June, 1978

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Vol. XXIII                                       JUNE, 1978                                                No. 5

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.



“Neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night shall stay these brave couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds! “

Among the many fine old American traditions now in the process of going down the drain of history, is the U.S. Postal System. Originating in the young and vigorous years of America’s growth period, it did so well for a number of decades, as to become a widely accepted tradition in its own time. Rates were very low, and service was excellent. For a single penny, one could purchase both the post card itself, and the postage, to send a message anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and several other localities of the world. (Of course, there was always a small deficit at the end of the year, which had to be made up from public tax funds, but nobody seemed to mind so long as the service retained its excellent quality. Then, suddenly, some less than usually intelligent public official had a wonderful idea! All that was necessary to wipe out the annual deficit was to double the price of the postcard, raise the cost of letters from two cents to three, and other postage accordingly! -Alas- What fools we mortals be! The price was duly raised and, by the end of the first year, the deficit was forty percent higher than it had

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

ever been before! Then another Think Tank came along who said, The real problem is that we have been giving far too much service. What we need to do is, first, raise the postcard to three cents, the letter to four, and other postage accordingly. Then we cut out all these multiple deliveries in urban areas, cut down the number of pickups from boxes, lay off a few delivery men and let the rest carry more mail. That will do the trick! Accordingly, all of these reforms were instituted, and by the end of that year the deficit had doubled. After that, for a number of years, no one seemed to have any more ideas, so the Post Office simply continued to press the old ones. The penny post card went from three to four, to five and to six cents in a closely spaced series of jumps, the letter rate went from four to five, to six, and then to seven during the same period, while all other postal rates escalated proportionately. The quality of the service continued to deteriorate, while the deficit skyrocketed. All of this occurred during the period when inflation had not yet become a handy excuse for every kind of government excess, and the postal situation finally began to be of concern to the long suffering public. Studies were made to determine how the system might be repaired. The most complete and thorough of these studies, ordered and paid for by the Federal government itself, reported simply that there was no way in which the system could successfully be repaired or reorganized. It was much too far gone for any such action. The only possible solution, it said, was to junk the present staggering colossus entirely, and to begin again with a system controlled by the logic of modern industry rather than by dogmatic and monopolistic governmental habits. Since there seemed to be no alternative, a group of experts were appointed to design a new U.S. Post Office system. Anyone who knows anything about governmental habits however, knows that, once government has had its hooks sunk deeply in any public function, it never lets go entirely, so that the net result of all the `Expert’s’ activity was not the new entity which the study had recommended, but only a partial reorganization, which the study

JUNE, 1978                                 3

had specifically stated could never succeed!

To give the reorganization as much credibility as possible, it was sold to the public as a `Quasi Government’ organization, which simply meant that it incorporated the worst flaws of both private and government control, with few, if any, of the merits of either.

The new, “Quasi Governmental Agency,” was intended to be self supporting and so, went hopefully into business with a massive jump in all postal rates. This would be it! At last there would be no more deficits. The Post Office would be independent and self supporting! -Alas!- One small fact had been over-looked. That fact was Murphy’s Law which states that every government agency, even Quasi ones, invariably spend 142% of their income, no matter how large that income may be, or how small the function of the agency. In the case of the U.S. Post Office, both the income and the function were very large to begin with, which simply meant that the deficit would certainly continue to grow at an even greater rate.

Before the end of its first year of operation, the new Post Office was already in deep financial trouble, and was calling upon its Uncle to come across with a few hundred millions to tide it over until it could institute a new large increase in postal rates, and could cut off a few more of its “unnecessary services to the postal patron.” During its second year of operation, and its third increase in postal rates, the Post Office noticed that personal mail had dropped off rather substantially, owing to the constantly increasing cost of letter posting. Their immediate response was to ask the Federal government for an outright gift of many millions of public tax dollars to put on a propaganda campaign aimed at causing the public to write more letters! The absolute ridiculousness of such a proposition was so obvious to everyone, except the post office, that the nation roared, in laughter or in anger, depending upon individual temperaments. The idea that the Federal government should take money away from the public and give it to the Post Office, so that the Post

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

Office could use it to persuade the public, from whom the money had been taken, to spend even more of their money in excessively priced postage, so that the Post Office could raise its rates even higher, thus producing a still bigger deficit for the same tax payers to pay, was a humorous situation to some, but a stark indication of total governmental idiocy to others. Eventually the suggestion was dropped.

Today we are in the midst of another of the frequent price boosts, but by now, we have reached the point where any reasonably efficient private organization could do the overall job better, faster and considerably cheaper. All kinds of local competition is beginning to show up in cities throughout the nation, and a great deal more would develop rapidly except for the fact that the Post Office is protected in its senility by a host of monopolistic laws which, in one way or another, forbid anyone from competing with it. For example, personal post boxes, even though they are purchased and installed on their own property by the citizen, become the property of the Post Office as soon as they are installed, and cannot be used for any purpose by any other person. When any law becomes oppressive or burdensome beyond a certain point, that law tends to be modified, repealed, or simply ignored, and it is likely that the Post Office will be supported for long simply by the monopolistic laws that surround it. It is not difficult to predict that, unless substantial changes are made, within a very few years, a number of entirely new postal delivery systems will have grown up within this country, and the U.S. Post Office will have become an almost forgotten relic of a bygone era. If still in operation, it will be used only for its nostalgic appeal to an occasional romantic swain who wishes to impress his loved one with the two dollar postage stamp on his letter, or with the simple penny post card, which now costs one dollar.

JUNE, 1978                                 5


by Russell J. Fornwalt

All kinds of books, articles, treatises, pamphlets and sermons have been written on “How to Succeed.” Just name the field in which you want success, and there are probably a dozen publications for it.

Usually they have such catchy titles as: Seven Sure Steps to Success, Twelve Ways to Succeed, Ten Roads to Riches, Five Sure-Fire Formulas to Fame and Fortune, and Success in Six Easy Lessons.

We have read many of these “Sevens,” “Twelves,” “Tens,” “Fives” and “Sixes.” Why is it that so many writers like to play the numbers when it comes to titles?

But whether any author, counselor or preacher tells you how to do it in five or 500 steps makes no difference. When you separate the wheat from the chaff and eliminate all the padding, you will find there is but one basic step to success. So, we, too, are picking a number – one.

Take that one step in life as early as possible, or take it right now, and you need take no other. Success will immediately be yours in business, social affairs, marriage, job finding, politics, child raising, personal relationships or anything else.

That one basic step to success is to “practice success” in the here and now. You do this as you live in the consciousness or climate of success or take the right attitude toward success.

After all there is only one way to become a successful golfer, swimmer, violinist, artist, bookkeeper, cook, typist or mechanic. Practice and more practice. Then, practice some more. Practice the right techniques or methods. Practice the right attitudes.

It’s important to practice “success” attitudes. Start with yourself. Just what is your attitude toward yourself? Do you see yourself as unworthy of success, inadequate or born-to-lose? Do you continually indulge

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

in self-hate, self-depreciation or self-effacement? Those are failure attitudes. In fact, they are attitudes of self-defeat and self-destruction. Eliminate them from your inventory of mental qualities.

You are not a miserable creature. You are a magnificent creator. You were born with power, potential and purpose. The world needs your talents and skills. This is part of the success attitude to practice all day long.

The greatest mistake (the greatest sin, if you will) is to indulge in thoughts of self-degradation. Your own negative attitudes toward yourself do not attract success.

Nor will they attract clients or customers, if you are in a profession or business. No one is eager to deal with a self-acknowledged failure.

You are not the mistake of a capricious creator. You are a miraculous combination of mind, muscle, emotion and moral fibre. You are more than form and flesh. You are feeling. You are intelligence. You are the ultimate entity in life as we know it on our planet. What is your attitude toward life generally? Do you have the feeling that the forces of life are constantly conspiring against you? Have you already written off success as a foregone conclusion? Do you really believe you were born under the wrong star or on the wrong side of the tracks?

Many people are ever so positive about meeting up with bad luck. They are positive that everything they touch will turn to ashes and dust. Often that is just what happens. It happens because positive thinking does have power. It has the power to produce doom, disaster and defeat, if that is your desire. The person who thinks positively about losing usually does.

Perhaps it would be well to switch from positive thinking to constructive thinking. If you are positive about meeting up with accidents, losses, debts and failure, what else can you expect? In fact, if you will permit a blunt question, what else do you deserve? Practice constructive (right) thinking every waking moment of the day. Take the view that the events and forces of life are always working with you and for you.

JUNE, 1978                                 7

Get rid of that unfounded and even paranoid notion that nature, the government, your employer, your neighbor or God is out to do you in.

See the good in the rain, the hail, the declining stock market, the competition and that awful headache. There might be something more constructive about them than you think.

Whenever you meet up with the slightest irritation or annoyance, practice constructive thinking. See all things as working together for your own good.

Some time ago a cuff link of mine dropped to the floor. As is usually the case with small objects like that, it ferreted out the darkest and most difficult place on the floor it could find. In searching for the cuff link I moved several chairs, a dresser and the bed. It was not easy, of course, to think constructively. It is hard to see anything good about wasting time on a lost cuff link.

But when I moved the bed I noticed another small object on the floor. It was a special portrait attachment lens for my camera. It had been missing for months.

I had tried to buy another, but camera dealers told me it was an obsolete item.

Now the lost button or the lost coin will not always lead you to some material object of greater value. But it might lead you to something greater in terms of patience, care, caution, tolerance, accuracy or thorough-ness.

There are philosophies which teach that no experience – however trite, tense or tragic – is ever wasted. There is always something to be gained, if one will practice constructive thinking.

Another attitude to practice is that of “success now.” Avoid thinking or saying “someday I will be a success.” See yourself as successful now.

It is true that some day you may have minks, mansions and millions. You may own ten grocery stores instead of one. You may have hundreds working for you. You may be Chairman of the Board rather than the company’s bookkeeper. You may be a general instead of a private.

But in terms of self-realization or self-fulfillment,

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

you might right now be a terrific success. This is true whether you are in the fourth grade of school, a fresh-man in college or just starting your first job.

You see, success is not only reaching that final goal – the million dollars, the presidency of a large corporation, movie stardom or an Olympic champion-ship. Success is reaching those intermediate and smaller goals along the way.

Success is being all you are capable of being at any particular point in time. Yet, at that same time, you aspire and work toward other goals.

Avoid equating success with money and material things. The world’s goods are indeed nice to have and enjoy. But nothing is more conducive to a sense of failure than the feeling that your bank balance or your house has to be larger than your neighbor’s.

A “success” is not something which you gradually or suddenly become. It is something you are here and now. If you are performing happily and effectively right now as a bank teller, but with your sights on something higher, you are just as successful as the bank president. Perhaps even more so.

There is, then, but one basic step to success. Practice success attitudes. See yourself as meant for and worthy of success. Even claim success as your rightful heritage. See all events and forces of life as working for and with you. Above all, see yourself as successful here and now.

JUNE, 1978                                 9

Poet’s corner


Tell me not, in mournful grumbles,

Life is just a dish of prunes,

For the smoothest dancer stumbles,

When the Devil calls the tunes!

Life can be a bowl of cherries,

If we meet it with a grin,

Shrug your shoulders at misfortune,

Take it squarely on the chin.

Life is not for gloom or sorrow,

But for glee and mirth and cheer,

Smile today and laugh tomorrow,

Chuckle daily through the year.

Lives of comics oft remind us,

We can make a buck or two,

Poking fun at traits that bind us,

Levity will see us through.

If you brood upon your troubles,

Sad and lonely you will be,

And you’ll have a peptic ulcer,

Just to keep you company.

A smile is easier to accomplish,

Than a frown, or so tis said,

So just be lazy, keep on smiling,

Even if you’re sick in bed!

-Daniel W. Fry

10                                                  UNDERSTANDING


U.F.O. Connection: Pilot’s Mind Boggling Theory.

San Francisco Examiner, April 9, 1978. by Claire Huff

“Suppose that certain scientists around the world already know what UFOs (unidentified flying objects) really are. Imagine, if you will, that these scientists are not only aware of UFOs visiting the earth, but also play a role in creating the conditions that make it possible.

“Mind boggling? Yes, especially to those of us to whom an atom or an electric switch are scientific mysteries. But at least one man (and he indicates there are others) is convinced this is actually happening now. “He is New Zealand Air Force Captain Bruce Cathie, now a commercial pilot in that country and an engineer by training. For 25 years he has been carefully documenting his case and claims there is strong evidence of direct contact between space craft and scientists here on earth.

“‘When I first made known my own findings, based on observations of UFOs and also on a sighting of an unidentified submarine object, as well as on the grid pattern which I know for certain to exist, a number of people who knew me professionally and otherwise considered the possibility that my mind had become unhinged,’ Cathie says.

… At one point my position as an airline pilot was in jeopardy. After all, what passenger would want to be flown by a pilot suspected of having lost his facilities?’

“However, he says the credibility gap is constantly narrowing and that thousands of people who a year ago had never given serious thought to UFOs `are suddenly turning to all the available reference materials in a search for a glimmering of truth.’

JUNE, 1978                                 11

”The truth, as Cathie sees it, is that he has uncovered enough evidence pointing to the existence of projects being carried out in New Zealand `and probably elsewhere’ that bring him to this conclusion: “‘Top Top scientists and electronic engineers within New Zealand are communicating with beings who control the UFOs and are receiving knowledge from them which has heretofore been withheld from mankind.’

… If this project is successful, I believe the secrets of anti-gravity will become clear to our technicians. The intricate technicalities of space travel will be revealed and this planet’s present day plans for space travel will be made obsolete.’

“According to Cathie, the grid he refers to is a network of communication devices that are used between the UFOs and people on this planet.

“As his research (much of it tracking down and photographing the grid system) progressed, Cathie says he kept his government advised on his findings. He fully expected to be either dismissed as a crank or told to discontinue his activities.

… Much to my surprise, I was given every encouragement to continue my probing and to publish whatever information came to light,’ Cathie reports.

“Verifying Cathie’s claims to his government’s sanction is his growing file of correspondence including letters to and from members of the New Zealand parliament and former Prime Minister Sir Keith Holyoake.

“‘I appear to have discovered, among other things, an harmonic equation which, when put into practical application, could yield an anti-gravity reaction,’ Cathie says.

“During the 1968 series of nuclear explosion tests by the French at Mururoa island in the Pacific, he was asked to provide a series of re-calculated explosion dates.

`Each date that I calculated proved to be correct,’ says Cathie, who has published his theory that the world’s nuclear reactors are connected with the UFO

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

power grid.

“‘This information is now in the files of government authorities and I have been approached again to furnish further data.’

“Bruce Cathie’s work and findings have been published in New Zealand in volumes titled `Harmonics 33′ and `Harmonics 695.’ The second volume is available in the United States under the title `UFOs and Anti-Gravity,’ published by Walnut Hill Press, 616 44th Avenue, San Francisco, Calif. 94122 ($6.95).”


Students of the arcane mysteries have read OAHSPE or perhaps it would be better stated that students of the arcane have studied the tome. It is not a book to be simply read. It is awesome in its content and comprehensive in scope. A small section goes a long way and must be fully integrated with all past concepts held by the reader before any clear under-standing of the content can become part and parcel of the total understanding of the reader. But it is certainly a book that all who claim to be seeking wisdom should study.

The book was written by John Ballou Newbrough in 1882, that is to say the book was written through him according to the addendum on page 907. (A good place to begin the perusal of the tome!) Another good place to start getting acquainted with the content is the page opposite the Index of Principal Plates titled, “Hints to the Reader”. Following this content the reviewer turned to the synopsis. These pages will give an indication of what the book is all about, its importance in the literature of the mystical and at the same time historical. It might be difficult to validate the history however since so much of ancient writings have been lost in the eons since it was first recorded. The reader will have to establish for himself the fact-or-fiction element.

JUNE, 1978                                 13

Basically, the book is a comprehensive view of all that has happened on the planet Earth since it came into being. It is divided into three major categories; all that happened up to the time of Moses; all that happened from Moses to the time of its writing and finally all that is expected to happen from 1882 to the end of this age. The book was a gift to Understanding from K. Emmons, 1720 S. King Ave., Lakeland, Fla. 33803. She imports OAHSPE from England and advertises it to assist the Seeker on his Path. Considering the volume of information in it, the price is dirt cheap – $8.50. Ms. Emmons will be glad to help you obtain a copy. Thank you K. Emmons!

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

For the bird lovers – or rather the owl fanciers, Naturegraph has just published a new paper back, “Owls by Day and Night,” by Hamilton A. Tyler and Don Phillips, Happy Camp, CA 96039 is the Nature-graph address. It sells for $6.95. It is beautifully covered with an owl photograph sitting wisely on a snake coiled at the foot of a cactus. Contents are comprehensive as to category of all owls. There are sixteen color plates, and several black and white illustrations plus charts and other data. If you are interested in owls, this is your book. It has it all.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

And for those who wish to rise above this world’s troubled and chaotic state there is a book on “Levitation for Terrestials” edited by Robert Kingsley Morison. It is a very little book, you could slip it in your pocket or purse and not feel its weight in pounds but its weight in content will stimulate your mind and perhaps your body may actually rise with practice, practice, practice! It is printed and bound by the New Chapter Press, Lancefield Place, Pickwick, Corsham Wiltshire, England. The thumbnail sketch by the editor states, “Levitation for Terrestrials indicates new directions in aerospace dynamics and is concerned with ethical

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

issues and with descriptions posing as directions.” Writings by several authors are contained in the small 4 x 5’/z inch volume. Those who come to understanding by charts, graphs and scientific data will appreciate the collection of data. If you’re looking for easy reading, forget it!


From our good friend and member of Understanding’s Board of Directors, Dr. Robert Reid, ‘Coleharbor, North Dakota comes a sharing of information which he says will make life healthier, happier and more productive. If Dr. Reid is an example of his own medicine, we can believe it. He was recently married to a gracious and radiant young lady in her past-sixties. (You never tell a lady’s age, you know!) Dr. Reid is also in his past-sixties but to watch the two of them you’d think they were a bit over sixteen! Standing straight, walking briskly, mentally alert and vivacious, they are the best advertisement for their belief in natural homeopathic remedies possible. So we feel free in passing on to you some of Dr. Reid’s words about certain conditions and their remedy.

People born in Aries, he says, are particularly prone to be bothered with sinus conditions. One tea-spoon of pure horseradish taken early in the morning will work wonders to relieve the clogged situation.  Insufficient potassium phosphate in the body is the basic cause. It can be helped with such foods as “garlic, broom tea, honeysuckle and blessed thistle.” Presumably a tea of the last two named would be the manner of ingesting. Garlic can be taken nicely in salads in small quantities.

Persons born in the Aries sign, he says, need to know more about rest, fresh air and exercise. Mineral deficiency develops when there is an excess in mental activity and not enough rest and relaxation. By providing the necessary minerals, foods, herbs and fresh air such traits as irritability and fatigue can be eliminated.

JUNE, 1978                                 15

The Arian, says Dr. Robert is a natural leader, energetic and impulsive. Muscular vitality and self-control are essential for him/her.

In addition to his vast knowledge of the human system and its operation, Dr. Reid in an enthusiastic believer in the reality of those who live beyond our sight in the open heavens in their space-ship-homes. We are grateful indeed for the forces which brought about our acquaintanceship with the Reids, Caroline and Robert. Blessings to you both!


Peace must come to this planet or we are a lost civilization. It may not come as a holocaust, or a nuclear explosion. It may happen just because too many are too lethargic to do anything to prevent it. Anything but talk, that is. There are thousands talking about peace, talking about love and brotherhood which is of course fine. But it will not bring peace.

Peace can only come through establishment of ground rules for human behavior just as mathematics came about from a few ground rules of addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. Such ground rules could be established through using the Area of Mutual Agreement as a guide for action. Both Under-standing as an organization and The Area of Mutual Agreement came to us from Alan who spent several years on this planet to try and give us time to develop a scientific manner of living that would prevent destruction from most causes. (Nuclear war, terrorism and pollution.) The idea has been around a quarter of a century. It’s time to DO Something with it. In April there was a Congress of Understanding and Mutual Agreement and some basic principles were agreed upon by those attending. Some work has been done on the idea in Unit 89 of New York City. And this month the editorial department received evidence from two other individuals that they too are interested and have been

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

thinking and working toward ideas that could be agreed upon by many. Their ideas are presented here for readers of Understanding to react to. The first is from Joe Stocker, Bagdad, Ariz. He has labeled his thought as a “Common Goal. “

“Striving toward self-sufficiency, using modern technological conveniences and advancing ourselves from dependency upon sociological influence so that we might discover without inhibition a goal that could benefit all. ” Mr. Stocker has envisioned a group of persons studying esoteric, political, economic and religious traditions to establish new values of social acceptance, develop individual self-esteem, honesty and affection toward our fellow man. And he concludes his thought with “while we are working toward accomplishment of unity in these fields of knowledge and action, we would practice good judgment and develop understanding.

Working with Mr. Stocker is another member of Understanding, Gerald Bringle, also of Bagdad, Arizona. His letter in part follows. The material he sent for publication will appear in a future issue of Under-standing. Hopefully his letter will stimulate other readers of the magazine to work either alone or in groups.

His letter states: “I am very interested in following up the work on the Area of Mutual Agreement. I have been interested in this for some time. You are the first people I have contacted that really wish to get something together. (My friend, Joe Stocker and I) covered these things briefly: Individuality, food, children, problems – individual and collective, education both children and adults and elective sciences. There were many areas that we did not touch – recreation, economics and services. And there are many other areas that would be exciting to look into. The Under-standing magazine would be a good means for developing a basic structure in the field of social science.” If such a body of knowledge could be collected, Gerald stated, and not allow it to degenerate into an “ism” real progress could be made.

JUNE, 1978                                 17

And if there were more people like Joe Stocker and Gerald Bringle, progress could be made much faster. More power to you both. Keep it up. Through such efforts, Peace may yet come to this planet.

Bulletin board

Final curtain on the monthly issue of Understanding magazine falls with this issue. The issues for the remainder of the year will be two months combined beginning with the July-August issue. There will be some other changes in the appearance of the magazine also. For one thing it will be somewhat larger. We hope you’ll like it! We have chosen this method of meeting the continued rise in prices of everything rather than to be guilty of adding to the inflation trend by raising the cost of the magazine. We hope Understanding readers will support us with their continued contributing and sustaining memberships as well as the magazine subscription without membership.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

Always international in scope, Understanding has now reached the shores of our Japanese neighbors. For sometime past there have been readers of the magazine and special interest in the UFO phenomenon. Two years ago (almost) the Nippon Television staff visited Tonopah and conducted an all-day interview

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

and took pictures which were shown on the Nippon Television channel in Japan. They estimated that no less that a million viewers would see the program.

And now the Founder-President of Understanding has received an invitation to visit Japan as a guest. The person responsible for such a wonderful opportunity is Mr. Masato Yasuda. If all present plans mature the visit will be made in August this year. The movie, To Men of Earth will be translated into Japanese and the lecture, Space Craft and Space Travel will be taped and translated into Japanese. We are naturally very pleased and excited about the event.

It has come to our attention that another publication dedicated to world unity, understanding, culture and peace has begun circulating in India. It is the brain child of The World Jnana Sadhak Society which was founded by Dr. Bhabes Chandra Chaudhuri, West Bengal, India. Dr. Chaudhuri has been an ardent supporter of Understanding and a diligent worker for world peace. Congratulations to you and your organization and its work!


Second call to attention!!

Understanding magazine will begin bi-monthly publication following the July-August issue! So—it will be September-October, November-December, January-February, March-April and May-June.

Reason – printing and paper costs plus lack of necessary staff to assemble the magazine, do the book-keeping and mailing.

JUNE, 1978                                 19



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20                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING


Delivered from the Sons of Cosmos

“Greater is He that is of the Lord, than man has knowledge of!”

Clarifying a difficult Scriptural subject.

The Science of Life through Universe.

*Eternal concepts* (3rd printing.)

Testimony of Sister Hope

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AVAILABLE NOW – Cassette Tape of the ‘Man in Space’ convention lectures.

AL WRIGHT, (Project Director for the ‘Space Shuttle’) – “The Age of Aero-Space Transportation.”

PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

DR. RAY BROWN, (H.M.D., Ph.D.) – “Your Health In Space.”

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