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Vol. XXIV                                     April, 1978                                                  No. 3

Dedicated to the propagation of a better understanding among all the peoples of the earth, and of those who are not of earth.


A few years ago the `Rebel Generation’ as it came to be known in some quarters, coined the term ‘Establishment’ to refer to those powers and forces that governed, or sought to govern their lives with but little apparent concern for the `Consent of the Governed.’ The Establishment, as they saw it, included most branches of government, but referred particularly to those which were alleged to be especially responsive to the wishes of concentrated wealth and economic power. The discontented youth of the country resented the fact that more than 95% of the real wealth of the United States is now controlled though not necessarily owned, by less than 5 % of the people, and that virtually all of these people desire only to maintain the status quo, which has made them wealthy, and that they universally subscribe to the theory that, “What is good for General Motors is good for the country.” To those who pointed out that General Motors stock is held by thousands of persons, they replied with the obvious fact that it is not the thousands of people who own one share each who control the policies of the company, but the one person who owns thousands of shares. The small holders simply mail in their proxies for each meeting and accept what-ever results.

2                                                    UNDERSTANDING

The principal objection of the young generation to the situation in which they felt trapped was simply that it resulted in two very different and distinct varieties of law, one of which applied to the ordinary citizen, while the other variety was designed specifically by and for the members of the Establishment. The law, as it applied to the ordinary citizen was absolute and in-flexible, while that applying to members of the Establishment was quite flexible, and could be modified or, within certain limits, ignored entirely when convenient to the Establishment. (In this case the Establishment referred primarily to the courts and law enforcement agencies, which are, after all, integral parts of the Establishment, and have always taken their guidelines principally from concentrations of wealth or political power.)

While the methods employed by some of the disgruntled youth to emphasize their disenchantment with the inequities of `law and order’ were themselves often gross violations of both law and morals, and should not by no means be condoned, yet the events of their time and the years that have followed, have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt, that there is indeed a considerable gulf between the law as applied to the average citizen, and as applied to the Establishment.

The investigations into the activities of the C.I.A. and the F.B.I., as well as the Internal Revenue Department made it quite clear that in all cases where there was any conflict of interest between any individual or group of individuals and the Establishment, the latter’s interest or wishes were to be served regardless of the law. The only justification offered for this policy was the doctrine of, “The greatest good for the greatest number,” a principle of operation which, unfortunately creates a philosophical paradox whenever and wherever it is practiced.

In communist countries the Establishment is known as the `State’ and is openly considered to have all power and authority, since it is presumed to be operating for the ‘greatest good for the greatest number.’ It is not

APRIL, 1978                                3

considered possible that the individual could have any rights or options that could conceivably conflict in any way with the rights or options of the state. The individual is only a tiny and insignificant part of the state, and therefore must be totally guided and directed by the state. In a Democracy on the other hand, the individual is considered, Theoretically at least, to be the vital unit of society, and the state is only a collection of individuals, each one of which has certain inalienable rights and options which cannot be abridged or abolished by the state, even though it might be convenient to the state to do so. All governing power possessed by the state is considered to have been given to it by, and with the consent of the governed. Either of these two doctrines, if rigidly carried out, will cause insoluble problems, and eventually the dissolution of the state and/or the establishment. If the individual has no rights or options, all initiative will wither and progress will cease. The citizens will become a group of robots performing their minimum functions automatically but without vision or hope. If, on the other hand, the rights and the options of the individual take complete precedence over those of the state, the latter will become meaningless and the society will become so permissive that it will be impossible to maintain even the minimum discipline necessary to the successful operation of any human society. Any successful state, society or establishment must therefore maintain a carefully considered balance of power between the individual and the governing body. The Constitution of the United States was intended to maintain this balance, and for more than a century was quite successful in that it helped to build the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth. Of late years however, so many of its provisions have been buried under mountains of red tape, many cases, smothered by a multitude of local ordinances, that it no longer does the job for which it was designed.

Today we have a constantly increasing degree of regimentation on the one hand and an increasing degree of permissiveness on the other. Every step we

4                                                    UNDERSTANDING

take and every act we can possibly perform is covered by some law or series of laws. No one, however intelligent, could ever learn them all, or even any significant portion of them, and no society however affluent could ever hire enough policemen to enforce them. Consequently, as we have more and more laws we have less and less observance of them. So many laws have been passed to protect the rights of the criminal and the antisocial individual, that the honest man often feels that society offers him no protection whatever, no matter how much he has to pay for it, and that the law, in many cases will not even allow him to protect himself. He sees the unlimited options available to the criminal, and compares them with his own constantly restricted and regimented life, and is inclined to say to himself, “There is obviously no way in which I can beat them, so I might just as well join them!” And far too many do. If our society is to be successful in the future, some way must be found to get the individual and the Establishment back together and operating as a team rather than the natural enemies they now seem to be.


On Cassette Tapes

Some of the most important and timely lectures ever delivered during Understanding Conventions. Don’t miss them. Hear them for yourself and play them for your friends. See listing on inside back cover.

Tapes from, The Area of Mutual Agreement, Convention will be available and will be listed in the next issue of this Magazine.

APRIL, 1978                                5




Robert E. Beutlich

The Christian heritage of worship has long advocated the use of daily personal prayer. Many books have been written of how to pray effectively, and the liturgy of the many churches encourage prayer. The references to meditation are also numerous, but with little real guide as how one can actually accomplish this, other than, “it is a period of silence!” All too often churches do not teach their adult communicants the basic principles of prayer. People grow up in a church from childhood with only a child’s conception of prayer, and do not understand their limited view and scope. When it comes to meditation, the situation is sheer chaos! It is non-existent, the seminaries do not even teach the subject, nor understand it’s important role in spiritual development of the soul of the individual. Both prayer and meditation must be used together for the maximum unfoldment and progress of the soul. Using either one alone is using only half of the spiritual tools that are available!

Perhaps we ought to define what the difference is between prayer and meditation, it is best summed up as follows: PRAYER IS A CONSCIOUS EFFORT ON OUR PART TO TALK TO GOD; MEDITATION IS A CONSCIOUS EFFORT TO BE QUIET, AND LET GOD DO THE TALKING.

Now that sounds very simple, but it is really not so; it takes a great deal of personal effort to effectively perform both prayer and/or meditation on a daily basis, every single day of the year. The ultimate benefits of meditation can not be attained unless it is practiced every day. That is mandatory! Modem research into analyzing meditation or the `altered states of awareness’ and the functioning of the brain during the sleep cycle have shown a direct connective link between that which

6                                                    UNDERSTANDING

is called REM sleep and meditation. The electrical brain waves that REM sleep period (REM = rapid eye movement, dreaming actively) and meditation both produce large outputs of ALPHA wave patterns. The machine that records these waves on a strip chart is called an electroencephlograph or EEG. Electrodes are placed on the head and the voltages are amplified and recorded. Major advances have been, and are continuing to be made in understanding the brain’s functioning with this tool. For adults, the awake or conscious period is characterized by a pattern of waves called BETA, approximately from 13 to 35 cycles per second (cps), as recorded on the strip chart. The sleeping cycles and meditation both have the following wave form rates recorded; ALPHA, about 8 to 12 cps.; THETA, about 3 to 7 cps.; and DELTA, about 1 to 3 cps. The cycles that the brain goes through, as sleep, also occur, or can occur during meditation, thus it is a natural functioning cycle; but meditation does this consciously. One can also consciously direct his dreams, and if so inclined, see the book written by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., titled, “Creative Dreaming”, published by Simon & Schuster, N.Y.

The measured results of meditation upon the body and mind are all positive; lower heart beat rates, lowered blood pressure, lower hypertension, lowered anxiety, less depression, reduced neurosis, increased self-actualization, increased perceptual ability, faster reaction time; in plain English, vastly improved physical and mental health.

But what has meditation to do with religion, or prayer? Everything! You recall that an adult during his conscious, awake portion of the day is in the Beta state.

But an infant spends most of his day in Alpha, Theta, and Delta states, with very little Beta, or conscious time. As the child matures, he spends less time in the deep sleep states and becomes more conscious. Beta type. The child’s sleep cycle has about 50% Alpha, the adult only 22%. Even the child’s so-called conscious time contains a great deal of Alpha, or what some educators call day-dreaming, of which young children,

APRIL, 1978                                7

especially boys, are want to do in the early days of their schooling. That the states of Alpha, Theta and Delta, when in certain combination produce psychic phenomena, had also been shown on an EEG. No wonder then, that children have little invisible play-mates, that disappear as they grow up – the song “Puff the Magic Dragon” describes this process. I believe that this is what Christ meant when he said, “Except that ye become as children, ye shall not enter the kingdom”. How could he have told them to go into ALPHA? But he did give us the example of quiet meditation. The study of the body’s physiology, the reaction to stress, the nervous system, the glandular and ductless glands, all together reveal some interesting things that meditation affects. Here is a mental process, that can, and does drastically change the physical body; and yet this is not cited in the Bible? Ah, but it is; the whole of chapter four, in the Book of Revelations, is a metaphor on meditation! The 24 kings  that doff their crowns are the 24 major nerve stems that connect at the base of the brain. When they bow their crowns, we still our nervous system. The throne is the Hypothalamus, which surrounds the pineal gland (the ancient third eve), the four beasts. always on watch, are the four lower centers of man – hunger, passion, possession on and pride. The sea of glass is the calm that prevails, when through meditation, you consciously contact the soul … of your own free will! There are many more metaphors in Revelations which are not yet clear to mankind, but as we develop our spiritual sight and combine it with knowledge, true wisdom unfolds

That all men have a body, mind an so, we can agree upon, and that they are intimately interconnected. What affects the body, affects the mind. The mind does indeed affect the body. But what of the soul, where is it in the grand scheme of things? The soul is the intangible item in the equation of man since time, for us, has begun. BODY, MIND and SOUL. The soul is the matrix upon which all life’s flow is built, through meditation, you consciously contact your soul. And if done with the attitude of humble access, the soul responds by setting

8                                                    UNDERSTANDING

up patterns of energy which will enable the body and mind to repair themselves. And then true spiritual unfoldment begins. “Be Still and know that I AM GOD.’

The best and simplest description of the meditation process I have seen, is by St. Luke’s own Senior Warden, the Rev. Alfred Price. The little card entitled “Five Steps To Healing” is actually an excellent brief method of doing meditation. While there are many techniques of teaching meditation, this embodies all the basics that are mandatory. Another excellent card, which has seven steps, is called, “Let Go and Let God”. Both can be obtained from St. Luke’s press* or directly from St. Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia.

I would urge all who have not done so to go out and take a formally taught course in meditation. The people who have had experience teaching, can by and large do a better job, and get results in a relatively short time. Having taken some three courses, as of now, I can personally attest to their worth. If you haven’t tried it – don’t knock it! I would also urge action at the upcoming national convention to seriously consider establishing a training course on meditation, and as a required study of the healing process.

St. Luke’s Press

42 Myrtle Avenue

Irvington, NJ 07111

APRIL, 1978                                9

Poet’s corner


Daniel W. Fry

Star light, star bright,

Guide my wandering thoughts tonight.

Strike off the shackles of space and time,

Release my spirit and let it climb

Free of its shell of flesh and bone,

Far from its earthly bondage zone.

Let me soar through boundless space,

Moving at will from place to place,

Observing with awe what God hath made,

Myriads of galaxies unsurveyed

By man who, in his prideful quest,

For knowledge, still ignores the best.

Quasars and pulsars let me scan,

Help me to grasp the Master Plan

That governs all God’s vast domain

From blazing star to gentle rain.

Unveil the mysteries of life,

Replace with peace our constant strife.

I do not seek for wealth or fame,

For pedestal or hallowed name,

No bust of mine shall grace the wall

Of Father Time’s eternal hall.

From Life I make no strong demand,

But humbly pray to Understand.

10                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING




Dr. Ron Anjard

High in the Arizona sky, close to the Grand Canyon, there is the ancient town of Oraibi.  It is the oldest known, continually populated town in North America. According to experts, it is about 10,000 years old. This ancient city has been populated through these 100 centuries by the Hopi. The town sitting on top of a 6000 foot high Mesa is one of three or four “major” communities on the Hopi Reservation.

There is so much we can learn from the Hopi. Let me describe a few special ideas.

First, the Hopi could easily understand Einstein’s theory of relativity. In their language, there are no words for “hello” or “good-by”. You can be working with them, talking with them and suddenly be completely alone. The next morning the conversations continue as the work — as if there never was an interruption.

Secondly, the Hopi have many important legends and predictions from the ancient which are an important part of their daily life. In each home, there is a special predictor. It consists of 4 strips, one on top of the other, like a ladder, and hung together, usually by string. The bottom bar is red, the second is white, the next is black and the last is yellow. It relates to the red man, who first lived on the land. The next foretold the coming of the white man long before he arrived. The next bars, black and yellow, stand for other races who’ll consecutively control the land. And according to their legends, only when all four have owned the land will there be true peace and harmony for all. With the prediction of the white man’s arrival, the Hopi under-stood that they’d learn from the Hopi. If you’ll review history, you’ll find that the Hopi and white man never fought. In fact, the name “Hopi” means “Peace”.

APRIL, 1978                                11

Another ancient prediction has special impact in the past twenty years. The Hopi believe that one day a large bird will fly over and drop an egg. When asked about the egg, a teacher thrust his hand into the ashes of an old fire. He pointed to the mushroom-like cloud and said “it” would do “that”. True.

When discussing these special people there are more modern aspects you should understand. Imagine having your children taken far away from you when they finally reach high school age so that you only see them for the short interval called summer. And then when the four years of high school are finished, few come back. They move elsewhere. This is what they are facing yearly. In many locales, there are high schools with less than 300 students. In Hopi-land, all 350 or so high schoolers are transported in government buses to Riverside, California which is about 600 miles away. Many Hopi “settle out” as a result, never to return to the land of their ancestors.

Approximately every five years the government sends someone out to the Hopi to show them how to grow corn. They’ve been growing corn there longer than the white man has been in America. The government representative plants the corn and the  Indians watch approvingly and wait. The corn comes up, looks normal and then, while still an immature plant –it dies. The Indians, in turn, get a stick, make a deep hole, put in a kernel for the earth, one for the great spirit and one for them. They add water to the hole and then fill it up. Their corn takes longer to break ground. But it grows to full mature size and gives them the corn they need. And almost like clock-work, I’m told, the government sends its people to teach the Hopi how to plant corn.

The Hopi have lived in their village for 10,000 years on top of the Mesa. The sky is beautiful blue during the day; sunsets fantastic; nights very clear and stars bright. The government decided that it wanted to help the Hopi. Their final decision, somehow, was to install street lights. The Hopi reclaimed their skies

12                                                  UNDERSTANDING

by shooting out the lights. The government representatives, I’m told, thought they were just destructive. They just didn’t understand.

One last aspect to share. Often doctoral candidates or anthropologists have come into the Hopi towns to develop their thesis. When these experts-to-be asked for the philosophy of the Hopi, they didn’t listen. Instead they would say “You really mean to say…”. So, after many years, the Hopi just agree with every-thing they’re asked. It’s no wonder there are so many different reports. The approach, I’m told, is not to ask –just wait and listen.

These cameos offer valuable insight into America’s oldest citizens. Unfortunately you’ll note some ways in which the white man taught the Hopi. The American Indian, Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and others, all have philosophies which could help us. It’s too bad that these concepts are being lost.


There are many persons who still imagine that the United States is, if not the only country to be blessed, or cursed, with U.F.O. visitations, at least the one in which the great majority occur. Any perusal of the newspapers from other countries will however, dispel this mistaken idea at once. The world is full of U.F.O.s and no country can escape from them, no matter how, hard it may try. Officialdom of the Soviet Union fought the U.F.O. subject for many years, as hard or harder than did similar agencies in the United States. Both governments have now all given den convinced of the fact that U.F.O.s cannot be laughed away, they cannot be explained away, and they will not go away!

APRIL, 1978                                13

Herewith are some excerpts from interviews granted by some of Russia’s top space scientists to the Enquirer Magazine. Unfortunately space does not permit the inclusion of the entire interviews but the most significant portions are quoted.

“Dr. Felix Ziegel – who has helped train most of the Soviet cosmonauts – disclosed for the first time to any Western publication amazing UFO cases investigated by respected, high-level scientists. Among the startling evidence examined in Russia:

“ ♦  Strange, unexplained metal particles left by low-flying UFO that scraped the ground.

“ ♦  Baffling samples of `angel’s a mysterious cobweb-like substance found after many UFO sightings.

“ ♦  Bizarre `space tumbleweed’ containing metal never before seen on earth.

“ ♦ Reports from unimpeachable witnesses of incredible UFO encounters including the downing of two military planes.

“‘Based on hundreds of sightings reported by respected people and actual evidence taken to our laboratories, there’s no doubt that extraterrestrial probes have been reconnoitering Russia,’ declared Dr. Ziegel, 55, professor at the Moscow Aviation Institute, author of 28 books and a student of UFOs for 90 years. “One of the most extraordinary cases in Dr. Ziegel’s files occurred the morning of April 27, 1961, on Lake Onega, northeast of Leningrad.

“‘A space probe, coming from another planet, had scraped the frozen shoreline but managed to continue despite some minor damage,’ he said.

“A joint civilian-military team headed by Army engineer Major Anton Kopeikin and environmental scientist Fyodor Denidov investigated. In his report to the government, Denidov wrote that 25 witnesses said they saw a bluish-green oval-shaped object the size of a jetliner head east at tremendous sped but silently.

“‘The The eyewitnesses said the object flew so low

14                                                  UNDERSTANDING

that it scraped the ground but mysteriously continued on its course without slackening speed,’ Denidov said. Major Kopeikin wrote in his report that the object left a trench about 50 feet long and 10 feet deep along with two other smaller trenches.

“`The ice on the lake had broken up,” the major said. `The underside of the ice floes was bright green. Sample pieces of the ice, when melted, left a residue of magnesium, aluminum, calcium, barium and titanium. “‘Also Also found were a strange piece of metal and tiny black grains of exact geometrical form consisting of iron, silicone, natrium, lithium, titanium and aluminum. The grains were resistant to acid and high temperatures

“Major Kopeikin submitted his findings to Dr. Vladimir Sharanov, noted Soviet geophysicist and member of the Leningrad Technological Institute.

” ‘The black grains are unexplainable at the present time – but they are clearly of artificial origin,’ said Dr. Sharanov. `This object couldn’t have been a meteor. As for the possibility that it was a plane, technical experts claim a plane couldn’t withstand so heavy an impact against the frozen ground.’

“Besides releasing news of the remarkable Soviet discoveries, Dr. Ziegel divulged to The ENQUIRER incredible, and never-before-revealed UFO incidents involving extremely creditable witnesses.

`A highly decorated test pilot claimed he was forced down twice by a UFO,’ said Dr. Ziegel. `On June 16, 1948, Arkadiy Apraksin was flying a jet at 31,000 feet over the Baskunchak area, north of the Caspian Sea, when he spotted a cucumber-shaped object which was sending out beams of light.

“The pilot reported the sighting to the air base and received confirmation that radar had picked up the object. He was ordered to close in on the object and force it to land – or else open fire on it.

“‘When Apraksin got within six miles of the UFO, he said, the beams opened up in a fan and momentarily blinded him. His lane’s entire electrical system and his engine went out but e manage to crash an

APRIL, 1978                                15

without major damage.’

“Dr. Ziegel said that almost a year later – May 6, 1949 – Apraksin was test flying a new plane when he encountered another cucumber-shaped  UFO      Again, from a distance of about 6 miles, the UFO emitted a beam of light that temporarily blinded the pilot and destroyed the electric 1 controls, Apraksin managed to crash land on the bank of the Volga River, 26 miles north of Saranov.

“On Dec. 3, 1967, the crewmen and passengers aboard a test flight for the State Scientific Institute of Civil Aviation came in contact with a UFO – but without any hostile action.

“‘It It was night and as they approached Cape Kamennyy at 2,700 feet an intensely-bright object bean following them,’ said Dr. Ziegel. `The object, which they observed for 10 minutes, illuminated the ground.

“‘Several cones of light beamed from the UFO but as it neared the plane the light was extinguished and it zoomed away.’

“The Soviet government is 1968 officially took a dim view of UFO reports, but many scientists revealed their encounters with UFOs to Dr. Ziegel – even though to fly in the face of official policy can jeopardize a person’s career in Russia.

“For example, a top scientist reported that after two UFOs passed overhead, his car and others near him mysteriously stalled out.

“‘On July 31, 1969, L.I. Kuprianov, doctor of technical sciences of the Academy of Sciences, was driving with friends near the small town of Usovo at about 8 p.m. when he noticed two silver-colored discs streaking overhead,’ Ziegel said. `All the cars in the area stalled out and no one could start their cars for at least two minutes.’

“L.S. Tsekhanovich, astronomer and lecturer at the Moscow Planetarium, told Dr. Ziegel he spotted a UFO aerial display twice in September 1968.

“‘It was about 8 p.m. when he saw a bright pulsating  orange ball over the town of Gagra on the Black

16                                                  UNDERSTANDING

Sea. The object descended quickly and then hovered motionless.

” ‘ About 30 seconds later a tiny, orange ball appeared and circled the larger object. Three more balls performed the same maneuver. The larger object began to become elongated and then vanished. A minute later there was a flash of light and all the objects were gone.

“Many scientists in Russia have helped investigate UFO sightings for Dr. Ziegel, said Aleksander Kazantsev, noted author and lecturer on space.

“Only those sightings that stand up under the most rigorous scientific investigation and come from people with scientific background are considered.

“‘Dr. Ziegel is an authority of the highest standing in the science of astronomics – the study of space science an technology. Just about every cosmonaut has been taught the fundamentals of space flight by Dr. Ziegel.’

“For many years the dedicated scientist conducted his UFO research without approval of the government, which had declared that UFOs are not worth scientific study.

“Because his studies had to go underground, Dr. Ziegel couldn’t afford to talk publicly about his findings.

“But recently the Soviet government allowed him to present a scientific paper on UFOs. This gave him the green light to reveal UFO evidence to The ENQUIRER during a lengthy interview in Moscow. Said Dr. Ziegel: “‘I hope within a year to be able to come forth with the first technological theory of the workings of UFOs.

“And I foresee the day when American and Russian scientists will combine forces to solve the mystery of UFOs once and for all.’

APRIL, 1978                                17


For the individual who longs to move beyond the recognized fields of science into the unknown frontiers of energy, the book, Future Science edited by John White and Stanley Krippner is a gold mine.  It is a book to be studied but it can be done without the manual labor involved in mining gold! It is filled with serious presentations of men like William Tiller, Edward W. Russell, Steven Rosen and Michael Ross-man. It covers the entire spectrum of the occult forces in life, the geometry of the paranormal, the path from physics to metaphysics and the social dimensions of life which are affected by these known but unidentified forces in our lives.

One example of the wisdom within the book: “Every metal and every person sends out short waves of different lengths. Personal wave lengths are as individual as finger prints.” P.38. And on p.224, “Dr. H.C. Dudley, professor of radiation physics at the University of Illinois Medical Center, warns that the energy fluxes within the neutrino sea (ether) may well account for the energy yield variations not explained by calculations but observed in atomic bomb tests. His explanation demands that extreme caution be employed in the use of atomic energy lest man unwittingly ignite our entire globe.” A chilling but very profound fact. On p. 390-391 the findings of T. Galen Hieronmus are described and the after effects on human beings which may be encountered as revealed by the Hieronymus machine.

If you are a science buff, this book is your encyclopedia. Thanks to Paul Sauvin, Unit #89, New York City for sending the book to Understanding.

 ♦  ♦  ♦ 

For those who would enjoy the wisdom which comes to specially chosen individuals on this plane from those who dwell on higher planes of consciousness there are seven books to occupy the attention. They are

18                                                  UNDERSTANDING

all the work of Hope Troxell, School of Thought, June Lake, California. The books are attractively bound in pleasing colors of good quality paper. Their respective titles are: 1. The Mohada Teachings; 2. The Christ of the Cosmos; 3. The Basis of Faith; 4. The Wisdom of the Universe; 5. From Matter to Light; 6. The mystery of the Spirit of Truth; and 7. The Winged Life of the Cosmos. The latter is the testimony of Sister Hope, herself.

It is written with quiet humor and a sincerity that removes all doubt about the unusual events narrated in the book. Anyone desiring to enjoy the books, please turn to the ad in the last page of the magazine. Address and costs are given there.


To all our wonderful subscribers, we regret to have to make this announcement but it must be made. And so to it. Understanding has for 22 years published its magazine monthly with the exception of the January-February and the July-August issues which were combined. Now the time has come when it must combine the rest of the months into one issue for two months also…

There are the usual reasons for this. Paper and printing costs have increased many times while the subscription rate has remained the same. The magazine has never in all its years of publication made the costs of the printing. Up until now that loss has been absorbed by its editor and publisher and that just can’t go on.

Beginning with the September issue, the magazine will be published six times a year with an increase in the number of pages to off-set the decrease in the number of times per year. So—it will be September-October; November-December; January-February; March-April; May-June; and July-August.

The only alternative to this plan would be an increase in subscription rates and Understanding does not want to do that.

APRIL, 1978                                19

Contributors, please take note of this and specially written material for holiday issues and so on should come in a full two months before the month of issuance.

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Many letters are received from people who have found the magazine on a Library rack. Some of them have become subscribers, some have become members and some, both. So it does get the message around. Another source of support for the magazine is also much needed; that of contributions to the magazine that it may be sent to Universities and colleges both in this country and in others. And if you’d like your favorite Senator or Congressman to get the magazine, why not send in a subscription for him too?

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In the next issue of our magazine we will have a new development titled `TO YOUR HEALTH’. It will begin with a series of short articles by our good friend and fellow director, Dr. Robert W. Reid, of the Bio-chemic Research Foundation. Don’t miss it!

20                                                                                       UNDERSTANDING


Delivered from the Sons of Cosmos

– With Galactic Encompassment –

“THE BASIS OF FAITH”         ………. $1.75
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“Greater is He that is of the Lord, than man has knowledge of!”

Clarifying a difficult Scriptural subject.

The Science of Life through Universe.

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Testimony of Sister Hope

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P.O. Box 257

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AVAILABLE SOON – Cassette Tapes of the ‘Man in Space’ convention lectures. AL WRIGHT, (Project Director for the `Space Shuttle’) – “The Age of Aero-Space Transportation.”

PAT CODY, (Director of Aero-Space Education, Pacific Region, U.S.A.F.) – “Our Aero-Space Heritage.”

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All Tapes – $5.25 ea. (Postpaid). Send orders to ‘Tapes’, c/o Understanding, Inc., Star Route Box 588F, Tonopah, Arizona 85354.

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If you were one of the unlucky who couldn’t get to the Space Age Energy convention there will be tapes available at $5.00 each or any six of the series for $25.00. Topics and speakers are:

The Many Varieties of Energy          Daniel W. Fry

Your Mind and Its Wonderful Abilities ………. Rev. Ben Cullen

Energy – A Long-Range, Space Age View …… Charles L. Gould

Practical Approaches to Concentrating Collectors ……………. William Matlock

Utilization of Energy in Radionics ………. Rev. Henry Nagorka

Psychic Energy as Used by a Medium ……. Rev. Diane Nagorka

Hydrogen – the Ideal Motor Fuel ………. Daniel W. Fry