stone. The Sacred Sound is the key to all scriptures and the Secret Password to the Divine Mysteries.

The ultimate Pathway for the homeward bound soul is through the Cosmic Sound. Those who seek it live the inner mystical life even while functioning and working in the material world. The true mystic searches ever to overcome the obstacles which restrict his soul currents. The “searcher”, longing for home, “cries” for the down pouring of this Divine Essence.

“The true mystic, arriving at the ultimate cross-roads in the center of his consciousness” directs his consciousness inward and upward. The mystic finds “no peace, no satisfaction, no happiness or security in possessions or sense-pleasures”. Within his own holy temple, in Meditation, he hears the Sound of the Soundless. He understands the magic of true baptism, for “he drinks the Waters of everlasting life.” All space is filled with it. This is the Fountain of Life from which all flows.

This sharing was paraphrased from Earlyne Chaney’s book, “Remembering, the Autobiography of a Mystic”.




Abyssinians were the small domesticated cats of northern Africa in the days of the Pharaohs. It is said that Cleopatra first conceived the idea of mascara by noticing that the black lids of the abyssinian made their eyes look larger. The first domesticated cat, they have been found mummified in the pyramids of Egypt and were considered sacred by their owners. Mammologists concur that, of all the modern domestic breeds, abyssinians are the most closely related to the small, wild cats of Africa. The Cat Fanciers Association recognizes them as a “natural breed”; that is, they did not result from the crossing of any other breeds.

Abyssinians, like most desert cats, sport a short, reddish-brown, agouti coat which looks almost identical (color and markings) to that of our own American desert cat, the cougar. Their eyes are gold, nose brick-red, and paw pads black. Like other desert species, the skin beneath the coat is dark. Abys are of slender body build and never become overweight. Even in old age they remain playful and active. Abyssinians are sensitive, intelligent beings – fascinated by water – with a very soft, conversational voice.

We have been raising and showing abys for eleven years and are, perhaps, the top abyssinian cattery in the country. Our cats are to be found in most states and, recently, in Japan.

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