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Vol. XXIII                                       July – August 1978                                     No. 6

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


As this editorial is being written, the citizens of the sovereign state of California have just fired the first broadside in the war of tax rebellion which has been slowly gathering steam, for the past seven years, in almost every state of the Union. It was something of a shock to the establishment to learn that its threats of dire calamity, with massive unemployment and general fiscal chaos, had fallen on deaf ears as the voters of the state adopted proposition 13 by a two to one majority, leaving no doubt whatever as to the temper of the general public on the subject of taxes, and government spending.

Now that California has led the way, there is little doubt that other states will quickly follow, and the war will be on in earnest. Proposition 13 is, of course, merely an opening salvo, since it limits only the amount of money that can be taken from property owners in property taxes, but puts no limit on the state sales tax, the state and federal income taxes, or any other of the endless means by which money is extracted, willy-nilly, from the pockets of the citizen, for the avowed purpose of furnishing him a huge list of services, some of which are indeed desirable, and perhaps even necessary, but which exist, side by side with a host of other alleged

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

services which may be of little or no value to him, and which he may not know even exist.

It should be realized that public service is simply a commodity, like unto any other, except that it is the only one which the citizen is forced to buy, even though he may not need it, may not want it, and may not be able to afford it! Most of the public resentment against taxation stems from the fact that the individual has no say concerning the amount of public service which he wants or can afford, it is simply thrust upon him, and he is sent the bill.

The message sent to the taxing agencies by the voters in Proposition 13 is simply that the citizens have decided it is time they began to spend a little more of their own money rather than having it taken from them wholesale and spent by others who may have little understanding of their wishes and their needs.

One of the simple facts that is apparently being overlooked in all of the prophecies of fiscal doom being issued by the taxing agencies is that under Proposition 13, the citizens of the state will have, and will spend just as much money as before except that they can now buy those goods and services which they want instead of those which have long been forced upon them. While it is true that the situation will certainly cause some temporary dislocation of personnel as the unnecessary services are weeded out and the necessary ones restored, it is unlikely that any severe depression or financial chaos will result if those in charge of the transition employ reasonable intelligence and integrity. Instead of accepting the plain verdict of the two to one majority of voters that they simply cannot continue to spend money at the present rate for public services however, it is almost certain that a number of attempts will be made, by those for whom taxation is a way of life, to raise the level of other forms of taxation, or to institute new forms, in order to restore the revenue lost by the property tax limitation, but, with the present attitude of the public, it is equally certain that those who make these attempts will themselves be out of a job as soon as the next election is held. A two to one majority is hard

July – August 1978                      3

to influence, and impossible to frighten or to oppose successfully. In the war on taxation, the people of California have had their first taste of success, and are not likely to look backward for some time to come.

Since the citizens of most other states have long had feelings toward excessive taxation very similar to those demonstrated in California, it is probable that taxation, with or without representation, is in for the battle of its life.


Aleta Lister

“A woman who can finance her own passage through life” is the gist of a definition of a liberated woman given recently by Erica Jong when she was asked for it on a television show. The author of FEAR OF FLYING and now of a new novel gave her definition in materialistic terms; a woman who did not have to depend on someone else for her living was liberated.

She may have given the yin and now I would like to suggest the yang, the other side, the spiritual definition of a liberated woman.

The liberated woman accepts work and the responsibilities of her everyday life as the ground where she continually meets herself in a very direct way and examines her experience critically.

The liberated woman finds it possible to be what she is in the world as it is, taking an interest in what is happening day by day and not excusing herself from having anything to do with ordinary life, but she is able to see its problems, irritations, and ordinary situations as something she can work on with confidence.

The liberated woman is not afraid to allow the spark of her intelligence to become a flame. She can live with clarity and with warmth from the flame. Her understanding is not just an intellectual understanding but the true understanding of actual practice. She is neither the clogged lantern that chokes and smothers the light,

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

nor the lamp, timid and ashamed, hidden under a bushel.

The liberated woman lives in the “now moment”, where every act of her life can contain simplicity and precision and thus have beauty and dignity. Because she sees the nowness of the very moment, there is no room in her life for anything but openness and peace. She does not have to seek outside herself for the possibility, the light, already within her.

The liberated woman follows a path which involves not only the appreciation of her own nature but an awareness, a clear seeing, of the world as it is. Having developed a friendly attitude toward herself, having made friends with herself, her warmth naturally expands to the environment.

But she begins to give up any demand that situations conform to her expectations. The development of non-aggression and a sympathetic attitude toward others allows real listening and communication to take place.

The liberated woman no longer categorizes situations as threatening, neutral or friendly. She does not need that to make her world recognizable, predict able and secure. She accepts the world as we all accept children because they are not a threat to the ego.

The liberated woman has opened her mind to those parts of herself and life that most of us have difficulty accepting. She is no longer caught in the painful conflict between what she thinks she is and what she thinks she should be. She has escaped the former prison of her own creation where, by forcing the world to fit her pre-conceptions, she had put herself and whose bars she had reinforced through a blind struggle to escape.

This clear seeing is the ground of her liberation, her sense of simplicity, clarity and absence of chaos.

The liberated woman has claimed her own soul, but it does not have a dollar mark. She has paid her way in other currency.

July – August 1978                      5



Michael A. Daddio

In the night a tide of creativity fills the empty space between your ears prodding you to think thoughts seemingly without meaning and to feel emotions that are foreign to your senses. It is that fateful moment just prior to awakening that allows you to live! Without the prodding in consciousness of your unbounded imagination flooding your `day mind’ you would never rise again. Those who do not dream do not live.

Sometimes the bizarre character of your dreams confuse and frustrate your waking mind to such an extent that you block them out. These gentle creatures of your imagination come to comfort, to inspire and to find a home in your daily life but you shut the door on them because you don’t want them to interfere with your comfortable `reality’. You make them orphans in their own house and when you do that to anyone, sooner or later they will grow teeth. You can kick them for only so long till they reach a point where they cease knocking at your door and waiting for you to answer. Rather, they knock the door down. They enter what’s rightfully theirs too and they ravage and rape. They terrorize and tear at your comfortable ‘reality’. You call these night-mares. And when they’re done, they pick you up, dust you off, patch the damage and leave. But the next night they’ll knock gently and gracefully once more, hoping you’ll answer. Be wise! Let them enter and call them friends, for whether or not you accept them, without them you would die.

Some find their day reality to be miserably limited. For them it is quantity not quality they seek. Their dreams dissolve like sugar in water. They drink of their diluted life and sigh, “at least, asleep, I’m happy!” For these people a time always rises in which their dream house is so crowded they themselves are evicted to build a new house and hopefully start dealing in `quality of creation’, with the lesson having been

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

learned. Until that time arrives for these people, I recommend working in a pillow factory during the day so they can feel at home.

There is an option; one so diverse in its nature it cannot possibly offend any who adopt it. It leaves in its wake a sense of personal collective identity centered in the best mankind has to offer when discovering the beautiful laws of a limitless universe.

This third state of living is a synthesis of the first two mentioned. We take the incurable dreamer who lives to sleep and we adopt their attitude of joyful expectancy of up-coming dreams. Like them we make the dream a living, organic, experiential condition. Unlike them, we do not limit this to a separate fantasy reality, rather we adopt a day by day forum in our waking life for the expression of the dream.

When these awake, they find the stage of life set in the third dimensional existence for disseminating and applying that imaginative, creative force. What has transpired has been a dialogue of collaboration between the inner and the outer You.

The inner You is a causative, intuitive sense of being that has always been aware of itself and its relationship to the Infinite. Its limitless inspiration is the result of this union and manifests as an expression of eternity fueling the highway of imagination. This highway travels a zone of timeless non-spacial texture; a dimension of potential, magnetically moving itself in whatever direction best suits its expression and aligning its force to an unlimited amount of sympathetic force seeking its own timely expression in a zone of time and space. This fourth dimension is the only zone capable of holding and sustaining our heritage of Infinity. To accept any less dimension would be to deny our eternal nature. It is the only possible avenue upon which such creative, unrestricted traffic as dreams can travel.

The outer self exists for the expression of this inner, awesome and beautiful self. It allows the wanderings of Infinity to experience itself as a purposeful entity. The outer You experiences its own self-worth, hopefully

July – August 1978                      7

in consort with your inner brother. It comes to a point of expression only to find a tunnel up ahead. A tunnel of restrictions with only one lane to bear cargo. That one lane is your conscious day-mind, your personality. Your confusion is in how to handle a free-flowing traffic of imagination and creativity. The answer is very simple. Widen the tunnel of your personality. This is only accomplished through a sense of faith and trust that the incoming traffic will fill the seeming void that the expansion necessarily creates. To feel, to sense, to know whatever it might be, it is being given for your own best interests. Unfortunately, humanity seems to lessen the lanes of fourth dimension; to somehow stifle the expansion of consciousness.

The paradox is, if the conscious mind were successful in lessening the lanes, you would die, cease to exist at all. Oblivion of consciousness would be the result. Let us thank the stars or whatever for not allowing this to happen. We may block our creativity temporarily, but not permanently. Sooner or later “love is gonna get you.” You come to know that as you seek to express it every day, the rapport of the inner self with the outer self grows and grows. The seemingly super-human efforts of a Michelangelo or a Mozart has always shown us that they recognized the need to widen the tunnel of their personalities through faith and the “Inspiration to Act. ” It has always been through the arts that the future speaks in the present. And it has always been through the inspiration of dreams, visions and fantasies, that the arts have been born and allowed to thrive.

The New Age today seeks to herald in the advent of group awareness that any endeavor, any life-style, whether peasant or president, has the potential to be as creative as any form mankind has developed in the past. You’re the best mankind has to offer. Each morning you awaken with the wisdom of a master, re-energized to manifest a perfect day. Don’t start your day empty of dreams. After all, what is man or woman without a dream?

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

poet’s corner


You hear the of cowpokes talk from time to time

Of that one special horse – that one-of-a-kind;

Whether a flashy black or a gray mustang;

Down through the years the story’s the same.

“Mine was the best!” an old-timer brags,

“By gosh and by darn, I sure miss that old nag!”

Then he spits in the dust and starts off to name

All the reasons his horse put the others to shame.

Well, I had such a horse, a little bay gelding;

When I turned fourteen, he was given to me.

He was a touch of this and a touch of that,

But mostly morgan and that’s a fact.

After thoughtful debate, I named him Twister.

`Oh my, you should have seen him, Mister!

He’d work in deep snow or hot, blazing sun;

He wouldn’t stop working’ ’till his work was done.

When a child rode him, he was an old plow mare,

Just plodding along, but stepping with care,

But if the one that rode him could master the reins,

He was a spirited steed, his soul untamed!

“Fast?” you ask. Ah, you never saw such speed!

There wasn’t a horse within miles he couldn’t beat!

Among my treasured memories of that time long ago

Is the summer nights my sister and I raced our horses home.

July – August 1978                      9

He ran barrels, cut cattle, and danced in parades;

Yes sir, he was the perfect cowpony in every way!

I assure you each line in this story is true;

There were those who were there – those who knew.

I came home from college on Thanksgiving Day

And learned that my Twister had been called away.

I hope he’s dipping his muzzle in icy streams

And grazing in grass that’s up to his knees.

It was because of those knees, he had to `go home’;

I miss him, but where he is, pain is not known.

His memory roams softly in the back of my mind.

Never be another like him – he was one-of-a-kind!


Written 5/23/78


(Torrance, Calif., Daily Breeze, May 25, 1978. John M. Bogert, Staff Writer.)

“Clarence and Betty Gahlbeck of Torrance head a UFO study group dedicated to promoting understanding between us and beings from other worlds.

“The scene is typical enough. There are photos of the grandchildren hanging here and there. Over the couch there’s a large landscape painting contrasting nicely with the view out the window of the freeway and Century City beyond.

“Everything in this corner of Torrance is in order, even the UFO library.

“Without being facetious, one would expect Clarence and Betty Gahlbeck to head the local senior citizens club, rather than the local chapter of a group

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING

studying unidentified flying objects.

“The Gahlbecks, married 36 years, are head of Understanding Unit 15 of Inglewood.

“Putting it simply, Gahlbeck, president of the unit for 15 years, says, “Understanding is dedicated to bringing about understanding between the people of the earth and beings not of this earth.”

“That means that once a month about 75 people of various backgrounds get together in the community room of a bank to talk about space and space life with guest speakers.

“This month their guest spoke about changes in the weather, secret Soviet experiments and the psychic explosion.

“Last month Brian Scot, a space writer, talked about six UFO experiences he claims to have had.

” `We both believe in UFOs,” explains Gahlbeck, who adds his interest dates back to 1945.

” ‘I was driving east from Chicago when I saw some strange lights in the sky. That got me thinking back to when I was a boy.

” `I used to go out and look at the night sky. I knew for sure, even then, that with all those other planets orbiting all those other suns, life must exist elsewhere.”

“The group originated with Dr. Daniel Fry in 1955. “It seems that Fry, while working on a project in the New Mexico desert, was visited by alien beings. “After a quick ride to New York and back in their space craft, Fry was supposedly returned to his desert home where he decided to form the international Understanding Units.

“The mission of the 100 world-wide, non-profit units is to prepare the people of earth for encounters with beings from space.

“The facts bear this out. And as Dr. Fry said, they’re here because our thrusts into space are endangering them,” says the ex-banker and career Navy man.

“Mrs. Gahlbeck puts it a bit differently.

” `We’ve talked to hundreds of scientists and pilots and other people who have seen and experienced

July – August 1978                      11

aliens and UFOs. It’s interesting and fun to learn about it, but I guess believing is a matter of faith. “


(Los Angeles Herald Examiner, June 5, 1978. Steve Comus, Staff Writer.)

“It was about 3:30 a.m., May 13. Lisa Harrison’s husband, Greg, had taken his cement-mixer truck to an overnight job in Los Angeles, and she couldn’t get to sleep.

“She was watching the late movie on television, sitting next to the living room window of her duplex apartment in Kerman, on the far west side of the San Joaquin Valley, near Fresno.

“Suddenly, there was a strange noise, like none she had ever heard — and the home began to vibrate. She took three quick steps out the front door to see what was happening.

“Looking up toward the northwest, she saw two lights moving southward at tree-top level.

” `The noise was really loud — a loud whuurrr, ” she said last week. “There were vibrations — not like an earthquake, but more like a vibrator. And then I saw this white light and behind it was a reddish light — not like the red lights on airplanes, though.

” ‘I couldn’t tell exactly how big it was, but it was big. It was going just above those trees,” she added as she pointed to trees about a half-mile west of her apartment.

” `I was going slow and it was just lights, but it made a real loud noise …. a strong and smooth hum, much smoother even than a jet engine.

” ‘I knew it wasn’t an airplane or a helicopter,” she said. “I ran back into the house after I watched it go out of sight behind those houses (to the south).”

“Although the humming lights had startled her, she didn’t think much more about the incident. She didn’t even mention it to her neighbors — not at first, anyway.

“Mrs. Harrison’s next-door neighbor, Nanette


Pallesi, was also awake that night. She was due to give birth to her first child any day and had been sleepless for hours.

“All the lights were out, and her husband, Mike, was asleep when suddenly: “I heard this humming noise,” she said. “I thought it was the air conditioner –I thought the air conditioner was going berserk.”

“She went to a room she and Mike had prepared for the baby, thinking the humming noise might have been coming from there. But it wasn’t.

“After a minute or two, the hum stopped.

“She went back to bed and woke her husband. But he only kidded her about “flying saucers”. She dropped the subject and tried to fall asleep.

“Downtown that night, officer Manuel Amparano was working overnight patrol. He was the only member of the nine-man force on duty.

“Suddenly, he spotted a glimmering light south-west of town. He thought it might be a fire, so he drove to the corner of Del Norte and California avenues to investigate.

“As he got closer in his new white Chevy Nova squad car, however, he could see that the light wasn’t a fire. Whatever it was, it was hovering about 100 feet above a 60-acre cotton field just south of the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks.

“He drove closer — within 100 feet of it — and looked up, peering at the strange sight for about five minutes. It was circular, about 30 feet in diameter. At times it seemed orange; other times it turned a simmering bright white.

“Suddenly, the light zipped off to the southwest, over the seemingly endless table-flat San Joaquin Valley and out of sight.

“Later that afternoon, when he was off duty, Amparano checked into the emergency room at Fresno Community Hospital for treatment of first-degree burns on his face, neck and hands. The policeman told the doctors who treated him that he got the burns staring at a UFO.

July – August 1978                      13

“Kerman, all one-square mile of it, seemed frozen in suspended animation the day The Herald Examiner reporter arrived to investigate the officer’s report.

“Kerman (population 3000) isn’t much of a town. The business district along Madera Avenue is nine blocks long. And there aren’t any traffic lights.

“City Hall, a new building on the south end of town next to a park, houses all the administrative offices and the police department.

“It was 9 a.m. and the glass door to the police station was locked. A sign on the door in both English and Spanish explained what to do:

“If an officer is not in the office, go to the telephone and call the operator.”

“Information was only a dime away.

“As it turned out, the policeman on duty was only two blocks away, sitting in his patrol car next to the Kerman News building, the city’s weekly newspaper. The name tag over his right pocket read T. (for Tom) Gilpin.

“Gilpin looked up.

” `What’s the story about the UFO?”

” `It’s already out,” said Gilpin. “I can’t say anything that’s not already been reported. It was in the (Fresno) Bee last week and on television and radio.”

” `Which officer saw it?”

” `I can’t say,” he replied sternly.

“After reciting the dry facts – a policeman had spotted an “illumination” early on May 13. He thought it was a fire, but it was only a bright light. He saw it out by Del Norte and California avenues in a cotton field. And that was all there was to the story.

“Maybe it would be good for me to talk to the chief.’ ” `You want to talk to the chief. “

” `Yes.”

” `Okay, I’ll call him.”

“Gilpin picked up his car microphone and mumbled something.

” `Okay,” answered a woman’s voice over the car’s loudspeaker.

“There was the sound of the phone dialing and then


a ring at the other end. After several rings, Gilpin looked up and said:

” ‘I guess the chief’s not home. He’ll be here tomorrow if you want to call him.”

“What about the mayor?” ” ‘He’s probably home. ” `What’s his name?”

” `Uh, it’s kind of odd,” said Gilpin. “Scia…Sciaka – something like that.”

“ ‘Thanks.”

“But the Mayor, Lee Sciacqua, who lives in a ranch-style house a couple of blocks off the main drag, said he couldn’t add much. He said he didn’t want his town to look silly, but he stressed that the officer who saw the UFO was highly respected. He refused to name the man, and referred all other questions to the chief, James Van Cleaf.

“Van Cleaf was in his office early the next morning, a Monday, but refused to elaborate on his formal statement which he read in a monotone:

” ‘On 5-13-78 at 0330 hours, an officer observed what was first believed by him to be a fire. Closer observation revealed there was no fire. The cause of the illumination is unknown. He saw it for about 4 to 5 minutes. Later that day, the officer who observed the illumination received treatment at a Fresno hospital for first-degree bums and was off duty for one day. We are unable to link the cause of the burns with the illumination. “

“The chief added that a group in Seattle was handling the investigation.

“City officials seemed to have constructed their own little cosmic cover-up. No, the chief wouldn’t name the officer. No, the chief wouldn’t allow the officer to answer questions anonymously by phone. “The man has a right to privacy,” the chief said.

“Maj. James Arthur at the Air National Guard unit at the Fresno Airport, said he had not received a report of the sighting: “There was nothing routed to me.”

“Paul Schultz, director of the tower at Fresno airport, said no one had called him either – there was

July – August 1978                      15

nothing on the log.

” ‘The group in Seattle” the chief mentioned was a privately funded UFO reporting center, headed by a man named Robert Gribble. He said the report was being handled routinely. It would be at least 30 days before the facts could be gathered and evaluated. And no, he could not name the officer either. His name had been “classified confidential” at the policeman’s request.

“The UFO sighting is one of the biggest stories to hit Kerman since the Southern Pacific Railroad put it on the map in 1891 by building a water tower there for its steam locomotive. Yet the local weekly, the Kerman News, did not mention the sighting in its Wednesday morning edition following the Saturday incident.

“Mark O. Kilen, the editor, said he was content to go along with the town officials. “They don’t want to say anything about it,” Kilen said. “So that’s it.”

“But a number of town residents didn’t share their leaders studied disinterest in the incident. They wanted to know more – and tell what they knew. The town seemed split between those who knew the actual details, and those who wanted to know.

“For the next two days, as the reporter went around town interviewing residents, a police car seemed to follow – cruising down alleys, or parking just around the corner.

“Anita Davis, the barmaid at the White’s Bridge Bar, said there was a lot of talk about the UFO. “But we haven’t been able to find out much of anything,” she said. “They’re keeping it a secret.”

“Ed Burgess was hooking a travel trailer to his pickup truck at the rear of his small house a quarter-mile south of the city limits, sipping from a can of beer.

” `It’s very possible,” Burgess said, taking another sip. “I seen one here about 10 years ago. The one I seen, it was a big red light right by the railroad tracks. It started to turn right, it went swoosh, and it was gone.

” `There was seven of us that seen it. It was about 30 feet in diameter and round. The closer I got, the bigger it got. It shimmered, kind of like aluminum.

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Then when it took off, sparks came off it.”

“He took a final sip, crunched the can in his hand and tossed it into the truck’s bed. Burgess went back to the trailer, turned and repeated, “Yep, it could be.”

” `I believe it,” said Kerman Food Market clerk Ann Perez. “It was near my house, but I didn’t hear anything or see anything. “

” ‘1 don’t believe in UFOs,” said 67-year-old Raymond Hayworth, who owns the 60-acre field where the officer spotted the illumination. “We didn’t hear anything, and we (he and his wife, Carolyn) were sleeping right there in the bedroom (at the opposite end of the field.)

“The first of last week (several days after the sighting) a policeman came out and asked if we heard any planes… (or) if somebody was (crop) dusting. There wasn’t. But if that thing had burned the cop, it would have burned the field. And it didn’t.”

Hayworth, like other residents in town, was not frightened by the possibility that a UFO may have visited Kerman.

” `It don’t worry me,” he said. “We sent a man to the moon and some people believe there may be life on other planets. I suppose that’s possible. But I still don’t believe it.”

“Meanwhile, at Ma’s Cafe near the four-way stop at the north end of Kerman, several farmers sat around a table, joking about the incident.

” `I’ve heard of all sorts of things,” one quipped, “but this is something else.”

” `Yea,” said another, “just because there’s one kook don’t mean the whole town’s crazy.”

“Many of the residents said they thought the officer who saw the “illumination” was Bill McKinney, but he denied it heatedly to a reporter – “It wasn’t me!” And McKinney added: “If it would have been me, I wouldn’t have said anything to anybody.”

Finally, after some checking in nearby Fresno, The Herald Examiner was able to establish that officer Manuel Amparano was the one who saw the light and was later treated for the burns.

July – August 1978                      17

“A reporter went to his home, but could only speak to his wife. No, her husband was not available for an interview. The chief had told him not to talk to anyone about the incident, least of all out-of-town reporters. Yes, she thought her husband would be willing to talk – he had nothing to hide – but only if the chief said it was all right.

“But the chief was adamant. No interviews. “Recognized UFO experts say the Kerman sighting was classic. Every detail known about it is typical, including the efforts of local officials to cover up what happened.

“Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, of Hayward, a well-known lecturer on UFO’s, said that even the time of the sighting was right.

” `That’s an interesting time,” he said. “There are two periods when many are seen – one at about 9 p.m. and one at 3 or 4 in the morning. That time fits very much into the general pattern,” he added, referring to a study of more than 1,000 reported sightings in this country and a like number in France.

“What about the burns on the officer?

” ‘There are other reports of physiological effects of UFOs,” Friedman recalled. “Many of them are consistent with microwave effects – like a sunburn. It is frequently reported that there is a feeling on the skin, of heat or a tingling. “

“The weird sounds heard by the two housewives is also common, Friedman explained.

” ‘One of the most striking things about most close encounters is that the sounds are quite different from those normally associated with high performance aircraft. “

” `Some say it’s a strange hum, a whurr or buzzing noise like bees. Others say it’s like a generator, or a (giant) vacuum cleaner.”

“Freidman went on to say that the Kerman case reminded him of “One of the more famous close encounters” in Socorro, N.M., in 1964.

” ‘Lonnie Zamora was a cop, well-known and

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

trusted by everyone in the community including the mayor,” said Friedman.

“He was chasing a speeder, when he saw some. thing go overhead. It was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Friedman said Zamora chased the object over rough terrain and spotted what looked from a distance like a car standing on end with youngsters around it.

“As he approached, there was a loud noise and the object took off almost straight up and off toward nearby mountains, apparently leaving the burns and marks that were formed on the ground.

“He (Zamora) got such a hard time, especially from the outsiders, that after a while he didn’t want to talk about it,” Friedman said. “He just got dragged over the coals. He eventually went off the police force.”

“Friedman explained, “Most people think most people don’t believe in UFOs when actually they do.” “He also said that a recent Gallup Poll revealed that a majority of Americans believe there are flying saucers. “When asked whether they thought UFOs were real or the product of imagination, 57 percent said they were real, 27 percent said imaginary and 16 percent weren’t sure.

“Dr. Jacques Vallee, a computer scientist and author, recognized as a leading authority on UFOs, agreed with Friedman that the Kerman encounter was ‘a classic.”

“Vallee also added that “sometimes people try to keep it quiet (as in the Kerman sighting) because they are afraid of harassment.

“It’s not uncommon.”

“Regardless of whether the “illumination” in Kerman was a UFO from outer space, one town resident, 16-year-old Scott Miller, believes in flying saucers and would like to ride in one.

”  ‘there has to be UFOs,” he said.  “In another galaxy, or somewhere, there has to be those things. If I seen it, I’d go with them. I’m ready to go anytime.”

” Something happened in Kerman. and the town will never be quite the same again.

July – August 1978                      19

“Let There Be Peace On Earth…”

And let it begin with Understanding members as they meet in their Units. Let it begin also with individual members like Gerry Bringle, Bagdad, Arizona. Gerry writes: “A specific social architectural design for society can only be drawn up by a Master Architect. However, there is no reason why the principles or code of conduct cannot be constructed by the ordinary layman. The foundation for such a code can be layed block by block by individuals cemented together by a common bond: the need for survival on this planet.

“In sociology when one is dissecting the development and structure of society and exploring the heart of our social relationships, the one thing that stands out above all else is the question: `What feeds the heart?’

“In an international community the chief concern is food supply. This includes the law of supply and demand and the distribution of surplus. The second concern is the advancement toward a society of free men. This must be based upon equality, self-government which involves cooperative efforts and conducted in the spirit of harmony proper and fitting to enhance a mature way of life. Third, values would be re-evaluated based on the total quantity of socially necessary labor to produce a commodity. This would need to be done with careful consideration for the direction the whole society wishes to reach. And finally, educational potentials fulfilled upon a balanced development of the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional needs of each individual. “

Thank you, Gerry, for thoughtful effort on behalf of mankind’s survival. Do any other readers of Understanding have ideas on the subject of how to reach a lasting peace? Please send them in for publication.

20                                                  UNDERSTANDING


A while back we asked for help in distributing to Libraries and our senators and congressmen the magazine, Understanding. This is the second call for such help. Understanding carries the unbiased accounts of UFO sightings and personal experiences. It is one of a small number of publications which does so. We believe these accounts are worthy of the attention of people who browse through libraries. Several letters have come to us as a result of library discovery of the magazine asking for more information about Understanding. You can support this effort by subscribing for your library. Currently thirty-eight libraries receive the magazine. At a cost of $4.00 per year that adds to a considerable contribution for Understanding to make without your help. In addition to this, thirty-three senators and congressmen also receive the magazine and President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale. One of our subscribers and loyal supporters sent a copy of the Area of Mutual Agreement to Walter Mondale and received a thank-you letter in return. Doesn’t your senator or congressman need to know about the work Understanding is trying to do?

In these days of inflation, pollution and corruption, ye olde editor lays the facts on the line without pulling punches and without political pressure for what is said.

Very few papers or periodicals are doing that today. Won’t you help keep the good work going with a small contribution to the cause: a subscription for one senator or congressman?

Today, politicians are listening to the voice of the voting public as never before in recent times. California has seen to that. Write to your senator or congressman and tell him you are subscribing to Understanding magazine for him. Ask him to read it and think about its messages.

And to those wonderful people (there are a few!) who send in a monthly contribution or a yearly one, we say thanks and thanks again for your support. Without You, Understanding’s candle might go out!

July – August 1978                      21

Bulletin board

Time to think about making the trip to Tonopah again for the annual fall convention. Get out the calendar and circle the dates September 29th – 30th and October 1st. That’s when it will be. The theme: “Our Changing World!” A number of highly qualified speakers have been contacted and some have given their confirmation to be present. One of these, Michael Daddio, New York City, is a specialist in Dream Dynamics. Dreams are one of the best sources of guidance for your daily actions in these times of change. He has taught hundreds how to use their dreams for practical every-day problem-solving. It will be a treat just to make Michael’s acquaintance. He’s young and dynamic and dedicated.

And of course Daniel Fry will be present with scientific rules for making change as painless as possible. Be sure to start saving the travel fare. The donation for the three days has been kept to the absolute minimum in these inflationary days so that many might come; Twenty-five dollars for all three days. Food will be available but not included in the cost.

And there have some very important changes at Tonopah since you were last here. The auditorium has been remodeled, paint has appeared in places that needed paint and the trees and grounds have had a tailoring. The rest-rooms too have been improved! Need I say more about that? But come and see for your-

22                                                  UNDERSTANDING

self. Brochures with details will be in the mail by September 1st.

The garden at Tonopah this year is a productive addition to the property. Melons and squash, it seems to like this desert air and water. There are 30 melons, cantalope, honey dew and watermelon. And the zuccini are in abundance too. Hopefully some will last until convention time!

There has been a brief message from Alan this summer. He beamed in one evening at the Fry residence and stated that he might possibly see us in Japan. (He didn’t say we would see him!)



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Are you on The Path? Do you know where you are going on your Path? Do you know where you are going on your path? Do you know how to reach your highest goal? All these questions are answered scientifically and clearly in The Curve of Development by Dr. Daniel W. Fry.

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The Curve of Development by Daniel W. Fry. $2.50 postpd.


is the theme for our annual

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Understanding Headquarters

Sept 29th – 30th & Oct 1st.

Highly Qualified Speakers Newly Refinished Facilities

Donation $25.00 for 3 days of fascinating and enlightening programs and lectures

“Like to hear from persons interested in THOUGHT FORMS, their formation and use, and in Kundalini Development and use.”


P.O. Box 1523

Casper, Wy 82602

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Would you like to be able to have an Understanding convention in your own home? Would you like to present all of the lectures to your friends and acquaintances? They are available NOW!

AVAILABLE NOW – Cassette Tape of the ‘Man in Space’ convention lectures.

AL WRIGHT, (Project Director for the ‘Space Shuttle’) – “The Age of Aero-Space Transportation.”

PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph.D.) – “Your Health In Space.”

DR. DANIEL W. FRY – (President of Understanding, Inc.) – “Preparing to Live in Space.”

DR. MERVIN STRICKLER, (Chief of Aviation Education Programs Div., F.A.A.) – “Russian Aero-Space Education Training.”

All tapes – $5.25 ea. (Postpaid). Send orders to ‘Tapes’, c/o Understanding, Inc., Star Route Box 588F, Tonopah, Arizona 85354.



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White Sands Incident

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